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Wish i could die quotes
March 03, 2019 Anniversary Wishes 3 comments

Let these death quotes be ones that give you comfort, offer sympathy, and Consider this: Jesus became one of us and lived our life in order to experience our death, so that he could break the power of death. . Do not wish death upon it.

Now is the right time to express your love to your loved ones, the people you hold very close to your heart. It is not enough to keep it in your heart, you ought to show it and talk about it at every given opportunity, love is a beautiful thing. Here are some beautiful I love you quotes that will help you

How Much I Love You Quotes – I Love You So Much Quotes For Him

1. “Every touch reminds my heart just how much I love you.”-Source Unknown

2. “If the sky where made of paper and the ocean my ink well; I still wouldn’t be able to describe how much I love you, and how wonderful you make me feel when I am with you.”-Source Unknown

3. “I love you simply because it’s you.”- Source Unknown

4. “You are the sun that shines in my life, you brighten my day, you chase the dark away and you dry up the rain; that is one of the many reasons I love you.”-Source Unknown

5. “I don’t know much, but I know I love you.”-Source Unknown

6. “If I counted all of the ways that I love you, I would be counting forever.”-Source Unknown

7. “My love for you is plain and simple, absolute and pure, easily explained yet infinite. What more can I say… except I love you.”-Source Unknown

8. “Never knew I could feel like this, like I’ve never seen the sky before. Want to vanish inside your kiss and I love you until the end of time.” from the movie, “Moulin Rouge”

9. “Wherever you go, whatever you do, you know I love you … from my heart I really do. I will be waiting, always. Whatever it takes, whatever’s at stake, you know I’ll be right here, right here … always waiting for you.”-Source Unknown

10. “I’ll be your dream, I’ll be your wish, I’ll be your fantasy. I’ll be your hope, I’ll be your love – be everything that you need. I love you more with every breath truly, madly, deeply do…. I will be strong, I will be faithful ’cause I’m counting on a new beginning, a reason for living, a deeper meaning.”-Savage Garden

11. “I love you, beyond poetry.”-Source Unknown

12. “Even if a day should go by when I don’t say, ‘I love you,’ may there never be a moment that goes by without you knowing that I do.”-Source Unknown

13. “Everybody’s looking for a something, one thing that makes it all complete. Well, for me it’s waking up beside you, to watch the sun rise on your face, to know that I can say, ‘I love you,’ in any given time or place.”-Westlife

14. “Of all the things you taught me… you taught me patience, you taught me fidelity, you taught me hope, the most important thing is you taught me how to love. I love you so much!”-Joaquin C.

15. “Because I love you my nights are no longer dark.”-Source Unknown

16. “I would give my life for you, you mean the world to me. You know I love you and I wanna be together when you run away. Just me and you, just you and me. Will you run away with me?”-NB Ridaz “Runaway”

17. “‘Wait!’ That’s what I said before you went away. Wait, that’s what I’m doin’ until today. Wait forever I guess I will, I just wish I could have told you, ‘Wait! I love you still….'”-Source Unknown

18. “Maybe that’s the reason why I love you; you’re my heart, Girl, and with all the crazy things that I do, you’re still here, Girl. No one else can make me feel like you do. You share my world.”-B2k

19. “Listen to my heart can you hear it sing, tellin me to give you everything. Seasons may change, winter to spring, but I love you, until the end of time.”-Moulin Rouge

20. “I love you not because of anything you have, but because of something that I feel when I’m near you.”-Source Unknown

21. “I said I care, but you just smiled at me. I said I miss you, but you just shrugged your shoulders. I said I love you, but you just look at me. I turn my back and walk away, but you said, ‘Wait….'”-Source Unknown

22. “‘Cause I miss you, body and soul, so strong that it takes my breath away and I breathe you into my heart and pray for the strength to stand today. ‘Cause I love you, whether it’s wrong or right, and though I can’t be with you tonight, you know my heart is by your side.”-Daniel Bedingfield

23. “I may not know everything, but there’s one thing that I know and am sure of; I love you.”-Source Unknown

24. “I love you because I did not intend to love you and yet I honestly do.”-Source Unknown

25. “I want you to know how much I love you, but the words escape me.”-Source Unknown

26. “It takes three seconds to say I love you. Three hours to explain it and a lifetime to prove it.”-Source Unknown

