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Christmas wishes sentences
November 10, 2018 Wedding Anniversary Wishes 1 comment

Merry Christmas wishes are sure to put a smile on anyone's face. Ellen DeGeneres; “Three phrases that sum up Christmas are: Peace on.

The Holidays are more or less right around the corner — close enough, in fact, to perk up a bit if all of your preparations happen at the last minute like mine usually do (hey, no judgment!).

But before going into a tizzy about your Holiday to-do list for this year, let’s take a moment and look at the various German Christmas traditions as well as some linguistic aspects of wishing someone a Merry Christmas in German!

Christmas is a truly magical time of the year in Germany, and if you ever get the chance to travel there during this season, I highly recommend you do so.

Enough with the opening speech — let’s jump into this post about Christmas in Germany!

Wishing Someone a Merry Christmas in German

There are a few ways to wish someone a Merry Christmas in German — and just like in many other countries, there is a variety of phrases that might come in handy, particularly when you aren’t sure whether the other person is celebrating Christmas or not.

If you are sure the person is celebrating Christmas or you’re simply more of a traditionally minded person, you can say:

Frohe Weihnachten! Merry Christmas! or
Fröhliche Weihnachten!Joyous Christmas!

You could also say:

Frohes Fest! A happy celebration! or
Frohes Weihnachtsfest! A joyous Christmas celebration!

If you want to keep things a little bit more “neutral”, either because you aren’t sure whether the person is not celebrating a traditional Christmas holiday (or because you know they aren’t), you could also simply opt for:

Schöne Feiertage!Happy Holidays!

Traditionally, most people are off between December 24th and December 26th, so even if the person you are talking to might not be celebrating Christmas, you can be pretty sure they will have some time off.

If you are more intent on focusing on the religious and/or contemplative aspect of Christmas and the spirit of the holiday itself, you could say:

Ein gesegnetes Weihnachtsfest! A blessed Christmas celebration! or
Ein frohes und gesegnetes Weihnachtsfest!A blessed and joyous Christmas celebration! or

You could also keep it short and simply say:

Gesegnete Weihnachten!Blessed Christmas!

When wishing a person a Merry Christmas (or Happy Holidays, for that matter) you will also notice that a lot of times this is done in connection with wishing someone a Happy New Year, especially when you’re not likely to see the person again between Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

A lot of times, especially on Christmas cards, you will find the phrase:

Gesegnete Weihnachten und ein frohes neues Jahr!Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Variations of this include:

Frohe Weihnachten und ein glückliches neues Jahr!Merry Christmas and lots of luck for the new year!
Frohe Weihnachten und alles Gute für das neue Jahr!Merry Christmas and all the best for the new year!

Especially the latter phrases are oftentimes used in cards or personal notes, such as the ones that businesses send out to their customers.

Now that we know how to say “Merry Christmas” in German, let’s have a look at the various Christmas customs and traditions leading up to Christmas that you might encounter when staying in Germany during Christmas season!

Pre-Christmas Traditions in Germany

As I previously mentioned, there are a plethora of Christmas traditions in Germany — however, there are also traditions leading up to Christmas.

Some of them are more popular with children, and some of them are observed by families with or without children alike.

Let’s take a look!

Advent Calendars

Advent calendars are especially popular with kids, but I know even some adults who love following them simply because they make counting down the days leading up to Christmas Eve so much sweeter.

Advent calendars are usually sheet calendars to hang on your wall with 24 small flaps, often with Christmas images or winter scenes. For each day from December 1st to the 24th, you open a flap and there is a small picture or sometimes even a short poem underneath.

For kids, there are special advent calendars that contain small pieces of chocolate, which are revealed when opening the flap. This is an especially easy way to test your child’s self-control (since when there’s a sweet treat involved, it gets significantly harder to stick with opening one flap a day).

Advent Wreaths

This is probably my favorite pre-Christmas tradition observed in Germany: Advent wreaths!

Advent wreaths, as you can probably tell by the name, are wreaths usually made out of evergreen or pine branches with four (usually red) large candles and other Christmas or winter decorations on top, such as red bows, stars, or pine cones.

Starting on the first Sunday of December, one candle is lit to symbolize Christmas Eve approaching. The following Sunday, a second candle is lit, and so on. By Christmas, all four candles on the wreath are lit.

Advent wreaths are essentially a Christmas countdown for adults.

Christmas Traditions in Germany

There are plenty of German Christmas traditions that aren’t just popular among tourists, but also with the German locals.

From Christmas markets to mulled wine: in this part of the article, I’m gonna share a few of my favorites!

Christmas Markets (Weihnachtsmärkte)

The Christmas market — or Weihnachtsmarkt — is one of the main reasons to travel to Germany during the holiday season (for me). They’re an essential part of German culture, and definitely not just a tourist attraction that the locals would avoid. Christmas markets are a longstanding tradition in Germany, and they’re the perfect place to enjoy a mulled wine (Glühwein) or two with your friends.

German Christmas markets offer a variety of things to do and see: they usually have plenty of snack booths where you can get savory and sweet treats as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Local vendors sell beeswax candles, ornaments, handmade soaps, and household goods as well as winterproof clothing items (from sweaters to hats and mittens). Wooden toys as well as jewelry or Weihnachtsplätzchen (Christmas cookies) can also be found here.

So if you are looking for a souvenir or some Christmas presents to send to your loved ones back home, this is definitely the place to go!

The best thing about Christmas markets though is the atmosphere: usually, they are richly decorated and illuminated with Christmas lights and decoration, and even the booths are decorated as well.

Pro tip: head over in the late afternoon or early evening to see everything light up and experience the magic unfolding!

Glühwein and Feuerzangenbowle

Speaking of Christmas markets: As I already mentioned above, Christmas markets do not only offer food, but also some of the trademark (alcoholic) drinks of the holiday season.

Glühwein (mulled wine) is probably the most popular of the two. Made out of warm red wine, sugar and a variety of spices, it’s the perfect drink to keep you warm when strolling around the Christmas market in frigid temperatures. While traditionally Glühwein is made out of red wine, there’s also a version made out of white wine. (Personally, I have never tried the latter.)

Another favorite at German Christmas markets is the so-called Feuerzangenbowle (fire tong punch). This tongue-twister of a drink is made out of mulled wine, rum (with a high alcohol content) and a sugar cone. The sugar cone is placed over the (usually pretty large mug) of mulled wine, doused in the rum and then gets lit on fire. Watching this is quite the spectacle and about fifty percent of why I love indulging in a steaming hot mug of Feuerzangenbowle — however, if you are a lightweight like me, you might want to be careful and stick to only one “fire tong punch” since it’s quite strong.

Christmas Trees

Just like in the US, Christmas trees are a staple in German households during Christmas time. Ever since moving from Germany to the US, I have noticed that the “American way” of decorating the tree is much more elaborate. Compared to this, the German approach is almost minimalistic.

Also: The Christmas trees used in Germany are real evergreen trees — not the fake ones popular with a lot of households in the US. And just like the tree is real, the candles on the tree are oftentimes as well (to the horror of many of my American friends due to the possible fire hazard).

Christmas Ornaments

Christmas ornaments have a longstanding tradition in Germany, as well as other European countries. Most of the time, they are made out of real glass and come in all sizes and shapes — popular are not only traditional Christmas motives, but also things that technically don’t have anything to do with Christmas. They are often decorated with lots of glitter, whether they are classic Christmas ornaments or of a more “non-traditional” kind.

Some families also like to put chocolates, homemade Christmas cookies or homemade ornaments on their Christmas tree.

