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Wishes for new home
September 07, 2018 Anniversary Wishes 1 comment

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Sending a new home card but don’t know what to write? Luckily we’ve come up with a simple list of both popular and unique messages for you to steal and take credit for. Browse new home quotes, simple messages or funny things to write. Just pick your favourite and voila; you’re welcome!

Simple and Easy Things to Write

  1. Congratulations on your new home… here’s hoping for good neighbours.
  2. Wishing you all the best in turning your new house into a home.
  3. Congratulations on your new home. Wishing you all the very best in settling in and making it your own.
  4. Home sweet home! You made it! All the best settling in.
  5. Many congratulations. I hope all is good in your new hood!
  6. Hooray! You’re officially proper grown-ups now.
  7. Congrats on your new home. Great adulting!
  8. Welcome to the mortgage club. Can’t wait to visit you in your new home.
  9. Your new pile of bricks is so much better than your old one – congrats!
  10. Yay – you made it into your new home! Wishing you all the best.

Funny and Cheeky Messages

  1. Well done on moving house… please send me your Wi-Fi password in advance. Thanks.
  2. Home is where your wife rules, a new home is… still where your wife rules.
  3. Well done on buying a house. Please don’t talk about it all the time though, or I will stop hanging out with you.
  4. If you ever get lost, now you can always go home!
  5. I hope you remember this moment in your new home forever. Because it will never be this clean or organised ever again.
  6. I love your new home so much that I can see myself living there. I’m still waiting for my key?
  7. Congrats on the new home, let me know which room is mine.
  8. Well done on getting yourself in an obscene amount of debt.
  9. NO I won’t help with the unpacking and YES I would like to come over for free food and drink.
  10. Congratulations on your new home. Sorry that when you needed help I was ill, away on holiday, my car broke down and the dog ate my keys.
  11. I can’t wait to overstay my welcome!
  12. Congrats on moving in together. Remember living together is mainly just shouting “what!?” from different rooms.
  13. Good luck convincing your neighbours that you’re normal!
  14. It’s great you finally bought a house; good job they don’t do proper background checks!
  15. Your new home may have used up all your life savings, you might be in debt up to your eyeballs and never be able to go out again, but here’s a card – well done.
  16. Your new home is lovely – which is a good job, as you won’t be able to afford to go out anymore!
  17. Well done on finding a ridiculously expensive place to live.
  18. Congratulations to you moving and congratulations to me for not having to help you move!

Thoughtful Quotes & Greetings

  1. Congratulations on the new address, the new house, and all of the new experiences that you will have as a homeowner.
  2. We’re really happy you’ve finally moved into your new home. Wishing you lots of peace and enjoyment at your new address.
  3. This is brilliant news! A new home is a place for memories to be made and great times to be had. Congratulations on your new home and all the best for the unpacking.
  4. We’re all very excited that you’ve finally moved in! Wishing you all the best with your new home – hope it works out perfectly.
  5. Congratulations on getting your new house. Here’s hoping you turn it into a lovely home and it becomes a place of many happy moments.


Rude/Offensive Things to Say

  1. Mortgage w***ers!
  2. S**t just got real! Well done on the adulting.
  3. When can I come and visit? I can’t wait to check out your new toilet..
  4. This is great news. I just hope your new neighbours aren’t d*** heads!
  5. Congratulations! Now you can walk around naked, but close the blinds because no one wants to see that s**t.
  6. Just because you have a mortgage – doesn’t mean you’re grown up!
  7. Your new home may have used up all your life savings, you might be in debt up to your eyeballs and never be able to go out again, but here’s a card – well done.

For more ideas from thoughtful to funny, check out our new home cards, where you can create a personalised card with a special touch.

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New Home

Join in the celebrations with one of our congratulations on your new home cards. Our fantastic collection of housewarming cards starts from just £1.50.

Congratulations New House

wishes for new home

Congratulations New House – Join in the fun when someone you know has made the big step of buying permanent housing.

Best Congratulations on your New House Messages

Congratulations – the move is over!

A new home drains all your life’s savings, but in return gives you a new life. Congratulations.

After a busy day you will seek peace and solace, for which your new home will be the place. Congratulations.

Beautiful couples like you deserve beautiful homes like yours. Congratulations.

Bringing you happiness year after year.

Congratulates for your new home. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but the worst part of owning such a beautiful home like yours is that you will never feel like leaving it. Guess we will be seeing less of you outside now.

Congratulations for becoming the owners of a home as beautiful as the owners themselves.

Congratulations for buying a house which is so luxurious and fine. Here’s wishing you good luck as we dine.

Congratulations for buying yourself a new home and locking yourself in a cage called mortgage.

Congratulations, there’s no place like home.

New Home Congratulations

Even the walls of the most expensive hotel in the world, can never be as warm as those of your home. Congratulations.

Here’s to wishing you a new home.

May happiness & love move in with you

May you create countless memories in your new home.

Home is where your stuff is.

May your new home be filled with joy and happiness.

Home sweet new home.

Hope your new home is as special as you are.

