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Wishing to be pregnant
September 13, 2018 Anniversary Wishes 2 comments

Pregnancy congratulations wishes to your sister on her newly discovered pregnancy. Share the joys and happiness of her by making good luck wishes for .

Waiting and wondering is tough. It’s too easy to get inside my head and get my hopes up. As I mentioned last week, I have no clue when, or even if, I ovulated this month. All signs point to "I don’t know." So I’m left wondering and waiting.

Last week, I experienced light spotting. It wasn’t quite the same as my previous pre-period spotting and, after a couple days, it stopped. Since I’m looking for any sign that might clue me in on ovulation or conception, I’m hoping what I saw was implantation bleeding. It’s seems plausible, based on what I’ve read. The timing makes sense as does the appearance and amount of spotting.

I feel like I should know when I’m pregnant because I’ve gone through it twice before.

Going by the guideline of my last cycle and the data I entered in my phone app, my next period was expected to start today (as I write this). I counted down the days until I could test this morning upon waking. A good friend of mine talked me out of urges to test sooner. For several days, I’ve been experiencing possible early pregnancy symptoms. My need to pee noticeably increased, I have some breast discomfort and I’m moody. I’ve been getting more upset and crying over trivial things.

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I’m tired, though not as tired as I was at the start of my first pregnancy. That time, exhaustion hit me like a ton of bricks every day after work. I actually thought I was coming down with an illness before my breasts became really tender. Sore breasts were the real tip-off because I never felt like that when sick before. Tired, sure. Moody, yep. But it’s hard to rely on breast tenderness as a sign, since I’m still breastfeeding my son. My breasts have been a little more uncomfortable lately, but sometimes I feel that way with my period, too.

I feel like I should know when I’m pregnant because I’ve gone through it twice before. Shouldn’t I recognize it quicker? More easily? I feel like I might be. I hope that I am pregnant, but I just don’t know yet. I don’t know if I ovulated or not. I don’t know if my period was really supposed to come yet or not.

I don’t know.

I know what I’m feeling, but I’m not sure I can trust it. I remember how I felt the week of the positive pregnancy test with my daughter, but I don’t really remember if it was as obvious with my son. I do remember feeling confident that I was pregnant again and the positive test confirmed it. Feeling confident was easy, since we conceived him within one cycle. We decided, we tried and boom—we were pregnant. The complete opposite of what we experienced while trying for three years to conceive his older sister.

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I was sad to see only one line on the test this morning. I was really hoping to have fun news to share with husband before he left for work. I was excited until that second line refused to appear. I’m holding onto hope that there is still a chance I am pregnant. Having a funky cycle throws things off and I may have ovulated later than I guessed. Maybe the hormone levels are too low to be detected yet. I was reading how I should wait a week to test again if my period doesn’t come, but I doubt I can wait another seven days to test. I am going to wait a couple days then test again. If after a week I’m still getting a negative test and Aunt Flo is no where in sight, I’m going to give my OB a call.

It’s hard when you aren’t sure how long you should wait.

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i totally agree with this article. kids at this pre teen age, especially girls, are so susceptible to every TV commercial (yes these are still out there, You tube, video game, movie character, it is sad. if this was tough for the author 25 years ago, imagine what it is like for today's kids. Plus size, really.....maybe we just ought to put pre-pubescent on the labels...geez....and for those of you who will say today's kids are too soft...I am 58 and remember being labeled the chubby kid....not fun. Unless you have experienced it, you won't understand.

Robin Roberts Lester

6 Sep

Hey Retailers, Stop Calling My Daughter Plus Size!

Sorry but your son certainly is much worse for the wear from circumcision. Circumcision removes the protection of the glans that the foreskin provides and removes the slack skin that's needed for proper intercourse. It cuts off blood vessels making the body rely on capillary flow to the glans rather than the vein that would run through the foreskin, causing damage due to restricted blood flow which leads to a narrowing of the opening of the urethra in 1/5 boys severe enough that it needs more surgery in about 1 in 20. When you worried about others body shaming your son, you decided to be the one to do it, by declaring his body so unacceptable it needed to be surgically altered. I also hope your husband shaves his pubes because if it's all about matching daddy, that's the first thing the boy is going to notice - you harmed your son to spare yourself a 15 minute honestly easy conversation.There are more possible issues, but most of them don't get noticed until a boy is sexually active, if they get noticed at all, because by then these issues are normal for them, pain from erections during puberty because the skin is too tight, peniscrotal webbing from the pubic skin being pulled and stretched to compensate, the 1/3 inch average loss in length because the shaft is constricted by foreskin during puberty.

