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Quotes on wishing happy journey
May 22, 2019 Wedding Anniversary Wishes 5 comments

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You have nothing to give to her, neither do you know what to say to her. Your beloved and most favourite sister is travelling and you can't help it, did you cry?

How much would you miss her? You want her to know she's important and that you will miss her by sending her a happy and safe journey message?

You're in the right place because I have a list of safe journey messages for your beloved sister. I pray she arrives her destination in good health.

Safe Journey Quotes Wishes for Your Dear Sister

Have a Safe and Sweet Journey Wishes for Sister. 

1. I wish I can go with you but activities won't allow me. I will really miss you; safe journey sister.

2. It would be hard to stay a day without you, but there is nothing I can do but to wish you a safe journey. I will miss you greatly, sister.

3. Who would I gossip with?
Who would I wear her clothes?
Who would help me cook dinner in the kitchen? I will really miss you sister. I pray you get to your destination safely.

4. I don't really like saying goodbyes. It hurts me to see you pack your bags to leave. I would really miss you. Safe journey, sister.

5. Dear sister, I am sad, and currently heartbroken; but I am also hopeful to see you soon. Safe journey.

6. What makes me feel so terrible is the fact that I won't be seeing you for a while. I will miss you greatly, I just want to wish you a safe journey.

7. I don't know how I will be able to sleep alone in that big room of ours, I wish you wouldn't go but I have no choice but to wish you a safe trip sister.

8. It was nice having you around sis, thanks for coming to see me. I pray you go back safely.

9. Now I will sing alone because there won't be anybody to sing with me, who would make a jest of me? I would really miss you. Safe journey, sister.

10. Safe journey. I pray God to grant you that.

11. I will miss you greatly; stay safe. Hi, mercies.

12. I will miss our sweet fights, pranking each other, running around the house. I really hope our parting won't be for long. I hope to see you soon again. Safe trip.

13. It's dawning on me now that you're leaving. I am not feeling good, please would you come back soon? Safe trip, sister.

14. Safe journey, darling sister. I wish you Have the best of the journey.

15. There is a great pain in my heart knowing we are now taking different paths, knowing I won't be able to see you for a very long time. I pray God makes your journey smooth. Safe trip.

16. The memories will forever stay in my heart, all the things we did together. I can't let them go with you, I won't let a day pass without hearing your voice. Safe journey, sister.

17. Safe journey my little second mother; I will miss you greatly.

18. I'm feeling so lonely now that you're departing, I wish you would stay here forever. Safe journey sis.

19. There is nothing I won't do to see you happy, safe, healthy, and sound so I asked God to grant you journey mercies.

20. As you're leaving downtown remember to come back. Safe journey.

21. As you're leaving, it breaks my heart, I just wish you would cancel the trip and stay with me. Safe journey, beloved sister.

22. The thought of you leaving hurts too much and becomes unbearable for me, I will surely miss you. Safe journey, dear sister.

23. I wish you a safe journey and please stay safe for me and your family. Don't hesitate to call me when you reach. I will miss you. Safe journey back to school, sis.

24. I could never forget the times you stood and fought for me. I want you to be very careful. So please, be safe.

25. You're the reflection of me I see myself through you, please be safe.

26. I will try not to cry. Safe journey, sis.

27. Thanks for all the advice, the love and the care. I wish you a safe journey back home.

28. It's been a very long time we had time to gossip, thank you for visiting me and I pray your journey would be the safest.

29. I will miss you, and please be safe.

30. I pray God guide the path your vehicle takes. Safe journey sis.

31. I hope this wish of mine will do a trick:
A trick to make you have the safest journey ever.

32. I wish you safe journey from my heart.
See you, my love!

33. Every step in life means there is a destination ahead; so no matter the obstacles on your way I pray you scale through. Safe journey.

34. There is always a day of happiness, after the end of sadness as long as you strive for happiness and never give up. Have a safe journey.

35. We all pray for our life to be great, and the last time I checked we all deserve a better life. Safe journey.

36. I hope the driver is in his best mood today, I pray he drives carefully. Safe journey.

37. You complain too much about your life. Just like a driver switches his gear to reverse position and still hopes to get to his destination on time, let your life be the way God planned it to be. Safe journey.

