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Wonderful birthday wishes images
February 21, 2019 Anniversary Wishes 5 comments

Do you want to wish your cousin happy birthday uniquely and especially? Read these Happy Birthday Cousin Wishes, Images, Quotes.

Your lover’s birthday is not complete when you haven’t sent them a romantic Happy birthday Love Messages. And it is perfect when you send the birthday wishes with romantic happy birthday pictures. That is why we have collected the best 50 Happy Birthday Wishes and Images for lovers all around the world.

Happy Birthday Wishes and Images are the perfect gifts to give to your lover before any other gift, these happy birthday wishes and images are perfect for girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife and best friends.

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Cute Happy Birthday Wishes And Images For Lovers

1. Wishes they say is from the heart, as our heart are united together that make it one. Your birthday will always be the best day I will never forget for your heart is mine and mine is yours, happy birthday to the one special person I cherish the most in my life.

Happy birthday romantic letter images – Happy Birthday Wishes And Images

2. As a friend who cares so much about me, I want you to use this as my immense love to make this birthday a memorable one and to make it unique in our own way. I wont let you go because I adore you so much. Happy birthday my angel.

colourful happy birthday pictures messages – Happy Birthday Wishes And Images

3. Wishing you your day cant be enough because you are as pure as a honey, may this day bring all the good things life can afford, I cherish you my dear. Happy birthday to the most beautiful princess of her kind.

Happy birthday balloon images

Romantic Happy Birthday Images For Her

4. Birthday wishes come and go, but true friendship remain. I adore every bit of our relationship, happy birthday to the one true companion.

Happy birthday candle images

5. Wishing you this day you this day and always, as the one true love of my I cherish you with all my heart, I love you with all my heart. happy birthday my love.

cute happy birthday love messages pictures – Happy Birthday Wishes And Images HD

6. There comes once in a life the you feel as if you were reborn again, today mark that special day that you need special person who will treat you specially. I adore you my love. Happy birthday to my honey bunny.

7. Happiness is what makes you unique, as you mark this great day, it shall be the beginning of a great opportunity and favors will come your way. Happy birthday to the love of my life.

8. When I think that the special day in once life is the day we met, but I realize that birthday are the most special day in our life. I wish you the very best in life my one true love. Happy birthday.

I love you happy birthday photos

9. Today is your day I want you to ask me what so ever you need I will do it for you, I am ready to give you a special treat as you celebrate your birthday, have fun my sweetheart and enjoy your day. Cheers.

Cute and Funny Happy Birthday Images for Best Friend

10. You are indeed a true friend, because you are always there for me, encouraging, supporting me, a good listener and most of all my one true love. Happy birthday my joy.

Happy birthday images for her

11. Thinking of you on your birthday, and wishing you all the best, I want to give you a very special gift as fantastic as your self. You deserve nothing but the best, happy birthday my queen.

12. My birthday wish for you is that you continue to love life and never stop fulfilling your dreams, may happiness surround you, and may your life be beautiful as yourself. Happy birthday my princess.

13. Life is an adventure, birthdays are wishing that come true, love is what is the most sacred thing and most special in life. I love you so much my queen. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday celebration pictures HD – Happy Birthday Wishes And Images

14. Words alone are not enough to express how happy I am that you are celebrating another year of your life , my wish is that you should always be happy and health because health is wealth. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Images Free Download

15. Another year come and now I want to assure you that you can always count on me for what so ever you need, happy birthday my queen.

Happy birthday to you gifts images – Happy Birthday Wishes And Images

16. Queen and princess are made on this day you were born, as you mark your birthday I wish you all the good thing in life and I give you my heart, thank you for loving me my precious. Happy birthday.

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17. As the year increases so as you are more intelligent, beautiful, wiser, the most hottest queen of my heart, and more emotional and most of all more lovable. Happy birthday my cutie pie.

18. Birthday wishes you will say are normal, but my love will have to say it all. I want you to increase every thng you are doing, because your age has increased, I love you just the way you are. Happy birthday my happiness.

Sweet happy birthday images gifts

19. Blowing out another candle means that you have lived another year, make every day of your life count and every candle you burn count. Have a blissful and wonderful birthday.

20. Happy birthday, wishing you a wonderful year ahead. on your birthday you deserve a national holiday on your day, because you are so special my national treasure.

21. May your birthday and every day be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles, the sound of laughter, the feeling of love and the sharing of good. Cheers, its your day my sweetheart.

Romantic Happy Birthday I Love You Photos

special happy birthday cake HD images – Happy Birthday Wishes And Images

22. I want you to have a wonderful day and that the year ahead is filled with much love, many wonderful surprises and gives you lasting memories that you will cherish in all the days ahead. happy birthday.

23. May your birthday be filled with many happiness and your life be multiple with many happy birthday cake. My princess, its your birthday, enjoy it.

