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Birthday wishes in marathi for sister

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Birthday wishes in marathi for sister
June 12, 2019 Wedding Anniversary Wishes 4 comments

"आजचा दिवस आमच्यासाठीही खास आहे, तुला उदंड आयुष्य लाभो, मनी हाच ध्यास आहे! यशस्वी हो, औक्षवंत हो, अनेक.

You have that special niece you always delight in. If today is her special day, and you have no idea of the perfect quote, here are some you can use. In the end, it’s not the messages that matter, but the loving heart behind them.

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Happy Birthday Wishes for your Niece

1.You might be surprised but I want you to know that having a niece like you makes my life complete. Happy birthday to you. Have fun!
2.Being your aunt is such a wonderful thing. You bring joy and light into my life. Have a very special birthday. I wish you more wonderful years ahead.
3.I truly love you, not just because you are my niece, but because you are a wonderful human being. Happy birthday.
4. Since the day you were born, the word “Aunt” took on a special new meaning for me. I wish you a happy birthday and more success in life.
5. The word “Awesome Uncle” would be meaningless if there wasn’t a “Wonderful niece” like you. We are such a perfect family. Happy birthday.

6. I know that great things are always hard to find. Luckily for me, I have a wonderful niece like you. I wish you a splendid happy birthday.
7. I didn’t really believe my sister would do something great, until she gave birth to you. Have a wonderful birthday.
8. I don’t want to be the perfect aunt in the world. All that matters is that I remain your eternal source of joy. Happy birthday.
9.You might be your mom’s best daughter, but the truth remains that you have been more than a friend to me. I wish you a happy birthday.
10. DYou have grown up to be a wonderful girl. I saw your mom at this age, and she wasn’t as charming as you are. I am very lucky to be your aunt. I wish you the very best. Happy birthday.

11.Your parents wanted a beautiful daughter, while I wanted a delightful niece. God answered both prayers and gave you to us. Happy birthday dear.
12.You are the ideal combination of a good friend and the perfect daughter. I am lucky to have you as my niece. Have a wonderful birthday.
13. A lot of people feel a bit older when people call them ‘uncle’. But when you say those magic words, I feel a special rejuvenation. Happy birthday.
14. Happy birthday my dearest niece. I want you to always follow your heart, it would never lead you astray.
15. You’re my relief when I’m stressed, my joy when I’m sad. You make my life complete, niece. Have a happy birthday and a wonderful life.

16. According to the dictionary, a niece is the daughter of your brother or sister. You have changed the whole definition for me. To me, you are a friend, a daughter, and a delightful companion. I wish you a happy birthday and many wonderful years ahead.
17. You are not just a cute, wonderful niece to me. You are the caretaker of my heart. I wish you a happy birthday and the very best in life.
18.The word “Aunt” became the coolest word after you came into my life. Have a happy birthday.
19.Smiles, high fives, and laughs do not perfectly define our relationship. Words can’t express how much of a wonderful niece you have been. I want you to know that you are the closest to my heart. Happy birthday.
20.For a lot of people, their best friends come in high school and college. For me, my best friend came when you were brought into this world. Happy birthday, niece.

21. Your parents would normally tell you to work hard and be successful. Since today is your birthday, I am telling you to party hard and have fun. I wish you the very best life has to offer.
22. I pray our aunt-niece relationship would always make your mum jealous. I wish you the very best on your birthday. There would be more wonderful experiences for both of us.
23. My sweet niece, you are a daughter and best friend to me. You have illuminated my life with the deepest joys. Happy birthday. Make sure you have fun.
24. Make sure you aim for the best in life and don’t be afraid to fail. Just know that whatever happens to you, your uncle has got your back. Happy birthday, my lovely niece.
25.Being the father to an awesome, talented, intelligent and sweet girl like you is the most wonderful thing to have happened to my brother. Have a happy birthday.

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Birthday Wishes for Sister

birthday wishes in marathi for sister

Everyone has someone very important to them, and you are probably no exception. This important person could be a parent, sibling, a significant other, a true friend, etc., who means the world to you and who inspires you in life. It definitely goes without saying that the way you’d approach the birthday of an important person in your life would differ greatly from that of any other person in your life.

Knowing that, we have taken our time to create very meaningful and heartfelt wishes that you can use to express your deepest feelings to that highly significant person in your life as they celebrate their birthday. These beautiful and thoughtful messages below would let them know how precious their presence in your life is to you while at the same time making their birthday memorable. Don’t waste any more time. Go through the wishes and send any to that remarkable person you know, you’d be glad you did!

For someone you love romantically

  • You are my favorite person in the entire world. I am so blessed to have someone as lovely as you in my life. Thank you for loving me and being there for me always. I pray that your special day will bring you oceans of happiness and smiles.
  • You have always been my pillar of support and inspiration. Babe, I want to use your special day to say a gargantuan thank you and let you know that my love for you will never end. Happy birthday, my dear.
  • Your birthday is a special day in my life because you are the most special person in my life. I would be nothing without your unconditional love. Enjoy your special day, my love.
  • Your love gives me all the strength needed to overcome all the adversities in life. You are the reason I keep moving from grace to grace. Thank you so much for loving me. On your birthday, do know that I cherish you more than all the wealth this world can ever offer. Happy birthday.
  • My life had never known sunshine and warmth until you walked into it. You are the most important person in my life, and you’ll always be. I love you so much. May your birthday be blessed with all the good things in the world.
  • Your arms are the only place where I get the warmth, peace and strength I need to live. Happy birthday to the light in my world!
  • The only thing I desire in my whole life is to make you the happiest person on this planet. Have a birthday filled with our love!
  • I see all the beauty of the universe whenever I look into your eyes. And whenever I kiss your sweet lips, I experience paradise. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday. I love you.

  • You spice up my life with your love and care. For me, there’s nothing more precious in this world than your smile. Have an amazing birthday, dearest.
  • Sending my sweetheart the warmest birthday wishes with hugs, kisses and cheers! May your Big Day be as joyous as your wonderful love is to me. Happy birthday.
  • May happiness overwhelm your heart today.
  • Every smile of yours adds some happiness and fortune to my life and subtracts sorrow and misfortune from my life. Happy birthday.
  • Beginning from your hair down to your toe, everything about you takes me to the moon and back. May your day become as sweet as your lips!
  • My love, you are the person who fills the big hole in my life. I love you for everything you are. May your day be blessed with love and happiness! Happy birthday.

For someone you consider a real hero

  • You are my hero, my mentor and certainly the most influential person in my life. I thank God for putting such a phenomenal person like you into my life. I shall forever remember and appreciate all the incredible things you have done for me. God bless you. Happy birthday.
  • On your birthday, I deem it necessary to let you know how much your presence in my life motivates me to believe in myself and achieve remarkable things in life. May God bless you abundantly. Enjoy your day.

Happy Birthday.