Infant Circumcision: More Painful Than We Thought

Before getting pregnant, and they can not recover the woman needs to lose weight. Doctors strongly recommend it to expectant mothers who wish to protect.

Funny Pregnancy Wishes: Humorous Messages on Getting Pregnant

wishing to be pregnant

Before getting pregnant, and they can not recover the woman needs to lose weight. Doctors strongly recommend it to expectant mothers who wish to protect children from obesity.

Wishing to have a baby women need to lose weight before they get pregnant. Especially for those women who already have a fair amount of excess weight. The fact that the obese mother greatly increases the likelihood of obesity in a child, as numerous studies. That is why the Royal College of obstetricians and gynecologists in great Britain has issued a new recommendation for General practitioners who will advise such women to go on a diet even before conception.

These tips have all the required reasons, since statistics show that almost half of the pregnant women attending General practitioners, have too much excess weight. The number of obese women who expect a child, is a shocking 22%, there are more than one in five. All of these expectant mothers face a much higher risk of life-threatening complications in childbirth, the health of their future children is threatened. Kids expect in the future obesity and type II diabetes. Earlier the General practitioners from the UK have been urged to convince expectant mothers not to follow the frivolous the rule of “eat for two” during pregnancy, as it is nothing but a dangerous myth.

Obesity and large amounts of excess weight in pregnant women increases the risk of complications for them and future children. Among such risks include blood clots in the legs and lungs, or thrombosis, gestational diabetes, high blood pressure or preeclampsia in pregnant women, as well as serious mental health disorders. Such women are more likely to experience miscarriage, stillbirth, premature birth, they often require an emergency C-section. (READ MORE)

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Wishing to get pregnant women need to lose weight

wishing to be pregnant

A woman who was told she might never fall pregnant has had twins – after tossing coins into Rome’s Trevi Fountain and wishing for a baby.

Monica Rana’s miraculous conception is even more remarkable when she spells out just how it came about.

At 41, she feared she was over the hill, resigned herself to a child-free life and went on a two-week cruise with a pal.

The women visited the landmark in the Italian capital, where Monica twice tossed two coins into the water, each time wishing for a baby.

Days later she had a holiday fling with a fellow cruiser.

And weeks later she discovered she had conceived not one but two babies – so BOTH of her Trevi wishes had come true.

Fast-forward nine months and Monica has gorgeous four-week-old twins Athena and Luna.

And she is still coming to terms with the fact that she is a parent in her forties after years of trying.

The cruise ship Romeo who fathered the twins is in contact with Monica and giving her his support as she focuses on being a full-time mum.

Monica, from Medway, Kent, said: “I have always wanted children and I just can’t believe I made two wishes at the Trevi Fountain and both were granted.

“I feel blessed. I was lucky enough to fall pregnant in the first place, but to find out there were two in there was a real shock. I’m four weeks into being a mum and it still doesn’t seem real.

“I hadn’t been home from the cruise long when I started feeling dizzy, like I was still at sea.

“When the queasiness didn’t subside, the possibility of being ­pregnant crossed my mind. But with previous results I’d had from the fertility clinic, I knew I wouldn’t be.

“I decided to buy a test to rule it out completely and when I saw the second pink line appear on the stick, I was gobsmacked.”

Over the years, Monica had ­separated from partners because they hadn’t wanted children. But she thought her luck had changed when she met her last boyfriend.

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She explained: “I made it clear from the beginning I wanted a family and he told me he felt the same.

“But as time went on he changed his mind, leaving me devastated and running out of time to meet the right man, fall in love and have a child with.”

