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Formal new year wishes email
June 23, 2019 Wedding Anniversary Wishes 3 comments

Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for a Happy New Year. A little less formal 4. Call us on +46 8 5999 4000 or email us at [email protected] for more information about our tailored tuition or simply take our online test to.

The holiday season and New Year are approaching … are you ready for it? Did you define your email marketing strategy for the holidays so that you can get the highest benefits, sales and conversions?

In this article, you will learn the 10 most useful tips and ideas to help increase your email’s inbox delivery and conversion rates.

First of all, this holiday season presents great opportunities for you. Your customers are ready to spend money to shop online for gifts and their companies.

That’s why this holiday season is one of the best times of the year to send emails. Unfortunately, not enough time or attention is spent on holiday season emails.

So, to end this misfortune, here are 10 sure fire “Happy New Year” email marketing tips for higher conversions:

1. Every email you send must have one primary objective

Keep your emails targeted

This is a common mistake. While writing the new year email, we often forget the primary objective of it. You might have different topics in a single email, but it has only one objective.

You should emphasize this objective and keep the other topics secondary. Having email copy with multiple primary objectives is similar to having multiple call-to-actions on a website’s landing page, which will result in less customer conversions.

2. Email copywriting

Great copy is the key to higher conversions

The content of your New Year or Christmas email is the key to its success. It should be well-written. It should be short and to the point.

Never write a story within an email. However, if your content is long, simply add a “read more” link that will direct readers to the original copy on your website.

Prior to writing the email copy, work on the headline. It should be attractive, well-written, and short.

Once you’ve written a great headline, writing great email copy will be much easier.

If you need help writing headlines, has a great eBook on writing called Magnetic Headlines. And also we have examined the benign 99 of email subject lines here.

3. Email design

Simplicity is your best friend

A great email copy without a killer design is meaningless. By “killer email design”, I don’t mean an email with lots of images, round corners, heavy sized images, etc.

I mean a simple and attractive design that’s appropriate for your email content. It should be noted that email design requirements will vary based on the type of email you’re sending.

For example, if you are sending a new software release email, you will need to send an HTML email with some small screen shots, animated GIF, call to action button, etc.

But if you are sending a software update email, it’s probably better to send an HTML email with no images, a well formatted copy and a single call-to-action button.

On the other side, if you are sending an email to announce an important update about your company, sending a plain text email might the right choice for your email marketing strategy.

4. Mobile devices and emails

These days we check our emails frequently on our mobile devices. Therefore never underestimate the power of mobile devices!

The share of mobile devices is rising like a rocket. Almost everyone has at least one smart mobile device that connects them to the internet and their emails.

So, is it okay to ignore mobile devices and create emails that can only be read on computers?

Of course not!

Your emails should be mobile device friendly. This strategy is called “responsive email”.

When you send a responsive email, it can easily be read on both computers and mobile devices with small screens, such as an iPhone. Furthermore, making your emails “mobile device friendly” will gain you more customers.

5. Sender name and email address

Always use the same sender name and email address

Choose the right sender name and email address for your emails. Also always use the same sender name/email address in your emails.

You can select a different sender name and email address for different types of emails, such as product release notification emails, company news emails, communication emails, etc. Be sure, however, to keep the name and email consistent for each email type. This is advised because the sender name and email address are two of the most important factors on your delivery reputation. They both decide whether your emails go into the inbox or spam folder.

The sender name should always be relevant to your business identity. This is because the recipient always notices the sender’s name first upon receiving it.

If they don’t recognize the sender, they will delete your email or even worse, mark your email as spam. Don’t forget that email services (Hotmail, Gmail, etc.) score your reputation based on their users’ behaviors. So, if the majority of your emails are being deleted, archived without opening, or marked as spam, then you have little chance of going into your other recipients’ inboxes.

The sender email address is another important matter. We still see that many companies prefer to use a sender email address such as “[email protected]…..”.

