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Birthday wishes ideas for boyfriend
June 01, 2019 Wedding Anniversary Wishes 3 comments

Use the ideas from the list below to get started, then write your own unique message! What to Write in a Card for Your Boyfriend's Birthday.

You might have tried all conventional surprises for him but I am sure you had never tried these unique birthday surprise ideas for your boyfriend that I am going to share here.

I know you have already planned gifts for him, but what about surprises? Do you have any plans for it, It’s obviously “no” that is simply because you are here to find out? Ohhhh I am so Smart. LOL Jokes apart.

We generally talk about gifts, party, themes, celebrations but hardly we think about surprises, it’s pretty obvious because it needs so much effort? But believe me, at the end it is worth. “Surprises” generally make the occasion thrilling and exciting.

I still remember 2 years back my girlfriend planned an amazing surprise party for me, that was in simple words “awesome”. I still have those memories with me that I can never forget. See, this is the impact surprises do create especially when we talk about birthdays. I am sure this year you will do something more special and surprising for him.

As I said earlier it takes a lot of efforts to plan a birthday surprise for someone and it takes way more if you want to make it more special.

It’s your boyfriend’s birthday and I am sure you would really want to make this day memorable. So to make this happen I will be telling you different ways how you can give a great surprise to your boyfriend on his birthday that he will remember for years.

There are many ways more than giving a birthday surprise party. Girls generally end up organizing a surprise party for their boyfriend but here I am not in a mood of telling you that because many of you already know about it.

So this year I want you to do something different. I want you to surprise him in a way that he has never expected it before. For this, you must have some unique birthday ideas on your bucket list.

Things to Do for your Boyfriend’s Birthday to Surprise Him

Here are some sneak peek of those amazing birthday surprise ideas for your boyfriend to plan. These things are easy to do for your boyfriend’s birthday, yet will blow his mind.

Birthday Surprise TypesBirthday Surprise Ideas
Unique Ideas 1. Note Surprise 2. Plan a Naughty Surprise 3. A door Surprise 4. Sad to Happiness Surprise 5. Thread Surprise
Surprise Party Ideas 1. Plan a Mind Blowing surprise Party 2. Plan a Party Where we Met
Surprise Gift Ideas 1. Gift Him his Dream thing 2. Gift Him Special Night
Personal Ideas 1. Sing a Song Dinner 2. Make A Collage of Old Pictures 3. Make a Surprise Video

So down below I have prepared a list of those awesome surprise ideas for your boyfriend. You can pick the best ideas from the list that are suitable for you and your boyfriend.

Plan the most unconventional birthday surprises for your boyfriend

With my experience and best of knowledge, I would like to share few amazing birthday surprise ideas for your boyfriend.

1. Collected Notes Surprise

A surprise given by you is really special and amazing for which I can give you a round of applause. Tedaaannn.. But what if giving 10 or more Surprises all together to your boyfriend when he is unaware of it? Sounds little different right? Yes, it is different. So what you all need to do, I Know from the title you are already guessing it.

The girls who are smart enough to guess can switch to next idea below, but who still are confused can go with the flow. And by the way, if it stills create confusion in your mind then this surprise is worth it.

So what you have to do is, write a love note for him, you can write anything you want to say. You can express your love on it, you can share all past moments that were wonderful, etc..

So anything you can share on that note. Till now it is really very simple to you, right? But it is certainly not. The real game is to collect all these kinds of note from the people who are close to him.

For this, you have to encourage all those people to write a note to him. Collect notes from as many people as you can. i.e Mom, dad, brother, sister, friends, etc..

Now after you collect all these notes from his loved one, you have to hide it in anything he uses or any place where he spends his time. i.e His room, his bag, books, etc..

Can you imagine how surprised he will be to see all these notes one after the other from different places and also to read all those messages? I know you got goose bumps imagining that moment.

2. A Naughty Surprise

I know you are very excited to know what I am talking about or thinking what the title suggests, you should be because this is really exciting to do something different you might not have done before.

So what all you have done in your past when I ask about the romance, have you ever been to the naughty side of it. If not then have you tried anything different to spice up the romance.

If to all the things I have asked you, the answer is “NO”, then make it happen for his coming birthday and make it an occasion which he can not forget ever.

There are many things you can do, whether it is a naughty dress for the day or handcuff stuff. It all depends on you, where you want to take this up to.

It is simply to surprise him with the things you have not tried before and as a guy, I can surely say it is the best naughty birthday surprise you can give your boyfriend.

3. Hot Massage

If you can’t go to the next level to spice up your romance or if it is not possible for you, then why not a simple hot message for him.

