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Hey you were on my mind and i just wanted to wish you a happy birthday

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Hey you were on my mind and i just wanted to wish you a happy birthday
August 30, 2019 Wedding Anniversary Wishes 5 comments

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It is true birthdays come each year, but finding the right way to celebrate the best people in your life is often a daily challenge, and taking those loved ones for granted can be so easy.

Fortunately, the following is a list of inspirational wishes to make those special people in your life feel cared for and loved- because it’s something we should do every day.

Happy Birthday Wishes for a Great Friend

  • A big happy birthday to my awesome friend- you dance through life so well. Have the best birthday and remember that you deserve it.
  • Although a flower can make me smile, a friend can be a garden of love, inspiration, and laughter that cannot be found anywhere else in this life. Thank you, friend, for being my garden.
  • Dearest friend, each and every day you remind me how life constantly challenges us, changes us, remakes us- and that it’ll all be worth it someday. Thank you for this wonderful gift.
  • For a friend that knows how to turn every obstacle into a stepping stone, and then a milestone for the record, I wish you the happiest of birthdays.


  • I know we haven’t been lifelong friends, but in the years we have left, I hope that we can share as much laughter, joy, and good wine as we have in the recent past. Happy birthday, bestie.
  • Your smile lights up a room and your friendship lights up my heart. Happy birthday to a dear friend that will always be family.
  • Dear friend, the one thing in life that has brought me the most warmth and joy in my heart is our friendship. It’s a blessed mystery that we ended up being such good friends, but I’m positive I’m never letting you go.
  • Dear friend, you’ve given the gift of friendship that is the least selfish- one where words are not needed and you understand before I speak. Happy birthday. May life bless you with all the happiness one’s heart can hold.
  • With You On My Side | Happy Birthday Message to a Friend

You’re Always the Silver Lining to my Cloud!

Happy Birthday Messages for my Love

  • Dear babe, you’re the best person I know. Every time life gives you a fork in the road, you pave a new one to go after your dreams. You truly inspire me. All my love and heartfelt wishes!
  • Wishing my darling all the stars in the sky and your dreams coming true tonight. You are the reason that I keep smiling. Happy Birthday, my love.
  • Without you my cupcakes would have no sprinkles and my life would be so empty. You’re my sunshine, my cutie pie, my everything! – Happy birthday, my love.
  • To the love of my life: if fate had not brought us together, where would I be? I’m sure on some other path that I’d hate, and worse, there would be no love in my life. Happy birthday and thank you for always making me smile.
  • The only thing of worth besides other presents I can give you today is the knowing that when you’re not here you are missed, when you’re present your love is felt, and when you’re leaving I already miss you. Because you’re the joy of my life. Wishing the best, love.
  • My gift for you is the gift of love and I promise I’ll always give you this gift for the rest of our lives. Best wishes, my love!
  • They say the only real happiness in life is to find someone who knows how to be loved and love back. Well, I’ve found my person that does that so perfectly. It’s you. Happy birthday, sweetie.
  • My Most Precious Feelings | Unique Romantic Birthday Wishes for my Lover

Get your body moving on the dancefloor!

Birthday Greetings for my Siblings

  • To my brother who has taught me how to live the happiest life- you inspire me to believe in myself, and I believe in you too.
  • Dear brother, it’s not often that one gets to say she has a personal bodyguard, best friend, and playmate all in one. You’re really the best. Happy birthday, bro.
  • To my sister- I wasn’t sure I wanted another sibling until you came along, and now, I can’t imagine life without my little sprinkles. Happy birthday, sis! I love you.
  • To my sister and friend: may whichever path you take lead you to your destiny. You deserve the very best and I have faith you will find it.
  • Dear bro, I know mom and dad may not always be around, but I also know that we can do anything and conquer the world arm in arm. You’re the best. Happy birthday.
  • Hey sis, so I know as the older child you had a duty to pick on me when we were younger, but I just wanted to say thanks for beating up the other kids who tried. Happy birthday.
  • To my brother: just wanted to say that without you my childhood would have been utterly boring. Thanks for helping me live it up back in the good old days. Happy birthday.
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Smart, Suave, Sophisticated & Supercillious

Birthday Quotes for my Parents

  • To my loving Dad- you live life from the heart and lead others with a skip in your step. Wishing you the best birthday you’ve ever had. Because you really are the best!
  • To the one person who is my best friend, my mentor, my partner in crime, and my biggest inspiration to never give up on life: my mother. Happy Birthday, mom. You’re the one person who always puts joy in my heart.
  • Dad, if it was not for you I would have mistaken all of life’s setbacks for failures. But you’ve taught me that the success is in the lessons learned. Happy birthday to you, my hero. I love you so much.
  • Wow Dad, how time flies. Through the years you’ve taught me so many things like patience, kindness, self-respect. I can never thank you enough for all you’ve given me. Have the most blessed, happiest birthday.
  • Dear mom, you have taught me so many things, but most importantly, you’ve taught me to focus on the important parts of life- and it has made mine so much brighter. I don’t know where I’d be without you. Happy Birthday to my hero.


Birthday Greetings for a Handsome Man

  • To a wonderful guy who deserves all the best- here’s to you! Celebrate this special day all you can and may you see this as an opportunity to turn to another page and begin the best chapter of your life yet! Have the happiest birthday.
  • To the greatest guy I know- you’re the best because you lead with kindness, passion, and integrity. And that’s next to impossible to come by these days. Have the happiest birthday ever.
  • The message of your life is too big to fit in a bottle- and I’m so glad you know this and don’t try to fit in, anywhere. But thanks for hanging out with me, big shot.
  • Some say life is similar to a box of chocolates, where you never know exactly what you’ll get- but when the world got you we truly got the best. I’m sure of it. Happy Birthday to the greatest guy I know.
  • Hey bro, congrats on making it through another year of your life with simple complications. You know, the ones you went through because, well, you can’t do anything simply. But that’s ok, life is messy anyway. We need more rock stars like you!
  • Best wishes to the most handsome guy on this planet. You’re going to great places because you are the good in someone’s bad day. I’m proud to know you and have you in my life.
  • Hey boo, I hope you have a day filled with the love that you deserve and a birthday cake that is as delicious as your swag and vibes. You’re the greatest.
  • You don’t need to bother aiming for the moon, because you’re already a real star. Another year older, but definitely another year brighter, pal. May it be filled with blessings and bright moments to last forever.
  • Happy Birthday to Him! | Birthday Wishes for a Man

Hey Cutie Pie, Where’s the Party?

Original Birthday Quotes for a Beautiful Woman

  • Congrats on another year, girl. Now with all the challenges you’ve faced this year you can truly say the best is yet to come!
  • You make life look so easy, gorgeous. I think it’s because you know how to enjoy it. Here’s me hoping you have a fun filled birthday that is as enjoyable as you are. Best and magical wishes to you on this special day.
  • To the most beautiful birthday girl of the century: your life is amazing because you have not ignored the secret of it all- that love is the greatest thing, and you’re so good at loving others. Happy Birthday, and may it be all you deserve and more.
  • Some say being pretty can open doors of opportunity. But you open doors with your intentional living, loving care, and an open heart. And you make it look so easy too! Thank you for leading the rest of us on this worthwhile path. Happy Birthday, gorgeous woman.
  • You are a light shining bright today and always- because you have started each day with passion for life and it has smiled back at you. You’re my love and my inspiration.
  • To and woman that is beautiful in every way: you are the best simply because you try the hardest to be better. I’m so glad you’re a part of my life and I wish you the happiest of birthdays.
  • Your life shines bright because you don’t focus on all the storms, and it really inspires me. YOU, that is. Wishing the best to an amazing woman.
  • The sun rises every morning, but there is only one you, and you shine that bright. The earth turns into four seasons, but there’s only one you, and you stay the same, awesome you through them all. Congrats on being the best person I know- and have an amazing birthday.
  • Her Special Day! | Birthday Wishes for a Woman

Bright-Eyed & Button-nosed. That how you greet your every day, let alone your Birthday!