We don’t understand why they do this. You’re trying to communicate with your customers; after all, that’s why you’re sending them an email in the first place!

So, since you’re trying to communicate with them, you should expect them to reply. And an email is the easiest way for them to do so.

As a side note, email services monitor sender email addresses. As a result, their spam filters behave more aggressively to unmonitored sender email addresses.

Solve this aggressiveness by setting a working, monitored sender email address in your emails. Allow your recipients to be able to get in touch with you effortlessly.

6. Email subject

The most important factor to higher email open rates

The shorter the email subject, the better. Thus, keep your email subject short and relevant to its content.

Stay away from generic words such as:

  • Free
  • Get it now
  • Save money, etc.

Be creative about your email subjects. Try different alternatives.

Before writing your email content, focus on the email subject. Contemplate what the best subject for your email is. Once you make this discovery, you will be able to write the email content much easier.

It’s important to keep email subjects short. This is crucial because of mobile devices, which have small screens. You want your email subject displayed on them without getting trimmed.

Also, email services and their spam filters check the relevancy between the email subject and content; just like Google crawl bots check website page titles and content.

So, make sure your email subject is relevant to its content, and written without any grammatical mistakes.

A useful tip: Your email subject should guide readers to the sentence that follows it.

7. Delivery time of your email

Send the right message, to the right person, at the right time

If you send emails to recipients during the busiest time of the day, you’ll get the lowest open rates. While we all get tons of emails daily, each one is a distraction.

That’s why we mostly skim them, look at the sender’s name and email subject to decide if it’s important. If not, we delete it. If it is, we open it, scan the headline, and decide whether the email from the “trusted” sender is relevant to our situation.

As you can clearly see, you only have a few seconds to grab your recipients’ attention and keep them reading your email. However, if the recipients receive your email during a busy time interval, you’ll probably lose a chance to interest them.

So, do some comparison tests: send your emails on different days and times. Afterwards compare the results and discover the best day and time to send your email for higher email open rates achievements.

The best day and time differs for each industry. However, according to our analysis, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays get highest open rates. So, start trying Wednesday mornings, noon and afternoons.

Once you find the right time, try different days too.

8. Email delivery frequency

Never send too many, never send very few

How many emails do you send to your recipients every month? The right delivery frequency varies; it’s based on the industry you are involved in.

Regardless of your industry, what if you are sending too many or very few emails than expected?

If you send too many emails, you will get more unsubscribes and spam complaints. There’s no need to fill up your recipients’ inboxes with your emails. It will not work; thus, causing a negative effect.

If you send very few emails, you will probably convert fewer recipients. As an additional side effect, you risk them forgetting your brand/identity. As a result, they’re likely to unsubscribe or file a spam complaint on your next email delivery.

You must find the right balance for your email delivery frequency. Again, this depends on the industry you’re involved in. For example, if you are a daily deal website owner, it’s meaningless to send an email once a month. You should send emails that inform your customers about fresh deals every day.

On the other hand, if you are a software company owner, sending a daily email will cause your recipients to get mad at you and unsubscribe from your emails. Bi-weekly or monthly emails will work better in this industry.

If you haven’t sent any emails so far, you should decide an email delivery frequency. Consider starting a bi-weekly delivery; then try increasing this frequency. If your unsubscribes and complaints show this doesn’t work, try monthly.

9. Always be in a/b testing mode

Make a test, measure results, make another test, repeat…

There’s always a better way to convert more recipients. To find the best way, you must be in “always testing mode”.

You should use the following different structures:

  • Email subjects
  • Email contents
  • Call-to-action texts
  • Buttons
  • Images
  • Delivery date & time
  • Compare all of these results with previously sent emails. If it’s higher, you should run a new test that compares with the winner.

This step enables you to learn what’s working and what’s not working for your business. Every business has its own dynamics. Given this, generic rules and suggestions that work well for other businesses might not work well for yours. Therefore, always run tests with your emails to discover how your recipients convert better.

