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Wishes for pregnancy quotes
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These touching baby shower wishes and messages should do the trick. Don't miss out on these cute baby shower quotes for cards or a fun.

Sending new baby wishes with a beautiful bouquet of flowers is a wonderful gift to give; welcoming a child to the world and congratulating the parents on the new addition to their family.

Thinking of what to write on the message card that accompanies the new baby flowers however can be a bit tricky, a simple “congratulations” might not seem enough, so to help and inspire you we have compiled a list of some of our favourite new baby wishes. Feel free to pick the one you like the most and use that, or use the list as inspiration for your own.

New baby wishes - message ideas to inspire you

  • Welcome to the world. We can’t wait to meet you.
  • Wishing you all a lifetime of love, health and happiness together.
  • Enjoy this special time. It passes so quickly.
  • I know you'll be a wonderful mother.
  • May God bless you and your precious new baby!
  • Here's a special little something for your little something special. Congratulations!
  • For all the joy and smiles they bring, a new baby is worth everything.
  • A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for.
  • Welcome to the family!
  • A wee bit of heaven came from above. A handful of happiness, a heart full of love
  • Congratulations! With a new baby in the house, you must be so excited you can barely sleep!
  • Now you're on the night shift! The hours may be terrible, but the benefits are terrific.
  • Two little darlings instead of one.  Twice the joy and twice the fun!
  • A tiny angel sent from above, has come to fill our hearts with love
  • May God bless you and protect you every day of your life
  • Goodbye tummy. Hello Mummy!
  • Welcome little one.
  • To hug and to hold from this day forward.
  • Wishing you lots of sleep and special times together.
  • Wishing you all lots of love as you start life as a new family.
  • Congratulations to proud new parents! May these tiny feet tiptoe with love into your hearts and stay there forever!
  • Your baby is born with so much luck because they have the best parents in the whole world.

Messages for when a new baby arrives into the world, sent with flowers make wonderful gifts. If you know someone who is feeling over the moon with excitment at home or in hospital, sending them a bright bouquet of flowers to can work wonders. Our most popular new baby gifts are our brilliant gift sets, which can either have a bear, balloon or chocs.

Knowing what to write on card messages to accompany a gift can be challenging, but we are here to help. When someone has been through something as exciting as bringing a new baby into the world the message that goes along with the gift has to be perfect! The message will be the thing that will outlast the gift. We hope that one of our new baby card messages inspire you to write the perfect message.

A baby shower is an adorable tradition where the mom-to-be is showered with blessings and gifts. It is usually held four to six weeks before the.

34 Hilariously Honest Cards For Pregnant Moms-To-Be

wishes for pregnancy quotes

Cute Pregnancy Announcement Quotes: Pregnancy is one of the dreams in a woman’s life. It brings happiness and joy. It’s an experience that you cannot describe in words. The joy of some new being growing inside you is overwhelming. The news of you being pregnant means is big news especially to your husband, family members and friends who are really close to you.

Once you discover you are pregnant, you want to announce your pregnancy. The first person you want to know is your husband, then your family members and friends who are close to you.

If you want to break the good news you need some creative, cute or funny pregnancy announcement messages. There are times you cannot find the perfect pregnancy announcement wording or phrases to announce pregnancy. That’s why we are going to look at pregnancy announcements quotes, pregnancy announcement sayings, funny pregnancy announcement quotes, pregnancy captions, quotes on expecting a baby and more that you can use to announce your pregnancy on social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, SMS.


Cute Pregnancy Announcement Quotes

One extra member on the way, our family is growing bigger. I am so excited, arriving in a few months time.

I want it to be a surprise, blue or pink? We are so excited, can’t wait for the delivery day.

We are already bonded even if we have not met. I am expectant.

A baby fills your heart with happiness; a place you never knew was empty.

Can’t wait to hold him on my hands, on [due date] our little baby is arriving.

I am so excited, can’t wait to welcome the new baby into the family.

Pregnancy Announcement Sayings

I am so happy; I am going to have a baby sister to play with. Mom and daddy are also very excited. I could not wait to share the news with you.

Guess the reason of my beauty, I am pregnant, can’t wait to hold the little one in my hands.

So lovely, feels like I am flying, our family is growing. The little one will be here soon.