Wishes for an Awesome Girl

  •  To the dearest, most amazing girl I know: you still have much to learn but I can tell that you’re going to do this life right. You have so much to give and it’s a whole lot of good stuff.
  • Hey girlie! It’s your birthday today and I just wanted to say that I hope this year brings you strength for every challenge, and that each day brings you something to make your heart happy- because you make so many others so happy too.
  • To a beautiful girl on her birthday: never lose your kindness, for it will carry you through the darkest days. Never be stubborn to forgive, for it will open doors no one can shut. Never let anyone tell you that you’re not worthy of love, because you are.
  • ♥ and ♥ Only | Romantic Birthday Wishes for your Girlfriend


Messages for a Terrific Boy

  • Hey little man! Today is special because it’s the day you stepped into this world and made it so much better. You are a star.
  • Even though you are technically still a boy, you will soon be a man because you march to your own drum- and that’s the only way to really live. Happy Birthday, buddy. Keep on being YOU.
  • You’re lucky that you are still young, because you have time to build something that you can call a life. But along the way don’t forget to stop and smell the roses. Here’s to all the wonderful years that are waiting for you – have a blast!
  • You’re getting so big, boy! As you grow older and realize that life is one big canvas, don’t be afraid to draw outside the lines. Because if we’re being honest, there are no lines. Remember this.
  • Hey there birthday boy, for all the future years ahead of you remember that each small thing is something big. Every decision. Every step. Every daydream. It all adds up to Your Life. May this be the brightest and happiest birthday ever.

Happy Birthday.

Birthday Greetings for Someone I Admire

  • Happy birthday to a special person with such kindness, generosity, and compassion! May your zest for others return to you seven fold. You deserve it!
  • Never have I been so blessed as knowing you. You give of yourself completely to help everyone you can. May today be a day where you can kick back, relax, and treat yourself to a well-deserved day off.
  • Happy birthday to the one I admire! You are a great example of what it means to truly balance all parts of life. The love and attention you give to every person is nothing short of amazing; I pray to be more like you every day. Enjoy your special day!
  • Happiest of birthdays, my friend! Today, may you have confidence knowing the light you share with others radiates a much-needed positivity to an all-too dim world. Enjoy the blessings of this big day of yours!

Happy Birthday.

  • I wanted to take a moment to let you know just how special you are to me. Not only do I treasure our friendship, I also admire you in all you take on. Your ability to handle day-to-day tasks while also making time for others is amazing. On this day, may you know you are modeling such positive traits for others to follow.
  • Happy birthday to one inspiring person! If we could all be like you, the world would be a much better place. Enjoy your day!
  • Here’s to you, dear friend! Thank you for taking me under your wing this year and inspiring me to be more like you.
  • (rhyme) There’s no one like you to be found on the Earth. It’s true; to others you give so much worth. Your spirit is so tried and true. It’s time we all say, “Happy birthday to you!”
  • May today bring you karma abundant! Thankfully for you, all you do is good.
  • Birthday Wishes for an Important Person in your Life


Birthday Messages for Someone Who Seeks Inspiration

  • Happy birthday to such a dear friend! May this next year provide you with an abundance of opportunities for growth and lots of happiness.
  • To you, my special friend, I send this wish. May you see the glory of the heavens around you and the spirit of the Lord within you.
  • In life, what we seek we shall find. Let us always remember that what we seek elsewhere someone has already found in us. Living in that knowledge will bring you great joy.
  • A child opening the door for an elder. A disabled person overcoming the odds. A woman breaking glass ceilings in her field. May you continue to find inspiration around you in everyday occurrences like these. Here’s to you in your search for joy!
  • No matter what the past has brought, the best is yet to come! Here’s to my favorite pal, looking another year young! Good luck with everything you do!

inspiration, dedication, motivation, celebrate with elation!

  • Each year is like a rose. There are a few thorns along the way and petals may be lost, but the memories of the beautiful growth stay on for time to come. Happy birthday, dear friend! May you continue to bloom with others in the garden of your life.
  • As the challenges of life come your way, always remember that you run the race. The race does not run you. Happy birthday to the most determined person I know!
  • As each year comes, remember to keep joy in your heart and dreams in your mind. Happy birthday to my favorite joyful dreamer!
  • In you, I see nothing but potential for all things good. Take my confidence in you and soar to great heights, dear one. There you will find confidence in yourself. Here’s to you in the year to come!
  • As the sun shines on the fields, may the Lord’s grace shine into your heart. Happy birthday, loved one! Here’s hoping this year is your best yet!
  • Just as wine gets better with age, so do you. I am so proud and honored to have you in my life. Happiest of birthdays to you!

Birthday Messages for Someone Who Shouldn’t Give Up

  • Happy birthday to my tried and true friend! This past year may have been not-so-easy, but press on! You’ve got great dreams to achieve and happiness to attain.
  • Happy birthday, sweet one! May you continue to shine your light with the whole world!
  • Your life is one-of-a-kind. There is no one as special or thoughtful as you. Don’t let the little things get you down. Forge ahead and make straight your paths. Happy birthday, my fighter!
  • Look at you and how much you have grown in the past year. Just imagine the greatness that will cover your life in the next!
  • Don’t give up on all you desire. Life is too great a gift to squander any of it. Happy birthday to the one who can achieve it all!
  • Happy birthday, sweet soul! I know times have been tough and it may seem all for not, but keep pressing onto your goals. Dream big and love hard.

With age comes experience, but a wise man knows that you never stop learning. Another year BOLDER.

  • It may seem easy to give up on your dreams, but it will be even harder to live with the “what if…” Take this special day of yours and make your dreams into goals. Reach for the stars!
  • Have an awesome birthday, my dreamer! Your goals may be lofty, but never give up! It’s that drive in you that inspires so many others.
  • “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you.”Jeremiah 1:5 KJV. You are a blessed and loved child of God.  Lean on him as you strive for your dreams. He knows just how to help you achieve your goals.
  • When it seems easy to give up, that is the exact moment to push yourself harder. No limits. No fear. You can achieve all to which you set your mind. Happy birthday to our favorite goal-setter!
  • When goals are difficult to achieve and you feel like giving up, don’t. The harder it is to achieve, the greater the satisfaction upon its completion. Happy birthday to the one who motivates me to be better every day!


Birthday Greetings for my Boss

  • Happy birthday to our #1 boss! Thank you for always pushing us to do our best and hit our goals out of the park!
  • To the best boss around, we wish you an incredible birthday! A day with no deadlines and a chance to leave work early. Cheers to you today and always!
  •  A birthday wish from me to you (I am your favorite employee, after all). May today bring you peace, joy, and a good paycheck. Happy birthday to the one I am lucky to call my boss!
  • How did I get so lucky as to have you for my boss? You are fair, honest, and quite the leader. I couldn’t ask for anyone better to follow as we take this company to the next level. Happy birthday to my amazing boss who I am also honored to call my friend!
  • When it comes to bosses, you are far above the rest. Happy birthday to one awesome lady!
  • Bosses come and bosses go, but true leaders stand the test of time. Thank you for your devotion to our success and commitment to the cause. Happy birthday to the most deserving boss around!
  • Happy birthday, Mr. Boss Man! Keep hard at it and we are destined for nothing but ultimate success!
  • When it comes to bosses, we had no choice, but we are so glad we got stuck with you! Happy birthday to the best leader we could have asked for! You make every day worth coming in.

Happy birthday from your much younger friend.

Birthday Greetings for a Colleague

  • Happy birthday to my favorite partner in crime! When it comes to having fun while also achieving work goals, you truly are the best. Have a great birthday!
  • When a colleague becomes a friend, you know you have hit the jackpot. Happy birthday to my favorite colleague-friend! Here’s to you and to all the success you deserve!
  • Happy birthday to you! Thank you for inspiring me each and every day. Working with you is less like work and more like fulfilling a purpose.
  • I used to dread coming into work every morning. Now that you have started working here, things have vastly improved. Instead of the traditional birthday card, receive my thanks for being a light in the proverbial darkness. Happy birthday, dear colleague!
  • Hey, cube mate! You may think these cookies are for your birthday. Let’s just remember who will benefit. If you’re lucky, I’ll leave a crumb or two. Just kidding! Happy birthday to the best colleague around! Have a fantastic day!
  • If I were to build the perfect colleague, I would make them just like you. Steady, dependable, focused, and fun. Happy birthday to someone who ticks all of the boxes! May you get everything you desire on this day and always!
  • May today bring you all of the sunshine and rainbows you can stand. It’s your birthday and you deserve nothing but the best. Happy birthday to my all-time-favorite colleague!
  • Here’s to the office’s favorite colleague! You’re not only the ultra-responsible one, but you’re also the fun one. How did we get so lucky as to know you? Happy birthday, friend!

Caught you something special for your birthday.