Weihnachtsengel (Christmas Angels)

Christmas angels (Weihnachtsengel) are a staple when it comes to the Christmas decoration in many German households. These angels are little wooden figurines originating from the Erzgebirge — a mountain range in Saxony, bordering the Czech Republic. Weihnachtsengel have a longstanding tradition and oftentimes families don’t have just one or two, but an entire “parade” that is put up every year during the holidays.

These angels are often depicted in various positions: holding tiny candles or banners or (and this is probably the most popular variant) playing instruments.

Räuchermännchen (“Little Smoking Man”)

Just like the Christmas angels, Räuchermännchen also originate from the Erzgebirge, which is famous for its unique wooden crafts mostly traditionally involving Christmas motives. Räuchermännchen are incense smokers, often depicting Santa, a nutcracker or miners. The Räuchermännchen comes apart in two pieces, usually at its hip, where you insert a lit/burning cone-shaped incense block, the so-called Räucherkerze. After the incense cone has been inserted, the Räuchermännchen is re-assembled. Soon after, you can watch incense smoke coming from the Räuchermännchen’s mouth (hence the name “Little Smoking Man”).

Weihnachtspyramiden (Christmas pyramids)

You might be a little surprised to hear this name — after all, Christmas and pyramids have next to nothing in common. Christmas pyramids, or Weihnachtspyramiden, are another traditional staple in German households when it comes to Christmas decoration. Just like the two ornaments mentioned before, Christmas pyramids also originate from the Erzgebirge in Eastern Germany.

A Christmas pyramid consists of a pyramidal outer frame (usually containing spots for about four tea candles) and a pyramid-shaped, usually decorated carousel with a rotor at the top. Said rotor is driven by the warm air arising from the tea candles (hello, physics!) and thus starts spinning slowly when the candles are lit.

Weihnachtspyramiden are usually decorated with nativity scenes, however, there are also some decorated with winter or forest scenes.

Christmas Cookies

Christmas cookies (or Weihnachtsplätzchen) are a must during the Christmas season! These sweet treats come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with different flavors and/or sprinkles or dipped in chocolate. Some families even have their own recipes which are handed down from generation to generation.

Baking Christmas cookies is a favorite holiday activity for some people, especially those with smaller children.

Since not everyone has time to bake these treats during the busy holiday time, many bakeries in Germany sell all kinds of Christmas cookies: you can buy them either as a pre-packaged mix or simply pick your favorites.

Another favorite of the Holiday season is Lebkuchen, German gingerbread. It’s usually sold at Christmas markets or in supermarkets, and often heart- or star-shaped and filled with sweet jam.

A Couple More Interesting Tidbits…

While you might recognize some of the German Christmas traditions since your part of the world has similar traditions, there are some things Germany does different from the rest of the world when it comes to celebrating this time of the year.

Unlike the US or UK that celebrate Christmas on the morning of the 25th of December, in Germany Christmas Eve is celebrated on December 24th. And while in the US presents are bought by Santa, in Germany it is the Christkind (the Christ child) that is responsible for delivering all the gifts.

While Santa doesn’t play much of a role in the actual Christmas celebration on the 24th of December, he—or more precisely, somewhat more of his equivalent—plays an important role on December 6th, the so-called Nikolaustag (St. Nicholas Day).

St. Nikolaus, better known as “der Nikolaus”, in popular depiction is a rather heavy set, friendly man in a red frock with a white beard (sound familiar?) who visits all families on the night of December 5th to December 6th when everyone is asleep. Traditionally kids (and sometimes adults, depending on the family) leave their shoes out overnight to find sweet treats, mandarin oranges, walnuts and/or small gifts in them on the morning of the 6th.

(That is, if you were a good kid that year. Traditionally, people who haven’t been good are left with a couple of pieces of coal in their shoe as “presents”.)

December 25th in Germany is also known as “Erster Weihnachtstag” (first Christmas Day). This day is usually reserved for visiting close family that lives further away such as grandparents, aunts, and uncles. Same goes for December 26th, the “Zweiter Weihnachtstag” (second Christmas Day). More presents are usually exchanged and there’s lots of rich foods and more Christmas cookies.

On these days, pretty much everyone is traveling (sometimes even cross-country), which means that traffic is usually iffy, especially when snowfall or — more likely — heavy rain or sleet is involved.

I hope I could give you a good insight into Christmas in Germany — both regarding some vocabulary as well as German Christmas traditions — to get you into the holiday spirit!

Frohe Weihnachten, everyone!

Here is a collection of Christmas wishes and Short Christmas messages for you to sent for your family and friends. Short Christmas Greetings are the best ways.

Here's What to Write in a Christmas Card This Year

christmas wishes sentences

Have you sent your holiday greetings to all your colleagues, suppliers, and customers?

It’s that time of year again. People keep dropping by my desk to ask what they should write in their emails they want to send out before the holiday period ahead of us. There isn’t really one set thing that you have to say, but it’s a good idea to consider cultural aspects when composing your text. It’s fine to say “Happy Christmas” to people you know celebrate Christmas, but is it the best message to send out across the company or to clients you don’t know well? Here we offer you some phrases which use the word “Christmas” and some which use alternatives – the main ones being “holiday period / season” or “festive period / season”.

Phrases for holiday greetings

Less formal

  • We really appreciate the great teamwork this year and look forward to a repeat show in 2014! Thank you.
  • We wish all of you a very Happy Christmas and a smooth start to the New Year.
  • Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday season!
  • Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

More formal

  • We would like to use this occasion to express our thanks for the successful cooperation this year, and we very much look forward to working with you again in 2014.
  • We wish a very happy festive season to you and all your staff.
  • We would like to wish you and all your staff a very happy festive season.
  • We wish you a very Happy Christmas, and a healthy and prosperous New Year.
  • Season’s Greetings!

Note: Happy Christmas / New Year  – each word starts with a capital letter.

Let us know if you have anything to add in the comments area below. If you post your holiday greetings email you want to write, we’d be happy to give you feedback on it.



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50 Christmas Greeting Wishes for Teachers 2018-19

christmas wishes sentences

The easiest way to spread some Christmas cheer and make this year a little brighter is by listening to Christmas carols and sending Season’s wishes. Christmas is definitely one of those times of the year when people’s hearts get closer and spirits tune in for a real celebration.

Here are some suggestions of Yuletide wishes for you to send to your loved ones, to your friends and family, to people you work with, and to those in need of encouragement. You can also visit our collection of Happy New Year Wishes.


Merry Christmas Wishes!

Warm Christmas Wishes to Share with Those You Hold Dear

  • I’m blowing you a kiss and with it a Christmas wish that your heart is overflowing with all the love I have to give.
  • May each of your Christmas lights burn brightly and your ornaments dazzle, as brilliantly as the love I hold for you in my heart.
  • Wishing you winter wonder and childlike joy this Christmas season.
  • May your home be warm, your tree bright, and your heart merry this Christmas.
  • My love for you shines ever brighter with each passing year, and on this Christmas morning I hold you ever more dear.
  • For this Christmas, my dear, may your dreams be filled with Santa Claus and reindeer, your stocking full, and your tree surrounded by presents.
  • I just wanted you to know, on this blessed Christmas day, that you are my angel and the light of my life, in every perfect way.
  • May you be enfolded in the wings of peace and filled with joy and happiness this holiday season. Merry Christmas!

Joy to the world.

  • For all the times I forgot to tell you and when I neglected to show I care, forgive me and let me say this Christmas, “I love you forever and always”.
  • Remember this Christmas season that the God who crafts each snowflake individually, has made you unique and beautiful, and He loves you in every way.
  • This Christmas I pray that your heart is merry, your eyes bright, and your soul as peaceful as the dove.
  • May you experience all the joy and wonder that life has to offer this holiday season, as you live, laugh, and love. Happy Christmas.
  • My beautiful angel, thank you for this great past year and may this Christmas tie us together even closer.
  • Meet me under the mistletoe and I’ll show you how my love still burns passionately for you. Merry Christmas, my love!
  • May this Christmas stir all your senses and delight you in every way.
  • Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones, may you cherish and honor each other in all that you do.
  • This Christmas, take time to reflect on how you’ve been blessed, as you look ahead with hope into the New Year.

