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Wedding wishes for muslim couple
December 31, 2018 Wedding Anniversary Wishes 3 comments

Muslim marriage and Islamic wedding customs are traditions and practices that relate to According to the teachings of the Quran, a married Muslim couple is equated than the rules applied to Muslim men wishing to marry a non-Muslim.

Islamic Anniversary Wishes. Islamic Wedding is the only Halal and blessed contract through which both partners complete the half deen of each other. So the spouse must be thankful to each other for this regard. The whole purpose of having a partner is to find tranquility with them. After all they love each other for the sake of Allah.

So in return Allah make their relation better and stronger in response of their obedience. Sometimes celebrations of little joys in life means a lot. It is the only true and obvious relation in Islam that grows stronger and deeper with the time. Because Nikkah has too much power to keep the two souls connected. Anniversaries are the unique moments that come once in a year. You can make the moment memorable with the best words.  So we have shared some beautiful Islamic anniversary Wishes for the couples to enjoy their happiness with these inspirational words. If you like then don’t forget to share it with your loved ones.

Islamic Anniversary Wishes and SMS for couples

  • May Allah Bless for you (your spouse) and bless you, and may He unite both of you in Jannah.
  • May Allah bless you both with pious beautiful and healthy children, make them the coolness of your eyes, and make you both a way to Jannah for each other and strengthen each other’s Faith
  • Life without someone special is boring, and dear friend you married with a special person for you and you proved a successful couple I wish this couple always stay happy and together with the blessing of Allah and wish you a Happy Marriage Anniversary, Ameen.
  • With the Grace of Allah, you guys completed another successful year of your marriage. Happy marriage anniversary, I wish you guys always stay together.
  • Life has lots of goals and goals with your partner are best goals. I wish you always stay happy and successful stay caring and stay loving each other.
  • Let Allah bless you both with love and happiness and many cherish moments of a blissful married life. Happy Anniversary.
  • May you always stay together and always stay blessed with the blessings of Allah. Because he is the one who made love deeper between both of you.
  • Mashallah, you guys compleated another successful year of glory. I saw your love for each other is getting deeper day by day, I wish you guys always stay together and you got blessed. Happy Marriage Anniversary.
  • Happy anniversary dear may every one of your desires work out as expected. May this anniversary turn into the beginning of your satisfaction.
  • Life is nothing without an existence accomplice. Both of you have each other guard your connection. Upbeat anniversary.
  • On this special day I wish you that your love grows stronger and blooms year by year.
  • Today is a good time to look back, go through your memory lane remembering all that beautiful time which you have spent together. Happy anniversary.
  • There were many incredible years of your life behind. And there will be a lot of incredible years ahead. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary.
  • Life is very changeable and nobody knows what’s ahead, but I’m pretty sure that as long as you stay together, everything will be fine. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary.
  • Relying, counting on each other, loving and caring that is what makes marriage so nice and strong! And you reached it. Best wishes and happy anniversary.


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Beautiful Islamic Anniversary Wishes for Spouse with Images

↓ 1- May Allah Bless You Both Happy Anniversary!

↓ 2- When i married you on special day, I knew my prayers had been answered. Happy Anniversary!

↓ 3- Happy Anniversary! Alhamdolillah for another year spent together. May your life continue to be filled with love, laughter and happiness.

↓ 4- 50 thousand years before Allah has written my name next to you. Happy Anniversary!

↓ 5- Our Anniversary is not just a date. It signifies how beautifully intertwined are our fates. Happy Anniversary!

↓ 6- If she is not on the Deen, she ain’t fit to be your queen. If he  hasn’t got Imaan, he ain’t fit to be your Man. Happy Anniversary!

↓ 7- Happy Anniversary! Our love is the best love because you make my imaan rise, you help me in the dunya and for that reason want to meet you again in Jannah!

↓ 8- Happy Anniversary! The most sweetest thing is that when two people love each other but do not communicate. Instead they pray for each other in their sujood.

↓ 9- It is Allah’s mercy upon mankind that he created Spouses for human beings from themselves. Happy anniversary!

↓ 10- You complete half of my Deen. Happy Anniversary.

↓ 11- If you are looking for a spouse, look for theone who will take you to Jannah. Happy anniversary!

