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I wish myself happy birthday
March 14, 2019 Wedding Anniversary Wishes 5 comments

Here are some suggested quotes and words for birthday wishes which can brighten any birthday and that you can write in a card or incorporate in a birthday .

You don’t have to be a raging narcissist to wish yourself a Happy Birthday. Hey, you’re excited about your big day – who can blame you for that? Plus, it’s a way to invite people to celebrate with you, express gratitude for all the blessings in your life, and perhaps, share a little humor about getting older.

Whatever your reason for sending out an “it’s my birthday” message, make sure you do it in style. Here are some birthday wishes for yourself that are perfect for status updates, text messages, emails, and the like. Consider them our birthday present to you.

Simply Celebratory

Here are some messages that tell everyone how excited you are that it’s your birthday.

  • If I appear to be in a great mood today, do not be alarmed. It’s my birthday!
  • Let me be the first to wish me a Happy Birthday today.
  • It’s my birthday, and I’ve never felt more lucky to be alive. Can’t wait to see what the next year of my life has in store for me!
  • Tonight, we gonna party like it’s my birthday… because it is!
  • I’m turning one year older today, and I’ve never felt more grateful for the gift of life. Happy Birthday to me!
  • Happy Birthday to me! I have a feeling this is going to be an amazing day.
  • Today is my birthday! My life may not have turned out exactly as I planned, but all in all, I’m one lucky [guy/gal].
  • Today, I look like a monkey and smell like one too. Yep, it’s my birthday!
  • I have a strange craving for heavily frosted sheet cake. It must be my birthday.
  • Today is going to be awesome, for it is my birthday.
  • It’s my birthday! Yay me!
  • Happy 24th Birthday to me! I know it’s not one of the big milestones, but I’m getting drunk anyway.
  • It’s my birthday today! The past year has been amazing, and I have a feeling the coming year is going to be even better.
  • Happy Birthday to me! It’s been a long road (don’t ask how long!), but I’m proud of the person I’ve become, and grateful for the life I have. Every day is a blessing, but this day is extra-special.
  • Happy Birthday to my greatest ally and worst enemy. In other words, Happy Birthday to myself.
  • It’s my birthday! Now… who gets to buy me the first drink?
  • Happy Birthday to the weirdest [guy/chick] I know… me!

Coming Soon

Here are some messages giving people advanced notice of your big day.

  • My birthday is exactly one week from today. That means you still have time to get free shipping on my present!
  • My birthday is tomorrow. Just sayin’.
  • Tomorrow is my birthday and I’m already stupid with excitement!
  • I’m starting my birthday celebrations a day early. Because, you know, one day a year isn’t enough to celebrate someone as awesome as me.
  • Birthday celebrations for yours truly commence in 24 hours. You have been warned.
  • My birthday is tomorrow, y’all! Clear your calendar and come party with me!

Full of Yourself

For a hilariously self-centered birthday wish to yourself, try one of these tongue-in-cheek messages.

  • On this day, a queen was born. Happy Birthday to me!
  • It’s my birthday, bitches. Bow down.
  • Happy Birthday to the person I admire most, myself.
  • It’s my birthday! Thanks in advance for all the wonderful things you people are going to do for me today!
  • Happy Birthday to me! Yes, it is my birthday, and I will now accept your gifts.
  • It’s my birthday today, everyone. Please try to contain yourselves. I will accept everyone’s presents and birthday wishes in due time.
  • Happy Birthday to a smart, funny, talented, and all-around amazing person! You probably guessed by now that I’m talking about myself. Happy Birthday, me!
  • Happy Birthday to that lovely creature who stares back at me when I look in the mirror each day.
  • Today, I am a little older, a little wiser, and a lot better looking. It’s my birthday, people!
  • I’m feeling a little more diva-ish than usual today. Must be because it’s my freaking birthday!
  • Can you feel it? There’s something special in the air. Oh yes… it’s my birthday!
  • If I were a self-absorbed narcissist, I would probably announce to everyone that today is my birthday. I’m not, but it is.
  • Before you come to me with your problems today, keep in mind that it’s my birthday, mmkay?
  • If I seem extra-fabulous today, it’s because it’s my birthday. Happy Birthday to moi!

Just Plain Funny

Here are some humorous “Happy Birthday to me” messages, most of which are about getting older.

  • It’s my birthday today! Just a friendly reminder that spanking and pinching are forms of sexual harassment.
  • When you get so old that you can no longer remember how old you are… well, it’s probably for the best.
  • Happy Birthday to me! And don’t you dare ask how old I am!
  • I’m one year older today. However, you won’t be surprised to learn that my mental age (14) remains the same.
  • It’s my birthday today. Just thought you all should know in case you see me weeping quietly in a corner.
  • Today, I will be going around town collecting all the free stuff that I can. That’s right, people – it’s my birthday!
  • Just wanted to wish myself a wonderful birthday today. I also sent myself a nice birthday card that was supposed to arrive today, but unfortunately it came back Return to Sender.
  • Today is my 29th birthday! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!
  • It’s my birthday today! And let me just say, if you’re going to guess my age, you better aim low!
  • My birthday has snuck up on me again. Somebody please stop the years from going by so fast!
  • It’s my birthday today! I’m not exactly thrilled to be turning a year older, but it sure beats the alternative!
  • I’m not getting old, I’m getting more distinguished-looking.
  • I’m not getting old, I’m getting wiser.
  • I’m not getting old, I’m getting… ah, screw it, I’m getting old. 🙁

Hope you found the perfect birthday wish for yourself. Happy Birthday!

When it's your birthday and you want some Happy Birthday Wishes for Yourself, these Sweet and Cute Wishing Myself Happy Birthday will do.

Happy Birthday To Me Quotes

i wish myself happy birthday

Birthday anniversaries are the perfect time to make great wishes and even some choice gifts. Perhaps, because the ears of heaven are opened to all celebrants on such special days.

Heartfelt wishes from family, friends, and acquaintances are just not enough to blow off the candlelight of your birthday cake simply because it's your birthday and only your wishes for yourself would do that magic.

Hence, saved here are the beautiful wishes you'd love to make on a day so special to you.

See how amazing they are!

Cute Happy Birthday Wishes Quotes for Myself

The very best collection of happy birthday wishes for myself - happy birthday text messages for yourself. Birthday prayer quotes for yourself.

1. A great history celebrates itself today. Happy birthday to me. More than anything else, I wish myself happiness unending. I'll sure have a swell day.

2. I've grown throughout the years surrounded by love and family. In this new year of my life as I yearn for more of such happiness, I wish myself a lifetime of happy family. Happy birthday to me.

3. Happy birthday to me. As I clock a year older today, I hope I break world's record of the most celebrated human on earth.

4. It's my birthday and I feel super special. Happy birthday to my inner woman who has been mostly responsible for my wonderful deeds. I wish myself a superlative new year.

5. Today humbles my knees and I reflect on God's blessings as I also pray for yet another year to love and be loved. Happy birthday to me. I wish myself a lifetime of peace and prosperity.

6. All I want for my birthday is love. Happy birthday to a woman of valour.

7. I'm obviously so blessed to live amongst humans today. Happy birthday to me in a million ways. I only desire to be a billion times better than I already am.

8. My teeth are out in laughter, my nostrils are flared in elation. Happy birthday to me. Wishing myself an outstanding year of prosperity.

9. Longevity of life and wealth in health are my two true desires. Happy birthday to the man in the mirror.

10. Happy birthday to me. My childhood pictures are clear indication of my testimony. So, I showoff myself today in appreciation for all that I've come to be. I wish myself a lifetime of joy and prosperity.

11. My wishes are unending because I'm surrounded by the ones I love and so even today, my kind wishes are with my family for always being there for me. Happy birthday to me. I wish all my wishes come true.

12. Happy birthday to me. Life is good. So, I wish for subsequent years of fulfillment and peace. I love me!

13. Today is the best day of the year. By this time next year, I hope to be living my dream life already. Happy birthday to me.

14. My wishes are granted because it's my birthday. Happy birthday to me, superhuman. Praying for a life serenaded by peace and love.

15. Happy birthday to me. I just want to be happy for the rest of my life. May the heaven incline her ears to me on this day. I love me!

16. So much to be thankful for. So many reasons to be hopeful. Happy birthday to an awesome human. I wish myself a splendid new year of prosperity.

17. Blessed is the womb that carried me. So, blessed I am to be me. Happy birthday to a loving human. I wish myself a river of passion.

18. Happy birthday is the most beautiful melody of today. I wish myself a life so remarkably decorated with the paints of joy, prosperity, peace, and love.