Our warmest wishes!

  • Lord, open my eyes to the hungry, my hands to the needy, and my heart to the lonely this Christmas.
  • This is the season to live in joy, to dry our tears, and lift our hands in thanks. Merry Christmas!
  • Holiday treats and holiday cheer bring smiles to faces year after year. Merry Christmas!
  • Sing carols, sing praises, or simply shout for joy. Christmas time is a happy time for every girl and boy!
  • This is the season to enjoy giving, and I hope you delight in each and every one of your gifts. Have a Merry Christmas!
  • Christmas time is coming, Christmas time is here! Christmas time is a happy time to celebrate the past year.
  • Ring the bells and call the elves for Santa is on his sleigh! He’s coming near to bring great cheer to good little girls and boys!
  • The weather is colder, we’re all a bit older, but at heart we are still young. For the true meaning of Christmas lives on within us, if only we look toward the Son! Have a Merry Christmas!
  • While you may not get to sleep in, I pray that you wake with a smile as big as your children’s this Christmas.
  • This Christmas I pray that you get everything that you love and love everything that you get.
  • This year my Christmas list was blank, because I already have everything I could wish for in you.

Merry Christmas.

  • Christmas helps strengthen the bonds of friendship and family so that they may never be broken. Love to you and yours, Merry Christmas.
  • I pray that the love of all those around you fills your Christmas to overflowing with warmth, joy, and happiness.
  • May your eggnog be creamy, your hot chocolate steamy, and your heart filled to the brim with gladness this Christmas.
  • Christmas reminds us that we are never alone. Merry Christmas, my love!
  • Wishing you the gifts that really matter this Christmas: hope, joy, love, health, and peace.
  • May your days be sunny, your nights starry, and your Christmas jolly!
  • This Christmas I hope that you indulge in every good thing, until you are satisfied and no more, that you give away your love in order to receive more, and that every day you experience what life is worth living for.
  • May your every day be as wonderful as a Christmas morning.
  • May your Christmas be bright, beautiful, and bountiful, and may its light shine throughout the coming year.
  • Let love surround us all this blessed Christmas day, and inspire us to share goodwill in each and every way.

Ho Ho Ho!

Christmas Messages for my Love

  • Christmas with you is so much better than Christmas without you. My heart is warmer, my soul feels settled, and life is all around great. I love you, sweetheart! Merry Christmas!
  • This year, I do not need to ask Santa for a thing. I have everything I need in you. Merry Christmas, my dear!
  • The best Christmas gift I could ask for I already have in you. Merry Christmas to the one who makes me happy all year round!
  • Here’s to “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” another year with you, my love! Merry Christmas!
  • While some may celebrate the “12 Days of Christmas,” I feel like I get 365 days of Christmas with you!  You bless me in so many ways. Thank you for being the flame to my candle. Happy Holiday!
  • As I vowed my love to you on our wedding day, so God again vowed His love to mankind through the birth of His Son. May this covenant keep us spiritually strong all the days of our life. Merry Christmas, dear love!
  • This Christmas, I wish the following things for you: love, hope, faith, contentment, and joy. May your life be filled in abundance with all of these and more. You deserve them all! Merry Christmas, sweetheart!

Christmas Greetings for my Wife

  • May this Christmas season fill your sweet life with tons of love and countless blessings. Happy Christmas, sweetheart.
  • As we celebrate this special season, may your life be filled with total happiness and love. I hope you have a Christmas that is as wonderful as you are to me, my beloved wife. Happy Christmas!
  • Sweetheart, I pray that the phenomenal spirit of Christmas will gift you happiness from above. Merry Christmas!
  • On this glorious occasion, it is my prayer that you will receive all the beautiful things in life that you have always dreamed of. Have a beautiful holiday, my love.
  • Merry Christmas to you, my beloved wife. I hope every blessed day of this lovely season will fill your heart with countless blessings and oceans of happiness.

All I want for Christmas is you!

  • As we celebrate the birth of Christ, it my wish that you shall be endowed with good health, prosperity and strength. Merry Christmas!
  • Wishing you a fabulously happy Christmas, my dear wife. May the magic of this season cause your heart to overflow with happiness, peace and love.
  • May all the most cherished desires of your heart start materializing this Christmas. Have a lovely and blessed holiday.
  • I hope this Christmas ends up becoming one of the most cherished moments of your entire life. Happy Christmas, my darling.

Christmas Greetings for my Husband

  • On this Christmas season, may you experience nothing short of peace, happiness and love. Merry Christmas!
  • Happy Holidays, sweetheart! May you be lead into places of blessings just as the star led the Wise Men to the birth place of our Savior.
  • May you find infinite joy in every step in your life’s journey beginning from this wonderful Yuletide season. Happy Xmas!
  • May this season bring you sweet memories that will remain with you throughout your life. Merry Christmas.
  • It is my wish that the peace of the Lord will reign in your heart now and forever. Merry Xmas!
  • May the spirit of Christmas ignite within you happiness and strength beyond the imagination in order for you to overcome every obstacle in your life. Merry Christmas.
  • May your life be saturated with the spirit of love, health and strength that will last you until the end of time. Happy Xmas!
  • As you celebrate the birth of Christ, it is my wish that every melody of the season will remind you of the infinite love God has for you. Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Christmas Messages for a Dear Neighbor

  • May your heart overflow with the love, blessings and happiness that accompany this season. Have a beautiful Christmas!
  • May the birth of the Savior bring to your home wonderful blessings of joy and laughter. I wish you and your family a merry Christmas and a prosperous and happy New Year!
  • It is my wish that your Christmas shall begin and end with lots of inspirations that will help you move into greater realms of success. Merry Christmas!
  • May every member of your family have their share of the blessings that come with this wonderful festival. May your home know nothing but an abundance of true happiness. Happy Christmas!
  • On these wonderful days of December, it is my wish that the spirit of Christmas will bless your home with love, peace, prosperity, laughter and the purest form of happiness. Have a merry Christmas and a fabulously happy New Year!
  • Merry Christmas! On this great occasion, I wish you oceans of success, good health and happiness that will last you throughout the coming year.
  • Wishing you a very happy Christmas and prosperous New Year! May every message you receive on this beautiful season bring you and your family good fortune and happiness.
  • May this Christmas fill your soul with all the happiness that exists in heaven. Merry Christmas to you and every single member of your adorable family.
  • As we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, may your hearts be gladdened with an abundance of joy such as is found in heaven. Merry Christmas!

Our Warmest Wishes.

Christmas Wishes for your Family

Christmas Messages for Mom

  • Mom, I hope you have yourself a fantastic Merry Christmas. May happiness always sweep throughout your life. I love you.
  • As we celebrate the birth of the savior this holy season, Mom, may you experience all things truly joyful. Have a Merry Christmas, and don’t forget you’re always in my heart.
  • Santa Claus comes down the chimney carrying a bag full of goodies and gifts. I sent him with a package for you. Merry Christmas, Mother.
  • From the depths of my heart, Mom, I wish you a Christmas that is as joyful and beautiful as paradise. Merry Christmas and a magnificently Happy New Year!
  • Mom, thank you for forming me into the phenomenal person I am today. As you enjoy this festive season, may God bestow your life with good fortune and unlimited happiness. Merry Christmas.
  • May the spirit of Christmas visit you and present you with all the joy, peace and love that exist in this world. Have a very Merry Christmas and an extraordinarily wonderful New Year.
  • The Spanish say “Feliz Navidad”, whereas the French say “Joyeux Noël”. In my own special way, I want to say “Happy Joyous Christmas to the world’s most wonderful mother”.  Mom, I may not always be there with you, but I am certainly always thinking about you. Love you.

