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Pictures of birthday wishes
September 19, 2018 Wedding Anniversary Wishes 2 comments

Looking for the best birthday wishes pictures, photos & images? LoveThisPic's pictures can be used on Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter and other websites.

Birthday is the most important day in every one’s life.

The app Happy Birthday Wishes gives you a unique opportunity to make your loved one’s day special by sending beautiful birthday images and cakes. you can also create birthday cards with photo.

We’ve worked really hard to produce and offer you beautiful happy birthday images that you can easily share on any social media or messaging apps.

“Happy birthday images” is a wonderful free app with the wide range of funny birthday pics for different categories for love, friends and family.

Meaningful and powerful images can also help you look good in the eyes of your friends or partner, because you will show care and love. People always love to receive unique and beautiful birthday wishes, so why not send them on their special day with this app freely.

***One of the best happy birthday wishes app***
We update regularly to provide new happy birthday images. So you will get new ones on your phones to share via social media like whatsapp, facebook etc.

You can use Happy Birthday Wishes app to:

-send beautiful greetings and messages to your friends and family
-send meaningful quotes to your loved once or your new crush

-smart selection of images
-beautifully curated content
-enjoyable background
-daily notification
-easy to use
-intuitive UI
-social media sharing on facebook, whatsapp, etc
-save pictures on your phone

With its lovely and simplistic UI, this app provides outstanding user friendly environment to view list of happy birthday messages ad greetings and allows you to social media sharing with anyone.

Show your appreciation and love to your lover/best friends or to any of your family member by sharing birthday cakes and wishes. The app will always be free and frequently updated with new birthday

Following features added in last update :
** AR Greeting Cards - create hidden surprised video message using augmented reality **
- Birthday Cards Editor.
- Scrapbook Maker.
- Birthday Collage Maker.
- Age Calculator.
- Horoscope.
- Current Month Birthday highlight and auto creation of cards and cakes.
- Feeds - Get idea for your next wishes.
- Birthday cards with photo.
- Write name on cake and cards.
- Birthday Photo Frames.

Find the best Happy Birthday pictures, photos and images. Wishing you all the great things in life, hope this day will bring an extra share of all that makes you.

50 Happy Birthday Images For Him With Quotes

pictures of birthday wishes

Birthday is always a special day for anyone. Make it more beautiful and special for your loved ones by using this Birthday wishes app and find heart warming and cute birthday wishes for everyone.

In this application you will get Five Categories:

• Birthday Frames:
You can create Birthday Photo Frames and edit it by using filters, add text, Stickers and share it with your loved one.
150+ beautiful Photo Frames.

• Photo On Cake:
In this, you can add Photo on Birthday Cake by choosing different cakes and edit it and share it.
50+ lovely birthday cake.

• Name On Cake:
Same like photo on Cake, you can add Name on Cake with different Fonts, Colors, and with Stickers.

• Greeting Cards:
In this category, you will get all the Greeting cards or Birthday Cards, you just need to write the name that person whom you want to send it.

• Wishes Images:
Make it more beautiful and special for your loved ones by sending good and thoughtful happy birthday wishes. And you can save it in your gallery also.

- Easy to use & User Friendly interface
- 150+ beautiful Photo Frames
- 50+ lovely birthday cake
- Different Cake images
- Adjust position, size, angle of your photo by just finger gestures
- Apply multiple effects to your images
- Add beautiful Sticker on Birthday photo frames
- Effects, Fonts, Colors, and Size
- Save and Share birthday wishes to a friend

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Images Of Cake With Birthday Wishes GIFs

pictures of birthday wishes

Even though men men try to hide their feelings in most circumstances, it is a real fact that they Love being loved! In fact, it is a thing of pride and joy to them when love is shown to them especially when it comes from someone they cherish. That is why we have come with an amazing collection of 50 Most Romantic Happy Birthday Images For Him With Quotes for you to make his birthday an unforgettable one.

When you send these sweet happy birthday messages to him, he’ll know that his love is not one-sided and you truely deserve his time and affection. And to make it perfect, we have collected the best happy birthday images for him along with romantic happy birthday quotes for him.

