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Wishes for business anniversary
November 24, 2018 Anniversary Wishes 4 comments

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Doing your daily job is a stressful and yet satisfying thing. Some find pleasure in it because they enjoy what they are doing and they love their jobs while other find it tiring and exhausting because they are forcing themselves too much.
Now, in that line, it feels good to celebrate the number of years you get to spend in your job, whether it is your first anniversary or 5th or your twentieth year in the company, knowing that someone remembers would definitely make a person happy.
So if you have colleagues, bosses, or loyal employees who are celebrating their work anniversary, it is your job to greet them! If you have no idea what to say, do not worry because here are some work anniversary wishes to help you with that.

I do not know how you do it. You seem to never get tired, deliver excellent work so you get greatly appreciated. You ate just too magnificent for this team. So thank you and happy anniversary!

You have worked with us for 20 years and we cannot tell you just how much we are grateful for your services to us. Please continue the hard work and the undiminished dedication!

All your co-workers wants to tell you that we are thankful for all your words of wisdom, all your kindness, and everything you have done to make our workspace gentler in so many ways. Happy anniversary.

We are so happy that there is no one else you can try to compare yourself with because truthfully no one can handle this job as great as you do. We wish you all the best for your anniversary.

Please keep on inspiring us on the years that are going to come. And we hope you know just how much we need you, respect you and value you as our colleague. We hope you have fun in your anniversary today!



Here’s to all the best out there for you on your 10th year and here’s another cheer for you because we are hoping you will stay another 50 years! You are the best employee this company ever had.

So I looked back on the year that has just passed by and realized that we couldn’t have accomplished that without you even if we tried. Happy anniversary!

100 Birthday Wishes

I know we can never repay your efforts but we need to tell you this: you have made every difference in this company in every possible way so enjoy your anniversary day!

Happy anniversary! We hope that we will see more of you in the following years to come because that is just how much we love you!

Today marks the 20th year you have worked with us all, we are waiting for more years to spend with you because you are an amazing person! I am sending you best work anniversary wishes.

Today is your anniversary and it is a good time to look back on the things that you have done. You gave us so much happiness during your stay so please prolong your stay here.

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad

We love working together with someone like you because you make us feel as if we are living our dreams while we are wide awake so I hope that you continue doing just that.

We want to tell you that we wish you the best in everything you do and as today marks your 30th year at work, we take pleasure in seeing you are still as enthusiastic as ever.

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Have a great day and enjoy in your life!

Every day, you still amaze us through your dedication to your work even after 15 years has passed by. Thank you for that and happy anniversary to you and your work!

No one can ever do your job better than you do so please keep on working and shining in your chosen field. Here are my sincere work anniversary wishes to you!

Happy Anniversary Quotes

The fruit of success is the fact that your colleagues adore you so much and that is because you are lovable and amazing!

I knew you were going to succeed from the first day we met! It has been 20 years since then and look at how successful you have become! Happy anniversary!

Congratulations on being promoted on a higher position especially since today is your anniversary. It seems today is full of blessings and happiness for you!

You made us learn that working with a team means noticing every individual and looking at them in equal way and coexisting peacefully. Thank you for that!

We wish you all the best for your anniversary and we hope that you keep on doing the things you love because we want you to be happy every day!

The 60 Happy Birthday Blessings

Your smile is contagious so from this day onward, please keep on smiling and making us happy with it. Happy anniversary and we hope you enjoy this day because it is yours.

Take some time off today because it is your anniversary at work and it is time for you to go out and celebrate. You work too much, you workaholic! Have fun and live the life.

We all know just how much you love your job because we can see it in you every day you go to work. With so much passion, we wish you the best in your anniversary today.


Did you know that in order to find out more about a person is to look at the work he is doing? If he does great, he loves his job. We see that you do so happy work anniversary to you!

Independent Women Quotes

We all know just how much you love this job so during this anniversary, I hope you take some time off and relax a little bit.

Always find the bright side in everything you do and keep on looking for it so that no matter how long you work, 20 or 30 years, you will keep on having fun.

You just need to keep working harder and harder at your 8 hour daily work and who knows, maybe you will one day be the boss and find out that bosses works 12 hours daily.