10. Never underestimate email replies

Help your recipients be in touch with you

You should let your recipients be capable of replying back to you by simply clicking a “reply” button; thus, sending an email back to you. For this to be possible, you must set a sender email address, which is being monitored by you.

This has two important advantages:

  1. You will start communicating with your customers, which is amazing
  2. When they reply back to you, your delivery score will increase and you will have a higher chance to send more emails to inboxes.

So, let them communicate with you.

These are the top 10 tricks that will help you achieve higher conversion rates during your holiday season email campaigns. Never underestimate what you can do with your New Year emails and the opportunities that exist to increase your conversion rates.

Always try new things, compare results with previously sent emails, and improve your emails. In a very short period of time, you will notice that your emails are converting more.

To help you get started faster, we have published free “Happy New Year” email templates on our blog.

Their new year may not begin on the first of January. Email — Even though sending holiday greetings in an email or sending an email greeting card has.

Happy New Year Wishes for Suppliers – Business Greeting Messages

formal new year wishes email

New Year wishes

New Year wishes are a wish which we are placing on the occasion of the approaching new year. New Year wishes most often concern plans and events which will be taking place next year. New Year wishes which we are saying will depend on whom we are directing these wishes at. We often say New Year wishes for persons for strangers. In the period which the new year is preceding, we are saying wishing the people with which we are usually meeting, also to strangers. We are saying New Year wishes in the shop, on the bus… We often say wishes for neighbours which we don’t know too well.

Happy new year wishes

We can say: best wishes in the new year! I wish for you the New Year to be better than previous. I wish for you the new year to bring alone the gospel. I wish you the wonderful play for the New Year’s Eve. If the person, for which we are saying New Year wishes is for us well-known, we can say: I wish you so that you fulfil all your New Year plans. I wish you so that your wishes for the new year come true. We can tell our family and friends more personal wishes. For example: I wish you so that our relations in the new year are so good like in the previous year. I wish you so that your relations with other persons are next year better. I wish you much love.

Happy 2020! I wish you a new year filled with prosperity, joy, and contentment.

Happy 2020! I wish you a beautiful, magical new year!

Side by side weve been there for each other,
But also deep within the heart, when we were apart.
Such a good and strong friendship
Let it be forever.
No matter what the future may hold,
Lets keep our friendship forever.

Wish you a very happy new year

Wishing you a new year rich with the blessings of love, joy, warmth, and laughter.

Wishing you good health, happiness, and success in the coming year and always. Happy New Year!

Best new year wishes

If we are searching for an interesting ideas to New Year wishes, we can use quotations of well-known persons. Quotations are a good way to New Year sms. They aren’t trivial, are presenting the deeper message with themselves. New Year quotations concern the often passing time, ways, into which we live. They are inducing us to reflection. New Year quotations often motivate us to action. Under their influence we want to change our life on better.

New year greetings

These are a few model quotations which we can use.

At the end of your life you will think for yourself, in what way you could spend every past day. Then however you will not be able to turn back the time. Start so this way living already now!
Don’t forget: people need really very little in order to be in the happy life. Marcus Aurelius

“You must leave your many millions, And the gay and festive crowd; Though you roll in royal billions, There’s no pocket in a shroud.” – John Alexander Joyce

“May all your troubles last as long as your New Year’s resolutions.” – Joey Adams

“All of us every single year, we are a different person. I do not think we are the same person all our lives.” – Steven Speilberg

“Your success and happiness lies in you. Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties.” – Helen Keller

Happy new year wishes

The new year is a time, when many of us are doing order in their life. At that time much we are planning. The new year is for many people a time, when they are thinking decisions of different kind up. Many persons want to spend the New Year better than previous. The end of the year is magic border, when we think that everything is possible, everything is only before us. Since many persons are doing plans of different kind, New Year wishes can refer to these plans. Inventing wishes is simply, when we know what decisions our family and friends have.

Happy New Year. May the New Year bring to you warmth of love, and a light to guide your path towards a positive destination.

