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Words retirement wishes
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Hallmark Business Connections has suggestions for messages on all Sometimes it's hard to find the right words to say, and retirement cards can be especially.

“We have watched you put so much of your life into this company. You deserve this retirement. Best of luck to you in this new stage of your life.”

“Here’s to wishing you as much success in your retirement that you have had with this company. You deserve a successful and fulfilling time in your life.”

“After all of the work you have done with this company, you deserve a wonderful break in the form of retirement. Best wishes to you in this special time of life.”

“Although we will miss you greatly, we are so proud of all the work you have done with this company. Best wishes on your relaxing retirement.”

“A retirement is a time to relax, reflect and enjoy life without the responsibilities and demands of a job. We wish you the best and most relaxing retirement.”

“It has been more than a pleasure working with you for such a long period of time. While we will miss you, we hope that you have an excellent and fulfilling retirement and take the time to enjoy life.”

“Retiring is something that motivates many people to continue working so hard throughout their career. We’ve seen your hard work and understand how deserving you are of this retirement. Best wishes to you on this new journey.”

“Now that you’ve made it to your retirement, you can take time for yourself to relax and enjoy life a little more. Best wishes on your retirement.”

“Working hard often has excellent results and retirement is one of the ultimate results that employees see after years of hard work. Congratulations and best of luck to you.”

“Judging by the work that you have done with this company and all of the things you have contributed, we are sure your retirement will be more than fulfilling. Best wishes on your retirement.”

“Watching someone leave is never easy, but knowing that they are going on to a special time in their life makes it more enjoyable. We hope you have an excellent retirement.”

“Enjoy the rewards of your hard work with this company, take time to relax and enjoy your time that will be spent not working. Congratulations on retiring!”

“We want to wish you the most success possible in your retirement. After seeing all of the hard work you have done with this company, you completely deserve a relaxing time in your life. Congratulations!”

“It is always rewarding to reap the benefits of what you have achieved. A retirement is the perfect time to enjoy the benefits you have earned through your hard work and dedication. Best wishes in enjoying your retirement.”

“Although this company is losing an excellent employee, we believe that you truly deserve the retirement you have earned. Best of luck to you in enjoying a time in life that was made for relaxing and rejuvenating.”

“We hope that you enjoy every minute of your retirement just as we have enjoyed every minute of working with you. It’s sad to see you go, but we’re happy that you’ve reached this special milestone. Best wishes!”

“It’s inspiring and motivating to see such a hard worker finally earn what they deserve for all of the hours they have put in. Take this time to enjoy yourself and relax a little bit. Congratulations!”

“A retirement is a perfect opportunity to experience everything you missed out on while working hard and earning it. We want to wish you the best of luck and happiness during this special time.”

30 thoughtful retirement wishes and card messages to wish someone a very happy retirement.

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words retirement wishes

Are you looking for inspirational, loving, and grateful retirement wishes? We’ve put together over 200 retirement quotes, wishes, and sayings. These are the perfect words to help you express your congratulations on a retirement card, in a speech, or comment at the retirement party.

Retirement Quotes for Dad

  • You worked very hard every day to provide for us. Now its time to have a restful, fun and active retirement!
  • Have fun with your new-found freedom! Wishing you and Mom’s retirement is a dream come true! – Dad, thanks for all you’ve done for us.
  • Dad, may the joy you gave us be returned to you in bunches every single day of your retired life. Congratulations to you and Mom.
  • Dad, may the joy you gave us be returned to you every single day of your retired life. We love you!
  • Congratulations Dad, May this time of your life bring you all the pleasure under the sun!
  • Dad, may your retirement life be as sweet and satisfying. Thanks for being such a great provider. 
  •  I wish you a joyful and healthy retired life; You deserve it Daddy!
  • Dad, as you get this opportunity to rest from work, I wish you double health and wisdom to enjoy and guide your family into the happiness and success you have always desired. 
  • Dad. Now you will have enough time to spend with us and enjoy your life to the max. Happy retirement.
  • Daddy, enjoy your retirement to the fullest and know that I love you immensely! Happy retirement!
  • There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the sun. It’s your time to rest and enjoy the fruits of your outstanding service. Dad, thanks for everything you’ve done for us – We Love You!