We have been waiting for this day for so long. We are happy to announce that we are expecting a baby.

A child is the excitement of a family, we are expecting ours [due date]

Believe in what you see, our baby will come dressed in blue. I am pregnant.

Baby Announcement Quotes

We have been blessed, my dear wife is expecting a baby boy, and we would like to share this joy with you.

You can’t believe how excited my husband is, the best is yet to come [due date]

What a beautiful gift from God, waiting to hold her from [due date]. We are so excited.

It is a blessing to feel my stomach growing, there is a little one coming soon. It is an exciting feeling.

A bubble of joy is coming soon… in nine months time

She has brought so much happiness into your hearts, happiness we never knew it existed. Its a baby girl.

We are expecting the baby to arrive any time soon, everything is in place.

A cute little bundle, a new baby boy has arrived. Life has not been the same; he has brought us all the joy in life and touched our soul.

Finally we did it; we are blessed to have a baby girl.

The day is finally here, after waiting for nine months. It’s a baby boy.

Pregnancy Announcement Messages

It has been my dream, my heart is filled with happiness, and it is now at peace because I am expecting a baby boy. I can’t wait to hold him on my arms.

We take this moment to break the news on what will change our life forever. It will bring joy and happiness into our home. A little one will be arriving soon.

Parents to be, we are expecting a son.

It is a miracle, after all these years, we are expecting our first child in a few months time.

It is our first time; we are proudly announcing the addition of a new member into our family in a few months time.

We wished to have a baby, God has answered our prayers, we are expecting baby

Pregnancy Announcement Wording

Family and friends, we have a big announcement to make, my husband and I are going to become parents soon. We are very excited for the change that will happen in our life.

There is no better feeling that the kicks inside me

We are just a few months away from receiving the best gift ever in our life. My husband is so happy. Come let’s welcome the baby together.

The bundle of joy is on its way, it is full of happiness and joy. I am pregnant.

We started a family of two, soon we will be three. We are so excited.

The best things in life are always not revealed very fast. They come in small packages filled with joy and love. We are so happy to announce the arrival of our baby boy.

Soon our home will be full of guests and all because of happiness that will be it in. we are expecting a baby.

It’s that time that we can’t hold the news any longer, we are expecting a baby, but we will wait it to be a surprise to know if it’s a boy or girl. The expected due date is [date]

Funny Pregnancy Announcement Quotes

My clothes are already getting smaller, I can’t figure out why, buy I can see my tummy is growing, and I am gaining weight. I am going to be a mother.

The joy is overwhelming; sooner or later I will not be able to hide it. I am announcing pregnancy so that we can count together.

I always wondered what it felt like being pregnant, Imagine now I know!

I think I have superpowers; I am growing a human being.

We are no longer trying to be get pregnant, the efforts are already successful.

We can’t wait to welcome the new member in our family in [month of due date]!

We will be welcoming our bundle of joy on [date]. I can’t wait for the baby to arrive, to see if he looks like me.

Social Media Pregnancy Announcement Wording

It’s time to add an extra place to our family table, it’s time we celebrate the good news. I am expecting a new member into the family.

I had a happy life, but it was not complete. Soon it will be complete, I am blessed to be pregnant, and soon I will be delivering the precious gift.

I feel like I am flying, the good news is here with us, I am expectant. The bundle of joy countdown begins now.

The journey to motherhood has finally begun. I can already feel the tummy growing. I feel so excited. Hope the nine months will be the best.

I can no longer hide the joy, this is the best gift ever, and the countdown to nine months begins now.

I can’t find the right words to express how I feel, the joy inside me. It’s now official I am expecting a baby.

This is the most amazing experience I have ever had. I will soon be a parent. I can’t want to welcome my bundle of joy.

Soon we are going to buy an extra bed for someone special who will be arriving in a few months time. I am so happy. I’m pregnant!

Hope you have found the right Cute Pregnancy Announcement Quotes, or message to share. Announce your pregnancy in style with these Pregnancy Announcement wordings, Sayings, quotes and messages.

