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Wishes for newborn boy
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Newborn baby wishes, messages and sayings. Find the best wishes and sayings Baby Shower wishes. You can find baby baskets that are for boys and girls.

Congratulations on a new baby boy

Congratulations! Now you can say goodbye to healthy sleep. But I’m sure it is worth the struggle. Your son is extremely lucky to have you as his parents. You’re going to have a great time together. 


I’m so happy to see that your family is growing! This little guy is so lucky to be a part of your life, I’m sure he will understand that later. Wishing you a lot of patience and strength. Congratulations on baby boy!


A baby is a huge responsibility, and having one can be really hard. But I’m sure you can handle it. You two were born to be parents, and I can’t wait to see how this little boy become a great man. Congratulations!


Congratulations on your newborn son! I hope that your boy will become a kind and intelligent person, just like his parents. Wishing you the best of luck and a lot of patience. You will be wonderful parents. 


I hope that babyhood will be filled with fun, love and joy! Raising a kid is hard, but it is also the biggest blessing in the world. This baby boy will grow up to be a great man. Congratulations on your newborn child!

Children are a gift from heaven above. Boy or girl, they inject unquantifiable joy into their homes. Most often, babies come speedily and.

New baby wishes: what to write in a baby card

wishes for newborn boy

Newborn Baby Congratulations Messages and Wishes

  • Congratulations! Now is the time to enjoy your baby’s little feet and baby smell. It will not be there forever, and you should take as many pictures as possible. You will want to miss a single precious moment!
  • This is a beautiful time in your life that you will never forget. The birth of your child is something that changes you indefinitely.
  • Congratulations on the arrival of your new baby! This new addition will bring you lots of cuddling, fun times and sweet memories. It will be worth the sleepless nights. All the best to your family.
  • This might be your first child, but it will certainly not be your last. I can see from your pictures that this is what you were made to do.
  • I hope you have a happy and healthy journey ahead of your family. Congratulations!
  • Having a new baby changes a wife and husband into a mommy and daddy. As you venture into parenthood together, you will become wiser and more mature, while finding a new profound love for the amazing baby you have produced. Congratulations on the birth of your baby.
  • There’s something about babies that make us smile and believe in goodwill to all humans. We feel warm and fuzzy all over and start wishing good wishes for everyone. We look forward to meeting your new baby soon.
  • May your new bundle of joy bring happiness into your life and fill a void in your heart. Take pride in loving and raising your little miracle. I know you will be the best dad you can possibly be.
  • Take the time to really enjoy your child’s infancy; after all, they do grow up so fast. Congratulations on your new life.
  • There is nothing sweeter in this world than the smell of your baby’s breath, happy coos, and gentle kisses. Congratulations on your happy bundle.
  • What to Write in a Newborn Baby Card

