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Wishing someone good luck
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Good Luck Messages and Wishes: Sending someone good luck messages is a way to motivate them. Whatever they take a step to achieve any little or big.

  • Hugs For Good Luck!

    Wish someone good luck with this e-card.

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  • Wishing You Good Luck!

    A card to wish someone good luck and success.

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  • Good Luck And Success Be With...

    Good luck! May success be with you!

    Rated 4.0 | 6,204 views

  • Good Luck & Success in...

    Here's a wish of good luck & success to anyone who are about to have final...

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  • Good Luck Wish...

    Wish good luck to someone with this card...

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  • Wish Good Luck...

    Wish good luck to someone with this e-card.

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  • Fingers Crossed Good Luck!

    Send a simple message of good luck to someone...

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  • Good Luck Hug!

    Bring smile 'n' luck to your near one's face with this ecard.

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  • Good Luck To You. Four Leaf...

    Send a little luck with this animated e-card of a four leaf clover.

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  • My Wishes And Prayers!

    Extend your good luck wishes to someone with this card.

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  • Want to wish someone a very best of luck? You won't get any better good luck wish than a quote in your wish check these good luck quotes and wishes. Wishing.

    15 GOOD LUCK Sayings! Other ways to say ‘Good Luck”

    wishing someone good luck

    Good Luck Wishes

    Wish someone the best of luck on all their endeavors. We have good luck wishes that will help you express just how you feel toward someone who is taking a step toward the next chapter in their life. Let them know you care with just the right words and expression to touch their heart and soul.

    List Of Good Luck Wishes

    • Here’s to wishing you the best of luck in all life has to offer you.
    • Good luck to you as you move toward the next chapter life brings your way.
    • I heard about your good news and wanted to wish you good luck and best of health.
    • So glad to hear about your promotion. May your life always be filled with such good luck.
    • My heart is filled with joy at the sound of your good news. Best of luck to you dear friend.
    • Here’s to hoping good luck continues to follow you for all the rest of your days my friend.
    • Luck is not found but made by those who are determined and you are one such person.
    • Sending you thoughtful wishes in all life’s endeavors. Good luck to you now and always.
    • I am overjoyed to know that your life is filled with such good luck and may it always be that way.
    • Life is what you make of it and I am happy to know that yours is filled with such good luck.
    • May you find as much joy in your life as you have luck my sweet friend.
    • So happy to hear your wonderful news. Here’s to wishing you the best of luck!
    • I am thrilled to know that luck has finally found you. Warmest wishes my friend.
    • Sending you happy thoughts and lots of luck as you move forward with your life.
    • The sweetest things in life are love and happiness. Wishing you good luck now that you have found that.
    • My heart is flowing with joy at knowing that good luck has finally fallen upon your doorstep.
    • I find my heart singing a chorus at your happy news. Good luck to you during this joyous time.
    • Smile knowing that good luck has finally found you. Wishing you plenty of joy, happiness, and health.
    • The good luck you have made for yourself is an inspiration to many. May it continue throughout your life.
    • Good luck to you and remember to keep your head up high for all the days of your beautiful and wonderful life.
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    Good Luck Quotes

    wishing someone good luck

    There are a lot of events that happens in the life of a human and some of them are very important such as exams, speeches and any other events.
    In these times, it would be great to wish them good luck and let them know that you care for them more than they think.
    Here are some good luck wishes that you can try to tell them so that they will know.

    I wish you good luck in everything that life will throw at you, I know that you can do it all.

    My point is that whether you are going through tough luck, trust me that it will be okay later.


    Problems come and problems go but luck will stay with you, so shape it to whatever you want.

    Do not worry, just keep on doing your best and I am sure that sooner or later it will be great.

    You’ve work so hard for this thing that you are doing so just believe that it will pay off soon.

    100 Happy Birthday

    You are the best so make the most that you can do for today, let the people talk about you.

    It is okay to fail, what is important is that you try, you finished what you have started, girl.

    May good luck go your way and help you in moving to the next chapter of your life, my dear.

    It may seem so unclear now but soon it will be obvious what you should be doing with life.

    You are the best and I will keep on believing that because you matter so much to me now.

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    Have a great day and enjoy in your life!

    And in silence I will pray for you, that the heavens give you all the best in this very moment.

    Sit and just relax, things that are meant to happen will happen if you just let them to do so.

    100 Amazing Good Luck Messages

    May you have a pleasant day today and may you ace that exam that you are taking today.

    Go grab success by the hand because you honestly deserve to do just that, my dearest friend.

    No matter how hard the exam may be, I wish you all the best and may you have good luck.

    70 Good Luck on your Test Messages with Motivational Images

    And if no one will sing you praises because of what you did, I promise that I will be the one to.

    You can move things, even mountains if you just let yourself see what you are truly worth, boy.

    Sometimes you will get hurt even though you tried the hardest, but it’ll be okay, believe me.


    I hope you learn not to be so self-centered but still do your best in everything you do, my dear.

    Do not get so dependent on luck because at the end of the day what you do is what matters.

    The 105 My Birthday Quotes To Myself

    There will always be things that might not go your way but that is just the way life is, dear.

    Good luck on your future endeavors, may the Lord God look down kindly upon you, my love.

    You can do it because I believe in you and I will really wish that life comes your way, really.

    The first steps are going to be hard but as long as you put your mind into it, you will get it all.

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    It will be alright, that is just the beginning, the next things will be even harder than it is now.