What are you waiting for? Start wishing him a happy birthday before someone else does. You can send him these happy birthday pictures and wallpapers for him via Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram. MMS or any other medium, as long as they get to him! 😀

These cute happy birthday images and birthday quotes are perfect for your boyfriend or your husband.

Page Contents

50 Romantic Happy Birthday Images For Him with Love Quotes

1. Your birthday bring out the beauty of life, it bring out the uniqueness of God creation. I wish you a happy birthday, and enjoy the rest of the year with ease.

Funny happy birthday images for him

2. As I lay my love on you, it all that want to do for the rest of my life, loving you make me who I am today and always. Happy birthday to the king of my heart.

3. No matter how far we maybe, distance cant be an obstacle for me wishing the angel of my life a happy birthday and a beautiful evening my king.

Romantic happy birthday wallpaper desktop

4. Nothing is going to change my love for you, ever if the whole world is against us I don’t mind being the last woman standing. Happy birthday my heart desire, you are my special hero.

5. I came to understand on thing in life that love don’t just come at once but it grows, I have come to love you more and more each day. As you mark plus one today may you love me more and more every day, happy birthday to the king of my heart.

Happy Birthday Cards For Men have the best birthday

6. You don’t know how happy I am to celebrate your birthday, hmmm life is full of ups and down, hopes and disappointments, but I am wishing that in your life that there won’t be any disappointment. You will success by his grace, happy birthday my man.

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7. I want it as a surprise to you that if you can be my love, the lover of my life, the one have being waiting for, the one my heart yell for day and night. Happy birthday to my prince.

Amazing Happy Birthday Images For Him


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8. When you said you wanted to be with me I was so speechless, not knowing what to say, but know I know that what happen then was called emotion. I love you my angel happy birthday.

9. Do you know that I have I gift for you, i have kept it for so long, but know am ready to give you my heart and my trust. I adore you so much, happy birthday to my dear.

Happy Birthday Cake Images For Him wallpaper download

10. On your birthday I give you, A basket full of wishes of good luck, A bucket full of love, and a box filled with happiness. Happy birthday my angel.

Romantic Happy Birthday Wishes Images For Him

11. I love you just the way you are, I adore you even if I will go against all odd, I treasure you all of my Heart, honey I cant stop but to give God the glory that I have you in my life. happy birthday cuty.

Happy birthday funny cards for him wallpaper download

12. If you could see how I have planned your birthday, you will leave whatever you are doing and come to me, I want the best for you as always. Happy birthday my handsome.

13. Birthday is celebrating life, I wish to be celebrating this always because it gives me the opportunity to express my inner most desire to be with you. happy birthday to the one and only true love of my life.

Birthday poem for husband pictures

14. The memories of your previous birthday is still on my mind, hmm see how time flies, but today I want to give you more of everything you want, happy birthday my love.

15. Happy birthday to the best friend I want to always be with, I want to have, I want to love, I want to share all my worries with and I want to give my heart to. With you my life is complete. Happy birthday my king.

Happy birthday images for him for whatsapp facebook

16. When I first saw you I thought you were met for someone, not until I came close to you that I realize we were meant for each other. Happy birthday to my lost but found king.

17. I became more aware of your want on your birthday, I realize you needed me more and you needed my care and all the possible time wasted should be regained. I trust you even more. Happy birthday.

Beautiful happy birthday wallpaper for him

18. When you touch me and I get you, but nothing cant make you to get me, I just want you to chase me and let see who will get tired first. I love you just want you to laugh more on your birthday.

19. I wish you many years in return, and good health with lot of favors, gifts, peace of mind and life full of roses. Happy birthday cuty.

Cute happy birthday images for him from her

20. We may be far apart but never far enough to forget where we start from, but to think of the good time we shared together, I want you. happy birthday to you my love.

Cute Happy Birthday Wishes Images For Dad

21. Today I will give you a gift, a hug ,plenty kisses, and lot of time for you tonight my one and only king of my heart. happy birthday.

Lovely Happy Birthday Quotes images

22. When you blow out the candle on your cake do not forget to make a wish, ask what more you want, for I will also make request on your behalf. Happy birthday the a great love in history.

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23. Telling someone happy birthday wishes is the very best you can do, especially when the person is someone that is so nice to you. have nice day.

