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Best wishes quotes for ex girlfriend
September 17, 2018 Wedding Anniversary Wishes 3 comments

birthday messages, wishes, and quotes for ex-girlfriends and ex-boyfriends. I have no regrets about our past and wish you all the best moving forward.

An ex girlfriend is someone with whom one was in a relationship before. The New Year wishes to the ex girlfriend can be sent through text messages or through cards for her to convey the New Year greetings for her. It would make her feel good and cared about.

Following are lovely samples of New Year messages 2017 for the ex girlfriend to send to her:

1). Though we have parted ways in life but I still pray to God for your brighter future…. I really wish that the coming year come with more reasons for you to smile, more happiness and more love… May you are blessed with someone better than mew…. Happy New Year to you.

2). Our relationship ended and probably it is for the good of both of us… but I still want to wish you a wonderful and successful Happy New Year… May you enjoy the coming year with smile of your face and happiness in your heart…. May you are happy with the man in your life… Happy New Year.

3). Wishing you a warm and wonderful Happy New Year 2017. May you are blessed with a life full of new opportunities, happiness and prosperity and have an amazing year ahead.

4). Let us pray that the year of 2017 brighten our lives with new energies. Let us pray for blessings of Almighty. Sending you lovely best New Year 2017 wishes to you for beautiful time ahead.

5). To my ex girlfriend, I wish you a happy new year. I hope this New Year be the best amongst many you have lived by and give you lots of happiness in your life.

6). For my sweet ex girlfriend, happy New Year wishes for you with love. I wish the New Year beginning brings lots of happiness throughout the days and make you feel good all the time.

7). To my cute ex girlfriend, lovely happy New Year wishes for you. Let this New Year be a love filled one and you get the one you love with you always by your side.

8). Dearest ex girlfriend, I wish you a happy new year through this text. I hope you have a joyous celebration of welcoming the New Year with love and happiness.

9). To my dear ex girlfriend, lovely happy New Year wishes for you sent with love. I pray to the Lord to shower His choicest blessings into your life to make it merrier and joyful.

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I wrote following text to my ex-girlfriend the day before her marriage (but I never delivered it to her) Hey So just send her a greeting and wish her all the best.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Your Ex-Girlfriend or Ex-Boyfriend

best wishes quotes for ex girlfriend

Indubitably, some ex-girlfriends, no matter how sour the relationship ended, deserve a message of goodwill on their birthday, at least for the awesome memories they left us.

In light of this, here are some nice wishes and poems that you can send to your old flame on her birthday. All the best with it!

Birthday Quotes for your Ex-Girlfriend

  • Today, may the air be filled with peace, joy, love, and happiness all for your sake. It’s a special day for you, and I’m happy to share in it.
  • My dear, you occupy a very special place in my heart, and that is why even though I can no longer be there for you as a lover, I promise to be always there for you as your best friend. Happy anniversary.
  • Your pulchritude was surpassed only by your wit and amazing companionship. It’s rather unfortunate we had to go our separate ways. Happy birthday, nonetheless!
  • We parted ways because we didn’t meet eye to eye on certain issues. Notwithstanding, you were a woman of substance and great depth. Enjoy your birthday!
  • Seeing you thrive even after our separation is testament to how strong and phenomenal you are. I pray for blessings and bliss for you.
  • Not even the demise of our relationship can erase those beautiful memories we made together. Boy, was I so wrong to let you go. Enjoy today to its fullest.
  • I still can’t get over the fact that the warm, loving, bubbly lady I knew is no longer with me. However, I take consolation in the fact that the decision to split was in our best interests.
  • You were an amazing teacher who helped me to manage my excesses and harness my strengths. Long may you continue to teach. Enjoy this blessed day to the max!
  • My dear ex-girlfriend, I regret letting you go. If I could reverse time, I’d start all over with you and treat you like the queen that you really are.
  • We may have plans of our own but God’s plans for us always prevail. In retrospect, our relationship was not preordained. But, today, I want to thank you for the ride, and wish you a happy birthday!
  • We may be separated, but I still have a part of you in my life that I’ll forever cherish. And that’s something I will never let go. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays!
  • If someone told me we would separate I wouldn’t have believed them because the love we shared was truly special. I’m so sorry that I messed everything up.
  • I might have lacked the courage and will to make our relationship work, but I’ll do everything I can to make our friendship last until the end of time. Enjoy your day to the max!
  • I pray that this year will be one of progress, transformation, cheer, and self-reflection because you gave me all of those and made me a better man.
  • A day never passes when I don’t reminisce our late night chats and cuddle sessions. I miss you. Enjoy your day.
  • You left a void that I struggle to fill to this day. I still love you, and hope that you’ll find a partner who will treat you way better than I did. Have a blast!
  • My dear, you were my first love, who stood by me through thick and thin. I don’t think I would ever find someone as special as you to fill the void in my soul.
  • Since you left, I spend every moment of my life finding it hard to believe how foolish I was to let a blessing as marvelous as you walk right out of my life. You were my greatest blessing from above. Happy anniversary.
  • My dear, our romantic relationship might have died, but our friendship will last forever.