19. Waited for this hour like my expectant mother some years ago. I wish myself a miraculous year of beautiful happenings.

20. My heart is awash with the floods of happiness and contentment on this special day. Happy birthday to me. I wish myself a world of joy and happy wonders.

21. I can feel the sound of celebration. Happy birthday to me. I hope to live an inspiring life in this new year. I love me!

22. The future shines so brightly showcasing the hope of a happy ending for me. Happy birthday to myself. I wish for a life I've closed my eyes dreaming of.

23. I'm over the moon as today is my birthday. My outstanding wish is for my bosom to be filled with joy and my mind with peace and my body with good health. Without doubt, I'll enjoy my day.

24. I'll paint the town red, brighten up the clouds with my wishes and bless my world with a lovely smile because it's my birthday. Wishing myself long life and prosperity.

25. Let the trumpet sounds, let the cool breezes of the sea blow, let the people sing for joy because it is my birthday. I wish myself a healthy and happy life.

26. A year closer to an adult life. Happy birthday to me. I wish for nothing else but joy.

27. My eyes are full of hope, my smiles are as broad as the oceans because today is my best day. Happy birthday to me. May this year be without sadness and mourning. I love me.

28. A wish could turn a world around if hearkened to by the angels. So, I make a solemn wish on this day. Happy birthday to me, myself and I. Feeling so delightful.

29. It's my birthday but pictures wouldn't do justice to my feelings. I write because I'm deliriously happy. I wish myself a dreamy new year characterized by splendor.

30. Happy birthday to a special human. Beyond my many wishes, I'm deeply thankful for seeing my world revolve around the sun for a splendid 365days. Wishing myself a happy new year.

31. Happy birthday to me. I say to the moon, the stars and the sun that appear on this day and the days to come, be nice to me.

32. Happy birthday to me. All I want to do is dance till the year runs out. So, I wish for a sweet melody of love and prosperity.

33. My calendar says I've got reasons to make kind wishes on this day. So, I ask that the heavens be good to me all year long. Happy birthday to me, myself and I.

34. Happy birthday to me. Nothing beats the joy that I feel inside. May this joy never die. So I wish.

35. So many stars born on this special day has fallen long ago. So, thankful to be here shining like a diamond in the sky. Happy birthday to me. I wish myself a joyful new year.

36. I'm the rose that grew on the rock. Happy birthday to a seed of wonder. I wish myself a lifetime of prosperity and joy.

37. Today is my day, let the angels draw near and sing my praises, let the heavens open up to my wishes. Happy birthday to me. Wishing myself a life of grace.

38. Happy birthday to me. Can't wait to merry all year round. Wishing me a magnanimous new year.

39. Happy birthday to the one whose happiness is my duty. Happy birthday to me. Wishing me a year full of love and happy smiles.

40. I've walked the valleys and climbed the mountains. Hence, this day celebrates my strength and grace throughout all the years past. Wishing myself a loving and kind new year as I bask in the euphoria of this special day.

41. See what today has brought me! It's my birthday, fam. Happy birthday to me. I can't help but wish for a loving and amazing new year.

42. It is the dawn of a new year. Happy birthday to me. May all my wishes come true. I made them solemnly so the angels could hear loudly.

43. Happy birthday to a wonderment. May my life continue to arouse awe and love. I'm glad to be born as me.

44. Happy birthday to me. Wishing myself all that it takes for me to be happy. Can't wait to explore the beauty of today and the year.

45. Happy birthday to me. With joy, I shall draw water from the well of prosperity. I'll enjoy this day and the days to come. Feeling myself.

46. Loving today as much as I am loving me. Happy birthday to myself. May this new year be full of great opportunities and love for me.

47. Happy birthday to me. With joy, I'll take my place on the throne this new year cause it's my one true wish.

48. So blessed to be born as me. So, I wish to be me more than ever in this new year. Happy birthday to my lovely self.

49. Let the wishes roll in and the love pour in because it's my birthday. Happy birthday to me. Wishing myself a peaceful and prosperous new year.

50. Happy birthday to me. May my heart be flooded with happiness, healed with the power of love and brightened with the light of prosperity. I love me more than me.

51. Happy birthday to me. With divine wings, I shall soar higher than the eagles. This year would be my favorite year so far.

52. I woke up with love and excitement mixed inside of me. Happy birthday to my lovely self. Wishing me success in all my endeavors.

53. Can't get tired of growing, can't get tired of loving. It's another privilege to be all that and more because it is my birthday. Happy birthday to me. I wish myself the choicest of life's blessings.

54. May I find fulfillment on this path I've chosen. Happy birthday to me. So lucky to still be around. So blessed to be such a blessing to all.

55. Last year was kind. This new year of my life can only get better. Happy birthday to me. With strength and grace, I shall run and win the race of life.

56. Today is my birthday. Not a new me but a better me. Happy birthday to me. Life's struggles shall not keep me down, sad days shall not be my portion. Wishing myself joy and peace.

57. Happy birthday to a great Amazon. Happy birthday to a wonderful me. May the breezes of success sweep the crown of gold upon my head. I shall rule this year.

58. Blessed with reasons to celebrate, gifted with the chance to make good wishes because it is my birthday. Happy birthday to me. Wishing myself all that matters in life.

59. Happy birthday to me. More than anything may peace of mind lead other blessings into my life this new year. I love me.

60. I woke up flawless cause it's my birthday today. Wishing myself a healthy life of happiness and success. I'll be sure to enjoy my day.

61. I'll dance to my favorite song, sing along with my favorite artiste because it is my day. Happy birthday to me. Wishing myself a life characterized by favour.

62. Happy birthday to a rare gem. Happy birthday to me. May the joy of good news abound in my home this year and forevermore.

63. Happy birthday to me. May this year arrive with everything that befits me and my new age.

64. Happy birthday to me. My wishes for myself are joy, long life, and peace. I shall be like a tree planted by the riverside.

65. The most beautiful day of the year has come. Happy birthday to me. Wishing me peace surpassing all understanding, joy beyond description, love that is unconditional, prosperity by favour. Can't wait to unravel the year.

66. With joy and gratitude in my heart, I wish myself a happy birthday. May this year be colored by success and love. May joy not give up on me.

67. Happy birthday to me. I have a feeling this year shall be joyful, fulfilling, graceful, amazing and inspiring. I love me.

68. Never traveled this path before. May God's grace and wisdom see me through this new year. Happy birthday to me.

69. Happy birthday to me. May my dream life become my real life this new year. Can't wait to explore its joy and successes.

70. A queen's birthday is today. Happy birthday to me. I'll take all the gifts of heavens. May all my wishes come true.

71. How I've grown to be this rare gem is beyond understanding. I wish myself more years full of splendor and happiness.

72. I make today look super beautiful because it's my birthday. Happy birthday to me. Wishing me all the happiness a human can ever feel.

73. I'm the miracle of today, the joy of the world. Happy birthday to me. Wishing myself longevity, prosperity, and happiness.

74. In this new year, I shall not lack. I shall not be found missing in great places. Happy birthday to me. May God's divine gift to me today be the greatest I've ever had.

75. Every ounce of me waited to see this day. I wish myself a happy birthday. May I grow to be the best version of myself. Can't love me less.

76. Happy birthday to me. May this new year be the one I've waited for all my life. Enjoy my day, dear friends and family.

77. Happy birthday to me. May the blessings of this new year spread out as the clouds over me. Hoping to have a swell time.

78. Another 365days to explore. Hoping it comes with grace and gifts. Happy birthday to me. Today is my day.

79. Every day is an opportunity. However, today is my birthday. Happy birthday to me. I wish to become the beauty of my world. I hope it comes true.

80. Let my wishes travel to the high heavens and my hope to the ends of the earth. Happy birthday to me. I'll be the best that I can ever be.

81. Happy birthday to me. I hope it is written that this new year would be my favorite. I hope I am destined to be great within this 365days. I hope I can become my dream self soonest.

82. It's been a long time coming. However, today is here. So, I put down the burdens of worries and care because today is my birthday. May the angels be kind to me.

83. Happy birthday to me. I hope I find happiness and love whilst I explore the beauty of this new year.

84. Time to enjoy the exquisite taste of my favorite cake because it's my birthday. As the sun appears today, may my glory shine around.

85. Happy birthday to me. If I could wish for three things, I'll take joy, peace, and love. Can't wait to have them all.

86. Hurray! It's my day. Happy birthday to me. Wishing myself blessings of all kind.

87. Happy birthday to me and my dreams. May this year be sweet as honey, kind as an angel and hopeful as the rainbows.

88. I'll laugh more and radiate more because it's my birthday again. Happy birthday to me. Wishing myself a lifetime of joy, honour, and rewards.