38. While you are away, you will remain close to my heart. Safe journey.

39. My love for you will never fade, even though we fight more than we're supposed to, I will still miss you. Safe journey sis.

40. Whenever you're down, pray to God to lift you up because I asked him to grant your every request.

41 I will always be here for you. Safe journey.

42. Please come back soon. Safe journey.

43. You're like the sweetness of a cake, the love we share can never break, you're my sister and friend. Safe journey and don't forget to call me.

44. I will always be your brother. Safe journey.

45. You're my heroine. Thanks for fighting for me whenever I act cowardly. Safe journey, sis.

46. When I came to know about sisterly love, that's when you decide to relocate. Safe journey. I will miss you.

47. The things we did and the things we shared were the purest. Safe journey.

48. You can peep into my heart and see how much pains I am in knowing you're leaving. Safe journey.

49. Love is what you can't touch but can feel, I love and will miss you greatly. Safe journey.

50. My heart is not empty. It carries the memories of our childhood and I will keep it safe forever. Safe journey.

51. My love for you is in my heart, in my eyes, in my soul. I just want you to explore life. Safe journey.

52. Be a good girl and don't forget to pray always. Safe journey sister.

53. The only thing I want most from life is to be loved by someone and God gave you to me. Safe journey sis.

54. You're my best friend. Safe journey sis.

55. Without you, life would be so meaningless, and as you're going to add meaning to your life, I pray the favour of God be with you. Safe journey.

56. You're my most favourite memory; safe journey, sis.

57. You're the only essential part of my life, so don't ever think of not coming back. Safe journey sis.

58. In bad and sad moments, just know I'm praying for your safe journey sis.

59. Even in my next life, I would still want you to be my sister. Safe journey.

60. Not everyone is able to express the feeling of being loved by a sister, but I was lucky to have one. That's why it hurts me so deep to see you leave. Safe journey.

61. I wish I could tell you what's happening in my mind. But just know I will keep praying for you. Safe journey.

62. Four words that are hard to let out, but I have to say them: I WILL MISS YOU.

63. I dreamed of you achieving your dreams. I pray all your dreams come true. Safe journey.

64. I now know the meaning of a sister, and am proud to have you as my sister. Take good care of yourself and stay safe.

65. I am lucky to have you as a sister. Safe journey.

66. There is only one thing left for me to do now, and that is to cry as I remember the times we were together. Safe journey.

67. My sweet sugar, safe journey sis.

68. My second woman crush for life, my second mother, safe journey and stay safe sis.

69. Whenever I think about how lonely I would become without you, whenever I begin to miss you I remember the good times and pray to God to be with you daily safe journey.

70. Life is not a bed of roses, never relent in anything you do and put God first. Safe journey.

71. There is no reason, no question and no answer to why I will miss you, just know I will. Safe journey.

72. How can I explain how I'm feeling right Now? I feel so much pain, it's like my soul is leaving me. Safe journey sis take care.

73. I was thinking of how I can say I will miss you then I found a better way. Safe journey.

74. No matter the situation, I will keep on hoping to see you soon.

75. I have a question for you. Why do you have to go?
How important is this journey? I thought you're back finally and now you're leaving again. Safe journey.

76. Every success, all achievements begin by raising a muscle. I pray as you raise your muscle you will achieve all your goals in life. Safe journey.

77. You might not miss me the way I would, but I want you to know you're important to me. Safe journey sis.

Written By Idoko Emmanuel.

Don't know what you write on the card? When your Friend and Family Members are going out to Journey, and you want to say Goodbye to them.

Have a Safe and Happy Journey Wishes for Sister in 2019

quotes on wishing happy journey

Now you can send your closed ones a safe journey message in a simple way by choosing a heart-touching message from the list below. You can find a list of safe journey messages from which you can choose the perfect one to send your loved ones. It is always a true blessing when there is someone who sends you such messages in return. Read on to find such messages and quotes and choose your favorite one.

Source: UGC

Well, who does not like to get messages from the loved ones while traveling? The ones who send these kinds of messages are the ones who really care about their friends and family. It is not easy to bid a goodbye in person at times to your loved ones, but that is life. So, you can part ways with a sweet message. Some people love to travel very much, and for those finding new destinations, it is a new challenge that they can take upon themselves in life. This article is dedicated to all those who love to travel and to those who want wish them a safe journey every time.