Birthday Poems for your Ex-Girlfriend

  • You were an amazing friend and lover
    Your loving heart made me the happiest man alive
    Yet I never took a moment to appreciate you
    I thought your love was something I didn’t need to survive
    How wrong I was
    Your love was indeed a priceless blessing to me
    Happy birthday, my dear


  • Woman, you are all things good and wonderful
    You are all things beautiful and joyful
    You brought happiness into my life
    Yet I could never make you my wife
    I don’t blame you for leaving me behind
    I was so foolish and blind
    Never again will I take true love for granted
    Happy birthday to you


  • Ships are prepared for battle
    Trinkets are given to the little
    Treatments are given to the feeble
    But love, and only true love, is given to the wonderful
    A truly wonderful woman you are
    Happy anniversary to you


  • You were a comforter in my times of sorrow
    With you, I always felt optimistic about tomorrow
    I was a sweet companion to you in times of loneliness
    With me, there was no room in your heart for sadness
    You were a bastion of hope to me in times of despair
    I was a rock of inspiration to you in times of hopelessness
    Together, we were indeed a phenomenal pair
    Happy birthday


  • Great is her aura
    The sun bows to it
    The moon gives way to its might
    The waters calm at its presence
    And the beasts of the field are tamed by its unifying factor
    Many are the men who yearn to taste of it
    But only the truly blessed get to experience it
    Oh how foolish I was to abandon it, for it was my very source of happiness
    Happy birthday to you


  • Her name is woman
    She complements and makes whole a man
    From her comes man yet she comes from man
    Her words are sweeter than honey, and her counsel, better than wine
    Her pulchritude can launch two thousand ships
    While her tongue can destroy ten thousand more
    She gives womanhood and motherhood meaning
    And makes life worthwhile
    Happy birthday


  • For my happiness, you spent your last cent
    Yet I turned into a serpent
    And caused you to cry
    If you take me in again, I promise I will repent
    And make your tears dry
    I promise I will treat you right
    And let you stay in my heart without paying any rent
    I will cling to you with all my might
    If you give me one more chance
    Happy anniversary

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Missing You Messages For Ex-Girlfriend

best wishes quotes for ex girlfriend

We'll always be friends, my dear ex

Wishing you a very happy birthday today!
You may be an ex-girlfriend, but you’re
certainly not an ex-friend.

As long as we’ve known each other we’ve
always had a really special friendship, and
I’m so glad that just because our romantic
relationship didn't work out, it hasn’t
affected our friendship.

I hope that you’re always happy and
that you enjoy your special day today!

All the very best, my dear!

Once a girlfriend, now just a great friend

To a special person that I once called
my girlfriend, but now just a great friend,
I want to wish you a very happy birthday!

I know that when most relationships end
so does the friendship, but I’m so glad
that we’ve still remained friends.

We went our separate ways for various
reasons, but I have only great memories
of the time we spent together. Those
memories will always remain dear in my
heart as it was a significant part of my life.

I hope you enjoy your special day, and
that you always find happiness!
Happy birthday!

I still miss you immensely

Happy birthday, my beloved ex!

I still miss you immensely, but when I start
missing you I just remind myself of the
great memories we made together and
think about how lucky I was to have you in
my life, however brief it might’ve been.

