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Wishes for someone in hospital
April 21, 2019 Anniversary Wishes 3 comments

There's the need to fuse your happy birthday message with a heartfelt Dear friend and colleague, here is to wishing you a very fast recovery.

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Brighten their day with these get well wishes and message ideas from co- worker or neighbor confined to a hospital or home because of an injury or illness. also make a nice, uplifting message for someone you know well.

How to Write Meaningful Thinking of You Card Messages

wishes for someone in hospital

Friends and loved ones who are unfortunate to find themselves under the weather will surely need a little bit of inspiration to recover from their illness. If you are finding it thorny to come up with a heartfelt get well soon message for your loved one, then you should not both erat all, because here on this page, we have provided you with an avalanche of inspiring messages to send to someone in the hospital.

Messages to Send to Someone in Hospital

Hope you feel better soon because we all miss your amazing presence here. Our sincerest of wishes is that you can overcome this illness and come back home swiftly.

Our genuine prayers are with you as you pull through this ill-fated sickness. Wishing you a hurried recovery, dear!

My deepest thoughts are with you and as you wrestle your way to overcome this illness. I hope that you recover soon and return to work much stronger and happier.

As you go through this turbulent moment, I want to let you know that my thoughts are sincere with you and that I pray that you get well soon.

Your sickness has made me sad and has brought heaviness into my heart. I am missing you I wish that you recover soon.

I just want to assure you that I will be by your side through this tough moment and that I promise to always stand by you. Praying that you get well soon!

Get well soon, buddy. I am praying that you recover fast and get back on your feet swiftly so that you go back to doing the things you love the most. I trust that you have all the strength to rise above this sickness.

I will shower you all my support, care, and love, whiles I say a prayer to the Lord to heal you from this unfortunate disease. Wishing you a fast, fast recovery!

It breaks my heart to hear that you are under the weather. I pray for you to hurriedly to being healthy and happy, dear friend.

I am sending my earnest of prayers your way and I hope that you get well rapidly and to healthy and with great smiles on your face.

In this time of need, I assure you of my full support and also my heartfelt prayers are with you so that you can quickly recover from this illness. I wish that you return to your happy days once again.

May the Lord ease your pains and comfort you in your battle against this sickness. Recover speedily so that you can come back home stronger and happier.

Honey, I hope you get back to feeling better and happier once again because I am indeed missing your presence. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

Looking forward to seeing you overcome this unfavorable illness and coming back to work absence is quite boring for me. Recover fast dear.

Here’s to wishing you a speedier and a steadier recovery as you look forward to returning to your usual healthy and smiley days.

Wishing you all the love and strength that you need in order to get back to full fitness! Hope you get back sooner rather than later because we can’t wait to see you back and healthy again.

I am sending you hugs, love, and prayers so that you can quickly pull through this sickness and come back home swiftly. Take care, and remember that we love you.

May God be with you during your recovery process and beyond. Hope to see you out of the hospital and back to your usual healthy and incredible self again.

Get better, get stronger and come back home soon because we are all missing you. We send our sincerest of prayers for a fast healing.

Though things are tough right now, you should be strong and have faith in the Lord, for I believe you will prevail over this illness and come back home stronger and in good health.

Please be strong and have trust in the Supreme Being for there is no sickness on this earth that is greater than Him. Recover quickly and I hope you return from the hospital soon.

Sorry to hear about your injury. Have some rest and I pray that you get well soon so that you can come back stronger.

I hope you feel really better because I am sending you my sincerest of prayers and heaps of cheer up hugs.

Believe me, you are heading for victory over this illness and you will do so speedily and return to the happy you that you used to be.

I hope the Doctors take really good care of you because you are my angel and I want you back home safe and sound. Get well soon, darling.

No matter what happens and where you are, you can always count on me for my unconditional support. In the meantime, I am saying special prayers for your recovery.

I am so depressed and sorry to know about your diagnosis. I hope you recuperate soon and I send you lots of love and exceptional prayers.

May the healing hand of the Heavenly Father be present throughout this unfortunate time of your sickness. I pray the Lord restores you back to healthiness really soon.

I want you to know that I am thinking about you right now and I am praying that you get your restoration back so that you can be discharged from hospital soon. Happy healing.

I am trying my best to help out in whatever way I can so that you can get well and come back to work because I truly miss you. Wishing you the fastest of revival.

I am thinking about you every moment and I am praying for your recuperation every minute. I just hope that you get over this condition in the shortest possible time. We just miss your influential presence.

