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Birthday wishes for old man
November 29, 2018 Wedding Anniversary Wishes 1 comment

Amzing Happy Birthday Old Man wishes and quotes to wish your dearest person to show love and respect and let them know age is just a number!.

“Happy Birthday, old man!” – not the nicest way to wish someone a happy birthday, is it? In fact it may even sound a bit cruel. But when it’s between friends we often make fun of and give each other a hard time over getting older. Especially when it’s guys! That sort of banter can seem harsh but is meant with affection.

Birthday wishes for – how should we say it – the older gentleman are quite often designed to ridicule and mock. Joking about their age, bodily functions, even sex lives are all common. Crude? Maybe. Funny? Definitely! And if it’s for a close pal then they usually take it all in good humour.

So if you’re looking for some funny birthday messages for an older man then you’re in the right place. The selection below is filled with the perfect wording ideas for your birthday wishes to the more mature fella you know.

Old Man Birthday Wishes

  • With old age comes new skills: you can laugh, cough, sneeze and piss yourself all at once! Happy Birthday!
  • I was going to make a joke to mark your birthday but the fact you’re still alive is nothing short of a miracle and should be celebrated!
  • Happy Birthday! I’ve kept the receipt for the gift, y’know, just in case you didn’t make it
  • Some words of wisdom for your birthday – smile while you still have some teeth! Happy Birthday, old fart!
  • Happy Birthday! You’ve made it to dirty old man territory
  • Remember when 50 seemed old? If you weren’t so old you would! Happy Birthday, old man!
  • I was sure I would get the right amount of candles to put on your cake this year, but quickly ran out of space! Happy Birthday you old fart
  • Happy Birthday, old man. I hope you have a fun and exhilarating party… quickly follow by a long nap. We don’t want you overdoing it now, do we?
  • Happy Birthday. I would say you were old but hell, you were old last year!
  • Congratulations! You’ve reached the age where you wake up at the same time you used to go to sleep on a Saturday. Happy Birthday old timer
  • Happy Birthday. Thank you for always being older than me
  • You know that saying ‘with age comes wisdom’? In your case.. not so much. Happy Birthday old man!
  • I was going to give you some advice – “you have to appreciate the little things”. But I remembered that at your age spotting little things is easier said than done! Happy Birthday!
  • Another year and you’re one step closer to diapers being mandatory! Happy Birthday you old fart!
  • I know birthdays get worse as you get older. But look on the bright side – not many left now!
  • Can you let me know if you’re going to be blowing your candles out? I want to have the hospital on speed dial. That much effort at your age, you can’t be too careful. Happy Birthday oldie
  • I wish I could figure out how old you are but I hate long math. Happy Birthday you old geezer
  • Happy Birthday! Today marks another day closer to your balls touching the water when you go to the toilet
  • Its nice to be young, healthy and full of energy.. do you remember what that feels like? Happy Birthday, old fart!
  • Don’t worry about getting older. You’re still going to do stupid stuff, just a lot slower. Happy Birthday, old man
  • From one old fart to another – happy birthday!
  • Enjoy your birthday old balls!
  • Happy Birthday. Warm regards to your knees
  • Just another year and another wrinkle on the ol’ nutsack. Happy Birthday
  • Happy Birthday you old codger! Save some of the air from your oxygen tank to blow out the candles
  • If you believe in it, you can be anything! Unless you want to be young again, then I’m afraid you missed that train old pal!
  • Happy Birthday! You’re not getting older you’re just a little closer to death
  • An old fart is as good as a new one….
  • Age is just a number… although in you’re case it’s a pretty big number! Happy birthday to an old fossil
  • You think you are old? You’re not old… you were old last year, this year you’re ancient. Happy Birthday my relic of a friend!
  • Happy Birthday Old Man Quotes

    These birthday quotes are all about getting older and old age so should be perfect to tease and poke fun at a male friend of yours.