A surprise is what the person can’t expect. So if you have never given him a hot message, then what are you waiting for. Make this birthday memorable for him.

So for this, you need to buy some oils that are used for a hot message in advance so that you can prepare yourself for it. You can find many tutorials online to learn how to give a message.

4. The Door Surprise

Why not surprise him on his door. Enough of a complicated thrilling surprise what about a simple cute surprise. Make sense? Probably it does.

This is for all those girls who don’t want to plan out a big surprise and finding a way they can surprise a bit to their boyfriend by doing simple things.

For this, all you need to do is to surprise your boyfriend in the morning at his door when he can never expect you to be. You need to just go with some gifts and flowers and ring the bell so that he can find you at the door which he could have never expected.

You can convince his family members to let him open the door. He will surely get surprised to see your cute little act.

5. Gift a naughty funny present

I got this idea from my personal experience when I was in high school. Actually, it’s my friend’s experience but I witnessed that. It was his birthday and her girlfriend Samara gifted him a bag of few gifts. Some gifts were very usual and good, but one of the gifts caught my eye and his too, lolz.

Actually, he was opening all gifts and showing me in his room, one after the other and suddenly he found a ? with a message. It was so surprising to him that made him smile and me too, LOL. But I really liked the idea so I shared with you.

Isn’t it a naughty birthday surprise idea for your boyfriend that you should try. Now don’t ask me what was the message, because it was personal. You can also put some naughty, funny messages on it.

6. Surprise party

It’s pretty obvious from the title that you can plan out a surprise party for your boyfriend. I know it is a most conventional surprise idea, but it is just a reminder that you can also consider.

If it is really very usual to you to call his friends and relatives to give him a surprise, then you can do any different thing. I have mentioned one idea just below it.

7. Hunt the Gift

Have you ever played treasure hunt, if yes then you know what I am talking about? It is a thrill to find the treasure. But what I am going to tell you is what you have never tried and never does he, that makes it a perfect birthday surprise for him.

So I am assuming that you already know how this game works. If not let me tell you, how it works. It is a simple game where you hide different clues in different places, one has to find the clues one after the other and make a chain to reach the treasure.

So the game is clear but instead of hiding any random thing you can hide the gifts you want to get him for his birthday. You can hide all the gifts you are going to present him to the final destination and let him feel the thrill to get all those gifts.

If this was it, then it is not so much surprise, but what if instead of hiding the gift at the final destination you hide his loved once to give him a surprise. To me, I think its an awesome idea.

You can take it to the next level by calling his friend or maybe parents if they are not in touch for so long. He will get surprised to see them what he can least expect.

8. Surprise with that special Gift

I know you might already have planned all the gifts for your boyfriend. Any surprise gift you have in your mind? If Not, then why not to plan a very special gift that can be really a surprise for your boyfriend. So what is that cute special gift you can present your boyfriend for his birthday?

Ok, let me make it little clear, what I meant by that with my personal experience. My girlfriend gifted me Yamaha acoustic guitar on my last birthday.

I was really surprised to see that particular model as a gift which I was planning to buy from a long time, but couldn’t manage. But that birthday, I was so surprised to see that guitar model as a gift for me from my girlfriend.

So this is what you have to do, You need to find out what is the thing he is planning to buy or may be his favorite thing. You can buy that thing as a gift and he will go amazed to see that thing as a gift.

9. Sad to happiness Surprise

What am I talking about, is that you are thinking right? But this is something I did to my girlfriend on her birthday. I just gave that act a title here  “ sad to happy surprise ” LOL.

Ok, what it was like, on my girlfriend’s birthday I called her up a day before her birthday and told her that I have planned many things for her and told her everything, so she got excited and was ready for it but I have something different in my mind.

As soon as the clock needle was going 00.00 am. I called her and said that I won’t be able to come as I have something very important. and told her that I will call you later.

I knew she got very upset with it. But I had some other plan, actually, I was waiting outside her apartment and planned many things.

So as the clock needle touched the birthday I called her and wished her birthday and also opened up that I was joking as that was a prank.

After that, I told her that everything will be same as he has planned last night. Then her excitement was on cloud 9. So likewise you can also do something like this to take her excitement to a roller coaster ride.

10. A love notebook

He might have read many books in life but have never read anyone which you are going to gift him. It is a love book that you can make on your own.

All you need to do is find an attractive notebook, some of your old moment pictures which you might have clicked on your cell phone, etc..

You need to write things down the way you feel about him, you can share old experiences with some pictures in the notebook and let him know why they were the best moment in your life. Or anything you can write what you feel. This will be really a cute surprise for him.