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Greetings for Dad

  • Christ was born on this day to bring us hope. Hope being what we need most in our lives.  Dad, may that special hope be with you today and throughout the New Year. Happy holidays.
  • This year, do not be a Scrooge. Enjoy Christmas to the fullest, leaving no tradition unattended to.  It is going to be a year to never forget.  Fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the ride. Merry Christmas, Dad!
  • My sweet Father, I hope you enjoy every moment of this magical Christmas season to the max! I love you so much. Have an awesome Christmas!
  • The three Kings of Orient traveled afar. Across moors and mountains, they followed the star and came to where Jesus lay.  There, they delivered the magnificent King three glorious gifts: gold, frankincense and myrrh. As we celebrate this holiday, let us remember to celebrate Christ the King as well.  Merry Christmas.
  • May this Christmas be the time all your wishes come true. Happy holidays, my beloved Dad!
  • On this Christmas, Dad, I want to wish you a lifetime of good health and happiness. Have a truly delightful Christmas and a prosperous New Year.
  • Merry Christmas! I’m so glad that I can spend this beautiful Christmas with a wonderful father like you. You have brought my heart more happiness than it can ever contain.

Merry Christmas.

Christmas Messages for my Parents

  • From childhood Santa to grown up celebrations, you are the best presents I ever received. God truly has blessed me with you both. Merry Christmas!
  • Merry Christmas to the best parents around! You make life sweet!
  • They say children are the biggest blessing, but I’m not sure that’s true. To me, parents are right up there, too. Merry Christmas to two very special people!
  • Merry Christmas to my very lucky parents! You are so blessed to have a child like me!
  • Sending the best of Christmas wishing to the best of parents. May you have a joyful season and a happy new year!
  • Hearing all of the Christmas songs on the radio brings me back to childhood memories of decorating the tree, hanging stockings, and baking cookies. Thank you for instilling in me the importance of traditions so that I can carry them on with my own family. You truly are the best. Merry Christmas, Mom and Dad!
  • Let us bow on bended knee for Christ the Everlasting King. As one family, we praise His name. Merry Christmas, Mom and Dad!
  • Faith. Hope. Love. I wish these and more for you this Christmas season. Merry Christmas to two parents who are deeply loved!

Happy Holidays.

Christmas Messages for my Brother

  • Thanks to the faith of our Mother Mary, the world was blessed with the strongest and smallest of kings. May the blessing of this event continue to flow into your life always. God bless you and Merry Christmas, brother!
  • Merry Christmas to my friend, confidante, and protector – my brother. Thank you for always being there when I need you!
  • If I had just one wish to ask of Santa, it would be that he would bless all the girls of the world with a brother like you. You mean more to me than you could ever know. Merry Christmas!
  • You may not know the positive impact you have on this world, but trust me, the world is better with you in it. Thank you for being so awesome. Merry Christmas, bro!
  • Happy holidays to the coolest brother around! I am sure lucky to have you in my life.
  • I pray God gives us a heart of giving this season, happiness and peace of mind as we celebrate Christmas. Wishing a Merry Christmas and a brilliant New Year to my amazingly sweet brother.
  • It’s a bright and magical season. Let’s forget our artificial problems and celebrate Christmas with a carefree attitude. Happy holidays, brother.
  • Wishing you a truly wonderful Christmas celebration, dear brother. See all the beauty around you and enjoy the magic of this season. Happy holidays.
  • As we dance, eat, and make merriment, we should try not to forget the star of the season – Jesus Christ. Have a beautiful Christmas.
  • Hope, peace, love and joy are what bring a good Christmas cheer. Spread it like butter and eat it like jam.  Savor the taste and let the Christmas feeling stay with you all year round. Have yourself a Merry Christmas, brother.
  • May all the happiness, love and peace in this world find their way to your doorstep this Christmas. Have a blessed life, my beloved brother.
  • Brother, because you are so dear to my heart, celebrating Christmas with you is just like being in paradise. May this Christmas be one of the happiest times of your life. Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas

Christmas Messages for my Sister

  • To my sister, who is not only a sibling but also my very best friend. Here’s wishing you a Christmas day with no work, sleeping in, and overloading on coffee and Netflix. Merry Christmas, sis!
  • Sister: Never was there a better gift brought than you. I have no need to ask Santa for anything more. Merry Christmas, dear one!
  • Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Happy Kwanzaa, and more to the best sister around! I love you!
  • It’s that joyous time of year again – time to drink eggnog, stay up telling secrets, and await the arrival of Santa. There’s no one I would rather spend it with than you, dear sister. Merry Christmas!
  • 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… let’s all shout, “He is alive!” Let us join together in worship of the one True King. Merry Christmas to the sister I hope to share this tradition with for years to come!
  • May the peace of the Lord and the wisdom of the Spirit be with you during this holy season. All of our love from us to you. Merry Christmas, sister!
  • Bake a cake, build a ginger bread house, boil some hot cocoa, sit around in a circle while grandma tells us a Christmas story. It’s Christmas once again, sister! Happy holidays!
  • The Savior of the world was gifted to us on this exceptionally great day. Remember Him as you celebrate this festive season. Merry Christmas, sweet partner in crime!
  • It was the star that led the three wise kings and the shepherds to Christ. I pray that star leads happiness straight into your heart this holiday season. Merry Christmas.
  • My dearest sister, may the Heavens shower upon your life the most precious blessings this Christmas. Thank you for being a truly wonderful sister to me. I hope Christmas brings you a handful of heavenly moments.
  • Wishing you good health, prosperity, beauty and happiness this Christmas and throughout the New Year.
  • Dear sister, permit me to wish you a Christmas that is as beautiful and wonderful as you. May God richly bless you all the days of your phenomenal life.

Merry Christmas.

Christmas Messages to my Son

  • Son, may this amazing Christmas season bring you closer and closer to seeing all your cherished dreams coming to pass. I hope you have a joyous Christmas and a splendid New Year. I love you.
  • May this Christmas bless you with a billion reasons to smile. Have a beautiful Christmas, son.
  • Dearest son, I wish you a Christmas that is as joyful as the fact that you are our son is to us. Have yourself a Merry Christmas and an incredibly fantastic New Year!
  • To us, you will forever be a priceless gift. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year filled to the brim with blessings from above. We shall love you forever.
  • Smile, laugh and be merry.  It’s the season of happiness, peace and love! Celebrate this holiday and let the cheer that comes with it continue to be with you all year round.  Merry Christmas, son.
  • Wishing my amazing son a wonderful Holiday Season. May your happiness be larger than the universe.

Merry Christmas

Christmas Messages for my Daughter

  • May God always have millions of reasons to bestow happiness and love upon you. We hope you have a magical Christmas and a New Year that brings you the joy you bring into our world.
  • This year we will hear Rudolph on top of our chimneys, leading Santa’s herd of reindeer.  You can’t miss him. Look out for him as you celebrate this season! Happy Christmas!
  • My sweet angel, I have nothing but the warmest wishes for you this Christmas. May the spirit of this season bless you with good health and a deliciously sweet life. Have a Merry Christmas.
  • Have yourself a Merry Christmas, and do not forget to imbibe Christ in your celebration. Happy holidays, sunshine.
  • Wishing a fabulously Merry Christmas to the world’s most beautiful princess. May your Christmas and New Year be as beautiful and colorful as you make our world. We love you immensely.
  • Sweet daughter, I hope your Christmas is completely full with the purest form of love and happiness. God gave us the best Christmas present when He put you in our lives.

