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Wishing newly engaged couple
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Make memories that will last a lifetime by giving thoughtful gifts of perfect wishes that will make any wedding a memorable event for years to come.

Say congratulations to a loved one on their engagement with a special message that feels unique and personal. Whether you’re sending an engagement card to a friend or family member, your message should always include your warm wishes for the couple as they begin this new chapter in life together. If you’re worried about finding the perfect words to say, we have you covered with valuable tips on what to write in an engagement card, so you can shower the bride and groom with love.

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What to Write in an Engagement Card Message

Your engagement card message should reflect your relationship with the newly engaged bride or groom, all while including customary engagement greetings. Follow these three rules below when writing your engagement card to make your writing process easier.

  1. Congratulate the couple first. The initial phrase that the couple reads should be a short and simple “congratulations” phrase. You won’t spend too much time worrying about how to begin your card if you follow this simple tip.
  2. Write a heartfelt message that is unique to your relationship with the recipient or couple. This can be a funny engagement message with an inside joke or a sentimental message with a memory about the couple, as long as it feels personalized to the nature of your relationship with the recipient. This is the most important section of any engagement card and should be genuine.
  3. Send your well wishes. Look to the future by letting the recipient or couple know what your well wishes are. Whether you’re wishing the couple endless years of laughter or wishing them a flawless wedding planning process, wishes are comforting at the end of a card.

Engagement Card Message Examples

Your engagement card message should be sentimental and reflective of your history with the recipient. As mentioned earlier, you can include a short memory about the newly engaged couple, in addition to letting your friend or loved one know how happy you are for them. We’ve provided an example for a bit of inspiration below:

Dear Lindsey,

Congratulations on your wedding engagement! I’m so happy to hear that you and _________ are taking the next step together.

I’ve enjoyed watching you grow as a person so much. I remember when you and John first met and how instant your connection with him was. I’m excited that you two have found love and I can’t wait to help you prepare for your wedding. I’m always here for you and look forward to watching your relationship blossom.

May your love shine brighter and your companionship grow richer with each passing day.

Best Wishes,


Engagement Congratulations

Always let the happy couple know what you’re congratulating them on to set the tone for your card’s purpose. Choose a short congratulatory phrase from below to start your card off right.

  • Congratulations on your wedding engagement!
  • Congratulations to a beautiful couple. I’m so happy to hear that you and _________ are taking the next step together.
  • Congratulations to the future bride and groom! I’m excited about this new chapter in your life.
  • Congratulations on your new journey together.
  • Congratulations on taking this exciting step together.
  • Congratulations on finding each other. Your engagement is wonderful news.
  • Congratulations on finding forever! I’m overjoyed that you have found your perfect love.
  • Congratulations on this sweet occasion of your engagement!
  • Heartiest congratulations to the beautiful couple.

Engagement Wishes

After writing a personalized message, end your card with engagement wishes that make the couple feel surrounded by love and hope about their future. When it comes to engagement wishes, you can choose one wish or mix and match wishes that you feel are important to the couple’s relationship.

  • May your joining together bring you more joy than you can imagine.
  • May your love for each other only strengthen as time goes by.
  • May your love shine brighter and your companionship grow richer with each passing day.
  • May you both be blessed with lifelong happiness.
  • Wishing you a lifetime of joy, love, and happiness.
  • Wishing you the very best as you begin to plan your lives together.
  • Wishing you both the happily ever after you so very much deserve.
  • Through the storms of life, may your love for one another be steadfast and strong.
  • All the best with your wedding plans and for the future.

Engagement Quotes for Them

If you’d like to leave an inspirational saying for the couple to remember, you can use a meaningful engagement quote to elevate your card. There’s nothing wrong with getting a bit of extra help from others to make your engagement card more memorable.

  • “The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.” – Eden Ahbez
  • “You come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly.” – Anonymous
  • “Chains do not hold marriage together. It is threads, hundreds of tiny threads which sew people together through the years.” – Simone Signoret
  • “You don’t need to be on the same wavelength to succeed in marriage. You just need to be able to ride each other’s waves.” – Anonymous
  • “Love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking together in the same direction.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery
  • “True love stories never have endings.” – Richard Bach

Funny Engagement Quotes

If you have an easygoing relationship with the couple, you can opt for a funny engagement quote when expressing your sentiment. A lighthearted and humorous saying can brighten up your card. However, do your best to avoid sayings that are inappropriate. You don’t want to discourage the bride and groom from getting married or stir up any negative feelings.