Happy Birthday Message for a Client

  • On your birthday celebration, we want to truly thank you for your continued loyalty to our business. We are proud to continue to serve you each day.
  • Happy birthday to you! Thank you for sticking by us, especially this year. We have exciting growth plans for our future and are happy to bring you along on the ride.
  • To a dear client, we wish you a happy birthday! It is because of you that we continue to succeed. Thank you.
  • Clients like you are like rare gems; once we find you, we never want to let you go. We are looking forward to continuing our relationship with you in the coming year.
  • Happy birthday to you! We truly value your confidence in us and are thankful for our continued business relationship.
  • Happy birthday to our valued client! Without you, there would be no us. Thank you for your continued business; we look forward to serving you again this coming year.
  • Happy birthday to you! Your business is what makes our company thrive. Thank you for continuing to have faith in us each and every year.
  • Happiest of birthdays to you! As always, we know we couldn’t do this without you, our valued client. Your faith in us gives us continued faith for our future. Thank you!
  • Looking to our future, we know we can’t continue without those who have relied on us in the past. Thank you for supporting us and continuing with us on our journey of success.

Flocking to your Bright, Flickering Light.

Wishes for a Work Partner’s Birthday

  • Best wishes! Partnering with you has truly made our company a success. Thank you for all you do!
  • Happy birthday to our valued work partner! The strength and qualities you bring to the table are truly invaluable. Thank you!
  • Happy birthday, our valuable secretary! Without you, we couldn’t succeed. You are truly precious to us. Thank you!
  • Partnering with you is the best decision we have ever made. Thank you for the benefits and knowledge you supply. May your birthday be filled with wisdom and inspiration.
  • When it comes to business, doing it with you is beyond compare. Your dedication, focus, and values are such blessings to us. Thank you for all you do!
  • To our dear work partner, we wish you the happiest of birthdays! May today bring you benefits galore, just as you have done for us. Thank you for our continued relationship.
  • In this great big world of partnering options, we are so glad to be partnered with you. Here’s to a great future working together for the good of everyone!
  • Happy birthday to you, our dear work partner! Without you, our work would not be nearly as fun nor nearly as successful. Thank you for your contributions to our efforts.
  • On this day, we want to thank you for partnering with us and continuing such a beneficial professional relationship. You truly are the best!

Zingy Zesty Fizzy Sunny Happy Birthday.

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hey you were on my mind and i just wanted to wish you a happy birthday

200+ Happy Birthday Wishes for Friends & Family

Happy Birthday wishes to wish your friends and family all the best on their special day!

Are you wondering "What is the best message for a birthday card?" Don't panic! Whether your looking for a simple, sweet birthday message, or a funny birthday wish to make them laugh, we hope you are inspired by our large collection of message ideas and wishes for birthdays.

I'm want a Happy Birthday message that is...

Short & SimpleFriendsSisterBrotherHusbandWifeDaughterSonMomDadAuntieBoss/Co-workerFunnyFrom a DistanceBelatedB'day QuotesMilestone (30, 40, 50, 60)Image Quotes

We've organized this birthday wishes collection to make it easy to find the best, most relevant message for you. You can scroll the page to browse them all, or use these links to go to jump to specific wishes for birthdays.

Last updated: 11 June 2019

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Short & Simple Happy Birthday Wishes

Short and simple Happy Birthday wishes for friends, family, and co-workers. Pop in a card, or send an sms or text, they'll help you express your best wishes to the birthday gal or guy!

Congratulations on your birthday! Wishing you a truly fabulous day.

Wishing you a very special birthday and a wonderful year ahead!

Warmest wishes for a very happy birthday.

I hope your birthday is full of sunshine and rainbows and love and laughter! Sending many good wishes to you on your special day.

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day today and the year ahead is full of many blessings.

Wishing you a very happy birthday! May all your dreams come true.

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day and that the year ahead is full of fun and adventure.

Happy Birthday! Wishing you a beautiful day and many blessings for the year ahead.

May your birthday be sprinkled with fun and laughter. Have a great day!

Congratulations on your birthday! Sending you our love and good wishes.

Many happy returns to you on your birthday! We hope you have a wonderful day full of friends, family, and cake!

Happy Birthday to my best buddy! I hope you have a good one.

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Happy Birthday wishes for Friends

A birthday is a great time to tell a friend how much they mean to you! Use these simple birthday message examples as a starting point, and personalize further to make your friend feel extra-loved on their birthday.

Happy Birthday! I'm so grateful for your friendship and all the fun times we've had together this year. Here's to many more!

Happy Birthday to such a fabulous friend! Wishing you many blessings for the year ahead.

Happy Birthday to my crazy, fun, fabulous best friend! I love you to the moon and back and am so grateful for your friendship and all the fun times we've shared this year. I hope you have a great day!

Happy Birthday to my best buddy! I hope you have a good one.

Many happy returns on your birthday! I know this past year has had some tough times but I hope that the coming year brings you the good fortune you deserve. You're a great friend and I am so thankful for your presence in my life.

Happy Birthday to my gorgeous friend, you're the best! I hope you have a brilliant day.

Wishing you a wonderful birthday and a fantastic year ahead! Thanks for being such a dear friend.

Wishing you a very happy birthday and all the best for the coming year. Thanks for being such a great friend!

You're such a generous, kind, fabulous person and I'm so lucky to have you as a friend. Wishing you an extra special birthday and best wishes for the year ahead.

Happy Birthday! Love you lots and can't wait to celebrate your birthday with you [tonight/on the weekend etc]. Thanks for being such a great friend!

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Birthday Wishes for Sister

Write your sister a cute, inspirational, or funny birthday message with one of these birthday wishes for sisters.

Happy Birthday to the coolest sister! The day is brighter and more fun when you're around.

Happy Birthday, sister. May today be the start of a wonderful, glorious and joyful year.

There is no better sister that I could dream up. You are my best friend and partner-in-crime. Life would be dull without you. Happy Birthday!

I am so grateful you're my sister, I can't imagine life without you! Thanks for being amazing! Have a great birthday!

There's never a dull moment with you in the house, thanks for all the fun and laughter you bring into our lives! May your birthday be full of joy, and may the year ahead be your best one yet! Happy Birthday!

Sisters fill your soul with bright sunshine and your heart with laughter and joy. Happy Birthday!

You're truly one in a million - so kind, caring, and sweet. To be honest, I am not sure how we are even related! I hope your birthday is as amazing as you are.

Hooray it's your birthday! Probably the only thing that we didn't have to share as kids! Today it's all about you - have fun and enjoy your special day!

Sisters are a lot like toppings on ice cream: you can get by without them, but where's the fun in that? Thanks for sweetening my life with your love. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! Here's to the cutest, smartest, most perfect sister! I think it must run in the family.

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Birthday Wishes for Brother

A collection of funny and heartfelt birthday wishes for brothers to help you write the perfect birthday message or text to your bro.

Happy Birthday to my brother. Here's to another year of laughing at our own jokes and keeping each other sane! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to such a great brother, I hope you have a fun day today!

Happy Birthday to the coolest brother! The day is brighter and more fun when you're around.

Hooray it's your birthday! Probably the only thing that we didn't have to share as kids! Today it's all about you - have fun and enjoy your special day!

No matter how serious life gets, you've got to have that one person you can be completely stupid with. So glad I've got you bro! Have a brilliant birthday!

It's remarkable how long we've put up with each other. Happy Birthday.

You're turning a perfect age. Old enough to recognize your mistakes but young enough to make some more. Happy Birthday!

I hope you have a brilliant birthday brother, and that this next year is full of exciting opportunities! Keep reaching for those stars, I believe in you!

There's never a dull moment with you in the house, thanks for all the fun and laughter you bring into our lives! May your birthday be full of joy, and may the year ahead be your best one yet! Happy Birthday!

Another adventure-filled year awaits you, I hope you enjoy it to the full! Happy Birthday brother!

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Birthday Wishes for Husband

Wish your husband a happy birthday with one of these funny, romantic, and heartfelt birthday wishes for husbands.

Happy Birthday to my partner in crime. Let's make some mischief today and every day!

Happy Birthday to my favorite adventurer. I never would have gone so many places without you. Now hurry up and let's get planning for the next one!

There isn't enough wrapping paper in the world to contain all the love I have for you. Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!

My amazing husband, you've been working so hard. Today, take a seat, grab a beer, and get ready to enjoy some of my amazing cake. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my husband. You're the best thing in this world. It's true. I can't imagine my life without you. Now, let's get this party started!

Some days you're a my hero. Other days, you're my knight in shining armor. But today you're the king of the cake! Happy Birthday!

Every day, you are my companion, my comforter, and my friend. I am so blessed to have and to hold you as my husband. Happy Birthday!

I believe in you. You have amazing dreams and the ability to make them happen. There's nothing you can't do! You have so many amazing qualities and gifts. And I know you can do whatever you set your mind to. Happy Birthday, let make these wishes come true!

Every part of me loves every bit of you. Happy Birthday, My Love.