We all know you to be the brightest person in the room, the one that can light up everyone by just smiling. So keep on making our days happy for the many more years to come.

Sometimes, you just need to take that risk to finally get out of the cave you are in and just see the ocean coming to you in waves. Happy anniversary and I hope you have fun today.

Anniversaries make you remember the things you did in the past, the people you have met, the people who left and the ones who remain so keep on working your very best.


You need not be anyone else in this world because you are the best there ever is and you are the best there will ever be for us and this company so happy work anniversary!

A lot of people have tried and failed and what you have done and accomplished because they are all too busy trying to find problems when you were always trying to find the solution. Happy anniversary!

The best way to make a great impression is to do all the things you do with perfection, with your best effort and all your heart and that is exactly what you do. I sent you loving work anniversary wishes!

I wish that success follows you wherever you go and that you always keep that glow of yours. I hope that you reach your goals and that you stay in this company for the many years to come, happy anniversary!

Stop thinking about the mistakes you have made in the past because you can never go back and change it. For this anniversary, just think of the difference you can make in the near future.

Maybe it is time you take a day off because you have been working too much from day 1. Happy 365th day at your work in this company, you deserved to be acknowledged for all your hard work.

The only time that opportunity will come knocking at your door is when you actually go out there and search for it. No one gets success without doing anything.

Happy anniversary! We hope that you will keep on being the same person you have always been, loving, caring, and always telling us to be ourselves.

Keep on providing us with the mysteries of the person that you are, we love that about you, the way you do not like us looking into your life. Happy work anniversary!

Maybe it is time to tell you that the more solutions you find, the better it is for our company, so happy anniversary to you!

Do not let anyone stop you from reaching the very top of the ladder, keep on going. We are right here behind you supporting you from below. Happy work anniversary!

Thank you for always being there every time we need an ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on and arms to hold us. You are our savior and we wish you have fun in your work anniversary today.

Even I cannot believe that a year has already passed by. It seems only yesterday when you moved into your office. I guess time does fly when you are having fun.


You are the best thing that has ever happened to this company so we hope that you continue your stay here until forever! Happy anniversary to you!

We have all seen you pursue your dreams, reach out for the best in things and grow. So as you continue to spend the years here, we could not thank you enough. Happy work anniversary.

You do your work thoroughly, without wanting to impress anyone but yourself and by doing so has set standard with us. Thank you for being you throughout all these years of your stay.

Maybe it is time you get some rest, you had worked so hard today, again. On your anniversary, just stay put and take some time off work. You still have a lot of years to work here.

We just want you to know how thankful we truly are for you being here, because you have been one of the best employees this company ever had and we want you to keep being here for another 20 years.

These work anniversary wishes are written for awesome person who loves her or his work and keeps on working hard, every single day. Stay with us as we keep adding more work anniversary messages every day.

Funny Work anniversary quotes

Congratulations on another year spent at the job that you are working at, and on another year of great growth!

You deserve to be celebrated for giving another year of your time and talents to a company that needs you!

Happy Work Anniversary, and may you feel as if the whole world if celebrating you and all that you have done, today!

Congratulations on another year spent giving yourself to a job that really needs a person like you.

May today be a day where you feel appreciated for all of the work that you do on a daily basis! Happy Work Anniversary!

Congratulations on another year spent at a job that takes a lot out of you and that always receives your full attention!

Your job is an important one and you deserve to be celebrated for giving another year of your life to that job!

May you feel the world smiling at you today, as you celebrate another year at the job that you are working.

Congratulations on another year with the company that needs you and with a staff that enjoys having you around!

Happy Work Anniversary to someone who always gives their all to every single task that comes before them!

Congratulations on another year dedicated to making yourself better as you work for a company that could really use your help!

You are appreciated for all that you do, and it is important that you know that as you celebrate your Work Anniversary!

As you celebrate another Work Anniversary, know that the work that you do is not overlooked and that you are appreciated for the effort that you put in each day.

You are special and your company would not be where it is without your help… Happy Work Anniversary to someone who brings about change!

Congratulations Messages For Company Anniversary. May your adoration accumulate with the intensity of a tempest, so your future coexistence can be watered.