89. Happy birthday to me. May I be a source of inspiration to all that find me. May my expectations this year be met.

90. Happy birthday to me. As I get older, may I see better the beauty of life and experience the joy of success. I shall show off my proceeds of victory one of these days.

91. Happy birthday to me, myself and I. May this year be the best year yet.

92. A feather to my cap, a gem to my crown because it is my birthday. Happy birthday to me. May the sky be full of blessings for me.

93. This isn't just another day. It is my birthday. I'll feel the warm sun and bask in the euphoria of today's essence. Happy birthday to me. Wishing myself all the joy life has got to offer.

94. Happy birthday to me. May the stars and the moon be kind to my wishes. May the heavens say yes to my silent prayers. May I find the love that is true. I love me.

95. Happy birthday to me. I smile because the future shines so bright from this end. Wishing myself all of life's amazing blessings.

96. Happy birthday to me. May all my dreams come true just as the dawn of today. May this new year come in full glory meeting all my needs and surpassing all my expectations.

97. Happy birthday to me. May everything good come knocking on my door. May I find joy and peace living this new age.

98. Happy birthday to me. May my table be surrounded by my loved ones. May my work yield recognized success. May the sounds of happiness echo in my abode.

99. The colors of rainbows appear in my sky because it's my birthday. Reminding me to be hopeful. Happy birthday to me. I wish myself blessings beyond my abode can harbour.

100. Happy birthday to me. May all my blessings come in folds of my new age. May my harvest be beyond my barn can take. Loving today as much as I am loving me.

101. What more can I wish myself than long life, prosperity, and fulfilment? I'll throw a bigger party more exciting than the Halloween party just to show my delight.

102. On this birthday, the angels will release unto me my innermost desire. See me flourishing and looking my best.

103. I'll see many more years to come. I'll shine brighter than I was yesteryears and I'll know deeper joy. It's my grand birthday.

104. The warmth of affection and the fragrance of peace shall trail me in this new year of my life.

105. My mistakes are all in the past. This birthday shall birth my miracles and undo my mistakes. Today marks the day I was born.

106. If I had little, I'll have more. If I were lacking, I'll be flourishing. Everything will take a grand turn around for me as I age gracefully.

107. My birthday never eluded me nor came late. Hence, my success, progress, and joy won't miss me neither will it come a bit late.

108. I wish myself great dreams, new accomplishments, and fulfilling rewards. Happy birthday to me.

109. As delectable as I am, I'll walk through this new year with a spring in my step. So help my stars. Happy birthday to me.

110. I'll know the joy of being celebrated. I'll know the fulfillment that comes with great accomplishment and above all, I'll have the best life. It's my birthday.

111. It's the day I was born. My wishes are endless. However, they all have a dose of happiness in them. I wish myself untold joy and gaiety.

112. I wouldn't step backward. I wouldn't return to my past. As I age like the ageless stars I'll constantly move forward. Happy birthday to me, myself and I.

113. There's joy in aging like the stars and glowing like the beautiful sun. However, there's a greater joy in being the most happily celebrated celebrant. I wish never to lose this joy in years to come. Happy birthday to me.

114. My lifetime will be a great inspiration for the world. I'll never be known for the bad but for the good. My footprints shall be on the sands of time. This and so much more I wish myself. Happy birthday, gorgeous me.

115. My wishes for myself are the greatest, cause they entail my sincerest desires. I wish they'll all come to pass. My angels have given me the assurance, for it's my birthday.

116. Happy birthday to me. My life will be as beautiful as the red roses. Love will find me like it found Guinevere in the eyes of the charming Prince Arthur.

117. Happy birthday to me. I'll never hold unto the past. My yesteryears will never beat my present and neither my future. Happy birthday to me.

118. This new year of mine will prompt the world to sit down and watch me do great for myself. I'll be found in the midst of the Kings and Queens. Happy birthday to me.

119. No matter how hard life may get, I'll never be caught within the web of stagnancy and despair. I'll be the hope of the world. Happy birthday to me, the shinning angel.

120. As I celebrate with myself on this beautiful day, I'll never be saddened. My joy would not turn sour. And I'll have the well of joy dug in my heart.

121. This year shall produce fine grape wine from my vineyard. My sweetness will not be mixed with vinegar. I'll always know true joy as I age. Happy birthday to me.

122. As I age beautifully, the world will celebrate more with me. They'll have reasons to applaud me. I'll never be seen as a commoner.

123. Like the brightest star, I'll stand out and like the sun I'll illuminate all and sundry. This is my greatest wish for this new year of my life. Happy birthday to me.

124. Me, myself and I will be enough to make the world happy. I'll do the world proud this new year. Happy birthday to the beautiful being in me.

125. My wisdom will be more profound. My health will be sounder. My age will be more glorious. Happy birthday to me.

126. The little angel of yesterday has become the great person you see today. Happy birthday to me. Many years will I see.

127. Happy birthday to me. I love me better than yesterday. May I enjoy a breath of fresher breath all through this age.

128. Happy birthday to me. May my joy spread all around me until it reaches the end of the world. I'll keep moving and suddenly my light will shine so bright in this new age.

129. This birthday will cause me to see life more beautifully. It will make me stronger than I was yesteryears. It will ignite my passion to succeed until I make it to the bright screen.

130. Happy birthday to me. My heart and my home will only make the sound of joy. Like a smoke, my happiness will rise up to the sky. Happy birthday to me.

131. Happy birthday to the person I see in the mirror; who knows me, understands me and encourages me; I'm talking about me, myself and I. May I become better than who I was yesterday.

132. As I age more beautifully today, I will give out a brighter smile that will mend the broken-hearted. I will give a hopeful gaze to the ones in despair. This is my promise to the world as I'm fortunate to see this dream year.

133. Happy birthday to me. Nothing will kill my joy, passion and my flesh. I'll be alive to see many glorious days. I will live this new year better than I did in the past years. Many more years will I see.

134. No matter the barrier, I'll cross over successful as I made it to this new age. Irrespective of the situation around me, I'll remain grateful like I am today for adding another year. Happy birthday to my beautiful and happy soul.

135. My wisdom is deeper. My spirit is more sensitive. My skin glows better. What more can I ask for as I put on another age? I'll be healthier, more financially independent and super happier. Happy birthday to me.

136. Happy birthday is all I can say to myself. Just a few hours older and I've done better than a couple of years back. This is an omen of the fulfilling days that lie ahead of me in this new year of my life.

137. It doesn't matter if I had lived glorious years hitherto. It wouldn't matter if I had been doing great. For all that matter to me today is my existence. I'm glad I have this uncommon breath in me. Happy birthday to me. I wish myself many more fulfilling years.

138. Not only will the world see me looking youthful and more charming. This birthday will mark something substantial in me. I will be a whole lot different from yesterday; I'll be happier and more grateful.

139. A new me has been birthed. Happy birthday to me. I'll accomplish my goals, fulfill my dreams and ignite stronger passion in me. Wishing myself untold happiness.

140. I'll look around not to compare myself to the rest of the world but to count my blessings, be grateful and to celebrate more cheerfully. Happy birthday to me. I wish myself the manifestation of my dreams.

141. This birthday will fasten my steps to greatness. I'll do better than the life I've lived in the past. This is my rebirth. And I wish myself joy in my odyssey of self-discovery. Happy birthday to me.

142. This is my superlative birthday, hence, my joy shall be deeper, my dreams shall be fulfilled and my soul shall be purer. Happy birthday to the best version of me.

143. As I mark my birthday, I will gain a better ground. I'll grow into wealth and substance. Happy birthday to me. This will be my best year so far.

144. My possessions will be larger. My dreams will be bigger and my grace shall be greater. Happy super duper birthday to me.

145. I waited for this day like a watchman. I will know this new age of my life for the best. I'll accomplish unexpected goals. I'll grow bigger wings to fly. The best will be my portion.

146. My sky will be bluer. My sun will be brighter and my stars will multiply. Happy birthday to me.

147. This birthday will reveal my best to the world. It will surprise me with great treasures. These and so much more will I reap. Happy birthday to me.

148. I may not have it all, but I have the greatest; life and good health. For these, I'm sincerely grateful and my dying wish is never to lose these great treasures. Happy birthday to me.

149. Happy birthday to me. I will never miss my opportunity. I will never take the wrong step. My dreams will not be shattered. My best will be revealed this new year.

150. Yippie! It's my birthday. Like a fine blue sea, my glory will never be drained. I'll have tall dreams and great joy. Happy birthday to the darling new me.