As the new year renews all the happiness and good tidings, hope the joyful spirit keeps glowing in the your heart forever! Happy New Year!

As this year is ending, I wish all the negativity and difficulties also end with this year and 2020 bring success and desired results for you.

Wishing you a Happy New Year with hope that you will have many blessings in the year to come.

Just a new bloom spreads fragrance and freshness around… May the new year add a new beauty and freshness into your life. Happy New Year.

New year greetings

We are submitting New Year greetings to persons which we are chancing to meet in the street. When we are leaving the shop in the period of the new year, well is to say: goodbye! Happy new year. Certainly it will stay well understand by other people. New Year greetings are a word of the politeness. And the politeness is very important in our culture. In the period of the new year we should not spare the politeness to other people.

Happy new year greetings

It isn’t necessary a lot, it will be good to say: all the best in the new year! I wish you very successful events in the new year! Happy new year!

As new year is round the corner may your pockets be heavy and your heart be light, may good luck pursue you each morning and night.

Live every moment of 20… and feel blessed to be have the opportunity to see another day in paradise. Happy New Year.

May every day of 20.. brings you sweet surprises that fills your life with happiness. Happy New Year.

Beyond the darkness, there is a silver lining. Hang on to the hope till the end to see brightness. Happy New Year.

Wishing the new year brings tremendous joy and good luck for you that takes you to newer heights of success. Happy New Year 20…!

“Let our New Years resolution be this, we will be there for one another as fellow members of humanity, in the finest sense of the word.” – Goran Persson

Happy new year message

Wishes of success in the coming year 2020!
Let the New Year 2020 abound in professional successes,
bring satisfaction and satisfaction
from the actions and challenges taken,
and all well-being in your personal life!

We wish you a New Year
full of optimism, joy,
happiness and luck.
Let it be in the coming year 2020
all your dreams will come true!

New year text messages

We wish you health in the New Year
and prosperity in private and professional life.
Let this year bring you much happiness,
which will make all decisions made
they will be successful.

On all days of the New Year
I wish you faith in my heart and light in the dark.
May you pass obstacles in one step.
To feel strong and eternally young!

Let the New Year shine for you with colors
And he loses his head over happiness and power smiles
And let it stay for 12 months with you
Not only this New Year’s Eve.
Happy New Year from…

Happy new year messages

The approaching New Year brings hope to everyone
for calmness, kindness and fulfillment of dreams.
In these beautiful and unique moments of the year
I want to make the best wishes
cheerful, healthy and joyful days
and a happy New Year.

Let Christmas wishes come true:
easy and difficult to meet.
Let these big and small ones come true
those spoken aloud or not at all.
Let them all come through step by step,
I wish this in the New Year.

New years greetings

For the New Year
we want to wish you a lot of health,
everyday optimism and fulfillment of dreams
and New Year’s resolutions!

Let New Year 2020
it will be a time of peace, love
and the implementation of the most secret dreams

Friends and Partners

wishes …

The sounds of the New Year’s ball disappeared,
the roar of fireworks is no longer heard
The New Year has come …
I wish you a wonderful 2020!

New year message

With New Year, start a better life together …
Let cooperation with God’s grace transform you …
With strong faith and hope, bring love to the world …
And the better days will shine … Everyone will be glad …

Let the firecrackers shine high in the sky,
let the New Year bring happiness to you,
and fate will never leave you in need.
Best New Year wishes are sent …

Fireworks, snow, music,
there’s already champagne every sip,
The Old Year is changing in New,
therefore happiness wishes good wishes.

The Old Year is coming to an end, the New Year is beginning,
let’s open a new bottle of wine
and let’s drink together for our health,
until we spin a little in our head.

New year wishes messages

Happy New Year,
cool champagne,
session completed
and crazy women!