Safe journey messages

Here are the lists of some different kinds of safe journey messages that you can send to your loved ones who are currently traveling or going to travel in the near future.

Have a safe trip quotes

When your friend is going on a long journey and you will be seeing him/her after a long time, send them these exclusive messages to make them feel special. This will surely make your friend feel glad. You can say this to your friends or even colleagues who are going on a trip.

Well, there are so many people who love to travel a lot and do new things all alone. That is what drives them in life. To those adventurous people who love to conquer the world all alone, this is a perfect message to bid them farewell. Just let them know that you are there for them and that you are eagerly waiting for them to return so that you can listen to their stories.

I know you are leaving us behind with a heavy heart, but please do not be sad, take all the good memories with you that we have shared together, and you will always be safe in my heart. I know it is not easy for both of us to say goodbye, but that is what we call as reality. Have a safe journey my friend. You can say this to a close friend who is leaving you and travelling far away.

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More safe trips quotes for you


This should be used when you are bidding goodbye to your close friend whom you have known for a long time. Separation is always painful, but you have to accept it and move forward. Send this to a friend you are going to miss a lot.


When your best friend is coming back home and you cannot keep calm, this is what you send him in excitement. A true friend always waits for the closed ones to come back home to create new memories yet again.


This is for a special one who you are going to miss a lot while he is not around. Send him this text message and it will put an instant smile on his face. This kind of safe travel messages are the best for the new lovebirds.


To let go of your wife a few days after your marriage is something really hard. All you can do is to wait for her to come back home soon. Send her this text while she is gone, which will definitely put a smile on her face. Make sure she has a safe journey, and be in touch with her to let her know you are always there .


Well, this one is definitely coming from a witty person. If you are a wife and your husband is gone on a long trip, then make him realize that you really miss him and also be sure that he has a happy trip. Do tell him to bring some gifts for you without fail. It is a husband’s most important responsibility to make his wife happy by bringing some lovely gifts. This is what makes the bond stronger, and such message adds a little bit of naughtiness to it.

Have a safe flight message


When you are flying in the sky above all of us, I wish you a safe and a good journey back home. We are eagerly waiting for you to come back home. This is a message which should be sent to all who are traveling.


As you are going for this important business trip, I wish you a safe and a happy journey. Bon Voyage my dear friend. A goodbye message can do wonders if sent at the right time. These kinds of messages should be sent to friends and family members.

Here are few safe flight messages that you can send your loved ones who are traveling or about to travel.

Dear dad finally you are coming home after a long time. I wish you have a smooth flight journey this time around and come back home soon.
Hey my love, I can’t wait to see you back home. When is your flight going to land? I will be there to pick you up. Now come home quickly and yes have a safe flight and have a safe journey.
So finally the day has come to say you goodbye my dear friend. Hope you have a safe flight and a prosperous journey.
I know you are boarding right now, just like you; I am also sad but remember the time we both have spent together which will instantly put a smile on your face just like mine. Have a nice trip and a safe flight my dear.
While you will be on the skies I will be praying to God for your safety and a good health. Have a safe flight and come back home soon son. Love Mom.

You can send these kinds of messages to your friends, family members and your loved ones who are traveling to make them realize that you remember them and that you want them to have a nice and a safe journey.

Drive safely messages


It is one of the top drive safely quotes ever made by anyone. This quote proves one thing, Einstein had a great sense of humor and he wanted to make this clear that no one should be fooling around with a girl especially while driving. This quote should be used as an example for the young generation who are new to driving.


This is a classic quote delivered by Tommy Lasorda on driving. The ones who really know how to drive will never drive rash just to reach somewhere. It is safety which matters the most while driving. Driving is same as playing baseball, and it will only be counted when the runner is back home safely.

Here are some driving-related texts that can be further used in reference to the above quotes -

When driving it is very important not to lose focus from the road.
The ones who are driving should never be in toxic conditions because the chances of accidents are very high.
A safe driver is not someone who drives faster. A safe driver is that person who makes sure that under his/her supervision everything will be fine.