24. If you can count your true friends, and now who really cares about you, but on the other hand you can’t count the candles on your birthday cake, happy birthday my heartthrob.

25. On this special day, I wish you all the very best, all the joy you can have and may you be blessed abundantly today and always, may you have a fantastic birthday and many more to come. Happy birthday my darling.

Lovely happy birthday images quotes

26. The sun is shining more brightly today as a way to wish my ever lasting flame a fabulous and unique birthday to my queen.

27. Being that today is a special day in your life, I wouldn’t just send you birthday wishes but I am also sending you a day when all your dreams come true and a year that means the most to you. happy birthday my joy.

Happy Birthday Love Messages For Her With Pics

28. The day you were brought into this world with the blessing and inspiration to people around you, you are a wonderful person. May you celebrate many of this day my joy, happy birthday my love.

29. Good things happen to good people, you are so special and your birthday is a sign that you are indeed special. Happy birthday my special.

romantic happy birthday roses pictures

30. I wish for all of your dreams to come true as you walk on the right path. I want to wish you all the good favor in your ;life my dear. Happy birthday to the most wonderful person on earth.

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31. Birthdays are a new start, a fresh beginning and a time to pursue new endeavors with new goals. A time to move ahead with confidence and courage, may today and always be amazing. Happy birthday to you my dear.

32. When you always have an important person in your you don’t want to miss out any thing that is happening in that persons life, as you celebrate your birthday I wish you happiness and all the benefit that comes with this beautiful day that is filled with joy, blessing and endless possibility. Happy birthday.

Beautiful Happy Birthday Gift Images and Quotes

33. Forget the past and look forward to the future, because the best is yet to come. Happy birthday the queen of my life.

cute happy birthday gifts images – Happy Birthday Wishes And Images

34. As day passes by so also time flies today marks another birthday of your, I want you to be happy for this day was when you cry and laugh at the time. Congratulation on your birthday my honey.

35. Feeling always lead someone to the path that brings gland tiding as you mark another year so you shall continue to succeed and all you do. Happy birthday to you my one and only friend.

36. At a moment I thought you were going to say I don’t love you but now I know I have a huge debt by not wishing you well on your birthday. Now I am wishing you good health, good news will always come your way, and most all your love story will change. Happy birthday to the most wonderful person on earth.

37. Happy birthday to my prince charming, you so special and most intelligent person I have ever seen, I adore you so much that I cant wait but to wish you well on your birthday. Cheers is your day.

38. Happy birthday to the one person my heart yell for, be happy and enjoy your day to the fullest . I admire you more.

Sweetest Happy Birthday Love Messages For Him & Her

39. Count your age and not the wrinkles you have, count the blessing and all the wonderful experience you had. And never look down on yourself, I appreciate you for who you are. Happy birthday.

40. Take a day off to celebrate your birthday, do you know how special you are to me please just come and let me spoil you for today and don’t do anything cause you are special. An angel sent from heaven, happy birthday to my angel.

41. Hurry it another year, you are a year older and you haven’t changed a bit, that’s great because you are perfect just the way you are. Happy birthday to you my love.

42. My love, your birthday is the most important day in my life because your heart is mine and mine is yours, so your birthday is mine so take good care of me and let enjoy this day together. Happy birthday my love.

Happy Birthday Wishes my Angel with Pictures

Happy birthday angel images

43. Happy birthday to you my love, and am sending you some beautiful roses and kisses to ease you day and make it fabulous. Hurry it your, to birthday my queen.

44. Let the number of years you Have lived not be a reminder of how old you are, but a medal of everything you have been through in life. happy birthday.

45. Birthdays are the most special day of our lives and we seem to forget how important and treasured this day is. Love today I want you to have all the good things in life hurry it your day. Happy birthday my love.

Happy Birthday Wishes For Husband and Wife

46. I have a wish for you, that all your heart desires should come true and that we should be united together forever. Happy birthday to the great love of my life.

47. Today mark the first day of your life, I wish that you should have the best of everything and I wish you to have all the love you need to fight for whom you love. Happy birthday my heart desire.

48. What ever you may do on your birthday, I want you to know that I will always think about you on your birthday my love. Enjoy your day my queen.

49. I want you no matter what you should be happy that you have witness yet another birthday, this day bring good news and filled with love. Happy birthday.

50. I know I am looking forward to next year because we will get to spend it together, but now that we are apart I want to enjoy your day to maximum satisfaction. I want all the good things should always come your way and happiness should be your major goal. Happy birthday to the most beautiful queen of my heart.


More From I Love Messages



More From I Love Messages


On this page, we present you a wide range of cute and sweet happy birthday wishes for sister with images, which are very diverse, so you won't find two similar .