↓ 12- You two were made for each other and nothing else matters. Wishing you the best anniversary ever!

↓ 13- It’s forever you and me, INSHALLAH. Happy Anniversary!

↓ 14- A handsome guy and a pretty girl will make a beautiful wedding, but a faithful man and a pious woman will make a beautiful marriage. Happy Anniversary!

↓ 15- I am Absolutely positive that i have the best Husband ever.

↓ 16– Real Love starts after Nikah. Happy Anniversary!

↓ 17– It’s easy to fall in love, anyone can. Only the strong will keep it Halal. Happy Anniversary!

↓ 18– Happily ever after is when the both of you step into paradise together. That is the true love you should work for. Happy Anniversary!

Sep 29, 2017 that when the prophet of Allah, Allah send peace and blessings upon him would congratulate someone upon their marriage he would say.

50 Best Islamic Quotes for Muslim Marriage Wedding Cards

wedding wishes for muslim couple

Islamic wedding is conducted according to Islamic laws and the religion of Islam. The Islamic wedding is characterized by wedding vows between the bride and the bridegroom with Muslim clerics as witnesses. It is followed by feast of the guests and the people present in the wedding.

Given below are samples of Islamic wedding messages to forward to the Muslim couple on their marriage:

1). Sending warm Islamic wedding wishes for the sweet couple. I hope your nikah goes all well and you both have long years of togetherness.

2). Wishing the cute couple good Islamic wedding wishes on your nikah. I am much happy with your marriage and send my love and blessings through this text.

3). This text carries good Islamic wedding wishes for the gorgeous couple. Let Allah bestow his choicest blessings of happiness on you both to have a great marital life.

4). I wish the dear couple happy Islamic wedding wishes. I hope you both have a blissful married life with good moments to cherish together forever.

5). Wishing the Muslim couple happy Islamic wedding wishes. I pray to Allah to grant you love among each other and lots of happiness.

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Best wishes for marriage quotes

Trending Islamic Wedding Wishes Messages for Couple in 2019

wedding wishes for muslim couple

Best Islamic Wedding Wishes and Islamic Wedding Messages for New Couple.

Islamic Marriage Messages for Friend

Marriages are sacred and blessed for humanity to enjoy. Your friend is getting married today, why not show him or her your happiness for them by wishing them happiness in the new estate. Simply send to them these Islamic Marriage Wishes and Quotes for Friend and see how grateful your friend will be.   

1. As you launch into a new chapter of your life. May Allah grant you great blessings. Happy married life.

2. May Allah give you the wisdom and knowledge you need to run this new phase of your life.

3. May Allah give you peace of mind and protect your, going out and coming in.

4. May Allah watch over your home and shield it from the wicked ones. Happy married life.

5. May Allah bring the plan of the enemies concerning your marriage to nothingness. Happy married life.

6. Allah, the Al-Malik shall raise your home. He shall make your marriage the best thing that ever happened to you. Happy married life.

7. May Almighty Allah bless your home abundantly. He shall give you happiness within and without. Happy married life, friend.

8. May the great Allah bless your marriage with fruit at due time. Your children shall surround your table. Happy married life.

9. May Ar Raheem go with you on this journey and guide each of your steps. Happy married life.

10. May Allah, Al Quddus pour sweetness into your home. Your marriage shall be sweeter than honey. Happy married life.

11. May Allah grant your heart desires as He upgrades you today. Blessings of marriage shall follow your union. Happy married life.

12. Lots of warm wishes for you as you start another chapter of your life today. May Allah go with you. Happy married life.

13. I pray Allah blesses your union with lovely children, both boys and girls. Happy married life.

14. May Allah grant you wealth to run your home and peace to keep it. Happy married life, friend.

15. May Allah be gracious unto you and protect your home from the wicked ones. Happy married life.

Islamic Wedding Wishes for Brother

Marriages is a great estate every youth always long to experience. Your brother is getting married and crossing major junction of life, to experience the joy and happiness that is encapsulated in togetherness of couple. Send these Islamic Marriage Wishes and Quotes for Brother to him, to wish him a happy home.   

1. Now that you have tied the knot. May your love grow stronger and deeper as you create room for Allah in your heart. Happy married life, brother.