Santa Claus is coming to town.

Christmas Greetings formy Grandma

  • You are a fountain of love and joy in my world. It is my wish that this Christmas will illuminate your life with laughter, today and the rest of your amazing years on Earth. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
  • You are the grandmother every grandchild would love to have in their life. It is my wish that this holy season will bless you with good health, happiness and all the desires of your heart. Merry Christmas!
  • Your presence blesses me a lot, and that is something I can never thank you enough for. May this Christmas fill your life with great health and wealth to last you for eternity. Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year!
  • Christmas for me would not be joyful if not for your presence in this family. May your life be filled with fountains of joy.  Have a Merry Christmas, grandma!
  • You taught me to smile and look cheerful even when I am faced with the troubles of life. May you remain as strong and happy as you make me feel. Enjoy this holiday season!
  • On this Christmas, I wish you remain healthy, vivacious and joyous for the rest of your life. Have a fabulous Christmas.
  • Even if I forget everything you do for me, I would never forget the sweet love that you shower me with every blessed day. I wish you a Christmas festivity filled with all the love and bliss in the universe!
  • Grandma, nothing can ever change the fact that you are the most loving and caring grandmother in the world. I hope you enjoy this Christmas with lots of love, happiness and good health!
  • The compliments of the season to my wonderful Grandma. May your life be as phenomenal and beautiful as you are to my world.

Merry Christmas.

Christmas Greetings for my Grandpa

  • I have grown to become such a confident soul because of your presence in my life. May the season of Christmas pour upon your life immense blessings of joy and strength for the rest of your stay on earth! Have a beautiful Christmas.
  • Thank you so much for being such a phenomenally amazing grandfather. Wishing you a very hearty and merry Christmas!
  • You have remained my hero since childhood. You are a God-sent package of affection and courage to me. Here’s wishing you the warmest of Christmas seasons!
  • I have never found myself in trouble because you always make sure I chose the right path. May your Christmas celebration be flooded with joy, laughter and love!
  • You are the grandfather of grandfathers. You words are what guide me into the ways of success. May you have a fantastic Christmas holiday!
  • Dear Grandpa, whenever we are around you, it feels like we are in a world filled with wisdom and fun. May this yuletide time serve you with strength and wonderful health! Merry Christmas!
  • Granddad, I hope you have the best of everything that accompanies this wonderful Christmas festivity. Thank you for coloring our world with your amazing love. Have a joyful Christmas!

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas.

Season’s Greetings for my Aunt

  • May this season of pure love present you and your household with lots of good times and memories that will be treasured forever. Have a fantastic Christmas and a truly Happy New Year!
  • Wishing my sweet aunt a joyful Christmas season and a wonderful New Year. Thank you for all the beautiful memories you have blessed my life with.
  • I want to wish the world’s best auntie a fabulous Christmas celebration. May your life forever be filled with smiles, joy and warmth! Merry X’mas!
  • Compliments of the season to the world’s sweetest aunt. May every second of your Christmas be as beautiful as your presence is to my world.
  • Dear auntie, our Christmas would certainly be short of fun if you were not part of it. Have a truly special and Happy Christmas festivity!

Holly Jolly.

Christmas Greetings for my Uncle

  • Your amazing sense of humor turns my sad moments into joy anytime you visit. May this holy season bless your home with love and happiness galore. Happy Christmas!
  • I hope you create mountains of beautiful memories this Christmas. Enjoy a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year filled with all the beautiful things that gladden your heart and soul.
  • I wish you good tidings and good health this holiday season. Merry Christmas.
  • Dear uncle, Christmas would certainly never be joyful without your presence. May your Christmas holidays bring you all the happiness, success and accomplishments that your world can contain!
  • May this Christmas fill your heart and soul with love and bliss. Merry Christmas!
  • Wishing the recipient of the “World’ Best Uncle” award a Merry Christmas! Uncle, may you have a long life filled with good health and joy.
  • Merry Christmas, dear uncle! It is my wish that the spirit of Christmas will shower you with love and good fortune all the days of your life.
  • I would have mistaken you for a guardian angel if mom and dad had not told me you are my uncle. May the lights of this Christmas season shine on your path and lead you to success!

Merry Christmas

Original Christmas Messages for my Cousin

  • I wish you divine blessings as you look forward to the Savior’s birth. Merry Christmas.
  • Dear cousin, even the dark days turn into blissful times of joy when we are together. You are the reason why I stand tall among my peers. Happy holidays!
  • It is my wish that this great occasion of the birth of Christ will forever put you in a transport of delight. Happy Christmas, cousin!
  • Wishing my dearest cousin a blissful Christmas season. May this wonderful season bring you closer and closer to achieving all the goals that you have set for yourself.
  • Just like you light up my life with your unceasing smiles, may this glorious season fill up your heart and soul with oceans of joy. Have a magnificent Christmas celebration!
  • My Christmas holidays can never be complete without wishing my favorite cousin a Merry Christmas. May the spirit of this Christmas stamp out every sorrow, illness and failure from your life and replace them with the greatest of all gifts – pure euphoria.
  • Wishing my sweet cousin a beautifully wonderful Christmas. May your life forever be bestowed with blessings beyond your wildest imaginations.
  • Compliments of the season to my outstanding cousin! It is my wish that God will bless you this Christmas with only the best things of life – nothing less. Merry Christmas, dear cousin!

Professional Christmas Wishes

Christmas Greetings for my Boss

  • As the love of Christ spreads across this Christmas season, may you and your family be found within the boundaries of this divine love. Happy Christmas.
  • It is my wish that your home knows nothing but joy and merry-making throughout the Christmas celebration. Have a fantastic Christmas season.
  • May the gift of Christ, which was given to us some thousands of years ago, put happiness into your heart and fill you with the inspiration needed to achieve all of your dreams. Merry Christmas.
  • Wishing my dearest boss a Merry Christmas and a super duper happy New Year! May your life be a magnet of blessings, prosperity and happiness.
  • I wish you receive divine favor and protection in order to make this occasion a more memorable one. Happy Christmas.
  • May the sweet spirit of Christmas find you worth of every blessing that it comes with. Merry Xmas.
  • It is my prayer that your life will be filled with all the happiness and joy that accompanies this joyous day. Merry Christmas!
  • May you and your family be blessed with happy and prosperous lives. Have a happy and blessed holiday!

Silent night, Holy night.

Season’s Greetings for my Colleagues

  • On this festive occasion, may every desire of your heart begin to flourish just as you have planned. Happy Christmas!
  • Merry Christmas, dear friend and colleague! May all the glorious gifts and blessings that come with this occasion find their way to your home.
  • May you have a Christmas filled with nothing but the warmth of loved ones and happiness that will last throughout the coming year. Merry Christmas!
  • May you enjoy a Christmas celebration that is full of all the wonderful blessings from Heaven. Have a fabulous Christmas.
  • It is my wish that you will be covered with love and happiness from the Heavens throughout this festive season. Have a blessed Christmas and a perfectly Happy New Year!
  • I wish you nothing but God’s amazing blessings this Christmas and the coming year. May happiness always know where to find you. A blessed Christmas and a happy New Year to you, my dear.
  • May divine blessings of joy, love and peace fill every corner of your home and make your family wealthier, healthier and happier. Have a phenomenal Christmas!
  • May every sound of a Christmas bell and melody of a Christmas song bring you incomparable blessings of success and happiness. Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Christmas Messages for Clients

  • May happiness and warmth fill your world this Christmas and the days after. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a beautiful New Year.
  • Sending you our warmest wishes this Christmas. Thank you for keeping us in business by doing business with us. We hope your holiday season is a very safe and happy one. Happy Christmas.
  • May the joy, peace and beauty that accompany Christmas be with you. Happy Christmas.
  • Warmest greetings to you this Holy season. May the special magic of this season gladden your heart during Christmas and the New Year.
  • Wishing you a fabulously Merry Christmas! May this holy and joyful season bring you an abundance of good health, serenity and happiness.
  • May the amazing spirit of Christmas bless your home with love, peace and immeasurable happiness. Have a Merry Christmas and a very prosperous Happy New Year!
  • Our warmest greetings to a wonderful client on this holy season. We hope you enjoy your holidays as much as we have enjoyed your patronage. Have truly happy and blessed Christmas.
  • I want to use this Christmas as an opportunity to say a big thank you for being a cherished client to us. May this Christmas fill your life with all the good things of the world. Merry Christmas.
  • Sending you our most heartfelt gratitude for supporting our business. We hope you have a very blessed and Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas.