To my wonderful husband, I never believed in soulmates until I met you. Happy Birthday!

A Toast to My Husband: You're my best friend, my confidant, the love of my life. I can't wait to celebrate you. Happy Birthday!

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Birthday Wishes for Wife

Let your wife know just how wonderful you think she is and wish her all the best on her birthday with one of these romantic, sweet and inspirational birthday wishes for wife.

Many happy returns to my darling wife.

Happy Birthday to the woman I love!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful and loving wife!

Thank you for everything you do. Let's make the year great together. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to the woman who has stolen my heart, to the light of my life, my darling, my wife!

You are my world and I cannot imagine my life without you. Loving birthday wishes to my adorable wife!

You are my today and all of my tomorrows. Happy Birthday, my love.

Once in a while, right in the middle of ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale. I'm so happy to be part of this fairytale with you! Happy Birthday, my love!

We've celebrated a lot of birthdays together, but after all this time, you're still incredible! Have a wonderful day.

Like fine wine we get better with age... or rather, we feel better about our age with lots of wine! Happy Birthday, darling!

Happy Birthday to my parter-in-wine!

When life gives you birthdays, eat cake!

Some things just get better with age... and you're definitely one of them!

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Birthday Wishes for Daughter

Need a cute message for your little (or not so little) girl? Wish your daughter an extra-special day with these beautiful, inspirational birthday wishes for daughters.

Happy Birthday to our dear, sweet daughter. May your day be full of sunshine, rainbows, laughter, and fun!

Dear daughter, best wishes on your birthday! I hope that your celebration is as sweet as you are.

May this day be as special as you are. Happy Birthday dear daughter!

Happy Birthday to our lovely daughter! The world is a better place with you in it!

May this year bring you plenty of reasons to smile, and endless opportunities to make you happier! My girl, you were born to be a star! Happy Birthday!

To our little bundle of joy, Happy Birthday! Keep chasing your dreams and spreading happiness. We love you!

You are loved for the little girl you were, for the special woman you are and for the precious daughter you will always be. Have a wonderful birthday!

Happy Birthday to the girl who brightens my life and warms my heart.

A daughter is God's way of saying, 'I thought you could use a lifelong friend'. Thank you for being mine. Happy Birthday darling.

Happy Birthday to our dearest daughter! We are so proud you turned into a beautiful and intelligent woman. We hope you have the time of your life on this extra special day of yours!

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Happy Birthday Wishes for Son

Wish your son all the best on his special day with these inspirational and funny birthday wishes for sons.

Happy Birthday to our darling boy. May you have a wonderful and fun-filled birthday.

Happy Birthday dear son. Stay happy, healthy, and blessed on your special day, and every day of the year. We love you!

May your future shine bright and be full of many good times. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to our amazing son, who is growing up to be such an amazing man!

Loving you is my greatest joy, you make it so easy! Happy Birthday dear son.

Happy Birthday to the boy who has taught me more about the world and about myself than anyone else.

Wherever life takes you, I will always be so proud of you. Happy Birthday son!

Always remember you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think and loved more than you know. Happy Birthday dear son!

My son, I wish you the strength to face challenges with confidence, along with the wisdom to choose your battles carefully. I wish you adventure on your journey and may you always stop to help someone along the way. Listen to your heart and take risks carefully. Remember how much you are loved.

Nothing has been the same since you came into my life, and I want you to know I wouldn't have it any other way. I am so grateful that you have changed my life for the better.

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Happy Birthday Wishes for Mom

A collection of cute, inspirational, and funny birthday wishes and messages for your mom to say an extra special happy birthday to her!

Happy Birthday Mom! Take it easy today. You deserve it!

It's your birthday! I recommend you kick back, relax, and let dad do all the work for once.

To the world you may be one person, but to me you are the whole world. Happy Birthday Mom!

You are my first friend, my best friend, and my forever friend. I can't wait to help you celebrate your birthday!

Even though I'm getting older, I find I need you more than ever. There's nothing like one of your warm hugs. Wishing you a birthday as heartwarming as you!

I knew exactly what you wanted for your birthday this year. Me... out of the house for a day. Happy Birthday, Mom!

It's amazing how good you look for your age, considering all the grief I gave you when I was younger. Happy Birthday, Mom!

Mom, you are the most outstanding woman in my life, and you'll always be my number one. Have a beautiful birthday!

When asked who my favorite real-life superhero is, I always say 'It's my mom.' Have an amazing birthday, Wonder Mom!

It's no secret that you've made your mark in my life. Since my childhood, you've been that big tree whose shade allowed me to grow safe and strong. Happy Birthday, Mom.

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Birthday Wishes for Dad

Celebrate your Dad on his birthday with one of these sweet, funny, or heartfelt wishes for birthdays for dads!

All your life, you've worked towards making our wishes come true. Today, it's your turn to make some wishes. Happy Birthday, Dad!

All my life, I've been lucky to have the best dad. Now, I count myself doubly lucky, since my child gets to have the best granddad. Happy Birthday, Dad, we love you!

Happy Birthday to the man who fought all the monsters under the bed and in the closet. Thank you for always making me feel safe!

Happy Birthday Dad! May all your fish be big, your beers stay cold, and your sports teams have a winning season!

It's not easy being a father, but you do it with class and style. Happy Birthday to the dad who can do it all.

To my dearest Dad: You are my compass. Thanks for always showing me the right path and for guiding me in the right direction. Happy Birthday, I love you.

To the best taxi driver, the most effective spider hunter, the cheapest handyman, and the most generous bank I know. Happy Birthday Dad!

Dad, thank you for teaching me how to be a man, even though I'm your daughter. Happy Birthday!

Hey Dad, I got a present for you. I stole your To-Do list from Mom. All you need to do is rip it up. Just don't tell Mom, okay? Happy Birthday!

Dad, you've always been the coolest. Like all those times you said "yes" when mom said "no." Happy Birthday, Cool Dad!

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Birthday Wishes for Auntie

Write a super sweet or funny birthday message to your auntie on her birthday with one of our birthday wishes for aunts.

Happy Birthday to my dear aunt! I'm wishing you a day that's as lovely as you.

You're always swooping in to save the day! This time, we've managed everything just for you. Happy Birthday Aunty!

Mom and Dad may have given me my brains and looks, but all of my charm and sense of humor come just from you! Happy Birthday to the best aunt!

You've got this "Best Aunt" gig in the bag! I hope this day brings everything you wish for! Happy Birthday Auntie!

To my Aunt, Happy Birthday! On this special day, I hope you remember just how much we all love you!

Moms and dads offer love and support. But aunts... they're the ones who share some of our best adventures! Cheers to the next adventure Auntie!

Happy Birthday to my lovely aunt. Your age is this family's best kept secret... but don't worry, your secret is safe with us!

Dear Aunt, you may be a little bit crazy, but you're my kind of crazy! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to the aunt who gave me everything my parents didn't want me to have! I really appreciate it.

Happy Birthday Auntie! From your favorite niece/nephew! (It's okay, we don't have to tell the others...)

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Birthday Wishes for your Boss, Colleague, or Coworker

You spend the most-part of every day with your co-workers, so it's always a nice gesture to wish them a happy birthday. These simple sentiments are perfect for wishing a co-worker or boss a very happy birthday but keeping it professional too.

Happy Birthday! You're such a great friend and co-worker. I hope you have a lovely day.

Happy Birthday! Thanks for all that you do for our team. We hope you have a great birthday!

Many happy returns on your birthday today from all of us at [insert company name]. We hope you have a wonderful day!

Work just wouldn't be as much fun without your company! Thanks for all the great coffee breaks and sharing the load. Hope you have a great birthday today!

Happy Birthday to my office buddy! Thanks for making work such a great place to be. I hope you have a wonderful day and a brilliant year ahead!

Tip: Mention something you admire about your coworker

Each of us likes to feel appreciated, and a birthday is an opportunity to let your coworker know something you appreciate about them. Keep it real and choose something you genuinely admire. Here are some examples.

Happy Birthday to one of the most productive people around here! Someday you'll have to teach us your secret to getting so much done.

Happy Birthday to one of the most smiley people in the office! Thanks for making our office a brighter place with your sunny attitude.

Dear [name], it's amazing how you keep things running smoothly around here. Thanks for keeping us all organized. Happy Birthday and many happy returns!

Dear [name], Happy Birthday! Thanks for answering all my questions and helping me settle in since I joined the team. I've learned so much from you!

Happy Birthday to someone who radiates calm! One day you'll have to teach us your secret to staying cool under pressure. Thanks for keeping the rest of us sane.