151. Happy birthday to me. May I earn my greatest laurel this year. May my crown fit better than anyone else's. This and so much more I desire.

152. The fragrance of success will trail me. The world will see a new version of me. I'll beat my past to it. The present will be greater than yesterday. My future will be fair and bright. Happy birthday to me.

153. I ask for more creativity. I pray for a more fulfilling year. I wish my candles will never stop burning. Success in many ways will I accomplish. Happy birthday to my lovely self.

154. My demeanor will attract great personalities to me. My character will keep them. The work of my hands shall be far creative than nature and artifacts. Many happy returns to me.

155. I shall show elation than I've possibly done all my life. My gratitude shall be more profound. My view of life shall be wiser. I wish myself a happy birthday.

156. My birthday shall be full of the gifts of gold and silver. My wants shall be granted. I'll never lack my heartfelt desires. As I blow my candle, may my wishes come true. It's my birthday.

157. Like a flower, I've grown. Like a warrior, I've conquered many battles, brought down many walls and here I am still standing. This new year of my life shall bring me peace that spreads all over my body like an ocean and joy like a river. Happy birthday to me.

158. My growth has been great. Howbeit, I'll grow even more this year. My success has been unexpected; well, the world is yet to see my best. I'm a year older today. May all my dreams be fulfilled.

159. Happy birthday to me. I'll have reasons to laugh for joy than smile ordinarily. I'll have reasons to be celebrated than merely applauded. I'll experience the joy of contentment. I just opened a new chapter of my life.

160. I won't fail when I try and when I fail, I'll try harder. I won't give up; my tall dreams shall urge me on until I get to the place I've always longed to be. Happy birthday to me.

161. I'll be welcomed like a royalty and not treated like a pariah. This new year of my life shall be the start of something great. I'm wishing myself eternal bliss.

162. No matter the dangers ahead, my soul is saved from the apocalypse. I'll never perish with the world nor anything that dwells in it. Long life and prosperity are my portions.

163. Nothing will steal my joy away. My laughter shall not be turned to sorrowful tears. Happy birthday to me.

164. Today as I celebrate, may I be surrounded by my loved ones. May they bring me innate happiness than all the luxuries in the world. May their sweetest desires come to fruition in my life.

165. I'll dedicate this new age of mine to my mama. I'll make her proud than I have ever done. May she derives her happiness from my success this new year. I wish myself a happy birthday.

166. May I see what has been missing in my life. More so, may I find my missing piece. Happy birthday to the best me.

167. Nothing will weigh me down. I launch into this new age of mine with an overcoming spirit. All darkness clouding my joy shall be transformed into light. Happy birthday to me.

168. May I enjoy the joy of this season in my life. May I produce great fruits as I age like a star.

169. May heaven come down on me. May joy come for me. May my spirit feel free and at peace. It's indeed my happiest birthday.

170. Birthday makes the wishes of longevity and prosperity come true. I'll be asking for more, cause I want to feel the happiness that's surreal. I can feel the mirth of my birthday in the air.

171. May success cum joy and happiness like a tsunami jolt every door and window closed in my life. It's my birthday and I'm excited than a playful sprite.

172. Love shall be kind to me. Success shall find me. Contentment shall fill my spirit. A grand happy birthday to me.

173. All I've been chasing shall I overtake. May my stars shine brighter and grow bigger than expected. May this birthday be above and beyond.

174. Happy birthday to me. May I harness all the great gifts and talents in me. May they bring me success. I'll not have an unfulfilling new year.

175. It's my birthday. I feel bigger than life. Happiness is renewed in me. I wish myself the sweetest thing I'm yet to have a taste of.

176. I'll prosper. I'll sing for joy. This birthday will launch me into stardom. May everything at the top be fulfilling and super exciting.

177. My happiness will go beyond this planet. I shall begin to explore interplanetary gaiety. It's my birthday and I feel like I've just been born.

178. It feels better than good to clock this age. It's more fulfilling to see this day than many years back. The beauty of my life lies in this age. Happy birthday to the best me you've ever seen.

179. I'm happy; it's my birthday. I will do greater things, cause life has given me another chance to be better than I was. My opportunity will I recognise and grab like a rare treasure.

180. Happy birthday to every fibre in me. I feel alive than the trees blown by the wind. I'll fly on the wings of happiness and land into gratitude. Many more fulfilling years will I see.

181. My spirit will take flight into joy and peace. May my vision be clearer. May they be fulfilled by me; no one will usurp my position. Happy birthday is all I can say.

182. I've had a merry birthday. I'll do all that I've longed to do. I'll liberate myself and feel free to be me. I'm wishing myself long life spent in good health and freedom.

183. Happy birthday to me. May my worries die. May my spirit come alive. May I live to the fullest. Many more years will I see.

184. I'll be adorned with the garment of greatness. I'll ride to the highest places in the world. It's my special birthday.

185. My angels will bring to me all the precious gifts of life. I'll rise like a smoke until I'm seen in all sides of life. Happy birthday to me.

186. I've been racing for years. This new age of mine will hold more treasures than I see and I've gotten in time past. Happy birthday to me.

187. I'll be seen at the top. My new age will never be awash with sadness. My angels will keep me from harms. I'll stand and be proud than I ever was. Wish me well, it's my birthday.

188. Life will present itself to me in the most alluring way ever. Life will treat me kind all because it's my birthday. My earnest wishes will I see come true.

189. Happy birthday to me. It's a delight to behold, cause it's my best birthday so far. From my heart to the moon and back, I'll be happy than I ever dreamed.

190. It's a sunny day cause it's my birthday and I outshine the sun. A fire of excitement burns in me. May I never know melancholy. A happy ride will I have as I get on in years.

191. May all the lonely walls surrounding me be broken. May happiness beckon on me more than ever. I'll run into happiness and fulfillment. Happy birthday to me.

192. It's my birthday. Where else can I go than the land of happiness and joy? May I find myself immersed in the pool of satisfaction and great pleasure.

193. I throw my hands into the air as a show of my excitement, cause it's my birthday. I'll be given happiness in place of sadness. It's my best year so far.

194. I age gloriously. I see the light, so I feel this year beckoning on my dreams to be transformed into a big fulfilling reality. Happy birthday to my lovely self.

195. I get the fever of success from this age. I'm living life to please my innate self. My greatest wish is to lead a superb life I'll be proud of in eternity. Happy birthday to me, myself and I.

196. I'll never be broken throughout this age. I'll live life in the most fulfilling way. The angels will assist me even before I call.

197. My birthday has promised to knock me off my feet. To bring to me all that I cherish. This birthday will make me cry out of excitement. I love this day; it's the best birthday ever.

198. I'm worth more than all the rubies and gems in one treasure box cause it's my most valuable birthday. Many more superb years will I see.

199. Today in history makes me smile. This day pleases me and heeds to my command than every other day; it's my birthday. My best dreams will come to pass and this day will make me feel larger than life.

200. There's a great love I'll like to share cause it's my birthday. I'll dance in style and live forever in happiness. My wishes will come true no matter how tall they are.

Go ahead and make these wishes for yourself.

Happy birthday!

Written By Kehinde Victoria.

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2019 Birthday Wishes for Myself: Wishing Myself Happy Birthday

i wish myself happy birthday

You may not know this about yourself but there's no one you'd rather receive the most beautiful birthday messages from than you... This is why I've compiled the following to make your birthday brighter! Happy Birthday to You from Me.

Sweet Birthday Wishes for Myself

Best Happy Birthday Wishes for Myself Messages, Wishes, Status and Quotes.

1. Since my last birthday, I've felt like someone waiting for the introduction of another phase. Like I had a greater place to be and a bigger age to see. I've had to drown this intensity for 365 days with just living in the moment, and now that the supposed greater phase is here, I am titillated and also geared towards something greater. A new beginning.

2. Before today, I thought I had everything I wanted. Don't blame my thought. I have been immensely favoured with unwavering love from God and emotionally heightened by friend's stable support. I've always felt and I still feel blessed among peers. But since I'm allowed to wish for more, this new year, I want ultimate happiness laced with incessant testimonies.

3. It's been a year of huge success and burns it to the ground failures. I give kudos to myself for coming through with a pretty face and a tough skin to show. I genuinely hope this new year comes with fewer failures and several bowls of success.

4. I like to think of myself as a star, you know that star that you sit with the love of your life to watch at night. the particular one that enthrals you and makes you want to sleep out and leave the comfort of your bed. Yes!

I've had people look at me that way all through the year since I decided to take life by the lapel. I never want to get rid of this feeling of being a star.

Even as I become a year older, I wish that my light never dims, and my star shines better.