If you find these messages, wishes, quotes & Poems useful and lovely, kindly share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. Thanks You for Doing so.
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Pregnancy Congratulations Messages

wishes for pregnancy quotes

Pregnancy is a life changing event. The arrival of a new baby brings so many amazing and wonderful experiences. It’s also extremely challenging, and can even be frightening. During a couple’s or soon-to-be mothers pregnancy they might need support and reassurance, or just a friend to cheer them up. A way to show your support or just acknowledge their joyous news is to send them a card. And in that card you can include a pregnancy congratulations message or good luck wishes.

A lovely card congratulating a couple or mom on a pregnancy can let them know you’re there for them, offer support or help, amuse them or just offer your congratulations and best wishes. It may seem trivial but small gestures can have big impacts.

So use one or more of the pregnancy congratulations messages below.

Table of Contents

Pregnancy Wishes

Use these messages to wish the new mother or couple congratulations and good luck on their pregnancy and upcoming new baby.

  • Congratulations on the miracle that is pregnancy
  • Wishing You a happy healthy pregnancy and delivery
  • I can’t believe the good news! I’m so happy for you, congratulations!
  • I know you’re going to make a brilliant mom! Congratulations on the amazing news
  • Congratulations and best wishes on the joyous news
  • You’re in for a wild ride. But the most incredible, joy filled one. Congratulations on the amazing news
  • Congratulations! If you need any help don’t hesitate to get in touch
  • We can’t wait to meet the new arrival. Congrats
  • Our family will have a new member soon, we’re so excited! Congratulations
  • We know your going to be great parents. Best wishes
  • A baby is a blessing from God. Your little one is already blessed with great parents
  • You have been blessed with a new baby and we couldn’t be more excited for you. Enjoy motherhood
  • You’re going to get experience all the incredible and exciting things a new baby brings. Enjoy it all, it doesn’t last forever
  • Please accept our warmest congratulations and wishes for your pregnancy
  • What an exciting time in your life and one we’re so glad to be a part of. Congratulations!
  • I couldn’t believe it when I heard it! Well done, I’m so happy for you!!
  • We’d guessed something like this might be coming but now it’s confirmed we’re so pleased! Congratulations!
  • You’re having a baby! Congratulations!
  • We’ve popped the champagne and started celebrating. Congratulations
  • Having a baby is the gift of God, it is one of the best blessings given by the Lord. Congratulations.

Funny Pregnancy Messages

Want to make the new mom/couple laugh? Have something witty or humorous to say about pregnancy? Then you might want to use something funny in your pregnancy congratulations card. If so then take a look at the funny wishes below:

  • When you are choosing a name for your baby, don’t forget the names of the important people in your life, like me!
  • The more pregnant you get, the more often strangers are going to smile at you. Why? Because you’’re fatter than they are
  • If you are worried about having enough space after the baby comes, you can get rid of your bed. You won’t be using it much for awhile, anyway
  • Your pregnancy will be a celebration for your family, disaster for your career and a calamity for your husband. Good luck and congratulations
  • Now that you are pregnant, can I borrow all your nice dresses? You won’t be able to fit in them anyways. Congratulations
  • Hello, baby! Goodbye, sleep!
  • Celebrity moms make parenting look glamorous because they are rich and can hire help for just about everything. You my dear… will be heating milk bottles and changing nappies day and night. Congratulation
  • Sit down. I think it’s time to have ‘the talk.’ Babies don’t really come from storks.
  • Pregnancy is a journey of going through many INGs including nauseatING, sweatING, bloatING, burpING, itchING, swellING and fartING. Enjoy
  • Don’t let the cuteness of a newborn fool you. Think of newborn babies as future 15-year-olds with bad attitudes
  • Being pregnant is all about putting your feet up on the couch – so that your husband can massage them. Congratulations
  • Pregnancy – the roller coaster ride which has no seat belts. Congratulation
  • Don’t worry about the difficulty of raising a child. It is just as easy as running a marathon, doing your taxes, and wrestling an octopus at the same time, every day
  • I never knew that a person who is still a baby by heart could also have a baby herself. Congratulations for your pregnancy
  • “People always say that pregnant women have a glow. And I say it’s because you’re sweating to death.” – Jessica Simpson

Be careful when writing a funny message. Some people will think that pregnancy is not the time to be joking, and may take offence. Be sure beforehand that you know the recipient well enough that they won’t be offended.