Have a truly lovely day, my dear!
And remember to always be happy,
as you deserve it!

You found someone even better than me

Wishing a happy birthday to a dear friend and past girlfriend!

Things between us didn’t work out romantically, but that was probably for the best as you’ve since found someone even better than me, which I never thought would be possible!

Have a great birthday, and I hope that you are forever happy!

Happy birthday to an ex so great

Happy birthday to an ex so great,
who I still consider a great mate!

Our relationship may have gone 
in a different direction, but I feel 
so lucky to still have you in my 
life as a brilliant friend!

Wishing you a ton of happiness 
today on your special day, and 
all the very best for the many 
years yet to come, my dear!

I have forgotten all of the bad, my dear ex

My dear ex, I have forgotten all of the bad
from our past, but I still haven’t forgotten
your birthday!

Have a truly wonderful day, and I wish
you the very best in life. You’re a beautiful
person, inside and out, who deserves
only happiness.

Happy birthday!

Something I thought I'd never do

I never thought I’d be wishing you a happy birthday as an ex!

There was a time when I truly thought that we would be together forever!

But such is life, we went our separate ways, and all I want is for you to find true happiness in whatever you do!

There’s no hard feelings on my side, only gratitude for the amazing times we had together. Thank you for all of the happy memories we created!

Wishing you a lifetime filled with greatness and joy, and hoping that you have a truly happy birthday this year, my dear!

All good things must come to an end

Happy birthday to someone very
significant who played a very
important role in my life!
Out of all my exes, you were
definitely my favourite!

But in all seriousness, I am truly
thankful for the time we spent
together and the memories we made.

They say all good things must come
to an end, and I guess that’s true as
had we never broken up it would
then also mean that we never would
have met in the first place.

Have a wonderful birthday and
I wish you but eternal joy!

Happy birthday ex-girlfriend, I still thank the Lord that He made it a Today is a good day to celebrate the day of your birth my dear ex so go out.

Warm Birthday Wishes for your Ex-Girlfriend

best wishes quotes for ex girlfriend

New Year 2020 Happy Wishes, Happy New Year Wishes, Lovely New Year Wishes.

New Year 2020 Happy Wishes, Happy New Year Wishes, Lovely New Year Wishes. New Year is on its way. We all have positive and negative experiences in our past year. So here we have collected some Happy New Year Wishes, Happy New Year Wishes, Lovely New Year Wishes with which you can express yourself among your friends, relatives,friends and others. Hope you will like this collection. Please share and spread happiness.


New Year 2020 Happy Wishes

Let us celebrate this exciting, colorful, grand, magical New Year 2020 with a great big smile.

Wishing you a year full of happiness and prosperity. May this year give you the opportunity to follow your dreams, love like there is no tomorrow and smile unconditionally. Happy New Year 2020 Love Quotes !

As we celebrate the New Year 2020, I wish everyone success, a healthy long life and a fresh new start. Happy New Year 2020 !

We are lucky that we get to have a second chance, so be grateful and live life to the fullest. Have a joyous New Year 2020!

Let us be a better human being, a better person and a better citizen. New Year’s is a time to better ourselves for a better world. What Is Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Wishes

Wishing all my Facebook friends and family a blessed New Year full of peace, laughter, prosperity and health.

May you always be surrounded by hope and guided by the stars. Have a prosperous New Year!

It’s not the destination, it’s the journey. May you enjoy each day of your adventure. Happy New Year!

We may be far apart but you are always in my heart. May you have a healthy and abundant New Year!

Cheers to a better life and a bright future. Have a prosperous New Year!

Free yourself from Happiness and frown for the New Year has finally come to town. Have a happy and healthy New Year!

May all your wishes come true and a very happy New Year to you!

Roses are red, violets are blue, it’s party time, happy New Year to you! Have a fantastic New Year!

Have a crazy, rocking, exciting and magical New Year!