    • “You know you’re getting old when the candles cost more than the cake” –
      Bob Hope
    • “You’re getting old when the only thing you want for your birthday is not to be reminded of it” – Felix Severn
    • “Wisdom doesn’t necessarily come with age. Sometimes age just shows up all by itself” – Tom Wilson
    • “As you get older three things happen. The first is your memory goes, and I can’t remember the other two” – Norman Wisdom
    • “Birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that the people who have the most live the longest” – Rev. Larry Lorenzoni
    • “Just remember, once you’re over the hill you begin to pick up speed” – Charles Schultz
    • “The older you get, the better you get. Unless you’re a banana” – Betty White

    We hope you liked these birthday wishes for old men and that they’ve helped you to have a bit of a laugh with a friend of yours. Be warned though: it won’t be too long until you’re on the receiving end of one of these messages yourself!

    Birthday Wishes for an Elderly Man. Congratulations on adding yet another year to your life. You are a beacon to all young men out there. My wish for you as you .

    30 Birthday Wishes For Elderly People

    birthday wishes for old man

    If you are fortunate enough to have a good friend or a best friend, then you have something that many people do not: a bond with another person that is truly unique and special. And if it is your friend’s birthday, then you’ll want to find just the right way to say happy birthday friend. Finding the perfect words for someone who has played such an important role in our life can be a challenge, but never fear, this collection of birthday wishes for friend and birthday wishes for best friend will help you do just that. We hope that you and your friend have the best birthday celebration together, and many more!

    This compilation contains:

    • Birthday wishes for friend
    • Birthday wishes for a best friend
    • Funny birthday wishes for best friend

    Birthday Wishes for Friend - Happy Birthday Friend

    • I feel so lucky to have you as my friend. Hope your birthday is as special as you are.May all of your dreams come true. Thanks for being such a great friend. Happy birthday!
    • I am looking forward to many more years of friendship and birthdays with you. Have a fantastic birthday!
    • I want to wish you all the love and happiness in the world, all of which you deserve. Happy birthday my friend!
    • I am grateful that you are a part of my life. All the best on your birthday!
    • In good times and bad, I’ll always be by your side. Happy birthday friend!
    • Happy, happy birthday! You deserve all the cakes, love, hugs and happiness today. Enjoy your day my friend!
    • May God shower you with blessings today and always. Happy birthday wishes for my friend!
    • Happy, healthy, exceptional, rocking birthday to you my friend!
    • Every step of the way you were there for me. Through thick and thin I’ll always be there for you. Happy birthday wishes!
    • Thanks for another year of being an awesome friend. Happy birthday dear friend!

    Birthday Wishes for Best Friend - Happy Birthday Best Friend

    • I am grateful for your true friendship. Hope you birthday is amazing as you are my best friend!
    • I wish you love, hope and everlasting joy and happiness. Thank you for being my best friend!
    • I am so proud to be your best friend. May you have a happy and healthy birthday!
    • You understand me like nobody else. I have a sibling in you my friend. Happy birthday to my best friend!
    • Thank you always being there to listen. I am so lucky to have you as my best friend. Enjoy your birthday!
    • I am so thankful and happy that we are best friends. Enjoy your birthday and happy birthday wishes for my best friend!

    Funny Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

    • Happy birthday to my best friend, the one who laughs at my silly jokes and still stands beside me even when I do dumb and stupid things!
    • Best friend: someone whom you can be yourself with, someone who you can have pointless conversations with, someone who still likes you even when you’re weird, someone who forgets to buy you a birthday gift…that’s why I came up with this. Happy birthday my best friend!
    • Happy birthday to my best friend! We are such a great team: I am smart, good-looking and talented and you are great at being my friend!
    • You may be getting older but at least I still look great! Happy birthday best friend!

    We truly hope you have enjoyed these birthday wishes, messages, greetings and quotes for friends and best friends.

    For more, check out the source of these wishes and full collections at: birthday wishes for friend and happy birthday best friend.


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    Birthday Wishes for an Older Friend

    birthday wishes for old man

    Just in the US today, there are over 45 million adults above the age of 65 years.

    Every birthday is another window for slightly awkward birthday wishes. No one knows how to approach the growing age of someone already considered an “elder”. Do you celebrate or keep quiet?

    Of course, you celebrate! Approaching the subject of a birthday shouldn’t have to be a painful process. It’s a time to have a little fun and cherish another year.

    Below are 15 ways to construct birthday wishes for elders. Keep reading if you’re having trouble coming up with your own ways to approach the situation.

    1. “Here’s to Another Year of Being Wiser.”

    Wisdom can be a rare thing among everyday modern life. It’s definitely something to celebrate. With all the years of experience and life behind them, the elderly can have the best pieces of advice.