2. Respect, Love and Commitment are the tripods of marriage. May Allah help you to give these to each other in abundance. Happy married life.

3. Congratulation on your wedding, brother. May the Almighty Allah fill your marriage with the right ingredients.

4. I pray Faithfulness, Respect and trust shall be a common thing in your marriage, brother. Happy married life.

5. May Allah give you have a happy home. Wishing you the best marriage, brother. Happy married life.

6. May Allah help you both to find the happiness and pleasure in each other. Happy married life.

7. Now that you're legally bound to each other, may Allah keep you to together and make you last into old age. Happy married life.

8. Congratulations bro. May Allah help you to sustain the joy and peace you feel right now. Happy married life.

9. May Allah make you best of friends forever. You'll prefer each other. Happy married life.

10. Congratulations brother like no other. May Allah help you find true love in each other. Happy married life.

11. May Allah grant you both knowledge and wisdom to run your home today and in days to come. Happy married life.

12. May Allah grant you sound health always and comfort when you need it. Happily married life brother.

13. May Allah be the glue that binds you both together in perfect love. Happy married life.

14. May Allah bless your wedding day and your marriage. May he help you never to regret this decision. Happy married life.

15. I wish you a happy marriage, full of peace and Joy from Allah. Happy married life.

Islamic Wedding Quotes for Sister

Wedding day is the most fulfilling hours in the life of a single lady. Is your sister's wedding day today, make her feel the fulfillment that is in a day like this by sending her these Religious Wedding Wishes and Text Messages.   

1. I wish for you blessings from Allah the Almighty. May your marriage blossom forever and always. Happy married life, sis.

2. May Allah richly bless the two of you with peace of mind, wealth and sound Health. Happy married life.

3. Whatever you see in each other that made you agree to be husband and wife, may Allah sustain it. Happy married life.

4. Two special people are tying the knot today. I pray this shall be the beginning of open doors in your life. Happy married life

5. On this special day of yours, I say congratulations and I wish you a happy married life. May Allah bless your new home.

6. May you never regret this decision you both have taken today to spend the rest of your life together. May Allah always abide with you. Happy married life.

7. Love has brought you together and thus far. I pray that Allah will continue to uphold thus love. Happy married life.

8. I pray for peace, joy, and prosperity for you both. Congratulations on your marriage. Happy married life.

9. May Allah be throned in your home. May He guide you and teach you how to run your home. Happy married life.

10. May you enjoy the love that has no end. Allah will be the builder of your home. Congratulations on your marriage, sis.

11. As you have said your vows today. May Allah help you to stay true to them. Happy married life.

12. It is your wedding day and I'm so full of joy for you, my beautiful sister. May Allah continue to give us reasons to rejoice with you. Happy married life.

13. Heaven has brought you both together in pure love. I pray Allah gives you everlasting love. Happy married life, sister.

14. Allah blesses your new home with abundant goodies from above. He will make this day a memorable one forever. Congratulations on your wedding, lovely sister.

15. Your life will be filled with unquantifiable joy, undeniable peace and undiluted Love from Allah's bosom. Happy married life, sweet sister.

Islamic Happy Married Life Wishes for Nephew

Best Islamic Wedding Wishes and Messages to send to your Nephew, with Islamic duas for successful marriage.

1. May your home be filled with so much happiness from Allah. I wish you both a life full of bliss and adventure. Congratulations on your marriage, Nephew.

2. As you merge in peace and harmony. I pray Allah gives you plenty joy and Love for each other. Congratulations on your marriage, handsome nephew.

3. You are Allah’s special gift to each other. Please be dedicated and committed to yourself as Allah helps you. Happy married life, dear nephew.

4. The blessings of Allah is already evident in your lives. I pray that this blessing will abound in your home forever. Happy married life, darling nephew.

5. I declare peace like a river and Joy overflow into your new home. More of Allah's blessings I pray. Congratulations on your marriage, cute nephew.

6. Cheers to a new life full of hope and merriment. I pray Allah helps you to live happily ever after. Happy married life to my nephew.

7. To the newest couple in town who has come publicly to declare their love for each other. I pray Allah helps you sustain the Love you declare today. Congratulations, dear nephew.