5. I guess you're happy now that you've happened, did you even care about the last occupant? I guess not! I mean you already kicked the thing out without further ado.

You just wanted to arrive, and be in charge for the next one year ..I have no problem with you or the next occupant for that matter

I just desperately need you not to be a pain in my ass and be the very dear new age I've envisioned for the past days... Be good to me dear, new year.

6. The womb that produced this must be an overboard cutie, it's not like I'm complaining... I love what I see when I peer into the mirror. So, I'm eternally grateful for this singular fact and thousand other good things I've enjoyed lately. I wish for a beautiful year.

7. I'm increased in all ramifications. I feel like nothing has the prowess to vitiate the music in me, and I've had food constantly on my table. I've enjoyed God's goodness and I hope to continue basking in this goodness as I start a new year.

8. In trying not to be a brash, outward youth, I've toned down my ability to make the world a lovelier place. But that stops this new year. I'm grabbing the bull by the horn this year..I'm letting the world see me. Cheers to a new year!

9. I envisage a greater tomorrow every time I celebrate my birthday. This year is no different, except that I feel tomorrow is now!

10. I'm not as thrilled as I normally feel. I'm happy beyond words and understanding. I feel like there's more to this year's birthday... something in my bone tells me I'm about to hit a jackpot... I genuinely hope this feeling materializes soon.

Wishing Myself Happy Birthday

You have wished friends and family on their Birthdays. This is your own special day, and here are Best Wishing Myself Happy Birthday Messages you can use even for your status.

11. You've dragged yourself about like a log, lazy and lacking eagerness for a whole year.

I've wondered incessantly when you will come around to claim my skin that already looks like you?

I'm glad that I can now wear my skin around proudly without fears of being mocked.

Thanks for coming, new age, I promise to entertain you!

12. I am a trademark and I have what it takes to make the world a better place. God has not been anything short of wonderful to me. I proclaim that my later years shall be greater than the former.

13. I'm not ordinary, I can't be treated randomly, I'm not someone you want to discard grudgingly.

Watch out for me this new year as I tap into my prowess to make everything in me ooze extraordinary.

14. Birthday to some is a day to be celebrated by friends and family. To others, it's a day to merry and go round. To me, it's another day I get to make a wish and plan for a stellar life!

15. I met knowledge on my way to you, he told me I was stuck with him for one more year before I could reach you. I was dismayed at first. But, soon got to know his scheme to make me better equipped for you. Now that I've found you, it's dawned on me that I can have both you and knowledge. I wish for more knowledge and power. This new year and beyond, I'm a force to reckon with!

16. I'm sweeping out a lot of junks this year. I feel like I need to get rid of some of the things that have been downplaying my music and putting off my strengths. I receive the courage to always win! Long life.

17. All I see is beyond a birthday celebration. I see perfection, impartation and manifestation of long-term vows.

18. I wrote a letter to this day some time ago and it's incredible to know that all the wishes I penned down have come to fruition. I'm just going to write another... Dear next birthday, be a manifestation of all-around success.

19. I see the future on a very large screen and what I see tickles me. I just hope whoever holds the remote doesn't change it from this station before the future comes.

20. I've been flipping through the pages of my own story and it's been nothing short of inspiring. I'm about to begin a new interesting chapter and my spirit leaps at the prospect of things to come.

Cute Happy Birthday Wishes to Me

Here are Cute Happy Birthday Wishes to Me you can use.

21. I know quality when I see one, I recognize genuine when I meet one and I relate with success when one comes my way, I can sense that this birthday is going to be fun!

22. I hope I'm wise enough this new year to say no to frivolities, I hope I'm bold enough to take daring challenges. I hope I'm blessed enough to overcome challenges and come out successful.

23. For everything good and dandy that I've been blessed with, I feel like singing a medley but I fear my voice will break people's heart like a tsunami, So, here I am writing my melody in a simple manner just to say I'm grateful for the past years. In the same vein, I wish for happier years.

24. I am my own best friend and favourite comedian, I've made me laugh with careless abandon in the past years.

It's not like I've not had trying times, but I've always managed to overcome it. Moreover, I'm here and here is good!

24. I'm taking my self-love game to a new level as I begin a new chapter of my life. I pledge to be unapologetically me

I am deciding to rid myself of bias judgement. I'm not letting people denounce my essence no matter how strong they come at me.

25. Looking towards a new age, I declare that I'm God's grand idea and His perfect expression of grace. I declare that I have what it takes to kick asses and bring home awards. I declare that every day I experience will turn out better than the last. These are my declarations in this new year. Help me, God.

26. This particular part of me has been running wild lately, almost too wild for my head to carry.

It's been suggesting some don't give a shit steps.I need to recuperate from all the hurts and pains I've been through.

The one I've been told to do on my birthday is to rid my self of toxic people and make my circle smaller.

I think I'm going to yield. So, if you've ever been anything short of a blessing to me, I'm letting you go right now... I wish to have a great year ahead.

27. when I think of God, I picture gigantic beautiful painting on a wall that has the ability to heal a soul by mere glance and trust in it... At least, that's how God has made me feel. I don't ever want to lose this feeling.

28. I'm young and I have few years experience but enough experience to know that God is the ultimate ambassador of love... I'm sticking with him even this new year.

29. I've been basking in the euphoria of this symphony. It feels great to be part of something great, to know that the little you do makes the world a magic... I hope to never lose my magic even as I begin a new chapter of my life.

Awesome Happy Birthday Wishes to Me

Here are awesome Happy Birthday Wishes to Me you can use.

30. A wise person once said everyone deserves a place that makes them happy. I agree with this and also believe we all deserve people who celebrate us on our birthday and beyond.

I don't know if it's a wise saying, but it's an honest one.

31. I may only say this on my birthday, but I hope the world never forgets that I'm a masterpiece and God's perfect image.

32. I've always wanted the love of my life to be the first to wish me a happy birthday. Just realized now that I'm the love of my life. It feels so great to be the first to wish me happy birthday

33. Well, it's my birthday. I wish to evoke greater things and achieve more this year than the previous years.

34. If you're experiencing a day that's full of cheers and celebration, awesome messages and surprising calls, we have something in common. Birthday!

I wish myself and all the others celebrating their birthday today a great year ahead!

35. Dear universe, sing me a melody, buy me a candy, rid me of a felony, make my life heavenly on my birthday and beyond.

36. May this new year take me by pleasurable surprise and give me a new melody. Happy birthday to me.

37. One of the greatest misconceptions about me is that I'm just one of those people. No, I'm beyond that. I'm black, undaunted, beautiful and legendary. Happy birthday to me.

38. There's no greater joy that beats the feeling that comes with having God's love and family's support showered on you. My joy knows no bound as I become a year older with this knowledge.

39. I feel like I just returned from the most educating journey. The kinda journey that leaves My mind sharp and my heart open. I'm ready for new beginning truly. Happy birthday to me.

40. I like to see my life as a love triangle where I, me and myself is grace, success and favour respectively. With this mindset, I don't believe I can be thwarted by any force .I'm unstoppable this year. Happy birthday to me.

Beautiful Happy Birthday Wishes to Me

Don't hesitate to use these Best Beautiful Happy Birthday Wishes to Me as you celebrate your Birthday.

41. Nothing can be more beautiful than a woman who's unapologetically herself and knows to wish herself a happy birthday. Happy birthday to me.

42. I pray to not just grow in number but to be vastly developed psychology, mentally and emotionally that I no longer seek validation to be me. So help me God.

43. The last time I travelled in my head, I found my self on the throne in success land with the most aesthetic paintings used to dress my home . This is where I want to go this new year.

The birthday girl just wants to be on top of her game.

44. Several people are definitely celebrating their birthdays today, you're one lucky son of God if you're acquainted with any... You're most blessed if I'm the one you will be sending your wishes to. Happy birthday to me.

45. Sorrow can not take over, pain can not have a voice because as I celebrate my birthday, all I want to do is dedicate my life to God and surrender my heart to art.

46. Nothing vindicates a birthday celebration than the celebrant being happy. I'm choosing happiness today and beyond because every birthday deserves to be celebrated.

47. You'd be barking up the wrong tree if you're expecting me to nurse any sorrow this coming year. I'm choosing joy always from this day. Birthday shout out to me!

48. It must be the happiness I exude that's making me feel younger when the calendar says I'm getting older today.

49. I'm as opened to cakes and gifts just like I'm opened to your wishes. It'd be a perfect birthday if I received all.

50. Several things I did 15 years ago now amuse me. I can't wait to think about this day in the next fifteen years. I will do everything this year and beyond to ensure that my thought then won't be of regret. Cheers to a new beginning!