    Make them smile by appreciating all the wisdom they bring to this world.

    2. “I Can’t Fully Express How Much You Mean to Me. Cheers to Another Year!”

    Sometimes as an elderly person grows older, they become more self-conscious about their age or physical hindrances.

    Let them know how much they mean to you and how great they still are in your birthday wishes for elders. This statement will boost their confidence and let them know they are loved.

    3. “I Hope the Coming Years Bring Even More Happiness and Health.”

    Even if they are considered elderly, they can still be happy and healthy. Project a strong sense of hope for the future by wishing them even more happiness and health.

    No one will deny the chance to be happy for another year of their life, and old age can really help someone start appreciating all the small things that bring them joy. From great wishes for an older person to a new shirt to a fresh flower, there’s much to be thankful for.

    4. “May You Continue to Touch the Lives Around You.”

    Reassure them their presence in life is greatly appreciated and valued by reminding them how much they have changed other people’s lives.

    Reminding someone of their value can boost their confidence and give them a good feeling they can’t shake!

    Another way to give them a good feeling is by providing them with good care. Make sure to check out Families Choice Home Care.

    5. “You’re Never Too Old to Celebrate!”

    Justify their want to party with this birthday wish for an older person. They may be feeling they can’t properly party because of their age, which isn’t true.

    Everyone should celebrate another year of happiness, especially if they have already lived through so many other years.

    6. “This Year is Another Milestone Marking Your Success.”

    Every year we get older, all we can hope is that the past year was successful. Success is different in everyone’s eyes but reassure them they’ve reached it.

    It’s a great feeling to know you’ve accomplished something in the time you’ve lived, whether that is a great savings account, close ties with family, completing charity work, or moving to your dream destination.

    7. “I Want to Thank You for Being My Mentor for So Long.”

    One of the best birthday wishes for elders is letting them know what a personal impact they have made on you. They should feel proud about being someone you can look up to.

    Encourage their good spirits by reminding them just how remarkable they are.

    8. “You Have Created a Higher Standard of Living for Us All. Happy Birthday.”

    When looking back at the past years of their life, we want the elderly to know they have done a great job and have set an example for younger people. Remind them they have set the prime example.

    Feeling like you’ve done the best you can do is always a feeling to hold onto.

    9. “May This Year Provide Another Year of Sweet Memories.”

    Take some time with loved friends and family to reminisce on the great times you all have had together. Share some tears, laughter, and smiles together.

    When recalling the good times, set the stage for even more to come. This will give the elderly person something even better to look forward to in the next year of their life.

    10. “I Hope You Continue to Touch Lives Like You’ve Touched Mine.”

    There’s no greater feeling than knowing you’ve made a lasting difference in someone else’s life. Don’t be afraid in your birthday wishes for elders to remind them of the special touch they’ve had in your life.

    They may be feeling sad or discouraged on their special day, but with a reminder like this, it will remind them just how many lives they’ve changed and can continue to change for the rest of their life.

    11. “Let’s Take a Moment to Remember the Great Times We’ve Had and Hope for Even More.”

    By inviting them to recall all of the great times you all have had together, they are invited to access their little personal bank of happiness and good times. This is a perfect opportunity to remind them of all their acts of kindness and selflessness.

    But make sure they also don’t forget to remind them of the time they said something funny or ripped their pants. It’s okay to laugh about the little things on their birthday.

    12. “Happy Birthday, and Here’s to Another Day of Feeling Younger Inside.”

    Remind them of the youth they still have! You’re only as old as you feel inside, right?

    Ignite their young personality, and celebrate another year to be young!

    13. “I Feel Honored to Celebrate Another Year with You.”

    Let them know being with them is an honor. This will make them feel special and cherished.

    Que the celebration and fun!

    14. “Today is Another Day to Appreciate Who You Are.”

    Set the stage for their day with this birthday wish for an elder. This will let them know they are going to have a day of appreciation and celebration. When they know they are being appreciated, they will feel more excited about their day.

    15. “Thank You for Being My Greatest Teacher.”

    Remind them of all the worth and time they have spilled into your life with this thankful wish.

    15 Birthday Wishes for Elders

    These birthday wishes for elders set the stage for a wonderful day and another year of celebration.

