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Romantic birthday wishes for lovers

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Romantic birthday wishes for lovers
April 11, 2019 Wedding Anniversary Wishes 2 comments

Don't wish your girlfriend happy birthday with a cheesy, off-the-shelf card. Instead , make her fall for you all over again by writing a romantic.

In a relationship, love, understanding, and respect are some of the most important things. Respecting each other’s unique personality and quirky ways is a great formula for a lasting relationship. Making each other feel special every day, and most especially on their birthdays! Make your partner’s birthday special with these lovely birthday wishes for lover!

143 Most Romantic Birthday Wishes For Lover

These 143 romantic birthday wishes for lover can be used by anyone to help show their feelings with words. We understand that it is not always easy to write or show your emotions or feelings. So, we are here to help you out! You can use these happy birthday wishes for lover quotes to showcase your love for your partner.

1. Sweet Birthday Wishes For Lover

Home is where you are!

2. Happy Birthday, Baby. If paradise doesn’t come with you, then there is no reason for redemption.

3. Steamy Birthday Wishes For Lover

Take his breath away and surprise your boyfriend with a birthday spent in a hot air balloon!

4. Happy birthday, sweetheart. After all these years, I still feel like we’re on our honeymoon.

5. “Happy birthday to the woman that has stolen my heart, to the light of my life, to my darling WIFE!”

6. Cute Birthday Wishes For Lover

There is nothing more romantic than spending your special day cherished by your man.

7. Someone I love was born today!

8. happy birthday. I wish to make your birthday as special and wonderful as you are. I’ll do everything to make you happy.

9. Special Birthday. A kiss here a kiss there a thousand kisses for your birthday. Have a lovely day and may everyone see your gorgeous smile.

Need some ideas how to plan a romantic birthday party or surprise? Here are ideas for romantic birthday messages for wife or girlfriend.

Happy Birthday Wishes For Lovers – Quotes & Messages

romantic birthday wishes for lovers

Here we have the topic for those who are in love. Read on to see the list of romantic happy birthday wishes for lover. Use the quotes to express your feelings on the special day of your beloved person.

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Our selection of the best congratulations will help you to choose the one that will be remembered and which will create an atmosphere of celebration and good mood.

Best romantic birthday wishes for lover

A birthday is a special day for many people because on this day they become the centre of attention among friends, relatives and loved ones, no matter how old a birthday person turns. Sweet messages, lovely and sincere congratulations on birthday play a leading role in the celebration. Sometimes the most expensive and original gifts can fade next to an exquisite romantic wish.

  • My beloved, do you know that my days and nights start and end with the thoughts about you. It is happiness to spend with you these sunsets and sunrises. Today I want to thank you for the love you gave me. Your birthday is a holiday for me, let you always be as beautiful, and as bright as today.
  • The most precious thing in life is love, and you show me this miracle. Your sparkling eyes are full of joy today, and I wish you to save this beautiful moment in your heart. My love, let me share with you this evening and celebrate your birthday in the embrace of love.

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  • Your loving heart and soul are the most important things for me. On this special day, and I want to kiss and hug you with all my tenderness. I'm so thankful to you, let's be together for the whole life.
  • The birthday of my most beloved person is God's gift for me. You came into my life and brought sunshine. I love you and want to give you all my heart on this beautiful day.
  • My beloved, you are my sunshine! On this wonderful day, we celebrate your personal holiday together. I am very happy about this, and I wish you to be as gentle, refined, intriguing and attractive as you are today. You are dream-women for me. Let your beauty blossom every year, like a rosebud. Happy birthday.