11. A surprise with a thread

This is something unique I want to share it with you. If you are living together then you must try this one.

What you have to do is, decorate a place in your house with all the stuff to give a birthday surprise to your boyfriend with some music, ribbons, some balloons, etc. (do it at night when he is sleeping ).

Now when all thing is ready then you have to go to sleep as the surprise is for the morning. Do you know when he gets up after sleep?

If you know then it is perfect because you have to wake up before him to give him this surprise.

You have to wake up before him silently, then you have to tie a thread on his hand and another end of the thread should reach that place where you have planned all the things and rest I think is clear what will be next.

12. Be the cook

There are many things you can do to surprise your boyfriend. What about giving him a surprise of being a cook and cooking all those things that are his favorite. What you say, is it worth? I think it is.

If he his a foodie then I would recommend you do this for him. He will be surprised to see you cooking his favorite dishes. For this, first, you need to find out what are his favorite dishes and explore net to find out how to make those dishes, as simple as that.

13. His favorite movie theme

If you are planning a birthday party for your boyfriend in-house or booking some place where you are calling his friends or relatives, then make a theme of his favorite movie.

You can set up the place with a theme of the movie as if it is a movie set. People can pick the characters of that movie and wear the same costumes of those characters.

This will be really a surprise for him to see all of you as his favorite movie characters. For example – If his favorite movie is twilight, then you all can pick up characters like – Bella, Jacob, jasper, etc..

14. Make a change

There are many things the girl likes something about his guy and something which she can’t stand and the same way guys like something about their girl and something they really don’t want to see in them.

So do you remember what all the things he really doesn’t want to see in you? i.e if he doesn’t like to see you being shy, if he doesn’t like to see you talk all the time, etc..

So if you remember anything like this which your boyfriend doesn’t really like, then why not to surprise him by changing that habit if not permanently then at least for the day.

15. Song over dinner

If you want to surprise him romantically, then here is one idea for you that you must try. Are you a singer?

If yes then good, if no then you have to build the courage to sing a dedicated song to him over some place where you are having dinner ( Mostly in a bar or Restaurant ).

If you have never sung and suddenly you sing a song in front of many people, then this is going to be the biggest surprise for him. You can practice and dedicate his favorite song.

16. His favorite team jersey

No, I am not talking about gifting any sports team jersey. Instead, I would like to insist you to wear his favorite team jersey yourself.

It will be really a cute surprise your boyfriend will get. One of my friend’s girlfriend did to him and he really was surprised to see this. He was very happy to see her wearing it. So this gave me an idea to suggest you.

17. Night Sneak out

If you never had any sneak out with him at night, then this is what you have to try out because this will be really a big surprise for him to see your courage to sneak out at night with him dodging your parents.

This will be a thrilling surprise for him. You can all up to him at 00.00 AM and ask him to sneak out with you. He will surely get surprised to hear this from you.

18. Surprise him with uncensored memories

I am really genius in finding ideas and love myself for this. Just pushed my mind a bit and got this idea. Let me share it with you.

You know at times we just click photos of our loved once that we generally don’t share or maybe some pictures are unexplored.

You might have also clicked some of his photos of the same kind. So you have to collect all those images that are untouched or unexplored.

You can also ask his parents or siblings to find such kind of pictures. The motive is to collect all those pictures and make a beautiful big collage of all those memories.

19. Reasons I wish you the best birthday

In the previous article, I have shared the same kind of an idea where I have shared “tell him the reasons why you love him”. Today as well I want to share the same but in a different way.

So for this, you have to make a list of reasons why you want to wish him the best birthday. You can write anything you want but make it creative.

When you have the list, then just prepare yourself for a speech for him based on that list. You can announce the speech in the party or any place where you can do this in front of the crowd because that is what will make a surprise out of it.

20. Propose him, What?

I don’t know how you guys came into a relationship, I mean who was the first one to propose but what I can say now is that why don’t you propose him in a way that he will surely get surprised. Like bending down on your knees and you propose your feelings for him.

I know it seems to be weird and unusual that a girl proposing a guy on her knees, you also must be thinking the same.

But that is the trick, it is a way you can surprise him as it will be least expected from you. See its not about a guy or girl, it is about surprising your boyfriend on his birthday. Don’t you think he will be surprised to see you going on your knees to propose him? I am sure he will.

21. Street Posters

Let me explain it in an exactly opposite way. Let suppose you have your birthday tomorrow and you expect a call from your boyfriend on your birthday.

But to be surprising you don’t get a call from him. But as soon as you go out for some work or something. You see a poster in your street which says about your birthday. Will you be surprised to see how this is possible and who did it?