Here are a few quotes that are bound to put a smile on the recipient’s face:

  • “It’s so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life.”
  • “Advice for almost married men: Never laugh at your wife’s choices, you are one of them.”
  • “When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.”
  • “Engagement: a reason to stop putting in the effort to look good for each other. Congratulations!”
  • “He liked it. So he put a ring on it. Congratulations!”
  • “Who said you guys were allowed to get engaged without my permission? Oh well, you can have my blessing anyway.”

Engagement Sayings

These Engagement sayings are perfect for cards or engagement party gifts. Pick your favorite from those below or use them to inspire a message all your own.

  • “Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it meaning. Your love paints a beautiful picture of what love really means.”
  • “May your love story continue forever.”
  • “My whole heart for my whole life.”
  • “Life, and love, are precious.”
  • “Two souls, one heart.”
  • “Anyone can catch your eye, but it takes someone special to catch your heart.”
  • “Newlyweds become oldyweds, and oldyweds are the reasons that families work.”
  • “A man without a wife is like a vase without flowers.”

Let it be known that I am thrilled for all of the newly-engaged. say ' Congratulations' to a groom after a wedding, but 'Best wishes' to the bride.

Romantic Wedding Wishes for Newly Married Couple

wishing newly engaged couple

Let it be known that I am thrilled for all of the newly-engaged. In most cases, I know (and like!) my friends' new fiancés, I've been expecting the news, and I'm pumped to party at their wedding. But I absolutely hate wishing people congratulations on their engagement, and I won't do it anymore.

By definition, "congratulations" means an expression of praise for an achievement. Congrats on your new job! Congrats on buying that house! Congrats on watching the entire backlog of Gilmore Girls in one weekend so that you can be culturally relevant this fall! Congratulations, to me, implies that you've achieved something others haven't, something you've worked hard for and earned.

Engagements aren't an achievement. Engagements are a grown-up decision made between two people who have discussed their relationship and decided that, hey, they're clearly better together than not, so why not make it official? That's a wonderful moment that deserves celebrating, but calling it an achievement implies that you've succeeded at something (i.e. landing a husband) you otherwise may not have had the drive to go forth and accomplish. Then not being engaged must mean you haven't achieved something, and, for the sake of this argument, that you're the marital equivalent of someone sleeping in their parents' basement at 30. It implies failure on the part of the un-engaged, and that's uncool.

For what's it's worth, it's not even proper etiquette to offer congratulations to a bride (or bride-to-be). Bethanne Patrick and John Thompson write in An Uncommon History of Common Things:

"It is traditional to say 'Congratulations' to a groom after a wedding, but 'Best wishes' to the bride. The implication is that the groom has made a great 'catch', but that it would be impolite to say that the bride had."

Fuck that — if I'm celebrating a friend's decision to tie the knot, you better believe I think she made a great catch. Who cares if it's not polite to say a woman landed herself a unicorn of a man with a good job, good hair, and the unfailing ability to sit through every episode of The Bachelor with her while listening to her friends deliver recaps in real time over FaceTime? If "Congratulations" has old-school roots in lady ownership, neither person gets to hear it.

And if I thought my friend didn't deserve congratulations on her upcoming wedding because she was settling or marrying some dude who didn't treat her right, hopefully we would have that conversation way before the point that I'm meekly offering her "Best wishes" for getting through life with him — so far.

I get that for most people "Congratulations" is just the easiest way of voicing their happiness at someone else's good news, because there's no better word to say "AAAHHH!" (although, maybe that's the right word?). And you might say that getting all cerebral about what it ~really means~ calls more intention to my own insecurities than it schools anyone on proper etiquette. But sometimes a casual word or phrase isn't just a casual word or phrase, and it's OK for someone to react to your news in a way that differs from everyone else.

So, if you get engaged, I will send you my best wishes, I will tell you how happy I am for you, I will exclaim "HOLY SHIT I'M BLINDED BY THIS!" when I see your beautiful ring... I just won't say congratulations anymore. When you get through twenty years of marriage together unscathed? Then I'll tell you congratulations. Now, that's an achievement.