A year without worries and worries,
life in love, friendship and happiness.
May the deepest dreams find fulfillment,
and every day brought only joy and smile 🙂

Many successes, brave dreams,
wise decisions, satisfaction, peace
and prosperity for the entire coming year 2020


A pleasant buzzing in the head,
a comfortable place in a ditch,
and maybe later
peaceful sleep under the fence,
and at every step
happiness in New Year

New year wishes for friends

I send my best wishes
happy New Year.
Professional successes and fulfillment in private life.
All the best!

Christmas is coming
they bring a lot of joy and reflection
concerning the past period and plans
for the coming New Year.
On these special days
I wish you a lot of satisfaction and success
from the challenges undertaken.

When the New Year is coming so fast
Another glass will not hurt us,
And two pints of beer are not enough,
A liter of champagne would come in handy.
You have to drink all your worries,
Let 2020 be divine for us!
Happy New Year!

New year well wishes

Super New Year filled with the realization of the most beautiful dreams!

All the best,
good luck
and fulfillment of the most secret dreams
in the coming New Year wishes you …

Let the New Year be deprived of pain,
and consists only of successes and happy moments.

When the New Year changes the old one,
everyone – everyone wishes!
With this beautiful opportunity,
I wish you much joy!

Happy New Year,
good luck in your personal and professional life
and all the successes!

I want to make a fervent wish:
happiness, good health, good luck,
May the worries of life be lost in the dark
during the upcoming New Year!

Happy new year wishes 2020

New Year … say hello in a bubbly mood,
trusting that it will be wonderful and will bring unforgettable moments.

Let the dance, light step, be with you all year long,
Let it guide you without stress, from success to success.

Best wishes
happiness, health
and all well-being
in the New Year sends …

New Year is coming
it’s not just a period of joy,
but also reverie
over what has passed and what awaits us.

So a lot of optimism
and faith in a bright tomorrow wishes …

Best new year wishes

Ten, nine … I’m counting loud,
and I wish you my love …
let everything you dream about,
it will happen in the New Year.

I want to make a fervent wish:
happiness, good health, good luck,
May the worries of life be lost in the dark
during the upcoming New Year!

Let the Champagne plugs fire
And you have fun until dawn
Happy New Year’s Eve
wishes …

In the New Year, I wish you good luck,
the power of love, the power of youth,
alone peaceful, cheerful days
and lots of wonderful and lofty days.

New year greetings

The Old Year goes away in great strides,
let all the bad moments be behind us.
Let the New Year bring you
a lot of health, a lot of joy,
and above all happiness in love.
Happy New Year!

The Old Year is passing, but the dreams stay,
let them all fulfill you
and with the New Year let the fate change you,
and the garden of life will soon be green.

My beloved sunshine …
let these days be given to us together,
happiness full and charm,
will be throughout the New Year!

When you are alive at dawn
and the headache is bothersome
you must know the revelter
that when consuming a drink
even the best genre
moderation is necessary after all
like everything in this world

Heartfelt wishes for every next year
he brought you everything that is the most beautiful in life.

Let the world be for you in the New Year
full of warmth, joy and friends,
and let never run out in your home
love and understanding.

Happy new year messages for friends

Let the New Year bring you joy, love,
prosperity and fulfillment of all dreams,
and when they are fulfilled,
let him give a handful of new dreams,
because only they give meaning to life!

Champagne fun,
crazy moments,
successful New Year’s Eve
and Happy New 2020


A lot of happiness and love,
successes and prosperity,
let your health be good
and there is no shortage of cash.
They are uploaded in the New Year
and champagne are sipping …

The year is over, the year is beginning,
let’s open a new bottle of wine
and let’s drink together for our health,
until we spin a little in our head.

Happy new year greetings

A lot of gifts,
not much in the life of corners,
a lot of bubbles in champagne,
someone who will make breakfast,
and at every step
happiness in New Year!

Health, happiness, prosperity,
mountains and love,
a lot of ecstasy after dark,
I wish you in the New Year

New year wishes for family

I wish you lots of fun until dawn,
the best songs, delicious champagne!
Although I’m not with you on New Year’s night,
Remember also about me for the next year.