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Funny Birthday Wishes

A collection of funny wishes for birthdays, making light of the joys and pitfalls of aging. Great for greeting card messages or sending as a Happy Birthday sms or text.

Funny Birthday Messages - About Age

Happy Birthday! Don't forget to iron that birthday suit.

You're [insert age]? Better take that cake outdoors to light the candles! Have a very happy birthday.

[insert age] is a perfect age. You're old enough to recognize your mistakes but young enough to make some more. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! I'm so pleased to hear you're over the hill instead of under it.

Happy Birthday. It took you [insert age] years to look this good!

I wouldn't say you're old... you've just been young for longer than most of us. Happy Birthday!

You're not getting older... just more distinguished! Happy Birthday.

By the time you're [insert age] you've learned everything - you only have to remember it! Many happy returns on your birthday.

YOU SUCK! aging. Can you at least try to look older?

Funny birthday one-liners

Don't let aging get you down. It's too hard to get up again!

You are so old, you walked into an antique shop and they sold you.

You know you're getting old when you can't walk past a bathroom without thinking, "I may as well pee while I'm here."

You know you're old when you turn down the lights to be economical instead of romantic.

Q: What goes up and never comes down?
A: Your age!

You know you're getting older when an "all-nighter" means not getting up to pee.

Middle Age Birthday Wishes

Middle age: that time when you finally get your head together - then your body starts falling apart.

Middle age is when your age starts to show around your middle.

Middle age... when "happy hour" is a nap!

Night sweats and hot flashes are nature's way of lowering your heating bill so you can save more money for your retirement.

How do you know you've hit middle-age? In preparation for a big sneeze you cross your legs really hard and hope for the best!

Funny birthday messages about gray hair

Those aren't gray hairs you see. They're strands of birthday glitter growing out of your head.

A little gray hair is a small price to pay for so much wisdom.

You know you're getting old when the little old gray-haired lady you helped across the street is your wife.

Don't worry, they are not gray hairs, they are wisdom highlights. You just happen to be extremely wise.

If gray hair is a sign of wisdom, then you're a genius!

More Funny Birthday Messages

A wise man once said, "Forget about your past, you cannot change it". I'd like to add: "Forget about your present, I didn't get you one".

I spent 3 hours searching the internet for the perfect birthday message for you and then I gave up. Happy Birthday.

I wanted to get you something truly amazing and inspiring for your birthday and then I remembered that you already have me.

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Happy Birthday Wishes from a Distance

On occasions like birthdays the sense of distance can feel greater, so making an effort to wish someone a happy birthday and tell them you're thinking of them can make all the difference.

Happy Birthday all the way from [insert your location]. I hope you have a fabulous day and be sure to eat an extra slice of cake for me!

Happy Birthday! Wishing you a wonderful day today, and looking forward to seeing you in [insert month].

Happy Birthday dear friend! Raising a glass to your continued health and happiness all the way from [insert location]. I hope you have a great day!

Thinking of you on your birthday! We hope you have a great day and wish you all the best for the coming year. We're so excited you're coming to visit in [insert month], and can't wait to see you then!

Congratulations on your birthday! Sending you our love and good wishes all the way from [insert location].

Wishing you a very happy birthday and all the best wishes for an exciting and fun-filled year ahead. With lots of love from [insert location].

Many happy returns to you on your birthday! We hope you have a wonderful day full of friends, family, and cake! Sorry we can't be there this year and we hope to catch up next time we're in the neighborhood.

Wishing you all the best on your birthday! Sorry to miss you on such an wonderful day. We're thinking of you all the way from [insert location] and raising a glass to your good health.

Wishing you many happy returns on your special day! Sending all our love from [insert location]. We miss you!

Wishing you many blessings on your special day. We miss you! We hope you have a wonderful birthday and look forward to seeing you at [insert month, or event eg. Christmas].

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Belated Birthday Wishes

Oh no! Did you miss their birthday? Quick, send them a happy belated birthday message or sms to get back into their good books!

Happy belated Birthday! I'm so sorry I forgot to write earlier, but how do you expect me to remember your birthday if you never look any older?

Now that everyone else's birthday wishes have worn off, here's a great big one from me!

I promise this card isn't late. It is intentionally arriving after your birth-day, because I think you deserve a whole birth-month. Happy Birth-month!

Dear [name], HBBD! That stands for Happy Belated Birthday! Love, YTDF (Your Terribly Disorganized Friend)

I know you think this card is a few days late. It's actually worse than that. This is your card from 2010 that I only just got around to sending. Happy Belated Birthday!

Happy Birthday! Don't think of this as a late birthday card. Consider it a very early one for next year. Here's wishing you a wonderful year ahead!

Sorry I missed your birthday by several days, but happy birthday anyways!

I'm so sorry I forgot your birthday. The good news is that I also forgot your age. Happy belated Birthday!

I'm so sorry I forgot your birthday. The good news is that if you forget mine next year I'll forgive you. Happy Belated Birthday!

I wish I could rewind the clock just to get back to the right time to say happy birthday. Please forgive me! I hope you had a great day.

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Happy Birthday Quotes

Draw on the wisdom of others as you wish someone special a very happy birthday. These birthday quotes are a mix of funny and wise, and work well as greeting card birthday wishes, a birthday sms, or in a birthday speech.

"Aging" Birthday Quotes

"Birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that the people who have the most live the longest."
- Larry Lorenzoni

"Age is strictly a case of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter."
- Jack Benny

"Age is a matter of feeling, not of year."
- George William Curtis

"Old age is like underwear... it creeps up on you"
- Anon

"Birthdays are nature's way of telling us to eat more cake"
- Anon

"Just remember, once you're over the hill you begin to pick up speed"
- Charles Schulz

"It's never too late to be what you want to be. Unless you want to be younger. Then you're screwed"
- Anon

"With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come."
- William Shakespeare

"Getting Old" Funny Birthday Quotes

"When your friends begin to flatter you on how young you look, it's a sure sign you're getting old"
- Mark Twain

"As men get older, the toys get more expensive"
- Marvin Davis

"Age is not important unless you're a cheese"
- Helen Hayes

"The tragedy of getting old: So many candles... so little cake"
- Anon

"Youth in Old Age" Birthday Quotes

"You are only young once, but you can be immature for a lifetime."
- John Grier

"Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional."
- Chili Davis

If things get better with age then you're approaching magnificent"
- Anon

When I have a birthday I take the day off. But when my wife has a birthday, she takes a year or two off"
- Anon

"Youth is a gift of nature but age is a work of art."
- Stanislaw Lec

"The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age."
- Lucille Ball

Thirty-five is a very attractive age. London society is full of women of the very highest birth who have, of their own free choice, remained thirty-five for years."
- Oscar Wilde

"Old age is always 15 years older than I am."
- Bernard Baruch

Middle Age Birthday Quotes

"One of the many things nobody ever tells you about middle age is that it's such a nice change from being young."
- Dorothy Canfield Fisher

"Middle age is when your age begins to show around your middle."
- Bob Hope

"Middle age is when you're sitting at home on a Saturday night and the telephone rings and you hope it isn't for you."
- Ogden Nash

"Middle age is when a man has got a handle on life and life has put handles on his waist"
- Anon

"Forty is the age of youth. Fifty is the youth of old age"
- Victor Hugo

"The years between fifty and seventy are the hardest. You are always being asked to do things, and yet you are not decrepit enough to turn them down."
- T. S. Eliot

"The only time you really live fully is from thirty to sixty. The young are slaves to dreams; the old servants of regrets. Only the middle-aged have all their five senses in the keeping of their wits."
- Theodore Roosevelt

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Religious Birthday Wishes

If you're looking for Christian religious birthday wishes, take a look at our bible verses for birthdays and birthday prayers.

Milestone Wishes for Birthdays (30 / 40 / 50 / 60)

Any birthday is special, but some are *extra* special! Use our age-specific happy birthday wishes, quotes, poems, and jokes to wish your friends and family members an extra-special birthday on their big day!

30th Birthday Wishes
30th Birthday Quotes

40th Birthday Sayings
40th Birthday Quotes
Funny 40th Birthday Jokes

50th Birthday Wishes
50th Birthday Quotes
50th Birthday Poems
Funny 50th Birthday Jokes

60th Birthday Wishes
60th Birthday Quotes
60th Birthday Poems
Funny 60th Birthday Jokes

Personalized Milestone Birthday Posters

And if you're looking for age-related birthday gifts, our personalized birthday posters are a fantastic gift to celebrate the person's *extra* special birthday.

With a huge choice of color palettes, and lots of ideas for poster-text, you can personalize these posters as much or as little as you wish. Easy to format and download at home, they're a great gift for a milestone birthday.

