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Happy grandparents day wishes
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What To Write in a Grandparents Day Card - Grandparents Day Messages (For a First-Time Grandmother) Dear Grandma, the first time we met I could tell you.

From a Grandchild

Make a message from a child to a grandparent personal by writing out memories and mentioning special things they like to do together. Even if they’re too little to dictate a message themselves, the parent can supply those little details that touch hearts.

How to Create the Perfect Card - Examples

  • (For a First-Time Grandfather) Well, Gramps, looks like you and I have a lot in common. Same ears, same nose, neither of us can remember what happened two minutes ago, and both of us have a habit of falling asleep in public. Yep, I think you and I are going to get along just fine.
  • (For a First-Time Grandmother) Dear Grandma, the first time we met I could tell you and I were going to be friends. You knew just the right way to hold me and all the right songs to sing. You helped Mommy stay calm when I fussed and made sure Daddy knew how to get my diaper straight. There will be a lot of firsts for us, but I know we’ll make it because you’ll be there every step of the way. Happy Grandparents Day.
  • (For a Grandfather) Thanks for always being there to teach me the ropes. When I grow up I want to do everything just like you…but without all the naps…
  • (For a Grandfather) Some grandpas are policemen, or firemen, or forest rangers. Some grandpas are fishermen, or pilots, or race car drivers. Some grandpas are tall, some are handy, and some can do cool tricks. But my Grandpa is a hero – my hero – which makes him the very best.
  • (For a Grandmother) A grandmother is someone who smothers you with hugs, sneaks you extra cookies, and always loves you no matter what…even when you track mud on her clean floors…right Grandma? ….Grandma?

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From a Parent

Don’t forget to give your parent an extra shout out on Grandparents Day. They did a lot of work raising you, and now they’re there for your children. Make sure you say thank you for going the extra mile to be great grandparents while still being great parents.

  • (For a Grandfather) Dad, you always said someday I’d have a kid just like me. I just didn’t realize then it meant someone you’d love more than anything. Thank you for being there for the kid you always knew I’d have. Happy Grandparents Day.
  • (For a Grandmother) Mom, you were there on my first day of life. You cleaned up my messes, bandaged scraped knees, and kissed my fears away. You were there for my first dance, my first date, my first heartbreak. You laughed with me, and cried with me, and lost whole nights of sleep worrying about me. And then you chose to do it all over again. Thank you for always being there for my kids like you were always there for me. Happy Grandparents Day.
  • (For a Grandmother) Throughout the years you’ve taught me so much. You taught me to never complain, to always control my temper, and that hard work and patience always paid off. But you chose now, of all times, to teach that extra hugs means extra cookies?! To a great mom and a super grandma – Happy Grandparents Day

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From a Spouse

You raised your kids together. There were probably times you weren’t sure what you were doing, and more than one night’s sleep lost, but you made it through! And now that you get to see your kids raising children of their own you can step back and celebrate a job well done. Make sure you tell your spouse how much all that support and dedication meant to you – and means still!

  • (For a husband) I never thought I could love you more than the day I saw you holding our child in your arms, until I saw you holding our grandchild. To the best Grandpa in the world – Happy Grandparents Day
  • (For a wife) Throughout the years you’ve done so much for our kids. You were not just a parent, but a teacher, a nurse, a disciplinarian, a chauffeur, a counselor, and a friend. And now you get to watch them be all that while you sneak the grandkids extra cookies! Happy Grandparents Day

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Grandparents Day Messages

happy grandparents day wishes

The bond between grandparents and grandchildren is something special, which many of us cherish throughout the life. They are the loving pillars of comfort and support for many of us, and to honour them, National Grandparents' Day has been celebrated in the United States since 1978.

The day is celebrated on the first Sunday after the US Labor Day, which is observed on the first Monday in September. This year, the special day falls on Sunday, 13 September.

US President Barack Obama has saluted all grandparents with this presidential proclamation released on 11 September.