Let’s make it little big, you walked few more steps and you found one more poster and likewise much more. Will it be surprising to you, I am sure you will be amazed.

So this is what you can do to your boyfriend on his birthday if you really want to surprise him that he can remember for years.

I got this idea from an article in which I read that a person in some country did the same thing for her wife. He placed many birthday posters on the street and her wife was amazed.

She got overwhelmed when she got to know that all this was done by his husband. It touched her heart. I am sure if you do something like this your boyfriend will be surprisingly impressed and will feel special for the day.

22. Surprise Video

This is really awesome. I almost give this idea to everyone as it really simple and really good idea as a surprise. What you have to do is call all your boyfriend’s friend, family members, relatives, etc.. Anyone who is close to him.

You have to ask his close ones to make a very short video for wishing him on his birthday. Try to collect as many video wishes as you can. Then make one video collecting all these birthday wishes videos.

If you know any video editing software then it’s great as you can make a nice video out of it on your own and if you don’t know any software then you can hire any freelance video editor to this job.

After everything is done then time for the real fun, on his birthday you can send the video to his WhatsApp number or you can even mail him. Can you imagine how much will be surprised to see all of his close ones in a video wishing his best birthday?

23. Dream Gift

It is really not applicable for all because it has something to do with a good amount of money or power. But still, you can read it as it is really interesting one.

We all have something in our mind something that we can call it as a dream thing. For an example, I have a dream to buy a Lamborghini some day. I am sure you must also be having something in your mind likewise your boyfriend might have something in his mind.

As a girlfriend, I am sure you must be knowing what it is. If you know then it’s really great if not try to find it what thing he really wants badly in his life.

Now let suppose if you gift that thing on his birthday how he will feel. For an example if he is dreaming of getting a gadget of any kind and you gift him the same gadget on his birthday, how overwhelmed he will be, can you imagine.

24. Where we met

After spending a good relationship with your boyfriend for so long (probably), how many moments and places you still remember in your mind?

I am not sure about all the moments you remember or not, but I can surely say that you still remember the place you first met.

You still have all those memories as fresh as yesterday. Correct me if I am wrong but I think I am not because we really don’t miss out those first memories we have.

So you might be asking what’s the plan? It is really simple. You need to blindfold him and take him to the place where you first met.

If it was a beach, then take him silently to the beach and spot where you first met and make him remember all those things you first did. What were your thoughts about him in that place?

So likewise, where you met, you can recall and rejuvenate all those memories. Believe me, this is the best surprise you can give him for his birthday.

I am very happy to serve you these awesome birthday surprise ideas for your boyfriend. I put all my creativity to find out these ideas. I hope you enjoyed reading and knowing this unique birthday surprise ideas. So get along with these amazing surprises and make his day memorable.

Birthday Inspire

I have been involved with birthday inspire From the day of launch back in 2014. From then I am working as a content manager. Over the years I have created a lot of content which are helping my readers from all over globe and proud of that. 🙂

Birthday Inspire

I have been involved with birthday inspire From the day of launch back in 2014. From then I am working as a content manager. Over the years I have created a lot of content which are helping my readers from all over globe and proud of that. :)

Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend is the only cutest way to wish your Boyfriend through I'm your girlfriend and I'm already the greatest gift that you can ever get !.

What to Write in a Birthday Card

birthday wishes ideas for boyfriend

Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend

The time has finally come for me to give all my best birthday wishes to Mr. Boyfriend right here! Happy birthday, you sweet lil’ guy. Hugs and kisses coming your way!


It’s only the 3rd birthday celebration that we have together this year, and I’m already looking forward to more. Happy birthday, my dear boyfriend.


Don’t keep saying that you’re old now – even if you do grow old, I’ll be by your side celebrating each and every birthday with you. Happy birthday my dear.


To my dearest boyfriend, happy birthday! I hope that your birthday this year brings you everything that you ever wanted.


You may not have been very lovable at all times, but I still love you very much! Happiest of birthday wishes to you, my dearest boyfriend!


I can’t help but feel excited everytime this day of the year comes around. I love having you around, and I love seeing the happy smile on your face when you see what I have in store for you. Happy birthday baby.


You made everything alright for us; Our story wouldn’t have been the same without you as the leading role. To my boyfriend, the lead actor in my life – happy birthday.


I can’t think if a birthday wishes for you that’s sweet enough, but I want to wish you all the same! Happy birthday my dearest baby. I love you.


The best birthday wishes for such an amazing boyfriend needs to come deep down from my heart, and so to you I say, happy birthday my beloved. I wish that I could give you everything that you ever wanted!


