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I wish a bitch would quotes
March 23, 2019 Wedding Anniversary Wishes No comments

Though I did not know her personally, author-poet-truth-teller Dr. Maya Angelou gave me one of life's greatest gifts: the courage to speak.

I love swearing.

I say shit, fuck, fucking – as in “That’s so fucking cool”… I guess I’m just like everyone else, right? You do the same thing, don’t you? Give me some reassurance here.
Okay, so maybe my swear word vocabulary isn’t the most fluent. I hardly use any curses other than those, even if recently, I’ve added a new word to my vulgar vernacular: Bitch. Welcome, Bitch.

It took me by surprise the first time. I wondered where it came from.

I was joking around with a friend when suddenly I called her “such a bitch,” which had her totally cracking up. Still though, as soon as the word crossed my lips, I was kind of a little shocked. Missy Elliott, get out of my body!!!

I’m not sure when the word started to be used in everyday language. Alex tells me that it all started with the super cult teen movie Mean Girls where the girls call each other slut and whore and bitch but I wasn’t in the US yet for all that.

I feel like a while back we were saying be-atch to be funny, which made it easier to use and it ended up in daily language. It became a funny word, like a little poke, not exactly appropriate, but not so inappropriate either.

So now, girls are ok to call each other that. Beyoncé has a new song that asks us to “Bow Down Bitches.” Kanye put together a track that talks about Kim Kardashian as the “Perfect Bitch.” In a totally different world, Thug Kitchen, a vegan food blog, told me to calm my bitch ass down and even Gwyneth is on board.

Oh and for that matter, here is what I saw last fashion week.

Nice hat.

I’m a little confused. I mean, Thug Kitchen cracks me up, and I listen to hip hop all day long with all the very explicit language, and I’m for an uninhibited and modern language, and I understand that reappropriating a term means you can take some of its original outrage away (it’s called reclaiming from what I’ve heard)…

But sometimes I wonder if the joke is on us (us, the “bitches”) when we play with these kind of words.
Yes, I am talking about feminism and respect for ourselves and all that.

What do you think? How carefully do you choose your words? What takes it too far? Or do you find all that just super fun?

Translation : Tim Sullivan

Bitch I Might Be” is an ambiguous retort falsely attributed to Atlanta-based ' BITCH I MIGHT BE' PIC IS PROBABLY FAKE, EVEN THOUGH WE WISH IT Buzzfeed – This Gucci Mane Quote Would Be The Greatest Admission Of Guilt Ever.

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i wish a bitch would quotes


"Bitch I Might Be" is an ambiguous retort falsely attributed to Atlanta-based rapperGucci Mane in a photoshopped image posted to Reddit in April of 2013. The phrase is often used in text posts and image macro captions shared on the microblogging site Tumblr.


On April 10th, 2013, Gucci Mane appeared in court where he was indicted for assaulting a military soldier with a champagne bottle. On April 17th, Redditor hellpony submitted a photoshopped screenshot of a local news report to the /r/Funny subreddit, which changed the on-screen text to read "Rapper Gucci Mane responds with 'bitch I might be' when asked if guilty" (shown below), referencing a lyric from his 2006 single Pillz." Within one month, the post accrued more than 10,300 upvotes and 360 comments.


The same day, many blogs reposted the photoshopped image trying to diffuse the truth behind the image including, E! Online, The Drop, Buzzfeed and MTV. Also on April 17th, the phrase was used on Twitter more than 10,000 times. By April 30th, Tumblr users were discussing the popularity of the catchphrase on the microblogging site (shown below, left) and within several days began adding the phrase “bitch I might be” into quotes attributed to historical figures (shown below, right).

On May 3rd, TumblTrends2013 noted that the phrase was beginning to pick up steam throughout the site. Two days later, the Twitter account @BitchIMightBe began posting tweets made to look like multiple choice questions with the answers “yes,” “no” and “bitch I might be.” Within 12 days, the account gained nearly 60,000 followers. On May 6th, there were over 12,500 tweets containing the phrase "bitch I might be" according to the Twitter analytics site Topsy (shown below).