Lovely New Year Wishes

New love, new do, new purse, new adventures, new you. May the coming year be a great success for you. Lovely New Year Wishes

May the Lord bless and shower you with a great future. Happy New Year! Lovely New Year Wishes

365 days complete, 365 new days to go, I am writing a New Year’s resolution, how about you? May you have a wonderful New Year! Lovely New Year Wishes

Here’s your chance to turn over a new leaf. May you have a successful journey ahead. Happy New Year! Lovely New Year Wishes

Make your New Year a blast of fun, full of cheer and warm greetings for everyone. Have a healthy New Year! Lovely New Year Wishes

Cheers to a new year and a fond farewell to the old. May you have a prosperous and healthy New Year! Lovely New Year Wishes

Wishing you a year that’s promising, exciting, inspiring and full of fun! Happy New Year everyone! Lovely New Year Wishes

May the new chapter of your life be even better than the last. Have a wonderful New Year! Lovely New Year Wishes

New Year 2020 Happy Wishes For Girlfriend

Wishing you healthy, peaceful and joyful New Year full of fun!

May you accomplish your goals for this New Year. I know you can do it. Best wishes for New Years.

New Year is a time to celebrate with friends and family, to have fun, to catch up and to party. So may you enjoy your New Year with your loved ones.

May you have an abundant and amazing New Year ahead of you and may all your dreams come true. Have a fantastic New Year!

I wish you a New Year that as colorful as a firework and as fun as bounce house. Happy a fun-filled New Year!

Wishing you a New Year that’s sparkling with fun and in high spirits. Have a wonderful New Year!

May your New Year arrive with hope and a bag full of blessings. Have a prosperous and healthy New Year!

The newness of this year inspires me to greet you, for all great things have begun anew. Best New Year wishes!

New Year 2020 Happy Wishes For Couples

May this New Year give you the courage to face a new horizon. Have a blessed New Year!

When the New Year starts with colorful fireworks, let them light up your life like a candle in the night and may they color your year like a rainbow. Happy New Year!

Make your New Year a blast of fun, celebrate it with everyone. I wish you all the best that life can bring, it’s New Year Eve lets party and sing!

May opportunity and prosperity come knocking on your door. Have a prosperous and healthy New Year!

May the spirit of this holiday bring you hope and an exciting new beginning. Happy New Year!

All the stars wish you a happy New Year, even the moon is brighter to guide you, have no fear. Happy New Year!

May each day of the New Year be filled with contentment, opportunities, peace and abundance. Happy New Year!

May you have no regrets leaving the old and may you get excited facing the new. Wishing you all the best in the New Year.

Party hard, celebrate and make a New Year’s wish. Have a healthy and prosperous New Year!

New Year 2020 Happy Wishes & Sayings

Tomorrow will be the new beginning of an exciting new page in our lives. Celebrate and rejoice! I wish you happiness in the year to come.

This coming year may you have happiness, good health, prosperity and finally realize how awesome I really am!

Before I get completely wasted, make a fool of myself, stumble my way home and pass out, let me wish you a very happy New Year! Happy New Year Wishes

May your New Year’s resolution be high definition. And may you be too drunk to understand that joke! Happy New Year Wishes

To all of my Facebook friends, may your Facebook page be full of New Year wishes from people you barely know! Happy New Year Wishes

New Year 2020 Top Happy Wishes

May the New Year hurry up and come so we can finally get past this holiday season and get on with our lives!

New Year’s resolutions are a to-do list for the first week of January.

My New Year’s resolution is to be a little less perfect so I can stop making everyone else look so bad.

May you grow old enough that you struggle to stay up until midnight, prefer to stay home on New Year’s Eve and are unable to remember what a New Year celebration was like when you were young.

My New Year’s resolution is to stop pretending that you don’t annoy me so much.

Happy New Year! Here’s hoping that we can stay up later than 9 o’clock.

I can’t believe it’s already been a whole year since I deceived myself into making New Year’s resolutions.

Happy New Year Wishes 2020 For Relationship

May you get so drunk that you can’t remember any of last year’s problems and you see the New Year through beer goggles.

“New Year’s Day: Now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions. Next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual.” – Mark Twain

“An optimist stays up until midnight to see the New Year in. A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves.” – Bill Vaughan

“May all your troubles last as long as your New Year’s resolutions. – Joey Adams

New Year 2020 Happy Wishes For Friends

One thing I resolve not to change this year is our friendship. Thanks for being so awesome!

To all of my friends, may you have a healthy, happy, prosperous and spectacular New Year!