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  • My love, let this birthday stay in your soul. Let's celebrate this holiday together, I want to be with you today and everyday of my life. I can't even imagine how I can live without you. I know that the stars are shining only because of your love. I want to wish you to stay happy and beloved as you are today.
  • I can’t stop thanking the destiny that it gave me such a happy love. I love you, and on your birthday I sincerely wish you inexhaustible health and optimism, unfading youth and beauty, genuine joy, the bright shining of eyes and smiles, let there be a stream of happy moments, days and years!
  • Today is a wonderful holiday. On this day my love and dream was born. May Heaven protect you at every step of your way. I want to present you these flowers as an embodiment of my love and let us spend this day together. I want to kiss and hug you for all this day.
  • Let the star of our love shine brightly for us tonight. Let me express my love on your birthday and present you with the main gift which is my heart, and I want you to take it and never let it go. Let it remains in your arms.
  • Happy birthday my love! Today your eyes glow with happiness, and it's wonderful! I discover new aspects of romantic feelings with you, and this is a miracle for me. I wish our relationships to become more profound, and I will try to make you a thousand times happier!

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  • My congratulations on your birthday fly to you together with hot kisses and strong embraces. Let the brightest stars illuminate your way, and warm with the most fervent fire of love. And let happiness be your eternal companion. Happy birthday.
  • Let the sunrise wake you up with a clear sunbeam, a tender kiss of mine, and new bright hopes. It is your birthday, and today the happiness knocks on your door. I dream of spending this day and night with you. Let our love lead us to the most precious moments.
  • May happiness come to you with the spring flutter of bird voices, they sing about love. Let joy fills your heart, and love inspires you. It is happiness to love you. Happy birthday.
  • I congratulate you, the most gentle, and beloved person. I want to see happiness and shining of joy in your eyes, let your heart be open for every new day, and let your soul feel our love. There is always a reason for happiness in my life, and this reason is you and our love. Happy birthday.
  • Happy Birthday! Let you always feel the wonderful magic of our love. This magic leads us to new horizons of happy days. I dream of spending the whole life with you, and I want to present to you many wonderful gifts today.
  • How can I say about the happiness of being with you? There is no gift that can express my love, so I want to present my heart, my soul. Our love saves us from evil, and I want our embraces to be strong forever. Happy birthday, my love.

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  • My sweet love, this day is dedicated to you. The sun and sky smile to you. My love, you're the pearl that shines with beauty and purity. Happy birthday to you, my beloved.
  • You gave me the most precious gift - your love. And on your birthday I want to give you mine. I can't imagine my life without your love and wish you to be happy every day of your life.
  • Please accept the bouquet of the most sincere compliments! You are the only love for me. I want to wish you the strongest health and happiness in life. You're the best, stay the same and do not change, a woman like you is a real jewel of life!
  • I wish you, darling, to remain as sunny and beloved, and let your life be a happy and interesting fairy-tale! Today I want to share with you the most romantic moments, take these flowers and let me hold your hand.
  • I congratulate you, my joy, and I wish all the best. Always stay so cheerful and let your beauty and charm always fascinate me. This is a great blessing for me to be with you, and our love shines a star. It is such a beautiful day, and our love will make it even happier. So, let me hug and kiss you.
  • You are unique and feminine, and you are beloved. Let there be neither fatigue nor sorrow in your life. Today we are together, and love of our heart is the precious gift.

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  • I want to hug you tightly and wish you to be happy. Know that I love you very much and on your birthday there are only you and me. I want to present you a journey to the miracles. Let's share this happy moment in the embraces of love.
  • You have such a big and kind heart, you are the most tender and beautiful flower in the world. Today I want to congratulate you and spend this beautiful day with you. You are my inspiration and a reason to breath. Happy birthday my the most beloved person.
  • I remember the day you walked in my life, and it was the happiest moment for me. Today is your birthday, and I’m blessed with your love. I couldn’t even dream about such magic of love. You can take my heart, my soul, and I give it to you because I love you, happy birthday my beloved person.
  • I want to fill your day with joyous moments, fun and true love. My dream is to share with you the most romantic moments of life because you are the brightest star in the sky. My heart belongs to you, and I’m here to congratulate you on this wonderful day.
  • I know that our love is the blessing of heaven, and on your birthday I thank God for our relationships. I want to see your smile and happy eyes. I want you to know that my love is strong and no obstacle can disturb it. Your birthday is the reason for happiness for me. Let me stay with you for your whole life.