27. “Never ask why I love you, just accept that I do, and that I will for the rest of my life.”-Source Unknown

28. “If I could write a letter using the sky as my paper, the ocean for my ink, and the stars as my words, it would still not be enough to describe how much I love you.”-Source Unknown

29. “Did you ever love somebody so much that the earth moved? Did you ever love somebody, even though it hurt to? Did you ever love somebody – there was nothing else your heart could do? Did you ever love somebody like I love you?”-Brandy

30. “I love you very much, because with you, I found a way to love myself again.”-Source Unknown

31. “I don’t know if it’s your smile, your laugh, or just the way you are that makes me feel like this … but whatever it is, everytime I see you, I love you more then ever before.”-Source Unknown

32. “I will walk beside you, I will push you forward from behind and I will run ahead and encourage you forward – all because I love you.”-Source Unknown

33. “If I was to use water from the ocean as ink to write of how much I love you, the ocean would dry.”-Source Unknown

34. “I miss you so much that you’re always on my mind. I love you so much that you’re always in my heart.”-Source Unknown

35. “With eyes so passionate and blue; a heart so precious and true; there should be no question as to why I love you.”-Source Unknown

36. “Man loves money, bees love honey, flowers love dew, and I love you!”-Source Unknown

37. “… and I still can’t believe that you came up to me and said, ‘I love you’, I love you too.”-Source Unknown

38. “I love you more than my teddybear, but please, don’t tell him … .”-Source Unknown

39. “A hug for you means I need you. A kiss for you means I love you. A call for you means I’m missing you.”-Source Unknown

40. “What else can I say … I love you and then again love you and this goes on and on … .”-Source Unknown

41. “If there’s time for only three words in my lifetime, it would be, I love you.”-Source Unknown

42. “If you’re asking if I need you, the answer is forever. If you’re asking if I will leave you, the answer is never. If you’re asking what I value, the answer is you. If you asking if I love you, the answer is I DO.”-Source Unknown

43. “Although we are not able to be with one another right now, don’t give up, for the words ‘I love you’ has true meaning and holds all my feelings. Just have faith and hold on, for love conquers all things.”-Source Unknown

44. “Let these words not only touch your eyes, let it travel through your soul, and let it rest in your heart, as you rest in mine, ‘I love you.'”-Source Unknown

45. “You really shouldn’t say I love you unless you mean it. But if you mean it, you should say it a lot – people forget.”-Jessica

46. “I love you by no stretch of your imagination.”-Source Unknown

47. “If you want to know how much I love you, try catching raindrops; the ones you catch are how much you love me, and the ones you miss are how much I love you.”-Source Unknown

48. “More than you would ever know, more than I could ever show, more – much more – with each passing day, Darling, I love you.”-Source Unknown

49. “Distance may have gathered between us, but my love for you will never fade. That’s how much I love you; nothing can separate us, my love.”-Source Unknown

50. “It’s easy to say, ‘I love you,’ to someone, but it’s more meaningful to thank someone for loving you.”-Jon Bon Jovi

51. “I could wait for you forever, fight for you, or die for you. But what crosses my mind, which brings a tear, is that no matter how much I love you, I can’t make you feel the same.”-Fantasie

52. “The greatest distance in this world for two people is not living and death. It is that I’m standing in front of you, but you don’t know that I love you!”-Source Unknown

53. “If a raindrop could represent how much I love you, I would ask the lord to send a storm.”-Source Unknown

54. “If you have to say you love me, it’s because I need to know. If you want to say you love me, it’s because you want me to know. But, saying that you love me is simply because you do. I love you, too!”

55. “I love you more than any word can say … I love you more than every action I take … I’ll be right here loving you till the end.”

56. “831 means ‘I Love You’8 letters3 words1 meaning.”

57. “I just close my eyes because I might see your face. I just close my mouth because I might hear your voice. I just close my ears because I might hear of you, but I could not close my heart because I love you.”

58. “The words I love you are not for anyone to say from their mouth to their beloved one. It’s a feeling that you can whisper to each other from heart-to-heart without saying it aloud.”

59. “I Love you with the breath, the smiles and the tears of all my life.”