A lot of smile, strength and perseverance
in pursuit of goals, successes at work,
only sunny days, friendship, love
and many kisses and that this year will inspire you.

WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: Greetings & Closings for FORMAL Email Messages in English
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Business New Year wishes

formal new year wishes email

Χρόνια πολλά! In this post there are common expressions that we use when we send a “Happy New Year” message. If you like to write your Greek family and friends or teacher a few words in Greek, you can get some ideas!

under a CCO license on Pixabay


Καλή Χρονιά!: Happy New Year!

ευτυχισμένο το 2018: happy 2018

εύχομαι: to wish

σου εύχομαι: I wish you (informal)

σας εύχομαι: I wish you (formal)

σε εσένα και την οικογένειά σου: to you and your family (informal)

σε εσάς και την οικογένειά σας: to you and your family (formal)

σου στέλνω τις καλύτερες ευχές μου για τη νέα χρονιά: I am sending you my best wishes for the new year.

μία χρονιά γεμάτη υγεία, χαρά και αγάπη: a year full of healthy, joy and love

πολλές ευχές για το νέο έτος: many wishes for the new year (έτος is rather formal)

η νέα χρονιά να σου / σας φέρει ευτυχία: (may) the new year bring you happiness

να είσαι πάντα καλά: be always well (informal)

να είτε πάντα καλά: be always well (formal)


You can add the following words. They are all feminine:

ελπίδα: hope

αισιοδοξία: optimism

ειρήνη: peace

καλοσύνη: kindness

δημιουργικότητα: creativity


In oral language, when someone wishes us “Καλή χρονιά” (Happy new year) we answer by “Επίσης” (same to you).



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Here are 31 best New Year messages to employees that will wish them good luck and remind them of how valued they are. ------ Shedding tears over missed.

Typical New Year's Greetings in French

formal new year wishes email

It is already starting.

Cold weather, snow, bright lights, trees and sweet treats.

It is officially the season to send holiday greetings to your customers and business acquaintances.

As you start writing them, you might run into a tricky problem.

You are saying the same thing over and over and over again, so all of your greetings sound the same.


You want everyone receiving your holiday greetings to feel special. If you write something generic and lacking personality, they’ll just think you sent them the contents of a business holiday greeting template.

Not good.

How can you avoid this fate? How can you find some more inspiration for creative greetings?

Here’s the good news I have for you: By the time you’ve finished reading this article, you’ll have the words you need to create business holiday greetings that sparkle and bring warmth to the hearts of their readers.

The Dos and Don’ts of Business Holiday Greetings

Dos are things you should do. Don’ts are things you should not do. 

This is important to know—even the most delicious spices won’t taste good if you use them incorrectly. So, there are a few things you need to know about writing business holiday greetings before I give you those 15 spicy words. Think of this as advice telling you “how to say it” and “how not to say it.”


  • Begin with a seasonal expression or appropriate holiday greeting. For example, you can start a letter with “Seasonal greetings to you!” This will let readers know right away that you’re sending a holiday greeting.
  • Express appreciation for the person you’re writing to (and their business) and express your wish of being of service to them in the future. This adds to the personalized touch.
  • Wish the person you’re writing to happiness, success, health and/or prosperity. For example, you can write something like, “all the best to you in 2016.”


  • Don’t let your holiday greeting be your only message. Such a card or letter screams “mass production” and, let me tell you, that is worse than sending no card at all. Make it personal by adding your own message to each individual person. Include details that show you know the person and their company.
  • Don’t use a holiday greeting message as a sneaky way to get a point across (make people understand or believe something), lecture the group or relay office news.
  • Don’t turn your holiday greeting into an aggressive sales letter.