"On National Grandparents Day, we honor the sacrifices they make and continue to show our affection and appreciation for them. I call upon all Americans to take the time to honour their own grandparents and those in their community," Obama writes.

Check out some interesting messages, wishes and greetings to be shared with your grandparents on their special day below:

There's never a moment in life where your special love isn't needed. Thanks for showing your open arms and an open heart always. Happy Grandparents' Day 

Thank you for being the greatest grandfather/grandmother and for giving me the best mother/father. You are such an amazing and adorable person. Wishing you all the greetings of your special day. Happy Grandparents' Day

Whenever I did something mischevious, you supported me saying its all part of the life. Now I realize how my naughty acts helped me to become a great father/mother. Thanks you dear grandma/grandpa. Happy Grandparents' Day.

Sorry I did something naughty today. But as usual shhh!!! don't tell mom/pa. Love you lots. Happy Grandparents' Day.

I just want to express how much you both mean for me. You shaped my life when my parents were busy with their works. You dedicated your life for your kids and grandkids. You both are so amazing. I love you both of you and have a special place in my heart. Thank you for everything. 

When I think of my childhood days, I have so much of memories with you. But when I think of my adult days, I really don't have much to remember about you. Sorry for leaving you alone. Happy Grandparents' Day.

A million of hugs and kisses to my dearest grandparents. I love you both and thank you! Sending you all the greetings of Grandparents' Day.

Love you my dear grandparents. Thank you for your love, care and support you always give me. Thank you for being my bestie. 

You adviced me when I did something wrong.

You told me many stories when I couldn't sleep.

You supported me whenever I was in pain.

You helped me in making what I am today.

Thank you so much for being part of my ups and down.

Happy Grandparents' Day.

Your words are my strength and your stories of success in life are my inspiration. Happy Grandparents' Day.

 You are the lamp of our family, a blessing from God. You bless me and the rest of our family. Thank you for providing stability, support, wisdom, kindness, and love. Happy Grandparents' Day.


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Happy Grandparents' Day: Best Messages, Wishes, Picture Greetings to Share with Your Nans and Pops

happy grandparents day wishes

Grandparent’s Day is celebrated so you can take out time from your busy lives and spend some time with your aging grandparents. Our grandparents hold a special place in our hearts. Try recalling your childhood and think of all the times when they spoilt you and gave you everything you asked for!

Remember the yummy food and the piggy back rides?

Your parents may scold you from time to time, but your grandparents will never disappoint you! To them, you are more special than their own children.

This grandparent’s day, be thankful to God that you have someone as special as them in your life. Take a minute to thank them for their undying love and support. Connect with them and make sure they are happy and content in their lives. Spending just a few hours with them will leave them smiling for days to come! Also when you visit them, do share some lovely messages with them. Here are some:

National Grandparents Day Quotes

  • Grandparents are like vitamins. A child cannot grow without them! I love you grandpa and grandma!
  • You are not just my grandparents. You are my parents, my friends and my teachers. Everything I know if because you taught me so! Happy grandparent’s day!
  • I wish my parents were as cool as you are! You definitely inspire me to reach your level of awesomeness each day! Happy grandparent’s day!
  • Thank you for all the chocolates, sodas and cakes! You are the reason behind all our childhood memories! We all love you.
  • Thanks for giving me such beautiful parents! The values you shared with them are now being passed on to me and I couldn’t be more grateful! Happy grandparent’s day.
  • You make this world seem more magical with all your story sessions before bedtime! Thank you for bringing magic into my life!
  • The best place to be when I am sad is in your lap. You have the ability to lighten up my mood instantly. Cheers to you!
  • Here’s wishing my favorite grandparents, a day full of love, laughter and joy! We all love you and miss you every day.
  • I will let you in on a secret, today! You are dearer to me than my other grandparents. I love you!
  • You are both getting younger with each passing day! I pray to God that you remain as youthful, lively and naïve all your lives. Happy Grandparent’s day!
  • Thank you for being my piggy back ride, my scooter, my hero, my makeup teacher and my story teller grandpa and grandma! Wishing you a very happy grandparent’s day!
  • A very special day for a very special couple! You two are the anchors of this family. All your children love you so dearly!
  • Thank you for all the summer vacations that we spent in your house! You always welcomed us with open arms and made sure we were always smiling! We love you!
  • Grandparent’s day is just an excuse to celebrate you! You two are the most special people in our lives and we think of you and miss you every day!
  • Love is the greatest gift that you could have ever given me. I hope to reciprocate some of it today! Happy grandparent’s day!
  • My happiness becomes grand
    when I am with my grandparents.
    Happy GrandParent’s Day
  • Thanks for giving us the
    fruits of your experiences
    and shadow of your pampering.
  • The softness in talk, the kindness in your nature and the warmth of your love makes both of you the best grandparents of the world
  • When you are in pain, some people will just look at you,
    But your grandparents will look after you.