Happy 10 year anniversary: Miley Cyrus wishes Liam Hemsworth

wishes for business anniversary

999 Congratulations Messages For Business Achievement – Best Wishes And Quotes Collection For Success in Business

Achievement in a business is not a small thing so you should take some time out to congratulate someone who has achieved something in his/her business.

Business achievement does not come that easy, to build a business one need an idea and good enough plans and techniques to execute that idea. So when someone has a business achievement, it’s a good moment to admire their achievement, as they have put in hard work.

In this post, you’ll get congratulation messages related to business achievement or success in business. Have a great day ahead…

  • Congratulations Messages For Achievement in Business
  • Congratulations Messages For Achievement in Business Sample
  • Congratulations Messages For Business Achievement
  • Business Achievement Messages
  • Business Achievement Congratulations
  • Business Letter Congratulations Achievement
  • Congratulations on Business Achievement quotes
  • Congratulations on Your Business Achievement
  • Congratulations For Business Achievement
  • Congratulations Words For Work Achievement
  • Congratulations Words For Business Achievement
  • Letter of Congratulations on Business Achievement
  • Congratulations Wishes on Business Success
  • Congratulations and Best Wishes on Your New Business
  • Business Achievement Wishes
  • Congratulations Messages For Success in Business
  • Congratulations Messages For Business Success
  • Congratulations Wishes on Business Success

1. Success is a destination, where you reach climbing through the stair of failure and I am very happy that you have reached your destination, with this achievement.

2. It’s your hard work that has ultimately paid-off, congratulation on this achievement. This achievement will open new doors for you.

3. Well done! You have done it. You truly deserve this recognition. Hope this moment will bring a lot of happiness in your life.

Congratulations Messages For Achievement in Business

4. This day has come out of the womb of dedication, zeal and great passion. You deserve all the praise, many congratulations for a remarkable milestone.

5. At last, no matter what, a hard working person stands out and you have really worked hard for several years. Congratulation, may your achievement increase many folds in coming days.

Words for Letter of Congratulations on Business Achievement

6. This is just one small recognition of many success to come of your passion, dedication, and enthusiasm. Congratulation mate for this special moment.

7. Mate, yet another tag on a long list of achievement. Celebrate this moment and strive for more in your business life. I know you are heading for greatness in a business life.

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Congratulations Messages For Achievement in Business

8. I am really happy for you my mate, I know you have the courage to overcome every challenge in your life. This is one sample of your strength to never give up. Congratulation!

9. Now you are the new shining star in the world of business. This achievement will show your worth to the world. Congratulation for getting yet another achievement.

Words for Letter of Congratulations on Business Achievement

10. Upcoming star, the business world is eagerly waiting for you. You have always followed your passion. This day is the result of your passion. Let’s celebrate this moment together.

Congratulations Messages For Achievement in Business

11. Congrats and hope this is just the beginning of the numerous possibilities and opportunities to open for you. This achievement marks you in the unique place in the world of business.

12. Congratulation on entering the new world of business with this achievement. You deserve to be in the completely new world and these are slowly opening for you.



Words for Letter of Congratulations on Business Achievement

13. This is not just yet another achievement. It’s really a remarkable accomplishment. It’s a reflection of the struggle and dedication you have shown. Congratulation, I am happy for you.

Congratulations Messages For Achievement in Business Sample

14. Your ability to have a right mix of humbleness and strictness, have got you to this day. Keep going, my friend. Really proud of you.

15. You have shown to everyone that honesty, sincerity is the best policy for achieving new heights in the world of business. Congratulation on this auspicious occasion for you.

Words for Letter of Congratulations on Business Achievement

16. You have always shown the sign of greatness. Finally, you have shown to the world, what you are capable of. Congratulation on this very important stepping stone.

Congratulations Messages For Achievement in Business Sample

17. I don’t even have a word to express, how happy I am for you at this moment. You have always shown strength to fight for what you want. Congratulation in getting what you have desired for.

Congratulations Wishes on Business Success

18. With this achievement, you have shown determination is one big quality every businessman needs to have. Congratulation on achievement.