8. There are happiness and contentment in true love. May Allah help you develop true love for each other. Happy married life, to my wonderful nephew.

9. This is a fresh beginning of the journey you started some time ago. Allah that brought you this far will see you through. Happy married life, sweet nephew.

10. Congratulations on your marriage, dear nephew. I pray Allah will cause every good wish said for you today to come to pass.

11. I pray that your marriage overflow with pure love from Allah. Happy married life to my awesome nephew.

12. As you say 'I do' today, may Allah fill you with all the happiness, love and affection you need to stay happy. Happy married life, nephew.

13. Congratulations on your marriage, sweet nephew. May the blessing that comes with newness be released upon your marriage.

14. You love each other and that's why you have come this far to tie the knot. May Allah give you reasons to continue to explore your love. Happy married life, nephew.

15. I can see how happy you are today. I pray that the happiness continues forever. Congratulations on your marriage, cute nephew.

Islamic Happy Married Life Wishes and SMS for a Muslim Niece

Lovely Islamic Happy Married Life Wishes and Prayers for Niece to celebrate her, on her wedding day. 

1. It started like a joke. But here we are today... Gathered from around the globe, to celebrate your love with you. Happy married life, my beautiful niece.

2. It sure has not been easy but you pushed through. And here is where your commitment has brought you. I pray Allah helps you to always push through and remain committed. Congratulations to you, niece.

3. Through thick and thin, you didn't get discouraged. You forged ahead, despite the storm. May Allah give you the strength to scale through the huddles of marriage. Happy married life to you, niece.

4. You are here rejoicing today because you're finally settling with the Love of your life. I pray Allah will sustain this Joy in your home forever. Happy married life, pretty niece.

5. May the gladness of a new home forever be in your heart. Allah will make every day be renewed into newness. Happy married life, my niece.

6. Congratulations on your wedding, niece. Allah will make all the things that seem difficult for you to do, easy now that you're married. Happy married life.

7. All my heart wishes you and your wife today is for Allah to grant you both a transparent heart to love each other purely. Happy married life, darling niece.

8. Your union shall surely be a fruitful one. Because Allah, the almighty is involved. Congratulations on your wedding, niece. May Allah be with you.

9. Today marks the beginning of a journey into forever. May the bliss of Allah travel the journey with you. Happy married life, my niece.

10. Looking at the way your face is beaming, I can imagine the joy of becoming one with your dream man. I pray Allah will make this gladness increase in your marriage by the day. Happy married life to you, darling niece.

11. May this excitement that is all over you today be present in your marriage forever. Happy married life, my sweet niece.

12. May Allah cause this your union to bring forth heavens blessings. You shall so much be blessed beyond curse. Happy married life, prettiest niece.

13. I pray this marriage will be convenient for you. Your home will be a comfortable place to be. And your testimony will be, Allah is Great.

14. Romance is a journey into eternity. As you have commenced yours today, may you never regret it? Happy married life.

15. Congratulations on your union. May Allah keep your home for you and give you peace above all. Happy married life, niece.

Islamic Wedding Wishes for Aunty

Beautiful Wedding Wishes and Sms for Your Aunty that is getting married. Wish your lovely aunty a happy and fulfilling married life.

1. Do not give the devil chance to come near your home. Stay committed to one another and Allah will guide you through. Happy married life to you, sweet Aunt.

2. May Allah shut the door against any intruder that may want to come in between the two of you. Happy married life, ma.

3. May Allah guide you through every challenge that may arise in your marriage. He will see you through each stage. Happy married life, sweet Aunt.

4. Congratulations on your wedding, Aunty. May the Almighty Allah pave way for you as you two become one today. Happy married life.

5. Henceforth, breakthrough unlimited shall be your lot as you tie the knot and commence your journey of love into forever. Happy married life, Aunty.

6. As you pledge your allegiance to stay true to each other today, may Allah help you never to break it for any reason. Happy married life.

7. Congratulations on your marriage, Aunty. May Allah make your home an amazing abode for the both of you.

8. As you have agreed to be life partners, may you never see any reason to renounce your vow today? Happy married life, Aunty.

9. This is a new beginning into the future you have always dreamed about. May all your heart desires concerning marriage be met. Happy married life, Aunty.