Retirement Wishes for a Doctor

  • After a flourishing vocation as a doctor, It’s time to relax and enjoy the simple things – Congratulations on your well-deserved retirement
  • Your career as a doctor has left the world a better place. Wishing you the best during your retirement years
  • You’ve proven that both a successful career and family can be achieved May blessings, joy, and contentment follow you in your retirement
  • You created a legacy as a doctor that is unmatched among your peers – Congratulations on a beautiful career.
  • Doctor, you were always busy and productive – Thanks for helping soo many people and always being there for our family.
  • After years of hard work and dedication to others, It’s time to enter into a new phase of life. 
  • You’ve given so much during your years as a doctor – Congratulation and God Bless You in Retirement
  • A doctor life is full of long hours and sometimes complex cases and you made it look easy – Wish you all life’s best as you begin your retirement
  • Wishing you all the best in your retirement. Thank you for being a GREAT Doctor.

FAQ – Retirement

What is the best time to retire?

Today, you can start receiving retirement benefits at age 62, and the full benefit age is 66 years and two months.

How much money should you give for a retirement gift?

General guidelines:
– Distant relative or co-worker – $25-$50
– Friend or relative, $40-$75
– Closer Relative, up to $150.

What to say to someone who is retiring?

It’s been a pleasure working with you. Enjoy this new chapter in your life. Congratulations we are happy for you

What is a retired person called?

Most people refer to them as a retiree or emeritus. However, the unspoken reference is “That Lucky Guy.”

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What to Write in a Retirement Card + Retirement Messages

words retirement wishes

A teacher can have a really big impact on our lives. Starting from a young age they help to mentor and guide us as we grow. And as we get older they can shape what we achieve later on in life. Be that in both our careers and personal lives. So a good teacher is an absolute blessing. Which is why when one of those important teachers decides to retire we should celebrate the role they’ve had. A great way to do so is by sending a card that contains retirement wishes for teachers that let them know how much you appreciate all they did and will miss them.

But you might be struggling with finding the right words for your wishes and message. It can be hard expressing exactly how important your teacher was to you. As well as all the vital lessons they taught you. Can you fit all that into a short message in a card? Well thankfully we’ve put together the best selection of retirement wishes for teachers to help you say precisely what you feel.

So use the retirement quotes for teachers below to really say what they meant to you, and give them the send off they deserve before they head off into the sunset of a happy retirement.

Teacher Retirement Wishes

Thank you for your endless patience, motivation and persistence. You helped me become the person I am today! Happy Retirement!

To the worlds best teacher – have an amazing retirement!

Dear teacher, I’m going to miss you so much. You helped me achieve more than I could have ever imagined. Enjoy your retirement!

You’ve been the perfect teacher and inspired all of us. I will miss you more than I can say. Have a great retirement.

I was blessed to have you as my teacher. So much of what I’ve done in my life is down to you. So thank you, and have a happy retirement.

I know I’m supposed to wish you a happy retirement but I’m going to miss you so much I’m not sure I can! Promise you won’t forget your favourite student?

Education is one thing, but you gave so much more. You helped me rise and soar. I’ll miss you. Have a wonderful retirement

You did everything you could to help your students shine. Thanks for being a teacher so passionate and caring, we are all at a loss that you are now retiring.

I knew this was coming but we didn’t want to face it. You were and still are the best teacher anyone could have. I don’t know what school will be like without you now. But have an amazing retirement.

Most teachers come and go but you are the real deal. I can’t thank you enough for you’re inspiring lessons. I hope you enjoy your retirement and have lots of fun!

Teachers like you can help even the most lost child find their way. You’re a one in a million and I’m so lucky to have been taught by you. Happy retirement.

Even though you’re retiring the values and knowledge that you have given to your students will never retire.

The contribution and improvements you made to my learning, discipline and life in general are hard to explain. I can honestly say I wouldn’t have made it this far without you though. Thank you for everything and enjoy your well earned retirement.

I’ll miss you as my teacher, but miss you more as someone I could call a friend. Enjoy your retirement.

Your legacy will continue you o long after you retire and help to inspire the next generation of kids. Happy retirement!

The school will feel so empty and our classrooms won’t be the same without the inspirational presence of a teacher like you.

As you spend your last few days in school, I wanted to thank you for being such an awesome teacher.

We will miss your wisdom and experience, but most of all, we will miss the encouragement you have been to us. We wish you the happiest of retirements.

I know not just our class but the whole school will be sad today. Losing a teacher like you to retirement is going to be tough for everyone to take. Promise you’ll come back and visit!

Every single day you strived to inspire us. Even during the toughest times you were here to help us through. No one will forget you and the memories will live on long after you retire. Farewell.

You deserve the biggest party ever! This school should rename itself after you! Why? Because you’re the greatest teacher anyone could ever have. Enjoy your retirement.

You’re leaving us with priceless memories and lessons that will last forever. We couldn’t ask for any more. Thank you, and have a wonderful retirement.

Good teachers are the reason why ordinary students go in to achieve amazing things. Wishing you a truly happy retirement.