19. You should take this moment to be happy every moment of it. You have gone through so much. Now it’s time to receive the dividend. Congratulation!

Congratulations Messages For Achievement in Business Sample

20. You have achieved this success after investing so much of time and effort over numerous years. You deserve to enjoy every moment of it. Congratulation friend, may you get much more success in the future in business life.



21. Everybody can dream, but it is certain people that make it a reality. You definitely made your dream come true with this achievement. Congratulation and enjoy the moment.

Congratulations Wishes on Business Success

22. Everyone dream to be a businessman like you. You have truly become a role model for many youths. I am very happy to be part of your achievement, congratulation.

Congratulations Messages For Business Achievement

23. Everyone that comes to the world of business does not stand out for many. You have been successful to do that with this achievement. Congratulation pal!

24. Most of the time business is about risk. You have been able to use risk in such a tremendous way to achieve this milestone. You are an example for everyone to see. Congratulation and take every second to enjoy the moment.

Congratulations Messages For Business Achievement

25. Success is what gives you an identity. After hard work of so many years, you finally have been able to achieve identity with this achievement in the business world. Well done, friend.

Congratulations Wishes on Business Success

26. Business is not always about success. You get failure time and again. Achievement falls on the path of those that make good use of mistake. You have always been the one that learns from the mistake. Congratulation on this big achievement.

Congratulations Messages For Business Achievement

27. Hard work always follows success. Do not stop this achievement. Keep moving and you will be surprised with a lot of success in this business world. Well done for achievement.

28. The business world opens doors of success to only those able to change with the situation, not to the rigid ones. You have always been flexible to change and now you have this achievement. Congratulation!

Business Achievement Messages

29. Success only takes shape with passion, perseverance, hard work and sincerity. You have always associated yourself with these qualities. You will surely achieve more in the business world. Congratulation and best wishes for the future path.

30. Well done! It is never easy to go through such a hard time and come out a winner. Congratulation mate, you have done it.

Business Achievement Messages

31. This achievement is not a hunch. It’s what you are and what you strive for. Wish you will achieve more such milestone in the coming days.

32. Finally, your hard work has been recognized. Really happy for you. Just do not stop here, keep moving. Congratulation pal!

33. We all knew it’s just a matter of moment before you have this success. It’s your compassion, humbleness, and ability to never give up that always help you to shine out of rest. Congratulation and be happy.

Business Achievement Messages for friends

34. Dear friend, you never stopping showing to the world that you are one that is destiny for the greatness. This is just another example of that. I am very proud of your achievement in business, may you get much more success in the business in the future.

Congratulations and Best Wishes on Your New Business

35. Dearest mate, we are thrilled to be celebrating your business achievement, as you look forward to a new path in your life, best of luck for your coming days.

36. To my friend, today you have made me so proud, it’s so lovely to watch you have grown as a young successful business person, your path does not end here, and it’s just a starting for your career ahead, best of luck for future.

Business Achievement Messages for friends

37. This just a beginning, you can achieve much more in your life, congratulation on your achievement and best of wishes for the journey forward.

38. We are ecstatic to be celebrating your business achievement with you, you have always been the one that keeps the positive attitude towards business. Stay humble and keep smiling in coming days as well. Best of luck on the journey forward.

39. We knew you are an intelligent breed, now after this achievement the whole world will know about it. Now various other opportunities will open for you in your career, my friend. Congratulation.

Business Achievement Congratulations

40. This moment makes us very proud of my son. You always need to have a good attitude and passion to achieve your big dreams, this success is just the beginning for the new challenges to come in the path of career. Our best wishes are with you.

41. Mate, congratulation on your achievement. As you go on, use your experience in your life to make a better decision and achieve your dream. We are proud of your outstanding achievement. Hope you will achieve more such achievement in your business life.

Business Achievement Congratulations

42. To our son, congratulation on this special day. We are very proud to be the part of this moment. This is certainly a big achievement but there are many more challenges and opportunities to come in your career, so believe in yourself and move forward, it’s where the success is. Our best wishes are with you.