  • Today is a special day for an extraordinarily special person in my life. On your birthday, my dear, I pray that God will give you all the beautiful things this life has to offer. Thank you for changing my life in such an extraordinary way.
  • You have been a priceless gift to me all of my life. I hope that someday I can be even half the person you are. What an achievement it would be. Happy birthday, my friend, mentor, and hero.
  • Thank you for always being my refuge and rock. Without your presence in my life I shudder to think how miserable I would have been by now. This heart of mine will always thank you for as long it beats. Happy birthday.
  • If I could become half the person you are. I wouldn’t ask for anything again in my life. Happy birthday!
  • You became my wings to soar over every obstacle in my life. You are a true proof of greatness. Happy birthday.
  • I feel so happy whenever your birthday arrives because it reminds me of the person who gave me love when there was none in my life. Have a wonderful time!
  • Happy birthday to the best mentor I have ever had. Thank you for the inspirations and encouragement you constantly bring to my life. Happy birthday!
  • It is my wish that this day made for a hero like you will become as wonderful as you made my life. Celebrate today with smiles!
  • Happy birthday to a man/woman who gives me the strength and determination to surmount the obstacles this crazy world puts in my way. I can’t thank God enough for your life. I hope you have a truly fantastic birthday.
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For a true Friend

  • A true friend who loves you unconditionally is the most difficult thing in this world to find. It is for this reason I will forever bless the day that we became the best of friends. Happy birthday, my beloved friend. May happiness always find its way to you and accompany you like your shadow.
  • I jubilate every blessed day of my life because I am blessed with the most wonderful friend in the world. From the bottom of my heart, my beloved, I just want to say I appreciate you and will forever be indebted to you for bringing happiness into my life. Happy birthday.
  • Wishing my most precious friend in the world a wonderful birthday. May God bring you all the things that gladden your beautiful heart so that you may forever glow in happiness. I love you so much, buddy.
  • Thank you for constantly standing by me in the rainy days. You are indeed the definition of a true friend and an angel sent to me from heaven. Have an awesome birthday.
  • Dear friend, when you are not around, I feel empty. The world is always a better place to live in with you by my side. For all the good things you have done for me all these years, I shall always honor you with the Best Friend Medal. Happy birthday.
  • My biggest dream became a reality because of our friendship. May this day mark the genesis of the achievement of your most cherished dreams. Happy birthday, pal!
  • I always feel glad that I have an important person like you in my life. I want to thank you for being the friend that every one wishes they were blessed with. Happy birthday!
  • Every morning that I wake up from sleep, I can’t help but count myself among the luckiest people on earth to have found a true friend in an amazing person like you. God bless you on your Big Day, dearest friend.
  • No quantum of treasure can ever compare to a friendship like yours. Happy birthday to my best friend in the universe!
  • With a true friend like you in my life, every day is sunny and beautiful. Have a fabulous birthday, my dearest friend.
  • To you, I may be just another friend you have. But to me, you are the reason why my there’s always sunshine in my world. Happy birthday, dear friend!
  • Never have I had a friend whose actions and words inspire me to greater heights the way yours do. Thank you for being a fantastic friend to me. Have a truly fantastic Big Day!
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Happy Birthday, dear friend.

For your Father

  • For being the greatest father this world has ever seen, I pray that happiness and peace follow you everywhere you may find yourself. You have such a wonderful soul and deserve to have nothing short of pure happiness all the days of your life. Happy birthday.
  • There are no words strong enough to express how much being your son/daughter means to me. You are my greatest hero in life. Happy birthday, Dad.
  • Wishing my sweet father a joyous birthday celebration. May your special day bring you a lifetime of love, peace, and true happiness. I love you so much, Dad.

Happy Birthday to you.

  • You make my life an extremely happy one just by being in it. On your special day, I just want to thank you and let you know how proud I feel whenever someone calls me your son/daughter. Happy birthday.
  • Dad, you were my No 1 yesterday, you are my No 1 today, and you shall be my No 1 tomorrow and forever because you have always been amazingly wonderful to me. Happy birthday.

For your Mother

  • Mom, you are not only my mother, but also my best friend, inspirer and paradise. On your birthday, may pure happiness touch your life today and on all the days of your life.
  • Every success I have today I owe it all to the world’s most wonderful mother. Mom, thank you for being my everything. On your special day, I ask for nothing but the choicest of the Almighty’s blessings in your life. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday to you.

  • Every moment of my life is a memorable experience because I have someone as remarkable and exceptional as you as a mother. Happy birthday, Mom. You shall forever be the most priced jewel in my life.
  • Wishing my dearest Mother an amazing birthday celebration. Mom, enjoy your special day, knowing that there is a special place I have reserved for you and only you in the deepest core of my heart because you are priceless to me. I love you, Mom.
  • Mom, you are my guiding light that always leads me to paradise. Thank you so much for constantly being my guardian angel. Happy birthday, Mom. May God, in His amazing mercy, always shine His exceptional light on you.
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For your Sister

  • A sister like you is a million times more precious than the sun. Thank you for bringing sunshine and joy into my life. Happy birthday, sweet sis!
  • I never feel afraid because I know that you will be with me through thick and thin. Happy birthday!
  • Having an amazing sister like you makes everything in my life simply beautiful. Happy birthday, my dearest sister.
  • Sweet sister, on this birth anniversary of yours, I want to say thank you for not leaving me to wander in this crazy world all by myself. Have a beautiful day!
  • No love can compare to the amazing love of my wonderful sister. Have an exceptionally wonderful birthday!
  • You are the best friend nature has given me ever since I was born. Have a bliss filled birthday celebration!
  • I thank Dad and Mom for blessing my world with such a helper like you. But I thank you more for blessing my life with yours. Happy birthday!
  • I wouldn’t have accomplished anything in my life without you. Happy birthday to the sweetest sister in the world! I love you.
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For your Brother

  • Nothing best defines happiness to me than you. Happy birthday, my precious bro!
  • I consider you nothing but the most precious of blessings in my life. Happy birthday, my sunshine.
  • I am confident that I can never be a failure when I have a wonderful brother who always has my back. Thank you for always going out of your way to make me stand out among my peers. Have a wonderful birthday celebration today!
  • Dear brother, it is my wish that each day of your life will present you with abundant strength to help you realize your aspirations. Happy birthday to my one and only bro!
  • Though life’s path is winding, you always help me with the wisdom I need to walk in it safely. Thank you very much, and do have fantastic birthday!
  • It is my wish that you receive all the happiness your heart can contain and every blessing that this wonderful day can offer. Have fun brother!
  • I am very happy you have successfully made another trip around the sun! May you be replenished with every blessing you need to take the next one and the ones ahead. Happy birthday!
  • Happy Birthday, Bro! | Best Birthday Wishes for your Brother

For a special Relative

  • Wishing my sweet brother an incredibly memorable birthday celebration. I am who I am today thanks to the sacrifices you have made in your life to ensure my journey in life is smooth. I shall never forget all your sacrifices for me. God bless you, brother.
  • You are responsible for forming me into the successful man/woman I am today. I owe everything to you. May all the days of your life be bathed in happiness and peace. Happy birthday.
  • For all the wonderful things you have done in my life, may your life always be bathed with the rays of happiness. I hope you have a birthday celebration of a lifetime.
  • All of my life, you have always been there to lend me a helping hand whenever my strength failed me. I can’t thank you enough for your kindness and love. On your birthday, I pray that God will bless you with happiness and prosperity beyond your wildest imagination.
  • Sis, you are my shining star. As you celebrate this very important day of your life, I pray that God will guide you through any unfamiliar path that you travel and bring you all the desires of your heart. Happy birthday.
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Happy Birthday to you.