Christmas Greetings for Business Partners

  • My warmest greetings to you for being an indispensable business partner to me.  Wishing you a wondrously Merry Christmas and very prosperous New Year!
  • We’d like to express our gratitude to you this holy season for being a wonderful business partner to us. We wish you a fabulous holiday season.
  • May this Christmas and the upcoming year bring you more prosperity and happiness than you ever imagined. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
  • Happy holidays to a wonderful partner and friend. I hope you have a super duper Merry Christmas.
  • Thank you for being a wonderful co-pilot to our plan. I wish you all the beauty and love that accompany this magical season. Merry Christmas!
  • This business is certainly blessed beyond measure to have such a phenomenal partner like you. Wishing you all the joy in this world this Christmas!
  • Sending you my heartfelt gratitude for being a reliable and inspirational partner. May your Christmas be as magnificent as your partnership has been to this business.
  • We have had an excellent business relationship throughout the year. Merry Christmas to you and everyone dear to your heart. May happiness always reside in your home.
  • I hope your heart overflows with the immense joy, love and peace of this special season. Wishing you a lovely Christmas and a wonderful New Year!
  • As the year comes to an end, I’m reminded once again of how important your partnership is. Thank you for being such a wonderful business partner. Wishing you a fabulous Christmas and a glorious New Year!
  • Thank you for being a friend first and a business partner second. I hope our friendship and partnership will continue to flourish in the coming year. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Merry Christmas.

Christmas Greetings for Coworkers

  • Thank you for making the workplace feel like my second home. Have a wonderful Christmas, my dear. And may the New Year bring into your life all the things you hope for. Merry Christmas and a magnificent New Year!
  • May this Christmas gift you with the greatest gift on Earth – true happiness. Merry Christmas!
  • Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a glorious New Year! May you keep being lifted higher in life.
  • I hope that you are surrounded by blessings, peace and happiness this Christmas and in the coming year. Have a beautiful Christmas and a fantastic New Year!
  • I am grateful to you for making my life at work heavenly. I hope your Christmas holiday is loaded with all the happiness your heart can take. Have a magical Christmas and a Happy New Year.
  • I hope you have a Christmas full of happiness – one special thing that you give me at the workplace. Merry Christmas.
  • May happiness accompany your life, both during this Christmas season and throughout the rest of your life. Merry Christmas.
  • May your holiday season be as wonderful as your presence here at work is. Happy holidays, my dear friend and colleague.

Joy, Peace, Love.

Christmas Messages for my Secretary

  • Wishing the most wonderful secretary in the world a magical holiday season filled with all the love, peace and happiness that exist in the world. Merry Christmas and a super duper Happy New Year.
  • Wishing my awesome secretary the happiest of holidays! I hope you enjoy every moment of this holy season. You deserve it! Merry Christmas.
  • This business would have never grown and flourished like the way it has without the presence of an amazing secretary like you. Merry Christmas!
  • You are a fantastic secretary who deserves all the happiness in the entire world this holiday season. Have a truly Merry Christmas and a phenomenal New Year.
  • My heartfelt greetings to you this holiday season! Thank you for helping us achieve success and growth. Merry Christmas.
  • You deserve nothing short of a joyful and peaceful Christmas for being such an outstanding secretary. Happy holidays!
  • Wishing you a Merry Christmas and an amazing New Year filled with peace and happiness. I truly appreciate all the contributions that you make towards the growth of this organization/business. Thank you.

Merry Christmas.

Christmas Greetings for Former Employers

  • Working with you was one of the greatest experiences of my career. May your holiday season be as wonderful as the stars above. Merry Christmas.
  • My warmest greetings to one of the most phenomenal men/women I’ve ever had the opportunity to work with. I hope you have a holiday season that is as extraordinary as your life. Merry Christmas!
  • Wishing you a phenomenally Merry Christmas and prosperous Happy New Year! As we celebrate this festive season, it’s my wish that you continue to motivate and inspire everyone around you to reach for the stars.
  • Thank you for being a wonderful boss, mentor, role model and inspiration to me. I am privileged to have had the opportunity to work with you! Merry Christmas.
  • I may no longer be working with you today, but that doesn’t take away the fact that you are the most outstanding boss I’ve ever had. Wishing you and your beautiful family a magical Christmas and a fabulous New Year!
  • Working with an amazing boss like you remains one of the most golden moments of my professional career. I truly appreciate all the valuable things that you taught me. I hope this holy season fills your life with God’s choicest blessings. Merry Christmas!

Christmas Wishes for Friends

Season’s Greetings for my Best Friend

  • My dearest friend, I wish you oceans of love, laughter and peace this holy season. You shall forever be treasured in my heart. Have a Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year.
  • For being such an outstanding friend, you deserve outstanding happiness this Christmas. It’s my prayer that the spirit of this magical season will put into your life all the happiness ever created by God. Merry Christmas.
  • Wishing a Merry Christmas to a wonderful friend whose presence in my life never falls short of completing my world. Buddy, thanks for always making my life a happy one. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
  • I want to use this Christmas as an opportunity to say “thank you” for being a good friend to me. Wishing you love and true happiness this Christmas. Enjoy the holiday season to the max!
  • May this holiday bring into your life the greatest of all blessings – true happiness. Merry Christmas!
  • May the priceless gift of happiness that you bring into my life be with you, not only this Christmas but on all the days of your life. Have a wonderful Christmas and an outstanding New Year!
  • Thank you for always being an angel in my life. I pray that this Christmas season will bring you all the warmth and happiness needed to transform your world into paradise. Merry Christmas!
  • Wishing a very joyful Christmas to one of the most amazing people in my life. I hope all the days of your existence will be accompanied by God’s amazing love and blessings.
  • May nothing but the purest form of happiness overwhelm your life this yuletide season. Have a Merry Christmas and a marvelous New Year!
  • My dearest friend, it is my hope that the magic and beauty of Christmas will fill your soul with immense serenity, love and happiness. Merry Christmas.
  • Did you know that the most joyful part of this Christmas for me is the fact that I get to celebrate it with a wonderful friend like you? Wishing you Merry Christmas and very blissful New Year!

Merry Christmas.

Christmas Greetings for my Friends

  • Happiest of Christmas wishes to such a dear friend! I am truly blessed to have you in my life.
  • Here’s to another Christmas filled with lots of laughter and making wonderful memories. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year. Merry Christmas, friend!
  • Merry Christmas to our friends who feel like family! We cannot imagine spending this holiday any other way than with you.
  • With snow on the ground and a chill in the air, I am glad to know you are always there. Merry Christmas to the best friend I have ever known!

Let’s all make it a Christmas to remember.