May the windows and doors of your new home open up to good luck, prosperity and fortune for your entire family. Congratulations.

Hope your new house becomes a home

I have no words for your new home because I can’t find words that are as beautiful as the home. All I want to say is congratulations.

Hope your new home is filled with joy.

May your new home keep you cozy in winter, cool in summer and sheltered during the rains. May your new home also give you a prosperous life free of pains. Congratulations for your beautiful home.

May those who visit your home feel the love residing there

May you and your family grow strong in your new home

New houses are all about cement, bricks, mortar and wood. New homes are all about loved ones, family, parties and food. I am very happy for you and your new home.

Nurture your new home with love and care so that your family never has to face despair. Congratulations on your new home.

May you and your family enjoy years of happy times in your new home.

Putting your foot in your new home is one of the best steps that you have taken in your life. Congratulations.

Relax and enjoy your wonderful new home!

That’s filled with joy and cheer.

Congratulations Greeting:  New House

The day you step into your new home does not make your life complete, it makes your new home complete. Congratulations.

The walls of a new home will always remain cold, until it is occupied by family members, young and old. With a beautiful family and a lovely home, you have simply struck gold. Congratulations.

There are lots of new memories waiting to come inside, as you open the doors of your new home wide. Best wishes to you and your family as you move into your new home.

There’s no place like home! Congratulations

Warm your new house, by living the happy times in it with your family and spouse. Congratulations on your new home.

Welcome to the neighborhood.

What a blessing a home is, may God bless you and your new home.

When the sun sets in the west, the view from your living room will makes your house the best of the best. Congratulations.

When you bought your new home you did not just fulfill your need, you accomplished a deserving feat. Congratulations.

When you enter your new home, heave a sigh of relief. This is a new start to your life and time to turn a new leaf. Congratulations on your new home.

How to Buy a New House

Congratulations New House

Wishing that your new home brings you nothing but contentment and pleasure.

You can rent a house but you can never rent a home. Congratulations for your new home.

You may be under pressure to pay back your home loan, but your beautiful new house will surely give you no reason to moan. Congratulations for your new house.

You will not realize the value of your new home, until you come back from a stressful day at work and lounge in a place that you can truly call your own. Congratulations.

Your new home is an investment that will reap rewards for a lifetime. You made a wise and beautiful choice. Congratulations.

Your new home is just not a new roof over new walls. It marks the beginning of a new life, new memories and most importantly, a new mortgage.

Your new home is the only place you can be carefree without a worry. Your new home is also the only place you will feel beautiful even without any makeup on. Congratulations.

Your new home may feel like a heavy burden of a mortgage right now, but ten years later when its value appreciates you will say Wow. Congratulations for your new home.

Your new house is a tree from which memories of your life will form permanent branches. It will also be a permanent reminder of your roots. Congratulations.


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Hospitality & Housewarming

wishes for new home

A new home means an exciting new beginning, new neighborhood, new friends and new surroundings to explore.

If you’re congratulating someone on their new home, whether they just bought one or moved into a rented home, sending a sweet Congratulations card is in order – here are some New Home messages you can include!

If you’re planning to send a bit more than just a card, don’t forget to check our wide range of plants with free next-day delivery and small hamper gifts that anyone who just moved in will certainly appreciate!

New Home Messages

  1. Congratulations!  We hope your new home provides you with years of enjoyment and a peaceful retreat from the rest of the busy world.
  2. There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.” -Jane Austen. Congratulations on your new home!
  3. Now that you have a big empty house, maybe you guys can fill it up with children… Just a suggestion, no pressure.
  4. Your new home is… a slice of heaven, a glimpse of beauty, a mark of elegance, a sigh so pretty. A warm feeling, a vibrant hue, a cozy ambience, a dream come true. Congratulations.
  5. We’re really proud of you for getting that home that you have been dreaming of getting.  We hope you enjoy the new house. Congratulations!
  6. Did you find the house, or did the house find you? You guys are perfect for each other.
  7. When you step into your new home, with empty rooms, empty closets, empty cupboards – it’s a moment that feels like a brand new world, where anything can happen. Congratulations!
  8. We’re glad that you didn’t move too far away because we are still planning on hanging out with you guys. Congratulations! See you soon!
  9. May your new home keep you cozy in winter, cool in summer and sheltered during the rains. May your new home also gives you a prosperous life full of happiness and free of pains. Congratulations.
  10. It’s just a house without you. Now that you’re in it, it’s a beautiful home.
  11. Where we love is home, a home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.” -Oliver Wendell Holmes May you enjoy your new home in comfort and joy.
  12. Congratulations on the new address, the new house, and all of the other experiences that you will have as a homeowner.
  13. HOUSES are all about cement, bricks, mortar, and wood. HOMES are all about loved ones, family, parties , and food. Congratulations on your new home.
  14. May happiness knock early at your door, stay late, and leave the gift of good fortune. Wishing you all the best in your new home.
  15. Parties, gatherings and family events, your new home is set to create priceless moments. Hugs, smiles, laughs and giggles, the company of friends and loved ones will make your happiness double. Congratulations.
  16. I’m glad you got a nice place of your own, so now I can come and bother you.
  17. We are overjoyed at the arrival of the new member in your family tree CONGRATULATIONS Wishing you lots of happiness with your little one
  18. I was expecting that you found yourself shelter, but you have exceeded my expectations. Nice place!
  19. Your biggest mistake was letting me know where you live. Now I’ll be visiting often.
  20. Congratulations for breaking yourself free from the chains of landlords but condolences for tying yourself in the chains of mortgage repayments.
  21. A new home drains all your life’s savings, but in return gives you a new life. Congratulations.
  22. May the windows and doors of your new home open up to good luck, prosperity, and fortune for your entire family. Congratulations.
  23. Moving is a lot of work, but it’s worth it in the end. Congratulations!
  24. Congratulations to you for moving, and congratulations to me for not having to help you move!
  25. Your house is sweet. It’s good to see it go to such a nice family.

