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First day in office wishes
August 03, 2019 Wedding Anniversary Wishes 2 comments

Receiving this type of note lets people know that you are thinking of them. Plus, sending your best wishes and congratulations is good manners and a nice.

Resuming work after a relaxing holiday can be quite an interestingly challenging experience. In those few days/weeks after getting back to work, the day never seems to end, and you make extra demands on your mind and body to live in the moment.

Since work has to be done, no matter what, here are some beautiful wishes ranging from funny to motivational that you can customize to help another get into the mood for work. Good luck!

Funny Wishes for the First Day at Work after Holidays

  • You probably must feel like a dog chasing its own tail, but hang in there! The routine will become part and parcel of you in just a few weeks. Welcome back, folks!
  • Welcome back to the sweet comfort of work! I know you miss carrying files, writing reports, and babysitting your boss’ sassy secretary. But believe me when I say it will be fun! Cheers.
  • Let’s hope and pray that the work here will be worth leaving your chocolate chip cookies and vanilla fudges for. Be positive. I missed you, and welcome back!
  • Hooray, welcome back to work! All you have to do today is survive. No long meetings, strategizing or anything — just survive. Cheers!
  • Although you’ve been with us forever, welcome to your first meeting, first report, first coffee break, first day, and first everything! Oh boy, does it feel great to be back!
  • Today is that day when the saying ”there’s a first time for everything” makes a good excuse, but it won’t so much if you make the company lose huge sums. Welcome back, folks, and let’s stay focused.

Yeah, if you could stop thinking about holidays now…

  • Welcome back! Perhaps today is the day to neutralize lethargy, fatigue, lack of focus and all the other vacation-induced, unproductive stuff before they do you. Let’s get to work!
  • A warm welcome back, folks! For the record, no amount of fasting and prayers will erase the fact that we have lots of work to do. On that note, let’s get started!
  • I know that there are a thousand places you’d rather be than here. But I promise you that your frowns will turn to smiles when you see those paychecks. Welcome back to work, my friends!

End of summer | Clouds on the horizon.

  • Although you’ve probably forgotten what you do around here from 9 to 5, you can get work done by pretending that no break ever happened. Welcome back, and have fun.
  • “I’m happy to be back at work” is indeed the last thing anyone wants to say until they realize that they’ve been promoted with a pay raise. Congratulations, and welcome back!
  • Instead of whining, treat this comeback like a renewal of marriage vows between couples. It will feel much better. Welcome back, and I look forward to more productive work.
  • Sitting at the beach, watching pretty girls in bikini, and sipping a glass of Piña Colada sounds more “productive” but it doesn’t pay the bills. Welcome back to the real world! And here is to doing stuff that actually pays those bills.
  • Who would have thought that all the merrymaking would come to an end? Surely, it does. But, if you give this work your all, you can make the next holiday even bigger. Welcome back to the real hustle.

Motivational Wishes for the First Day at Work after Holidays

  • Do not let the trappings of a long, relaxing holiday cause you to veer off the path to changing lives with your amazing work. Welcome back, and I look forward to working with you.
  • Sometimes we must choose between the luxuries of life and the tough work that actually changes the world. As you resume, I urge you to choose the latter. Welcome back, and good luck.
  • It’s necessary in life to be able to do difficult stuff because most good things don’t come easy. I commend your difficult work of coming to the office today, and wish you all the best. Welcome back!
  • It’s folks like you who make tough choices in life who turn the world around. Please know that I’m glad to have you back here at work. Here is to even greater works with you.
  • As you resume your good work, do remember that luck has a fascinating way of finding those who work hard even when it’s unpopular and unattractive to do so. Welcome back to work, team!

Ready and Raring to Go

  • By showing up to work after holidays, you’ve demonstrated your noble character and hardworking spirit! We will attain greater heights if you continue like this. Welcome back, colleague.
  • Your return to work at this time evinces your industrious spirit and unwavering commitment to our work. I remain so proud of you. Welcome back, and keep up the good work.
  • Returning to work with great energy might seem to many a minor feat, but it’s a clear indication of a professional who’s hungry for success. I welcome you back, and wish you all the best.
  • You’ve shown commitment to the little task of returning to work, and, from this, I’m confident that you will do great with the bigger tasks you are assigned. Wishing you all the best in the year ahead.

So glad you’re back! We missed you!