You can take some comfort knowing you retire will so much respect and love from each and every one of your students. Happy retirement.

I wonder how many young lives you’ve helped, and how many of them think of you and what you did for them. I know I’ll always treasure your wisdom and guidance. Thank you fir everything and enjoy retirement.

You will always be in our hearts. Thank you for being a truly inspirational teacher. Good luck with your retirement.

We may have acted like we hated school but your classes were what kept us going. Thank you, and have a special retirement.

There will be hugs and tears, and although I’m sad you’re retiring I will always cherish everything I learnt from you. Happy retirement.

Congratulations on an amazing career. You were the perfect teacher. I’ll miss you.

You will forever remain in the hearts of the students you touched. Happy retirement to an outstanding teacher!

You were a miracle, a teacher sent by God to help me when I needed you most. I feel blessed to have been taught by you. But now I want you to enjoy your retirement to the fullest.

It won’t feel like the same school without you. Your presence will be missed by teachers and students alike. But you’ve earned a rest! So enjoy your retirement.

We may be bidding you farewell but our hearts will never say goodbye to the wonderful things you’ve taught us. Happy retirement!

Congratulations on an amazing career. You’ve had an incredible impact on so many children’s lives. You should be so proud.

Learning from a good teacher is an experience that can sometimes be more profound than the education itself. You have given me just that. Thank you, farewell and have a great retirement.

Your dedication to your work and patience with us students has been remarkable. I’m so sad you’re leaving us but wish you all the best with our retirement.

Your hard work and dedication to education should be commended. After years of helping others it’s time to look after yourself. Wishing you a brilliant retirement.

They might hire another teacher but nobody will be able replace the special place you’ve taken in our hearts. Have a joyous retirement.

Your retirement is an accumulation of years of hard work, of the help and support you’ve given to children, and the inspiration you’ve been to everyone. You can look back on your career and be so proud.

I can’t believe you won’t ever stand at the front of the class and inspire us anymore. I’m going to miss your classes and your patience with us, even when we didn’t deserve it. I hope your retirement is all you hope it will be and more.

The dedication you’ve shown to helping the young find their way is such an inspiration. Your care and attention is to be admired. So take a break and have the time of your life as you retire.

After dedicating your life to children it’s time to look after yourself. Have a great retirement.

Retirement for a teacher means giving up a job, not giving up the right to teach. Even after you retire, I hope you never stop imparting wisdom and teaching kids the important lessons of life. Happy retirement.

It’s time for us to say goodbye. You’ll soon be enjoying life at a quieter and slower pace there will be more time to spend with family and friends. Please remember all your students as well miss you!

Funny Retirement Teacher Quotes

If you thought that dealing with crazy students was the hardest thing you had to do in your life, wait till you have to deal with grandkids after retirement! Good luck.

Welcome to a new phase of your life when you will no longer associate numbers with grades, bells with classes and a marker pens with a whiteboards. Have fun!

Today is your Retirement Day and Independence Day because you will finally get freedom from quarreling kids, annoying students, dominating supervisors and a nagging principal. Happy retirement.

Your retirement is a celebration of the patience and tolerance you showed in putting up with annoying students all your life. Congratulations.

I wish I could become the President of this university, if only for a day… I would cancel your retirement, and for a longer tenure pave the way.

Dear teacher, retirement is when life finally comes around and asks you to go on a permanent vacation. Happy retirement.

See sample ways to wish your coworker a happy retirement. These examples of retirement wishes will guide you as you wish a coworker a happy retirement.

72 Best Retirement Quotes and Sayings and Wishes

words retirement wishes

Retirement Wishes Continued – Looking for retirement quotes, wishes and sayings or what to write in a retirement card? Great, we have pulled together all of the retirement wishes from all over the internet. Here are the top 100 retirement wishes, sayings and quotes for what to write in a retirement card.

Retirement Wishes Continued:

  1. Think about it, now you never have to ask for a day off again. Happy Retirement!
  2. Happy retirement wishes! Wishing you all the best in your new retired life. 
  3. All the best for an amazing retirement! Enjoy your new chapter in life, where you become your own boss.
  4. As one chapter ends, another begins, welcome to your new found freedom! 
  5. When someone as wonderful as you finally gets to retire it makes my heart melt! Congrats and all the best to your relaxing years ahead!
  6. Are you ready for that golf trip you were always telling me about? Enjoy your golf retirement! 
  7. You will always be remembered for your accomplishments. Thank you for your years of hard work and dedication to our team, and congrats on your retirement!
  8. Retiring means less responsibility and “almost” no work. Please let me know if you need help finding things to do, my garage could use a once over ha ha ha! Congrats (insert name)! 
  9. Now that you’re retired you can do all the things you enjoy. Have a happy retirement!
  10. Now that you are retired, what are you going to do with all of that free time? I could fill up your Tuesday’s with coffee and gossip? What do you say? Enjoy yourself out there! 
  11. Enjoy the fruits of your hard labor. Here’s to wishing you a relaxing and wonderful retirement.
  12. I’m so happy to see you reach your goal! Retirement holds new beginnings for you. Seek out everything that retirement has to offer you. 
  13. You’ve worked your entire life for this day, you deserve it, and all the best for a happy retirement!
  14. You are an amazing co-worker, I will never forget all the little tips and tricks you taught me along the way. You are an inspiration to us all. Congrats on your well deserved retirement days. 
  15. Thank you for being an amazing example for me and our team. Your dedication and hard work is really inspiring! I will never forget you for that! Enjoy your retirement!
  16. You have made us and the company better, and for that we thank you. Enjoy your retirement! 
  17. Thank you for always challenging us to become the best at what we do. Congrats on your retirement!
  18. Now that you’re retired, you get to spend everyday with your wife. I’m sure you can’t wait to get your green thumb dirty again! Enjoy it. 
  19. All of the wonderful things you’ve done for us will not be forgotten. Congrats on the fruits of your hard labor!
  20. Leave your past behind and embrace your new future. Work it over, retirement is here! Let’s go!
  21. Retirement is all about embracing your future and leaving the past behind. Enjoy the years ahead!
  22. Are you seriously retiring already? It seems like you just started yesterday. You will be deeply missed my friend! 
  23. All The Best wishes on your early retirement. Enjoy the new opportunities to do fun and wonderful things just for you.
  24. Thank you for inspiring us all to do our absolute best. You are a very motivating and pleasant person to work with. You will not be forgotten after you retire! 
  25. Thank you for always motivating us to do our best. We wish you an amazing retirement with years of enjoyment to come!
  26. You are a true friend! Our years of work together have showed me that you can love your work if you love the people you work with. Thank you for proving that to me! Happy Retirement! 
  27. You will be deeply missed! You are truly a one in million person that can never be replaced! Enjoy your retirement!
  28. Make sure you enjoy retirement like you enjoyed working with all of us! Send us a postcard from your next trip. 
  29. It’s sad to say goodbye, but great to know you are headed on to greener pastures! Congrats!
  30. We hate to see you go, but love to see you walk away… into retirement that is ha ha ha. Congratulations, you deserve it! 
  31. It will be tough to find someone that works as hard and is dedicated as much as you are! Congrats from the whole team!
  32. Say goodbye to slow Mondays and pointless staff meetings ha ha ha! Your new life is waiting for you.
  33. You are one of the hardest working people I have ever met! You earned every single part of your retirement! Great job and adios amigo. 
  34. Retirement is the end of one chapter and the beginning of a new one. Let’s hope the next chapter of your life are as good or better as your previous! Congratulations!
  35. You have earned every bit of your retirement days! We are so happy for you! 
  36. Have fun with your new found freedom! Here’s to hoping your retirement is a dream come true!
  37. Now that you got your boss off your back you can do what you want, when you want, as long as your wife approves of course ha ha ha!
  38. I’m sure you never thought this day would come… Well other than that calendar you had that marked down the last days until your retirement ha ha ha! Enjoy yourself my friend, you will be greatly missed! 
  39. You deserve retirement! You’ve worked hard for your family and deserve to take a break! Congrats.
  40. We can tell that you loved your job! Let’s hope your retirement brings you the same fulfillment or even more!
  41. Here’s to hoping your new found freedom in retirement brings you fun, relaxation and enjoyment! All the best to you.
  42. You will be greatly missed! We hope you enjoy your retirement as much as we enjoyed having you around the office. All the best! 
  43. A wife’s full-time job starts when her husband retires. Glad to see you got promoted!
  44. Consider this an extended vacation that never ends… Only you don’t get paid days off ha ha ha!
  45. Never again will you have to face dreaded Mondays! Every day for you is the weekend now! Lucky You.
  46. Very few people dedicate themselves to their job the way you have. Now, its time to take some time for yourself and I can only imagine the kind of things you are going to get into.
  47. Travel, relax, enjoy life and spend all the kids inheritance (they will never know ha ha ha). Best of wishes.
  48. Here’s to wishing you health, wealth and happiness in retirement. Congratulations to you!
  49. Now that you’ve retired, you can start doing all of the wonderful things I’ve heard you talking about over the years! Congrats.
  50. You leave your old boss in the past after retirement and start life with your new boss, your wife. Good luck my friend!

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words retirement wishes
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