    • Congratulations, and welcome to the world of sleepless nights, restless days and mountains of laundry. Just remember: what doesn’t break you will make you a better person.
    • Baby Girl Wishes and Congratulation Messages
    • Congratulations on the arrival of your double barrel of fun. You have been twice blessed with your newborn twins. It’s going to be double dose of fun, laughter, love and dirty diapers. Enjoy it all!
    • Baby Boy Wishes and Congratulation Messages
    • Cheers to your growing family. We look forward to celebrating your baby’s arrival with you year after year after year.
    • Congratulation Messages to New Parents
    • Behold! A miracle has blessed your home. Congratulations on your new baby.
    • Congratulation Messages for the New Mom
    • Babies are a blessing, and you have received one. Congratulations on your little bundle of joy. May the Almighty shine His grace on your entire family!
    • Congratulation Messages for the New Dad
    • In life, it is hard to count blessings in one hand. Today, you received one of the most coveted and special gifts any parent could ever have. I wish to congratulate you and wish you well as you embark on this wonderful parenting journey.
    • The birth of a baby brings renewed hope in the future. May your family bask in enduring happiness as you embrace parenthood. Congratulations!
    • As you welcome your new baby boy, it is my wish and hope that all of the troubles of the world will disappear every time he smiles at you.
    • You have arrived. Your newborn will open a world of wonder and adventure. It will be a world filled with laughter, tears and love. Congratulations and good luck on this new journey.
    • Baby Shower Messages
    • This is always wonderful news – a new baby! We’re excited for you, and truly thankful that your new baby arrived safe and healthy. Praying for joy, peace and some quiet nights for your family.
    • Congratulations to the newest Mama and Papa Bear. Baby Bear seems is perfect!
    • Congratulation Messages to First Time Parents
    • Cheers to the new set of parents and their little babe. As you stare with wide-eyed wonder at your sweet baby, friendly reminder that a few years of wide-awake nights will follow. Enjoy it, but let us know if we can help.
    • New Baby Quotes
    • Congratulations on your newest addition. It’s really cool when you start seeing parts of yourself in your little one. It’s the ultimate reward of parenthood.
    • Congratulations! May God bless, guide and watch over you, your baby and your family!
    • Congratulations Messages for a Second Child
    • Congratulations to the proud parents who have such a sweet baby.
    • Welcome to the world, Baby ______. Know that you are loved by many.
    • Experiencing the birth of a child and watching him grow is one of life’s greatest treasures. Take it slow; before you know it, your little one will not be so little anymore.
    • There is nothing like the love a parent has for their child. We know you will be the best parents this kid could ever want. Congrats, (names).
    • You are so blessed to bring a new baby into the world, and I cannot wait to see your new sweet blessing.
    • Sending heartiest prayers to the Almighty to make the life of this baby full of color and joy.
    • Dear baby, be ready to get all of the love and pampering from your lucky parents.
    • Sending oceans of love and blessings to the newborn baby.
    • Let the life of this newborn baby be full of great achievements and success stories.
    • Happy Birthday to your little one! We know this is an exciting time for your family, and we hope you are blessed with years of happiness.
    • I hereby congratulate the parents of this newborn baby, and hope they continue to experience this incredible amount of joy in the years to come.
    • We hope this newborn baby will make all of us feel proud of her one day.
    • May you find parenthood a wonderful and rewarding experience! Congratulations!
    • Congratulations Messages  for Newborn Baby

      • Dear baby, start coloring the world with joy and happiness; it’s your job.
      • Sending inspiration to the newborn baby to rock his future ahead.
      • Sending warm wishes to the joyous family that received the gift of a newborn baby.
      • Let your newborn baby have a wonderful and blessed life.
      • Sending tons of hugs and kisses for the newborn baby.
      • Heartiest congratulations to the new parents; enjoy parenting!
      • All the best of the best wishes to you and your newborn baby.
      • Let your newborn baby make you feel proud of her one day.
      • Make your baby special, and hope you become very special to your baby one day.
      • Overload your most prized possession, your baby, with endless love.
      • Sending new dreams to the newborn baby, and new thoughts of new responsibilities to the new parents.
      • Congratulations on your newest family member! May God bless your new baby with good luck, health and wealth.
      • You can’t imagine how quickly little babies grow, so be sure to cherish every minute. . Congratulations!
      • Warm wishes to the new baby. May your little angel bring loads of love, joy, and smiles in your lives.
      • Welcome to parenthood. My best wishes are with you. Lots of love.
      • Wishing you and your new angel all the very best. Congratulations!
      • Let the Almighty shower all His blessings upon this gifted newborn baby.
      • May you cherish this special time, and may the pleasures of parenting warm your heart and fill your life with wonderful memories with your newborn.
      • Congratulations to the new Mum and Dad on the arrival of your little angel. May God bless your baby with all of His love, care and happiness.
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What to write in a newborn baby boy card

wishes for newborn boy

Image: Shutterstock

The arrival of a baby is one of the happiest moments for a family. Such occasions are meant for expressing joy and telling the family how equally delighted you are.