150+ best birthday wishes and messages

wonderful birthday wishes images

“If you age with somebody, you go through so many roles – you’re lovers, friends, enemies, colleagues, strangers; you’re brother and sister. That’s what intimacy if you’re with your soulmate.” – Cate Blanchett

A birthday anniversary comes only once in a year (except if it’s the 29th of February). That’s why you should make it truly colorful and memorable each time you’re lucky to celebrate it. If you have a girlfriend or wife, this is the best time to surprise her and make her feel special. Apart from giving happy birthday wishes for , do something unique for her. This article will give you inspirations and ideas you can use to surprise your girl on her birthday. Plus lots of images containing happy birthday wishes for .

Happy Birthday Wishes Images

Birthdays are the most celebrated days in a year. Ideas on how to best plan the celebrations are being passed around and can be easily found online. One way is through sending happy birthday wishes superimposed on attractive images. Like the ones, we have listed here in this article.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Lover

A lover deserves special happy birthday wishes. They are one of the most important people in your life at the moment.

Your love sets my heart ablaze. Not even all the water of all the oceans on Earth can quench the fire in my heart for you. I love you. Happy birthday.

Your loving heart and soul are the most important things for me. On this special day, I want to kiss and hug you with all my tenderness. I’m so thankful to you, let’s be together for whole life.

Happy birthday to a special person who is bringing so much joy to my heart.

Birthday Wishes for my Love

You can love a person not only as a lover but also as a family or as friend. Send them birthday wishes full of the sweetness of your love.

I am so glad that you are the one that my heart loves unconditionally. You will forever mean the world to me because you are my life and paradise. Happy birthday.

With each birthday you have, I love you more and more. Best Bday!

I wish your birthday is as beautiful and full of love as you are. You deserve only the best, and I wish that for you Best wishes my love.

Happy Birthday Wishes to my Lover

These birthday wishes are perfect for telling your lover you’re affectionately thinking about them on that special day.

Because you are the gift in my life. On this birthday of yours, I give you my gift of love.

Looking into your eyes takes me into a world a thousand times happier than paradise. Here’s to a fabulous future together. Happy birthday.

You are the best thing that has happened in my life, and I wish you have an awesome birthday. You deserve it my love, and I will make sure your dreams come true.

Birthday Wishes for Loved Ones

The love between you makes that person significant, send these memorable birthday wishes to make their special day momentous.

May happiness come to you with the spring flutter of bird voices, they sing about love. Let joy fills your heart, and love inspires you. It is happiness to love you. Happy birthday.

When I present you with a birthday card next year, I hope to be doing so from a hand with an engagement ring on it!

I have never met a person who is as sweet as you are. On this day, we celebrate your sweetness by eating a sweet cake and drinking some sweet wine.

Happy Birthday my Love Quotes

Inspire them with these happy birthday love quotes on their special day…. For more options, visit 161+ Happy Birthday Quotes Wishes and Messages.

While everybody’s days begin with the rising of the sun, mine begins with your smile. Happy birthday, my hero!

I love you so much more every day. You just can’t imagine how happy I am when I’m with you. Happy Bday!

Today is your special day. Let me be your genie. Every wish you make, I will fulfill it. Happy Birthday my love.

Birthday Message to my Love

Be the reason for somebody’s happiness on the anniversary of the day they were born into this world.

I just want to say how grateful I am to have you in my life. Best birthday to you and thank you for always being there for me. I love you so much!

For me, there is nothing better in this life than sharing this special day with you, the love of my life. I love you, happy birthday!

You are the gift in my life, and on your special day, I give you the gift of my love. Take it with open arms, and embrace my hug.

Best Birthday Wishes for Lover

As lovers you have something remarkable between you and your lover, highlight those with these noteworthy birthday wishes that are best for lovers.

Today is truly a unique day because the most precious boyfriend in the entire universe is celebrating the day he made his grand entry into the world. Have fun, my prince!

I can shower you with gifts for your birthday, but I already know you have the best one in the world – me.

You make my life worth living. Bring to my face, and your touch shows me how much you love me and care for me. You’re my friend, and my lover. Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday I Love You Wishes

Say I love you in uniques ways with these charming happy birthday wishes.

The easiest thing for me to do is to stay in love with you. I love you, best birthday!

It is not being in love that gives me happiness, but it is being in love with YOU. Happy birthday!

You are the reason I smile every day. Our passion will never go away, and or love will shine brightest on this special day. I love you.

Happy Birthday to the Love of my Life

The love of your life you hold on an ideal pedestal, tell that special person happy birthday with one of these marvelous birthday quotes.

My love for you increases every time I look at you. It will never fade or end because it is infinite. Happy birthday.

Best bday, my ray of sunshine! You certainly light up my life just like a thousand suns. I love you!

I am the luckiest person on Earth because I have the most wonderful person by my side. Thank you for being my rock, Happy Birthday my sweet pie.

Birthday Wishes for Lover Boyfriend

Let there be an overabundance of love on your lover’s special day, lit his heart with these birthday wishes specially written for boyfriend lovers.