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Birthday Wishes Image Quotes

Beautiful Happy Birthday images to wish your friends and family a fabulous birthday! Great for sharing on social media or sending to the birthday girl/guy.

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a fabulous day and be sure to eat an extra slice of cake for me!

May your birthday be sprinkled with fun and laughter. Have a great day!

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day today and the year ahead is full of many blessings.

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day and that the year ahead is full of fun and adventure.

You're not getting older... just more distinguished! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my best buddy! I hope you have a good one.

Wishing you a very happy birthday! May all your dreams come true.

Congratulations on your birthday! Wishing you a truly fabulous day.

Better "over the hill' than under it. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to you.

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday just for you.

Happy Birthday.

It's time to shine!

Happy Birthday to you.

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Romantic Birthday Wishes For Husband – Happy Birthday Quotes For Him

hey you were on my mind and i just wanted to wish you a happy birthday

Are you searching for Happy Birthday Beautiful Friend Wishes so here are the best collection of birthday message for a special friend. If your beautiful friend birthday is upcoming or today and you want to send unique birthday wishes to him then this article will definitely help you.

Happy Birthday My Beautiful Friend

Thinking of you on your birthday and hoping that all the happiness you have given to others will return to bless you after a thousandfold wishing you a very Happy Birthday dear friend.

I was thinking about the wonderful things God created and know what you came into my mind how many happy birthdays to you have a beautiful day.

Happy Birthday beautiful friend may your day be as beautiful as you.

wishing fabulous amazing beautiful friend wish you happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Beautiful Soul Wishes

For all of my life, I will be blessed because I have such a beautiful friend in you you are an incredible woman.

Friends are hard to find in a life lifetime you get only a few and when you find them you always know them by side and heart alone you always grow a little bit color in your soul and you know you have been blessed just to know them.

From the first day, I met you I knew we would always be friends wishing you a beautiful birthday.

You are more than a companion you are my best friend the one I look forward to seeing every day and holding every night I love you with all my heartwish you a happy birthday.

Wishing my friend beautiful day food and drink I am sending your way May all be good and all come true on this very special day for you.

60+ Best Happy Birthday Beautiful Lady

Birthday comes around every year but friends like you only come once in a lifetime I am so glad you came into my life best wishes on your special day.

Another year older and you are more beautiful than ever happy birthday beautiful lady.

Think your life with Adventures not things have a story to tell not stuff to show.

If you are not there it’s your birthday and I can’t be there but I will send you a special birthday wish and a little player have a happy birthday.

50+ Best Romantic Love Quotes for Her

No matter how old you get I don’t think you will ever grow up Happy Birthday Bro.

Big brother my little eyes are watching all you say and do and when I grow up big and tall I want to be like little ears are listening to everything you say I am learning how to grow up to be like you someday so be careful you are a Shining Star for me and you are my biggest Shining Star.

Happy Birthday Beautiful Quotes

To a wonderful friend happy birthday– best friends remember all the things they did together all the mistakes they make all the fun they had no matter how much dear live need to change their friendship remains the same I know that thought-full my life throughout my life whenever I am I will always remember so well and prices our friendship as one of the best I have ever know.

Birthday message for a special friend

Hope today is the kind of the day where everything goes right to hope you have lots of fun from morning to night hope it’s one of those beauties that tend out from the rest hope this birthday celebration is truly the best.

Happy Birthday to the smartest, funniest and most beautiful person in the world wait did I say to I mean from happy birthday.

You have been a good friend from the very start you are there for me when I need a helping hand you brighten my day when I need a good laugh and you make me realize just how special it is to have such a wonderful friend like you in my life.

You deserve everything that you desire to make your birthday wish and let it fly higher.

Wish you happy birthday I love having a beautiful friend like you in my life my best for you this year is to be surrounded by joy and beauty.

Today is your day so it’s time to enjoy your favorite things and feel happy.

Wishing you health, love, wealth happiness and just everything your heart dessert wish you happy birthday hello you are more than just a teacher happy birthday is a lovely flower that blooms in life Garden and many that are special blooms be bright especially today wish you Happy Birthday my dear friend.

On this special day, I wish you strength and determination in reaching all the rule and dreams wish you Happy Birthday my wonderful friend.

May the joy that you have said in the past come back to you on this day wishing you a happy birthday.

The life of a person is measured not with the eyes but with the footprints that he lives in other people’s lives thoughts and hearts have a lovely birthday friend.

On this special day, I wish you all the happiness your heart can hold here is to another great year of life.

May your special days surrounded with happiness filled with laughter wrapped with pleasure brighten with fun blessed with love remembered with enjoying wish you a happy birthday.

We share smile we with the deer and through the year for friendship has grown along with us you are truly a wonderful part of my life.

Happy Birthday Friend

Birthday gives you birthdays give us the opportunity to stop and appreciate all the beautiful things we have been blessed with wish you Happy Birthday my beautiful friend.

Happy Birthday to my bestie thanks for another amazing year of good times I know there will be many more.

Every day you continue to amaze me you are such a confident and caring friend may your birthday being and bliss and happiness in this year.

Dear friend you inspire me to motivate me and of course make me laugh you have been such an encouragement over here thank you for being so wonderful wishing you traffic Birthday my friend.

We all make friends in this life to many friends with time but once in a while, it’s special like on friend saying yours and mines your friendship in a special gift that I treasure and I hope you know I value it more than words can say.

Darling, I know that we have had our up and down but I promise the best is yet to come I love you and wish you a happy birthday.

The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart hello may your birthday bring as much happiness as you give to everyone who knows you wish you a happy birthday darling darling darling.

Today I am sending special birthday wishes your way to let you know that I am thinking of you today and hoping your day is filled with all the things you hold dear have an extra fabulous day my friend.

On this special day let me wish you good luck lots of happiness and love in one word I wish you an amazing life happy birthday my best friend.

Special friend it has do that that real friends are very hard to find the ones that say when time are tough real friends the lasting time and as I have traveled through this life I have found this to be true I will never find a better friend than I have found in you.

On this birthday of yours, I wish you never fall in love and get into a relationship because then you will forget me and that I don’t really want to be single and be my best friend forever.

Stay happy healthy and blessed on your special day and every day of the year hello birthday gift you the opportunity.

Happy Birthday, sweetie may all your dreams come true and on this day of happiness and send my love to you.

Birthdays are good for your health studies to have shown that people who have more birthday live a long life.

Friendship isn’t about whom do know the longest it’s about you can and never left your side.

Birthday Wishes for Best Friend 

your birthday is going to be truly special hello hello there is a wish for happiness and many dreams come true not only on your special day but always all life.

Happy birthday to a great friend we will be friends till we are Hold and smile then we will be no friends that cover ok happy birthday you have been there for no matter word I love you, my dear friend, and I am so excited to share your special day with you.

Today is a day to celebrate someone who brings you into the life for everyone they meet that person is you wish you Happy Birthday my dear friend.

We have become the closest of friends get our Bond just continue to grow you are now a major part of my life I trusted friends I have ever known for your birthday and be on I changed really wish for you and the happiness in the world and in warm and truth.


Friendship is a gift and its wrapper opens on the birthday of bestie it’s the day when another year of incredible beauty possibilities imagination silliness and achievements start.

Happy birthday no matter how old we get I know that you are always my best friend and you will always have a great day.

Finding a loyal friend is our heart as finding are there drop in the ocean if you have the dresses that my love my best friend my laughter my soulmate my one and only best friend is you and wish you happy birthday.

May the glory of Jesus lighten up your life and you feel the love and compassion of God on this special day of your be happy and stay blessed.

A best friend is someone who can call anytime just to love cry complain or tell silly stories and still listen.

Wishing you all the great things in life hope this day will bring you an extra share of all that makes you happy.

After Birthday- Your beautiful wishes did something that no amount of money can buy them made me believe in the value of friendship.

My birthday wishes for you that you continue to love life and never stop dreaming me beauty and happiness surround you not only your special day but always wish you a happy birthday.

I look for something sweet to send to you the roses asked if they could do.

On your birthday I hope you have nothing but blue sky some and Sunshine but no that the life that Science from your heart is the most beautiful of all League all dreams come true and all your hopes fulfill.

Remembering you on your special day and wishing You full of joy and happiness for forever my dearest friend may God bless you and me your love always with you hope you have an awesome birthday.

Happy Birthday to someone who is smart talented pretty creative and fabulous I love that we are so much alike.

Soon you are going to enter a new year of your life I hope you get all the success and deserve Happy Birthday my dear.