    If you need the perfect wish for a spouse, aunt, friend, or anyone else, check out the rest of our site.

    Discover ideas about Happy Birthday Grandpa. Happy birthday old man funny memes. Want to look young today? Play chess with Grandpa. Happy Birthday.

    Happy Birthday Wishes for Elderly

    birthday wishes for old man

    Make old man birthday special by sending these unique “Happy Birthday Old Man” Quotes Wishes, and make them happy,  best wishes for the old man.

    It can be your grandfather, grandmother, grand auntie or grand uncle, etc. you must have to respect them because at your childhood they made your early years best so this is your responsibility is celebrate their special day.

    Happy Birthday Old Man Quotes

    • Better to be an old fort than a dumb ass, happy birthday.
    • Old is always gold so happy birthday to the gold.
    • Dear our birthday! Happy Birthday! We wish you a dear, strong health, vital wisdom, spiritual strength and optimism, inexhaustible energy, sincerity, honesty, and kindness. Live long, positive and happy.
    • A kind and wonderful man wants to wish with all his heart the unquenchable forces and confidence, good health and respect, bright ideas and useful deeds, sincere love and care of relatives, fun jokes and happy holidays of the soul.

    • Old age always knowing for experience so happy birthday to you in the most experienced age of life.
    • Old age just like a baby child so it’s the time to act like a child too so be happy always.

    50+ Best Happy Birthday Son in Law Quotes Wishes

    • Hey, old men the Time to be happy is now a place to be happy is here to share your joy with near and dear.
    • Happy closer to being retired, congrats! Happy birthday.
    • I think that your birthday is a good day to reflect on all that you have done in this life of yours.
    • No matter how many years passed you by, it seems you have remained to be the same person.
    • Birthday Wishes For Elderly People
    • Age is but a number, those who are young at their heart are but forever young, enjoy this day!
    • Today is your day so Start seizing your day by starting it off with a smile, this one is completely yours, love it!
    • You are never too old to have a great party and celebrate the joy of living the life you have.
      50+ Happy Birthday To My Dad In Heaven Wishes
    • You have gained the respect of so many people that I absolutely think you deserve this big day.
    • Aging is but a true work of art considering everything that it has given you and everyone else.
    • If the time comes that you forget who you are, I will be here to make you remember this day.
    • You are one of the greatest gifts the heavens have given the world, happy birthday to you!

    • You may think that you are still lacking but the truth is you are overflowing with kindness.
    • Happy birthday to you, keep on having a great day and just keep on celebrating your life.
    • Be happy that you are alive and healthy, that is all that matters to me, happy birthday to you.

    Old man birthday wishes

    Age is like wine –
    It gets better with time
    And coincidentally –
    It gets better with wine!
    Enjoy your special day!.

    • By the time you’re ** years old, you’ve learned everything. You only have to remember it! Wishing you Many Happy Returns of your Birthday.
    • Old age is always ten years older than you are. So say cheers to life and have a Happy Birthday!
    • We are always the same age inside! Congratulations on your Birthday.
    • Sexy Quotes Text to Him or Her
    • To know how to grow old is the masterwork of wisdom. May you have many more special days!.
    • In this age, You have touched the lives of so many. May your birthday shine like your life.
    • It’s always nice to remember all the good times that we have spent together and I believe that today we are going to spend it even better.
    • We all are as old as we feel inside. I wish you to feel 18 years old tonight.
    • I heard you were middle-aged… as in, born in the Middle Ages. Happy Birthday, ye olde fate.
    • Very special day wishes to the man who probably can’t remember how old he is turning today.

    Happy birthday Old man funny

    • Happy birthday old man and save some air to blow off candles.
    • Best Birthday wishes to an old fart what at least you know I am still breathing hope you have an awesome day.
    • Some words of wisdom for your birthday smile while you still have teeth.
    • Happy bday and some you may be getting old but look on the Bright Side.
    • A little late-  I must confess but it doesn’t mean that I am so sorry for the small delete but I do hope you had an awesome day.
    • Happy Birthday to the new wrinkle on your face welcome to another set of grey hair on your head.
    • Age is just a number in your case a really high one.

