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Wishes happy birthday images
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Looking for the best happy birthday wishes pictures, photos & images? LoveThisPic's pictures can be used on Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter and other.

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Whether it’s someone’s birthday, an anniversary or another special day or celebration or you’d like to say “Good Morning“, “Good Night” or “thank you” or simply joke and make comments about the day, we’ve got what you’re searching for.

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General Birthday Wishes; Happy Birthday Wishes For Your Loved Ones. Happy Birthday . I look so much better in all those family photos with you there. Happy .

50 Happy Birthday Images For Him With Quotes

wishes happy birthday images

Women are beautiful and tender creatures. She needs care, love and attention, especially on her birthday. If you want to stay on good terms with a woman, you better pay her some attentoin on this day. We have a large collection of beautiful GIFs “Happy Birthday” for her, 90 pieces of best moving pictures, animated cards that will save you! Send one of them to the woman, and you can safely communicate with her all the following year. Download is absolutely free!

90 pieces of GIF “Happy Birthday” for women

Blazing rose for her

Beautiful cake on her Birthday. Pink GIF

Beautiful flowers and the Golden lettering

Lots of balloons flying to the sky on her birthday

Infinite burning candles on this Happy Birthday pie for her

GIF beautiful shiny heart and a blooming rose for her birthday

Caption “May all Your dreams come true on Your Birthday!”

Brilliant card for her on her birthday

Funny Happy Birthday GIF for your girlfriend

Unexpected gift in the box

Savy Birthday to You, deary! From Captain Jack Sparrow

Cake with the inscription “happy birthday” on a transparent background

It’s your birthday, let’s celebrate!

Any girl will love this shimmering, slender cat. She’s just about purrfect, as is the girl celebrating her birthday

Just a cheerful sigh

Boom and then Happy Birthday

Cake for the girl at her birthday

Brilliant balloons and greeting inscription

Girl eating cake on her birthday

Delicious cake with candles and fireworks

Happy Birthday in advance. Cake is decorated with candles and pink raspberries

Big Bang Theory. Happy Birthday for me

Male band for her birthday

Beautiful fireworks in the sky in honor of her birthday

Chocolate cake with the inscription “Happy birthday”, petals in the form of heart. Beautiful moving picture for her

Come true, the GIF says

Minions on the floor for her

Letters come together to become Happy Birthday

Cute cat eating a pie just like your girlfriend at her birthday

Cool moving card with balloons, fireworks and a cake

Funny dogs will make a good mood on her birthday

Fireworks, balloons and a brilliant inscription “Happy Birthday”

Minions sing Happy Birthday To You

If she’s celebrating her 357th birthday

Happy Birthday from Jim Carrey

Let’s go nuts, girl!

Girl can do anything in her birthday, even this

Fluffy kitty and the Happy Birthday Cake

Let’s party!

If she reaaly loves taco

Lady Gaga wishing you a Happy Birthday

Facing birthdays is always nice because of cakes

Birthday piece of cake with candles

Inedible cakes and inscription: happy birthday

Sweet GiF for a nice girl

Hittin’the dancefloor

If you’re really late with your cheers

Cute dog carrying a pink balloon

Birthday full of love

Lilac, daisies and other flowers on the girl’s birthday

A cheerful parrot, fireworks and other beauty

Show her this blossoming flower at her birthday

Balloons, gifts, cake and the inscription Happy Birthday

Funny Birthday Lettering

Balloons. Many shining balloons!

3 girls dancing as the background for the title: Happy Birthday !!!

Six men with beautiful torsos on her birthday

Holy Cup!

Heart-shaped box with a Happy Birthday title

Hey Girl, Happy Birthday

Have a fun on your Birthday

The Cat Choir sings Happy Birthday to You

Cheers for a girl by Leo DiCaprio

Pink lettering and wishing a very happy birthday

Dancing non-stop

Balloons and colorful inscryption on the black background

Nice cake won`t last long at the birthday of a woman

Orange sign Happy Birthday

Cute boy giving a flower

Cake princess celebrating her birthday

Simple moving image for her birthday. Burning candles and shimmering stars

Nice cake and a single candle for her birthday

Chocolate pie, some fireworks and balloons at her birthday

Lots of burning candles and an inscryption

Teddy Bear holding a heart for your sweetheart lady

Long Happy Birthday image

Special gift for her

Pixel Happy Birthday image of a cake with burning candles. It flying away from a girl