More Holiday Greeting Writing Tips

It is not just the words you choose that will make your message sparkle. As you write your holiday greeting message consider that:

  • Even though the holiday season may be joyous for you, it might not be for everyone. Santa may know who’s naughty and nice, but you can’t know who’s happy and sad. So here’s what you do—choose a message that is low-key. Express your good wishes, but make sure that it’s not gushing with cheer (overly cheerful).
  • Not everyone has the same religious beliefs. Their new year may not begin on the first of January. Show respect for these facts by choosing terms that aren’t associated with religion such as “the holidays,” “this season” and “at this time of year,” and include the year in your happy new year wishes (“wishing you success and happiness in 2016”).
  • While you don’t want to weigh your letter down with office news, feel free to include personal updates and important information such as a change of address.

Types of Holiday Greetings

Greeting cards, letters, email—which format choice will best suit your message? The choice is really up to you, but as with all choices each one has advantages and disadvantages.

  • Greeting Cards — The good old greeting card is as much a feature of the holiday season as holiday sales and decorations. Do you love greeting cards? Then go ahead and send them. Just avoid the temptation to simply add your signature to cards with mass produced messages. Make the card meaningful by adding your own message. Better yet, buy a greeting card that’s blank inside and make your message the highlight of the card.
  • Business Letters — How can you make your holiday greeting even more personal? Put it in a letter. You can make a letter as personal as you want by using different designs and graphics. Plus you can truly individualize the content. Your business associates know this and will appreciate your efforts. Oh, and don’t worry if you have bad handwriting. It’s acceptable to type your holiday greeting business letter.
  • Email — Even though sending holiday greetings in an email or sending an email greeting card has become a very popular option, these digital messages lose that personal touch for some people. Does that mean it’s best to avoid using this format? By all means, no. I advise, though, using it with business associates who you usually communicate with via email and who also send e-cards to you.

Resources for Improving Your Holiday Business Greetings

I’m going to get you started in the right direction, but these aren’t the only words that you can use to add spice to your business holiday greetings. If you’re looking for more try:

  • Watching FluentU English videos related to Christmas and other holidays. Worried that you don’t know enough about English-speaking culture to use these holiday greetings? FluentU shows you exactly how to use these phrases (and much more) exactly like native speakers do.

FluentU provides real-world videos like business dialogues, interviews, TV clips, news reports and more. Each video comes with interactive subtitles so you never miss a word. Just click any word or phrase and the video will automatically pause to give you a definition.

It’s the perfect way to learn natural English, and it doesn’t even feel like studying. Best of all, you can practice anytime, anywhere on your computer, iOS or Android device.

  • Performing a search on the Internet using the keywords “holiday greetings.” You’ll find greeting cards and lists that will feed your creativity.
  • Looking at greeting cards in stores.
  • Studying the greeting cards, letters and emails you receive.

15 Meaningful Words to Use in Holiday Greetings to Business Partners and Customers

1. Blessings

A blessing is a thing that leads to happiness or helps bring good things to you. A common holiday greeting phrase using the word “blessing” is “seasons’s blessings.”

You may also see the term “to count your blessings,” meaning to stop and take time to be thankful for the good things in your life.

How would you use apply this to a business holiday greeting? Try saying something like, “This time of year compels us to count our blessings—and among them are good customers like you.”

2. Celebration

The holiday season is a time of celebration. Celebration occurs when people do enjoyable or special things in honor of the holidays. So instead of just writing, “Happy Holidays,” add your own personal holiday wishes to the phrase and show that you are celebrating this year. You might write something like, “In celebration of the holiday season…”

3. Gratitude

What do you feel when you appreciate having something? Gratitude. Since you want to send your business associates, clients or customers a holiday greeting, I’m thinking that you appreciate them and want to tell them so.

Do that with a phrase like this, “I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your business over the past year.”

Include the phrase in a sentence like this, “As we at (the name of your company) look back over 2015, we remember with sincere gratitude our friendly and faithful customers. Customers like you.”

You can also use the word “grateful” and write something like, “We are grateful for friendly and faithful customers like you.”