For an old Teacher

  • No amount of wealth can ever buy all the knowledge and wisdom that you impart. I wish you a life full of strength and the truest form of joy. Happy birthday!
  • If all teachers were like you, every student would never want to miss class. You’re truly a phenomenal teacher. Happy birthday, dear Sir/Madam!
  • For molding me into the man/woman I am today, I just want to say, “Thank you from the bottom of my heart”. Happy birthday.
  • Wishing the greatest teacher ever an extraordinarily wonderful birthday celebration. Thank you for encouraging me to do better.
  • The world is a better place because of selfless teachers like you. On your birthday, I pray that you will be handsomely blessed with good health and everlasting joy for all the sacrifices you make to brighten the future of your students.
  • Dear teacher, in our eyes, you shall forever be a hero. Thank you for guiding us, mentoring us, inspiring us and transforming us into what we are today. Happy birthday.
  • Your birthday gives us a perfect chance to let you know that we utterly appreciate your hard work and dedication to us. Have a lovely day.
  • Regardless of where life takes me, I shall always remember you for being a wonderful teacher, mentor and friend. Happy birthday.
  • Academic Birthday Wishes | Celebrating with Teachers and Students

For a Mentor

  • Your positive impact has been so great that even though we haven’t seen each other in years, I could not let this day go by without wishing you a joyous birthday!
  • I have been waiting for this day all year, with your birthday being the perfect occasion to show you a sign of my appreciation.
  • I know that no gift can adequately encapsulate what you have meant to my life. May God shine His light on you and bless you abundantly on your birthday.
  • You may not have sired me, but I have more regard for you than my own dad. And I wish upon you a blessed birthday.
  • Sometimes when I chastise my children, I hear your voice instead of my own. That means today I am sending birthday greetings to more than a mentor but indeed a mother.
  • This card supersedes a mere birthday greeting but is more like a memo of appreciation for being a part of my life.
  • The candles on your birthday cake represent more than your years but also the numerous lives you have gracefully touched.

For a Leader

  • History is not fair, for if it were, people would know of the countless lives you helped lead to victory.
  • Thank you for helping us get to our various promised lands. May you continue to live long and prosper, great leader!
  • Thank you for equipping me with all of the tools I needed to make it in this world. Honoring the anniversary of your birth is truly a cause for celebration!
  • I don’t need television or movies to give me a hero when I already have one standing before me. May this birthday prove to be one of the happiest moments of you extraordinary life.
  • When reminiscing on your life’s accomplishments during your birthday, make sure to add my name to those who are forever grateful for your leadership.
  • If you told me to march onto the battlefield unarmed, I would do it in a heartbeat. But as for today, the only trooping I’ve done is to Wal-Mart to buy you this beautiful birthday cake!
  • You deserve more than a mere birthday. Indeed a national holiday should be established in your honor!
  • Nothing makes me prouder than having the opportunity to wish a happy birthday to a living legend. And may the story of your legacy continue to be written for countless years to come.
  • In the old days, we would say ‘long live the king!’ But in modern times, it’s more like “happy birthday to a wonderful leader!”

For My Coach

  • Today I am extending my warmest birthday greetings to not only a coach but also a true champion in the game of life.
  • As the years go by, I recognize more priceless lessons I learned from you that I didn’t realize before. And for that, my heart is eternally grateful.
  • We may give you a hard time in practice, but when you’re not around, only positive words are used to describe you. And today I have a few that I wish to impart on you – have a wonderful birthday!
  • Even in your old age, you are still more of a man than 99% of the guys I know!
  • Life has no practice session. We only get to learn from those who came before us who care enough to reach back and teach, such as yourself. This is my way of saying I love, adore and respect you, coach!
  • Sometimes I doubt I will ever reach the bar of greatness you have set before me, but the sound of your voice echoing in the back of my head always reminds me to keep trying. You inspire me like none, sir.
  • I would rather do 100 pushups than miss the opportunity to wish the best coach in the world a happy birthday!
  • A good coach is someone who teaches the game of life in addition to the rules of the pitch. And in that regard, I can’t think of any better teacher I have ever come across than you.
  • When it comes to being a great coach, you are shooting a perfect 100%. And accordingly, I hope this birthday proves to be a real slam dunk!

For a Spiritual Leader

  • I know that the heavens are waiting to receive you, but in the meantime, it gives me great pleasure to be able to honor your life!
  • You may not know me from any of the countless masses that you have served, but you have been an invaluable inspiration in my life, so I wanted to wish you a joyful birthday.
  • Your youthful frame is a misleading covering for the ancient wisdom that lies inside. May we all enjoy many more years of your precious tutelage.
  • You are one of the few people who actually get stronger with age. May blessings of long life and sound strength continue to be your portion.
  • My birthday wish for you is that you live another 100 years, so that you can help millions of more souls in addition to the thousands you have already saved.
  • You have taught me that the spirit reigns over the flesh, but I hope that won’t stop you from enjoying this scrumptious birthday cake!
  • This cake is food for the body, but what you have given me is food for the spirit. And for that, you can expect to hear me from during every birthday you ever experience.
  • Today is not about honoring a man as much as we applaud the spirit residing inside of him. In other words, I am extremely happy to be able to partake of your birthday celebration!
  • What kind of disciple would I be if I didn’t know you would appreciate a cheerful happy birthday wish from a devoted admirer?
  • We have all been blessed by your presence in our lives, so it is only befitting that I extend similar well wishes to you on your birthday.

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Birthday Wishes for an Important Person in your Life

birthday wishes in marathi for sister

Are you looking for some wonderful Thank For The Birthday Wishes and Messages to send to your guests that attended your birthday party? Look no more as we’ve got you covered

Birthdays are special moments in life, on that special we usually have family and friends showering the celebrant with lots of beautiful birthday wishes, it will be cool at the end of the day if the celebrant can just put down some few words of appreciation to those that wished them well during their birthday(s). Here are some good examples of “thank you for the birthday wishes”. Send these messages over internet or phone to express your thankfulness and gratitude to your guests.