When your loved one has become a mother, father or a grandparent, you would love to share your best wishes with them. Be it a simple note or an SMS, such personalized wishes convey your happiness to the new parents.

If you are looking for some beautiful messages to wish a newborn, then read on as MomJunction brings you 101 newborn baby wishes.

Wishes For A Newborn Baby Boy


A little prince has arrived, and you are extremely happy for the new parents. Congratulate them and send lots of love to their bundle of joy through these newborn baby boy wishes.

Image: Shutterstock

  1. “As soon as I saw your baby boy, he gave me a big smile. Then itself I realized he is a splitting image of you. Congratulations buddy.”
  1. “Hey there, new mom! Congratulations on the arrival of the little guy. Heard he is the cutest baby in the hospital. Cannot wait to see him.”
  1. “Hey sister! Cannot believe he is here already. Thank you so much for making me an aunt. I would pamper and spoil my nephew and be called as the cool aunt. Hugs and kisses to the baby.”
  1. “Hai son! Just heard the news and I am so happy for you. It was like only yesterday you were a baby in my hands, and now you are a father. God bless my grandson.”
  1. “Congratulations on the arrival of your son! At last, all your wishes came true. May the little guy be blessed with good health, happiness, and prosperity throughout his life.”
  1. “Welcome to the latest addition to the family. He is the first boy in the family, and we cannot wait to pamper and spoil him with all our love.”
  1. “Hey sis, did you know? All nieces and nephews are brilliant, beautiful and obviously take after their uncle. Congratulations on becoming a mommy.”
  1. “I know you couldn’t wait to see your baby boy, and finally he is here. Congratulations on becoming a mom to such a cute little boy.”
  1. “Congratulations on becoming parents; he is indeed a cute and healthy boy.”
  1. “Buckle up for those sleepless nights, diaper changes and the endless joy of parenting. Welcome to the club and congratulations on the arrival of your baby boy.”

Image: Shutterstock

  1. “Finally, the day has come and your baby boy is in your hands. I am sure you will be extremely happy. Congratulations and hope to see the little prince soon.”
  1. “Your family picture is complete with the arrival of your baby boy. We know how much you anticipated his arrival. Congratulations and God bless the little man.”
  1. “Just heard the news, congratulations and all the best to you both. May your little boy grow up to be great and successful.”
  1. “Today will remain a special day for the rest of your life, as today you became a mom for the cutest little boy. Congratulations and may God bless him.”
  1. “Sending you loads of good wishes and endless love for your little prince. Congratulations on becoming a father.”
  1. “No wonder your baby boy is so cute as he got a handsome father and a beautiful mother. Congratulations on becoming parents.”
  1. “Hooray! It is a baby boy. I am so happy for you guys and cannot wait to see the little guy. Congratulations!”

Image: Shutterstock

  1. “So little, so precious. Now your days will be filled with his smiles and innocent giggles, and you cannot stop talking about him. Congrats dear and welcome to motherhood.”
  1. “I am sure the moment you got to see your precious little boy, all your pain might have vanished. Congrats on becoming a mother and all the best.”
  1. “He is a splitting image of you, and can only imagine how proud you are. Congrats on becoming a father. It is time you learned to play baseball.”
  1. “Your baby boy is a gift sent from above, and I cannot think of two more deserving people. May your little man grow up and bring you joy and happiness.”
  1. “Congratulations bestie! You are also a mommy now! Now even our children get to become best friends. Cannot wait to share the joy of motherhood with you.”

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  1. “A son is a mom’s little angel and a daddy’s little helper, congrats on the birth of your baby boy.”
  1. “Hello my dear nephew, I cannot believe you are finally here, and I cannot wait to see you. Lots of hugs, and kisses from your aunt.”
  1. “We are so happy for you. Congratulations on becoming the proud parents of a cute and handsome baby boy.”
  1. “Congrats on the arrival of your baby boy! Now you are entering into a new chapter in life. All the best to your family.”
  1. “Your boy is such a cute little one; he already stole many hearts. Congrats on becoming parents.”