This distance between us grows but so does our love for each other Happy Birthday sweetheart.

Happy Birthday to my awesome friend another birthday another year we have been friends thank you for all the good times I hope your birthday wishes come true.

I have only one wish for a friend like you may all your birthday wishes come true adding up to 24 hours of joy wonder one hope wisdom and most of all love happy birthday my dear friend.

Never can it be said that there was a better friend in the world thank you you are amazing in every way here is to another year celebrate your birthday.

Happy Birthday to my wonderful friend I am so glad you come into my life have a great day birthday.

Thanking God for you and for the little things you do that make a good friend of mine it makes a big difference to me.

Happy Birthday because today is so special in the really wooden door to send one special birthday wish to last the whole year Pro so this is happy moments are the day when dreams come true and out here that’s filled with all the things that mean the most to you.

Birthdays just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun enjoy the trip.

The good times we have had together on your birthday and always missing you and wishing you a Happy Birthday hope you have a wonderful celebration.

A friend is someone who thinks you are a good egg even though you are slightly cracked.

I am so lucky to have a special friend like you may all your birthday hopes and wishes come true.

Happy Birthday to my friend your friendship is the very best gift for I hope you get exactly what you have been wishing for this year.

Happy birthday dear friend to a special person from the bottom of my heart my special greeting for you.

Lifetime friends do we don’t see each other very much not be right to each other very much nor do we phone if other very much I always know that at any time I could call right or see you and everything would be exactly the same this is your special day and I wait you enjoy your day with full of joy and happiness.

Hey, Wonderful friend wishing you best birthday wishes beautiful day oats and dream I am sending your way me always good and all come true on this very special day for you.

Wishing you a beautiful day full of very strong and bright beginnings.

Happy Birthday to an amazing friend I wish you a day full of sunrise and Iyer full of fun have a great birthday.

Happy birthday wishing you another year of great accomplishments.

I wish you to have an extremely happy birthday friend you are not here you are priceless to me Happy Birthday my friend.

Be happy birthday on this special day for you I hope that more birthdays to come on you Thanks to all and one happy birthday from me to you.

Happy birthday to you are a truly great mentor and role model thank you for being my guiding light in life.

Happy Birthday to my bestie here is to all the crazy times we have shared and I hope there are many more.

To my special friend as the year-Go By there is one thing that never changes and that is our great relationship, you are still the fun caring awesome person Bieber when I first met you have a great birthday.

You were born on this state so we are going to for firestick in backed goods and sing at you bye you still here of awkwardly.

It’s never too late to be what you want to be unless you want to be angry then you are screwed happy birthday.

Wishing you are spectacular as a celebration and a fabulous year ahead.

My wish for you remains the same to be surrounded by love happiness good fortune and good health.

May the lord always smile upon you and bless you with everything that is good me his love when your heart and keep you safe it’s your special day make sure be happy.

May everything is happy and everything will be bright be yours on your birthday from morning till night.

A dear friend on your special day I wish you an abundance of joy happiness and love you truly deserve it.

Three things I wish for you on your birthday that you have fun doing all the things you love to do that you have a smile on your face the whole time that all your wishes come true.

May your birthday and every day as beautiful and wonderful as you have a fabulous birthday my sweet brother.

To an amazing person who has touched my life in so many ways, you deserve all the joy love and happiness that the world has to offer a happy birthday.

Happy birthday to my dear friend me we continue to drive Each Other crazy for years to come.

May the good Lord continue to shower you with happiness good fortune prosperity and good health all the days of your life.

I hope your day is filled with fun and lots of three surprises you are amazing.

Happy Birthday Beautiful Friend Funny

I didn’t forget your birthday I just forgot today’s date, yes I know I am late but Happy Birthday my dear friend.

Happy birthday to one of my best friend here is to another year of laughing at our own jokes and keeping each other sane.

Your birthday reminds me of an old Chinese scholar.

Dear friend, you love I love you cry I cry you jump off a really tall cliff l do a flip.

My dear friend just thing now you are One Step Closer to the senior citizen discount at the moment.

Wishing my friend a beautiful day Hopes and dreams I am sending you are being me all be good and all come true. This is a very special day for you.

Happy Birthday even we can’t together know that I am thinking of you and hoping your day is filled with all the favorite things.

I only drink on two occasions when it’s your birthday and when it’s not so well the party.

Happy birthday to one of the few people whose birthday I can remember without the Facebook reminder.

Without Facebook, I probably wouldn’t have wished you a happy birthday.

Sure everyone as remembers you on your birthday but a true friend remembers you in a day that follows the happy belated birthday.

On your birthday I want to say something for you to forget about the past you can change it forget about the future you can predict forget about the present I didn’t get you one.

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Two words from the Author

As we all know, friends play a vital role in the lives of all of us and this is the only such relationship in our life which is the most ridiculous joke. on your friends bithday, it is your duty to send them this beautiful message and make their day special.

Did you know, you are in the right place, here you got every type of Happy Here you get the best birthday wishes for love, boy, girl, friends, Just want to tell you that you're special and to wish you all the joys of a wonderful birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the guy who is the first thing on my mind in the.

158+ LEGENDARY Birthday Wishes for Friends & Best Friend

hey you were on my mind and i just wanted to wish you a happy birthday

Hey, You can Find Here Awesome Birthday Wishes And Birthday Status. Share this Status to Your friends, sister, brother, mother, father, girlfriend, boyfriend on Whatsapp. Make him happy and make her day memorable.

What is Birthday? – Check out this Wikipedia

Best Happy Birthday Status 2019

  • Hope your birthday is as awesome as you are.
  • Wishing that you’ll live to be old and toothless.
  • Age before beauty, brother. Age before beauty. Happy Birthday.
  • May you God Blessed you and You live Long Happy Birthday.
  • For you I am always here to stay, each year to wish the happiest birthday.
  • May you live as long as you want and never want as long as you live.
  • Wishing you all the fun and excitement that only birthdays can bring.
  • The sun is shining more brightly today as a way to wish you happy birthday.
  • may your birthday bring to you all the things that make you smile?
  • I hope your birthday is as special and awesome as I am.
  • Happy Birthday to someone who knows me better than I know myself.
  • You celebrate this day as your birthday and I shall celebrate our friendship at the same time. Hope you have a great birthday, my friend.
  • Happy birthday to my best friend, the one who laughs at my silly jokes and still stands beside me even when I do dumb and stupid things.
  • Let’s celebrate your birthday party and get started to another remarkable year of your life. Live long, my dear friend. Happy birthday.
  • Forget about your age. Just have fun! It will catch up with you later when you find that your body can’t handle your lifestyle. Enjoy your birthday.
  • You must be feeling good, because you look fifty, though you are sixty today. Happy birthday.
  • To the best friend I have ever known, here’s wishing you a joy-filled birthday with memories galore.
  • Happy birthday to my idiot friend who is still a kid at heart. Lots of happy returns of the day.
  • A simple celebration, a gathering of a friend, here’s wishing you great happiness and a joy that never ends.
  • Happy birthday! I hope all your birthday wishes and dreams come true.
  • Happy Birthday to the one who knows the worst of me but finds the best in it.
  • You are only young once, but you can be immature for a lifetime. Happy birthday.
  • Happy birthday to someone who’s smart, funny, good looking, and reminds me a lot of myself.
  • Happy birthday to my one and only, my here, there and everywhere, my soul mate and heartbeat.
  • I hope your birthday is as sweet as the cake. And the year to follow is filled with as much joy as you bring your friends.
  • Friends are more expensive than diamonds because the diamond has a price. Friends are priceless. Happy Birthday my best friend.
  • I am so proud to be your best friend. May you have a happy and healthy birthday.
  • A diplomat is a man who always remembers a woman’s birthday but never remembers her age.
  • Happy birthday dear, may this day comes back in your life for a thousand more years.
  • Happy, happy birthday! You deserve all the cakes, love, hugs and happiness today. Enjoy your day my friend.