10. Your promise to love each other forever is sealed today and no power shall ever come between you two. Happy married life, Aunty.

11. It is time to legalize that your Love affair. May Allah himself join you together and make you love each other till forever. Happy married life, ma.

12. May Allah make you best friends of each other forever. You'll be true companions for each other. Happy married life.

13. May Allah make you into an unbreakable chain. So strong that the enemies will never be able to break through. Happy married life, ma.

14. May you find peace and the support of Allah in your home. Heaven will make it a comfortable abode for you. Happy married life, Aunty.

15. Congratulations on your wedding, Aunty. I wish you the best of luck in all your endeavours as a wife and mother. Happy married life, ma.

Islamic Wedding Wishes for Son

Lovely Happy Married Life Wishes and Text Messages for My Lovely Prince (Son), to send to him on his wedding day to wish him enjoyable married life.

1. All the best of luck to you my handsome son. May today mark the beginning of open doors in your life. Happy married life.

2. Allah who has been with you from the very beginning will continue to stay be you in every decision you make as you become a husband today.

3. Today you are taking a bold step to become a family man. Trust Allah to guide you, my son. It is well with you. Happy married life.

4. You have been a blessing to me since you came to this world. I pray Allah will continue to make you a source of blessing even to your new family.

5. My son, I am more than happy to witness this day. My prayer is that I'll continue to rejoice over your choice today. Happy married life, dear.

6. The day we have been looking forward to is finally here. How can I thank Allah for giving my wonderful son an awesome wife? May Allah bless your marriage, my dear.

7. The joy of every mother is to witness her child's wedding. As I have witnessed today, may Allah keep you in sound health to witness your children's. Happy married life, dear son.

8. My prayer has always been that you'll find a wife who'll be a lover, mother, and friend to you. I am happy Allah answered my prayers and here we are today. Happy married life, son.

9. What more can I say than to give all thanks to Almighty Allah, who kept me to this joyful day. May your marriage never be a mistake, dear.

10. May the blessing that follows marriage be lavished on you. You'll see your children, children. Happy married life, my son.

11. You are very special to me my son. Today I release you to another woman to care for you more than I'll do. May Allah give you peace with her. Happy married life to you.

12. From the day I gave birth to you, I have always known you'll make me proud. You brought a jewel and today you're marrying her. May Allah be with you both.

13. Today, you have added to the number of my children. You have brought to me a wife like a daughter. May Allah make both of you best friends forever. Happy married life, dear.

14. You can't know how excited I am today. My small boy is finally becoming a family man. All thanks to Allah. May your joy in marriage be real. Happy married life, dear.

15. I heartily congratulate my son today, for Allah has been merciful to him. You will never regret marrying your choice today. Happy married life.

Islamic Wedding Quotes for My Lovely Daughter

Sweet Wedding Quotes for My Daughter on her wedding day to wish her an excellent and perfect new home. These are the perfect quotes you can send to your girl on her wedding day.

1. My beautiful daughter. I can't believe you'll be taken away from me today. I'll miss you but I can only pray that Allah will go with you. Happy married life, dear.

2. Your beauty shines bright like a star, my baby. I pray the peace and joy of marriage will increase your beauty for me. Happy married life, dearie.

3. A man has found you and chose to make you his wife today. May Allah help you both to make a perfect couple. Happy married life.

4. What this man see in you that brought him down here to ask for your hand in marriage, may Allah sustain it. Congratulations, my daughter.

5. You have not only brought your husband to me, you have also added to the number of my children today. My daughter, you're in safe hands. Happy married life.

6. The Grace that gave you your destiny husband, may it continue to guide you through this journey. Happiness shall not seize from your home. Happy married life.

7. As you have honoured us and made us proud today, may Allah give you wonderful seeds that will honour you. Happy married life, dear.

8. May you never regret the decision you're making today, my daughter. Allah will make your husbands heart your dwelling place forever. Happy married life.

9. You're the bride of today. The reason we have come together to celebrate. I pray to Allah to keep you as an object of joy and jubilation. Happy married life, dear.

10. Finally, here is the man who has stolen my daughter's heart. I pray your heart will forever be in his possession. Happy married life.