It was following the split – and after tests revealed she had a very low number of ovarian follicles – that Monica’s friend Anita Bristol, 38, suggested they go on holiday.

Monica said: “Anita had been talking about going on a cruise for a while. I’ve known her for 20 years and if anyone knows how to have a good time, it’s her. I knew I was in good hands!

“On the ship, we began discussing my new life plan. We agreed to make the most of our freedom by enjoying nights out and weekends away, travelling the world and maybe even living abroad together for a while.

“We also planned to look after each other when we were older and I decided I could simply spoil my nieces and nephews, rather than have a baby of my own.”

But deep down, Monica couldn’t ignore her longing to be a mum and when the ship docked near Rome, she and Anita headed to the ancient city and saw the Trevi Fountain.

Monica glowed as she described the moment she made her wish.

She said: “I wanted to make a wish, but I didn’t have any change. Anita had some euro coins and I asked her to give me some to throw in. Thankfully she did.

“I used my right hand to toss the coins in over my left shoulder, just like the other tourists. Then I silently wished for a baby. Problem was, I wasn’t sure the coins had gone in the water, so I had to ask Anita for more.

“She couldn’t believe I was taking the last of her ice cream money! I made the same wish again and this time was satisfied the euros had gone into the fountain.”

Days later, Anita and Monica spent the evening with two men they
had met earlier on their trip.

Monica went on: “I got talking to one of the men we had been spending time with and couldn’t ignore the spark of attraction between us.

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“One thing led to another and we ended up having sex. When I discovered I was pregnant weeks later, I thought back to the night me and my holiday romance had got together.

“We’d had one too many drinks – the reason we hadn’t used contraception. I knew it was foolish but at the same time I was thrilled to think I might be having a baby.”

Then came the eight-week scan... and a second surprise for Monica.

She continued: “The sonographer turned the screen around. He showed me my baby, then moved the wand slightly and said, ‘And here’s the other one’. I thought he was joking and a friend with me burst into tears, which set the nurse off crying too! I wasn’t just going to be a mum, but a mum of twins. I was so shocked.

“When I told Anita, she screeched down the phone with excitement and joked she owned the babies because the four euros I’d used to wish for them were hers! I told the father of the twins and he was really good about it.

“Despite us not being in a relationship, he said he would support me.”

After discovering she was having two girls at her 16-week scan, Monica started stocking up on the essentials.

At 37 weeks, she was classed as full-term and was induced. But when one of the placentas ruptured, she was rushed into theatre for an emergency C-section.

Non-identical twins Athena and Luna both weighed in at a healthy 5lb 5oz.

Thrilled Monica said: “When I met them for the first time and held them both in my arms, it was such a strange feeling. They were so beautiful, I couldn’t stop gazing at them.

“Two days later I turned 42 and my daughters were the best birthday presents I could ask for.

“Becoming a mother hasn’t worked out the way I always imagined it would and I know there will be tough times ahead, especially being a single mum, but I have a lot of love to give to Athena and Luna.

“I’m so grateful to Anita for giving me her money to throw in the fountain. She helped make my wish – or wishes – come true. Something she won’t let me forget in a hurry!”

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Pregnancy wishes and congratulations messages to the lucky couple and especially to the lucky mother! Browse many cute wishes and make.

Wishing and Hoping

wishing to be pregnant

Getty Images

Forget giving birth and having a kid — just simply trying to get pregnant is an overwhelming experience to navigate. Take it from someone who’s been there (twice!): There are a few important things to know if you’re deciding to go for it.

1. Every woman is different.

I foolishly assumed that my own pregnancy journey would mirror my friends’. Something about hearing their “How I Got Pregnant” stories left me naively assuming my body would work just like theirs. “Oh, Kelly got pregnant exactly two months after she started trying and experienced morning sickness approximately three times a week? So will I!” Lo and behold, this did not happen because — duh — everyone is different. It’s especially important to remember this when trying to get pregnant because…

