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June 12, 2019 Wedding Anniversary Wishes 5 comments

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) - Christine Bellport is retiring from television on Friday, May 11, and the NBC15 family is celebrating her wonderful career all week.

Bellport has anchored The Morning Show her entire 14 years at NBC15. Several of her former coworkers who shared those early wake up calls with Christine sent well wishes to congratulate her.

Randol White was Christine's first co-anchor on The Morning Show: "Hello Christine, the crew at NBC15, and of course the best morning show viewers, anywhere, and I know Christine, you'll agree with that one. I just want to say I wish I could be there in person, but I just closed on a house here in Sacramento, and I'll be spending the weekend moving… I would much rather be there with you all! I just have to say Christine I respect your professionalism, your sense of humor, and all of those many mornings we just laughed our hearts out on the set during commercial breaks and sometimes during the actual show. It's almost magical the way people can gel, and it's not easy to leave something so great, but take it from me, there will be new, exciting, and just as rewarding opportunities in your future, and I just want to say from the bottom of my heart, I truly love you Christine, Charlie, and everyone there in Wisconsin. From California, I just want to wish you the best."

Ashley Matthews is a former co-anchor, who is now working in San Diego. She said she had so many incredible memories from her time on The Morning Show with Christine: “One of the memories I have of working with you on the NBC15 morning show was you singing your favorite rap songs at 2:30 in the morning. I'm never going to forget that and seeing you in your whole ensemble too. So thank you for many incredible memories throughout the years, and I'm so proud of you! “I'm going to drink a big glass of nice red wine to congratulate you. Love you."

Lauren Winfrey was a reporter on The Morning Show: "Happy retirement, Christine. I'm wishing you all the best from Milwaukee. I just want to wish you a happy retirement and the best in your future endeavors. I certainly appreciate working under you especially when I worked alongside you at the morning show at NBC15, my experience wouldn't be what it was without you, I just want to wish you the best and thank you so much for always encouraging me, you a certainly an inspiration."

Tim Elliott is another former co-anchor, who also sent wishes from Milwaukee: "Hey Christine, it's one of your favorite co-anchors, Tim, I also have my buddy Dempsey, right here, styling for the camera. We want to say congratulations on your TV retirement, you have certainly earned it. All that time you'll be spending at the lake this summer, we are so happy for you! I just want to let you know you taught me a lot of things, about being an anchor, especially here in this market, one of the best things you taught me was how to be myself on TV.

I know the viewers loved you, thousands of people welcomed you into their living rooms every morning for what, 14 to 15 years in the Madison area and we had such a good time, for the short amount of time we spent together on the anchor desk. I know for Halloween we dressed up as the voice judges, Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine and Cee Lo Green, that was so much fun, we had a blast on that show. You also taught me "adopt, don't shop," isn't that right Dempsey? The best 200 dollars I ever spent right here, and he knows it too. So congratulations on your TV retirement again, we love you, we'll miss you but I'm sure we'll see you around a lot this summer."

Courtney Ryan is a former Morning Show Producer who now works on-air in Green Bay. Ryan said: "Congratulations on your retirement, Christine. I am so excited for you that after decades of waking up early you'll finally get to sleep in. You know I look back on my time as your producer, I think, 'How lucky am I not only to meet my mentor but also a true friend.' There are a lot of memories we shared together, and I know there are a couple that come to your head, but I am going to point out some of my best memories are our afternoon hikes, as well as going to the pumpkin patch. We always had so much fun together. The Morning Show will definitely not be the same without you. You are a hard worker, a great role model, and this is something you truly deserve. I hope you take advantage of that lake life and sleeping in. Again, I am so excited for you, and I just want to say congratulations."

Amy Pflugshaupt co-anchored The Morning Show with Christine from 2015 to 2017 before moving to NBC15 News at 5 and 10 p.m.: "WOW -- I'm so happy for you to take on this next, exciting, new chapter!! Change is never easy, but change is what allows us to grow!

I have so many great memories working on the Morning Show, some we shared with the viewers and others during the commercial breaks. We laughed, we cried, and we grumbled together at times. You have made such an impact on this community through your big smile every morning, your unwavering ability to deliver breaking news, and your love and compassion for animals AND people! It was an honor to sit next you for a year and half and learn from one of the most loved in the biz!! You had the courage to tell the stories people wanted to hear … and more importantly needed to hear. You're a woman who's strong in her ways, who has a loving heart, and knows how to tell a story! I have known now for weeks this was going to happen, but WEDNESDAY NIGHT as I heard YOUR voice in the newsroom and as we applied our lipstick one last time in the makeup room -- it really hit me!

This is truly a bittersweet moment as you’ll be missed here at NBC15...but I’m so excited for you to experience those new adventures that are just around the corner. So, Christine as you say every morning…go out and make it a great day! There is no doubt in my mind that you will! I LOVE YOU! BEST WISHES!"

We also want to encourage The Morning Show viewers to be a part of the celebration!

Send Christine a video shout out or pictures by clicking HERE -- or go to our app or, and click "submit photos and videos" and select the "Celebrating Christine" album. You may also write well wishes on social media with the hashtag, #MicDropChristine.

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gel well wishes

1. Bairisch or Boarisch - the Bavarian language

A Munich newspaper printed in Bairisch. Photo: DPA.

It's probably important to know if you're going to speak Bavarian that it's actually locally called Bairisch or Boarisch.

It's also important to note up front that since the Bavarian tongue reaches into Austria, and there are also dialects in Italy, Switzerland and Hungary, there are of course a variety of terms and spellings for things.

We'll try to stick to what's found in Germany.