Notable Examples

Additional instances can be found via the Tumblr tag #Bitch I Might Be, where it is also used as a descriptive tag for text posts.

Search Interest

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i wish a bitch would quotes

• Disability Bitch is published every other Thursday.
• The rest of the time, you can follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Readers, it's been a long and nervous week for many disabled people, what with the fresh financial year signalling the rolling out of new Incapacity Benefit reassessments, and the publication of the government's response to its own consultation on Disability Living Allowance reform.

On a personal note, I also ran out of medication and had to phone my GP 13 times before I got through and was able to make an appointment to get a repeat prescription, and I fell over twice whilst engaged in the challenging practice of getting out of bed with the light off.

Yes, this week, life as a disabled person has felt to me somewhat precarious, riddled with uncertainty, and very hard work. So allow me to speak frankly: I was somewhat taken aback when I heard that national treasure, British actor and Hollywood icon, Jeremy Irons, had stated in a recent interview that smokers like himself should be afforded the same rights as disabled people and children.

At first, I thought I must've mis-read it: surely Jeremy meant disabled people and children should have the same privileges as wealthy actors such as himself? But no. The widely reported interview quotes the Oscar winner, former Playaway star, and dedicated chain smoker, as saying that a recent crackdown on smoking in New York public spaces is "a terrible bullying of a minority that cannot speak back".

The article says that good old Jeremy wants smokers to be protected "like handicapped people and children".

I know, I know, the word 'handicapped' isn't everyone's cup of tea, but every time disabled people argue about this, a little piece of my soul dies, so let's not go there, not this week when there're more interesting things to discuss.

I'm not particularly outraged that he made the comparison; several disability organisations have already got all hot and bothered so I don't have to waste my time. They've spouted the usual stuff: smoking is a choice, disability is not, Jeremy is an idiot for suggesting they are equivalent, you've taken my parking space do you also want my disability? That kind of thing. Excuse me, I dozed off for a minute there with the predictability of my own commentary.

This, by the way, is the man who claimed earlier this year that he wasn't bothering to attend the Oscars because he'd miss most of the ceremony as he'd be outside, smoking. Truly, he's dedicated to his art.

What I'm far more interested in, is the question of what would happen if Jeremy's wish came true. What if smokers were treated in the same way as disabled people in this country?

First, I think Jeremy might be being a little optimistic. Of course, I'm aware of the numerous anti-discrimination laws that disabled people can invoke at the slightest hint of poor treatment, at least in theory, and I know about the numerous benefits, medical, council and voluntary services that exist to augment our unfortunate little lives.

Yet, as those Disableds presently awaiting the plop of DWP envelope on doormat know only too well, any smokers wishing to claim any rights or services under British law would first be assessed to confirm they qualify as 'smokers' in the first place.

There would be a very clear definition of what constitutes a 'smoker' and what does not, and any wishing to claim support would be expected to fill out a seventy-two page form and be subject to assessment from a smoking 'expert' they've never even met before. Certainly not their own tobacconist.

This expert will ensure everything they've written on those forms is true and that applicants do, indeed, inhale enough nicotine to qualify.

There would be severe penalties for those attempting to defraud the system. Tabloid newspapers would regularly publish exposés of claimants they deem unworthy. And there would be a government-funded hotline which people could call to report their neighbours are not smoking enough.

Jeremy, if you're reading, is this the utopia you had in mind? Give me a call, I'm sure we could arrange it. In fact, I'd be happy to help: at least you'd be sharing the pain, and we could use some high profile support.

Facebook / Twitter

This week on Twitter, I was informed that, according to some academic research on disability and the internet, I - Disability Bitch - am a 'pop culture icon' with 'an international cult following'. If you'd like to join the cult, you can like me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter. It's what all the academics do.

• Disability Bitch is moving to a fortnightly slot on the Ouch! website. Her next column is in two weeks time on April 21.

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Search the movie quotes database using Google search engine. . Please call if you want to talk, or bitch about annoying family members who don't do . who hates it when people say sorry might wish the would keep quiet and say nothing!.

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i wish a bitch would quotes

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      i wish a bitch would quotes
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