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  • Today I'm the happiest man in the world because it is the birthday of my love. Let me be blessed with your smile. Let me be embraced with your tenderness. Please take my congratulations and let us spend this day and night in the happiness of our love.
  • When I see your smile, I feel like the happiest person in the world. Today is your birthday, and I want to present to you a thousand reasons to smile. Today this sun shines for you, and I’m in love with you, and all my heart is in your hands. Happy birthday my sweet love.
  • Your love is God’s gift, and your beautiful eyes are the stars of our heaven. My love, I dream of being together with you for all my life and even more. On this special day, I want to present to you the most beautiful flowers, the most romantic moments and my love.

The birthday of your beloved is an important event, and your congratulations will be an excellent charge of vigour and inspiration, a source of warmth and tenderness, a guarantee of a successful day and an unforgettable, romantic evening. Here is our list of birthday wishes for a lover. Romantic birthday wishes are very personal messages or sayings, so fill them with your love and true feelings.

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Birthday wish for boyfriend from girlfriend

Best Birthday Wishes for Lover | Messages, Wishes and Greetings 2019

romantic birthday wishes for lovers

Birthday wishes for lover to wish your boyfriend, girlfriend or loving one’s a very special happy birthday.

Wishing your loving one’s on their birthday’s is like making their day special and bringing some smile on to their face.

Here I am trying to give you all unique, emotional, romantic, impressive and funny birthday wishes for lover.

Romantic Happy Birthday Wishes for Lover

Sending romantic birthday wishes to your lover is like making your love bonding strong and relationship more romantic.

Hey, Here you can collect romantic birthday wishes for lover, boyfriend, girlfriend or your beloved one’s.


  • Happy birthday to my love, thanks for being in my life.stay blessed and happy.


  • Wishing my wonderful life partner and soul a very special happy birthday.


  • I am lucky that I have soulmate like you.Happy birthday dear..!!


  • Thanks for every moments we spend together. Wish you happiness and lots of love.


  • You are the reason I am happy and loving this journey of life. Stay together forever.


  • On this special occasion wishing my superhero a lovely happy birthday. I love you so much.


  • Today is special day and give me chance to make it more special. Happy birthday my love.


  • You are the person who makes me smile in every situation. Don’t change stay beautiful as you are, Happy  birthday dear.


  • You are the precious gift that I have ever got. wishing you happiness and love.


  • May this day be as sweet as your smile and as wonderful as you are. Happy birthday. Love you dear.


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Emotional Birthday Wishes for Lover

Love means emotions, respect, care, understanding between two souls. Wishing your loving one’s an emotional birthday wishes is like making your relationship strong.

Here is the collection of best emotional birthday wishes. Send this wishes to your lover or best friends whom you love most.


  • My life becomes interesting and beautiful when you came in my life. Happy birthday my love.


  • Every day starts with you and ends with you. I can’t imagine life without you. wishing you happy birthday my love.


  • Happy birthday to my love, you are the one who is perfect addition to my life. Have a wonderful day.


  • When I see your smile and eyes, I feel lucky to have you in my life. Happy birthday sweetheart.


  • Your beautiful and careful arms is the place where I want to spend my whole day today. 


  • Your smile makes me happy and your eyes makes me mad, wish you happy birthday my love.


  • I am so glad to have such a caring and loving person in my life. I love you so much.


  • If life had pause button, I wish to stop every moments that I spend with you. Wish you happy birthday my love.


  • My love for you increase every time i see your smile. stay beautiful as you are..!!


  • No one can make me more happy than you. thanks for making my life beautiful dear. Happy birthday 


Happy Birthday Love Quotes for him

Sending love quotes to your loving man,boyfriend or best friend on their happy birthday is like making their day very special.

If you are looking for quotes to wish your boyfriend or your best friend then here you can collect the best birthday quotes.


  • Wishing special happy birthday to my man..!! Meeting you was wonderful thing happen in my life.


  • For the most handsome and smart boyfriend here i am wishing a very special happy birthday..cheers, have a blast..!! 


  • Sending an ocean of love to my most loving man, my life and my love. Happy birthday..!!


  • For the most loving and caring boyfriend in the universe wishing a wonderful and fantastic birthday.