Even though this is your birthday, just being able to spend this special day with you makes me feel that I’m rather the one being gifted.

I have a place in my heart that no one can ever occupy because no one else can make me as happy as you make me. Happy birthday.

Every year with you just gets better and better. Happy Birthday to someone who thoroughly rocks my world.

Birthday Greetings for Lover

Wishes and greetings for birthdays are written to inspire and uplift moods. On your lover’s birthday send these birthday greetings to lighten up his day.

Happy bday to the love of my life, I want you to know that I am absolutely in love with you.

Anytime I feel blue, all I need do is look into your loving eyes and happiness suddenly overtakes my soul. Such is the power of your love, my dear. Happy birthday.

I hope every day puts a smile on your face, and whatever you wish for, comes true. Hoping you’ll never forget me, as I will never forget you. Warm wishes for your Birthday honey.

Romantic Birthday Wishes for Lover

Your words will not only turn sweet but will also become romantic when you’re in love, especially when you are talking to your lover.

Loving you is truly a privilege, being loved by you is a blessing and being with you is a wish come true. Happy Birthday!

With this new year in your life, comes my fresh resolution to do everything I can to make you happy.

I’m so glad you came into the world, and I’m even more glad you came into my world. Happy Birthday, sweetheart.

Special Birthday Wishes for Lover

So many birthdays and so many happy birthday messages to send; here are some pre-written special birthday wishes you can send to your lover on his/her birthday.

Today might be your birthday, but for me, everyday is your day. Wonderful bday! I love you!

Dear sweetheart, have a blast coz it’s your special day! I love you, wonderful birthday!

I wanted to give you all my love for your birthday, but there’s no box big enough to hold it. Besides, it’s already yours.

Birthday Wishes for Lover Boy

To your lover boy here are winsome birthday wishes that I know he’ll enjoy. Send him a happy birthday message from this collection.

Baby, the moon and the stars will not be enough to express my love for you. Wonderful bday!

This birthday celebration is immersed in the joy that a very bright future with lovely companionship lies ahead of you.

Happy Birthday to someone who’s twice as sweet as any birthday cake.

How to surprise your lover on her birthday

Here are 7 surprise ideas for her birthday to serve as inspiration for you:

Special spa treatment

After several months of house chores and other duties, your girl probably feels totally workout. One special treat you can give her is to take your woman to a good spa on her birthday. Let her get a whole body massage, facial treatments, waxing, salt scrubs, reflexology, pedicures, and manicures.

This will help relieve any body aches, stress, and lead to even skin tone. What’s more, your girl will come out sparkling and more refreshed! A special spa treatment on her birthday is one great surprise she will keep in her memories. Pamper her and receive more love in return.

Take her out for dinner

Go out for that evening dinner and spoil your girlfriend on her birthday. This is the best day to give her relief from cooking a meal at home. Let her order what she likes and cheer her up to feel comfortable.

You can take her to a really expensive restaurant if you have enough bucks to spoil her. Alternatively, she will still appreciate if you go to a less expensive resort.

Compose a lovely poem

During the early stages of your relationship, you must have tried writing something beautiful to impress your love. A wonderful piece of writing is still a warm way to say I love you.

If you have a passion for writing, this is a perfect way to express your feelings for your lover. Compose a lovely poem to convey your love. Fold the poem and put it in her handbag.


You actually wow, your wife or girlfriend with a surprise picnic on her birthday weekend. Take her out to a really nice picnic site and have fun.

Go to a recreational park and play volleyball, soccer, basketball or any sport your lover likes. Amusement parks also offer great picnic entertainment you can never have enough of. A picnic is good for couples to unwind, have fun, and make merry at the same time.

Buy jewelry

Buy a special jewelry gift themed for her birthday. You can get a necklace, earrings, bangles or even a wristwatch. If you know her favorite colors and designs, you’ve got a thumbs up to a surprise gift for her.

Jewelry is a timeless gift idea that knows no culture, age nor generation. Hug her and help her wear it then look her in the eyes and smile. You’ll see a twinkle of love in her eyes.

Surprise party

Organize for her birthday party without her knowledge. You can plan for it with your friends then call her and take her to the party.

Eat, drink, and share the joy with her as you offer happy birthday wishes for lover. Besides, you can sing along and dance together as you celebrate her birthday anniversary. No doubt, she will feel your love and care.

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Birthday Thank You Messages, Thank You for Birthday Wishes

wonderful birthday wishes images

Greeting someone these days can be instantly done, virtually, thanks to e-cards and edited photos that can be directly sent to your special someone through e-mail or social media sites. With so many updates and upgrades being done on gadgets over the World Wide Web, practically everything can now be sent via some digital platform, and that includes birthday greetings. Today, you can get e-cards from a trusted store or check out free images from Google, then send them to the people in your life who are celebrating their special day. This convenience makes it easy to make your loved ones feel extra special; to let them know that you have not forgotten their special day, and you want to celebrate with them.