Best happy birthday quotes for him photos

24. Your birthday remained me of those days we use to have fun celebrating our birthday, we laugh a lot and play a lot that make us forget our pain. Happy birthday my love.

25. When a friend like you have is celebrating life, the only thing that comes to my mind is hmmm how special you are, your thought alone in my heart is more than enough wishes for me. happy birthday to you.

Happy Birthday my cutiee love quotes roses images

26. Let me spoil you by taking you out to celebrate your birthday, I will want you to Have all your heart desire today and always. Happy birthday my hero.

27. Words are scarce to tell you how I feel, but never the less I will wish you what so ever you wish yourself. Happy birthday to my second half.

I love you Sayings and Quotes on his Birthday

28. Even with a bouquet of roses I cant measure up to your wishes, so I am saying I love you with all of my heart. happy birthday to a wonderful person like you.

29. Sweet heart whenever I see you, I see my reflection of you in me. I know we will make a wonderful couple, I wish us the very in life. happy birthday to us.

Romantic happy birthday images for him

30. Today I refuse to live my bed because I a busying thinking and planning of how your birthday will be fruitful. Happy birthday my honey bunny.

Funny Happy Birthday Images For Boyfriend

31. Today being a special day for the both of us, I am wishing you long life, happiness and prosperity, happy birthday.

32. Success only lies when you are happy, I am successful take to you and your wisdom. Thank you for your support. happy birthday and have a splendid celebration.

Happy birthday images for him free – Birthday Wishes Images for him

33. The sun is shining, the bird are chirping and the tree are swaying, all to wish you happy birthday.

34. With all the wishing everybody have wishes you and I will just add one to it to probe you wrong that I most wish you happy birthday and good luck in all your endeavor.

35. Look don’t just say it all, but action and thought always make one stronger in love. I appreciate you a lot happy birthday.

Happy birthday poems for him pictures

36. Today as I wake up the first thing in my mind was you, as it make me better whenever I think of you, I love you. happy birthday.

37. That one special day in a year that you get to spend for just yourself, if only I can be with you that special day with you because I want the best for you. happy birthday my damsel.

38. A little bit of everything is what I am going to be giving you today, I want you to have all of my heart and your love for return. Happy birthday my love.

Happy birthday images for him download

39. Remember those walls we built, you can be under my umbrella for as long as you can, I desire you with all that I cherish you so much. Happy birthday.

40. Happy happy birthday that is all I can say, I wish you many many happy return, is your love that is wishing you the very best in life. I adore you so much.

Romantic Happy Birthday Pictures Free

41. Our anniversary and your birthday falling on the same day, double joy for both of us, hmmm what a coincidence indeed. Happy birthday to the love of my dream.

Happy birthday love quotes for him wallpapers whatsapp

42. Happiness, peace, hope, love, care, and most of all your heart that now belong to me now is my greatest joy. Happy birthday to the most handsome prince I have ever seen.

43. Hello from the other side I most have call a thousand time to tell you, happy birthday to the only man to make my heart beat whenever I see him.

Sweet happy birthday quotes for him

44. A Good person like you deserve the best in all that you do, loving you was what kept me. happy birthday.

45. If I could walk away along with you to a place where I will be with you just the two of us, I will just hold you and cuddle for as long as I will be with you. I love you happy birthday.

46. Happy birthday to you, I wish you a long life, success and in dependable financial support. Have a nice day ahead.

47. It been so long that I haven’t seen your face, now is the time that I know you wont make any excuses that you are always busy. I wish for your birthday to be every day so I can see you. happy birthday my dear.

48. I have make the plan for you today, as you wake your bath is already prepared for you, and I have make your favorite meal, just to make you happy, for I will make your day. Happy birthday my love.

Happy birthday images for him HD wallpaper

49. I want you to close your eyes and make a wish for today is a special day for you, I want to spoil you to the fullest. I admire you a lot, happy birthday.

50. How do I say that I love you, how do I!!! if you could see through my body you will know that my heart yell for just you. nothing can change my love for you, happy birthday the king of my heart.


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Lovely Happy Birthday Quotes images Telling someone happy birthday wishes is the very best.