I pray that you get your healing quickly and that you are surrounded by love in your battle over this unfortunate condition. My very best wishes as you recover.

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Get Well Wishes

wishes for someone in hospital

You have probably experienced getting sick for once in your life and thus, you knew how depressing the experience is.

So if you knew of a friend, family member, colleague, or anyone who has gotten sick, why don’t you send over some get well soon wishes to somehow help the person to feel better?

If you cannot formulate your own words to say, here are the top 70 get well soon wishes that you can use.

I received a message that you are currently in the hospital and I feel sad about it. I just hope your doctor will release you soon because we need you more than your doctor does! Get better soon dear, cheer up!

It has been great seeing you every day and hearing your laughter and giggles. Thus, I feel sad not seeing you lately. Everyone here misses you a lot and we pray for your fast recovery so we could hang out with you again soon.


Nothing has been the same since you have become ill. So we hope you will fell good soon, because we truly miss you here!

Fell better soon my dear! Your friends and family miss you a lot and we all look forward for your return. So take good care and always listen to what your doctor says.

Everyone is itching to see your happy face again, so fell better soon!

The most important thing to remember during an illness is to not lose your heart, our wishes are with you!

Your absence has created a black hole in my life and I can’t live a single day without thinking of you, so get well soon dear!

35 Get Well Soon Messages

How to say get better to lift the spirit and moral of one in need? Well pretty much easy with these heartfelt collection of messages for getting well as soon as possible.

You’re too pretty to look that sick, so get ready to do some makeup and look pretty as you’re going to get well soon!

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Have a great day and enjoy in your life!

I heard from someone that you got sick and I want you to know that I only wish for your quick recovery. Always know that I am every day praying for you.

Your absence has created a vacuum and we are terribly missing you a lot. You certainly have made a great difference in our lives and we want you to know that we only wish for your speedy recovery.

I was sadden when I found out you were ill. That’s why I brought you a bouquet of flowers as a sign of my love and care and a strong hope for your fast recovery as well. Fell good soon.

Your absence is truly disturbing. I cannot wait to see you feeling better again. Get well soon!

People here have been missing you a lot. Please recover quickly as we can’t wait to have you around. Get better soon!

You might feel sad right now but I want you to know that we are here, continuously praying for you. Get better soon, for we can’t wait to see you.

I am really sorry to hear that you are sick. I just hope and pray that your recovery is quick. See you soon!

Fell good soon. I really hope to see you back in the swing very soon.


Sending you well wishes for your fast recovery and an amazing good health ahead.

I know you are sad, but look outside your window for the sun is shining brightly for you, telling you that you will get better soon.

Best Get Well Soon Messages

60 Funny Get Well Wishes

Hope you feel better soon messages

Get Well Soon Messages for Family

60 Feel Better Soon Quotes

From dawn until dusk, I only pray for your quick recovery and good health.

Get Well Soon Wishes for Friend

Don’t let your friend feel down and sad, just because he is human and can get sick sometimes or hurt. Send him these wishes for getting better to get him back on his feet.

Hey buddy, cheer up! We know you will get better soon. We certainly miss you a lot.

Like a withering flower, you are lying helpless, so I pray that you’ll get back to health soon!

I just sent you a booster for your health, be sure to use it!

I wish God made something so that can share your health with someone, because I wouldn’t mind to do that to see you smile! Fell better soon!

I just sent you some flowers, and they contain my wishes for you to fell better soon!

Fell good soon my friend so you can go back to bringing brightness and delight to everyone of us.

I greatly miss you, dear. But even greater is the fact that you have missed something special here. Get better soon and come home to decorate your life with lots of rainbow colors and brightness… I just can’t wait to see you!


I am really missing you badly, so here’s wishing you a speedy recovery. Get better soon!

My heart sank when I received the news about your ill health. I wish that you could recover soon and remain strong and healthy forever. I wish you so much my friend.

There are several reasons why we are so worried about you and one of this is because we terribly love you. You are such an amazing friend and we certainly need you back in here. Get well soon for we truly miss you!

Seeing you recover sooner than you think is what my prayer ever since I heard about your sickness. So cheer up and swing back to life soon for I really miss you, my friend.


May good health envelop you and lead you to a quick recovery. Fell good soon!

The little flowers outside are rising and blooming and this is God’s way of saying that you will get better sooner than you think.

Cheer up for we want to see you happy and bright. Fell better soon, we miss you!

Hey buddy, fell better soon. I promise to continue to pay for your good health and fast recovery.