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wishes for new home

In this section, I have Christian Housewarming Card Verses and Christian Housewarming Quotes, Sayings & Messages for Card Making. These housewarming Poems may be used freely when you don't know what to write in your homemade Housewarming card and you're looking for Christian wording that will complement your Housewarming card making, ecards, scrapbooks, craft projects or for use in a Housewarming gift to give somebody for their New Home - provided you abide by the 'Terms of Use'. You need to read my 'Terms Of Use' page, for use of these verses before taking them.

  • You may translate the housewarming verses into your own language when using for your homemade cards - making sure the translation is 'accurate' though. But if you are using the 'Google translator' tool I've placed on my site, you will need to check the accuracy of the translation.

  • I have added the same verses 'rewritten' with the "I", "We", "Us" and "Me" changed, so individuals or groups can choose the verse that is applicable. I also ask that none of the words of these verses be changed. They are all free for you to use, but must remain as I have written them.

  • If you want some scriptures on Housewarming, click on: Scriptures on Housewarming. There are more links of interest after the last poem.

  • If you want to send this page to a friend, click on the 'Share With Friends' button after the last verse - or if you want to contact me, click on the 'Email' button below.

"Now therefore, fear the LORD, serve Him in sincerity and in truth, and put away the gods which your fathers served on the other side of the River and in Egypt. Serve the LORD! And if it seems evil to you to serve the LORD, choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the River, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you dwell. But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD." - Joshua 24: 14-15

The first two poems are longer poems you may like to use as a housewarming gift, rather than in a card. Although you can still use them in cards if you want to. If you'd like to use a poem based on the scripture above (Joshua 24:14-15), click on Joshua 24:14-15 to read it - or listen to it, if you prefer.

To Print Greeting: highlight the greeting you want, then right click and select "print"

It's The Lord That Builds Your Home

God's love is what makes a house
A home where you can live
And His love is the foundation
And the tool He builds with

Let Him be the one who builds
Your house to be a place
Where others find the warmth of love
And acceptance by His grace

For when you try to build your home
With what you know won't last,
You may end up building your future
From the surplus of your past

But see this as a new beginning,
A new life to pursue;
A fresh new start and future hope
That God has given you.

© By M.S.Lowndes

By using this poem, you signify that you have read & agreed to my 'Terms Of Use'.

The Lordship Of Christ In Our Homes

May God's peace be upon this house
That God has blessed you with,
A home that reflects His awesome love
And the grace He freely gives

May it be a home with open doors
That welcomes strangers in
And makes them feel loved and accepted
Knowing that God dwells within

Our homes should be more than a house
Where we live day by day
It should be a place where God can reign
And precious memories are made

For as we establish in our homes
The Lordship of Jesus Christ,
We invite His presence to come and dwell
And fill each room inside

So as we continue to lift up the Lord
In every part of our lives,
It's then our homes will reflect the faith
And hope we have in Christ.

© By M.S.Lowndes

By using this poem, you signify that you have read & agreed to my 'Terms Of Use'.

These verses are more for Cards, but can be used in a housewarming gift if you want to. By using these Housewarming Greetings, you signify that you have read & agreed to my 'Terms Of Use'. Thank You!

We pray this home will be a place
Of serenity and peace,
Somewhere to get away from all
The stress and pressing needs
And that this home will be a refuge
From life's fast and busy pace,
With every room a reminder of
God's awesome love and grace.

© By M.S.Lowndes

May God bless your new home
As you honour Him as Lord
And build upon the foundation
That's unshakable and sure
As you establish His sovereign reign
And lift Him up in this place,
He will bless your lives so much
And fill you with His grace.

© By M.S.Lowndes

This is so wonderful
And clearly demonstrates
The work the Lord has begun
Your beautiful new home
Is such a testimony
Of what the Lord has done.

© By M.S.Lowndes

The verse below is the same as above, but rewritten with the "I" & "We" changed, so individuals or groups can send the verse that they like - whichever is applicable.

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Moving into a new home is an exciting time because it brings new beginnings and hope for dreams fulfilled. Whether you are a newly married.

wishes for new home
Written by Moogujas
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