60. “Everyday, all I hear is, ‘You deserve better,’ ‘You deserve more.’ But, everyday I love you more and more. I get myself crazed over it because I know that it’s true, I don’t wanter better, I only want you.”-Source Unknown

61. “Saying I love you isn’t hard; saying I love you and meaning it is.”-Source Unknown

62. “Even though were far apart I love you dearly with all my heart.”

63. “It takes a second to say I love you, but a lifetime to show it.”

64. “If enduring pain, braving shame, despising one’s self for the sake of affection and accepting misery without question is the definition of love – then, I LOVE YOU.”

65. “Go ahead and say it: I love you. You can say it a thousand times. But, true love doesn’t need to be told.”

66. “If you once said I will love you more than anyone until the day I die, and that person leaves you; how will you say I love you more than anyone again, or should you say that?”

67. “These words do not come from a book, they do not come from a website nor do they come from a song, they come from me; ‘I love you.'”-Source Unknown

68. “I love you for you, but mostly I love you for what I am when I’m with you.”-Taylor

69. “I am not blind to your love for me, and I dare say that I love you with my whole heart, but I’m just afraid to lose a friendship like ours.”-Source Unknown

70. “Saying I love you is important, but not enough. Remember, love is a verb, an action word. Sometimes, passive because it happens to us, but also active, because we choose to do it.”

71. “The more I know you, the more I love you.”-Source Unknown

72. “Do I love you? My God, if your love were a grain of sand, mine would be a universe of beaches.”

73. “You may not have heard me tell you that I love you, but the way that I look into your eyes, the way I smile when you pass by, and the way that my heart feels when you are near all speaks of what best describes the love that I feel.”-Source Unknown

74. “For yesterday’s memories, today’s love, and tomorrow’s dreams I love you.”-Source Unknown

75. “I love you not because it is right, but because I love you.”-Source Unknown

76. “If I tell you I love you, can I keep you forever?”-Source Unknown

77. “Immature love says: ‘I love you because I need you.’ Mature love says: ‘I need you because I love you.'”-Erich Fromm 1900-1980

78. “Each star in the sky symbolizes one reason why I love you.”-Source Unknown

79. “I have painted a million of kisses for you.I have filled an ocean of tears for you.I have walked a thousand miles for you.I have counted the stars for you. I did that, all because I love you.”-Source Unknown

80. “The more I live, the more I know, What’s simple is true; I love you.”-Jewel

81. “There’s no limit to what I wouldn’t do for you. Just ask, it will be done, no matter the miles, no matter the sacrifice. I love you, and you’ll always be in my heart.”-Source Unknown

82. “The wind is the moon’s imagination; it seeps through cracks, ripples the grass, explores the unknown…. My love is my soul’s imagination. How do I love you? Imagine….”-Saul Williams

83. “I love you more now than when you began to read this sentence.”-Samuel

84. “You’re the reason I love and the reason I’d die. You’re the reason I smile yet break down and cry. You’re the reason I keep going and the reason I fall. I love you so much and you don’t even care at all.”-Source Unknown

85. “When I see you, I smile. When I hear you, I listen. When I touch you, I feel you. When I kiss you, I love you!”-Source Unknown

86. “With all my heart I love you, Baby. Stay with me and you will see…. My arms, will hold you, Baby; never leave; ’cause, Baby, I believe I’m in love….”

87. “Multiply it by infinity, take it to the depths of forever and you’ll still only have a glimpse of how much I love you.”

88. “I don’t fear insects or spiders. At great heights, I jump off, smiling. In the face of death I wink. But, when I look into your eyes, I’m in fear of how much I love you.”

89. “Why do I love you? Because you are and always have been my dream.”

90. “If I love you this much, and I’m not the one for you, then the one for you will be everything I am; and everything I’m not.”

91. “When I say I love you just take it, take it as it is.”-Source Unknown

92. “If you want to know how much I love you, try to catch the drops of rain; those you catch is how much you love me and those you’ve left is how much I love you.”-Source Unknown

93. “I love you without reason and that is reason enough.”-Source Unknown

94. “You could put all the hearts together in the world and that still wouldn’t describe how much I love you.”-Source Unknown

95. “Non c’e nessuno(There is no other,)Bello come te e ti amo(as beautiful as you, and I love you).”-Source Unknown

96. “I love you, these three words could change our lives forever, but for you, I will take that chance.”-Source Unknown

97. “Look into my heart and see what I am saying, for my heart speaks the truth and the truth is I love you.”-Source Unknown