Beautiful drawing for her

Lil fireworks, a pie and a Happy Birthday inscription

Same fireworks, but much different pie

Shimmering GIF image of Golden Birthday with a chocolate pie

9 candles on the pie

Beautiful fireworks and a colorful Happy Birthday inscription

Sweet Pie for her Birthday

WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: πŸ”΄ Best Birthday Quotes - Happy Birthday Images and Quotes
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Birthday Wishes Images and Happy Birthday Picture Cards

wishes happy birthday images

Looking for the words to say on a precious person’s birthday? Well, if that pending task finds you in a rather lazier-than-usual mood, why not pick a funny picture for that? The advantage that images have is that they’re direct, sincere and often funny, so that definitely makes them much more accessible to everyone.

So, are you looking for the birthday card you can share with someone to honor them for their special day? Among these collections of happy birthday images you’ll find the one that suits your case best. Share it and make a girl or boy, woman or man, happy today!

  • When it’s a really special birthday of that truly special person, a pic with balloons is going to bring on the mood of celebration.


  • Just as these two cute kittens seem to be great friends, you might want to share this with a buddy that holds a special place in your heart.


  • Their big day has arrived and a warm wish is a great introduction to a well-deserved celebration of one’s life.


  • Whether it’s the actual birthday candles on their cake or sharing this pic of a sparkling stick on a cupcake, you can remind them how much you love and care for them.


  • Birthday quotes may vary, but flowers never cease to impress. Share this image to wish them the very best in their life.


  • You mean some much to me, I wish life gives you all you need, and I hope all your dreams come true. Best wishes!


  • May your life be filled with love, friends, and stardust; may this day be filled with fun, positive vibes, and birthday cake!


  • It’s a dog’s life, they say, but if life is also a bitch, we might have something really good going on. Wishing you the very best, beast!


  • From the bottom of my heart, may your days be full of love, passion, good company, health, and wealth – not necessarily in order of appearance! πŸ˜‰


  • I hope this day will be as bright as you are; I hope your birthday cake is as sweet as the person you are. All my birthday kisses!













































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Share a birthday wish and spread the words of Happy Birthday Messages.

Birthdays are the best days of the year, so make this a year to remember with one of our best birthday wishes with images and pictures for everyone you know!.

479 Free images of Happy Birthday Card

wishes happy birthday images

Birthdays are the best days of the year, so make this a year to remember with one of our best birthday wishes with images and pictures for everyone you know!

From our very first birthdays to our annual celebrations as adults, birthdays serve as a day to put ourselves first and make the most of the years we’ve spent on the earth. For some people, birthdays are just another day that includes cake and ice cream. But for others, birthdays are an excuse to let loose, have fun, and celebrate life with the friends, family, and co-workers that mean the most to them.

Whether you love birthdays or could care less about these occasions, your loved ones deserve a birthday card that is just as great as they are. To find a birthday wish that will bring a smile to their faces, look for one that wishes them a great day and year. Make their birthday a day they look forward to every year, a day they love more than every other. Look through our best selection to find the perfect birthday wishes to wish your friends, family, and coworkers the happiest birthday ever!

1. Happy Birthday. Wishing you a birthday celebration that is as fun, bright, colorful, and exciting as you are! Have a great birthday.

Send this Bright & Colorful Birthday Party Card

2. Happy Birthday. Wishing you a great year filled with happiness!

Send this Wishing You a Great Year – Animal Birthday Card

3. Happy Birthday! I hope that your special day is full of fun and happiness.

Send this Cute Puppies Animal Birthday Card

4. Let’s light colorful candles to celebrate your day. Happy Birthday.

Send this Let’s Light Colorful Candles! Happy Birthday Card

5. Happy Birthday. Celebrate your day in a BIG way, with lots of presents, plenty of cake and a party filled with all your favorite people!

Send this Let’s Celebrate the Big Day – Happy Birthday Wishes Card

6. Happy Birthday. The streamers are strung and the balloons are bright. It’s time to have some fun and celebrate your life!

Send this It’s Time to Have Some Fun! Happy Birthday Wishes Card

7. Happy Birthday. May your day be joyous and special! I hope you have lots of cake, but make sure you save some for me!

Send this I hope You Have Lots of Cake! Happy Birthday Wishes Card

8. Birthdays are nature’s way of telling us to eat more cake! Happy Birthday.

Send this Eat More Cake! Happy Birthday Wish Card

9. Happy Birthday. For the shining star on your special day, you are never very far away, for in my thoughts you always stay.