130 Thank You For The Birthday Wishes

1. Thanks for the beautiful surprise and the fantastic gift. This is the most amazing birthday surprise I have ever received. You rock my world. Thank you so much once again.

2. Thanks for making my birthday a memorable one. You all are the most fabulous buddies in my life. I love you all. Keep smiling.

3. Thank you very much for the unforgettable surprise. It was really good to see all of you celebrating my birthday with so much fun and laughter. My day wouldn’t be this special without you guys. Lots of love to all of you.

4. I really loved the surprise gift you sent. I will always miss you whenever I use it. Thanks a lot dear.

5. Friends, thanks for all of the support and love, not only on my birthday, but throughout the year as well.

6. From the bottom of my heart, I want to say that I am so thankful to everyone for showing me so much birthday love.

7. Seeing all of the birthday wishes makes me realize how blessed I am. Thank you everyone.

8. I’ve enjoyed reading all of the birthday messages and want to thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday. If you haven’t wished me a happy birthday yet, you still have some time left to do so.

9. I’m deeply humbled by all the love shown to me on my birthday through the flood of messages and wishes that I received.

10. Reading each birthday message brings a wonderful memory of each of you. Thank you for that.

11. All of the birthday wishes I received helped to make my birthday happier and complete.

12. Thank you for all of your superb birthday wishes. I am who I am today because of all of you.

13. Thanks for the birthday wishes! I feel so blessed and loved.

14. You guys made my birthday remarkable with so much fun, I really cannot thank you enough, To start with thanks a ton!

15. Thanks for the lovely surprise you all gave me, It really made me feel special, Thank you for the awesome surprise,

16. Thanks a lot to all you guys!

17. Thanks a ton for all the lovely wishes. I really cannot believe that I am so blessed in life. Thanks everyone, believe me it really means a lot. Thanks for all the lovely wishes and gifts, Without you, I wouldn’t have enjoyed so much. Thanks a lot!

18. Thanks for your kind words which remind me that I am well loved.

19. Thanks so much, my birthday just wouldn’t have been the same without a special wish from you.

20. The gift was superb. How did you know that was exactly what I wanted? I have only been hinting about for ages.

21. Thank you for picking up on the clues.

22. The best things in life include great friends and fabulous wine. Thank you for providing both for an unforgettable birthday last week. It was so much fun!

23. If your birthday is anywhere half as fun as mine, then I know I am doing it right. I had a blast yesterday thanks to your thoughtful outing.

24. Thank you, for making my day a pleasure, Thank you for giving me unmatched treasure, I will surely remember this time, For me you will always remain prime!

25. Thank you for everything you did, A special thanks for all the fun, I will always remember the time. Thanks a ton!

26. I loved the gift you gave me. It was so thoughtful of you to think of me on my birthday.

27. Right now, I am sending you the biggest, warmest, most heartfelt hug! Your birthday message was perfect… Thanks.

28. How did you know I loved (gift)? This is my favorite thing in the world, and I cannot wait to use it!

29. My birthday was so special thanks to you. The party would not have been the same without your help.

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More Thank you for Birthday Message Wishes

30. You made my day extra special. Thank you for your kind words and the sweet gift.

31. I had a wonderful birthday, and I could not imagine spending one without you. I appreciate all that you do for me.

32. I might be one year older, but that does not mean I lost my ability to party. Thanks for showing me a good time on my birthday.

33. I may be older, but I am definitely happy to be younger than you! I cannot wait to help you celebrate with an amazing party like you threw me this year. Thanks a million!

34. Thanks for lending your shoulder during my sad days. Your humble and kind words have helped to heal me.

35. Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes! You guys helped me a lot !

36. Thank you for your well wishes on my birthday. You have meant so much to me in the past, and will continue to do so in the future.

37. As we age, birthdays can sometimes draw less attention from our friends and family. Thank you for continuing to think of me on this special day of the year!

38. Each year, there is one special day that we can call our own. Thank you for making my birthday special, and reminding me that I am well loved.

39. Thank you so much for your wonderful birthday wishes. It is always refreshing and encouraging to hear individuals send their love on this very special day of the year.

40. Here’s a note to say thank you for remembering my birthday. It means so much that you think of me on my special day, and continue to show your love and support.

41. As we continue to grow older, birthdays can be a difficult time of the year. It is always great to hear words of celebration from individuals who are special in our life.

42. Thanks again for the love and support that you continue to show me, not only on my birthday, but on all days of the year.

43. Well, it’s that time of year again—my birthday came and went, and I am another year older. Thanks for thinking of me, and keeping me in your thoughts and prayers!

44. Thank you so much for sending me love and well wishes on my birthday. It reminds me that my life is filled with friends and family who appreciate me!

45. It might be hard to admit that I am getting older. However, I have you by my side, and it is not so scary thanks to your friendship.

46. My birthday would not have been the same without you. Thank you for being there.

47. Roses may be red, Violets may be blue, What I expected you did not do, But still a thank you!

48. Thank you, so much for always being there, Sometimes you do and sometimes you do not care, But, still thanks for your precious efforts!

49. Thank you for the good times, Thanks for always being there I have never been so happy in my life, Don ’t believe ? But, I swear!

50. I’m so grateful for all your wonderful birthday wishes, it was great hearing from everyone, you truly made my day special.

51. Your birthday messages made my birthday all the more special. Thank you so much.

52. Your courageous words made me strong. I successfully fought all the obstacles. Thanks for understanding my worries.

53. The quality time spent with you relieved me peacefully from the painful loss. Thanks for making time for me.

54. Without you, the wounds on my heart would never heal. Thanks for sharing the love and kindness I needed.

55. You wiped my lonely tears. Carried away my fearful thoughts and healed my sad heart. Thanks for being in my life.

56. Your warm act of kindness made my day. Thank you so much, my dear friend. Keep smiling.

57. Thanks for your regards. We appreciate your love and care. May God bless you with happiness.

58. Thanks for being such a good friend, Thanks for holding me with your love and care, Thanks for your kind help and being by my side, Thanks for being my light in the darkness.

59. “Time marches on.” True, but regardless how long we’re apart, your birthday wishes always make me grateful.
Thank you so much for the birthday treats! I will enjoy eating them all night long with my friends from school.

60. Thanks for your prayers, messages and wishes; I will keep them all close to my heart.

61. Thanks for friends for making my special day feel super special.
I’m feeling overwhelmed with birthday love. Thank you all so much.

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62. Thanks so much for making my special day even more special with all your wonderful birthday wishes! It definitely means a lot to me.

63. Thank you from both of us for the baby shower gift and lovely wishes of congratulations with your generous heart. We sincerely appreciate your thoughtfulness and blessings.

64. Thanks for the gift and warm wishes, Thanks for your lovely presence too.

65. Thank you my friends, For your warm wishes, For your lovely gifts, For your wonderful smiles, For this unforgettable birthday, Thanks a ton!