  • It’s better to give any task all you’ve got than to live a life of regret for not giving things your best shot. I trust that you’ll heed this advice and make great strides. Welcome back to the team!
  • As we resume, it’s important to plan everything, for doing so will put you in charge of your game. We are happy to have you back. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need help.
  • I’m sure that you’ve had a relaxing break in these few weeks. Now I encourage you to cease this opportunity to make yourself the most indispensable worker your office has ever known. Welcome back.
  • We want you to go back to that office as a revived professional who means business. It’s not too much to ask of you because you’ve done greater things than that. Wishing you the very best of luck. Cheers.

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First job best wishes and good luck card message I will give you for your first job is to inculcate the discipline to be the first one to reach office every day.

Birthday wishes, quotes, messages and greetings

first day in office wishes

Getting a new job is a cause for celebration. Whether it’s a family member, friend, or colleague, this is an occasion that deserves a congratulatory message. People appreciate a meaningful note or text. Saying congratulations on your new job is no exception. If you take the time to compose a message, it will mean far more to the person than if you simply mention it verbally. It shows them that you are genuinely happy and excited for them.


Messages to say congratulations on a promotion



01“I was so excited to hear about your promotion. Congratulations on your new job! I can’t think of a single person who deserves it more than you do! Good luck and best wishes for the future.”



02“I’m sad to see you leave us, but happy that you’ve been promoted. I know you’ll be a success in your new job, just as you were here. You will be missed, but I wish you nothing but the very best.”


03“As parents, we’re so proud of your promotion. Congratulations on your new job. We hope that it’s going to be everything you’ve dreamed of and even more. We love you and will be with you every step of the way.”
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04“Congratulations on your new job. I’ve learned so much from you during the time we spent together. You’ve inspired me to seek a promotion myself. I hope everything goes well as you transition into your new job.”


05“This promotion was yours from the time they advertised it. I can’t think of anybody else who would be able to make as much of a success of it as you will. Congratulations on your new job and best wishes for all that lies ahead.”



06“We know you had your heart set on this promotion, and we couldn’t be more pleased that you got it. We wanted to offer you our sincerest congratulations and best wishes as you assume your new position.”


07“I know that this promotion is going to offer you new challenges. But I also know that you’re up to the task and will face them head-on. I admire your courage to take on this promotion. Congratulations on your new job.”


08“Congratulations on your new job. You’ve worked very hard, and you deserve the recognition you’re finally getting.”


09“I wanted to congratulate you on your promotion to my old position. I know you’ll be a great successor. I look forward to supporting you whenever you need it.”


Messages to someone who got a new job at another organization



10“Congratulations on your new job. I am so happy for you. I hope you have much success and happiness in your new position. Wishing you good luck.”


11“I’m so sad that you’ll be leaving us, but I wish you good luck in all your future endeavors. I know that you’ll make a great success of your new job.”



12“Leaving us and joining a new organization might be challenging, but if anyone’s up for a challenge, it’s you. Best wishes for the future.”


13“I was so excited to hear that you got the job you applied for. I know you really wanted it, and you succeeded. I hope that it’s everything you hoped it would be. I know that you’ll be fantastic.”
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14“You’ve done a fantastic job here, and I’ll really miss you. I appreciate your patience and kindness to me when I started. It made a big difference. I hope someone at your new job gets the chance to be mentored by you.”


15“Working with you has been an eye-opening experience. You have taught me so much, and I hope I can continue your legacy after you’ve left. Congratulations on your new job. I know you’re going to do an amazing job.”


16“Congratulations on your new job. If anyone deserves this great opportunity, it’s someone as hardworking as you. I hope the new job brings you great satisfaction and wish you all the best for the future.”



17“I’m so glad to see you got the new job of your dreams. I know you’ll make the most of all the opportunities it presents you. I wanted to wish you good luck as you assume your new position.”


18“I’m so proud to have had a role in shaping you as an employee and preparing you for this new job. Congratulations on your successful application. Good luck with all your future endeavors.”


A ‘congratulations on your new job’ message for someone who got their first job



19“Congratulations on your new job. The hard work you put in at college has paid off. I hope this job fulfills all your dreams and aspirations. Good luck.”


20“I am delighted that you secured your first job. I’m sure the interview process was a bit nerve-wracking, but you kept your cool, and the success is all yours. Congratulations and good luck.”


21“We’re so proud of you for getting your first job. It’s going to be a character-building experience for you. We know you’re up for the challenge and wish you all the very best.”