Send this Shining Star Happy Birthday Wishes Card

10. Happy Birthday. It’s time to enjoy your special day to the fullest! I hope that life brings you lots of happiness and laughter.

Send this Time to Enjoy Special Day! Happy Birthday Wishes Card

11. Happy Birthday. May this day be full of fun, happiness and laughter! Have the happiest birthday ever!

Send this Cheerful Happy Birthday Wish in the Sky Card

12. Happy Birthday. My heart explodes with joy just from knowing that you are in the world. Thanks for being you! No one else could do it better.

Send this Thanks for Being You! Happy Birthday Wishes Card

13. Happy Birthday. Every spin around the sun brings new opportunities, new delights, and new chances to become you very best self. May the coming year be full of peace and enlightenment!

Send this Have a Peaceful Year! Happy Birthday Wishes Card

14. Happy Birthday. Pop like the cork and rise like bubbly. This always, but on your birthday, doubly.

Send this Champagne Bubbles- Happy Birthday Card for Everyone

15. Happy Birthday. Celebrate by drinking in all the special moments of today!

Send this Drink in The Moment – Happy Birthday Card for Everyone

16. Happy Birthday. From a bunch of wild crazy party animals, to a like minded soul!

Send this Party Animals – Happy Birthday Card for Everyone

17. Happy Birthday. Reach for the stars! May this birthday be the best and brightest you’ve had yet!

Send this Reach for the Stars – Happy Birthday Card for Everyone

18. Happy Birthday. Close your eyes tight, Get your wish right! Inhale a big breath, Let fate do the rest!

Send this Make A Wish – Happy Birthday Card for Everyone

19. Happy Birthday. To the twisted colorful confection atop the perfect cake that is my life! May today be as delicious to you, as you are to me!

Send this Neon Cupcakes – Happy Birthday Card for Everyone

20. Happy Birthday. To a golden-hued, sparkle. spangled superstar! If well wishes were candles, we’d see your cake from space!

Send this To a Golden-Hued – Happy Birthday Card for Nephew

21. Happy Birthday. My wish for you is to have the best day! May everything happen the way that you say! And now it’s your turn, to blow the lights out, watch for candle burn, and make this one count!

Send this Make a Wish Candles – Happy Birthday Card for Everyone

22. Happy Birthday. Another wonderful year of life draws to a close, sparking the beginning to a new year of fun and adventure!

Send this Balloon Drop – Happy Birthday Card for Everyone

23. Happy Birthday. Here’s to the light within that shines throughout your life! We can’t celebrate you, without thanking you for all you do!

Send this Starburst – Happy Birthday Card for Everyone

24. Roses are red, Violets are blue, Sugar is sweet, And goodness gracious so are you! Happy Birthday

Send this Sweet Cupcake – Happy Birthday Card for Everyone

25. Happy Birthday. Twinkle Twinkle Birthday Star, I do wonder how you are, Up above the world you shine, Like a diamond from a mine!

Send this Shining Birthday Star – Happy Birthday Card for Everyone

26. Happy Birthday. You lift my spirits. You buoy my heart. You bolster my resolve. You inspire me to art. You grant me calm. You hear what I say. For my soul, you’re a balm. Happy Birthday!

Send this Gratitude – Happy Birthday Card for Everyone

27. Happy Birthday. Some balloons are red. Some streamers are blue. Your friendship’s a party. Happy Birthday to You!

Send this Streamers and Balloons – Birthday Card for Everyone

28. Happy Birthday. It’s time to celebrate! From cake to wishes to a million hugs, I hope you get everything you wanted today.

Send this Million Hugs! Happy Birthday Card

29. Happy Birthday. Presents, presents everywhere! And I can’t think of anyone as deserving of them as you!

Send this Presents Everywhere – Happy Birthday Card

30. Happy Birthday. I’m wishing you peace and happiness on your birthday! May it be filled with all the small things that matter.

Send this Wishing You Peace – Happy Birthday Card

31. Happy Birthday. You’re sweet as candy! I wish you a birthday as sweet and colorful as you! Enjoy yourself today and all week too!

Send this Sweet as Candy – Happy Birthday Card

32. Happy Birthday. To one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met, here’s three birthday treats for you! Make a wish for each cupcake!

Send this Three Colors Cupcake – Happy Birthday Card

33. Happy Birthday. I know big parties aren’t your thing and you prefer quiet affairs. But I still wanted to make sure you knew that I was wishing you an excellent birthday!