66. It feels so good when someone does special things for you on your birthday, It really feels out of the world, I am feeling the same thing, So, I would like to thank you for making me feel extra special.

67. What do you say to an even wilder birthday event next year? I know you can pull it off because you are the birthday planning master. Thanks for helping me this year!

68. Birthdays come and go, but friends are always there. Thanks for the well wishes!

69. Thank you for making this year another birthday for the books.

70. If I could I would send you flowers on my birthday just to say thank you for all you’ve done.

71. As the birthday princess, it is my royal duty to say thank you.

72. Thanks so much for the wonderful birthday wishes. As our lives become more and more hectic, it helps to remember that we have people who love and appreciate us.

73. Birthdays are an important—and unavoidable—part of our lives. Thank you so much for making my birthday enjoyable and memorable.

74. I get tired of getting old but I never get tired of hearing happy birthday from you, thank you!

75. My birthday would not be the same without a special wish from you, thank you!

76. Thank you for the most extravagant birthday wish, but a present would have been better.

77. Thank you, because you never get tired of saying it on your birthday!

78. If I had a dollar for every year I told you thank you on my birthday, well you know how many I would have.

79. I would mix it up and say something else but thank you is all that comes to mind.

80. Thank you because it is not every day you get to wish me happy birthday.

81. As the hours of this birthday wind down, I just wanted to take a minute and say thank you.

82. I know it’s my birthday but that doesn’t mean I can’t say thank you.

83. A birthday comes but once a year. You are there all year long, thanks!

84. I know today is only supposed to be about me, but I just wanted to take a little bit of time to say thank you.

85. Thank you for your lovely birthday message, but a gift would have been so much better.

86. Thank you so much for your thoughtful birthday messages. You helped make my birthday very happy birthday.

87. I just wanted to thank everyone who sent me a birthday message and let you know that I truly appreciate it. I’m so luck to have such a wonderful group of friends and family that can share in my special day.

88. You never let me forget how old I really am and for that, I thank you my friend.

89. Seeing all of the birthday messages made me heart smile. Thank you all.

90. Thank You, thank you, and thank you. I’ll never get tired of saying this on my birthday.

91. It wouldn’t be a very happy birthday without good friends like you all. I appreciate all of the wishes.

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92. Thanks guys for all of the awesome birthday wishes. You guys are so sweet.

93. I know this day is supposed to be about me but I just wanted to take some time to say thank you.

94. It’s my party and I’ll say thanks if I want to.

95. I would turn into a birthday diva just to tell you thank you.

96. Thank you my dear, For making my day so memorable, I will always remember your gesture, Never felt so happy on my birthday, Thanks a ton!

97. Thanks for all the wonderful gifts you sent, With you, I really do not need to pretend, You always make me feel so good, Cheers to our friendship, ‘touchwood’ Thanks a lot my friend!

98. I would like to express my heart-felt thank you, Without your help, it was not possible to do the task. Thanks a lot!

99. You supported me throughout, You are the best boss one can ever have, Thanks for all the efforts and praise, I do not have words or phrase, But, I cannot thank you enough sir, Thanks a lot!

100. Please give me the opportunity to thank you from my heart, You guided me along for a perfect start, Without you, everything was impossible to achieve, Thanks a lot!

101. I honestly appreciate all your efforts and commitment, It will surely take us to another level of betterment, Thanks for your throughout support!

102. Thanks for your appreciation, Without your support, it was impossible to achieve the aim, Wish in the coming years, we keep achieving the same,Thanks a lot!

103. When I look at all the presents the only thing that comes to mind is thank you.

104. All I want for my birthday is to tell you thank you for the awesome gift I know you’ve gotten me.

105. I know that it’s my birthday today, but that doesn’t mean I can’t say thank you guys for all the birthday wishes.

106. Thank you for showering me with your warm and thoughtful wishes on my birthday.

107. Thanks for the birthday messages, it’s very encouraging to see so many people take a few moments out of their busy day to wish me well.

108. Thank you are the only words that come to mind right now.

109. Birthdays: the only day of the year you allow me to act like diva and say nothing. Thank you for that.

110. Thank you for the birthday cake, I will meet you at the gym tomorrow.

111. Thanks for the birthday wish. It’s been an incredible year. I’m so grateful that you’re a part of my life.

112. Your birthday wish helped make my day feel even more special.

113. You’re one of my favorite people, thank you for taking the time to send me a nice message on my birthday.

114. Your words made my special day extra special, thank you for your kind words.

115. Thank you for sending me such a nice birthday message. Why can’t you be this nice to me all year around?

116. Thank you for spending my birthday with me otherwise it would have been incredibly boring.

117. My birthday is a day for me to let you shower me with kindness, thanks for allowing that to happen.

118. I could text you a million thank you’s but they still wouldn’t match what you did for me on my birthday.

119. Thanks everyone for all the birthday messages. God has truly blessed me with a wonderful family and amazing friends.

120. Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday.

121. Thanks for the best birthday wishes ever.

122. Thanks a lot for making my birthday a special one, So much of laughter and fun, Oh! I really enjoyed the time spent with you, You really made me feel like the day was new, Thanks a lot!

123. Thanks so much for adding color and joyful spirit to my party,It really means a lot to me, Your presence made all the difference, I really felt happy and glee, Thanks for your wishes!

124. Thanks for taking time out of your day to wish me a happy birthday.

125. Your birthday wish made my day a little bit more special. Thanks.

126. You truly made my day with your thoughtful wish. You are truly a wonderful person.

127. The birthday message you sent me is going to make me feel special today and through out the rest of the year.

128. Thanks for your warm birthday wish and thanks for being a part of my life.

129. Thanks, I am so grateful to God for giving me a wonderful friend like you.

130. Thank you for thinking of me on my special day.

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Sister Birthday Status In Marathi Wishes - 1. My dearest sister, wish you a very warm and happy birthday. You are not only the sweetest sister but also a true.

For Brother & Sister

birthday wishes in marathi for sister

  • Dear sister, I never want to see you alone in life. May you always be surrounded by loved ones. Happy Birthday!

  • Sis, you are the heart and soul of our family. May you always be happy. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday.

  • Dear sister, you the most precious gift in my life. May you always be Happy. Wishing you a very happy birthday.

  • May you get success in whatever you do in life. Happy birthday, dear sister!

  • Every time I look back for support, I find your hand on my shoulder motivating me. Happy Birthday to my dear sister!

  • You and I are made for each other. No one can understand us better than us, even your husband and my wife. Happy Birthday my dearest sister!

  • Dear sister, I want you for a day at my home with my parents to celebrate your birthday. Plz don’t say No. Happy Birthday!

  • Happy Birthday dear sister! You are my inspiration and will be so all through my life.

  • I want to say thank you to my sweet sister, for being the most loving and caring sister in this world.