11. As from today, the Almighty Allah will make you both inseparable. Nothing shall ever come between you two. Happy married life, dear.

12. Congratulations on your wedding, dear daughter. May Allah make this man become your best friend, father, husband, and companion. Happy married life.

13. Joy overflow in my heart of heart today as I give my sweet daughter to a capable man. I know he'll take good care of you. Happy married life, my darling.

14. I have trained you well and I am sure you'll make a wonderful wife and mother. May Allah continue to teach you how to run your home. Happy married life, dear.

15. May Allah give you the fruit of marriage which is wonderful seeds early enough. You'll live to see your children, children. Happy married life, dear.

Islamic Wedding Wishes for Father

Your daddy is getting married to a new wife, why don't you wish him well as he is making another choice? Send him these Lovely Islamic wedding Wishes and Greetings. And see how happy he will be for you doing so.

1. May your decision to take in a new wife never turn into regret. You'll move from strength to strength. Happy married life, Daddy.

2. You have been an awesome Dad. That's how I know you'll also be a wonderful husband to your newly found love. Happy married life, dad.

3. What you see in this woman today that makes you desire her, may Allah make it increase so your love can increase. Happy married life, sir.

4. You'll find peace alongside the love you have found in this woman. Allah will give you rest of mind over your household. Happy married life.

5. The wisdom to build your home, may Allah give to you. Sincere love shall abound in your household. Happy married life, dear.

6. Now that our family is expanding physically, may Allah also expand us socially, financially and spiritually. Happy married life, dad.

7. May the entrance of your new wife bring forth goodness, riches and peace into this home. Happy married life, dad.

8. As we welcome our new wife into our home, may Allah open new doors of greatness and breakthrough for us. Happy married life dad.

9. May everything that has been dead in your house receives life as you take in a new lover today. Happy married life dad.

10. May Allah who made your paths to cross, keep you as best of friends till death do you part. Happy married life, sir.

11. On behalf of all the children, I wish you a happy married life. May Allah walk the journey with you.

12. More of Allah's blessings in your life as you increase by one today. Happy married life, Daddy.

13. I rejoice with you today, daddy. I am solidly supporting you in this decision and I pray Allah will be gracious unto you. Happy married life.

14. Against all odds, you have decided to start afresh. May Allah guide you and give you the ability to live up to your vows today. Happy married life.

15. The strength you'll need to hold the family together with one love, may Allah give to you. Happy married life, dad.

Islamic Wedding Wishes for Uncle

Islamic Happy Married Wishes for Your Uncle is just the perfect text messages you can send to your uncle, as he is making a perfect choice in life getting married.

1. Your wedding is special to us, Uncle and on this special day, I want to wish you and your wife congratulations. May Allah bless your new home.

2. You both explain what perfect love means. Congratulations on your marriage, uncle. May Allah continue to perfect your love for each other. Happy married life.

3. You mean so much to me, uncle and so does your wedding. I bless Allah for giving you the bone of your bone. Happy married life.

4. As you have both decided to commence a lifelong journey today. May Allah go with you on the journey. Happy married life, uncle.

5. Some things are important to run a home successfully. I pray for Joy, peace, love and contentment for you both. Congratulations on your marriage, uncle.

6. Finding true love could be the hardest thing to do, but Allah has made it easy for you. I rejoice with you, uncle. Happy married life.

7. I pray that you both will spend many happy years together in harmony, sound health, wealth and perfect peace. Happy married life to you.

8. Two people from different families and backgrounds coming together as one to share one love. Allah is praised. Happy married life, uncle.

9. I am too certain you both will enjoy a fantastic life together. Allah, the one who brought you to each other will make your union sweeter than honey. Happy married life.

10. Allah is going before you right now to clear the road of every stumbling block and he'll make you crooked way straight so you can enjoy the love that has no end. Congratulations on your marriage.

11. As you have said amazing vows today, I pray Allah will help you to stand by each of your words. Happy married life, uncle.

12. Congratulations on your marriage, uncle. May this day in your life be remembered for Joy. You shall never regret your decision today. Happy married life.

13. It is your wedding day and you both look gorgeous because Allah had beautified you. I pray your beauty continue to glow more in marriage. Happy married life.