Your happiness is my happiness, but our happiness together makes up the most amazing love story that will ever exist. It’s painfully plain, but it’s something that will always be there. Happy birthday my dear.


Happy Birthday For Him

Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend Funny

I’ll admit it – it’s a little difficult to choose a gift for you because I didn’t even want to get you one. I’m your girlfriend and I’m already the greatest gift that you can ever get! Happy birthday to you my love.


Happy birthday to the most adorable little bubble tea addict that I know. The best gift that I can get for you right now is a good bubble tea voucher. Am I not just the best girlfriend?


The most handsome boyfriend in the world most definitely deserves an equally beautiful, awesome and kind girlfriend, won’t you agree? I sure hope that I have lived up to the expectations! Happy birthday love.


Dear boyfriend – happy birthday! You have always taken a liking to the sweet stuff, so I’ll be the sweetest girlfriend ever for you today. Aren’t you in for a treat?


It hasn’t always been easy making a choice of what to gift you because you want everything, but at least I know that I have done my best. Happy birthday!


Birthday Wishes For Husband

Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend Romantic

With you, I learned to love. I learned to compromise and tolerate. I learned patience and care, but most of all, I learned what it means to be happy and in love. Happy birthday my dear.


A relationship like ours is not an easy one to maintain, yet it is still one that is true, loyal and kind. Thank you for having me in your life my dear. I love you. Happy birthday!


I wouldn’t have learned the same things that I did with you if it wasn’t for everything that we have done together. You’re the best. I love you, and happy birthday.


Fate may have brought us together but is perseverance, genuine love and care that kept us together. I’m so grateful that we are together my dear. I love you, and happy birthday.


It’s amazing how much we learned about each other past our anniversaries together. I love having you around, and I would definitely love to have you with me for many years more. Happy birthday.


Happy Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend

I just want you to know how thankful I am for your company with me in the past months and years that we have been together. You have been an amazing boyfriend to me. Happy birthday, my dear.


very year when this date comes around, I wish you nothing but the best. I wish you happiness, I wish you love, and I wish that you will always have God’s blessings with you every step you take. Happy birthday.


Happy birthday my dearest boyfriend. You made it so easy to smile and be happy around you, every hour of the day and every single day. I love you my dear.


Today is a day for celebration! It’s your birthday, and I wish nothing but the best for someone who has been around with me for so long. I love you so very much!


The purest love comes from a loyal and joyful heart. You have that heart and 5 years ago, you made a room for me in it. Happy birthday my dearest boyfriend.


Short Birthday Wishes

Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend Long Distance

I may not be there in person, but know that my heart is always with you, even more so on this joyful day. Happy birthday my dear.


Long-distance or side by side, I will always wish you the best when this special day comes. Happy birthday handsome – I hope that my gifts have arrived at you in time.


I wish that I was there right now, just so that I can give you at least a birthday hug. I wish nothing more than that for this special day, yet we are just too far away. Happy birthday my love, I miss you.


Every day, I wish that we can be closer together. I long to see you in person and not just from the screen. I miss you, and I don’t think I’ll ever stop missing you. Happy birthday.


If I could stretch my hand from my laptop screen to yours, I will hug you and wish you a happy birthday. 3 years from today, I will wish the rest of your birthdays in person.

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70 Happy Birthday Quotes and Wishes for Boyfriend

birthday wishes ideas for boyfriend

To the person who is not your family but accepted who you are truly and fully, your boyfriend, the love of your life, the one person you adore and care for. He is the one who told you that you are beautiful in his eyes and you could not help but believe every word because what has he to gain by saying that but your heart. He is the one who has truly captured every single beat that your heart beats. He is the one who is on your mind for every second of every day and he is the one that makes you smile and look more beautiful than ever. He is truly a keeper, a gentleman of sorts, someone who takes care of you and loves you enough, he is the one that you would not mind spending the rest of your life with. Your boyfriend is someone who you love and loves you back in the way you never expected things to go. Here are some happy birthday wishes for your boyfriend that will surely make him feel the love that you have for him, try greeting him with one of these quotes below and you will feel happier than ever.

You never bothered me about my past telling me that is all behind us and that you only look forward to today and to tomorrow and that is enough, happy birthday, boyfriend.

No one can ever compare the love that you make me feel and that is why I love you because you make me feel something new, I hope you have a nice birthday today.


There is no one else I would wish to be with forever than you because you are my greatest love, the one person who holds my heart right now.

Happy birthday to you, my dear, I wish that you would realize that this heart of mine beats for you and only you and that it will always be that way.