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Ashley MateoAshley Mateo is an experienced fitness reporter, writer, and editor who regularly interviews pro athletes, elite trainers, and nutrition experts; she has held staff positions at Shape, Refinery29, and SELF, and her work has appeared in Runner's World, Bicycling, Health, the Wall Street Journal, and more.

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Congratulations on Your Engagement: Quotes and Wishes

wishing newly engaged couple

Wedding is one of the most important milestones of one’s life and sending warm congratulations quotes and wishes to your friend or relative who is getting married is surely an important thing to do. But most of us find ourselves short of words when it comes to sending best wedding wishes. We fail to express our excitement and blessings for the newlywed couple in short wedding messages that can speak our heart. From funny wedding wishes to warm congratulation quotes…. Flawless wedding quotes that can express our thoughts on this special day are now just a click away.

Here are some of the most romantic short wedding wishes and quotes. Use these best wedding text messages to wish the newly married couple.

1. Dear newlyweds, marriage is the most beautiful phase of life and you have just begun your journey….. A beautiful companionship blessed with romance, togetherness and happiness…. May all your plans and hopes become reality… Congratulations on your wedding. God bless you.

2. Marriage is a start of a new life…. a beginning of new chapter in your life…. On this exciting day, I wish you all the happiness in the world with finest understanding and bond of love…. With a romantic love story in making, sending you warm wishes on this special day. Congratulations!!

3. Dearest newly married couple, we welcome you both in this new phase of life which will be a mix bag of happiness, romance, fights, responsibilities and understanding… May your love grow and bloom with every passing day… Heartfelt congratulations to you both on this day.

4. Marriage is a promise to love each other till your last breath…. To support one another through thick and thin and to enjoy smallest of the moments to bring brightness in life…. Wishing you both a Happy Married Life filled with infinite moments of romance, love and happiness!!!

5. The day of your marriage is the day to make the most important commitment of your life, to the most special partner that you are always going to love each other unconditionally and forever. May you two are blessed with a happy and beautiful life. Congratulations on your wedding.

6. Dear couple, no matter how much you fight with each other, now much you disagree with each other, how much you irritate each other…. With your marriage, you are bonded for life…. Enjoy this amazing association with lots of love and lovely fights. Happy Married Life to you!!!

7. Love is the strongest power…. It has the potential to make impossible possible… I wish that you both are blessed with the power of love for life and enjoy best of happiness and togetherness in your life…. Congratulations on your wedding, my dearest newlyweds!

8. With time you will get busy but never forget to say each other the three magical words…. Never stop expressing your feelings… Never stop showing how much you love each other…. Pamper each other with love… always and forever. Wishing you a Happy Married Life to you both.

9. Marriage is the most beautiful relationship… it has shades of all relationships….. best of experiences that you can otherwise not experience in your life…. Make it a strong and blessed association. Congratulations on your wedding… and wish you lots of love.

10. Dear newlyweds, wedding is the most eventful and meaningful association of life…. fortunate are those who are blessed with this association which is a colorful bunch of emotions and feelings that keep the couple bonded. Warm congratulations on your wedding!!!!

11. Congratulations to the most beautiful couple on this special occasion! I wish more and more moments of happiness, harmony, understanding and togetherness that add new spark to your life. May you enjoy this wonderful journey. Congratulations on your wedding. God bless you.

12. May your love get stronger and brighter…. May your life is blessed with happiness and warmth…. May you win all the challenges…. May all your dreams come true….. May you always understand each other….. Wishing the best of the things in life for you two! Congratulations!!

13. Today is the most special day for you as two souls of yours have now turned into one… On the occasion of your wedding, I wish you a beautiful romantic journey ahead in your life, filled with joy and fun…. Sending warm heartfelt congratulations on your big day as your start a new journey!!!

14. Dear newly married couple, may you have a bright future ahead as you enter a wonderful phase of your life…… may there is adventure, laughter, joy, romance and happiness in your life and strength to dace all the problems…. Warm congratulations on your wedding.

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Congratulating the newly engaged couple, whether through engagement card messages or in person, is a time-honored tradition. Here you.