Pregnancy Quotes

These quotes about pregnancy are great to include in a card. They offer extra insight or a better way to express what you’re feeling if you can’t find the right words yourself. Try one of the selection below

  • “A baby is something you carry inside you for nine months, in your arms for three years, and in your heart until the day you die” – Mary Mason
  • “Life is a flame that is always burning itself out, but it catches fire again every time a child is born.” – George Bernard Shaw
  • “Whether your pregnancy was meticulously planned, medically coaxed, or happened by surprise, one thing is certain – your life will never be the same” – Catherine Jones
  • “Giving birth and being born brings us into the essence of creation, where the human spirit is courageous and bold and the body, a miracle of wisdom.” – Harriet Hartigan
  • “A baby fills a place in your heart that you never knew was empty.” – Unknown
  • “A baby is God’s opinion that life should go on.” – Carl Sandburg
  • “Making a decision to have a child–it’s momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body” – Elizabeth Stone
  • “Giving birth should be your greatest achievement not your greatest fear.” – Jane Weideman
  • “Pregnancy is a process that invites you to surrender to the unseen force behind all life” – Judy Ford
  • “There is such a special sweetness in being able to participate in creation” – Pamela Nadav

Pregnancy Poems

A sweet or touching poem is another great way to celebrate the announcement of a new baby.

  • We celebrate the coming birth
    Of an angel come to Earth,
    Resembling now a basketball,
    But soon our love, our life, our all.
  • Your eyes are bright and sparkling.
    Your cheeks have got a glow.
    Your belly’s being touched and rubbed
    by people you don’t know.
    You’re craving weird, exotic foods
    and calories don’t matter.
    You can’t remember life without
    an elbow in your bladder.
    You’re getting medical advice
    from everyone you see
    Welcome to the joyous days
    of Motherhood-to-be.
  • These nine months may not always be bliss
    But they are the ones you would not want to miss
    So when your feet hurt and your tummy feels amiss
    Fan away and think of baby’s first big sweet slobbery kiss

Inspirational Quotes: New Baby Quotes and Parenting Quotes. Not really a.

What to Write in a Baby Shower Card? Awesome Baby Shower Wishes, Messages, and Quotes

wishes for pregnancy quotes

Congratulations for Pregnancy: Send your best wishes to be a part of a couple’s magical journey of getting pregnant and slowly inching towards becoming a mother and a father. From inspirational quotes to sweet notes to funny jokes to motivational messages – this post is a beautiful fusion of ideas which you can use to eventually write your own words. Lovely greetings are a must but don’t just stop there. Expecting a baby is too precious a journey to be marked with a measly card. Flood the expecting mommy’s Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest with the cutest posts. Let your heartfelt words be the encouragement that helps her get through the ups and downs of one of life’s most wonderful journeys.


1) Pregnancy is the only time in life when you’ll fall in love with someone you haven’t met. Congratulations.


2) Enjoy your pregnancy because it is the only time a woman can get away with burping and farting and a man can get away with blaming his wife for her irritable mood swings.


3) You have just been fired from your job of being just a woman. Congratulations for being accepted as an intern for the next nine months in your new job of being a mother.


4) Even after the nine months, to be a part of creating a new life is a thought that you will never be able to completely fathom. Congratulations for embarking upon one of life’s most precious miracles.


5) Nothing comes close to the feeling of nurturing a life inside your body. It has never been aptly described in words and it never will be. Experiencing is the only way to find out. Congratulations for getting yours.

6) Expecting a baby is just the beginning of expecting some of life’s most precious moments. Congratulations.


7) Pregnancy is when you’ll truly understand the meaning of being unconditionally caring and patiently selfless. Congratulations.


8) If pregnancy were a cocktail, it would be a mixture of two tablespoons of Romance, one tablespoon of Passion and three tablespoons of Love all mixed together in the spirit of Life. Congratulations for getting pregnant.


9) I am happy for your pregnancy but I am happier in knowing that a baby will be born in the arms of such loving parents like you. Congratulations.


10) Pregnancy will take over your life for the next nine months, to give you happiness that will last you a lifetime. Congratulations.

11) Your body will go through many changes as pregnancy has its way with you. But the biggest change will be your slow and beautiful transformation from being a woman to being a mother. Congratulations.


12) Pregnancy is a wonderful miracle, and in nine months your joys will double. Congratulations, to the happy couple.