Even after a long time together, you have not changed and I still love the way your eyes would wrinkle at the sides whenever you smile, happy birthday!

You deserve an award for being the best boyfriend ever in the world, I hope you are blessed on your birthday today, keep on being that way.

Happy birthday, boyfriend! I love you.

May be enough since the relationship is still on its honeymoon phase, this will still surely bring butterflies to his tummy. (Yes, they do feel that too)
Or maybe, you can try adding more compliments like:

Happy birthday to the sexiest boyfriend in the world!

Happy birthday to the best boyfriend in the whole wide world!

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Have a great day and enjoy in your life!

Or make it shorter like:

Happy birthday, sexy.

(Isn’t that kind of hot and sweet at the same time?)

Happy birthday, yummy boyfriend!

Top 100 Happy Birthday Wishes
The 60 Cute Birthday Messages
Happy Birthday my Love Wishes

Happy birthday, love. xoxo

(and that’s just genuinely sweet and sincere)

You made every day worth living. Happy birthday, baby.

Happy birthday to the man who rocks my world, I love you so much baby!

I am blessed to have you in my life. Happy birthday, love. Stay awesome.

Or make it funny, like:

You are my one and only Superman, my cosmic Spiderman, ultra strong Ironman, my whole justice league. Happy birthday, my love. In plain English, you are my hero!


To the luckiest man in the world (because you have an awesome girlfriend – ME), happy birthday to my boyfriend! I love you even when you are annoying.

Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend List

Happy birthday to the best chef ever! You know I am being sarcastic, right? I still love you, don’t worry.

Happy birthday to the fart-iest.. I mean funniest guy I know. Please reduce those farts, it’s annoying, really. Haha. Happy birthday, honey bunch!

You can also try these special messages:

To the man who has been my best friend for years, my partner in crime, and the love of my life, happy birthday! I am glad that I am with you today. I love you!

You introduced me to my favorite sitcom (How I Met Your Mother), and took away my fear of blood through The Walking Dead. You understood my moodiness every time I am going through my monthly PMS, and brought me chocolates, fries and burgers. (‘To feed the devil inside’, you said) I am always and forever grateful that I met you that day. You have given me a lot but among all those things, my favorite is the love you are giving me. Happy birthday, honey!

I am the luckiest girl ‘cause I have you here with me. Happy birthday, love!

The 60 Romantic Birthday Wishes

You could have been someone else’s guy but you’ve fallen in love with me, and I’m thankful for that every day. I love you, baby. Have a great birthday!


You know, you’re really annoying and it makes me hate myself because I still love you. Kidding. That’s part of your charm, right? Happy birthday, baby.

There’s not enough kisses and cuddles in the world to express how much I love you, birthday boy. Happy birthday, baby! Have a great one.

Every day is special when I am with you but today is more special because it is your birthday! I love you, sweetheart.

Bought you a dozen of beers and chips, invited the boys over and told them to bring their latest PS4 game. Hope you’ll have a great birthday celebration, honey. Happy birthday!

I never knew I could love someone this much until I met you. Thank you for bringing colors to my world. I love you, birthday boy! Happy birthday!


You filled my heart and life with joy and love. Happy birthday, my special man. I love you!

60 Birthday Wishes for Husband

Before I met you, I was always afraid of the future, I was afraid of the unknown. But now that I have you, I have the courage to face the world as long as you are with me. Happy birthday, love. Have a fantastic one!

I do not know why you are still with me despite my selfishness, moodiness, and childishness. But whatever it is that keeps you from giving me up, please continue holding on to that. I love you and I do not know what I will do without you. Happy birthday, baby!

You taught me how to be an independent girl, you made me believe in myself again. But you know what, you are the person I can’t live without. Ironic? Meh. Happy birthday, baby! Please continue spoiling me every day.

Happy birthday, baby! I am looking forward to more adventures with you in the future. (I am also looking forward to our future together) I love you, baby!

Through our ups and downs, you stood by me. You understood me when no one else do. You loved me when I don’t even love myself. You are the greatest thing that ever happened to me and it’s funny because I did not even know I needed you until you came into my life. Happy birthday, my special man. You’ll never be alone. I got your back. Have a great birthday!

Happy birthday, love! I know I am annoying most of the time, and I am thankful that you’re not giving up on my craziness. I love you so much! I wish you good health and more birthdays to come.

The sun shines brightly today, maybe because it’s your special day. Happy birthday, birthday boy!

I did not believe in fairy tales but ever since you came into my life, everything seemed magical. I wish you a magical birthday today, honey. I love you so much.