Sweet Happy Birthday Wishes to Myself

Here are Cute and Sweet Happy Birthday Wishes to Myself you can use.

51. To quote one of my favourite pieces of art ' it gets better' Yeah, I believe this three simple but groundbreaking words will work for me this new year.

52. My hope for a better life has never been this stronger, My dream for a great future has not been this clear. cheers to a new beginning!

53. All birthdays come with a significance. I know this one comes with a strong conviction of a blessed tomorrow.

54. Vibrating fiercely in my heart that I can't keep is a rejuvenated passion and love for myself. Everything seems new just like the dawn of the day... Happy birthday to me.

55. Even erudite have not been able to accurately accentuate your ways! You've proven to me in this last year that you do not think as men think. You've given me joy like a river and hope that doesn't faint.

56. I can't say I have it all, but I can say I have all it takes to have all I need...I have God, that's how I know the future and this new year is bright!

57. Sometimes I wonder if I was a bad ass at birth or just a small child who wanted a chance at life. Whichever one I didn't really matter... I've evolved into something wonderful, feels good to celebrate another year.

58. I'm aware it's impossible for me to live through this coming year unscathed. Life's touchy, it always touches you.I just ask for the grace to not let life's touches completely ruin me.

59. The greatest downfall of a man is fear and fear is scared of me...There's no way I'm staying a failure this year.

60. Can't remember feeling this great the last time I celebrated a birthday. Could this be a sign that this year's going to be an exceptionally fine one? I hope it is.

Lovely Happy Birthday Wishes to Myself

Have a blissful Birthday celebration and don't hesitate to use these Lovely Happy Birthday Wishes to Myself

61. Success has been tickling me since forever, touching me in the most sensitive parts, making me long for it like my life depends on it and then leaving me to crave more.

I'm turning the table round this year, I'm dreaming big and going for my dreams, I'm taking success unaware, before the first half of this new year, success will want me bad!

62. I have been countlessly knocked off my feet with the immense love that I've experienced since identifying my creator. I hope this simple acknowledgement counts for an appreciation for a new beginning!

63. I'm constantly in awe of his continuous reminder that I'm jealousy cherished and blessed among peers.

I don't take God's blessings for granted. So, this year I'll channel my strength into something worthwhile, serving God!

64. Some time ago, I was unmoved and unmotivated, I was rooted and satisfied with my lot. Some time ago, I was a year younger. Now, I'm a year older and I've never been this inspired to evoke great things!

65. I feel like the most blessed among all the legends born on this day, I have all of you to thank for that.

66. I will tread the right path this new year even if I shake rigorously to do it.

67. I've been informed by your predecessor of your significance and grace. Was told you're golden and brave and that you would lead me to greatness! I couldn't wait to have you because I believe all the testimonies about you. Happy birthday to me.

68. I hope the universe won't hold it against me if I say all I want from this new year is love in its purest unadulterated form.

69. My heart throbs whenever I remember the darkest moments of my life, but not as much as it rejoices whenever I remember that God's got me and definitely not as much as it melts when I remember how blessed I am to be surrounded by so much love and life... I pray for more rejoicing as I start afresh.

70. It's been a tug of war this past year with so much on my table being unattended to. I've been more controlled by life than I've been in control of life because I've let people dictate the things I should do. This new year, things are changing cause I am now fully in charge of the life that God has purposed for me.

Amazing Happy Birthday Wishes for Myself

Check out these trending Amazing Happy Birthday Wishes for Myself.

71. I believe there's still enough magic in the world to erase every trace of difficulty and evoke pleasurable surprises this new year.

72. I'm not getting tired of telling this " I love me" story soon.seriously, all I want as I start a new beginning is to have people who'll be gracious enough to never tire of hearing me and kind enough to accept the way I tell my story.

73. My ears are tuned to life's symphony, my heart pants towards the love given freely and my feet are geared towards treading the path of greatness this year and beyond.

74. I've been to a place unworthy of narration. I've stayed in the ebb for long times than necessary, but I've also had joy unspeakable. Don't be confused, the presence of joy isn't the absence of challenges... I know this, and that is why I wish that my joy is great enough this year that every other thing ceases to matter.

75. I want to be so overwhelmed with joy and love this new year that the expression I'm known for is a bright help me God.

76. I've had an encounter with diverse feeling this past year but none compares with the euphoria of making art and magic from it all... May this new year not lack art and music.

77. I feel great in the most intense way. So great I am convinced that this new beginning will lure me into the ambience of God's grace and favour.

78. I have walked up to literates to get an ode about you and your works to mankind, none of them have been able to perfectly capture your essence.

To think I've been created in the image of someone as great as you are is exceedingly exciting... My focus this year is to appreciate you for this privilege.

79. Happy birthday to someone who's unwavering, razor sharp and deeply tender, yeah! It's my birthday.

80. I'm in awe every blessed day of how deeply I'm loved my friends and family, sometimes I still feel like I'm in a trance. I don't want to ever recover from the love.Happy birthday to me.

Wonderful Happy Birthday Wishes to Myself

Your Birthday is wonderful and here are Wonderful Happy Birthday Wishes to Myself to match it up.

81. I'm a morning person only on my birthdays, I always anticipate the goodness and celebration that comes with the day, I've never been disappointed and I hope this birthday is not an exception.

82. I liken myself sometimes to the sun, passionate, fierce and unapologetically bright. I'm elated to be a year brighter.

83. Dear self, enjoy the feeling of being a year wiser today than worry about acting a year wiser tomorrow! Happy birthday to me.

84. I finally have the right to eat as many chocolates as my hands can grab and laughing until my stomach hurts.happy birthday to me!

85. This celebrant would like to thank everyone who's deemed it fit to compliment her looks, works, and art this past year. I hope to enjoy this new year with people like you to compliment me.

86. As another year has gone by, I've been reminded of multitudes of things I'm yet to achieve and countless things that I've achieved. I appreciate God for the lessons and blessings.

86. There are moments etched into my heart forever, moments I could never forget even if I tried. Times that have helped to reaffirm God's loving kindness to me. I don't take these moments for granted. As I open a new chapter of my life. I wish that more beautiful moments will be discovered and created.

87. Your name on my lips is like a sound of gushing waters, always eager to come out and dominate.

I feel blessed that you've put your name in my mouth and your word in my soul. May this new year be more about calling the sweetest name of Jesus!

88. I've been reminded again of the great possibilities of new beginnings as I celebrate another birthday today.

89. Every blessed year I get to celebrate my birthday, I always experience positive changes and groundbreaking successes I believe this year will not be different.

90. I'm so short of words to capture the euphoria I'm currently enjoying, the height of excitement and celebration is giving me thrills ...I'm so glad to witness yet another birthday.

Best Happy Birthday Wishes for Myself

Best Happy Birthday  Wishes for Myself you can use as you celebrate your special day.

91. There was a time in my life I was irrevocably tired of everything, I felt like I could not be anything but depressed. Then I encountered someone who made a long-lasting impression on me that's made me happier that I never imagined I could be. I just want to use this chance at a new beginning to say thank you, Lord.

92. If I emptied my tank of thanks, it would not still be able to accurately express my depth of gratitude towards God for giving me life and grace to witness another birthday.

93. I wish that this year be more about fulfilling purpose and impacting lives. Happy birthday to me!

94. I wish sometimes that I could accurately describe my story from birth and how kind God has been because it's the only way some people can ever believe that birthdays are to be celebrated and cherished.

94. Somebody cute, adorable and promising was birthed several years ago by a brave woman. Today, Someone beautiful, daring and purposeful is making dreams come to fruition! Happy birthday to me.

95. Everything about a birthday oozes celebration and fun! Everything about me speaks about relevance, impact and purpose.

Because today is my birthday, I'm intertwining both things to work to my advantage... I'm celebrating and imparting lives this year!

96. I can boldly say I'm absolutely ready for this new phase of my life.

97. Another season of celebration is finally upon me and I'm so giddy about it. This year, I want people who will make me feel at home no matter where I am.

98 . Even if I have less than the things I actually wish for, I know the things I have are worthy of admiration and this new year will birth better things...

This is why I'm saying thank you, Jesus!

99. On this great birthday of mine. I just wish I never fall out of the truth and love cause these ones are the ultimate!

100. I want more of a year like the one I just concluded. A year that's taught me balance in the most alluring way. Happy birthday to me.

  • Written By Adebayo Esther.

Here are some suggested quotes and words for birthday wishes which can brighten any birthday and that you can write in a card or incorporate in a birthday .

