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Muslim marriage wishes messages
September 04, 2019 Wedding Anniversary Wishes 5 comments

Bollywoodlife wishes the bride and the bridegroom a happy married life. district , Tamil Nadu the partners wishes to convert to Islam. Muslim Fabulous Mother Condolences Messages Loss Death 576 x 428 · 151 kB · jpeg.

Weddings, specially of those close to you, are meant to be attended. But there may be times when you genuinely can’t make it to a wedding even though you badly want to. What do you do then? How can you wish the couple and still personalize the message? Don’t worry, we have a heartfelt marriage wishes list just for you


You know that together you are stronger, together you are one. Have a wonderful married life!”


So you want to wish the good looking couple something short and sweet on their wedding day? Then this message is just for you. This wedding greeting talks of their passion and love for each other as you wish them a beautiful future of togetherness.


A good luck message for the couple as your couldn’t attend their wedding and take part in the celebrations. A message that is positive and a promise that you shall make up to them for not attending their wedding. A message that is personal and a promise that is real, something you should send if your are away for your dear ones wedding celebrations.


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A beautiful marriage wishes sms that is all about the promises, wishes and dreams that your now share as a couple. It is a message that is personal and real; something the newlyweds will definitely appreciate.

5. Happy Life Ahead: Marriage Wishes Sms

A message that is simple and straight forward, wishing the couple a life full of beautiful memories and a happy marriage. A marriage wishes sms that is for everyone, so you can share it with your newly married boss, acquaintance or even your best friend.


A positive and precious message about love, celebration and a life full of happiness and togetherness. This sms is for every couple that is newlywed or getting married. A message that will be memorable and real, something the couple will cherish.


A marriage wishes sms that is in fact a simple poem on love and is a message of congratulations and good wishes. Something the newlyweds will like and cherish. A simple sms that is unique, it talks of joys in life and having a beautiful nest of your own.


Two people, two hearts and two souls meet, to make the union called marriage a celebration of everlasting love and understanding. It is a message that is personal, warm and real, something the newlyweds will like to read.


A wedding greeting that talks of love and togetherness, of union of two souls and two people united as one. A crisp marriage wish sms that is bound to make the couple happy as your share your congratulatory message.

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I would say this is the best marriage wishes sms. A message of hope, happiness and love that wishes the newlyweds a fulfilling life of understanding and happiness as your congratulate them on their union – the wedding.


A beautiful marriage greeting about experiences, reminding the newlyweds that every day is different and through thick and thin you hope they stay strong and together. A meaningful message that the newlywed couple will truly appreciate.


Two beautiful people and two loving hearts meet, to make this union called marriage a celebration of everlasting love and understanding. A message that is personal, warm and real, something the newlyweds will like to read or hear.


A loving congratulatory message to a dear friend as he or she is beginning a joyous journey called love and togetherness. Marriage is precious and your personal wishes would really be appreciated. An sms that will make the couple feel special and loved.


Wishing the newlyweds the best in life, this sms is both personal and very positive. A congratulatory marriage wishes sms that they will love and cherish as you wish them happiness and the best of times for years to come.

15. Good Luck! Marriage Wishes Sms

A good luck marriage wishes sms that is also an acknowledgement of the invite you’ve got for the wedding. A perfect blend of thankfulness and good wishes for the couple as they get married.


A message that is all about spreading love and good wishes, as your dear ones get married. Wish them a memorable and a wonderful wedding with this warm sms or private message.


A marriage wishes sms about joy, happiness and the special event that a marriage is. Send your good wishes and love with this sms that is sure to stir the couple on their wedding day.


A marriage wishes sms about a life full of love and togetherness. Make the newlyweds feel special with this heart warming message on their wedding day.


Islamic Nikah Wishes: Being married is the biggest experience and important event of a person's life. If someone of your close companion.

Messages and Wishes for a Religious Wedding Card

muslim marriage wishes messages

Weddings must be one of the most cheerful occasions ever because people really come out looking their best. But I think weddings are mostly special for the bride and groom, because on their big day they get to become the main center of attention. Sending someone an advanced wedding wish can be a precautionary measure because the likelihood of them seeing your message on their special day is almost slim to none. Your message won’t be any less special because you sent it earlier. Just send them a wish you know will put a smile on their face, you can choose from the ones below:

Early Wedding Wishes and Congratulations in Advance

  • You don’t know how happy I was when I heard you are getting married; I wish you a lifetime of smiles and love. I can’t wait to be part of your wedding!
  • A few more days and then you’ll be married. You were made for each other and I’m really happy to be a witness at your wedding!
  • Marriage brings bliss and happiness all through its experience. May all the love and pleasure that marriage brings always rest in your heart Amen. Happy Marriage life in advance.