Send this Wishing an Excellent Day – Happy Birthday Card

34. Happy Birthday To You! Today is all about you. Your achievements, your goodness, your gentle heart. Go out and celebrate your birthday!

Send this Today is All About You – Happy Birthday Card

35. Happy Birthday. The table is blue, the wrapping is pink. It’s your special day, so I’ll pay for your drink!

Send this Make it Special One – Happy Birthday Card

36. Happy Birthday. You’re amazing, fun, and sweet. I hope this year is your best birthday yet!

Send this You’re Amazing – Happy Birthday Card

37. Happy Birthday. Up, up and away! The higher balloons go, the more likely the birthday wishes they carry will come true. I’m giving them all my energy to go as high as they can.

Send this Colorful Balloons in the Sky – Happy Birthday Card

38. Happy Birthday. May the stars align, in the sky and on this cake, to give you the perfect birthday this year.

Send this Have a Perfect Year – Happy Birthday Card

39. Happy Birthday. Take a deep breath and BLOW! I know you can get all the candles and trigger your birthday wish. Make it a great one!

Send this Make it a Great One – Happy Birthday Card

40. Happy Birthday. In the dark moments, your light has been an anchor. Stay happy, stay awesome, and have a fantastic birthday.

Send this Stay Awesome! Happy Birthday Card

41. Happy Birthday. From one introvert to another, I’m coming out from my hiding place to wish you an amazing birthday! I hope it’s everything you desire.

Send this Such a Cute Gift! Happy Birthday Card

42. Happy Birthday. I know behind your passive face, you are always trying to hide how excited you are. Well never fear! Your birthday is your day to let loose and enjoy!

Send this Let Loose – Happy Birthday Card

43. Happy Birthday. As you build up the layers of your life, remember to look back to reflect and be proud of yourself and all your accomplishments.

Send this Be Proud of Yourself – Happy Birthday Card for Everyone

44. Happy Birthday. Here’s hoping you get to spend your special day surrounded by the ones who lift you up! The ones who love you the most!

Send this Balloon Border – Happy Birthday Card for Everyone

45. Happy Birthday To You. It’s another year, another birthday, and another reason to celebrate you! Have a sensational day, one that you will always remember.

Send this It’s Another Year! Happy Birthday Card

46. Happy Birthday. Grab a glass of champagne and a party hat and let’s get this party started! Wishing you an exciting day and a fabulous year.

Send this Let’s Get This Party Started – Happy Birthday Card

47. Happy Birthday. No matter what your age, never stop having fun, dreaming, or enjoying each day that comes your way! Have a beautiful birthday and a great celebration.

Send this A Great Celebration – Happy Birthday Card

48. Happy Birthday. Sending you special birthday candles this year in hopes that all your birthday wishes come true. Have a great day!

Send this Special Candles – Happy Birthday Card

49. Happy Birthday. Hope you have a fun-filled, memorable, relaxing, joyous, exciting day! You deserve it!

Send this The Perfect Day – Happy Birthday Card

50. Happy Birthday. On this very day, I send to you a special wish for you to have a terrific day! Along with this, I send some cheer, and hope you have a fun celebration and a fantastic year!

Send this Celebration Cupcake – Happy Birthday Card

51. Happy Birthday. A cheers to you on your very special day! May your celebration be all that you have been hoping for, and much more. Have fun!

Send this Cheers to You! Beer Happy Birthday Card

52. Happy Birthday To You. Wishing you a fun and joyous day that you will always remember, and hoping you realize just how awesome you really are! Enjoy your big day!

Send this A Joyous Day! Happy Birthday Card

53. Happy Birthday. Birthdays come but once a year, so take this time to have an outstanding day doing the things you love in life. Remember that this is a time to celebrate you and all your amazing accomplishments!

Send this Celebrating You – Happy Birthday Card

54. Happy Birthday. Sending you some birthday cheer because your special day is finally here! Hope your day is filled with fun and the best birthday cake ever!

Send this Best Cake Ever – Happy Birthday Card

55. Happy Birthday. Sending spectacular celebration balloons your way in hopes of adding extra joy to your special day. Have a wonderful birthday.

Send this Celebration Balloons – Happy Birthday Card

56. Happy Birthday. Get ready to have a great day because it’s going to be all about you! Hoping your birthday is filled with lots of presents, good friends, and family. This is just the start of another amazing year!