It’s definitely a time and money saver since you don’t have to visit the post office or ship it via courier service for a hefty fee. It also saves Mother Earth – although paper is biodegradable, we still cannot deny the fact that it creates pollution and its overuse may contribute to the continuous damage of our natural environment. Why not go paperless? Let’s begin saving the trees used to produce paper for greeting cards by switching entirely to e-cards!

Personalize Your Own e-Cards

You can also bring explore your own creativity in the process. If you know how to use Photoshop, sending a personalized e-card can be done almost instantly. You can even add personal touches that will make the recipient feel valued (since you have invested your time to come up with birthday greetings specifically intended for them). But if you have a busy schedule because of work, school or home chore, creating a unique personalized greeting may be too time-consuming.

Luckily, e-cards and shareable images are available! We’ve consolidated some amazing birthday greetings that you can immediately save to your computer and post on your social media account, or send through email or private message, to that special person celebrating his birthday.

Unique and Funny Birthday Greetings

1. Happy Birthday

May this special day be filled with lots of happy moments.

2.  Happy Birthday to Sweetheart

To others it may be just another day, but let’s make this one the Best of the Year!

3. Special Birthday

I pray to God to bless you with all his love, luck and care.

4. Happy Birthday To You

Wishing you more cakes to eat and more birthdays to come!

5. Sweet Birthday Greetings

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!

6. Advanced Happy Birthday

It’s a nice feeling when you know that someone likes you, someone thinks about you…

7. Beautiful Birthday Greeting

Happy Birthday! Here’s hoping that all your wishes come true.

8. Best Birthday Greetings

You are special to me. Happy Birthday!

9. Belated Happy Birthday

How could I forget this most important day? I am such a loser… Wishing you a belated Happy Birthday!

10. Best Happy Birthday Greetings

May the best of your past be the worst of your future!

11. Birthday Card Greetings

I hope all your birthday dreams and wishes come true.

12. Unique Birthday Wishes

The candles on your cake won’t start a fire if you don’t light them.  That’s your job, hot stuff!

13. Birthday Greetings For Beloved Husband

Thank you for bringing joy to my life, my dearest husband.

14. Birthday Greetings For Best Friend

144 Blank Birthday Card Assortment Box Set Bulk with A4 Envelopes and Cards 24 Each Design for Employees, Office, or Clients, Blank Inside, Made in USA
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  • MAKE AN IMPRESSION Those you care about deserve the best. Our cards are printed on quality gloss finish card stock with a matte interior for easy writing. These are blank inside and make a great set of assorted cards to customize your message for that special person in your life.
  • QUALITY FEEL Our 12 point gloss stock is similar in quality to what you'd expect from major brands in the USA. Our Cards are Made in USA. We proudly support local business and employment through the manufacture of these cards. The interior is matte for easy clean writing.
  • PERFECT CUT Our cards are cut 4 x 6 to fit perfectly in an A4 envelope. The size allows for a lengthy custom message or something thoughtful and to he point, along with room for group signatures. Envelopes are now A4 size to fit just to the edge of our cards perfectly!
  • ENVELOPES INCLUDED Cards come with equivalent amount of envelopes in 60 paper in Martian Green Astrobright color. We included a set of envelopes with these cards, whose color we felt brought out the pop of color each of our designs has while also remaining neutral so the cards can be given to anyone. Who wants to give a basic white envelope when you can have something that is sure to catch your attention.
Hallmark Birthday Card (Envelope with Confetti)
  • Wish someone a happy birthday with a celebratory card and a sweet sentiment.
  • Cover features a miniature envelope showering multicolored paper confetti and reads: "birthday wishes. " Inside reads: "Hope every little thing that could make the day happy all comes your way today. "
  • With a cute, colorful design, and sincere message Inside, this birthday card is the perfect way to make your friend, sister, mom, or coworker's day a little more special.
  • Birthday card measures 5. 8" X 8. 3" And comes with an envelope.
  • Printed on high quality paper stock, Hallmark greeting cards are made with paper from well-managed forests.

Funny and Happy Birthday Greetings to a friend or for a son, sister, mom or daughter. Unique and cute brithday greetings with images for a.

Happy birthday wishes for sister

wonderful birthday wishes images

Birthdays are the best days of the year, so make this a year to remember with one of our best birthday wishes with images and pictures for everyone you know!

From our very first birthdays to our annual celebrations as adults, birthdays serve as a day to put ourselves first and make the most of the years we’ve spent on the earth. For some people, birthdays are just another day that includes cake and ice cream. But for others, birthdays are an excuse to let loose, have fun, and celebrate life with the friends, family, and co-workers that mean the most to them.

Whether you love birthdays or could care less about these occasions, your loved ones deserve a birthday card that is just as great as they are. To find a birthday wish that will bring a smile to their faces, look for one that wishes them a great day and year. Make their birthday a day they look forward to every year, a day they love more than every other. Look through our best selection to find the perfect birthday wishes to wish your friends, family, and coworkers the happiest birthday ever!