  • When you holds my hand and when you took me in your arm that feeling i cannot express in the words. stay forever with me dear.


  • Happy birthday to my love and amazing man in the world. I can’t imagine life without you.


  • Your smile,eyes and laugh make me more happy and gives me energy to stay happy.


  • Happy birthday to the hottest and handsome person. May you get the best gift today.


  • You are special person to me and having special place in my heart. Love you so much dear.


  • You made me strong and give me joy, happiness and best ever moments in life. Wishing you happy birthday my love.


Long Birthday Messages for Girlfriend

Your girlfriend is special person in your life. she care for you, loves you and does anything for you. 

Sometimes she becomes your mother, sometime best friend and sometimes she becomes wife which take care of you like child.

If you really love her and you wanna make her happy on her birthday. Send this beautiful birthday wishes for lover.


  • You are my angel and I can’t believe you as my girlfriend. Thanks for being in my life. Happy birthday my love.


  • Thanks for all the love you have given to me. you made my life more beautiful. Wish you happy birthday dear.


  • I really love you and wanna spend my whole my life with you. Happy birthday sweetheart.


  • Every time when i see you, i fall in love with you and your smile and eyes makes me mad. 


  • Happy birthday to my love who take care of me like my mom. Thanks for being in my life.


  • Happy birthday my sweetheart and I wanna gift you best thing which makes you more happy.


  • On this special day I wanna make each and every moments special today. Happy birthday my angel.


  • Happy birthday my queen, I wanna become the king your life. Love you so much dear.


  • Hey dear, thanks for introducing me meaning of love. stay forever with me, love you so much.


  • Today is special day and I wanna make it more special to make my queen happy. Happy birthday my love.


Funny Birthday Wishes for girlfriend


Be ready to share funny birthday wishes to your girlfriend and make her day memorable and special.

Before anyone send her best birthday wishes share this funny wishes to your girlfriend and do not disappoint her.


  • Happy birthday cartoon who entertained me whole you so much..!!


  • Happy birthday my sweet babe you may get funniest gift ever..!!


  • I know one of the craziest and funniest person in the world…!!


  • Hey birthday girl, I know how forgiving you are, let me know you today is your birthday..!!


  • Don’t worry dear your age is younger than next birthday.. wishing you memorable birthday today…!!


  • Hey birthday girl, today is your special day. Don’t forget for birthday party.Happy birthday dear..!!


  • It’s your birthday today enjoy your life and eat as much as you can..!! 


Impressive birthday wishes for girlfriend


If you wanna impress your girlfriend or best friend on her birthday then here you can collect the best birthday wishes for lover to impress your girlfriend.

This impressive birthday wishes you can share with your lover to make her day special and memorable.

  • When you came in my life you enlighten my dark life with joy and happiness. happy birthday dear..!!


  • I can’t believe as you are my girlfriend,I hope your birthday will be as wonderful as you are. love you so much dear..!!


  • Behind my success and happiness you are the reason..Happy birthday dear..!!


  • Happiest birthday wishes to my sweetest and cutest girlfriend. may this day bring lot of success and happiness in your life..!!


  • Happy birthday to the most gorgeous and cutest girl on earth. Thanks for being in life. I love you dear.


  • I am proud to be your boyfriend and lucky to have you in my life.Happy birthday my love..!!


  • Happy birthday to the lady who cares me and loves me most. May god bless you..!!


  • You are purely treasure and inspiration to me. i simply say that you are incredible. happy birthday dear..!!


  • On this special day let me know you how much i love you..wishing you very special happy birthday dear..!!


  • Hey dear, you have special place in my heart.I will always love you..happy birthday my love..!!


You can share this birthday wishes for lover on Facebook or Instagram to wish your boyfriend, girlfriend or beloved ones a very special happy birthday. 





Birthday Lover

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Birthday wishes for lover

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A list of romantic birthday wishes for husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, lovers, or whatever you call your sweetheart.