22“Getting out of the starting blocks into the world of work isn’t as easy as it sounds. But, against the odds, you have succeeded. Congratulations on your new job. I hope it is the springboard for many great things to come.”


23“What an accomplishment! You’ve got your first job. Well done. I hope you seize every opportunity granted to you and use this job to grow as a person and as a professional.”
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24“Congratulations on your new job! This is a wonderful opportunity for you, and I know you’ll make a massive success of it.”


25“Best wishes and good luck as you join the workforce. Your first job is going to teach you a lot about yourself and the real world. You’re going to succeed in this job just as you succeed at everything you put your mind to.”


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25 Congratulations on Your New Job Wishes That People Love to Hear

first day in office wishes

You are more than a colleague to me

Congratulations on another wonderful birthday! You are more than a colleague to me; you are also my friend and confidant. Working by your side has been such a pleasure because you are a great person.

May you have a fantastic birthday!

Happy birthday to a colleague and friend

I want to wish a great birthday to a colleague and friend who has given me so much and always had my back from my first day at the office.

I wish you a long life, good health and all the success possible!

I hope this year brings you many more successful moments

I hope this year brings you many more successful moments and great accomplishments.

May God Bless you with all the luck, health and prosperity that you deserve. I wish you a very happy birthday and many more years to come, ma’am!

I am blessed to have such an amazing work partner

Happy birthday to my fantastic colleague!

I am blessed to have such an amazing work partner. Your determination, persistence and patience are inspiring.

I wish for you to reach all of your dreams and for that big promotion to come soon. Don’t be afraid to take chances, you deserve but the best.

May your next year be even greater than this one.

You make a long day seem shorter

Happy birthday to the person I am
happy to work alongside each and
every working day!

You make a long day seem shorter
and mundane work feel less dull.

You’re always there to lend a hand
when the workload gets a little
overwhelming and you always
manage to make me feel calmer
and help to prepare me for any task!

With your support, I feel as though
I can approach and tackle any task!

Thank you so much for being the most
supportive colleague! Wishing you the
very best birthday today!

The brightest star in our office

Happy birthday to the brightest star in our office! Dear colleague, you are a truly gifted and talented person who brings joy to the workplace.

You make the office feel like home

Today I want to wish a great birthday to the person who makes the office feel like home while maintaining a professional facet: you, my dear colleague.

You are more than a colleague to me; you are more like a relative. You give me great advice all the time and you always help me when I get a little flustered.

You make coming to work every day feel like a breeze. But your can-do attitude is what's most inspiring about you; you make everyone want to excel themselves just by being who you are.

I hope you have an amazing birthday and many years to come, dear colleague!

To the best teammate ever

We all want to wish a happy birthday to the best teammate ever! We hope you have the wonderful day that you deserve.

You are responsible for an amazing work environment

Such a great leader, like no other
I have met before. You are such a
kind, motivational and down to earth
person who is responsible for an
amazing work environment.

I hope you have the fantastic
birthday you deserve, dear madam!

Birthday Wishes for Colleague, find happy birthday images, quotes and who has given me so much and always had my back from my first day at the office.

Good Luck Messages for First Job: Best Wishes and Inspirational Quotes

first day in office wishes

Good luck messages for first job: A first job is the beginning of many things to come including new colleagues, new bosses, new car, new home, new relationships and countless new experiences. Undeniably, a first job is not only the beginning of people’s careers, but also a foundation of the rest of their lives. This post is a wonderful mix of motivational quotes, heartfelt wishes and funny messages. Read them and be inspired to write something inspirational on a greeting card to send your best wishes and congratulations to someone who just landed the very first job of their life. Whether it is for a friend, son, daughter, brother, sister or your college roommate – write a touching note that serves as a mental anchor and helps them shine out like the superstars they are.


1) The best part of your first job will be your innocent ignorance of the fact that your seemingly simple ideas have the power to change a company’s future. Good luck.


2) A word of advice as you start your first job – a job is only as good as the person doing it. Good luck.


3) May you be your boss’ pet, colleague’s best mate and the life of after work parties. Good luck for your first job.


4) The only difference between a new recruit and an intern is that one is paid to get bullied and the other is not. Good luck for you very first job.


5) First job advice – never underestimate the value of a helpful colleague and never overestimate the value of an arrogant boss. A helpful colleague will Stand By Your Side when things go wrong while an arrogant boss will simply Brush You To The Side. Good luck.