1. Happy Birthday. Wishing you a birthday celebration that is as fun, bright, colorful, and exciting as you are! Have a great birthday.

Send this Bright & Colorful Birthday Party Card

2. Happy Birthday. Wishing you a great year filled with happiness!

Send this Wishing You a Great Year – Animal Birthday Card

3. Happy Birthday! I hope that your special day is full of fun and happiness.

Send this Cute Puppies Animal Birthday Card

4. Let’s light colorful candles to celebrate your day. Happy Birthday.

Send this Let’s Light Colorful Candles! Happy Birthday Card

5. Happy Birthday. Celebrate your day in a BIG way, with lots of presents, plenty of cake and a party filled with all your favorite people!

Send this Let’s Celebrate the Big Day – Happy Birthday Wishes Card

6. Happy Birthday. The streamers are strung and the balloons are bright. It’s time to have some fun and celebrate your life!

Send this It’s Time to Have Some Fun! Happy Birthday Wishes Card

7. Happy Birthday. May your day be joyous and special! I hope you have lots of cake, but make sure you save some for me!

Send this I hope You Have Lots of Cake! Happy Birthday Wishes Card

8. Birthdays are nature’s way of telling us to eat more cake! Happy Birthday.

Send this Eat More Cake! Happy Birthday Wish Card

9. Happy Birthday. For the shining star on your special day, you are never very far away, for in my thoughts you always stay.

Send this Shining Star Happy Birthday Wishes Card

10. Happy Birthday. It’s time to enjoy your special day to the fullest! I hope that life brings you lots of happiness and laughter.

Send this Time to Enjoy Special Day! Happy Birthday Wishes Card

11. Happy Birthday. May this day be full of fun, happiness and laughter! Have the happiest birthday ever!

Send this Cheerful Happy Birthday Wish in the Sky Card

12. Happy Birthday. My heart explodes with joy just from knowing that you are in the world. Thanks for being you! No one else could do it better.

Send this Thanks for Being You! Happy Birthday Wishes Card

13. Happy Birthday. Every spin around the sun brings new opportunities, new delights, and new chances to become you very best self. May the coming year be full of peace and enlightenment!

Send this Have a Peaceful Year! Happy Birthday Wishes Card

14. Happy Birthday. Pop like the cork and rise like bubbly. This always, but on your birthday, doubly.

Send this Champagne Bubbles- Happy Birthday Card for Everyone

15. Happy Birthday. Celebrate by drinking in all the special moments of today!

Send this Drink in The Moment – Happy Birthday Card for Everyone

16. Happy Birthday. From a bunch of wild crazy party animals, to a like minded soul!

Send this Party Animals – Happy Birthday Card for Everyone

17. Happy Birthday. Reach for the stars! May this birthday be the best and brightest you’ve had yet!

Send this Reach for the Stars – Happy Birthday Card for Everyone

18. Happy Birthday. Close your eyes tight, Get your wish right! Inhale a big breath, Let fate do the rest!

Send this Make A Wish – Happy Birthday Card for Everyone

19. Happy Birthday. To the twisted colorful confection atop the perfect cake that is my life! May today be as delicious to you, as you are to me!

Send this Neon Cupcakes – Happy Birthday Card for Everyone

20. Happy Birthday. To a golden-hued, sparkle. spangled superstar! If well wishes were candles, we’d see your cake from space!

Send this To a Golden-Hued – Happy Birthday Card for Nephew

21. Happy Birthday. My wish for you is to have the best day! May everything happen the way that you say! And now it’s your turn, to blow the lights out, watch for candle burn, and make this one count!

Send this Make a Wish Candles – Happy Birthday Card for Everyone

22. Happy Birthday. Another wonderful year of life draws to a close, sparking the beginning to a new year of fun and adventure!

Send this Balloon Drop – Happy Birthday Card for Everyone

23. Happy Birthday. Here’s to the light within that shines throughout your life! We can’t celebrate you, without thanking you for all you do!

Send this Starburst – Happy Birthday Card for Everyone

24. Roses are red, Violets are blue, Sugar is sweet, And goodness gracious so are you! Happy Birthday

Send this Sweet Cupcake – Happy Birthday Card for Everyone

25. Happy Birthday. Twinkle Twinkle Birthday Star, I do wonder how you are, Up above the world you shine, Like a diamond from a mine!

Send this Shining Birthday Star – Happy Birthday Card for Everyone

26. Happy Birthday. You lift my spirits. You buoy my heart. You bolster my resolve. You inspire me to art. You grant me calm. You hear what I say. For my soul, you’re a balm. Happy Birthday!

