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November 29, 2018 Wedding Anniversary Wishes 5 comments

I wish you all the success, happiness, and joy in life. You have Luck is yours, Greetings are mine, You get every success and let ur future be always shine.


Write this courteous letter as soon as you have decided not to hire the applicant.


1. Thank the applicant for his or her application or interest in your company.

  • Thank you for your recent application for employment at Doe's.
  • We appreciate your interest in a career with Doe's.
  • Thank you for applying for the position of head trainer.
  • Thank you for phoning to follow up on your recent interview for the supervisor position.
  • Thank you for sending a resume.
  • Thank you for filling out a Doe employment application.
  • Thank you for interviewing with us for the position of evening manager.
  • appreciate the time you spent with me in the interview
  • appreciate your interest in our company
  • appreciate you taking the time to relate your qualifications
  • appreciate your interest in a career with
  • enjoyed meeting with you last Monday
  • everyone at Doe Corporation enjoyed meeting with you
  • has carefully considered your application
  • have recently completed a selective screening
  • looked over your resume with great interest
  • note of thanks for visiting with me about our present opening
  • thank you for discussing employment possibilities with
  • thank you for giving us the opportunity to review your
  • thank you for applying for the position of
  • thank you for phoning to follow up on your recent interview for
  • thank you for your recent application for employment at
  • thank you for interviewing with us for the position of
  • thank you for expressing an interest in our firm
  • thank you for taking the time to fill out an application for
  • thank you for your recent letter and your interest in
  • thank you for sending us information on your qualifications as a
  • thank you for your resume and letter in response to our ad
  • thank you for responding to our advertisement
  • to keep you up-to-date on the status of your resume
  • want to thank you for coming by our offices and interviewing

2. Soften the disappointment, if possible, by noting any positive qualities of the applicant. Offer a brief explanation for your refusal.

  • Your academic training is impressive, and your interview was excellent; however, we chose to hire someone who has on-the-job experience.
  • We were impressed by the qualifications of all the applicants. The choice was difficult, and we are sorry you missed out by a small margin.
  • We were impressed by your management experience, but because of financial considerations we selected an applicant with lower salary requirements.
  • Although your lengthy experience in the field is impressive, we were looking for someone with more specific training in computer applications.
  • Since we are not currently hiring sales clerks, we will put your application on file for next year. Should an opening arise that matches your qualifications, we will notify you.
  • Because we do not have a local personnel department, we are forwarding your application to Doe's main office. If you have further questions, you may write to that office at 1600 Main Street, Springfield, KS 12347 or phone them at 555-555-5555.
  • after much serious consideration
  • after considerable debate about our needs
  • after lengthy consideration, we opted for a candidate with
  • because of financial considerations, an applicant with
  • candidate we selected, however, has considerable experience
  • carefully evaluated your background and find that it does not
  • choice was especially difficult
  • competition for the position especially keen
  • emphasize that you were one of three finalists out of
  • feel we need someone with a deeper knowledge of
  • felt that you could add a number of fresh and creative ideas
  • final decision was based solely on the amount of experience
  • found a number of applicants whose qualifications more closely
  • have chosen someone who has vast experience in
  • have no openings now or in the foreseeable future for
  • have made remarkable strides in your career to date
  • have selected another person who has the type of experience we
  • hire someone who has on-the-job experience
  • impressive but do not exactly match our current opening
  • it may be scant consolation, but you were a leading contender
  • looking for someone with specific training in
  • not ready to provide much training and therefore must insist on
  • only wish we had another position to offer you
  • pleased to know that you were one of our final candidates
  • regret to report that there are no appropriate openings
  • regret being able to hire only one of the applicants
  • regret to inform you that we have chosen another applicant
  • resume indicates that you have excellent qualifications
  • sorry you missed out by a small margin
  • surprising number of applicants responded to our notice
  • unable to meet your salary requirements
  • unable to offer you the position
  • unfortunately, we are not presently hiring
  • want to emphasize that the person we hired
  • were one of the leading contenders for the position

3. Offer encouragement or best wishes for success.

  • We believe, however, that you have much to offer an organization and wish you much success in achieving your career goals.
  • We wish you all the best in your employment search.
  • I expect that you will soon find the position that specifically matches your work experience.
  • Good luck in your job search, and thank you again for your interest in Doe's.
  • Thank you for thinking of us. We wish you every success.
  • am sure you will find a suitable position in the near future
  • anticipate future opportunities for people with your
  • appreciate your interest in the firm
  • best wishes in your career
  • contact you immediately should another opportunity arise
  • continue to match your background against similar job openings
  • enjoyed visiting with you and discussing job opportunities
  • find a rewarding position where your talents can be fully used
  • have the highest regard for your ability
  • in the event of future openings in your field
  • keep your file active during the next
  • please stay in touch and let us know what you decide to pursue
  • should resubmit an updated resume at that time
  • taking the liberty of retaining your resume in our active file
  • talent and ambition will lead you to a rewarding future
  • thank you for the time and ideas you gave us
  • thank you for your interest in career opportunities with
  • thanks again for your interest in our company
  • will notify you immediately if a position becomes available
  • will keep the information you provided us in our active file
  • will do whatever I can to help
  • will keep your resume on hand in case
  • wish you all the best in your future endeavors
  • wish you every success for a rewarding future
  • wish you the best of luck in your search

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I wish you every success with your career, you go girl!.