13) For the next nine months your body is a sacred place and your womb will be the closely guarded doors protecting the little angel who will change your lives forever. Congratulations for your pregnancy.


14) In the movie of your life, pregnancy is the twist that will change it all. Congratulations.


15) Pregnancy will make you see LIFE in a whole new different way. Why? Because you will experience what it feels like to create one. Congratulations.

16) The changes in your body will last for just nine months, but the beauty of motherhood will embrace you for the rest of your life. Congratulations.


17) Expecting a baby is the hardest and the most pleasurable wait you’ll ever have in your life. Best wishes for your pregnancy.


18) The beginning of your pregnancy is when you’ll never feel alone, even if you are… for the rest of your life. Your baby’s heart will forever live within. Congratulations.


19) The craziest roller coaster ride in the world is not at Disneyland or Universal Studios – it is the nine months of pregnancy. Good luck and enjoy the twists and turns.


20) To have another life take shape inside your own body is an experience that will change you forever. Congratulations.

21) 9 months of pain, but a lifetime of gain. 9 months of sickness, but a lifetime of happiness. 9 months of pregnancy, the beginning of your own legacy. Congratulations.


22) Beautiful things will happen in your life when you understand the power of loving unconditionally, and pregnancy is just the beginning. Congratulations.


23) To be a woman is one thing. But to be a mother, is a whole new level. Congratulations for taking your first steps towards discovering a new dimension of life.


24) While you will only carry the baby in your womb for the next nine months, you will carry it in your heart for the rest of your life. Congratulations.


25) Stop reading books about babies and getting pregnant because the beautiful feeling of pregnancy is impossible to be understood in words – it can only be experienced and felt from within. Congratulations.

26) Pregnancy will change you as a person. To love yourself, you will find newer reasons. Pregnancy will take you through many twists and turns. New things about life, you will slowly learn. Pregnancy will make you realize your own worth. Feeling empowered from within, as you prepare to give birth. Congratulations.


27) The bitter-sweet pain and discomfort will be all worth it when you get life’s sweetest gift after nine months. Congratulations.


28) The most inspirational thing that pregnancy will teach you is the realization of how even pain and sickness can be gateways to lifelong happiness. Congratulations.


29) Congratulations on your pregnancy. You have just embraced motherhood – the most beautiful and life-giving journey that any has ever treaded upon.


30) This is a piece of advice for the to-be-mommy. Make the most of your nine months of pregnancy because it is the only time when you can bite into all your food cravings to put on those extra pounds without feeling an ounce of guilt. Congratulations on getting pregnant.

31) For the next nine months, you will be rounder and wider. But your life after that, will forever be prettier and happier. Congratulations.


32) The most inspirational part of your pregnancy is that you are actually creating not just a new life, but your legacy which will live on even after you are gone. Congratulations.


33) Have you ever wondered why a woman would ever want to be pregnant despite the nausea, mood swings, temper tantrums and hormonal fluctuations? You are about to find the magical answer yourself. Congratulations.


34) Metaphorically, pregnancy is Mother Nature’s way of telling you that you have finally stopped being a girl and started becoming a woman. Congratulations for becoming pregnant.


35) Congratulations for entering a period of life when you will have no periods.

36) Pregnancy is a great balance in life – it brings out the worst mood swings in a wife and the best levels of tolerance in a husband. Congratulations for getting pregnant and finding your balance.


37) Congratulations for your pregnancy. Do you know what this means? New clothes, maternity leave and lots of pampering from the daddy to-be. Enjoy being spoilt like a princess in this adorable phase of your life’s new beginnings as a mommy to-be.


38) The downsides of pregnancy including extra weight, stretch marks and hormonal fluctuations are nothing as compared the upsides which include a lifetime of love and affection of your child. Wish you a very happy pregnancy.


39) Nine months from now, your baby’s life will completely take over your own. And the first sign of this will be your profile picture on Facebook being replaced with your baby’s. xoxo


40) Pregnancy is the only time when you’ll love someone even if the kick you in your tummy and give you sleepless nights. Congratulations.

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Cute Pregnancy Announcement Quotes: Pregnancy is one of the dreams in a woman's life. It brings happiness and joy. Find Pregnancy.

wishes for pregnancy quotes
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