  • After all of our shenanigans, let’s hope we’ve somehow still made Santa’s nice list this year. Merry Christmas, sweet friend! Here’s to more excitement next year!
  • It’s the most blessed time of the year! As we celebrate God becoming man and sharing His love with the entire world, let us never forget His generous grace in our daily lives. Merry Christmas, dear friends!
  • Christmas is my favorite season of the year. It is during this time that I am easily reminded of all the blessings in my life, especially you. You bring me such comfort and joy. Merry Christmas, friend! Thank you for being you.
  • The world was given the best possible gift on the first night of Christmas. I praise the Lord every day for becoming man to join in our sufferings and add to our joys. May we continue to exalt His name on high for such a blessing. Merry Christmas!
  • Season’s Greetings from your Pal! | Christmas Wishes for Friends

You better not pout. I’m telling you why.

Christmas Greetings for an Older Friend

  • On this magical yuletide season, I pray that you and your family will bask in happiness and the amazing love from above. Happy Christmas!
  • May your holiday season be joyous, fun and magical. Merry Christmas!
  • The festive season is finally here again, and I am super excited to share it with a wonderful friend like you. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you the compliments of the season.
  • May the blessings of love and happiness be yours this Christmas and every blessed day of your amazing existence. Merry Christmas.
  • May the choicest blessings of Christmas accompany you today and throughout the New Year. Merry Christmas!


  • To me, your friendship is as special as the spirit of Christmas. Celebrating this magical season with you is the most beautiful Christmas present that could ever come my way. Merry Christmas.
  • For being a true friend to me, I pray that God will fill your heart with happiness and serenity, both during this Christmas and on every new day of your life. Have a magical Christmas and a super duper Happy New Year.
  •  I hope you have the very happiest of Christmas celebrations, my dearest friend. God bless you for injecting joy into my life.
  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! May this Christmas bestow you with more love, peace and happiness. You deserve every good thing in the world for being such a wonderful person.
  • May you have such an incredibly Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thank you for always being a fantastic friend to me.

Just chillin’ till Christmas.

Funny Christmas Wishes

  • May all the Christmas gifts you’ll send and receive be big and glorious. Also hoping you won’t get any big and glorious credit card bills when the New Year comes.
  • On the 12th day of Christmas my true love sent to me a dozen of cocktails, 5 golden beers, 4 chocolates, 3 French wines, 2 leather gloves and a checkbook in a money tree. #nopressurelove
  • Oh, please! You’d better stop saying you’ve been nice this year or Santa’s going to die laughing! As if he wasn’t old enough…
  • If department stores had started setting up Christmas decoration earlier this year, we could be having a Thanksgiving turkey for our Christmas dinner, dressed up in vampire costumes. #2monthchristmas

Please, don’t tell Santa.

  • Merry Christmas, dear! I hope this year you get gifts you really like from others, because all I got you is an ugly sweater, as always.
  • I hope your last New Year’s resolution to lose weight won’t get completely destroyed when you eat what I’ve made for all of us for Christmas dinner.
  • Raise a glass, drink once and twice, I don’t think Santa is going to find out who’s naughty or nice.
  • Apparently, I still have to learn how to ignore autocorrect on my phone. I never meant to write that this Christmas you’ll be getting a visit from Satan’s Claws.

Brace yourselves. ‘Tis the season to be jolly!

Christmas Wishes for Teachers & Trainers

Warm Christmas Messages for a Teacher

  • Wishing a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to a teacher who is truly wonderful. Sir/Madam, I’m indeed blessed to be a student of someone as inspirational as you.
  • Thank you for being a wonderful teacher and mentor to me. I hope your Christmas is showered with love, good company, love, and most importantly happiness. Merry Christmas.
  • I am blessed with a wonderful guide in the form of you – my phenomenal teacher. Merry Christmas.
  • Happy holidays, teacher! Thank you for being an amazing teacher who prioritizes the interest of his/her students. Merry Christmas.
  • Merry Christmas to one of the most amazing teachers this school has ever had. I hope you enjoy your well deserved break, and I can’t wait to see you again in the New Year!
  • Thank you for brilliantly playing one of the most important roles in my life. Merry Christmas.
  • Compliments of the season to a remarkable teacher. I am everything I am today simply because you taught and mentored me well. Thank you for being a great inspiration to me.
  • We Wish You a Merry Xmas! | Christmas Wishes for Teachers

Merry Christmas

Christmas Greetings for My Coach

  • May the magic of Christmas fill your life with all the happiness it can contain. Thank you for being a phenomenal coach, teacher and mentor to me. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
  • In my eyes, you are nothing short of an outstanding coach. Thank you for all your guidance, advice and support. I hope you have a very peaceful and happy Christmas.
  • You give me everything I need and admire in a coach. May the amazing spirit of Christmas cause your heart to overflow with gladness and love.
  • Wishing peace, joy, love and immeasurable happiness this Christmas to the man/woman I not only consider a wonderful coach, but also an amazing friend, inspiration and mentor. Merry Christmas!
  • Merry Christmas and a truly fabulous New Year to my amazing coach and mentor. May all the good things of life find their way to your home this holy season.
  • May your holiday be filled to the brim with fun and peace. Thank you for all the amazing guidance you give me.
  • Compliments of the season to the most amazing coach in the world. Thank you for helping me realize my dreams.
  • Dear coach, there are no words in English powerful enough to thank you for giving us a wonderful season. Hope all the beautiful things you desire in life come your way. Happy holidays.


Christmas Messages for a Music Teacher

  • Wishing you a very magical Christmas and a truly joyous New Year. Thank you for being an excellent teacher to me.
  • Ordinary teachers come and go, but extraordinary teachers like you leave indelible impressions in the lives of their students. Merry Christmas.
  • I am truly privileged beyond words to have such an amazing friend and teacher in you. I you’re your Christmas will sparkle with happiness and love. Have a very Merry Christmas!
  • Compliments of the season to my amazing teacher! Thank you for the excellent tuition that you give me.
  • I am blessed because I am guided and mentored by a wonderful teacher like you. May this holiday season fill your world with an abundance of love and happiness. I hope you have an utterly Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

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Season’s Wrap-up

Christmas is a time of excitement, hope, and love. It is the season of joy and giving, when people go out of their way to help others and let their loved ones know how important and appreciated they are. By October, the stores are already stocked with Christmas decorations, wrapping paper, trees, presents, and lights, but Christmas is so much more than tangible gifts. While Christmas traditionally symbolizes the birth of Jesus Christ, all people, whether religious or not, can come together in community and share the symbolism behind the decorations. For example, the rich green of the evergreen Christmas tree signifies everlasting hope. The star or angel that crowns the tree is a sign of fulfillment, peace, and goodwill toward all people. Candles symbolize a light in the darkness and the positive impacts that we can all make in the world. The continuous circle of the wreath reminds us that love never dies. Santa Claus himself symbolizes generosity. Whether young or old, rich or poor, Christian or not, we can all share in the wonder, promise, and bountiful nature of Christmas, as we reflect on the past year, uplift our loved ones, and assist those in need.

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Our experts share their favorite sayings for what to write in a Christmas card! them with phrases from other categories to create the holiday card greeting that.

50 Merry Christmas Wishes and Messages

christmas wishes sentences

Holiday card messages send a season’s greeting to those you know.  Please review our collection of holiday card greetings, Christmas card sayings and wishes for ideas. When it comes time for Santa Claus to make his once-a-year-trip, may your household be filled with love, laughter and goodwill. And, may all of your Christmases be white.

Merry Christmas Messages


  • Holiday Greetings and Best Wishes for a New Year of Happiness in a world of peace.



  • May all the sweet magic of Christmas conspire to gladden your heart and fill every wish.



