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Wishes for country
May 23, 2019 Anniversary Wishes 5 comments

clearly their support for the Irish people. Since many Catholic countries had supported the Catholics in Germany “suffering 80 My heArt's Best Wishes for you.

Republic Day wishes pour in from across the country

The ASEAN leader were welcomed by PM Modi, were seated on a 100-foot stage enclosed by bullet-proof glass, their presence showed India's growing emphasis on it shift from 'Look East' policy to 'Act East'.

ET Online

Updated: Jan 26, 2018, 11.39 AM IST


As India celebrates its 69th Republic Day, wishes poured in from all over the world. For the first time 10 heads of states, from ASEAN or the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, will watch watch the grand parade with Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Rajpath, the ceremonial road in the heart of Delhi.

Manohar Parikar wished India on its 69th Republic Day.
Delhi chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal also expressed his wishes on this auspicious day.

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley also unfurled the national flag at his residence.

Cricketer Sachin Tendulkar also expressed his wishes through a video.

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Republic Day wishes pour in from across the country. The ASEAN leader were welcomed by PM Modi, were seated on a 100-foot stage.

Republic Day wishes pour in from across the country

wishes for country

This new year of 365 days, collectively referred to as 2017, is my home and native land’s 150th birthday.

I know, right? Canada doesn’t look a day over 80. Must be all the cardio and apologizing.  Nevertheless, here are a few things I would like to see happen in the North side of North America over the next twelve months.

THREE-HUNDRED AND SIXTY-FIVE)  Fewer selfies from Justin.  Don’t get me wrong, as a Grade-A Canadian smartass myself, I think Prime Minister Trudeau Mark Two isn’t doing a bad job overall. Of course, he has put the country in the hole to the tune of three billion and change. But you have to spend money – alot of it – to make money, apparently.

I just wish he would sharpen his political focus instead of his phone’s. I agree that Canada needs to polish it’s world image (we’re viewed as the nice old uncle in the sweater vest you ignore at reunions) and social media has become a tool whose awesome power cannot be ignored, but a balance needs to be struck. It won’t be long before America’s new “leader” comes calling, either on our soil or another, and Heaven help us if we look weak or vain.

(Insert irony here.)

THREE-HUNDRED AND SIXTY-FOUR)  Perspective and strength for those who need it most.  I’ve lost two colleagues in six months to despair. This. Just. Isn’t. Right.

We can’t always see the signs of clinical depression. We can’t always know just how close someone is to the edge. So why take chances? If we listen a little more, if we spend the next year being just a little bit nicer to one another, who knows what the result could be?

THREE-HUNDRED AND SIXTY-THREE)  An end to the “Canada is a frozen wasteland” theory.  I accept that some of you may have never had the privilege of venturing beyond your borders and discovering new lands… but come on, my Yankee friends! Take a nanosecond break from the cat videos and type “Is Canada a frozen wasteland?” into Google!


No, this isn’t Niagara Falls in July…

THREE-HUNDRED AND SIXTY-TWO)  A pass from the Celebrity Grim Reaper.  It appears that 2016 was the Year of the Star Killer. Granted, most of the stars were American but we lost Leonard Cohen, man! Sure, he wasn’t exactly a cheerful soul to say the least, but true prophets rarely are. I just hope Heaven appreciates his genius.

THREE-HUNDRED AND SIXTY-ONE THROUGH ELEVEN)  Economic prosperity for all Canadians.  The divide between rich and poor has never been more visible. The nation’s broadcaster, my beloved CBC, is in under attack from multiple forces intent on slashing its funding as though the network is a child on an allowance rather than a vital source of Canadian content and cultural identity.

We have far too many people on social assistance – even though 70% of those people seem to always have money for Tim Hortons coffee while their kids are forced to wear sacks of flour for pants.

Too much? 

Never before (in my lifetime at least) have so many had to do so much with so little. And there appears to be no proof the PM’s spending spree is going to pay off. In my opinion this situation warrants the lion’s share of my wishes and so I shall happily donate them. It really is too bad Canadians aren’t eligible for sainthood, isn’t it?

TEN)  Chocolate eclairs on the menu at every Timmies!  I know I’m not the only Canuck that loves choco eclairs, but sadly, finding one at a Tim Hortons (even though they’re on the menu) is a challenge, to say the least. In fact, you’d have an easier time finding a coherent thought in President-elect Trump’s consciousness than an eclair at Timmies. 

Hey, they can’t all be “Save The Planet” wishes…

NINE)  Respect and equality for Canada’s film and TV production companies.  The CRTC is under fire from Canadian short-sighted politicians and regulators who simply refuse to grasp the stakes. Take away Canada’s ability to share its cultures through the voices of its people and the country itself will vanish. Period.

Yes, I am as surprised by this demonstration of emotional depth as you are. I’m sure it will pass eventually.

EIGHT)  A stronger Canadian adult film industry.  Where are our Canuck adult super stars? Where’s our Kenna James or Mercedes Carrera? We need our national identity represented in all corners of the pop culture arena. And we need it now!

But why can’t we move to Canada?

And there you go. I’m back…

SEVEN)  A legal system with actual teeth.  In Canada, you can abuse the living hell out animals and walk away with barely a slap on the wrist. You can sexually assault another citizen and if you’re female victim, a judge will tell you to try “keeping your knees together.” (This actually happened in a Canadian courtroom 2016.) You can pretty much get away with murder in this country.