Birthday Wishes For Myself – Heartfelt, Inspirational & Prayer

i wish myself happy birthday

Who doesn’t love birthday celebrations? We all do! Although some people think birthdays are just an opportunity for friends and family to meet again, for others a birthday is far more than that. 

Birthdays make us look back to the years that have passed. We start to realize how strong we are for surviving life’s challenges and the lessons we have learned all through the years. Even though a birthday is an inevitable sign of us getting older, it is also a great reminder of how blessed we are to have lived another year. It gives us a chance to correct our mistakes, achieve more goals, appreciate the world’s beauty, and spend quality time with our loved ones. Birthdays should be a celebration of our being; of what we have become. We encourage you to first greet yourselves a happy birthday because you are alive today and hopefully blessed with many more years to live!

Here we have compiled happy birthday to me quotes that we thought you might like as you celebrate your special day. We also want to be the first people to greet you a Happy Birthday! May you continue to live this life, blessed and a blessing to others. Have a blast!

Happy Birthday To Me Quotes

1. Today is the most important day of my life. And I’m going to celebrate it accordingly. Happy birthday to me.


2. My journey so far in life has been amazing, and I want to thank God for that. Happy birthday to me.


3. Wishing myself a joyous birthday full of God’s amazing blessings.


4. My being alive and healthy today is as a result of none other than the almighty God. I’ll forever be grateful to you, God. Happy birthday to myself.


5. On my special day, I wish myself happiness and great accomplishments in the coming year. Happy birthday to me.


6. Today is the birthday of one of the world’s greatest men. Happy birthday to me.


7. I’m my only hope. I don’t believe in anyone but myself. Happy birthday to me.


8. On this special day of mine, I just want to give thanks to the almighty God for the gift of life and happiness. I pray that He continues to bless me throughout the year.


9. I walk around believing there’s nothing I cannot accomplish simply because I believe in myself. Happy birthday to me.


10. It’s my birthday today, and by all means, I shall party until I can party no more.


11. You’re free to join in if you want to. Happy birthday to me.


12. On this day, I wish myself a life filled to the brim with happiness. Happy birthday to me.


13. Happy Birthday to my beautiful self.

14. Birthday? Who’s Birthday? It’s my Birthday! Yaaaaayyyyyy.


15. Keep calm and happy birthday to me.


16. Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday, dear me. Happy birthday to me.


17. Keep calm and sing happy birthday to me. I’m a princess today!


18. So, what if nobody came? I’ll have all the ice cream and tea. And I’ll laugh at myself. And I’ll dance with myself. And I’ll sing Happy birthday to me.


19. I am what I am. That’s a great thing to be! If I say so myself, Happy birthday to me. – Dr. Seuss


20. Yay! It’s my birthday once again! Wishing me, myself and I a memorable birthday full of the Lord’s blessings. Happy birthday to me.


21. Today, I just want to thank God for adding another year to my life. Happy birthday to me.


22. I will put a smile on my face and won’t let the troubles of life get me down because it’s my birthday today. A very happy birthday to me.


23. I’m officially a year older today and much cooler than ever. Happy birthday to me.


24. Today, I’m going to be selfish and focus all my attention on me. Today, I make myself my priority. Happy birthday to me.


25. This special day makes me a year older and more beautiful than ever! Happy birthday to me.


26. Today, I’m going to have fun with my friends and loved ones because it’s a very special day for me. Happy birthday to me.


27. I’m going to do something really fun and cool today because it’s my birthday.


28. Thank you, God, for blessing me with another year of life.


29. It’s my birthday! And by God, I shall celebrate and party like tomorrow never exists. Thank you, God.


30. I’m such an awesome person that it’s hard for anyone not to recognize it – even me! Happy birthday to me.


31. Wishing myself the happiest of birthdays. On this special day, I just want to thank you God for the priceless gift of life that He has given me and for the wonderful people He has put in my life.


32. It’s my birthday! I’m getting older and cooler at the same time, which makes me special. This doesn’t often happen to a lot of people.


33. Happy birthday to a person that is beautiful, smart, cool and reminds me a lot of myself.


34. I celebrate me today because I know I’m special and living my life in grace and favor. Happy birthday to myself.


35. I might not be the richest person in the world or the world’s president but I have happiness, peace of mind, and most importantly the gift of life. Thank you, God, for blessing me with such priceless gifts. On my birthday, I celebrate these little but priceless things. Happy birthday to me.


36. I celebrate my special day with the realization that I am currently in possession of the most priceless gift on Earth – LIFE. Happy birthday to me.


37. It’s my birthday, and I shall rejoice because I know how far God has brought me in this life. May the good Lord be forever praised. Happy birthday to me.


38. Before the avalanche of birthday wishes come in, let me be the first to wish myself a very wonderful birthday. God bless me.

39. I’m excited today because it’s my birthday. Today, I pray for happiness, peace, and prosperity. I know God will answer my prayers. Happy birthday to myself.


40. I’m alive, self-dependent, and beautiful. I’m so proud of who I am. Happy birthday to me.


41. On my special day, I just want to wish myself pure happiness that never ends. Happy birthday to me.


42. I certainly consider myself to be one of the luckiest people in this world, which is why on my birthday, I don’t want to ask God for anything but thank Him for all the good things He has blessed me with over the years. Thank you, Father.


43. Happy birthday to sweet me! I am blessed and highly favored.


44. I am thankful to God for blessing me every single day of my life. I’m a truly blessed soul. Happy birthday to me.


45. Today is my birthday, and by God, I shall treat myself like a King/Queen – even if it’s just for one day.


46. I feel deep within my heart that this special day is going to mark the beginning of a wonderful year for me. Happy birthday to me.


47. I just want to thank God for keeping me alive to see this special day of mine. Happy birthday to me.


48. I am proud of my accomplishments thus far. It feels so good to be me. Happy birthday to myself.


49. As I celebrate my birthday, I ask for God’s blessings in my life. May I be blessed with happiness, good health, and prosperity. Happy birthday to me.


50. Today marks yet another amazing day for me. Thanks to the Lord Almighty, a new age has been awarded me, and I pray for many more days like this joyous anniversary I am experiencing today.


51. Hurray! It is here again, and I want to share this special day of mine with you all. Happy birthday to me! The Lord has been merciful to me and I pray for more mercies in the years ahead.


52. I pray to the Lord for more of an ecstatic day like today. Not many have the opportunity to have a new year added to their lives. It is only by Your grace that I can celebrate today. I wish myself a cheerful birthday.


53. Hurray! The day has come again for me to say a wish, and I wish myself success and everlasting happiness as I celebrate a birthday full of joy today.


54. I am very thankful and grateful to the Almighty for granting me yet another year. I pray for an abundance of grace in my world.


55. Special thanks to the Lord and everyone who has been instrumental in my life. I pray for many more heavenly days like today. Happy birthday to me.


56. I will be forever grateful to the Lord for giving me another special day on this earth. On this day, I pray for a peaceful birthday and supernatural guidance in the life ahead.


57. Lord, thank you for giving and blessing me with this special day. I will forever praise You. I pray that You continue to give me many more days like today.


58. Lord, please guide me in all that I do today and in the many days and years ahead as I celebrate my birthday.


59. I will drink and make merry today, because it is that wonderful day again and I give all credits to the Lord for making it possible for me. I pray for a joyful anniversary today and always. Amen.


60. Singing, dancing and praising the Lord is the least that I can do to show appreciation for including yet another age to mine. I pray for more jubilant days ahead. Happy birthday to me.


61. No one has shown me more love, care, and mercies than You have done, Oh Lord; and on my birthday today, I want to thank you for all that You have done for me and the many more wonders that You are yet to do in this world for me.


62. Living to see yet another wonderful year is a priceless blessing. Dear God, on this special day, I cry for more priceless blessings like this.


63. Today is my birthday, and my heart is full of nothing but gratitude. I pray that the Lord will grant me more special days like this to praise His name.

64. I am special today because I am getting an additional year in this world. I beseech advancement in my career and finances. Wishing myself the happiest of birthdays.


65. Lord, I cannot thank you enough for all the wonderful things You have done for me. Today is another wonderful gift that You have given me, and I will make merry and praise Your mighty name. Happy anniversary to me.


66. I live a magical life, and I can only thank the Lord for making it possible. I pray to the Lord for more and more better days to come.


67. Happy blessed birthday to me! I pray for the directions of the Lord and for better opportunities to come my way. Amen.


68. I’m thankful to my Creator for all what He has done in my life, most importantly for giving me the privilege to enjoy another birthday in good health and happiness.  Thank you, God. Happy birthday to me.


69. As I commemorate the day I was ushered into this world, I just want to shout out loud how grateful I am for being in possession of the priceless and precious gift of life, which is without a shred of doubt the biggest birthday gift I could ever ask for. Happy birthday to me.