Lovely birthday cake photo frame

pictures of birthday wishes

Women are beautiful and tender creatures. She needs care, love and attention, especially on her birthday. If you want to stay on good terms with a woman, you better pay her some attentoin on this day. We have a large collection of beautiful GIFs “Happy Birthday” for her, 90 pieces of best moving pictures, animated cards that will save you! Send one of them to the woman, and you can safely communicate with her all the following year. Download is absolutely free!

90 pieces of GIF “Happy Birthday” for women

Blazing rose for her

Beautiful cake on her Birthday. Pink GIF

Beautiful flowers and the Golden lettering

Lots of balloons flying to the sky on her birthday

Infinite burning candles on this Happy Birthday pie for her

GIF beautiful shiny heart and a blooming rose for her birthday

Caption “May all Your dreams come true on Your Birthday!”

Brilliant card for her on her birthday

Funny Happy Birthday GIF for your girlfriend

Unexpected gift in the box

Savy Birthday to You, deary! From Captain Jack Sparrow

Cake with the inscription “happy birthday” on a transparent background

It’s your birthday, let’s celebrate!

Any girl will love this shimmering, slender cat. She’s just about purrfect, as is the girl celebrating her birthday

Just a cheerful sigh

Boom and then Happy Birthday

Cake for the girl at her birthday

Brilliant balloons and greeting inscription

Girl eating cake on her birthday

Delicious cake with candles and fireworks

Happy Birthday in advance. Cake is decorated with candles and pink raspberries

Big Bang Theory. Happy Birthday for me

Male band for her birthday

Beautiful fireworks in the sky in honor of her birthday

Chocolate cake with the inscription “Happy birthday”, petals in the form of heart. Beautiful moving picture for her

Come true, the GIF says

Minions on the floor for her

Letters come together to become Happy Birthday

Cute cat eating a pie just like your girlfriend at her birthday

Cool moving card with balloons, fireworks and a cake

Funny dogs will make a good mood on her birthday

Fireworks, balloons and a brilliant inscription “Happy Birthday”

Minions sing Happy Birthday To You

If she’s celebrating her 357th birthday

Happy Birthday from Jim Carrey

Let’s go nuts, girl!

Girl can do anything in her birthday, even this

Fluffy kitty and the Happy Birthday Cake

Let’s party!

If she reaaly loves taco

Lady Gaga wishing you a Happy Birthday

Facing birthdays is always nice because of cakes

Birthday piece of cake with candles

Inedible cakes and inscription: happy birthday

Sweet GiF for a nice girl

Hittin’the dancefloor

If you’re really late with your cheers

Cute dog carrying a pink balloon

Birthday full of love

Lilac, daisies and other flowers on the girl’s birthday

A cheerful parrot, fireworks and other beauty

Show her this blossoming flower at her birthday

Balloons, gifts, cake and the inscription Happy Birthday

Funny Birthday Lettering

Balloons. Many shining balloons!

3 girls dancing as the background for the title: Happy Birthday !!!

Six men with beautiful torsos on her birthday

Holy Cup!

Heart-shaped box with a Happy Birthday title

Hey Girl, Happy Birthday

Have a fun on your Birthday

The Cat Choir sings Happy Birthday to You

Cheers for a girl by Leo DiCaprio

Pink lettering and wishing a very happy birthday

Dancing non-stop

Balloons and colorful inscryption on the black background

Nice cake won`t last long at the birthday of a woman

Orange sign Happy Birthday

Cute boy giving a flower

Cake princess celebrating her birthday

Simple moving image for her birthday. Burning candles and shimmering stars

Nice cake and a single candle for her birthday

Chocolate pie, some fireworks and balloons at her birthday

Lots of burning candles and an inscryption

Teddy Bear holding a heart for your sweetheart lady

Long Happy Birthday image

Special gift for her

Pixel Happy Birthday image of a cake with burning candles. It flying away from a girl

Beautiful drawing for her

Lil fireworks, a pie and a Happy Birthday inscription

Same fireworks, but much different pie

Shimmering GIF image of Golden Birthday with a chocolate pie

9 candles on the pie

Beautiful fireworks and a colorful Happy Birthday inscription

Sweet Pie for her Birthday

Birthday is always a special day for anyone. Make it more beautiful and special for your loved ones by using this Birthday wishes app and find heart warming.

pictures of birthday wishes
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