Send this Fabulous Presents – Happy Birthday Card

57. Happy Birthday. Today is your big day! I wish you a happy and fun celebration with lots of great treats. Enjoy!

Send this Spectacular Cupcakes! Happy Birthday Card

58. Happy Birthday. I’m hoping your day is as wonderful as you are, and that you take some time all for yourself to do the things that mean the most to you. Have an absolutely fantastic and fun birthday.

Send this Festive & Sparkle Balloons – Happy Birthday Card

59. Happy Birthday. Your big day is finally here! Have a glass of wine and let the fun begin. Wishing you an exceptional time and a terrific to come. Enjoy!

Send this Enjoy the Wine! Happy Birthday Card

60. Happy Birthday. Hope the excitement of the day makes you realize just how very important you are to others. Have a fantastic time no matter what you do!

Send this Colorful Balloons – Happy Birthday Card

61. Happy Birthday. Today is the day that you won’t have to do anything except have fun, open great presents, and be the center of attention. Enjoy this day!

Send this Festive Party Hats – Happy Birthday Card

62. Happy Birthday

Send this Beautiful Decorated Cake – Happy Birthday Card

63. Happy Birthday! Hope You Have a Great Day!

Send this Butterfly Cupcake – Happy Birthday Card

64. Happy Birthday to someone special! Always remember that you deserve the very best, especially on your big day!

Send this You Deserve the Best – Happy Birthday Card

65. Happy Birthday! Celebrate in style, live life to the fullest, and enjoy life. You certainly deserve it!

Send this Celebrate in Style – Happy Birthday Card

66. Happy Birthday To You!

Send this Colorful Festive Fireworks – Happy Birthday Card

67. Happy Birthday. I hope you have an excellent day!

Send this Fun Balloons – Happy Birthday

68. Happy Birthday. Wishing you a very lovely day and a great year ahead.

Send this A Cherry Cupcake for You! Happy Birthday Card

69. Happy Birthday to a very special and awesome person

Send this Presents & Balloons – Happy Birthday Card

70. Happy Birthday

Send this Pretty Cupcake – Happy Birthday Card

71. Happy Birthday to you!

Send this Adorable Puppy & Flowers – Happy Birthday Card

72. Happy Birthday. Wishing you a lovely day that’s filled with all that you hold dear in life.

Send this Butterflies & Flowers – Happy Birthday Card

73. Happy Birthday. May your day be filled with all the pleasant things in life and this coming year be your most fabulous one yet!

Send this Cute Birds & Balloons – Happy Birthday Card

74. Happy Birthday To You

Send this Time for Festive Fireworks – Happy Birthday Card

75. Happy Birthday To You!

Send this Stars & Balloons – Happy Birthday Card

76. Happy Birthday. It’s your big day. Enjoy every single minute of it!

Send this Fun Gift Boxes with Bows – Happy Birthday Card

77. Happy Birthday

Send this Perfect Cake & Candles – Happy Birthday Card

78. Happy Birthday

Send this Cupcake & Swirls – Happy Birthday Card

79. Happy Birthday. It’s your day to make a wish!

Send this Colorful Celebration Candles – Happy Birthday Card

80. Wishing you the most spectacular day and an exceptional year ahead!

Send this Pretty Flowers & Balloons – Happy Birthday Card

81. Happy Birthday

Send this Sparkling Celebration Cake – Happy Birthday Card

82. Happy Birthday. Sending wishes your way for you to have a fun and fabulous day!

Send this Fun & Fabulous Candles – Happy Birthday Card

83. Wishing you a beautiful relaxing day filled with all the things you love in life.

Send this Cute & Colorful Cat – Happy Birthday Card

84. Happy Birthday. Wishing for you a fabulous gourmet cupcake kind of day.

Send this Fabulous Gourmet Cupcakes – Happy Birthday Card

85. Happy Birthday. Wishing you a day that is as lovely as you are.

Send this Lovely Flowers for You – Happy Birthday Card

Gifts, decorations, and cake are the most popular parts of birthday celebrations, but they aren’t the best parts. Instead, the time we spend with our loved ones, the memories we make with them, and the love we build between us are the dearest parts of any celebration. To wish your loved ones a “Happy Birthday” and many more years of happiness, choose one of our best birthday wishes for their special day!

To celebrate your next holiday or birthday, be sure to visit our website for more articles with our best birthday wishes for any occasion!

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Lovely Happy Birthday Quotes images Telling someone happy birthday wishes is the very best.

wishes happy birthday images
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