70. Today is my birthday. And as I celebrate it, I’m thankful for the great blessing of waking up in the morning to see another day. I’m also grateful for all the good things that the good Lord has done in my life over the years, and I pray that He continues to shower my life with His precious blessings. Happy birthday to me.


71. Happy Birthday to someone awesome, talented, beautiful, and funny! Yes, that’s right, it’s my birthday.


72. Today I’m going to party hard like I have all the right excuses- because I do! It’s my birthday. Happy birthday to me. Look out world, this party animal has been let off the leash.


73. I believe that I am the equivalent to a fine wine or a delicious old cheese. The older the better. I am thrilled to be another year older today! Happy Birthday to me.


74. They say that having birthdays are just like going over speed bumps through life before you get old. Well, today’s my birthday and I’m flying over this one right to the cocktail party. Happy birthday to me.


75. Every year I swear I’m getting more beautiful, awesome, adorable, and lovely to be around- congrats on another year and happy birthday to you. Love, me.


76. I’ve always wanted an excuse to eat tons of food, dress up, play around the house all day, and do whatever I wanted for just one day. Now I can because today is my birthday! Yeah me.


77. Dear self, stay calm and know that fun is on the way… um, actually, you forgot to order the cake and invite all the people, so it may be a while. Anyway, happy birthday.


78. Dear friends and family, it’s my birthday! You can drop off all presents at my doorstep or just take me out to lunch. Thanks in advance for all the gifts! Happy birthday to me.


79. Yay for me! I finally have an excuse to wear as much glitter as I want. It’s my birthday! Happy birthday to me.


80. I swear you guys, 30 has never looked so good! Of course, now that I’m in it.

81. Happy birthday to me and you are welcome to all you fellow 30-year-olds. This year is going to rock.


82. Aww. Thanks so much to all the people who remembered me on my birthday. That equals about: one. Happy birthday to me, from myself.


83. Happy Birthday to me! Here is to another year of terrible decisions and reckless abandon.


84. Today is my birthday! My fifth 30th birthday, to be exact! Happy Birthday to me.


85. Happy Birthday to me! Turning a year older has made me wonder about certain things, like how much longer can I get away with telling people that I am twenty-five?


86. As I wish myself a Happy Birthday, I can’t help but think of all of the things that getting older brings with it….wait, what was I saying, again? Oh, well! Happy Birthday to me.


87. Wishing myself a very Happy Birthday! Cheers to another year of mishaps, shenanigans, and other somewhat adult behavior!


88. To be another year wiser, braver, and better must really be something! Maybe next year! Happy Birthday to me.


89. It is my birthday, and while I should know better, I really do not! Cheers to me, anyway.


90. With many people’s birthdays come a sense of responsibility and maturity, phooey to that! Happy Birthday to me.


91. Happy Birthday to the most glorious and intelligent person that I know! Myself!


92. With age comes aches, crankiness, and forgetfulness! But there is cake! There is always cake! Happy Birthday to me.


93. Most people change when they age; I always manage to stay thirty-five! Wishing myself a Happy Birthday.


94. Best wishes to me, on my birthday! Every time my birthday occurs, I do not count the number of years that have passed! I count the number of procedures I have had! I am only up to three, so I am good.


95. Most birthdays involve remembering old times. Fortunately for me, I can’t even remember what I did, even five minutes ago! Happy Birthday to me.


96. Some days are more glorious than others! This day is not one of them! Happy Birthday to me.


97. As I commemorate my birthday, I do not just see someone who is a year older, and has wrinkles. I also see someone with gray hair! Happy Birthday to me.


98. Today, I have decided that getting older is great! Well, not for me! For someone else! Best Wishes, on my birthday.


99. Cheers to me, on my birthday! Now that it is here, I am grateful to be a year older! More things ache, but I am too old to think about all of them, and to really care.


100. Since it is my birthday, I have looked in the mirror, and found that it is not so bad! I can still pretend to be ten years younger than I actually am! Happy Birthday to me.


101. The arrival of my special day has reminded me that there are so many things that a person my age should know! I do not know any of them, but I am sure there are many! Happy Birthday to me.


102. As the years have gone by, I have seen a multitude of things! Thankfully, this year marks my getting closer to be too old to remember any of them! Happy Birthday to me.


103. Wishing myself a Happy Birthday! My birthday has shown me that age is only a number! One of which I plan to keep a secret, for as long as I can.


104. Here is to me, on my birthday! Being the oldest person in the room really says something about me! I am not sure if it is good or bad, but it really says something about me.


105. On my birthday, I honor the fact that no one will ever know my real age! Cheers, to me.


106. The date of my birth has made me realize that a person does not get to my age, without making smart decisions, and always thinking things through! It is truly, a wonder that I even made it this far! Happy Birthday to me.


107. Wishing myself a Happy Birthday! On this day, I am aware of the fact that most of the people in my life, now see me as being old! It is now time to get some new friends.


108. I’m not old. I’m classic! Happy birthday to me.

109. Here is to me, on my very, special day! I now see that the age that I am should not matter to anyone else, mainly because it does not matter to me! I can barely remember it.


110. Even though a lot of things have changed about me, through the years, some things have stayed the same: I am no wiser than yesterday! Cheers, to me.


111. On my birthday, I took a nice, long look at the friends I have who are about my age. Then I left the room, to get away from all of those old people! Happy Birthday to me.


112. My birthday makes me think of something that a person can be reminded of when marking his or her special day: the person celebrating it is still young and has much to do! This is not one of those birthdays! Happy Birthday to me.


113. When I woke up today, I remembered that it was my birthday then I forgot about all of the things that I planned to do and fell asleep! Happy Birthday to me.


114. Dear self, have a wonderful day and don’t forget you can now park in the handicap spaces everywhere. Happy birthday you oldie.


115. Even though I’m super old now, I’m glad my taste buds are still working- so I can still enjoy my cake and eat it too! Happy birthday to me.


116. Even though I have come to an age when my train-of-thought sometimes leaves without me, I’m ok with it. I mean, I have enough money now to afford riding in a Cadillac instead, so I guess some things do work out in the end. Happy birthday to me.


117. When did I get so stinking old?! I can only meet up with friends these days by visiting the cemetery- that’s when you know you’re old. Oh well, happy birthday to me.


118. Now that I’m officially middle-aged and my brain has caught up with me, why does my body have to start running away?! It’s just not fair. I guess I know what I’m buying myself on my birthday: Botox and a gym membership. Happy birthday to me.


119. Hey guys, I finally figured out what the wonder years are all about- these days all I do is wonder where things are, like my phone, my wallet, my car. Yeah, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Happy birthday to me. Yay.


120. Dear people, I know, it’s my birthday today. What I miss the most is being at the age when I thought all the shit I had planned would work out. Now I’m old enough to realize it won’t and it officially sucks. Happy birthday to me. P.S. Please send all sympathy cards to my Facebook timeline so I can feel better about myself.


121. Well, guys, it’s official. I’m old. I was online today and had to actually scroll down to find my birth year in the scrollbar. Happy birthday to me. Yippee.


122. Happy birthday to myself, keep on loving the life that you are in because it is truly yours.


123. Once again I am in control of the life that I am living and it is great, happy birthday to me.


124. Dear me, I wish that I can tell you just how proud I am of you and all of your achievements.


125. I love what I have become after all these years, so to me, I am saying a very happy birthday.

126. Happy birthday to myself for whom I cannot even imagine how life would be without you.


127. Happy birthday to me, I am definitely loving this day I hope it would keep being this way.


128. Those who never thought I would amount to anything should watch my ascension into stardom! I’m getting there. Happy birthday to me.


129. When I look back, I see how I’ve managed to grow to this height. Kudos to me and happy birthday to this lovely me.


130. Life and people have turned me down, a lot of times. But, I’ve made up my mind, I won’t settle for less. Happy birthday to me.


131. I might be surrounded by bad people. But who cares? Cos life itself is a bitch! Ain’t stopping now! Happy birthday to me.


132. Life will throw many obstacles in our life’s path, which will make us sad or disappointed at times. Dealing positively with these obstacles is what makes the difference between them turning into worse states or being overcome. Thank God for my life. Happy birthday to me.


133. Dear God, forgive me for the hours I wasted, for the chances I failed to take, for the opportunities I missed this past year. Help me in the days ahead to make this the best year yet, and through it to bring good credit to myself. Happy birthday to me.


134. A person is never too old to dream, or set some goals in life, or enough to strive. Because life gives new opportunity every way. Happy birthday to me.


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