Send this Gratitude – Happy Birthday Card for Everyone

27. Happy Birthday. Some balloons are red. Some streamers are blue. Your friendship’s a party. Happy Birthday to You!

Send this Streamers and Balloons – Birthday Card for Everyone

28. Happy Birthday. It’s time to celebrate! From cake to wishes to a million hugs, I hope you get everything you wanted today.

Send this Million Hugs! Happy Birthday Card

29. Happy Birthday. Presents, presents everywhere! And I can’t think of anyone as deserving of them as you!

Send this Presents Everywhere – Happy Birthday Card

30. Happy Birthday. I’m wishing you peace and happiness on your birthday! May it be filled with all the small things that matter.

Send this Wishing You Peace – Happy Birthday Card

31. Happy Birthday. You’re sweet as candy! I wish you a birthday as sweet and colorful as you! Enjoy yourself today and all week too!

Send this Sweet as Candy – Happy Birthday Card

32. Happy Birthday. To one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met, here’s three birthday treats for you! Make a wish for each cupcake!

Send this Three Colors Cupcake – Happy Birthday Card

33. Happy Birthday. I know big parties aren’t your thing and you prefer quiet affairs. But I still wanted to make sure you knew that I was wishing you an excellent birthday!

Send this Wishing an Excellent Day – Happy Birthday Card

34. Happy Birthday To You! Today is all about you. Your achievements, your goodness, your gentle heart. Go out and celebrate your birthday!

Send this Today is All About You – Happy Birthday Card

35. Happy Birthday. The table is blue, the wrapping is pink. It’s your special day, so I’ll pay for your drink!

Send this Make it Special One – Happy Birthday Card

36. Happy Birthday. You’re amazing, fun, and sweet. I hope this year is your best birthday yet!

Send this You’re Amazing – Happy Birthday Card

37. Happy Birthday. Up, up and away! The higher balloons go, the more likely the birthday wishes they carry will come true. I’m giving them all my energy to go as high as they can.

Send this Colorful Balloons in the Sky – Happy Birthday Card

38. Happy Birthday. May the stars align, in the sky and on this cake, to give you the perfect birthday this year.

Send this Have a Perfect Year – Happy Birthday Card

39. Happy Birthday. Take a deep breath and BLOW! I know you can get all the candles and trigger your birthday wish. Make it a great one!

Send this Make it a Great One – Happy Birthday Card

40. Happy Birthday. In the dark moments, your light has been an anchor. Stay happy, stay awesome, and have a fantastic birthday.

Send this Stay Awesome! Happy Birthday Card

41. Happy Birthday. From one introvert to another, I’m coming out from my hiding place to wish you an amazing birthday! I hope it’s everything you desire.

Send this Such a Cute Gift! Happy Birthday Card

42. Happy Birthday. I know behind your passive face, you are always trying to hide how excited you are. Well never fear! Your birthday is your day to let loose and enjoy!

Send this Let Loose – Happy Birthday Card

43. Happy Birthday. As you build up the layers of your life, remember to look back to reflect and be proud of yourself and all your accomplishments.

Send this Be Proud of Yourself – Happy Birthday Card for Everyone

44. Happy Birthday. Here’s hoping you get to spend your special day surrounded by the ones who lift you up! The ones who love you the most!

Send this Balloon Border – Happy Birthday Card for Everyone

45. Happy Birthday To You. It’s another year, another birthday, and another reason to celebrate you! Have a sensational day, one that you will always remember.

Send this It’s Another Year! Happy Birthday Card

46. Happy Birthday. Grab a glass of champagne and a party hat and let’s get this party started! Wishing you an exciting day and a fabulous year.

Send this Let’s Get This Party Started – Happy Birthday Card

47. Happy Birthday. No matter what your age, never stop having fun, dreaming, or enjoying each day that comes your way! Have a beautiful birthday and a great celebration.

Send this A Great Celebration – Happy Birthday Card

48. Happy Birthday. Sending you special birthday candles this year in hopes that all your birthday wishes come true. Have a great day!

Send this Special Candles – Happy Birthday Card

49. Happy Birthday. Hope you have a fun-filled, memorable, relaxing, joyous, exciting day! You deserve it!

Send this The Perfect Day – Happy Birthday Card

50. Happy Birthday. On this very day, I send to you a special wish for you to have a terrific day! Along with this, I send some cheer, and hope you have a fun celebration and a fantastic year!

Send this Celebration Cupcake – Happy Birthday Card

51. Happy Birthday. A cheers to you on your very special day! May your celebration be all that you have been hoping for, and much more. Have fun!

Send this Cheers to You! Beer Happy Birthday Card

52. Happy Birthday To You. Wishing you a fun and joyous day that you will always remember, and hoping you realize just how awesome you really are! Enjoy your big day!

Send this A Joyous Day! Happy Birthday Card

53. Happy Birthday. Birthdays come but once a year, so take this time to have an outstanding day doing the things you love in life. Remember that this is a time to celebrate you and all your amazing accomplishments!