My dear friend, I feel sad seeing you lying on the hospital bed. But I know you will get better soon and I cannot wait to see you to be back to being fit, healthy and strong!

I wish I am a magician so I can transform you to be fit and healthy in just a wave of a wand. Fell good soon!

Dear friend, please get well fast so we can go back to playing once again for I am missing you so badly. I love you.

Hey buddy, cheer up and be ready for it is time for you to get better soon. I miss you!

If you fell that God is rubbing you against rocks, don’t lose hope, because He’s polishing a diamond! Get better soon dear!

The bed feels like a sad place without you, so come back to home soon!

I’m missing my friend who always joins when I tell lies to people, so fell good soon!

I sent you a recovery cards, as studies have proved that a card from your friend increases the rate of recovery! So I hope you get back to health in a day now!

Get Well Soon Quotes and Messages

Sometimes it is best to use what other wise people have said, and wrap it in get well card. This is bulletproofed and will definitely help one in need.

I hope you will get better soon so you will once again be able to experience all the fun and laughter that life has to offer.

Fell better soon. I pray that you will soon be back to playing and partying, because we miss your great company.

I am eagerly waiting for your fast recovery so my days will be lively again. Get well soon, I miss you.

Please recover well so you can be back to being strong and sound. Rest well enough so you can walk back to the path of good health.

Here’s wishing you all the best with your fast recovery. Please use this restful time to reenergize and recharge.

Funny Get Well Wishes

Here’s hoping that you will fell better soon enough! We are missing you badly and we can’t wait to have you back.

May you enjoy this time to put your feet up and fully recover! We hope that in the next few weeks, you will be back to being active and lively again. We miss you!

Fell good soon! We’re missing you so badly and we only wish for your speedy recovery!

I am really sorry to hear that you are sick. I want you to know that I always think of you especially at this time. I just hope and pray that your recovery will be a speedy one.


Our thoughts and prayers are with you as you recover from your illness. We look forward to catching up with you again soon.

May you be back to your usual self again in no time for we are missing you a lot and we hope to see you here sooner than expected! Get better soon!

At this down time, I hope that your recovery will be a relaxing one. All the best to you and I hope that you’ll get well soon.

Get better soon! May your recovery be short and easy and we want you to know that we are all thinking of you at this time and we can’t wait to hang out with you again.

Fell good soon! May your hospital stay be short and easy! Here’s wishing you a complete and restful recovery. I miss you!

We know it’s not easy, but we are positive that you will be able to recover soon. We miss you so much, so we hope that you will fell better soon.

How to Write Get Well Soon Poems

Poems are also excellent way of healing the soul, because when people are feeling bad, this also causes additional health problems. Use these get well poems ideas that will help people in need reaching higher level of hope in faster recovery.

I heard you are not feeling well. So I came here to bring you flowers and to help you make feel better, healthier and happier. Fell better soon!

Get well quick, my dear friend. For if you stay sick long enough, I might end up getting sick as well!

My heart dropped when I heard about you. I only wish that your recovery will be fast and easy. For I can’t wait for the day that you will be back to hang out with me.

I hope you will be up and partying soon for I can’t wait to hang out with you really soon. I miss you!

Everyone here is eager to have you back in action. So rise up and exercise those bones! Get well soon!

Wishing you a quick and easy recovery and perhaps, some bright cheeriness along the way! Get well soon!

Everyone is excited to see you back in action again. So please recover quickly, my dear friend.

It’s sad to see you lying down on a hospital bed. But here’s wishing you a fast recovery and a good health for the upcoming years ahead. Fell Good Soon!

I know you are in pain right now. If I have superhuman powers you will certainly be healed by now. But since I don’t have, all I can do is pray for your fast and easy recovery. Get better soon my dear friend, for I am missing you every single day.

Get better soon my dear. I am here to bring you joy and cheer. May you be able to recover soon, so we could hang out again soon!

I hope your suffering will soon be over and I cannot wait to see you recover. I miss the laughter and the joy that we share. Truth is… I miss all the memories that we have shared. Fell good soon!

It’s sad to see you suffering that bad. But I know you will soon be able to get back to your feet and bounce back. Get well soon for we miss you so bad.

I know that everyone gets sick sometimes. I just do not like to see someone so nice, suffering with some tears on the eyes. I’m really looking forward to seeing you back to your happy self again. So please cheer up so you can recover fast.

I am praying that you will have all the strength and peace… to get you through your illness. Get well soon!