Congratulations! Best Wishes.


  • Love, peace, and happiness are the ingredients that make life enjoyable; these are my wishes for you in your marriage and throughout your life on earth. Happy marriage life in advance.
  • Your marriage shall be a blessing to your children surrounding the table. Nothing shall be lacked as you set up your new home. Happy Marriage life in advance.
  • Sweet Wedding Wishes for Bride
  • Congratulations on your engagement for marriage. This is a sign that God has selected you for the next stage in life. Happy Marriage in Advance.
  • You shall never be counted among those who have had pains and sadness. Your joy shall overflow and reach out to friends and neighbors around. Happy marriage life in advance.
  • Love is never known to change; it’s forever. So also your marriage, it will be forever. Happy marriage life in advance.

Congratulations! Be always the happiest couple.


  • Marriage is a bond, and it is greater than every other relationship known to man. Enjoy this bond with a great affinity for peace and joy. Happy marriage life in advance.
  • Just as the flower of the field and the fragrance that follows, so shall your joy and happiness in marriage be a wonderful sight for all to see. Happy Marriage life in advance!
  • Your marriage life will be flooded with love, care, respect and spiritual blessings. Happy Marriage life in advance.
  • Best Wedding Wishes for Groom
  • May God shower blessings on you and your beautiful fiancée. May you forever stay in love and never fall out of love for one another. Happy Marriage in advance.
  • Marriage is a union that involves the conscious efforts of two persons. God is consciously going to water your marriage with heavenly blessings. Happy married life in Advance.

My friend is gonna be married, so I will be alone.


  • Marriage is a blessing to the world, because two persons agree to become one. As you get married, Joy and happiness will always be with your home as one. Congrats in Advance.
  • God will cause your face to shine and lift you in the times of difficulty. Happy Marriage life in Advance.
  • Love is the perfect ingredient God has blessed your life with. I hope you’ll enjoy every ride that this marriage presents. Happy marriage life my dear.
  • Unique Wedding Wishes for a Friend
  • The love between you and your fiancé will never run dry or cold. Keep soaring high above the hatred of me.
  • This marriage is only filled with good news and happiness. No evil shall befall you in your wedding. Happy marriage life.

Best wishes on your wedding.


  • This marriage race is a directed path that God has commanded His angels to wait for you there. Hence, you will know nothing but success and prosperity. Happy marriage life in Advance.
  • Your marriage is blessed with good health and prosperity. No power can stand against you in this marriage. You will not be shaken. Happy Marriage life in Advance.
  • You shall see your children’s children and the Lord shall bless your womb with grace and love. Happy marriage life in advance.
  • Funny Wedding Messages
  • Flowers are a sign of good things hence your marriage will be like the blossoming of a new delight just as it is found in flowers. Happy marriage life in advance.
  • I’m definitely attending your wedding, I can’t miss the chance to see two love birds finally becoming one, I wish you the best in your married life together!

Congrats on your wedding!


  • I have to see this for myself, I wouldn’t believe it if I only hear about it. You make me proud. You are the couple I definitely look up to. Congrats on your wedding!
  • I’m sending my wishes to you early because I want to be the first one to wish you a perfectly happy marriage with lots of love, togetherness and happiness. Congrats!
  • Seeing you this happy a few days before the actual wedding day is a really positive sign. I wish you the very best as you celebrate your wedding and togetherness. Enjoy!
  • 300 Wedding Wishes
  • I know your wedding will turn out as perfect as your love for each other, can’t wait to see you with the gown on you. Have a great day; I’ll be here if you need me.
  • A few days to your wedding and I’m the one who’s anxious, I know it will be a glorious day and that we will all be impressed by your love for each other. Wishing you the very best!

Have a happy married life.