Birthday Status for Friend

  • I’m so grateful that you are in my life. Thanks for being such an awesome friend. Happy birthday.
  • Happy birthday to my idiot friend who is still a kid at heart. Lots of happy returns of the day.
  • Wishing you all that you deserve, which is much love and happiness on your birthday. Happy birthday my dear friend.
  • May all happiness come 2 u in all your rest life. many many happy returns of the day. Happy Birthday.
  • May your sweet smile never fade away. I wish you a very happy and sweet birthday. God bless you.
  • I send to you warm wishes, that your happiness will be as wonderful as the happiness, you have always given me. Wish you a Happy Birthday.
  • Happy Birthday to one of the few people whose birthday I can remember without a Facebook reminder.
  • Having a wonderful friend like you makes life so much better. Wishing you a stupendous birthday.
  • Happy, Happy Birthday! I hope the day has been blessed with the presence of those you love most, and many magical moments.
  • Happy birthday! May your Facebook wall be filled with messages from people you never talk to.
  • Your birthday is making you sexier with every passing year. Happy birthday.
  • Happy birthday to the most beautiful person I have ever met on this earth. Happy birthday.
  • Best friends are hard to find, because the very best one is already mine. Happy birthday.
  • Smile, Smile, Smile, and keep smiling because of your birthday here. Happy birthday, dude.
  • Happy birthday to my best friend, the one who laughs at my silly jokes and still stands beside me even when I do dumb and stupid things.
  • I don’t think of it as my 22nd birthday, I see it as my one year anniversary of being able to buy wine.
  • Thanks for giving me great memories that will last a lifetime. Best wishes to you on your Birthday.
    Even on your birthday, I get the greatest gift of all, because you’re my friend.
  • I pray that your birthday is rich in good faith and love as you celebrate another year of a blessed life, dear friend.
  • Wish you many many happy returns of the day. May God bless you with health, wealth and prosperity in your life. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
  • You are a true friend, so please don’t change ever! Happy Birthday, and may every wish you have come true!
  • Happy birthday to my friend, God blessed you and happy this day.
  • I am grateful that you are a part of my life. All the best on your birthday.

Happy Birthday Status For Brother

  • Thank you for being my older brother and taking some of the pressure off of me. I owe you one, bro. Happy Birthday.
  • Happy birthday, my brother, you have always been present when I needed you.
  • Those days and moments of childhood that I shared with you are very dear to my heart. I wish you a great birthday and many more to come.
  • Without you, who would disappoint our parents? Happy birthday, brother.
  • Happy birthday to my irreplaceable brother! I wish you an ocean of happiness.
  • Wishing an amazing day and many great things to come to a wonderful person. Happy birthday, brother.
  • You’re my little brother, and now I can say that I am proud of what you’ve become. Happy birthday, bro
  • From the bottom of my heart, I wish you the best. A great birthday to you.
  • Even though we both are total opposites, I have always 💓loved you to bits. Happy birthday, bro.
  • Happy birthday to my favorite brother. Okay, so you’re my only brother, but if I had others, you’d still be my favorite.
  • No matter how old you get, I don’t think you’ll ever grow up. Happy birthday, bro.
  • I make you laugh. You make me cry. This is the cycle of life, but on your birthday, I hope that we both smile and remember how special we are to each other.
  • You have been everything I could ask for, and nothing I wouldn’t want in a brother. Happy birthday, bro.
  • You were my hero right from the start, and the truth is that I have always wanted to be like you. Wishing you a happy and joyous birthday.
  • There is no other day that I am happier to call you my brother than today, your birthday.
  • For your birthday, I’m going to treat you like you’ve always treated me. Just think about that for a second. Happy Birthday.
  • Birthdays come and go, but to your family, every day you’re here is a gift.
  • Brothers and sisters are supposed to fight, but we’ve been lucky to be best friends. Happy birthday.
  • Sometimes in life, all you’d need is a patient ear that would listen. Thank you for being there when I needed you. Have a great birthday brother.
  • I know our family is a bit weird, but we are happy you are a part of it. Happy birthday brother in law.
  • Birthday wishes to my brother who deserves all the best. Today is your Big Day to be above the rest.
  • Okay, you need to stop getting older because it reminds me of how I’m getting older. So just cut it out! Happy Birthday, bro.
  • No matter how far we are from each other, I believe that we will always stay close in our hearts. Have an amazing day.
  • It is never too late to be what you want to be… unless you want to be younger. Then you are really screwed.
  • May this coming year be the reason for all your dreams coming true. Happy Birthday.
  • Happy Birthday to the loving brother that has caused mayhem since he was born.
  • My handsome little brother, May your birthday be filled with all things good. Wishing you the best birthday ever.
  • I like to pick on you and tease you, but the truth is, the day you were born, mom told me I was her favorite.
  • The birthday that you share with the world brings more happiness than you’ll ever know.
  • Happiness is having a younger brother like you. Enjoy your birthday, Junior.
  • Brothers and sisters are supposed to fight, but we’ve been lucky to be best friends. Happy birthday, bestie.
  • The memories of our childhood are always fresh in my mind, reminding me how awesome it is to be a brother.
  • You are the great wall of chine for me because you have always stood tall and supported a spoiled person like me.
  • My brother’s your birthday, It‘s such a special time, And memories of the fun we had Will come again to mind.
  • You may not be getting any younger, but at least you’re still younger than me. Happy birthday little bro.
  • Brothers are like streetlights along the road, they don’t make distance any shorter but they light up the path and make the walk worthwhile.
  • May your coming year be filled with success and happiness with a lot of joy and precious moments.
  • Just wanted to let you know that I’m looking out for you today and every day little brother. Happy birthday.
  • Sometimes, I wish I had a sister, but then I remember how great my brother is and smile.
  • Having a brother like you makes me strong and powerful. United we can do everything, divided we will fall.
  • Happy Birthday to my little brother who is lucky enough to have the best sister in the world.
  • The years seem to fly by, but I am happy that they slow down near your birthday, so we can spend time together.
  • It’s the day when I remind you that I’m younger than you and I always will be! Happy Birthday.
  • I am smiling because you are my brother. I am laughing because there is nothing you can do about it.
  • May God showers you with love from the heavens above and decorates your life with the colors of a rainbow. Happy birthday dear brother.
  • Some people don’t believe in superheroes. But they haven’t met my brother.
  • I have always looked up to u. You are the best brother in the whole world and my ideal. Happy Birthday, May u have a lot more.
  • May the number of candles on your cake increase this much that the birthday cake can not be seen. Happy Birthday, bro.
  • I feel all proud to have such a beautiful and cool brother. You are the best. I wish you a very happy birthday day. Many many happy returns of the day.
  • My childhood was awesome because of you. Only you could bring tears in my eyes & make me smile at the same time. Happy birthday, brother.
  • You are not the perfect kind of a brother, but you are my favorite brother. With you, life seems easy and blissful. Happy birthday.
  • Thank you for being my older brother and taking some of the pressure off of me. I owe you one, bro. Happy Birthday.

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Happy Birthday Status For Mom

  • Love you from the bottom of my heart. You are very 🤩special, Mom! 🎉Happy birthday🎉.
  • I wish that your 👀eyes always be free of 🥺tears, on your birthday and always. 😘Love you mom.
  • You are very far from me, but you are in my 💓heart mom, happy birthday.
  • In case you did not already know, you are a remarkable mom. Do not ever forget it, Happy birthday.
  • Blessed is a mother that would give up part of her ❤soul for her children’s 🥰happiness. Happy Birthday, mom.
  • You Are The Best Mom In The 🌎World. I am So Grateful That I Have You As My Mom. Thanks For Always Believing In Me. 🥧Happy Birthday, mom🥧.
  • To my priceless jewel, have a ✨blast on your birthday. I love you, mom.
  • Praise to the heavens for the wonderful mom we have in you! 🥧Happy birthday🥧, Mom.
  • Wishing the greatest Mother on Earth a super 🥧happy birthday🥧! I love you with every beat of my heart. Stay blessed.
  • Mom, you are great. Thanks for all the 🥛milk and 🥮cookies. I love you. Happy birthday.
  • You play so many parts of my life, 👩‍🏫teacher, 🤝friend, and mom. But no one can ever fill your role in my life. You are my everything, Mom.
  • I didn’t just remember, I made sure this day was free just so I could spend it with you.🎂Happy Birthday🎂.
  • Happy 50th birthday, sweet mom. May you continue to 🥳enjoy great happiness and good health in life.
  • There is no other person who can take the place of you in my ❤heart. I feel so lucky that I’ve found the best mom in the 🌎world.

Happy Birthday Status for Girlfriend

  • Some like Sunday some like Monday, but I like your birthday. Happy birthday my sweetheart.
  • Happy birthday to someone close to me. Hope all the angels are singing to you in heaven.
  • Happy Birthday my precious angel! May God guard all your steps, actions and thoughts and keeps you healthy and lucky.
  • I’m so glad you were born on this earth because you have a brighten of my life and filled it with joy and happiness.. happy Birthday day.
  • Happy birthday to the most beautiful and sunny girl in my life.

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Hey Adam.had u on my mind sure wish u were here. Hey brother in law!!! just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday today.this year marks 10 years.

hey you were on my mind and i just wanted to wish you a happy birthday
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