    Birthday Wishes For Elderly People

    • Don’t get all weird about getting order folder our age is merely the number of here the world has been enjoying us.
    • Congratulation on being a year older and still maintaining such a low level of maturity you are truly an inspiration.
    • Your birthday reminds me of the old Chinese scholars young no mo.
    • Happy birthday to one of the few people I can actually tolerate on a daily basis.
    • Old enough to know better young enough to still duet happy birthday.
    • We have been friends for so long I can’t remember which one of us is the Bad Influence.
    • Your birthday is a painful reminder of how old I am getting.
    • My body knows how old I am but my mind refuses to believe it.
    • It’s your birthday I wish I could figure out how old you are but I hate long math Happy Birthday old man.
    • It’s your birthday I hope you are enjoying it.
    • You know you are getting old when you and your teeth no longer sleep together.
    • Never too old to party happy birthday.

    60+ Best Happy Birthday Male Friend Wishes and Quotes

    • Never too old to party happy birthday.
    • Men at 25 play football men at 40 played tennis men at 60 play golf have you noticed that as you get older your balls get smaller.
    • Some things just get better with age happy birthday and you are definitely one of them.
    • From a few feet away you don’t know as old as you really are.
    • Happy birthday you are a year older and older than you have ever been before but you are younger than
    • You will be this time next year and in fact younger than you will never be again.
    • For old women Happy Birthday to a girl who is smart good looking and funny just like me.
    • My dear friend remembers one thing in your life is gets better with wine so let’s party.
    • For old women Happy Birthday to a girl who is smart good looking and funny just like me.
    • Happy Birthday to a guy who cool and Classic in every way I hope you have the most awesome day.
    How to say happy bday to the old man
    • May you get as much praise and attention on your birthday as an average millennials field entitled to every day.
    • Better old and died happy birthday you. Muppet.
    • Even you are old a new chapter of life for you begins today to say goodbye to your past.
    • You are the man the old man but still the man.
    • 3 rules of getting older never pass a bathroom don’t waste a hard-on and never trust a fart.

    • Hey, I am not saying you are old I am just saying that if you were milk I had a smell you before I power you on my cereal.
      Remember how excited you were when you turned 5 years old you should be 10 times that excited.
    • Birthdays are good for your health studies has shown that people who have birthdays live the longest.
      Here is age to 21 years with 29 years of experience happy birthday.
    • Wrinkles should nearly indicate where Smiles have been.
    • When your skin is more dreams than YouTube Happy Birthday grandma.
    • You are older today than yesterday but younger than tomorrow.
    • It looks 50 years to look good.
    • There is absolutely no good reason to act your age.
    • We are not getting old we are just awesome.
    • You are not getting older you are increasing in value.
    • Hello yes, you the old one happy birthday.
    • Congratulation you are now one more year closer to being known as the dirty old man.
    • The cheer up old age doesn’t last that long.
    • Hey, bro doesn’t know what it’s a trap.
    • Old enough to know better young enough to still do.
    • Happy birthday with age comes wisdom.
    • Old enough to know better young enough to still do.
    • Don’t get all weird about getting older our age is nearly the number of here and the world has been enjoying in us.
    Grumpy old men birthday
    • I smell old people OH wait that you.
    • Happy Birthday to my old man from your old woman.
    • Happy Birthday to someone who deserves to be treasured. After all, fossils of your era are hard to find
    • Everything gets harder when you get older… except for your penis, of course. Happy Birthday, you old softy.
    • You know you are getting old when happy hour is a nap.
    • Relax, old man. You survived disco. You can survive another birthday.
    • Congratulations on the birthday of a good man. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you a calm and happy river of life at the banks of good and prosperity. Let each day comes to new success and new success, let the heart cheerful holidays and sincere laughter. I wish that the years will not be reflected in health, well-being, and state of mind, but remain only as numbers.
    • They say that with age comes wisdom. You must be the exception that proves the rule. Happy Birthday to an exceptional old guy
    • Years flee and run, and you remain the same old, confident, handsome man. You are an example for many, the embodiment of courage and strength. You have a lifetime behind you, which gave you invaluable
    • Experience. Today, on your birthday, I want to wish you good health, joy, longevity, and prosperity. Do not stand still, continue to enjoy life and then you will definitely become the happiest.

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    Amzing Happy Birthday Old Man wishes and quotes to wish your dearest person to show love and respect and let them know age is just a number!.

    birthday wishes for old man
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