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wish you every success in

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  • I wish you every success .
  • I wish you every success at your new post
  • I wish you every success in the future
  • I ' d like to wish you every success
  • I ' d like to wish you every success
  • I wish you every success in the future , you are worthy success
  • May i wish you every success
  • I wish you every success and happiness , the whole family happy , happy day
  • Wishing you every success
  • Wish you every success
  • It ' s wonderful to know that you have completed the dream of a lifetime i wish you every success in the future
  • It ' s wonderful to konw that you have completed the dream of a lifetime . i wish you every success in the future
  • Congratulations to the success . i will not be able to be at the wonderful moment to share your joy but wishing you every success and god bless the cats
  • 2008 is an important year . through the olympic games , the world will come to beijing , and beijing will go to the world . i wish you every success with your preparations
  • We treat every visitor to grand land hotel as our honored guest . we wish you every success in business and a happy journey by staying at grand land hotel
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Decline a Request For Employment | Letter-Writing Guide

wish you every success in

Dear Michael

Please accept this testimonial on behalf of our family for the outstanding work in achieving a terrific result in selling the above mentioned property is such a short amount of time.

The interviewing process was “interesting” to say the least when we asked 3 other agents to present their credentials.

In the first instance we did not consider Prentice Real Estate (for which now we are embarrassed about) but it was only that your father knew a vendor of mine, Wayne Harding.

Given we could truly not place the house in either 3 we called you.

You took the time to explain to Loretta in simple, logical terms the selling process which she greatly appreciated.

Putting aside the two obvious questions:

  1. How much is the house worth?
  2. How much do you charge?

There was never any doubt whatsoever that you would be the agent and the result only reinforced we made the right choice.

Although I assisted in the selection the ultimate choice of agent was hers and hers alone. We could not have asked for a more professional, straight forward campaign. Please also pass on our thanks to Michael and Keith for their input also. Do not hesitate to show this to ANY prospective clients, and I hope you forward this to the Prentice group.

We so often get caught up in what we think is important to a vendor when presenting but it is simply having them feel comfortable with you.

I wish you every success in the future! It’s the best business in the world!!!

Mark Sutherland

Write this courteous letter as soon as you have decided not to hire the We wish you all the best in your employment search. We wish you every success.

200 Best Wishes for Future

wish you every success in

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External sources (not reviewed)