I am sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. That’s why I am writing you a prescription letter to help you feel better. Cheer up dear and don’t forget to take your medicine so you will soon recover. Fell better soon.

Best Get Well Wishes for a Speedy Recovery

I hope you get better soon so you can start living your life again.

I will be your doctor until you can stand up without feeling nauseous.

I will sit at your bedside until you regain the strength to sit at mine.

Get well soon because nothing is right without you.

Count sheep in your sleep and take fluids in heaps.

When you are sick, I can barely function.

When you are sick, I can’t focus on anything else.

You won’t get a celebrity guest visit, but that won’t stop me from coming.

My world is under the weather because you are my world.

I will smother you with tender love and kindness until we beat your sickness.

I’m rooting for the day that you won’t be contaminated anymore.

Hurry up and get better so I can give you a big bear hug.

I can’t prescribe you any medicine, but I can recommend plenty of comedians for your troubles.

I’m sick without you, so at least you’re not suffering alone.

Your nose is runny and your throat is dry, but you are as beautiful as ever.

Please don’t let your sickness keep you away for too long.

Do what you can and let your good bacteria do the rest.

When you get better, we will get you soon vitamin D from the sun.

I have a 24-hour service reserved for the benefit of your health.

You were at my wedding and you better get well in time for my anniversary.

You don’t have to search for the remedy, but you do have to take the medicine.

Everyone misses you, wishing you a speedy recovery.

It’s not your fault for getting sick, but I blame you if you don’t try to get better.

It’s not your birthday, but I will punch you out of joy when you are well again.

Get Well Wishes for Cancer: What to Say and What Not to Say Just be supportive and comforting, as a friend should. If you're When a friend or loved one is sick, maybe in hospital, you may want to reach out in some way.

140 Uplifting Get Well Soon Wishes, Messages and Quotes To Make Someone Feel Better

wishes for someone in hospital

If you've done end of life planning, you likely have a document in which you appoint someone to make medical decisions for you if you cannot make them yourself. It also probably communicates your wishes regarding medical treatment in case you cannot make those decisions yourself. Taking this step should be enough to ensure your end of life wishes are followed, but sadly, this is not always the case.  

In a recent court case out of Morris County, New Jersey, a family is suing a hospital who allegedly resuscitated a woman against her wishes. The lawsuit alleged that the plaintiff, Suzanne Stica, had signed “do not resuscitate” and “do not intubate” orders prior to her admission to Morristown Medical Center. During her stay, Ms. Stica went into cardiac arrest and, despite her previous instructions, was resuscitated and intubated. Ms. Stica survived another six months during which time her quality of life was severely diminished. The hospital moved for summary judgment, a legal mechanism to end a lawsuit.  

The judge denied the motion and indicated that there may be a cause of action in court for “wrongful prolongation of life.” This notion of “wrongful prolonged life” is a new notion in New Jersey. Courts have historically recognized wrongful death, wrongful life, and wrongful birth as valid causes of action, but wrongful prolonged life is fairly new to the scene. 

So, what does this mean for those of us trying our best to make sure our and our loved one's end-of-life wishes are heeded? It means that we must continue to be diligent. It means that we must make sure our documents accurately reflect our wishes. It means that we need to give copies of these documents to our physicians and bring them with us is we ever find our selveshaving to stay in a hospital. And it means that we need to communicate our wishes to our physicians. This means not merely handing your doctor the document but having a conversation with your healthcare provider to make sure you're wishes are understood. While none of these methods is foolproof, they could help ensure that you don't find yourself in a situation where your wishes are not followed.  

It also likely means that doctors and hospitals are more likely to pay very close attention to legal documents that express wishes, even if those wishes are not clear or they have changed recently. It is therefore more important than ever that you have healthcare decision making documents in place, especially one appointing a person to make decisions for you. There is a split in opinion about the merits of a document naming specific health care wishes – they have a tendency to age poorly as technology and a person's preferences evolve, even though they do provide very clear and specific guidance and reduce the need for uncomfortable conversations. 

Whether you have a loved one who you believe has had their end-of-life wishes ignored, or you are just trying to make sure your own healthcare documents are in order, please give us a call so we can help you.

Whether you have a loved one who you believe has had their end-of-life wishes ignored, or you are just trying to make sure your own healthcare documents are in order, please give us a call so we can help you.

Brighten their day with these get well wishes and message ideas from co- worker or neighbor confined to a hospital or home because of an injury or illness. also make a nice, uplifting message for someone you know well.

wishes for someone in hospital
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