4. Happiness

Happiness is the feeling of pleasure and excitement that you have because of your life or general situation. While the holiday season isn’t reserved for happiness, it is a time when people tend to wish people happiness.

Here’s how. You can write, “Everyone here at (the name of your company) sends you best wishes for happiness, health and prosperity throughout 2016.”

Or, you can write, “I hope the New Year brings you health and happiness.”

Here’s yet another option, “We send our warmest wishes for health and happiness.”

5. Health

The state of being free from illness is health. Wishing people health during the holiday season is common and often goes with the word “happiness.”

Just take a look at the sentences under “happiness” to see how often the two words are used together.

If you want to say something a bit different try this, “We wish you the gifts of love, friendship and good health.”

6. Joy

What is the word for feelings of great happiness? Joy.

Spread wishes of joy by spicing up your business holiday greetings with a phrase like “small daily joys.” All you have to do is add it to your wish for a year of health and happiness.

You can also use the word joy to talk about the season, “May the beauty and joys of the season stay with you during the whole year.”

7. Peace

The opposite of war is peace. Partner this word with “happiness” as in “Wishing you a new year of peace and happiness.”

You can also use this word in a greeting like this, “Wishing you the gifts of the season—Peace, Joy and Hope.

8. Pleasure

When you have a feeling of happiness, enjoyment, or satisfaction you are feeling pleasure.

Try spicing up this sentence that I already gave you: “This Holiday Season we wish to extend our warmest greetings and best wishes for a New Year full of happiness and health.”

Here’s my recommendation for using the word “pleasure” in this sentence: “It’s our pleasure this Holiday Season to extend our warmest greetings and best wishes for a New Year full of happiness and health.”

9. Prosperity

Ahh, prosperity. Something that many people strive for. Oh, let me back up. What’s prosperity? It’s what you have when you’re successful, usually because you’ve made lots of money.

These are business greetings after all, so it’s common to wish people prosperity.

Use this word in a phrase like this: “May your year be filled with happiness, health, and prosperity.”

You can also wish that people “have aprosperous new year.

10. Rejoice

When you show that you are happy about something, you are rejoicing. You are celebrating job.

Open your greeting with a phrase like, “As we rejoice in the magic of the holiday season…”

Then follow that happy idea with your personal message.

11. Remembrances

Remembrance is the act of thinking back about a person, thing or event. How can you use this in your holiday greetings?

Well, you can use another form of the word and say, “Remembering you this holiday season.”

12. Season

While you might think of spring, summer, autumn and winter when you hear this word, English speakers also use it to talk about particular periods of time during the year in general. You know, like football season, baseball season or beach season. Well, as you’ve seen, we often talk about the holiday season as well.

You can use this word in phrases like:

“All the best of the season.”

“Compliments of the season.”

“Magic of the holiday season.”

“Season’s greetings.”

“Wishes for a joyous season.”

“Have a wonderful holiday season.”

Just take your pick!

13. Serenity

Serenity is a feeling of calm and peacefulness.

Add this word to wishes of joy and health by writing, “We’re wishing you joy, health and serenity this holiday season.”

14. Success

A person achieves success when they meet their goals. The goal may be to obtain wealth, respect or fame. You can also achieve personal success and professional success that is measured by something important to you personally.

Wishing your business acquaintances success is similar to wishing them prosperity.

Vary your holiday greeting by sending wishes of continued success.

Write something similar to this, “Wishing you a season of joy and continued success in 2016.”

15. Wishes

In holiday greetings, English people use the word “wishes” or some form of it to say that we want whatever follows the word to happen to the person to whom we are writing.

For example, you can write, “wishes for a joyous season,” “wishing you happiness and health,” “wishing you continuing success” or anything similarly positive. What do you wish for your business acquaintances? Just put it after the word “wish.”

Those are the 15 words we have for you this year.

Good luck writing your own holiday greetings!

Here’s wishing you a happy holiday season and continued success with your English language learning in 2016.

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