Image: Shutterstock

  1. “The moment I looked at him, he gave me a sweet smile, and then I saw his cute dimples. He sure is your spitting image. Congrats dear.”
  1. “Even though we are not around to share your joy, we want to send our blessings to the newest addition of the family.”
  1. “Just heard the amazing news, congrats! I am sure you will be a great father.”
  1. “Sending loads of wishes for the new parents. Your baby boy is really lucky to have become a part of such an amazing family.”
  1. “It is difficult to say who is more blessed? Your baby for having you as his parents or you for being blessed with such a cute and cuddly boy. Congratulations!”
  1. “We wish you a lifetime of happiness with your baby boy. Congrats to both of you.”
  1. “This is such good news! Your little bundle of joy has arrived safe and sound. Congratulations and we cannot wait to see him.”
  1. “After waiting for nine months, the little prince has arrived. We cannot keep calm and are eagerly waiting for him to come home.”
  1. “Becoming parents is the most wonderful, exciting and life-changing event. May you cherish each and every moment of it with your little boy. Congrats.”
  1. “Congratulations! We just heard the news that your baby boy has arrived safe and sound. May you find parenthood to be a breeze and be able to create fond memories with your cutie.”

Image: Shutterstock

  1. “Congrats on becoming parents for the first time. It is common to feel overwhelmed, but it will be a worthwhile experience.”
  1. “The most amazing part of becoming a parent is being blessed to see a little of yourself in your baby boy every day.”
  1. “Congrats you are now a mommy! And get ready for the rollercoaster ride, which will be totally worth it.”
  1. “Your little miracle has arrived safe and sound; we remember how much you waited for this moment. May he be blessed with good health and a bright future.”
  1. “Good wishes for you and your family on the birth of your baby boy.”
  1. “Congratulations! May God bless, guide and watch over you and your baby boy.”
  1. “There is nothing more beautiful than the birth of a child. Cheers to the mom, eager dad and the prettiest boy in the world.”
  1. “A hearty welcome to the little prince.”

Wishes For New Born Baby Girl

If your dear one is blessed with a baby girl, let them know your joy by sending some heartfelt wishes.

  1. “Finally the princess has arrived. I still remember how anxious you were to meet her and I am also sure she will become your best friend. Congrats!”

Image: Shutterstock

  1. “A baby girl is a mother’s best friend and a daddy’s little princess; she will be adored and cared for by all. Congratulations on the arrival of your baby girl.”
  1. “You are one of the luckiest people to hold an angel from heaven in your arms, and I am sure she is going to make your home a paradise. Congrats dear.”
  1. “Congratulations on becoming a proud father for such an adorable baby girl.”
  1. “Get ready to chase boys away; your baby girl is sure to steal quite a few hearts.”
  1. “Hearty congrats on becoming a father. May your days be filled with joy and happiness as your little girl will grow up to become a fine lady.”
  1. “It is time to stock up teddy bears and Barbie dolls as you have been blessed with a baby doll, congrats.”
  1. “Your little princess with cute dimples is here. Congratulations on the arrival of your baby girl.”
  1. “All I can say is congrats on becoming a proud mother. I am proud of you for going through this long journey with patience.”
  1. “May your life become colorful and filled with happiness and joy because today your best friend for life has arrived. Congrats on the birth of your baby girl.”

Image: Shutterstock

  1. “Congrats brother! You are now a father to a cute little angel.”
  1. “The long wait is done, and your baby girl is in your hands. Never miss a moment of her life, as they are the epitome of joy and happiness.”
  1. “Daughters are always special; she will also be a daddy’s little girl and mommy’s best buddy. Congrats on being blessed with such an angel.”