Cute Marriage Wishes in Advance

  • I hope you’ll have a day worth remembering and admiring forever my dear, I’m happy that I’ll be part of your wedding day and that I’ll see true and real love.
  • You make a really beautiful couple my dears, your love is real and not like any other I’ve ever seen. Have a blessed wedding and honeymoon in advance!
  • I can’t wait to finally see how your wedding will look like; I wish you the very best as you’re getting married. Congrats!
  • Each day your wedding gets closer my heart beats faster, I’m really anxious to see the outcome of the beautiful union you’ll have. Enjoy your wedding sweethearts!
  • Wedding Wishes for Son
  • I know you’ll make a beautiful happily ever after, wishing you in advance an amazing wedding and honeymoon my dears. You deserve each other!
  • Have a great wedding for there is nothing more satisfying than seeing two people in love happily together. I can’t wait for the actual wedding day!
  • May your wedding turn out as amazing as I know it will be. I wish you each and every ounce of happiness this world has to offer. Enjoy your wedding!
  • It is an exciting fact to begin a very interesting part of your life today. I wish you heaven’s blessings as you thread blissfully on this glorious path. Happy Marriage life in advance.
  • There is a life that all ladies want to experience, and that is what you are about to taste. God blessings and Guidance follow you. Happy Marriage in Advance.
  • You must be the luckiest pair in the world; I know everyone here is looking forward to seeing how happy and fulfilled your wedding will be. Congrats on your special day my dears!
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Wedding Messages to Couple

muslim marriage wishes messages

Islamic Anniversary Wishes. Islamic Wedding is the only Halal and blessed contract through which both partners complete the half deen of each other. So the spouse must be thankful to each other for this regard. The whole purpose of having a partner is to find tranquility with them. After all they love each other for the sake of Allah.

So in return Allah make their relation better and stronger in response of their obedience. Sometimes celebrations of little joys in life means a lot. It is the only true and obvious relation in Islam that grows stronger and deeper with the time. Because Nikkah has too much power to keep the two souls connected. Anniversaries are the unique moments that come once in a year. You can make the moment memorable with the best words.  So we have shared some beautiful Islamic anniversary Wishes for the couples to enjoy their happiness with these inspirational words. If you like then don’t forget to share it with your loved ones.

Islamic Anniversary Wishes and SMS for couples

  • May Allah Bless for you (your spouse) and bless you, and may He unite both of you in Jannah.
  • May Allah bless you both with pious beautiful and healthy children, make them the coolness of your eyes, and make you both a way to Jannah for each other and strengthen each other’s Faith
  • Life without someone special is boring, and dear friend you married with a special person for you and you proved a successful couple I wish this couple always stay happy and together with the blessing of Allah and wish you a Happy Marriage Anniversary, Ameen.
  • With the Grace of Allah, you guys completed another successful year of your marriage. Happy marriage anniversary, I wish you guys always stay together.
  • Life has lots of goals and goals with your partner are best goals. I wish you always stay happy and successful stay caring and stay loving each other.
  • Let Allah bless you both with love and happiness and many cherish moments of a blissful married life. Happy Anniversary.
  • May you always stay together and always stay blessed with the blessings of Allah. Because he is the one who made love deeper between both of you.
  • Mashallah, you guys compleated another successful year of glory. I saw your love for each other is getting deeper day by day, I wish you guys always stay together and you got blessed. Happy Marriage Anniversary.
  • Happy anniversary dear may every one of your desires work out as expected. May this anniversary turn into the beginning of your satisfaction.
  • Life is nothing without an existence accomplice. Both of you have each other guard your connection. Upbeat anniversary.
  • On this special day I wish you that your love grows stronger and blooms year by year.
  • Today is a good time to look back, go through your memory lane remembering all that beautiful time which you have spent together. Happy anniversary.
  • There were many incredible years of your life behind. And there will be a lot of incredible years ahead. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary.
  • Life is very changeable and nobody knows what’s ahead, but I’m pretty sure that as long as you stay together, everything will be fine. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary.
  • Relying, counting on each other, loving and caring that is what makes marriage so nice and strong! And you reached it. Best wishes and happy anniversary.


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Beautiful Islamic Anniversary Wishes for Spouse with Images

↓ 1- May Allah Bless You Both Happy Anniversary!

↓ 2- When i married you on special day, I knew my prayers had been answered. Happy Anniversary!

↓ 3- Happy Anniversary! Alhamdolillah for another year spent together. May your life continue to be filled with love, laughter and happiness.

↓ 4- 50 thousand years before Allah has written my name next to you. Happy Anniversary!

↓ 5- Our Anniversary is not just a date. It signifies how beautifully intertwined are our fates. Happy Anniversary!

↓ 6- If she is not on the Deen, she ain’t fit to be your queen. If he  hasn’t got Imaan, he ain’t fit to be your Man. Happy Anniversary!

↓ 7- Happy Anniversary! Our love is the best love because you make my imaan rise, you help me in the dunya and for that reason want to meet you again in Jannah!

↓ 8- Happy Anniversary! The most sweetest thing is that when two people love each other but do not communicate. Instead they pray for each other in their sujood.