Happy Birthday Images For Lover With Name And Wishes

romantic birthday wishes for lovers

Your lover, better half, soul mate, friend, confidant etc, you can call them by different names, but the emotions remain the same. Every day with the person you love is feels like a celebration. But there are some days that require more celebration than others. One such day is your better half’s birthday. A person so special requires some special treatment on their special day. Make their birthday a memorable affair by wishing them. We have put together a bunch of messages for your beloved that you can use to make their day unforgettable and unique. This is a day to celebrate and to be grateful that your soul mate arrived in this world to make your world a better place.

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Happy Birthday Quotes for Lover

  • This day is not just a celebration for you but also for me. Today is the day you entered this world. I will forever be grateful to god to have brought you to life so I could meet you. Happy birthday honey.
  • Had you not been born, we would not be together. This day is the most special day to me and I hope I can make it special for you too with this wish. Happy birthday.
  • You are so beautiful, cheerful and full of love. I hope this day is all of these things for you. Wishing you the best birthday ever my love.
  • I wish I could be a genie and grant you all your wishes, because you sure did by being the genie in my life. It’s your day and your time ahead. Go on and shine!
  • This birthday, I pray to god, to always keep you smiling, full of light and shine and to keep that sparkle in your eyes intact. You have no idea how much that sparkle brightens my world. Happy birthday.
  • If I could send you my heart, I would. Unfortunately, the post won’t take it and so you have to make do with this wish. Happy birthday darling.
  • You bring a smile to my face everything I see you, hear you name, get a pop up notification by you on my phone or even think of you. I pray that you get the same happiness in life today and always. Happy birthday.
  • You make the worst days seem like a cake of walk by just being next to me. How can I not make your birthday special? Sending you your favorite cake, a tight hug and a long kiss on your birthday this year.
  • You have grown up to be an incredible, sensitive and confident person. I feel lucky to have seen this version of you and to be a part of your life at this phase. You bring me immense happiness and I hope to return some to you. Wishing you a very happy birthday.
  • You are my dream come true. May life bring everything you ever dreamt of, at your door today. You are a special person and so is this day! Happy birthday and continue dreaming always.
  • I am lucky to have found you and even lucky to have you love me back. Thanks for being such a great person. Happy birthday!
  • I hope this coming year, we are never apart. I hope we travel the world and eat good food. I hope we are together celebrating this birthday and all the ones to follow. Happy birthday!
  • You are an angel that was sent to me by god. You have brought positivity and stability into my life. I hope this year is the greatest in your life and you find the same balance as I did when you walked into my life. Happy birthday!
  • The love I have for you is so great that it keeps expanding every time I see you. You can see it in my face, my heart and also my waist. Happy birthday my love.
  • Every day with you is a reason to celebrate. But a day as special as this, is ought to be celebrated in the most extraordinary manner. Wishing you a whole lot of sunsets, beach walks and goods wine today and always. Happy birthday!
  • Thank you for showing me what true love means. Every breath you take is like life being added to my heart. I love you dearly. Happy birthday.
  • As you grow a year older, I pray to god that we can both grow old together. My life would be incomplete without you in it. Stay blessed and stay with me forever and always.
  • One day we will look back at this day and marvel at how beautiful it was. A person as beautiful as you deserves every bit of luck and joy out there in the world. Today is your day and I hope you always stay as happy as you are today!
  • The world is your canvas. A year gone by but many more to come. Let us paint the world together. I am certain that with you by side, there will never be a dull color in our lives. Happy birthday love.
  • A million kisses won’t be enough to express what I feel for you. You beautiful face and eyes lend me a view into your soul. I never want to let you go my love. For this birthday and the ones to follow, may god always keep us together. Happy birthday!
  • I was so happy when
    you came in my life
    A very happy birthday
    To my sweet darling wife.
    Happy Birthday
  • You are the reason behind my smile
    I can’t forget your special moment Even for a while.
    Happy birthday
  • You will be always loved
    whatever will be the situation
    I wish happy birthday to
    God’s Most Beautiful creation
    Happy birthday

Happy Birthday images for Couples

We also have all the cutest and most lovable romantic birthday images for your life partner.


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romantic birthday wishes for lovers
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