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  1. “Start the magical journey of parenthood with your baby girl, cherish every second with her. Congratulations on becoming parents.”
  1. “Get ready for the journey of a lifetime. Becoming parents for a baby girl is the most blessed experience. Congrats to you and your family.”
  1. “Wonderful news about your new baby girl! I am sure she will bring tons of joy and happiness in your life. Congratulations and lots of love to the little princess.”
  1. “An angel from heaven has arrived, she will bring you lots of love, and she will forever hold a special place in your heart. Congrats darling on becoming a mother.”
  1. “Hey sister! Congrats and thank you for making me an uncle, I cannot wait for her to grow up so that I can teach her how to ride a bike and kick any guy who messes with her.”

Image: Shutterstock

  1. “So happy to hear the arrival of your baby girl, we are excited to be able to watch the little girl grow up and become a remarkable woman. Congratulations once again.”
  1. “The boss lady has arrived! Can’t wait to see her grow up and take over the house. She will be the apple of our eyes.”
  1. “Now you will wake up to your baby’s cooing noises and her sweet innocent smile. Cherish each and every moment with her as in a blink of an eye she will be going away to attend college. Congrats on becoming parents.”
  1. “A little one has joined you both; life must have been great when it is only the two of you. But now it is going to be even better with your little angel.”

New Baby Wishes For Grandparents

When a newborn baby has arrived, it is not only the parents but also the grandparents who will be happy to see their future generation. Use these quotes to wish such proud and happy grandparents.

  1. “Becoming a grandfather is such a joy in life. You can experience the joys of parenthood again, only this time it is less pain and more fun. Congrats on becoming grandparents.”
  1. “I know you would make the best grandma. You will love the baby more than anyone, and she will be your best friend. Congrats, grandma.”
  1. “Congrats on becoming grandparents. Now your days will be filled with joy and laughter. Enjoy this new phase of life.”
  1. “Just heard the arrival of your grandchild. I know she is lucky because she has got the best grandparents in the world.”
  1. “A grandchild brings out the inner child in you, that you never knew you had. Congrats on the arrival of the newborn baby.”

Image: Shutterstock

  1. “A grandparent’s job is to pamper, spoil and cuddle, and I am pretty sure you will do a good job. Congrats on becoming a grandparent.”
  1. “Now your peaceful retirement life will be filled with the squeals, laughter and little feet running all around. Congrats on becoming grandparents.”
  1. “Becoming a grandparent is like getting an opportunity to give lots of love and wisdom. I am glad to hear the arrival of your grandchild.”
  1. “Grandparents are like the roots which nourish the children with wisdom and knowledge. Congrats to the new grandma and grandpa.”
  1. “Get ready to experience your childhood once again through your grandchild. Congratulations.”
  1. “Your grandchildren’s hand-prints on the walls of your house will remind you of all the fun you had with them. Congratulations on becoming grandparents.”
  1. “The most anticipated moment has arrived, and you have become a grandparent. May you have tons and tons of fun with your grandchild.”
  1. “Becoming a grandparent is having the privilege of being the one who gets to spoil the child. Get ready for a rollercoaster ride filled with more fun and less hassle.”
  1. “Congrats on becoming a grandparent. Enjoy every moment with them by passing along all your great stories, wisdom, and values.”

Image: Shutterstock

  1. “Congratulations on becoming a grandfather for a precious little one; I wish you have many fun-filled days with your grandchild.”
  1. “Congratulations on starting a new inning in your life. The bundle of joy will fill your retirement days with excitement and happiness.”
  1. “And you thought your retirement days would be boring and lifeless; the best is yet to come. Get ready for the carefree parenting days, as now you have become a grandparent.”
  1. “You are among the lucky few who can witness the next generations. Congrats on becoming a grandparent.”
  1. “Congratulations on becoming grandparents, I cannot wait to see your little bundle of joy.”
  1. “With your grandchildren running around in the house, you will feel like a child again. Enjoy this new phase in life and embrace all the changes it brings.”
  1. “Congrats buddy! Now you are a grandfather. Do you know what it means? You now have a best friend who can wrap you around her little finger.”
  1. “Watching your grandchildren grow up in your lap will be such a joy to witness, and I am glad that you have got that opportunity. Congrats!”
  1. “It’s time to buckle up for the new job, which you will be paid in cute hugs and some of the best memories. Congratulations to the grandma and grandpa.”