  • You are very special in my life, not only for being my sister, but also for being one of my best friends. Happy Birthday Sister!

  • You are the only one in this entire world and I could not find another sister like you anywhere. Happy Birthday Sister!

  • I am sending this message to wish my sister, a Happy Birthday from across the coast. Happy Birthday Lovely Sister!

  • May you be overwhelmed with hugs and smiles on your special day. Wishing you a very happy birthday.

  • You are not only my sister, but a good friend and mentor. Happy birthday, sis!

  • I know that you are sad because I am not there by your side on your special day. But, all my thoughts and wishes are with you. Happy birthday and always be happy.

  • Dear sis, you have taught me so much. There is no better teacher than you. Happy Birthday!

  • I am the luckiest person in the world because you are my sister. Happy Birthday, Sis!

  • You are adorable, caring and loving. Happy Birthday, Sister!

  • You are super cool and know how to put a smile on my face when I am in a sullen mood. Wishing you a very happy birthday, sis.

  • You know who is my best friend in the world? It is you, sis. Happy Birthday and enjoy the day.

  • You are precious and adorable. Happy Birthday dear sister!

  • You are the only person in whom I can confide my secrets. You are not just my sister but also my best buddy. Wishing you a very happy birthday.

  • No one understands me better than you do. Lucky to have such a lovely and caring sister like you.Wishing you a very happy birthday, sister.

  • Whenever you need me I will always be there for you. Happy Birthday, sis!

  • The year brings so many joyous festivals but none of them is as merry as your birthday. Happy Birthday sis and always be happy!

  • No gift is as valuable as the gift of happiness and peace of mind. I wish that God gifts you these in abundance. Happy birthday, sister!

  • I have many friends but none of them is as precious as your my dear sister. Wishing you a very happy birthday!

  • Thanks for supporting, understanding and caring for me. I love you, dear sister. Happy birthday!

  • May you receive the gifts wisdom and good health on your birthday. Wishing you a very happy birthday, dear sis.

  • Dear sister, you are precious to me and so your birthday should be special. so, let us get together and celebrate you birthday in style. Happy birthday, sister!

  • May you have plentiful happiness, and abundance of good fortune and a lifetime of joy. Wishing you a very happy birthday, sis.

  • I know that you are angry with me for not being there on your birthday. But to make you happy, I am sending across a lovely present and good wishes. Happy birthday sister.

  • Sister, thanks for giving me the gifts of joy, happiness, love and care. Wishing you a very happy birthday.

  • Wishing a very happy birthday to the most special person in my life. May God bless you, dear sister.

  • May you be overwhelmed with good wishes, roses and lovely gifts. Wishing you a very happy birthday, sis.

  • I will always be by your side in good times and bad. A very happy birthday, dear sister.

  • Dear sister, if I had the power to gift the moon to you, I would do it. Wishing you a very happy birthday.

  • Wishing a very happy birthday to the most important member of the family. Dear sister, enjoy the day.

  • Your birthday is here, so let the party begin. Wishing you a very happy birthday, dear sis.

  • Wishing my awesome sister a very happy birthday. May you have a wonderful day.

  • May you be overloaded with love and happiness and bombarded with lucrative opportunities and prosperity. Wishing you a very happy birthday, dear sister.

  • My best friend and mentor has grown a year older today. Wishing you a very happy birthday, sis.

  • As sisters we are bound to quarrel. but, let there be truce for one day as it is your birthday. Happy Birthday, sis.

  • Sister, my life is joyous because of you. May God bless you and give you the strength and wisdom to achieve great things in life. Happy Birthday Sister!

  • Dear sis, when I am with you everything feels so happy and jolly. May you always be there for me. Wishing you a very happy birthday.

  • Let's grab a bottle of champagne, get some delicious food, and decorate the house beautifully because it's your birthday. Happy Birthday!

  • No matter what troubles I get into, you always pull me out of every situation. Happy Birthday, dearest sister!

  • I still remember the joys we shared and the troubles we went through in childhood together. Love you the most my sister. Happy Birthday!

  • There may be several superheroes on Earth but only you, my sister, are my wonder woman. Happy Birthday, sister!

  • We not only share makeup accessories and clothes but also our secrets and love. Happy Birthday sister!

  • Wishing you an unforgettable birthday full of joys and peaceful moments. Happy Birthday dear sister!

  • Thanks for always protecting me and for being the best sister ever. Happy Birthday!

  • All the wealth of the world can never compensate to the love of a sister. Happy Birthday dear sissy!

  • There is no comfort anywhere in the world except for the arms of my lovely sister. Happy Birthday my lovely sister!

  • Dear sister, on your special day I wish you a lifetime full of happiness. Happy Birthday!

  • We may quarrel over many things many a time but I want to let you know you are the best human in the world. Happy Birthday sister!

  • Put on your best dress and get ready to celebrate because it is your birthday today.
    Happy birthday, dear sister!

  • Sorry for not being there on you birthday, sis. But, I will be thinking about you throughout the dear.
    Happy birthday, dear sister and enjoy the day.

  • Wishing my sister and best friend tons and tons of happiness today and always.
    Happy Birthday!

  • Lucky to have a sis like you who has filled my life with smooch happiness. Thanks for all the care and affection.
    Wishing you a very happy birthday.

  • A person can choose his friends but not his family. But you are my chosen best friend sisso. Happy Birthday!

  • How can I forget to wish the human who has always been the second mother to me. Happy Birthday!

  • Your determination motivates me and inspires me to my best in life. Happy Birthday!

  • No matter how much I quarrel with you, you are my favourite human on Earth!... Happy Birthday sista!

  • Happy Birthday to my wonder woman who can do everything in life....You are my inspiration!

  • You deserve the best of everything which life has to offer you. Happiest Birthday my lovely sister!

  • May you have the most fantastic day of your life today. Happy Birthday my dear sister!

  • You and I can be completely different from each other but remember I love you the most. Happy Birthday my sister!

  • From sharing clothes to combs, shoes to slippers, notebooks to pens, gossips to problems I never realized when did we grow up. Happy Birthday my sissy!

  • You are the best version of a sister. No one can ever compete with you!... Happy Birthday dear sister!

  • It is great to have a sister like you. Be it times of joy or sorrow, you are always by by my side supporting me.
    Happy birthday!

  • Dear sister, you are the most precious gift that God has given me. Thanks for your constant support. Wishing you a very happy birthday and have lots of fun today!

  • Dear sis, no matter how much we fight over petty things, deep in my heart I know that you really care for me. Have a very happy birthday dear sister and keep smiling!

  • Hey sister, I am the luckiest person in the world for I have such a sweet and wonderful sister like you. May your life be filled with tons of happiness. Wishing you a very happy birthday!

  • Though we quarrel a lot over various issues, but you should know you are the most special girl for me on this earth. Happy Birthday dear sister!

  • Happy ... (year) birthday sister. May God bless you gorgeous. Keep smiling..Love you. Enjoy!