98. “Never knew I could feel like this, like I never saw the sky before. Want to lose myself in your kiss, everyday I love you more and more.”-Moulin Rouge

99. “I can only tell you a little of how much I love you as there are not enough words to describe it, the rest of how I feel is a private conversation between our hearts.”-Source Unknown

100. “If a hug from me conveys to you how much I love you, then I wish to hold you in my arms for ever and ever.”-Source Unknown

101. “Somewhere other than the night, she needs to hear, ‘I love you.’ Somewhere other than the night, she needs to know you care. she wants to know she’s needed, she needs to be held tight. Somewhere other than the night.”-Garth Brooks

102. “Just because I love you doesn’t mean I have to like you right now.”
from the movie, “How to Loose a Guy In ten Days”

103. “I love you unconditionally, with everything I am, and more than anyone ever thought possible.”-Source Unknown

104. “True love is not about the hugs and kisses, the ‘I love you’s’ or the ‘I miss you’s’, but about the chills that hit every part of your spine when you think about him.”-Source Unknown

105. “Going back with you may be hard, but going forward without you is impossible. I love you.”-Source Unknown

106. “Everytime the wind blows, I whisper, ‘I LOVE YOU!'”-Source Unknown

107. “Baby! I love you more than cooked food.”-Source Unknown

108. “I’m afraid to admit that I’m in love with you, but I can’t forget your eyes and I can’t stop feeling your lips; your words keep echoing in my head and you always make me weak. I don’t want to mean it when I say, ‘I love you’, but I can’t help it.”-Source Unknown

109. “I’ve fallen in love with you and I’ll never let you go. I love you more than anyone, I just had to let you know. And if you ever wonder why, I don’t know what I’ll say, but I’ll never stop loving you, each and every day.”-Source Unknown

110. “I love you not only for who you are, but for who I am when I am with you!”-Source Unknown

111. “Last night I looked up at the stars and matched each one with a reason why I love you. I was doing great until I ran out of stars.”-Source Unknown

112. “‘I love you’, are three words with infinite meanings, but only one feeling.”-Source Unknown

113. “When I saw you I was afraid to meet you,When I met you I was afraid to know you, When I knew you I was afraid to love you,Now I love you and I’m afraid to lose you!”

114. “You hurt me more than I deserve, how can you be so cruel? I love you more than you deserve, why am I such a fool?”-Source Unknown

115. “Tears in my eyes, you on my mind, love in my heart, oceans in-between … I love you.”-Source Unknown

116. “The most cruel thing a person can do is to forbid someone from saying, ‘I love you’ to the one he loves, yet it is more cruel to force one to say ‘I love you not’ to the one he loves most.”-CoRSaGe

117. “I love you today, yesterday and every tomorrow.”-Source Unknown

118. “I do not know how much I love you, but I do know how much more I wish to.”-Source Unknown

I Love You So Much Quotes For Her- I Love You This Much Quotes

119. Oh, you little girl, you stole my heart. To make it even, I will steal a kiss from you.

120. You are the inspiration behind all that I do, and the source of all that is good in my life.

121. Someone up there must be watching out for me, because they sent Heaven’s most beautiful angel into my life.

122. Kiss me. Hug me. Love me. The same quantity of those sweetest things I will return as soon as possible.

123. I never thought I’d want to settle down, but you changed everything. I’m a better man with you in my life.

124. I’m flying high, because your love gives me wings. Let me build you a palace in the clouds.

125. I promise to always treat you like a queen. You reign over my heart, and your wish is my command.

126. There is no other woman in the world like you. I am the luckiest man alive to be able to call you mine.

127. Some say to know you is to love you. I say to know you is to be truly blessed.

128. I never knew how love could feel until I met you. I could never have imagined it.

129. Your love is the love spoken of in the classics. You inspire the poet’s pen.

130. For the rest of my life, I will count each day with you well spent.

131. Your love is like the lamp in the window that guides me home through the darkest night.

132. With every beat of my heart, I love you more and more. You’re the rhythm that keeps me steady on the march through life.

133. Can anything be more valuable than our love? Since you are with me, my only measurement is in heartbeats.

134. If you dare, take my hand and take me to where your heart is. I want to feel what it’s like to love like you.

135. Sometimes, I knock on the doors of your heart, just to make sure I still live there.

136. You’re still a little kitten that looks at my eyes, wanting love in this cold world.

137. 1I don’t have much to give you. I’m not a rich man. What I can promise is that everything I do will be for you, always.