Your friendship has been one of the most valuable things in my life this past year. Thank you for everything.

Friends like you bring happiness all throughout the year. Have an excellent New Year!

The New Year goes perfectly with old friends like you.

My friend, may every day of the New Year radiate with joy and glow with prosperity and joy for you.

With friends like you, I don’t need New Year’s resolutions because I’ve already got a terrific life. Thanks for all you do.

Happy New Year friend! Now let’s party!

New Year 2020 Lovely Wishes For Family

New Year’s is a time of renewal and rejuvenation. May this year bring you all that you hope and desire. If anyone deserves it, it is you my friend.

Just as a flower buds and blooms to reveal its refreshing beauty and fresh scent, may the New Year bring with it a fresh new start and many beautiful things for you.

You are my best friend and there is nobody that I more sincerely wish for all the blessings of life to come to this new year than you. Thanks for being you.

A true friend is someone who doesn’t laugh at you for not keeping your New Year’s resolutions. Thanks for being a true friend to me. Best New Year wishes!

Happy New Year wishes to all of my friends. Thanks for all you did to make this past year a happy one.

Thank you for everything you’ve done for me this past year. I couldn’t have asked for a better friend to be by my side throughout it all.

May the spirit of the season fill your heart with serenity and peace. Happy New Year my friend.

New Year 2020 Happy Wishes For Ex Girlfriend

Thank you for all the love you’ve given me this year, thank you for giving me so much to be grateful for.

We may not be perfect, but we are family, and there is nobody that I more sincerely wish to have a truly happy New Year.

May this year bring you more visits from me, more food to make for me and less arguments from me!

Happy New Year Mom and Dad. Thanks for all that you do for me.

Happy New Year my sister. I couldn’t ask for a better sibling. May we both live to see many more New Years.

Happy New Year brother. May this year bring you much prosperity, love and joy.

Happy New Year my child. I am so proud of you and all that you have accomplished this past year.

I can’t wait to ring in the New Year with all of you. I am so lucky to have such a great family.

New Year 2020 Happy Wishes For Ex Boyfriend

Sorry we aren’t celebrating the New Year together, but family is always connected even when far away.

May God bless our family and protect us throughout the entire new year. May we forgive and forget all past mistakes and deepen our family bonds.

Wishing all of you a year filled with cheer and love. Happy New Year my wonderful family!

The New Year has brought another opportunity for us to set things right and to start anew in our lives.

Dad, thanks for all that you do and all that you’ve done to set me off on the road of life. Much of the credit for my victories this year goes to you.

Mom, I just wanted to say Happy New Year to you and let you know that I truly do appreciate every little thing that you have done for me.

Wishing you a prosperous year full of good health and lots of cheer.

Happy New Year 2020 Wishes for Lovers and Partners

My gift of unconditional love I give to you, with sincerity, blessings and loyalty too. Have a wonderful New Year my darling!

You are my life, you are my world, you are my everything. Happy New Year dear.

You are the center of my universe, the soul to my body and the love of my life. Happy New Year my love!

True happiness is you, true meaning is you, and true love is you. Happy New Year darling!

Years will come and years will go, but our love for each other will only strengthen and grow.

May you and I grow old together, celebrating each New Year with our arms wrapped around each other, with love that will deepen with each passing year.

I only have one New Year’s resolution: to make you feel like a queen for all 365 days.

The New Year will come and go but I am just happy to spend each day with you. Happy New Year my love!

Thank you for the best ride ever. May the New Year bring us closer and give us more exciting adventures together.

I am so blessed in many ways but I am grateful to be celebrating the New Year with you. I love you!

I look forward to the New Year because I get to share it with you.

New Year 2020 Poem Wishes

I love you so very much and when I hold you near, I know I have all I need for a wonderful New Year.

My New Year is such a blast and a blessing because of you. I love you!

You are my dream come true, oh it’s so true! I’ll have the best New Year because of you.

There is nobody I would rather have by my side this New Year than you. May we celebrate many more together.

Thanks for making this past year the best one yet. Happy New Year my love.

I can’t believe that I get to spend this New Year with the most beautiful, breath-taking person in the whole world.

If I kiss you at midnight on New Year’s Eve every year for the rest of my life, then I will be truly happy.