This needs to stop. Yesterday.

SIX)  Cellphone curfews.  Take a walk around any major Canadian metropolis and you’ll see them: “Cell Zombies”. Some are sexting, others are tweeting or checking stock quotes; but all of them are in serious danger of walking into a bus. Or my luggage cart. (Especially since I stopped moving for them years ago. I just let the collision happen now.)

Kids are especially prone to catching the Cell Virus. They’re literally clicking their lives away; half of them don’t even know what grass actually feels like. Limits have to be established- STAT! We should start a website or something…

FIVE)  A public declaration of Superman’s true heritage.  This should’ve happened decades ago. He’s Canadian, gosh darn it!

For the record, those are Timbits…

By the way, my apologies for the salty language. I get carried away.

FOUR)  A friend for every man, woman and animal that wants one.  Loneliness sucks. Friendship lifts our spirits and can sometimes mean the difference between life and death. It sounds corny as hell but the most heroic thing you can do is be the wind beneath someone’s wings. It sure beat the hell out of being the wind in front of them…

THREE)  Parental figures for every child.  Blood, or for that matter, other bodily fluids, do not make a true parent. As a bellman of twenty years I’ve seen more deadbeat Moms and Dads than I care to remember. Being a father is the greatest gift – and responsibility – I’ve ever been blessed with. If only everyone felt that way. And yes, I screw up more than I succeed but luckily for me, the effort is what counts.

TWO)  A breakthrough in my writing career.  Hey, it’s my list; I’m entitled to wish for a publishing deal! Besides, I think this country needs my special brand of smartassery now more than ever, don’t you?

I promise to do a better job the second time around…

ONE)  A stronger, greener Canada for everyone.  Xenophobia isn’t simply an American problem at the moment, sadly. We need to remember that Canada is the great global melting pot. And while this country’s air is cleaner than most, it has a long way to go. The time to choose life over feeding the industrial machine has long since passed, people. The clock is ticking… but for how much longer?

And on that uplifting note, I am out of here. Happy new year, everyone.

See you in the lobby, kids…

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(LEAD) Moon wishes for 'fair country' in Chuseok message

wishes for country

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Wishes for Our Country

wishes for country

Addis Ababa ENA September 11/2019  Ambassadors of six countries residing in Ethiopia have expressed their best wishes and hopes for peace, optimism and success for the peoples and government in the New of Ethiopian Year. 

Speaking to ENA, China’s Ambassador Tan Jian expressed his New Year wishes saying that “I would like to extend our best wish and warmest congratulations to all Ethiopians. I am quite optimistic that our bilateral relations will expand and widen based on the interest of the peoples of the two countries.”

Ambassador Jian added that “there are lots of investments from China to Ethiopia. We want to expand our investment, trade and other sectors in the future.”

India’s Ambassador Anurag Srivastava said the Ethiopian New Year comes at a time when the rains of the last few months abate and bright sunshine is seen on this blessed land.

“Like all celebrations, I understand that people come together and celebrate the New Year with renewed hope and optimist,” he added.

Ambassador Srivastava said, “I would like to convey greetings and good wishes of  the people of India to the friendly  peoples  of Ethiopia, and promise to work together to further strengthen the fraternal ties between our two great nations.”

Turkey’s Ambassador Yaptak Alp said there have been many positive changes that are recognized among the international community which were taking place in Ethiopia over the previous years.  

“Right now, of course, the whole world is watching Ethiopia with a very positive spirit. It’s not just Turkey that’s watching; the whole world is watching you with fascination,” the ambassador added.

The new reform the country is going through with peace and reconciliation is not important only for the country, but the visits made by the prime minister to various neighboring countries to mediate for peace and reconciliation is also useful for countries in the African region, Ambassador Alp pointed out.

“I think you have a brilliant future ahead of you and Turkey stands by your side,” she added.

Expressing her wishes to the peoples and government of Ethiopia on the occasion of the Ethiopian New Year, the ambassador stated, “I hope that the energy that I see on the streets of Addis Ababa and many of the major cities that I visited will continue this way, because you truly are on the path to a very good future and I wish you all the best in your New Year.”

UK Ambassador Alastair McPhail on his part congratulated the peoples and government of Ethiopia.

“I would like to express my wish to the peoples and government of Ethiopia. There will be a message by me or our social media channels on the day itself, which may come as a surprise to some people because it won’t be in English but in Amharic: ‘Melkem Addis Amet’.”

Mexico’s Ambassador Victor M. Trevino also conveyed New Year wishes to the peoples and government of Ethiopia.

He said, “We really love this beautiful country. I have been here for three years and I’m happy to be here. My best wishes for prosperous and peaceful New Year.”

Serbia’s Ambassador Aleksandar  Ristic on his part expressed his best wishes for the peoples and government of Ethiopia on the occasion of the New Year.

“I wish all the best to all Ethiopian peoples and the government as they strive to successfully complete all the projects and ensure more benefits for all citizens in the country. I express my best regards to all of them.”



India skipper Virat Kohli termed the Independence day as,"the most iconic day in the history of our country" whereas Kedar Jadhav wished the.

wishes for country
Written by Nigul
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