Engaged As a Couple Christmas Cards

wishing newly engaged couple

Have you and your partner just decided to get married? Congratulations and best wishes, then! It’s only a matter of time before you two finally settle down and tie the knot, and most importantly, start a new life as a married couple.

But while you have just gotten engaged, mind you, there is still a lot of work to do before you actually walk down the aisle. In fact, the engagement can sometimes be the most difficult period a couple goes through before marriage, because this is the time when you prepare not just for the wedding itself, but the reality of married life.

So how do you deal with being an engaged couple? Here 8 relationship advice for newly engaged couples that you must know:

1. Prioritize.
Getting engaged puts a lot of pressure on both of you as a couple, as there arises the pressure to tie the knot at the soonest. But this can be avoided by discussing your priorities as a couple. This is because you may decide to get engaged but would like to wait longer to actually get married.

It is best that you lay down your priorities first, such as buying a house or getting a car or saving enough funds for long-term investments, in case you haven’t picked a date to get married yet. Or if in case you intend to get married a few years after the engagement, then talk about this as well.

2. Don’t try changing each other.
It’s understandable that you want everything to be perfect by the time the wedding day arrives, and you’d want this period to be the time where you can bring out the best in each other. But this also means you want your partner to change –or improve themselves at the very least.

There’s no need to do that; instead, just be yourselves and enjoy preparing for your upcoming wedding. Besides, you decided to get hitched because of what you are and what you have, not what you want each other to be.

3. Stop assuming that you know what each other wants.
Preparing for the wedding can be very stressful, as you and your partner will be faced with mind games by trying to guess what’s in each other’s minds. Please be reminded though, that neither of you are clairvoyants. Hence, during the preparation stages, talk. Discuss your plans and your doubts, your questions and your fears. By communicating with each other, the easier it would be for you to carry out all the tasks needed for you two to get married.

4. Don’t work towards the expectations of others.
The real pressure of the engagement comes into full swing when your friends and family finally learn about your plans to get married. It is normal for them to pitch in their ideas and suggestions, but there comes a point that you begin to work towards their expectations and requisites and not yours as a couple. Hey, this isn’t their wedding, but yours.

Hence, make sure that you have your own vision of your wedding and work towards that, not that of other people’s. It’s good to take in their ideas, but at the end of the day, it’s still you and your partner who’s going to decide on how the wedding should be done.

5. Do not ever say negative things about your fiancé(e) in front of others.
Now that you’re engaged, this doesn’t mean that you already have the right to make fun of your partner in public (on the assumption that you’re getting married anyway). It’s hurtful and disrespectful not only to your partner but to your engagement as well. You may want to keep the teasing in private, as doing this publicly may heighten the stress and tension your partner is already going through due to the engagement.

6. Discuss the core details of your wedding first before seeking help from others.
It is common these days to seek the help of a wedding coordinator to do the groundwork of your marriage, but before hiring one, make sure that you two have decided on the core necessities first. This makes it easier for the coordinator and his/her team, in laying down the tasks needed to be done for your wedding, including how your guests will be involved in the activities.

And yes, when you have already narrowed down your necessities, it would also be easier to align them with your budget.

7. Have fun with each other.
While you are both busy preparing for your wedding, it is also important that you set time to have fun with each other. The stress and tension can get the best of you in the process, so before it happens make sure to take the time off and relax.

Wedding preparations should be fun too, so better enjoy it whenever you have appointments such as cake tasting, shopping for bridal outfits, or visiting possible venues.

8. Attend to your partner’s jitters right away.
There are times when you or your partner starts to feel the wedding jitters, and this can be very stressful to handle. But instead of brushing these off, it is best that you attend to your partner right away. The companionship you provide reminds your partner that you are with him or her at every step of the way, until the big day finally arrives.

As much as possible, be patient with your partner’s tantrums and whims. Do know when to level off so that you both won’t get frustrated when things don’t go as you expected later on.

Lastly, it is important to note that the engagement period is the phase when you can renew your relationship with your partner. You both know that it is only a matter of time before you enter a new life called marriage, and things would be more different from that day onwards. It is thus best to have fun, enjoy, and think less about your worries and fears.

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Don't worry, we have a heartfelt marriage wishes list just for you This sms is for every couple that is newlywed or getting married. A message.

wishing newly engaged couple
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