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  1. “We are so happy to know that you have become grandparents. All the best and may God bless the little one with abundant health and happiness.”

You may use these wishes or customize them to suit your feelings. But when you share them, the new parents would be glad to know that there are so many well-wishers for their little bundle of joy.

Have some more newborn baby wishes? You may share them in the comments section below.

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We ship across India! Best gift for baby boy announcement. The message on butter paper will be inserted inside the box. You can choose from the messages.

Congratulations on your Baby Boy | Newborn Wishes

wishes for newborn boy

Children are a gift from heaven above. Boy or girl, they inject unquantifiable joy into their homes. Most often, babies come speedily and unexpected at the beginning of a love affair, or announce their presence after every chapter of waiting for them is closed.

Regardless of how long or short the wait for their cries, giggles and tantrums, when these bundles of joy arrive, wishes to express our excitement have to be sent to their parents. Below are sample messages we have put together to guide you as you compose yours. Copy and share!

New Born Baby wishes

1: The arrival of your baby is a significant reason for a lifetime celebration in your home. You are profoundly blessed. Congratulations.

2: My face broke into ceaseless smiles when I got the news that your wife has been delivered of a baby. Congratulations, man!

3: I come with peace; wishing your newborn baby a swell time on earth. Congratulations, dear.

4: May God bless the latest parents who received their sweetest bundle of joy today. I am happy for you.

5: You are exceptionally lucky to be the parents of a super beautiful child from heaven. Congrats.

6: The love, joy, discomfort and noise which newborns liberally spread are yours for the taking. Welcome to the club of parenthood.

7: Our long-awaited sweetheart has finally shown up. Congratulations, mummy and daddy.

8: Hello to our angelic baby who accepted to make my sister a first-time mother.

9: I am proud of you as your nine months journey through pregnancy has yielded a fruitful result. Congratulations on the safe arrival of your newborn.

10: I couldn’t hide my awe when I beheld your baby. It was as though I was staring at your exact mini-form. You’re blessed, bro. Congratulations.

11: Needless to say, your joy knows no bounds as you can cuddle your own baby after a long period of waiting. I rejoice with you, honey. Congrats.

12: Your baby will grow in grace and wisdom. Congratulations on his arrival.

13: What a joy to be called mother. My heart swells in admiration of you. Congrats, friend.

14: You’ve made my parents the newest grandparents in town. Thank you for coming into our lives, little niece.

15: Look at how this youngling took those trademark eyes of yours. There is no mistake on whose child he is; you are really his dad.

16: I can’t fully express my heartfelt joy as a witness on the safe delivery of your child. It is a marvellous happening to be a part of; I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Congratulations, dearest sis.

17: You weren’t just blessed with a baby but a set of twin babies! It is as amazing as it is miraculous. I heartily felicitate with you on this day.

18: The arrival of your baby shall be the beginning of irrevocable blessing and favour in your family. Congratulations!

19: A glance at its face and you’ll be washed over with serenity and peace. Your baby is truly divine. Congratulations, and welcome to fatherhood.

20: I can’t wait to see my godchild take his first steps. Believe me, it will be one of the happiest days of my life.

21: Nothing compares to the feeling that the days and nights of anticipation are finally over. I congratulate you on the smooth arrival of your beloved triplets.

22: What a fantastic news! I am as excited as a well-fed puppy on hearing that you have finally pushed out your baby. Wow!!! Congratulations, lady.

23: My heart longs to hold your sweet little baby in my arms. Accept my congratulations, lovely sis.

24: You will enjoy your journey as a father. I am sure of that because your newborn is as calm as a blue sea.

Congratulation Wishes For New Baby Boy

1: A baby boy is the pride of his sisters. Congratulations, dear friend, on the arrival of your son.

2: Congratulations on the safe delivery of your male version. I can’t wait to set my eyes on him.