↓ 9- It is Allah’s mercy upon mankind that he created Spouses for human beings from themselves. Happy anniversary!

↓ 10- You complete half of my Deen. Happy Anniversary.

↓ 11- If you are looking for a spouse, look for theone who will take you to Jannah. Happy anniversary!

↓ 12- You two were made for each other and nothing else matters. Wishing you the best anniversary ever!

↓ 13- It’s forever you and me, INSHALLAH. Happy Anniversary!

↓ 14- A handsome guy and a pretty girl will make a beautiful wedding, but a faithful man and a pious woman will make a beautiful marriage. Happy Anniversary!

↓ 15- I am Absolutely positive that i have the best Husband ever.

↓ 16– Real Love starts after Nikah. Happy Anniversary!

↓ 17– It’s easy to fall in love, anyone can. Only the strong will keep it Halal. Happy Anniversary!

↓ 18– Happily ever after is when the both of you step into paradise together. That is the true love you should work for. Happy Anniversary!

Wishing you the best marriage! May both of you I'm wishing you to have a wonderful marriage! . Islamic Wedding Congratulation Messages.

Marriage Wishes : Top 148 Beautiful Messages To Share Your Joy

muslim marriage wishes messages

This is the perfect place to be for congratulations on your marriage and wedding wishes messages for your loved ones. It is that time to share the wedding cards wedding wishes, marriage wishes, wedding messages, marriage card, wedding greetings, wedding congratulations, congratulations wedding, best wishes for wedding, wedding congratulations card, best wishes for marriage, congratulations message, wedding wishes quotes, happy wedding wishes, wedding congratulations messages, short wedding wishes, wedding wishes congratulations, wish for marriage blessing, happy married life wishes for friend, happy married life messages, wedding messages to couple and where else can you get all these collection but here.

You can check my collection of engagement wishes to your best friend and congratulations on your engagement messages you can send to your loved ones. You might want to check that out!

20 Congratulations on your marriage messages

1 Your wedding is a special day of your life, and on this special day. I want to wish you and your blessed family congratulations. May God bless your new home.

2 You both are the definition of perfection. Congratulations on your marriage.

3 You have both decided to commence a lifelong journey of something beautiful and amazing. I pray for peace, love, happiness and contentment for you both. Congratulations on your marriage.

4 Finding true love is a big deal for people who crave for loving so much. I pray for many happy years for both of you and many more!

5 Two people, Two families, one love, one home and fantastic life together. Enjoy the love that has no end. Congratulations on your marriage!

6 You have said amazing vows today and I pray that in your heart of heart you stand true and live by them. Congratulations on your marriage!

7 It is your wedding day and both of you are so beautiful for each other. Now that you are together, you are so special and heaven has made you both together. I pray for an everlasting love that has no end today and forever. God bless your new home! Congratulations on your marriage!

8 You life will be filled with immense joy, may your home be filled with so much happiness and laughter. I wish you both a life full of bliss and serenity! Congratulations on your marriage!

9 As you come together in peace and happiness. I wish you the joy that reaches every part and corner of your home! Congratulations on your marriage!

10 Congratulations on your marriage. I am so excited that both of you can eventually find true happiness and fulfillment after all that has happened. May your joy never end and  May God bless your home and be with you for everything you have worked for!

11 You are heaven’s gift to each other. Please stay true and committed to this union. May God bless your new home. Congratulations on your marriage!

12 Cheers to a life of joy and complete happiness, I wish that you live happy ever after! Congratulations on your marriage!

13 To the best couple who has shown that there is pure happiness in true love. May your journey continue in true love and contentment. Congratulations on your marriage.

14 I pray that your wedding be filled with all the love, affections and emotions that comes with life of partnership. Congratulations on your marriage.

15 You deserve each other and have confirmed by your wedding. I see how happy you are and I pray that the happiness continues forever. Congratulations on your marriage!

16 You started and it felt like a joke. You stayed through the years. Through thick and thin and now you are here happily married. May the joy of a new home follow you everywhere you go! Congratulations on your wedding!

17 Wishing you and your wife a joy and convenient fruitful union. Congratulations on your wedding. May God be with you!

18 Today is the beginning of your life together. The bliss, and joy of becoming one. I pray that the joy of your union will bring you peace, love, joy and passion to make your marriage as convenient as possible!

19 The best romance in this life commences with a journey between two lovebirds. Congratulations on your marriage and may God bless your new home.

20 Do not allow anyone to tamper into the holy matrimony that you have created with your partner. May God guide you through all issues that may arise in your marriage. Congratulations on your wedding. God bless your marriage.