The above are not quotes but can be put down to context while driving.

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Long journey quotes


Benjamin Disraeli delivered a gem while framing such a quote and it can be regarded as one of the best quotes about journeys. Indeed, a traveler who loves to travel has seen and felt so many things that no one can explain. If you are a traveler who loves to visit new places, carry your camera, notebooks and pack your bag, and be ready to have an experience of a lifetime. If your friend or a loved one likes to travel, send them these kinds of journey quotes and they will understand its value.


Well, that is true if you want to know the world then you must travel to know different languages, different food habits, different cultures and many other things. Send your friends this message and they will surely have smiles on their faces.

Those who do not travel do not know how beautiful this world can be. Going out with friends and family will definitely give you a good vibe and a good feel to it. So, what are you waiting for? Want to have a change in your life? Pack your bags and make long travel plans with friends and family. If no one is interested, then go by yourself and have the time of your life. This quote should be a reminder to yourself to motivate you to visit different places in order to learn new things from there.


This is very true if you are a wise man and you know where you stand. If you are a frequent traveler, then you must also know that you occupy a limited place in this world. This is not to demotivate you, but rather influence you to understand how much you can learn from traveling. A man who has visited different places is one of the wisest men you will ever meet. Well, then what are you waiting for? Grab your things and get ready to travel across the globe.

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Best wishes for travelling abroad

Source:, @AnneChan

These kinds of travel wishes or going abroad quotes encourage your friends in different countries to do well and make their friends and family proud.


When a person is traveling abroad, you should send them these kinds of messages to make them feel loved and happy. There are so many people who go for foreign trips, and that is the time for you to send them these messages to make them feel happy.

Now you have a long list ofsafe journey messages that you can choose from. Travel safe. and let others know that you are there connected with them even though they are far away from you.


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50 Safe Journey Wishes to Inspire the Best Flights and Road Trips

quotes on wishing happy journey

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Enjoy the journey! Safe Travels! Scroll down to view our list of 30 messages to wish a person a safe journey. Maybe someone from your circle is going for a long-journey at their desired places and you really wanna wish them ALL THE BEST. Traveling somewhere could be really memorable and amazing which just all depends on the time you spend with happiness and enjoyment. When somebody travels to the different parts of the world, they also witness many different things along with the different atmosphere and that’s what make it more wonderful for them. So, if you want to wish someone for their journey to somewhere than here we have compiled a list of Most Amazing Travelling Wishes For All. You can choose the best one and say it to your family or friends whoever are going for a long-journey. All of these wishes are awesome. Scroll down, choose one and make their traveling more joyous with your best wishes to them.

Safe Journey Quotes |Travel Wishes

1 – You are about to visit a country with a completely different culture and that will be an enriching experience for your life. I wish you great times.

2 – I hope everything will go wonderful and that on that trip you live one of the best experiences of your life. We will be waiting for your return.

3 – I know that your business trip is just an excuse, actually you just want to go there to enjoy the cruise.

4 – We will miss you and a lot of us will have those memories. But remember us when you collect the beautiful memories of this journey and say a prayer for us.

5 – Just think of all those beautiful things that you can live while you are traveling, these experiences are repeated a few times in life so make the most of your stay in that city.

6 – I wish you all the best in this new stage in your life which you are about to begin, I wish everything to go well. Do not forget the friends who stay here. Many congratulations.

7 – Life isn’t meant to be lived caged within walls and mindsets. The only way to break free from the shackles of monotony is to travel.

8 – Don’t give up! You never lose faith! You got to keep believing! Remember who is behind you, remember who loves you and always will! Love you!

9 – I’ll miss you until you come back but I hope you’ll make up for it by getting me awesome gifts.

10 – You must be very excited because you have been waiting a long time to reach this point. You will spend incredible days which you can never erase from your memory. Have a happy travel, beloved friend.

Weekend Trip Wishes

11 – Let us know how it goes. Best wishes for a safe, happy, healthy journey!

12 – The memories of traveling form some of the most fascinating chapters in your life’ book.

  • 13 – Never be afraid to bless others, because they come back to you in ways that you couldn’t normal attain. God rewards those that bless others with blessings beyond measure. Have a fun day.
  • 14 – Wanderlust isn’t about running away. It’s about experiencing the outside to discover what’s inside. Goodbye my friend.