Finally, Mrs Ashton,Iwish you every successin setting up the common [...]
Wreszcie, życzę pani Ashton samych sukcesów w tworzeniu wspólnej Służby [...]
Raz jeszcze życzę państwu wszelkiej pomyślności w pracy.
Iwish you every successover the next two and a half years.
Życzę panu wszelkiego powodzenia w ciągu nadchodzących [...]
Iwish you every successwith that, but that [...]
is not what our citizens want, certainly not in the Netherlands.
Życzę pani powodzenia, ale nie tego chcą nasi [...]
obywatele, z całą pewnością nie w Holandii.
[...] the criticism, I do, of course,wish you every successin your efforts to convince both sides.
Mimo całej krytyki, życzę oczywiście panu wszelkich sukcesów w pana wysiłkach zmierzających [...]
do przekonania obu stron.
Iwish you every success,including with the formation [...]
of the new Commission: you must be given elbow room to press on with this.
Życzę panu wszelkiego powodzenia w tworzeniu nowej Komisji: [...]
musi pan uzyskać znaczne poparcie, by mógł pan raźno przystąpić do tego zadania.
As this is the last time I shall take the floor before this House, I thank you all for
[...] your cooperation andwish you every successin the future.
Ponieważ dziś po raz ostatni przemawiam w tej Izbie, dziękuję wszystkim
[...] państwu za współpra i życzę wszelkich sukcesów w przyszłości.
I would like to take this opportunity,
[...] Mr Dumitrescu, towish you every successand happiness in [...]
your pursuits when you eventually
leave the seat which you have occupied with such dignity all these months.
Chciałbym skorzystać z tej
[...] okazji, panie Dumitrescu, aby życzyć panu sukcesów i powodzenia [...]
w działaniach, kiedy opuści pan
już stanowisko zajmowane z taką godnością przez te wszystkie miesiące.
Iwish you every successas you do so, [...]
and trust that the Council of Foreign Ministers will also draw tangible conclusions,
just as we have done from this debate.
Życzę sukcesów w tym przedswzięciu i [...]
wierzę, że Rada Ministrów Spraw Zagranicznych wyciągnie rzeczowe wnioski, tak jak my w tej debacie.
I particularly welcome what you said
[...] about Cyprus andIwish you every successin implementing your [...]
ambitious climate targets.
Cieszy mnie zwłaszcza to, co
[...] powiedział pan o Cyprze i życzę panu wielu sukcew we wdrażaniu [...]
ambitnych celów dotyczących zmiany klimatu.
Życzę państwu wszelkiego powodzenia w trakcie pstwa kadencji.
In conclusion, allow me towish you every successin heading the Council [...]
Podsumowując, pozwolę sobie życzyć panu sukcesów w przewodniczeniu Radzie [...]
I see that you have set out a wide-ranging programme for the
[...] Portuguese presidency andIwish you every success.
Rozumiem, że kreśli pan szeroki program dla
[...] portugalskiej prezydencji i życzę sukcesów w jego realizacji.
Iwish you every successand, above all, God’s help.
Życzę pstwu wszelkich sukcesów, a przede wszystkim pomocy [...]
I believe that this manual will contribute to a better utilisation of the opportunities
[...] [...] Neighbourhood Policy,wishing you every successwith your future endeavours [...]
connected with EU projects
co-funded by the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument.
Ufając, iż podręcznik przyczyni się do lepszego wykorzystania
możliwości, które stwarza Europejska
[...] Polityka siedztwa, życzę wielu sukcesów w realizacji unijnych [...]
projektów współfinansowanych
ze środków Europejskiego Instrumentu Sąsiedztwa i Partnerstwa.
[...] firstly, mayIwish you every successat tomorrow’s [...]
summit, the agenda of which includes global governance,
the global economy, the accession of Russia to the WTO and international issues, including developments in North Africa and the Middle East.
Życzę wszelkich sukcesów w czasie jutrzejszego szczytu, [...]
którego program obejmuje sprawy dotyczące globalnego zarządzania,
gospodarki światowej, kwestię przystąpienia Rosji do WTO i sprawy międzynarodowe, między innymi wydarzenia w Afryce Północnej i na Bliskim Wschodzie.
Iwish you every successin finding systemic solutions.
Życzę Panu wszelkiej pomyślności w poszukiwaniu rozwiązań [...]
This is why I would like, along with my fellow Members in the
[...] [...] every citizen in Europe, towish you every success,and we hope that this term [...]
will provide the springboard to a new future.
Dlatego właśnie chciałabym wraz z moimi
koleżankami i kolegami posłami w Parlamencie
[...] Europejskim oraz wszystkimi obywatelami Europy życzyć państwu samych sukcew.
I sincerely thank you for giving
[...] us support and wewish you every successin his future endeavors.
[...] udzielenie nam wsparcia i życzymy wszelkich sukcesów w jego przyszłych [...]
Iwish you every successin your work and would [...]
like to assure you of the European commission's continued support for and solidarity with Poland.
Życzę Panu powodzenia na obejmowanym stanowisku. [...]
Jednocześnie chciałbym zapewnić Pana, że Komisja będzie nadal wspierać
Polskę i pozostanie z nią solidarna.
Thank you for a wonderful home
[...] for him and wewish you every successat the shows.
Dziękujemy Wam za wspaniały dom
[...] dla niego i życzymy Wam wielu sukcesów na wystawach.
[...] welcome you andwish you every successin your job.
[...] Witamy i życzymy panu wszelkich sukcesów w pracy.
[...] Commissioner: in all seriousness,Iwish you every successin skilfully convincing your [...]
colleagues in the Council
that the obligations they have undertaken under the UN Protocol must naturally apply in the EU as well.
[...] panie komisarzu: z cą powagą życzę panu wszelkich sukcesów w umiejętnym [...]
przekonaniu pańskich współpracowników
w Radzie, że zobowiązania, jakie podjęli na mocy protokołu ONZ w naturalny sposób muszą mieć zastosowanie także w UE.
Wewish you every successin buying or selling your vehicle at!
Życzymy Państwu wielu sukcesów w kupnie i sprzedaży waszych samochodów na!
Iwish you every successat shows and a lot [...]
of fun with this lovely girl.
Życzę wielu sukcesów na wystawach oraz wiele [...]
radości z tej kochanej dziewczynki.
DJ: I'm impressed... There is nothing else for
[...] me to say butwish you every successin the fulfillment [...]
DJ: Jestem pod wrażeniem…. Nie pozostaje mi
[...] nic innego, jak tylko życzyć Pani, by te plany się [...]
Mr Lobo Antunes,Iwish you every successwith the informal summit [...]
which will perhaps be one of the most important we have
had in recent years in the European Union.
Panie przewodniczący Lobo Antunesie! Życzę panu powodzenia na nieformalnym szczycie, [...]
który być może będzie jednym z najważniejszych
szczytów Unii Europejskiej ostatnich lat.
Wewish you every successwith CHROMOLUX.
Życzymy wielu sukcesów w stosowaniu produktów [...]
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wish you every success in
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