14. Now that you are finally becoming one, may Allah teach you how to love purely and live peacefully together. Happy married life, uncle.

15. You are so special, uncle and Allah have made you both for each other. I pray for an everlasting love for you. May Allah bless your new home. Congratulations on your marriage.

Islamic Wedding Wishes And Greetings for Boss

Is your Boss is getting married on a day like this? Why not cast your trust in these Perfectly Constructed Wedding Wishes and Text Messages for Boss to wish him happy Married Life.

1. Your marriage is made in heaven and is consummated here on earth. That's how I know Allah is the initiator of this union. I wish you a happy married life sir.

2. You are a boss with a different. I am so certain you'll make a wonderful husband and father. May Allah bless your new home. Happy married life, sir.

3. You're not only my boss but has also doubled as a friend, teacher and adviser. May Allah help you to be the of companion to your husband. Happy married life, ma.

4. Now that you are establishing another institution. May Allah give you the strength to run everything successfully. Happy married life, boss.

5. On this amazing occasion, I wish you the best. I pray your home shall be a good example to singles out there. Happy married life, boss.

6. Your life is obviously ushered by Allah. He has ushered you up till this moment. I pray he'll continue to guide you in marriage. Happy married life, sir.

7. Allah has seen your good works and he is rewarding you with a perfect companion and friend forever. Happy married life, boss.

8. You perfectly fit each other. Your marriage is ordained by Allah. I pray you shall enjoy this union to the fullest. Happy married life, sir.

9. Congratulations on your marriage, boss. May the Almighty Allah make your home his dwelling place. Happy married life.

10. May your love be an adventurous and amazing one. May Allah grant you peace of mind with your lover. Happy married life.

11. This is the beginning of a new dawn in your life. Whatever has not been working before will start to work now because Allah has come make an abode with you. Happy married life.

12. You coming together is not a result of your love for each other, it is because Allah has planned it to be so. Happy married life, ma.

13. Allah has a hand in all of this. It was him who picked your lover for you and only him can keep her. Happy married life.

14. As you make your covenant with each other today. May Allah help you to keep it to the letters. Happy married life to you, boss.

15. Please always remember to protect each other. Marriage is about two people protecting each other's interests. Happy married life.

Islamic Wedding Wishes for Employee

Wishing your colleague a happy married life on his or her wedding day is not bad at all. Send him or her these Islamic Wedding Wishes for Co-worker and be glad you did.

1. You are smart and diligent. Any man will surely enjoy you are a wife. May Allah bless your new home. Happy married life.

2. Now that you are coming before the world to declare your love, may you never have any cause to renounce your words. Happy married life.

3. You have worked with me for some time now and I can attest to your faithfulness. May Allah help you to build a blessed home with this. Happy married life, dear.

4. As you pledge your allegiance to another boss today, may Allah make you both best friends and perfect companions. Happy married life.

5. May this next phase of your life be the best of all. You'll enjoy every aspect of it. Happy married life, dear.

6. May Allah reward the years you have spent serving me with great blessings from above. Happy married life to you.

7. As Allah has deem it fit to crown you today with the lover of your youth. May you find happiness in each other. Happy married life.

8. May Allah perfect all that is left to be perfected in your lives as a pleasant wedding gift to you both. Congratulations on your wedding.

9. I wish you the very best of life as you begin this journey. I pray Allah fills your heart with pure love for each other. Happy married life.

10. Everyone holds a day special than others. Today is yours... And I pray it shall be filled with amazing experiences. Congratulations on your marriage.

11. I pray that you will always remember this day for good. Allah will keep the worth of your marriage intact. Happy married life to you.

12. May the almighty Allah support you in all your endeavours and protect you and your wife. Congratulations on your marriage.

13. I am glad that I am a part of your success. Really, you've been a big blessing to me. I pray you'll find favour for your new home. Happy married life.

14. Wow! Congratulations on your first official kiss. May your love for each other keep burning forever. And may Allah bless you and yours. Happy married life.

15. I am excited you're finally settling with the bone of your bone. I can see undiluted love in the eyes of you both. May Allah help keep the fire of your love burning. Happy married life.

  • Written By Wuraola Adebumiti

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wedding wishes for muslim couple

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wedding wishes for muslim couple
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