15 – Time always heals bad vibes and it also teaches us to learn that we should set aside the past and focus on the good things that await us. Have a nice journey!

Travel Quotes|Quotes For Journey

16 – Among the best tastes that we can give is leave sometimes to another city to live beautiful moments. Get fun so you can recharge your energies. Have an unforgettable trip.

  • 17 – We will desperately wait for your photographs, but more so for the souvenirs you get us.

18 – You have to chase what seems impossible, over and over and over again. Because giving up is not an option. And when you feel like you have reached your peak, it’s just the beginning. Have a fun trip!

19 – Losing yourself in new surroundings is the best way to find yourself.

20 – Say it, Pray it, Wish it, Hope it and you will see that nothing really happens on the journey of life until you take a step. Act now friend!

21 – May you have a safe journey and may Almighty protect you from all evils and devils.

  • 22 – You can do anything you put your mind to it. You have many people behind you, including me. You are strong and you are stronger than you will ever know! So keep going strong!

23 – It was great to see you and catch up again. Enjoy the rest of your stay, have a safe journey. Take care.

24 – Every complete thought brings successful plan and every perfect plan births great action. All these put together brings outstanding Success. I wish this meets your Journey in life.

25 – You have very well deserved this little trip, you can live very special moments close to your family, I wish you all the best friend of mine.

26 – You will be away from us for a few months and we feel that we started missing you since right now. You just worry about the most fun stuff.

  • 27 – Travel as if your life depends on it. Because decades later, the happiness in your life will actually depend on reflecting on the memories that you make today.
  • 28 – The wings of your airplane may be big, but the ones of your mind are bigger.
  • 29 – Life is a journey. Don’t imprison yourself in a rut. Break free and travel. Wander as if you’re lost. It’s the only way to discover yourself.

30 – It is the first time you will leave the country and I know that you are very excited. On your return you will realize that the time passed very quickly so take advantage of every moment and have a safe trip.

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Wish Anyone Well With These Safe Journey Quotes! There are lots of ways to wish someone you care about to “have a safe journey”. For some.

15 Best Travel Safe Quotes & Wishes for Your Loved Ones

quotes on wishing happy journey

Have A Nice Trip

Have a nice trip! Finally, you’re on your well-deserved holiday and vacation. Remember to relax and leave all your worries behind!


I wish you well on your trip and I hope to hear your return healthy and happy. You will be missed by all of us until you come back two weeks later!


Sending you the best wishes for your family and yourself on this beautiful journey. Have a nice trip!


I know that you’re going to have a memorable trip ahead – do bring back some photographs and memorabilia to remember the wonderful trip you had!


Have a nice trip! I know that you have planned ahead for this one and you have been looking forward to it. Have fun and pace yourself through the trip!


Have A Good Trip

I’m so glad that you have finally decided to make this trip happen! We had too many planned trips that didn’t happen, and this is finally it! Have a good trip ahead, won’t you?


It’s time for you to fully immerse yourself in this trip that you have planned for yourself! I hope that you will have a good trip, and I mean everything included! The journey, the food and everything else!


Have a good trip where you’re going my friend! I hope that you’re going to have the trip of your life with this vacation. Let me know all about it once you’re back!


A vacation means the time for your Instagram skills to shine! Be sure to take plenty of good pictures while you’re there, okay? Have a good trip my friend.

Have a good day

Have A Great Trip

I’m so excited for you about this trip! I know that you have always wanted to visit Japan. Be sure to have a great trip and come back feeling refreshed!


Every trip is going to be awesome when you have your loved ones with you. Have a great trip and happy holidays my dear friend!


How amazing it must be to be taking a trip that most people can only dream about! I hope that this trip is going to be one of the best experiences in your life!


Have a great trip ahead of my dearest. Remember that your friends and family members are going to miss you plenty while you’re gone. I’ll miss you too!


Have a safe flight and an amazing trip! I hope that you will find yourself thoroughly enjoying this experience as your friends had in their past trips!

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Happy journey synonyms. Top synonyms for happy journey (other words for happy journey) are safe journey, bon voyage and happy trails.

quotes on wishing happy journey
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