Send this Celebrating You – Happy Birthday Card

54. Happy Birthday. Sending you some birthday cheer because your special day is finally here! Hope your day is filled with fun and the best birthday cake ever!

Send this Best Cake Ever – Happy Birthday Card

55. Happy Birthday. Sending spectacular celebration balloons your way in hopes of adding extra joy to your special day. Have a wonderful birthday.

Send this Celebration Balloons – Happy Birthday Card

56. Happy Birthday. Get ready to have a great day because it’s going to be all about you! Hoping your birthday is filled with lots of presents, good friends, and family. This is just the start of another amazing year!

Send this Fabulous Presents – Happy Birthday Card

57. Happy Birthday. Today is your big day! I wish you a happy and fun celebration with lots of great treats. Enjoy!

Send this Spectacular Cupcakes! Happy Birthday Card

58. Happy Birthday. I’m hoping your day is as wonderful as you are, and that you take some time all for yourself to do the things that mean the most to you. Have an absolutely fantastic and fun birthday.

Send this Festive & Sparkle Balloons – Happy Birthday Card

59. Happy Birthday. Your big day is finally here! Have a glass of wine and let the fun begin. Wishing you an exceptional time and a terrific to come. Enjoy!

Send this Enjoy the Wine! Happy Birthday Card

60. Happy Birthday. Hope the excitement of the day makes you realize just how very important you are to others. Have a fantastic time no matter what you do!

Send this Colorful Balloons – Happy Birthday Card

61. Happy Birthday. Today is the day that you won’t have to do anything except have fun, open great presents, and be the center of attention. Enjoy this day!

Send this Festive Party Hats – Happy Birthday Card

62. Happy Birthday

Send this Beautiful Decorated Cake – Happy Birthday Card

63. Happy Birthday! Hope You Have a Great Day!

Send this Butterfly Cupcake – Happy Birthday Card

64. Happy Birthday to someone special! Always remember that you deserve the very best, especially on your big day!

Send this You Deserve the Best – Happy Birthday Card

65. Happy Birthday! Celebrate in style, live life to the fullest, and enjoy life. You certainly deserve it!

Send this Celebrate in Style – Happy Birthday Card

66. Happy Birthday To You!

Send this Colorful Festive Fireworks – Happy Birthday Card

67. Happy Birthday. I hope you have an excellent day!

Send this Fun Balloons – Happy Birthday

68. Happy Birthday. Wishing you a very lovely day and a great year ahead.

Send this A Cherry Cupcake for You! Happy Birthday Card

69. Happy Birthday to a very special and awesome person

Send this Presents & Balloons – Happy Birthday Card

70. Happy Birthday

Send this Pretty Cupcake – Happy Birthday Card

71. Happy Birthday to you!

Send this Adorable Puppy & Flowers – Happy Birthday Card

72. Happy Birthday. Wishing you a lovely day that’s filled with all that you hold dear in life.

Send this Butterflies & Flowers – Happy Birthday Card

73. Happy Birthday. May your day be filled with all the pleasant things in life and this coming year be your most fabulous one yet!

Send this Cute Birds & Balloons – Happy Birthday Card

74. Happy Birthday To You

Send this Time for Festive Fireworks – Happy Birthday Card

75. Happy Birthday To You!

Send this Stars & Balloons – Happy Birthday Card

76. Happy Birthday. It’s your big day. Enjoy every single minute of it!

Send this Fun Gift Boxes with Bows – Happy Birthday Card

77. Happy Birthday

Send this Perfect Cake & Candles – Happy Birthday Card

78. Happy Birthday

Send this Cupcake & Swirls – Happy Birthday Card

79. Happy Birthday. It’s your day to make a wish!

Send this Colorful Celebration Candles – Happy Birthday Card

80. Wishing you the most spectacular day and an exceptional year ahead!

Send this Pretty Flowers & Balloons – Happy Birthday Card

81. Happy Birthday

Send this Sparkling Celebration Cake – Happy Birthday Card

82. Happy Birthday. Sending wishes your way for you to have a fun and fabulous day!

Send this Fun & Fabulous Candles – Happy Birthday Card

83. Wishing you a beautiful relaxing day filled with all the things you love in life.

Send this Cute & Colorful Cat – Happy Birthday Card

84. Happy Birthday. Wishing for you a fabulous gourmet cupcake kind of day.

Send this Fabulous Gourmet Cupcakes – Happy Birthday Card

85. Happy Birthday. Wishing you a day that is as lovely as you are.

Send this Lovely Flowers for You – Happy Birthday Card

Gifts, decorations, and cake are the most popular parts of birthday celebrations, but they aren’t the best parts. Instead, the time we spend with our loved ones, the memories we make with them, and the love we build between us are the dearest parts of any celebration. To wish your loved ones a “Happy Birthday” and many more years of happiness, choose one of our best birthday wishes for their special day!

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