  • Happy birthday to my lovely sister, I wish every year you grow as a better person, but remain my cute sister!

  • Happy birthday dear sister, may the Jesus gives you all happiness and success in life as you grow year after year!

  • Happy birthday, my sweet sister, you mean the world to me and the world mean you to me. Be cheerful always!

  • Your sister is your greatest support and is always there by your side in times of need. But, at times, she also feels a bit low and needs some inspirational words to pep her up. There is no need to worry if you are having trouble writing down some inspirational messages. Just browse this site and you would come across scores of such messages. Pick up the ones you think would lift up her spirits and send them across. This would be the perfect gift on her birthday.

  • Sister, I can never repay all the love and kindness that you have bestowed on me. Happy birthday!

  • You are not just my sister, but also my greatest companion. Happy birthday!

  • You are incredibly lucky to have a brother like me. Happy birthday, my lovely sister!

  • You are cute and adorable. Happy birthday my wonderful sister. Enjoy the day.

  • Small failures are the stepping stones to success. Never lose your confidence. Wishing you a very happy birthday, sister.

  • On your special day, sending you warm hugs and tons of good wishes. A very happy birthday, sis.

  • Of all the people who make my life so worthwhile, you are the most special. Happy birthday, sister!

  • My only wish is to see you smile every moment of the day. Wishing you a very happy birthday, dear sister.

  • Dear sister, you are the most valuable person in my life. You are my sister, friend and guide all combined in one. Happy Birthday!

  • Sis, whenever I felt low, you were always there to boost me. Happy Birthday!

  • You are a wonderful sister and an epitome of love and care. Wishing you a very happy birthday, dear sister.
    Happy Birthday!

  • Every moment that I spend with you is of utmost joy and happiness. Happy birthday, dear sister!

  • Dear sister, on your birthday I wish that every desire of yours gets fulfilled. But remember to make dreams that are realistic!
    Happy Birthday!

  • Life provides many opportunities, but we have to be alert enough to grab them. So sister, keep your eyes open, grab the opportunity and you would surely get success.
    Happy Birthday!

  • If things are not working out do not give up. Keep on working hard and with dedication; surely you would get success one day.
    Happy Birthday!

  • Today is a wonderful day because it is your birthday. Let us celebrate it in style.
    Happy birthday, dear sis!

  • We have grown up together and shared everything with each other. On your birthday let me tell me you are the most important woman of my life after mom. Love you sister.
    Happy Birthday!

  • Wishing you a joyful, cheerful and amazing year ahead. Happy Birthday, sister!

  • I wish this year you reduce a lot of weight and you do not have to follow a diet. Eat everything you can!... Happy Birthday, sister!

  • I am the luckiest human on Earth because I have the best sister in the world. Happy Birthday, sisso!

  • You are an epitome of greatness. I admire you in every sense. Happy Birthday to the best sister.

  • There are times when we feel that our dreams would never get fulfilled. Dispel all such thoughts and always believe in your dreams and capability.
    Happy Birthday!

  • You would come across many people who would pull you down and prevent you from realising your dream. Do not pay heed to them and work towards the realisation of your dream with focus and determination!

  • Elder sisters are such a big support. Every time you make a mistake and are certain that you would get a good scolding from your mom, you run and hide behind your elder sister and she saves the day for you. After all, she cares for you and would go any length to protect you. So, show your love and appreciation towards her by sending some lovely funny birthday messages; she would surely love them.

    Sisters are truly marvellous gifts of God. They fight, complain, scold, care, love, and are always there in times of sadness as well as joy. You truly love your sister and would always want to see her happy because she means the world to you. So, show your love to your sister and make her smile on her birthday by sending across and emotional birthday wish.

    It so so much fun to have a younger sister around. She can be quarrelsome at times and demanding at others. Sometimes she may cry over trivial matters and expect you to pamper her and at others, she would shower all her care and love on you. Little sisters can be irritating at times, but she would always be there by you standing in your support. So, show her how much you love her by sending some wonderful birthday messages.

    Your sister’s birthday is a momentous occasion. She is turning a year older and a little bit more wiser. The day does call for celebrations as it is not just her birthday but also a celebration of your strong bonds with her. So, mark the day by sending her some funny birthday wishes. This will not just make her laugh but will also spread happiness among all those present on the occasion. Just scroll down and you would find a number of funny birthday wishes. Just make a choice.

  • I am glad to have a sister like you. You are the more like an inspiration to me than a sister. Happy Birthday to you!

  • When you will wake up, I will not be there. So, this is the message for you! Happy Birthday my sweet sister!

  • Now, you have your own family, but you will remain as an integral part of this family forever sis!

  • Sending the best wishes and lots of love to my sweet sister on her another new birthday!

  • Say you are my sweet sister 10 times loudly and get your favorite birthday gift from your brother!

  • I feel very lucky to have you as a sister, on this birthday I can say only this!

  • You are my little angle and I wish all birthday desires of my angle become true. Love You!

  • Everyday I fight with for small things. I fight with you not to hurt you, but to catch ur attention!

  • On this birthday of yours, I pray to God, to give you years of good health and long life!

  • Never be depress, when I there. I cannot commit to fulfill all ur desires, but I promise to keep you happy always!

  • I understand I proud you feel to be called as my sister, trust me I too have the same feeling. Happy Birthday!

  • Without you my sister my childhood would have been imperfect and incomplete. So here sending you a great birthday wishes!!

  • Sisters are like diamond they sparkle every time and a priceless gift from god and a truly best friend!

  • Nobody is perfect we both are imperfect that’s why we both make a cute pair of siblings. Happy birthday sissy!!

  • My Sister you are a secret box where I have stored and preserved my all the beautiful memories with you for the lifetime!

  • Some people wanted respect, care and attention and unconditional love and you require all these at same time. Happy birthday!!

  • When no one is there for you, sister is always a standby to show her love, I love u sweety, H, Bday!

  • Everytime I used to steal your favorite things. So here comes a big day, today I give everything that u want!

  • U have grown up, but on your birthday I am wishing my same little, pretty and cute sister!

  • It doesn’t matter you have a best friend or not, coz I am there for you always, I promise this on ur birthday!

  • For people it seems we are not good siblings, but only I know ur importance in my life. Happy birthday Sis!

  • You were there when I was sad, happy and in trouble, on this birthday; I pledge, I will there for you all the time!

  • There is no one exist on this earth, who can replace you, my sweet loving sister. Wish you Happy Birthday!

  • Side by side or miles apart we are connected my sister by our hearts!!Happy birthday my sister!

  • Friends will make us laugh, lovers make us smile but sisters are one who stay back and wipe all the tears!

  • Fairies are rare and real to exist, and I have one fairy who call herself as my sister. Happy birthday dear!

  • To the one who is there with me in my every good and bad times. Here I am sending a great birthday wish!