  • Christmas is the time to touch every heart with love.


  • May your Christmas sparkle with moments of love, laughter and goodwill, and may the year ahead be full of contentment and joy.


  • The magic of the holidays never ends, and the greatest of gifts is family and friends.


  • The gift of love. The gift of peace and the gift of happiness. May all these be yours at Xmas.


  • Candy cane wishes and mistletoe kisses.

Holiday Card Sentiments

  • May the blessings of Christmas be with you.
  • Have a holly jolly Xmas, it’s the best time of the year.
  • With all good wishes for the season and the New Year.
  • May you never be too grown-up to search the skies on Christmas eve.
  • Wishing you peace, love and joy this Holiday Season.

Do you love Christmas card messages and Christmas card sayings? We’ve got a boatload. Keep on reading.

Short Christmas Card Sayings

  • Making Spirits Bright!
  • Don’t get your tinsel in a tangle.
  • Have a fun and festive holiday season!
  • Blowing you a kiss from across the miles.
  • Baby, it’s cold outside.
  • A savior is born.
  • Merry & Bright.
  • Every time you look at these flowers…know that someone far away is thinking of you.
  • From our family to yours.

Christmas Card Messages

  • Happy Holidays!
  • May Peace be your gift during the holidays and your blessing all year through!
  • May the Good Lord fulfill you with His promises and bestow on you His many blessings.
  • Love, Peace and Joy!
  • May your holidays be blessed with peace and joy.
  • “Christmas is too merry,” said no one ever.
  • May peace, love and prosperity follow you always.
  • All the brightest and the best of the season. May you love the holiday season as much as your children!
  • Shine Bright this Holiday Season.
  • May all your dreams be bright and your Christmases be white.
  • May the Holiday Season bring only happiness and joy to you and your loved ones.
  • Remember the reason for the season.
  • May the Joy and Peace of the holiday season be with you now and throughout the new year.
  • Enjoy all the gifts of the season.
  • May the 12 days of Christmas, and all through the year, provide you more blessings than you can count.
  • Season’s Greetings!

Sentimental Christmas Card Messages

  • May the Blessings of the season be with you today and always.
  • May the closeness of friends, the comfort of home, and the unity of our nation, renew your spirits this holiday season.
  • Tip: These Holiday Card Messages are also great for photo captions during the holidays.

Funny Christmas Greetings

  • You’re going to love what I got me for Christmas.
  • Forget yesterday, it’s gone;
    Forget the Present, there isn’t one.
  • The best part of holiday shopping is when you know it’s a wrap.
  • If you’ve seen one Santa, you’ve seen a mall.

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Funny Christmas Jokes

  • A mean spirited Christmas gift: Giving a child something that’s practical.
  • Xmas: The fun time of year when I discover what I got my wife for Xmas.
  • I put so much thought into what gift to buy you that it was sold out by the time I went shopping.

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Christmas Messages for Friends

  • So far & yet so near you.
  • May your longest list this season be the one when you count your blessings.
  • May the peace and joy of the holiday season be with you throughout the coming year.
  • The miles cannot separate our hearts!
  • May you have the gift of faith, the blessing of hope and the peace of His love during the season and always.
  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours.
  • Missing you and sending our love.
  • Thinking about you is one of my favorite thinks.
  • Tucked inside these flowers are thoughts from afar.
  • Wish I was there.

Christmas Card Sayings for Friends and Family

  • Wishing you a very happy holiday season!
  • With all the best for the season.
  • Wishing you all the peace, joy, and love of the season.
  • Wishing you happiness and cheer during this season and always.
  • Have a great Xmas and a safe and wonderful new year.

Christmas Sayings

  • Warmest holiday wishes from our home to yours.
  • Though we can’t be with you during this holiday season, we send our love and most heartfelt blessings for a wonderful holiday season.
  • Sending you our best thoughts and prayers at Christmastime and always.
  • Wishing you peace, health and happiness during the holidays and all year long.
  • Be filled with Wonder
    Be touched by Peace
    And Believe in Miracles.


A Christmas shopper’s complaint is one of long-standing.

  • “For unto us a child is born” Isaiah 9:6

Decorating Tip: Place these Christmas messages by a Christmas candle in your house.

Holiday Wishes

  • May the joy of the season stay with you throughout the year.
  • Wishing you a joyous Christmas and a happy New Year.
  • Best wishes for the holidays and the coming year from our entire organization.
  • All of us join in wishing you a wonderful Holiday Season and a happy New Year.
  • May peace and plenty be the first,
    To lift the latch to your door.
    And happiness be guided to your home,
    By the candle of Christmas.
  • Hope the holidays find you happy and healthy.
  • The best part of this happy season is keeping in touch with special friends like you.
  • All of God’s blessings for a happy holiday season and a prosperous new year.

  • In the true spirit of the season, wishing you peace and joy.
  • Wishing you the gifts of love, friendship and good health.
  • May love, hope and happiness be yours at this holiday season and always.
  • Season’s greetings with all the best for the New Year.
  • May the Christmas blessings remain with you forever.
  • Hope your holidays are happy days.
  • Just a note to say we’re thinking of you at Christmastime. Hope to see you in the New Year.
  • Wishing you a happy and healthy holiday season.

Christmas Bells Poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

I heard the bells on Christmas Day
Their old, familiar carols play,
And wild and sweet
The words repeat
Of peace on earth, good-will to men!

And thought how, as the day had come,
The belfries of all Christendom
Had rolled along
The unbroken song
Of peace on earth, good-will to men!

Till ringing, singing on its way,
The world revolved from night to day,
A voice, a chime,
A chant sublime
Of peace on earth, good-will to men!

Then from each black, accursed mouth
The cannon thundered in the South,
And with the sound
The carols drowned
Of peace on earth, good-will to men!

It was as if an earthquake rent
The hearth-stones of a continent,
And made forlorn
The households born
Of peace on earth, good-will to men!

And in despair I bowed my head;
“There is no peace on earth,” I said;
For hate is strong,
And mocks the song
Of peace on earth, good-will to men!”

Then pealed the bells more loud and deep:
“God is not dead, nor doth He sleep;
The Wrong shall fail,
The Right prevail,
With peace on earth, good-will to men.

Christmas Card Sayings

  • Wishing you love, peace and joy during this season and always.
  • Have a wonderful holiday and a great new year.
  • Wishing you holiday fun for the whole family.
  • Have a holly jolly Christmas!
  • Thinking of you and sending the warmest blessings for a very Happy Holiday.
  • Wishing you a most memorable holiday season.

Holiday Card Messages

  • Wishing you a happy holiday season and new year.
  • Thinking of you during the holidays and always.
  • It’s Christmas time in the city (and at our house). Happy Holidays!
  • Our thoughts are with you during the holidays.
  • A Holiday family blessing to you all. Joy to the World.
  • All the best for a happy and prosperous New Year.

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Holiday Quotes

  • For the spirit of Christmas fulfils the greatest hunger of mankind.
    Loring A. Schuler
  • From Home to home, and heart to heart, from one place to another. The warmth and joy of Christmas, brings us closer to each other.
    Emily Matthews
  • He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree.
    Roy L. Smith
  • Bless us Lord, this Christmas, with quietness of mind;
    Teach us to be patient and always to be kind.
    Helen Steiner Rice
  • From a commercial point of view, if Christmas did not exist it would be necessary to invent it.
    Katharine Whitehorn
  • Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love!
    Hamilton Wright Mabie
  • Christmas is the season for kindling the fire of hospitality in the hall, the genial flame of charity in the heart.
    Washington Irving
  • You’ve been naughty so here’s the scoop
    You’re getting nothing
    But snowman poop!
    Kathy Rocus

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