2. It may not happen right away.

Let me guess, you have a friend who got pregnant the day she started trying. Wait, no, scratch that, you have 10 friends for whom this happened. “OMG, I’m so fertile!” they laugh, half-thrilled, half-terrified. I had these people in my life too and the narrative was so common that I was certain I too would get pregnant on Attempt No. 1. (I had friends who seemed to get pregnant just from the mention of sex.) And because I was so sure this would be my path, I freaked out when one month of trying turned into two, and then six, and then eight. I finally got pregnant after 10 months of trying but not before I learned this:

3. Just because it’s taking a long time to get pregnant doesn’t mean there’s something “wrong” with you.

Maybe I was a clueless teenager but growing up, I assumed that sex at any time of the month meant pregnancy could happen. I didn’t really get ovulation or understand that we’re more fertile at certain times. I was taught to be so “safe” that I assumed I’d get pregnant the second I started having unprotected sex to conceive — just like my high school sex ed teacher said! Not true. Sometimes, getting pregnant just takes a long-ass time. And because we so often hear those stories of women getting knocked up on the first or second try, it can be easy to assume there’s something “wrong” with us if we don’t get pregnant right away. And yes, there may be a medical reason why pregnancy isn't happening right away. But it might also just take a while. My OB told me that for someone my age, it could take six months to a year to get pregnant, and not to stress about it. And you know what I did, right? Stress like a motherfucker. But it turned out she was right.

4. Your body may take a while to adjust after you go off birth control.

Some woman resume normal menstrual cycles immediately after going off their birth control. But some of us have a different experience. After stopping my hormonal birth control, it took my body months to have a regular cycle. According to WebMD, this is normal. But if you’re worried about it, check in with your doctor for peace of mind.

5. Not every woman has a 28-day cycle.

Even after I’d been off birth control for a while, I still had 34-day cycles. Turns out this is also normal: The average cycle can run from 21 to 35 days. When my cycle finally did get shorter, I still ovulated later in my cycle; the average women with a 28-day cycle ovulates on day 14 but I was ovulating around day 20. (I figured this all out thanks to the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility, in case you need another thing to order on Amazon.) Your body may not operate like your fertility app or pregnancy book says it’s supposed to, and that’s totally cool.

6. Fertility apps may make you feel like you’re in control but they can also mess with your mind.

You could download 10 fertility apps on your phone and that would still just be a small sample of the digital tools offered to track your body’s every rhythm. And sure, they’re helpful and give you that deeeeelicious feeling of control over a wildly unpredictable process. But they can also turn the experience of getting pregnant into a obsession, leading you to overanalyze every temperature dip or chart every single thing your body does. If they’re becoming more of a hinderance than help, delete ‘em off your phone for a couple of months. And maybe get rid of Facebook too, if all those “OMG, I’M PREGNANT!” posts are becoming too much of a bummer.

7. Scheduling sex doesn’t have to mean it has the spice of a weekly work meeting.

It can feel kinda unsexy to type “ovulating — have sex” into your Google calendar. But scheduling it doesn’t necessarily have to kill the mood. Get into it — toys, oils, outfits, cocktails before … whatever you like to take the pressure off and keep the focus on fun (and, you know, orgasming).

8. You can take a pregnancy test one day and get a negative, and again a few days later and get a positive.

LOL at our bodies playing the ultimate practical joke on us. Pregnancy tests are not always accurate, especially when they’re taken right after conception. A positive test occurs when the HGC hormone is detected and this often doesn’t show up until two weeks post-conception. As annoying as it is to wait to take a pregnancy test, it can often spare you the roller coaster ride of thinking you’re not pregnant and then having a “Hey, wait a second…” moment.

9. You know your body better than anyone else.

Listen to your doctor (duh). But listen to yourself too. Only you know the patterns of your body and life. Getting pregnant can be a fun and frustrating process, and everyone has an opinion, advice, or a sure thing. Friends, doctors, parents, coworkers, Starbucks baristas, and spouses may have a lot to say about you, your body, and trying to conceive, but trust your own gut too. And your uterus.

Kate Spencer is the author of the upcoming The Dead Moms Club. Follow her on Twitter.

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I know what you mean! I'm a bit like that I can't wait to get to 12 weeks. But then I don't want to wish my pregnancy away as its such a special.

wishing to be pregnant
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