I love you with all of my heart and soul and I resolve to love you more and more each and every year.

A celebration just isn’t joyful if you’re not by my side. Happy New Year love, I can’t wait to see you again.

You make my heart beat like a firework. Happy New Year my love!

I will never get tired of loving you, from January through December, and as the New Year arrives, my love for you will keep on growing.

New Year Happy Text/ SMS Wishes

Even though we are not together for this New Year, you are in my heart and I wish you all the best.

I miss you more than ever right now. At this moment, when one year kisses another, I wish I was kissing you.

May your New Year be one of renewal, success, love and a cell phone battery that never runs out!

Happy New Year! Sorry for the text, but someone as important as you deserves to be greeted right at the stroke of midnight.

Happy New Year my friend. May this year be one of prosperity and joy for you and I hope we get a chance to meet up in 2020.

Happy 2020! Can you believe we still use text messages in this day and age?

You’re lucky these New Year greetings are coming to you through a phone because otherwise you’d be getting one heck of a kiss!

Forgive me for all my past mistakes. May this New Year bring us both a fresh new start. Best wishes for the new year!

Sorry to send New Years greetings through a text message, but I figured email was too impersonal!

May you have a healthy and happy New Year and may you experience a new year as often as there’s a new iPhone!

Happy New Year Wish Sayings

New Year, new you, new resolution, new change, new beginning, new opportunities. Happy New Year to you!

May you have a year filled with smiles, love, luck and prosperity. This is my wish from me to you. Happy New Year!

Celebrate a new beginning with true friends and family, full of love and harmony. Have a wonderful New Year!

May the light of the fireworks give you hope and may the wishes from friends and family bring about a smile on your face. Have an exciting New Year!

A future of love, hope, health and happiness I wish to you. Happy New Year!

May God’s love shine and bless you this year. Have a blessed New Year!

As we bid farewell to the past, may it take all our pain and sorrows with it and may the New Year arrive with an arm open wide and full of blessings and joy. Happy New Years Eve!

May we never think about sorrows and only contemplate on a brighter, merrier tomorrow. Have a healthy and bright New Year!

Wishing you a warm and heartfelt greeting for you and your family, full of love, hope and serenity. Have a fantastic New Year!

Say goodnight to the old year and say hello and greet the New Year with open arms. Happy New Year!

New Year’s is for renew, New Year’s is for hope, New Year’s is for peace and plenty, New Year’s is for you!

A sparkling brand new year lies ahead, a better and abundant new life that you will lead. Happy New Year!

New Year 2020 Top Happy Wishes

May you have a victorious and prosperous New Year!

Say hello to a New Year, new you and new blessings. Have a prosperous and healthy New Year!

Cheers to a life so blessed, toast to an exciting new quest, and I wish you all the best. Happy New Year!

The best thing about the New Year is having the feeling of a renewed hope. The chance to get it right and to enjoy the journey. Have a successful New Year!

Happy New Year to you, and may all your heart’s desires come true!

It is the time for fun and party, it is the time to reflect and be grateful, so celebrate and be cheerful. Happy New Year!

May you give yourself a new chance and a new beginning because New Year’s means celebrating. Happy New Year to you!

Another year has passed, another year is coming, so grab it, enjoy it and have a blast. Have a wonderful New Year!

May blessings and hope abound for you and your family this year. Have a prosperous and healthy New Year!

The New Year is a new start, so, ready set and go, make it memorable and live your life to the fullest. Best wishes for the new year!

A big smile, a big hug, a warm welcome for the New Year has come. Happy New Year wishes to you!

New Year’s come again to give us new hope and inspiration to be better people and better human beings. Have a successful New Year!

May this New Year bring you success in whatever you do, and I’ll always be behind supporting and cheering for you. Best New Year wishes!

I pray for you a healthy and long life and wish for you all the best this New Year. Have a wonderful New Year!

I didn’t know what to write in a New Year card, so I’ll just wish you a healthy and prosperous New Year!

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If you are still on good terms with your former girlfriend, then we don't see why anything should stop you from wishing her Wishing a happy birthday to my ex- girlfriend. . Breakup Quotes | Messages to Send When It's Over.

best wishes quotes for ex girlfriend
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