2. Grüß Gott - greetings or good day

Photo: DPA.

Bavarians have their own way of greeting people, none of that “Hallo” or “Guten Tag” stuff. 

The salutation Grüß Gott literally means “greet God”, and therefore maybe sounds somewhat Medieval. All part of the Bavarian charm.

And if you want to be a little more informal you can say 'servus' - which also serves as a farewell.

3. Buam und Madln - men and women

You might see this on restroom doors, and if there are no pictures to help out it could get confusing. Buam is for lads and Madln or Dirdln is for women.

4. Fesch - pretty or attractive

This is the Bavarian equivalent of the high German hübsch. So you might hear something like: “Ja mei, was für ein fesches Madl!”

Translation: “O my, isn't she a pretty woman!”

5. Der Schmarrn - nonsense, rubbish

Someone might accuse you of talking Schmarrn if you tell a tall tale.

And if you speak too much nonsense, they may even dub you a Schmarrnbeppi.

READ ALSO: German word of the day: Der Schmarrn

6. Gell - isn't it?

You might find this word often added at the end of a question, kind of like Germans elsewhere would use the interjections of “oder” or “ne”. It's kind of funny, gell?

7. I mog di - I like you

Photo: DPA

Strike up a conversation with a fesch young man or woman and you might find yourself looking for the right words to describe all those fluttery feels.

I mog di - simple. I like you.

8. Pfiat di - bye-bye!

While their neighbours further north might say Tschüß upon goodbye, Bavarians prefer Pfiat di, which is short for 'behüt dich Gott, which means 'may God protect you.'

9. A Maß - a litre of beer

Waiters and waitresses at Oktoberfest are trained to carry up to 34 kilos of beer at a time. Photo: DPA

Because there is no other size appropriate for beer-drinking here.

10. Ogschdocha - drunk

You might be shouting out “I bin ogschdocha” after having one Maß too many at the beer garden, but try to keep it together to properly pronounce your newly learned Bavarian!

11. Freilich - of course

If you live in north Germany you'll already know that the word natürlich can be anything from a stern rebuke to a gesture of hearty consent. Well that word in in Bavaria is freilich. For example: Can I have another Maß? Na freilich!

12. Semme or Semml - bread roll

Photo: DPA

Berliners prefer Schrippe and generally across the country people will understand Brötchen, but in Bavaria the word for a bread roll is Semme or Semml.

13. Fleischpflanzerl  - meatball

The fine Fleischpflanzerl being served at a golf tournament in Tutzing, Upper Bavaria. Photo: DPA

The love for meatballs is found across Germany, though you may be more familiar with the term Frikadelle

14. Der Brezl - pretzel

Photo: DPA

You should definitely know the word for this very typical Bavarian food staple, perhaps if you want to chow down on some Weißwuascht (Weisswürst or white sausage) with it.

15. Prost - cheers

Photo: DPA

Okay this one we hope you already know if you've spent any time anywhere else in Germany, but it's one that's definitely important to remember in this beer-proud region, birthplace of the German Beer Purity Law or Reinheitsgebot.

So cheers to your newfound expertise in Bairisch! Prost!

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gel well wishes

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Mix well and sonicate in a bath Sonicator at 4°C for 30 min. Nondenaturing Gels There are times when one wishes to assess the purity and molecular weight .

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gel well wishes

It’s not one and done


In fact, you’ll probably need to continue using those custom trays or other whitening treatments at home if you don’t want to see your sparkle lose its luster. Teeth whitening requires commitment and maintenance. For easy at-home touch-ups, try the Intelliwhite Platinum Whitening Pen. It comes with a mouthguard to help you avoid getting the gel on your gums, and the pen makes it easy to paint the whitener on wherever you need it most. Just don’t use tooth-whitening products too often, though. Too much teeth whitening could increase tooth sensitivity and even cause tooth decay.

You might have to watch what passes your lips


Certain foods and beverages such as tea, coffee, wine, and even blended green juices can cause tooth discoloration (here’s how to save your teeth from coffee stains). Cutting them out of your diet—or limiting them—will help your teeth stay white post-procedure. At the same time, certain foods such as cauliflower, strawberries, seeds, and nuts may help whiten teeth and may speed up the whitening process. Check out more foods that naturally whiten teeth.

Go OTC if you don’t need TLC


Yes, you can absolutely walk into a drugstore and grab a teeth-whitening product off the shelf—if you’re looking to whiten by just a shade or two. “For non-sensitive teeth in need of only slight whitening, over-the-counter products may be satisfactory,” explains Dr. Klein. “Whitening strips or mold lights using a mild peroxide solution may work well.” Try APA White Duo with no-slip white film strips that mold to teeth to lock in whitening agents. Peppermint oil treats sensitivity and potassium nitrate shields sensory nerves under the gum line, so you won’t be clutching your jaw in pain, as with some pro treatments. This kit earns its high price tag with impressive whitening results in under a week. For a more budget-friendly option, try Crest 3D Luxe White Strips Professional Effects, which uses enamel-safe whiteners to erase stains and yellowing in three days, with full results in 20 days. You can also try brushing your teeth with the Go Smile On The Go Sonic Blue Teeth Whitening System, an electric toothbrush that has blue light technology to speed whitening. Apply the whitening gel along with your regular toothpaste and brush for two minutes, twice daily, for pearlier whites in two days. Be sure you’re not making these mistakes when brushing your teeth.

WISH PICK . I also find it hydrating and very good for layer on top of each other. The cleanser was a bit too harsh on my skin as my skin doesn't react well.

gel well wishes
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