3: It is a thing of pride to have a baby boy as your first child. You’re indeed a lucky woman. Congratulations!

4: You’re used to teaching your girls how to live; with the arrival of your boy, I trust that you are up to the task of training him to be the best of his kind. Congratulations, sweet.

5: Your baby boy shall bring you untold joy. He shall be your defence and hope for a better future. Congratulations, friend.

6: The coming of your male child is all we hoped for. Thanks for not cutting our expectations off, sis. We are looking forward to the arrival of two more.

7: Your boy is breathtakingly handsome. It’s no wonder to me because he took after his beautiful mum.

8: From his eyes, you’ll know that your boy is destined to be a warrior. You will not be alone, brother.

9: Make and save all the memories you can of your bundle of joy. A time shall come when you’ll need to tell him that your breasts nursed him in his life!

10: Your dream eventually became a reality. Congratulations on the birth of your baby boy.

11: Congratulations on your smoothest delivery so far. It is also a great thing that it is a baby boy! This calls for a magnificent celebration.

12: Focus more on his wide gaze and toothless giggles, and less on your stretch marks and round tummy. Congratulations, new mum.

13: Let me confess: your newborn is the most handsome of all your sons. Congratulations!

14: He will turn your life upside down…for good. Welcome to the world of parenthood. I’m pretty excited for you on the birth of your son.

15: Your boy took after his grandfather. There’s no better reminder of your kind father than him. Congrats, girl.

16: Your son’s birth is a miracle. He popped out before the scheduled time, and since then has brought immense joy to everyone in the family. Congratulations.

17: It is impossible to resist his lovely chuckles. You truly gave birth to happiness personified.

18: I congratulate you on the safe delivery of your boy. May all your good desires for him come true.

19: Your son is a gift of multidimensional blessings. Raise him well, and you will enjoy the benefits. Congratulations, friend.

20: I heartily felicitate with you as your little boy is born. May he bring undimming light into your home.

21: I wish you a memorable experience in motherhood. Congrats on the birth of your prince charming.

22: Your son shall grow into an enviable gentleman. He will make a huge difference in the lives of his contemporaries. I join the host of heaven to welcome his arrival.

23: It is a boy? Little did we know you were carrying a bouncing baby boy in your womb. This is by far, the most surprising delivery. Congratulations, sister.

24: The arrival of your son has confounded the tongues of many. I am extremely grateful to God for vindicating you, brother. Congratulations!

Congratulation Wishes For New Born Baby Girl

1: She is not just pretty; she is the exact replica of a goddess. Congratulations on the birth of your baby girl.

2: The long-awaited princess has finally appeared. With her is the wand that will transport her dad and mum into the inevitable realm of parenthood. I am glad for you both. Congrats.

3: At last, my little granddaughter arrived. I am now a proud granny. Congratulations, and thanks for honouring me this way, son.

4: Your baby girl is cute and elegant to behold. She has got an exceedingly great future. I look forward to seeing her become a graceful woman.

5: Your desire to have a girl to dress up in princess’ dresses and ribbons has ultimately happened. I celebrate with you, sis.

6: I am hopeful that your darling baby girl shall be as kind and tender-hearted as you. Accept my unfeigned congratulations on her birth.

7: The little time I spent carrying your sweet girl made my heart swell up with a thousand and one emotions. Girl, I envy your new status as a mother. What can I do but to say congratulations, and hurry on to get pregnant. Love you.

8: The blessing of a girl child is numerous. To start with, she is a potential mother of many nations, and the hub of favour. Accept my deepest congratulations on her birth.

9: It is incredible that just yesterday, you were heavily pregnant. Now, you are cuddling a little princess that possesses all your facial features. It is really amazing!

10: Your responsibility as a father is to protect your mini-you in all ways possible. Be her guard, guide, and friend. Congratulations on her successful delivery.

11: Our Nubian queen has come after we waited so long for her. Congratulations, dearest, on the arrival of your beautiful girl.

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