20 Wedding wishes messages

21 Congratulations on your marriage
May your life be an amazing testimony to all of us
You have commenced your union as partners for life
And this is the beginning of your future
My best wedding wishes for you and wifey!

22 Always know this, You have made a concrete promise to love each other forever
It is time to begin that journey, may you find peace and the support of God
In your union. Congratulations and best wedding wishes
God bless your home

23 Congratulations on your wedding and all the best to you and your partner
My best wedding wishes to you!

24 If God be for you. Who can be against you?
No one at all!
And this is why I am wishing you the very best fruits of marriage
As sent by God through his son Jesus Christ
May God bless your union

25 Your marriage is made in heaven and is consummated right on earth.
On this amazing occasion, I wish you the best of your marriage together
Your future is already bright as this is promised by God
Congratulations on your marriage!

26 You are the perfect fit for each other
Your marriage is made in heaven
Congratulations on your marriage
May your love life be an amazing and joyful one
God bless your new home

27 You are the start of a beautiful love story
God bless your new home
Congratulations on your marriage

28 You coming together is not as a result of your love alone
It is as a result of the fact that God has planned it to be so
He has a hand in your marriage and he will bless your new home
Congratulations on your marriage. Best wishes!

29 In this period of wedding covenant
Please remember to protect each other
Worry less and be kind to another
Be selfless and have fun in the middle of it all
God bless your new home
Congratulations on your marriage!

30 See, you are joined together as one now
As God has seen it fit to be so
May god perfect all that is left to be perfected in your lives
Congratulations on your wedding!

31 I wish you the very best wedding as you begin this journey
I pray everyone holds a special day filled with amazing experiences
Congratulations on your marriage

32 I pray that you always remember the day you consummated your love
And came together as one.
May the God of heaven support and protect you and your wife
Congratulations on your marriage

33 I am happy that I am a part of your amazing union
I am happy to see you kiss the first official kiss
I am happy I saw the look of pure happiness in both of your faces
I pray your marriage is filled with lots of joy and bliss
Congratulations on your marriage

34 May the life be the most happiest of all
May you be the cynosure of all eyes
Congratulations on your marriage
God bless your new home

35 I feel this is one great news that has made my day
I know this will happen but I never thought it would happen so soon
May your wedding day be great
And your journey be filled with happy and wonderful times
Congratulations on your marriage

36 As you have started this amazing journey together
I pray that all your wedding wishes
Begin to come true
As you have taken up your wife to become one
May your home be filled with sweet little kids
Congratulations on your marriage

37 Your love is godly and special
The two of you are beautiful and special as well
The reason why God decided to bring the two of you together
May your home be fruitful and the two of you multiply
Congratulations on your marriage

38 Am amazing good news is this that I am hearing!
May God be with you and your home remain blessed and fruitful
Congratulations on your wedding

39 Family life is sweet but definitely not easy
So be ready to fight for so many things in your marriage
Congratulations to you and hubby on your matrimony

40 You only just got married and I am already waiting
For sweet little kids
Congratulations on your marriage

10 Wedding congratulations messages and happy married life wishes for friends

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41 May you life, home and new family be the coolest place on earth. Congratulations on your marriage

42 You marriage made me confirm that there is true love. And because your love is real and true, I pray that you both remain in true love for ever. Congratulations on your marriage. Have a great life!

43 May your love story be as blissful and exciting as it is in the fairy land. Congratulations on your marriage!

44 Remember that a new family is a young one. Just like a little baby. It requires patience, a lot of attention, care and love. Congratulations on your marriage

45 How do you feel right now that you are married? I am very sure that it feels wonderful to be. Remember to take care of your marriage by looking after each other. You are not one and no one should ever come between you! Congratulations on your wedding

46 I want to use this opportunity to congratulate you on your wedding and pray that you remain the perfect model couple for everyone to learn from. Congratulations on your marriage.

47 May your marriage last forever. May you love remain with each other. May you find peace in yourself, and may joy fill your love cups every day in every way. Congratulations on your marriage.

48 The strongest love is what I wish you and your new family. Congratulations on your marriage

49 Listen to the beat of your heart, and argue constructively so that you don’t end up judge each other. When the going gets tough. Let your love burn the toughness out. Congratulations on your marriage!

50 You are the greatest gift that life has given to each other. Congratulations on your marriage!

Get on with it, share the congratulations on your marriages messages with your friends. Congratulations to them all.

Express the Islamic wedding messages through texts to the couple to make their Wishing the cute couple good Islamic wedding wishes on your nikah.

muslim marriage wishes messages
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