    I just wish that you will never have to feel like you are not good enough because you are, girl.

    Today is going to be a good day to be productive and just reach out for the best in others, boy.


    It may seem so hard right now but that just means that you are on the right path, my dear, go!

    I am so glad you got that promotion, keep on striving for the best and I wish you good luck.

    It is not always going to be easy but it sure is going to be worth it, everything you do will be.

    Forget the butterflies inside your stomach because you’ve got this, just keep on going with life.

    Stand in the middle of the crowd and showcase what you have, I wish you the best of luck on it.

    Never feel like you are never good enough because you are awesome, that is what you are.

    Your exam is coming up so just keep going and know that I believe in you, wishing you best.

    May you hear good news at the end of this day, I believe in you so good luck to you, friend.

    And if you fail, do not worry, not everyone gets it on their first try, just keep on going for it.

    Wake up with a smile on your face and do not let it be wiped off for the whole day, my dear.

    This is your chance to get back at life, do your best and show the world that you can do it.

    You will get there, maybe not that fast but slow steps are also bound to get to that goal.

    The thing is that there will be setbacks in your motion for greatness but just keep on going.

    Things are not going to be the way you want them to but I hope you know I am here for you.

    Do your best in that test and then let us celebrate for you will surely pass it for sure, dear.

    No matter how big the odds are, believe me that there is nothing possible when you try it.

    Good luck to any exams or tests that you may have this week, may you find peace somehow.

    There is so much joy waiting to be explored so do your best and I wish you good luck, dear.

    I am happy to have known you all this time so on your big day I wish you all the good luck.

    Sending you all the good luck I can give you because you might need it for this special day.

    Life is but a conversation with you and yourself so keep on toppling what you already did.

    Remember to take a stop sometimes so you can just relax for a bit and comfort yourself.

    No matter how big the odds may seem I am telling you that it is going to get better than ever.

    You are destined for bigger things so just go for it and believe that you can do them all.

    The journey is never going to be easy but what matters is that you are alright, you matter.

    It is funny how one thing leads to the other but there is so much good and bad in this world.

    Go for the things that makes you feel alive, that makes you forget there ever was a problem.

    When someone does their best for you the best you can do is to do your best just as well.

    Life is going to be so hard especially when you are scared but you need to take that first step.

    Good luck on beating the hell out of that test, I know you can ace it so strive for excellence!

    I promise you that the worst is yet to come so you might as well get used to it and prepare.

    Of all the things you could have done, I wish you did not tell me that you are so tired now.

    Do not give up, luck comes to those who keeps pursuing the path that they have chosen.

    Regrets will not help you now so just keep on being yourself and doing the best that you can.

    Of all people, you are the one I trust the most so try not to break my trust, please promise me.

    Let me know when you need my help and I promise to be there for you whenever that may be.

    Good luck on finding the right person for you I know that sooner or later you will find the one.

    On the happiest days of your life, I still will wish you good luck because I am used to that.

    You are the one who would make and shape your own good luck so just keep on doing it.

    And when it comes to an end I hope you know that good luck is something that is earned, boy.

    Good luck with your adventures and everything else will follow through for sure, my dear.

    There is so much more to good luck than you’ll ever know and that is indeed the truth, girl.

    Sometimes, good luck is all you can hold on to and so go for it and just keep holding on.

    There will be disappointing days in your life but with some good luck, you will do fine.

    Trying to do your best is not going to succeed always so I wish you all the good luck too.

    Every single day of our lives is a gift from the heavens above so make the most out of it, girl.

    I am so happy with my life right now that I cannot help but wish all the best for you, dear.

    Giving you all my warm wishes, I hope that you keep on being the kind person that you are.

    Never have I imagined that you would be the person you are today, I can’t be prouder son.

    I am wishing you the best of luck in everything that you would ever venture in this life, girl.

    Life can both be amazing and disappointing at the same time, you just need to live with it.

    May you keep on just moving forward with your life and that you get all you want in this life.

    If you have faith in the Lord, eventually everything in your life will fall into the right places.

    I wish you the best in all that you have planned for today because all your efforts will pay off.

    Go for the gold, go for the things that makes you happy, that is the truth that life has to offer.

    When it seems that things are going wrong, worry not because God will not leave you, dear.

    There are a thousand of reasons to give up but I hope you hold on to the reason you shouldn’t.

    STUDENTS across the country have received their 2019 GCSE results TODAY, and many good luck texts and well wishes are in order. If you know someone.

    Good Luck Messages

    wishing someone good luck

    Good luck quotes

    Every day is a gift. It can be really amazing, but it can be disappointing also. But I want to wish good luck in everything that happens in your life. May your life bring you only pleasant and helpful gifts!


    They say that luck chooses only the strongest ones. And if it so, I’m sure it will follow you wherever you go, because you try really hard to succeed in all your undertakings. And you will. Good luck!


    You need luck every second of your life, you don’t have to rely on it, but you have to have it, because if you don’t have luck, your life is just black and white, but luck brings in every other colour in your life!


    Luck is everywhere around you,
    you just have to find it
    and if you do, it won’t leave you!


    You need luck to survive, but you also need skills
    you need luck to do something crazy, but you also have to be crazy,
    so I wanted to wish you lots of luck on your journey through life!


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    How to Wish Someone Good Luck. When someone you care about is facing a challenge or concern, it's only natural to want to wish her luck. If just saying " Good.

    wishing someone good luck
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