I wish I made you feel special today like how you are making me special every single day. Happy birthday, sweetheart! You deserve the best because you are the best. I love you so much!


I love waking up in the morning with you next to me. I love how you try your best to prepare me a breakfast in bed. I love everything you do, honey. I hope we’ll stay in love this way and I hope you’ll have a great birthday today. Happy birthday, love.

Even after several years of being together, you still never failed to make my heart skip a beat. How do you do that? Happy birthday, baby. I hope you’ll have an awesome day, as awesome as you are.

I have loved you since the day that I met you. Have a fantastic birthday! I am blessed to be a part of your life. I love you.

You made me dream and look forward about the future. You brought light and hope to my life and I can’t thank you enough for that. I love you, baby. Happy birthday!

After an exhausting day and you hugged me, everything suddenly seems clear and easy. You are the mitochondria to my cell. You’re my power source. I will love you forever, baby. Happy birthday!

Honestly, I find it hard to make this day more special. You’ve made every day that we’re together, special. How can I even top that? I love you honey, with all my heart. Happy birthday!

I may have told you a thousand times before, but I will never get tired of telling you this over and over again, happy birthday to my knight in shining armor. Have a great day, love!

I don’t really know what to give you on your birthday. So I’ll just wrap myself in a pretty gift wrapper. Happy birthday, boyfriend! Hope you liked my gift!

And there are times when a simple

Happy birthday!

will be enough.

Here are some tips you might need:
• Do not forget to use your terms of endearment (baby, love, honey, sweetheart)
• Do not forget to personalize your message and add information such as memories only the two of you know, and/or an inside joke.
• If you feel more comfortable writing the message and if you think you can express yourself better if the message is written, then go ahead and write it in a card (or a paper, whatever you prefer). But you can also tell him your message in person.
• Use a positive tone on the message, you would not want to make someone sad on his birthday, would you?

It really does not matter how long your message is on his birthday.

All that matters is that you were able to make him feel special, to let him know how much he means to you, and that you appreciate everything he does for you.

Guys may not say it most of the time, but they do like to feel valued, loved and appreciated.

Well, who doesn’t?

Go ahead and prepare for the best birthday gift he will receive this year (or maybe just wrap yourself in a beautiful wrapping paper because all he wants is you) and tell him you love him.

Birthdays are just once a year, though it always come every year, make sure to make it special.

Life’s too short to waste a day, or even just a minute.

We hope we helped you pick the best birthday message for your boyfriend and we wish you and your boyfriend a stronger and healthy relationship for the years to come.

Romantic Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend that is long distance

You are the best boyfriend that I could ever hope to have found and I am taking this time to wish that you have an amazing birthday this year.

To a man who brings me love every day I hope you have an amazing birthday today, one for the books! May we also be able to celebrate many more together, I love you.

Happy birthday my love, do not know what I would do without you in my life because you make me so happy. Hope you celebrate big today, baby.

Looking forward to going out tonight, making memories, and celebrating you like never before, my love, happy birthday baby.

To the man who stole my heart, here’s to many more birthdays together baby. Happiest of birthdays to you today.

Today is very special because it is the day that you came into the world and for that I am forever grateful. Happy birthday babe.

Baby, I love you more than words and cannot wait to get dressed up and celebrate your birthday tonight. Happy birthday.

To a man who has touched my life and brought so much love and joy to it, I could not ask for more. May you feel truly loved today because you are more than ever, happy birthday.

On your birthday I want to take this time to remind you of how much you matter to me. Cannot get enough of your smile! Need more of it every day. Happy birthday and may it be amazing for you.

Baby we are going to go all out for your birthday, looking forward to celebrating big. Happy birthday my love.

Let’s eat cake and dance the night away in celebration of you baby! There is nowhere that I would rather be than in your arms. Happy birthday to you.

Find cute birthday wishes for boyfriend with awesome birthday images to wishes that settle gently, one by one, upon your birthday; little gifts of love for you, the.

33 Romantic Birthday Wishes That Will Make Your Sweetie Swoon

birthday wishes ideas for boyfriend

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Is your husband’s birthday round the corner? Then why not do something special this time? Of course, that will be a surprise as you won’t reveal your plan to him.

Get creative, romantic, and spice up your husband’s birthday to make it a memorable one. You may borrow ideas from us, as MomJunction brings you some interesting and fun ways to surprise your husband on his birthday.