National Grandparents Day Images

We hope you guys will like all of these Quotes & Images on the national grandparents day. Share these with your grandparents on the national grandparents day to show some respect and love to your grandparents. Take some time out of busy schedule to send wishes to your grandparents. You can also share all of these wishes to your grandparents on Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter.

Happy Grandparents Day – September 2019 is Grandparents Day 2019 in United States. All the people.

Grandparents Day

happy grandparents day wishes

Happy Grandparents Day Wishes Messages

Here in this post we are sharing a collection of Happy Grandparents Day wishes, Grandparents day wordings messages, Sweet messages for Grandparents from grandchildren, Latest Grandparents day card messages, Thank you Grandparents day wishes messages,New Grandparents day wishes for grandma grandpa, Best love wishes messages for grandparents.

    You are the best Grandparents for any kid, I wish you stay with good health and happy for the many years to come.
    Happy Grandparents Day!

    Happy Grand Parents Day Dear Grandma, I wish every year we celebrate the wonderful day together.
    I am very thankful to have you in my life.

    Your smile, love and hug makes my day I am so blessed to have you both as my grandparents.
    I wish you God will blessed you with long life.

    With your presence our family becomes complete family and your loving smiles fill the much happiness in our family. Your blessings and moral support give me energy to face the problems.
    Happy Grand Parents Day!

    Your blessings, love and moral education are the treasures of my life. I am so happy to have amazing grandparents in my life.
    Happy Grandparents Day!

    I am so blessed to have a grandparents in my life, your support, wisdom, kindness and love bless my life is the most amazing thing in my life.
    Happy Grandparents Day!

    We together spend much good time and create many sweet memories; I wish we have many more years to spend with each other.
    Happy Grandparents Day!

    Your experience and teaching the way of love and live is the most important part of my life. I am so blessed to have both of you in my life.
    Happy Grandparents Day!

    You both are the most amazing grandparents; I wish God will grant you with good health, love and happiness.
    Happy Grandparents Day Grandma Grandpa!

    Your smile is the sunshine of my life that fill many reason of happiness, I wish you Happy Grand Parents Day to the most wonderful grandparents in the world.

    My best childhood days are spending with you, you are the most loving person in my life and your blessings make my life happier and full of fun. You both have a place deep in my heart. Loves you both.
    Happy Grandparents Day!

    Among the many sweet memory your praise, laughter, love, and many happy moments are the joist part of my life, I am feel so lucky to have a wonderful Grandparents.
    Happy Grandparents Day!

    Your life experience and love is the strength of my life and bless me for inspiration of the success, I am so thankful of the life for blessing me with such a wonderful parents.
    Happy Grandparents Day!

    Your love, care and support always show me the right path towards the life’s wish god will bless you with long and happy life.
    Happy Grandparents Day Grandma Grandpa!

    You both are the strongest pillar of our family, your love and sacrifice brightened of lives, we are blessed to have you in our life.
    Happy Grandparents Day!

Happy Grandparents Day wishes messages from grandchildren,Latest Grandparents day wishes for grandma grandpa,Grandparents Day.

happy grandparents day wishes
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