Congratulations and Best Wishes on Your New Business

43. Your ability to overcome any challenges in your life has taken you here. Congratulation on your achievement. I am very proud of you. Now it’s the opportunities for you to set a new goal in your career and ascribed to achieve them. We have believed in you, now you need to have believed in yourself.

Business Achievement Congratulations

44. As a father, the news of your achievement in business marks as one of the best moment of my life. My little girl has grown as a young smart girl, may all you desire come true. Congratulation my daughter. Wish you all the best for your next step.

Congratulations and Best Wishes on Your New Business

45. This achievement is another step to experience more challenges and opportunities, so my dear friend you must enjoy this moment and at the same time be ready to face the new world. Best of luck on your future path.

Words for Business Letter Congratulations Achievement

46. You have done a tremendous work. Congratulation on this achievement. May all your plans and dream come true and you have the support of everyone in your path. Best wishes for whatever career path you have chosen.

Business Achievement Wishes

47. It’s your hard work that has paid a dividend now. Congratulation and never stop working hard, never stop dreaming. Best of luck for the career path forward.

Words for Business Letter Congratulations Achievement

48. Use this moment to make your dreams come true in your life, a new world is there for you to grab. Congratulation on a remarkable achievement. This is not the end, believe in yourself and keep moving.

Business Achievement Wishes

49. Dear mate, the day you have dreamed about is finally here and it makes me so ecstasy to share this moment with you. You are a great motivation for your young one, congratulation on yet another achievement.

Words for Business Letter Congratulations Achievement

50. Your story to this day is as beautiful as it gets. It’s all that you have wanted all these years and you finally have it. Enjoy the moment, our blessing is always with you.

51. This day is a witness to something that I have always known for. You are smart, humble and intelligent and you are there for greatness. Congratulation!



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wishes for business anniversary

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  • From Bahiyah Lasim: “Congratulations to your business anniversary. Wish you a more successful and fruitfull year ahead. My warmest regards.

    Business Anniversary Cards

    wishes for business anniversary

    We celebrated our 13th anniversary last Monday and we had a bunch of congratulatory email messages from all of you. More over at our Facebook page too.

    Here are some of them!

    From Bahiyah Lasim: “Congratulations to your business anniversary. Wish you a more successful and fruitfull year ahead. My warmest regards to you, Krista & Redbox team.”

    From Graeme Smith of CondoPenang: “Dear Nic, Krista & the Redbox Team, Huge CONGRATULATIONS!!!… 13 years in business is a great achievement! Wishing you smooth sailing in the years ahead!”

    From Nancy Ong of Penang Adventist Hospital:
    “Congrats & Happy 13th Anniversary. You made it and real good at it too!”

    From Weely Chng: “Happy Redbox Anniversary! All the best to Nic & Krista ;)”

    From Cecilia Yew: “Happy 13th anniversary! May your business continue to prosper and grow till the end of never. Best wishes to you, my friends!”

    From Leonard Shyu of Leader Cable Industry Berhad: “Congratulations Nic & Krista for your great success!”

    From Andrea Boult: “Happy Birthday! Congratulations to the both of you!”

    From Josephine Yoong of Precious Ones Collections:”Many congrats Nic & Krista! Wishing you much success ahead!”

    From Mariek Wilms of Paul Penders Netherlands:”I want to give you my happy congratulations! Well done! Hopefully next 13 years will be as prosperous as the ones you have had already.”

    From Grace Vu of EcalShop:”Congratulations. All the best to you in the coming years.”

    From Dr Patrick Tan Kee Seng of Penang Private Medical Practitioners Society:” Congratulations!”

    From Paul Chew of Captain Oats:”Many congrats on 13 years in business. Wishing Redbox many more years of success in the future. Great dealing with Redbox.”

    From GL Tan of ST Corporation:”Congratulations to all of you ! Keep it up and going strong…Cheers!”

    From Dato’ Dr Lim Huat Bee of Penang Private Medical Practitioners Society:”Congratulations and best wishes to you and your colleagues. It was nice working with all of you when I was President of PMPS last year.”

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    84 Products Shop professional work anniversary cards starting at 54¢ each! Easily add a company logo, team photo, or signature. (1). Anniversary Wishes.

    wishes for business anniversary
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