Romantic Birthday Ideas To Surprise Your Husband

Here we are not talking about candlelight dinners, roses, and wine! Our ideas go beyond the regular ‘romantic stuff’ so that your husband’s birthday becomes more interesting:

  1. Dedicate a song on air. Heard those love-stricken couples dedicating songs for each other on the radio? Sounds so mushy and cute, right? Well, you can do the same for your husband too; but ensure that he is listening to the radio when they play your dedicated song. This can be the most romantic surprise ever.


  1. Slip a birthday-cum-love note in his trousers. The moment he reaches out for his wallet or mobile in his pockets, he finds a cute love note that reads, “Happy birthday my love, I have 30 (as per his age) reasons to love you”. You can also get a bit naughty with the notes or send naughty texts on his mobile throughout the day.

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  1. Leave a trail of fragrance. Spray his favorite perfume in the air from the living room along the hallway leading to the bedroom, and the wardrobe in it. He is sure to follow the smell, and come into the bedroom and peep into the wardrobe, where you would be hiding his birthday gift.
  1. Give him a musical tribute. If your husband loves music, give him a musical tribute. Buy tickets for a music show, or if you are good at singing, organize a show at home itself. He will appreciate and love the surprise.
  1. Plan a starry night. You can plan a ‘night under the stars’ just the way they show in the movies. If you have a big vehicle or an open-top car, just flatten the seats and put a comfortable bedding in the rear, drive down to the woods or gardens where you can spend the night, just the two of you, lying down, holding your hands, and talking to each other under the stars.

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  1. Deck up the bedroom. Decorate the bedroom with balloons and his favorite colors. Set the alarm to 12am and wake him up. Play a birthday song and have him cut a cake.
  1. Leave a birthday note in the car. You could even decorate the car with some balloons, and he will be left pleasantly surprised.
  1. Organize a surprise lunch. Order his favorite food and have it delivered to his workplace or cook something and take it for him.
  1. Bake a cake. A good old baking idea which is sure to surprise and win his heart. Bake a heart-shaped cake of his favorite flavor and have him cut it. You can have cupcakes with ‘birthday boy’ letters written on each cupcake.
  1. Join him in his hobby. His hobbies may or may not match yours, but take them up for a day, whether it’s gardening, badminton, or bird watching. You never know, you might seriously start pursuing it later.

Image: iStock

  1. Go on a weekend getaway. If his birthday is coming towards the weekend, take him out to a hill station. You might avail some good travel deals from travel sites.
  1. Make a collage of old pictures: Collect all the pictures of important events in your life, such as your first date, proposal date, wedding, the birth of your first child… and make a collage of all the pictures. Show him how much you love and care for him.
  1. Wrap yourself up. You got that, didn’t you? Get slinky and knot yourself with a gift ribbon all over you and lie in bed. When he comes close to you, whisper seductively, “I am your gift tonight, unknot me.” We bet, his birthday can’t get any spicier than that.
  1. Wish him through the newspaper. Buy a space in the newspaper that he reads, and get his birthday wishes and picture printed in it. He will be caught off guard and thrilled to see the wishes.
  1. Have a balloon surprise. Blow as many heart-shaped balloons as his age with a note tied to each balloon. You can pin up the birthday banner with this text ‘X (age) reasons why I love you’.
  1. Hourly gifts: Buy small gifts and let your husband open each one every hour. The gifts need not be expensive; they can be as simple as a food coupon, cologne, perfume, or tickets to a theme park.

These surprises are simple yet effective. If you pad them up with a surprise birthday party, then your husband will be grateful to you for such splendid efforts.

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Surprise Birthday Party Ideas For Him

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Here are some interesting and fun-filled ideas you can choose from:

  1. Treasure hunt: Play treasure hunt. Hide his gift and leave clues at different places in your home and let him and his friends find his gift. This will be super exciting and fun.
  1. Plan a dinner with his close friends: Switch off the lights the moment you find him walking towards your home. And when he opens the door, switch on the lights and sing the “happy birthday” song. He will be thrilled to see all his friends at home.

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  1. Schedule an adventurous trip with his friends: If he is an adventurous person, plan something he would be interested in – take him for trekking, camping, rafting, or zip lining.
  1. Convey the wishes from coworkers: Inform his work friends about his birthday and ask them to call and wish him one after the other. That will leave him surprised throughout the day.
  1. Make him the king for a day: Gang up with all your family members, and treat your husband like a king. Let his wish be your order. From breakfast to dinner and everything in between, do what he says, and pamper him throughout the day.

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Birthdays are special, and are sweet reminders of couples aging together. So, do make an effort to convert an ordinary day into an awesome one by some simple gestures. You can get as creative or naughty as you want, but remember to do things according to his preferences.

What are your ideas of surprising your husband? Let us know in the comment section below.

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