  • Best feeling when someone likes you, adores you, cares for you, thinks about you. It is none other than your sister!

  • You can choose your friends but not your family, u are both my friend and family lucky to have you!! Hbd sister!

  • Today comes the day to celebrate and wish you. After so many fights, you are still best my sister!

  • Without the water, the plants hardly survive. Similarly without you I am nothing my sister. Many happy returns of the day!

  • Some people can’t be substituted by others and you are one of the gems in my life. Happy Birthday my dear sister!

  • It’s always fun to fight with you because you are a good companion. Thanks for being my little sis!

  • A bunch of happiness, a teaspoon of love and pinch of arguments having lots of sweetness here’s presenting a special long life gift to you!!

  • When everything is dark around me, I think of you are there 4 me. Thanking you for being there!

  • We are sisters by chance but we are friends by choice. Love you always. Have a great birthday!

  • We remain friends until we die, then I think we stay the ghost friends and scare the shit out of people!

  • You are the one to share every phase, believe in good and forgive the rest. Thank you for being there!

  • The sisters are like the true mates, people say this and I feeling this, happy birthday dear sister!

  • You have been so special to me in my life that I never realized the need of any friend!

  • Having you as my sister wasn't a choice, but in my life is the best thing I have. A big birthday wish!

  • God has given you a big heart and a beautiful face and a lovely sister like me to wish you happy birthday!

  • Be careful and enjoy your birthday to the fullest, this is your birthday my dear never let it go like that!

  • I think I have the cutest sister in this World, I want to wish her the most beautiful happy birthday!

  • You are better than me in all terms, but I have never jealous of u, because you are mine and I am your sister!

  • On this birthday it wish a great and happy and a rocking and glorious birthday to my lovely-lovely sister!

  • You have lots of friend to wish you on your birthday, but I have only one sister to wish her the birthday!

  • When you cry I become sad, when you laugh I feel happy, when you are with me, I feel complete!

  • Whenever I fail you don’t allow me and that is beauty of yours. Happy birthday siso!!

  • You are my support system throughout my life by setting the examples. Thank you for always being there!

  • You are so beautiful and pure by heart that I can’t imagine my life without you for being my sister!

  • Whenever I fall, your soft hand are always there to motivate me and stand me up. Happy birthday!

  • Happy birthday to my sister who always bring smile and joy on others face. Today I wish the same for you!

  • Behind so many arguments, fights, differences still we share the same bond. Happy birthday sister!

  • Superheroes and magician comes one in a million but sisters like you exist for lifetime and always stay in heart!

  • All the wealth of the world is not enough to compensate the love of the sister. So here I am to celebrate this great day with you!

  • Sisters not only share the gifts, not the clothes and accessories but share the life and memories together!

  • I felt scared when I was alone thank you for always being protective and wish you a very happy birthday!!

  • The most amazing feeling in the world is having a female sibling like you. Have an amazing birthday!

  • You were always my first and you will always be my last friend. Hbd to my sister and best friend!

  • You are truly adorable and remarkable sister of mine and a great friend too. Happy birthday dear!

  • Every day I remind myself that how lucky I am to have a supportive, creative and nicest and funniest sister as my best friend!

  • A person who knows you inside and out and still thinking about you. Thank you for being my sister!

  • If everyone have a sister and best friend like you the world would be a better place. Hbd dear!

  • We are friends by chance, sisters by choice and supercool by association. Happy sweet birthday!

  • Friends may come and go but sisters like you stay throughout your life and become best friends!

  • From all the souls, floating in the heave. You turns out to be my greatest sister. Happy Birthday!

  • Cut your cake, lit the candle and spread the joy because it’s a special day for both of us. I love you sister!

  • How incomplete one earring look when worn without other. That is how I look. Happy birthday sister!

  • Not you and not I are perfect but still we make a cute pair of siblings. Thanks for coming in my life!

  • Birthdays come every year and my love for you also grows year by year. Wishing you a fantastic birthday!

  • To someone whom I love by my deep heart inside was born today and that is you!

  • Sisters are like diamond they always sparkle in life and priceless and true gift for women. Happy birthday sis!

  • The world gets brighter when you enter into it. Wishing you a wonderful celebration full of joy and laughter!

  • Though we have different opinions but my heart and affection is with you when I am happy or sad. Blessed you!

  • Because you understand me a little more than I do. Thanks for being my side and my best sister!

  • When I count my blessings I always count you twice or thrice because you are always on my top. Hbd sis!!

  • Cuddling catching playing together like kitties two, this is the kind of relationship between me and you, happy birthday to my sis!

  • It is really a fun when you are around me, I love you my sweet little sister and wish you very happy birthday!

  • On your birthday I wish my sister get all the happiness and good health to achieve the dream she has seen in life!

  • The sisters are true friends, they do fight for all little things but at the end of day they are together again. Happy birthday my sweetie!

  • You have given me so many lovely and cheerful moments in life, I am proud that I have sister like you!

  • No expensive thing can take your place in my heart and sole, you are my sister whom I love the most!

  • Remember all the fights we used to do when we were young and innocent, Nothing can replace the love that was hidden in the fight, happy birthday!

  • On this day, I just want to pray God that he bless you with all his special blessing and make your life spectacular!

  • Happy Birthday to my sweet little sister, though I'm not with you on this birthday, but my wishes are there to make you happy!

  • I know you are waiting for my message, so here I am wishing you the most beautiful birthday you have ever!

  • On this birthday I wish, you shine like stars and bring smile on each face who are around you. happy birthday Sweetu!

  • You have a distinct and reserve the place in my heart, it is the place that will never be touched and disturbed. Happy Birthday to my sis!

  • If God give me one wish ever then I will ask him to give it to you so that you can fulfill all your dreams. Happy Birthday my queen!

  • On your birthday I pray to god, my sister never face any trouble in her life and make her life cheerful always!

  • You are the sister who is hard to find, and with your love you make our relationship truly divine!

  • The bond between two sisters is the kind of bond that can never be explained, and replaced by any other thing. happy birthday!

  • You are like a golden thread to the meaning of my life, you are the one who can never be replaced!

  • After having a sister like you, I think the God has some special blessing for me, as he has given you as a gift!

  • If ever happens that I forget your birthday, I request you never get angry on me. I can forget your birthday but not your love!

  • You know me better than anyone, I see myself in you so I never give any justification for anything. Belated Happy Birthday!

  • No matter how occupied I remain; I can never forget to wish happy birthday to my lovely, cute and adorable sister!

  • Our likes and dislikes are same, each of our styles are same as you are me and I am you, Happy Birthday my sibling!

  • I have gone far from you but that has no relation with the intensity of love and affection I have for you. It is eternal!

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    Luckily for me, I have a wonderful niece like you. I wish you a splendid happy birthday. 7. I didn't really believe my sister would do something.

    birthday wishes in marathi for sister
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