6) Your company is lucky to have you as their new hire, for you are the kind of employee that every organization would desire. Good luck.


7) First jobs are like first girlfriends and boyfriends – you can hate them but never forget them. Good luck.


8) Right now, your first job will seem like your life’s biggest challenge. But decades down the line, it will become one of your life’s most innocent and precious memories. Good luck.


9) Coffee runs, photocopying and filing paperwork – these are some of the unofficial tasks of your job description as a new recruit. Good luck and have fun.


10) The hardest worker is not necessarily the smartest one. The smartest worker is not necessarily the hardest one. So play it safe by working hard and working smart at the same time. Good luck for your first job.


11) Only star students like you get picked straight from college classrooms into company boardrooms. Good luck.


12) No matter where you go, no matter what you become, the experience of your first job will be a memory so beautiful and awesome. Good luck.


13) Your biggest asset is not your college degree, it is your enthusiasm. Use it in abundance. Good luck.


14) You banked on your degrees to get your foot in the door. Now it is all up to you. Good luck.


15) Let your enthusiasm negate and overpower any kind of pessimism that you may face in your first job. Good luck.

16) Your first job will be like your first love – adventurous and magical yet sometimes frustrating, but priceless in hindsight. Good luck.


17) First job, first cubicle, first colleague, first team, first boss, first monthly review, first performance appraisal, first promotion… phew, you have so many firsts to look forward to. Good luck.


18) May your first job show you a glimpse of the outstanding career path you are about to carve for yourself. Good luck.


19) A first job is a level playing field in everyone’s life. It is in your hands to make the most of it. Good luck.


20) I know that you are prepared to be a part of an amazing company. I wonder if your company is prepared to handle an amazing employee like you. Good luck for your first job.


21) Every party that you missed and every holiday that you did not take with your friends for studying hard in college has finally paid off. Good luck for your first big role.


22) Bagging your first job is just one of the many accomplishments you are about to achieve in your professional life. I hope you will soon start bagging promotions, better perks and higher pay. Good luck.


23) Don’t be afraid to take decisions and never be afraid to fail – this should be your motto as you start your first job… because you really have nothing to lose. Good luck.


24) The first advice I will give you for your first job is to inculcate the discipline to be the first one to reach office every day. Success will follow. Good luck.


25) The joy of your first promotion or the joy of switching to a better job – none of these will match up to the priceless joy of earning your first paycheck. Good luck and congratulations for your first job.


26) Anyone can get good academic records and recommendations from professors. But not everyone can get your smartness and confidence. Good luck in your first job.


27) Give your unique skills and talents the freedom to bloom uninterruptedly so that you can add value to your company’s performance organically. Good luck for your first job.


28) Your first job is the first rung of the ladder which will lead you to success in your professional life. Good luck for taking the first step.


29) Always remember that your employers haven’t done you a favor by giving you this job. You are so good that they had no other option. Good luck for your first job.


30) Life’s real test was not the one that got you a degree, but the one that will begin with your first job. Congratulations and good luck.

31) The only thing you need to remember before starting your first job is that success is relative – you will get it only as much as you want it. Good luck.


32) Your first job doesn’t just mark the beginnings of your professional life, but new innings of your personal life too. Good luck.


33) May your first job be awesome and may it set the tone for the rest of your career. Good luck.


34) Although you are fresh out of college, you also have well rounded knowledge which I hope your new boss will acknowledge. Good luck with your first job.


35) Sales figures will skyrocket and losses will plummet, now that your company has access to your amazing intellect. Good luck.


36) Your inexperience is not a liability, it is dead stock waiting to be converted into a revenue generating asset. Good luck for your first job.


37) Your first job is the starting line of the marathon of your career. Make a good start but don’t hurry, else you will run out of steam before the finish. Good luck.


38) All your life you have learnt what your teachers wanted to teach you. Your first job is your chance to learn the skills that you want to. Good luck.


39) Now that you got your first job, you will finally be able to put up something meaningful on your LinkedIn profile. Good luck.


40) All the mistakes you have made in your life so far are now a thing of the past. Your first job is a new beginning and a fresh start. It is your opportunity to put your life in the direction that you want to… make the most of it. Good luck.


Short congratulations quotes and wishes for wedding, having a baby, graduation and Also we have a list of great wedding and office gift ideas. Good luck to a great happy family and a first time mum and dad! Happy Graduation Day!.

first day in office wishes
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