138. All the blood, sweat, and tears will be worth it when I get to spend forever by your side.

139.You are the only air I breathe. You are ticking in my heart like a little clock. Yes, you wake me up every day, while I fall asleep dreaming of the days when I was alone. No longer am I in such a way.

140. Two hearts ran to the end of the world. They recognized each other’s eyes at the final border of the end and infinity. In that particular moment, they hugged each other. No one dares to separate them.

141. I love you with the breath, the smiles and the tears of all my life.

142. You beautiful woman of my life, you took it all from me. I took it all from you. So today, we can blackmail each other.

143. Every day with you is one that brings great joy to my heart, and peace to my restless soul.

144. When I am troubled, I only need to think of you to ease my soul.

145. No greater light illuminates my path than the love you have brought into my life.

146. Just a minute spent with you is better than a whole day of sunshine.

147. I wake up every morning with the excitement of a child on Christmas Day, just knowing that I’m with you.

148. My love for you knows no boundaries. You are the reason behind everything that is good in my life.

149. Words cannot express all that you mean to me. May you somehow just know that which I cannot explain.

150. All my days with you are days worth living. I’ve forgotten what it feels like to be alone.

151. Before you, I never believed in forever. Now, I know that is not long enough to spend with you.

152. While Heaven must surely mourn the loss of one of its own, we mere mortals celebrate your grace.

153. To have you in my life is a blessing I could never deserve. You are the definition of grace.

154. Every day with you is better than the day before. How is it that you continuously improve upon perfection?

155. Without you in my life, I would be incomplete. I pray that I should never know such pain.

156. I smile every time I see you. When you return that smile to me, my heart overflows with joy.

157. There is no finer day than a day with you by my side. Thank you for all that you are.

158. You brighten each day with the love you bring. At night, the stars align to shine their light on you.

159. In this ever-changing world, you are the constant by which I measure my progress. I’d be lost without you.

160. My gratitude for having met you is surpassed only by my amazement at the joy you bring to my life.

161. When you love me like that, I melt into honey. Let’s be sweet together.
Between us is one thread: it tied our hearts so we walk close to each other always.

162. In my hands is this heart. I want you to have it, because I’m so clumsy, so I’m afraid I’ll lose it or easily give it to someone else.

163. All of the little things you do warm my heart. You are a constant source of joy in my life.
You give me hope in my times of trial, joy in my saddest hours and love in all I do.

164. I sleep as fast as I can, so I can hurry up and wake up next to you.

“Before you can live a part of you has to die. You have to let go of what could have been, how you should have acted and what you wish you would have said .

Suicidal Thoughts Sayings and Quotes

wish i could die quotes


Dad plays an important role in every step their child takes. They’re like warriors who will fight every battle for the sake of their child’s happiness. A father’s love will never end until the end of time. However, some children grow up without a father, some lose their dad because of death. Not everyone is given the chance to spend their entire life with their father because of so many different reasons that they have no control over. 

Being away from your father or losing him forever may cause you to feel empty and incomplete. The sadness that fills your heart is something you’ll have to deal with for the rest of your life. Missing someone and knowing you may never see them again is such a painful truth.

If you miss your father but you don’t know the right words to describe what you feel, these quotes and messages we compiled for you might be just what you need. 


Missing Dad Quotes


1. Dad, I keep thinking about, you even though it pains. I’d give anything to relive those memories again. I miss you.


2. I never knew that being fatherless would make me feel so aimless, worthless, powerless, heartless and helpless. I miss you, dad.

3. It hurts to think that you are not here anymore. Although I can’t help but smile with tears in my eyes to think of how we cherished each and every moment of our lives together when you were alive. I miss you, dad.


4. I still get a lot of hugs but none of them are as warm as yours. I miss you, dad.

5. Dad, wherever you are I just want you to know that no matter how much we’ve fought and argued, you were right, is what my heart always knew. I miss you.

6. Right from the time when you held me in your arms to the day when you saw me off for my first day in school, I am holding today on the beautiful memories that have made me the person I am today. I miss you, dad.



7. Every time I place flowers on your grave, I realize how fragrant you made my life. I miss you, dad.


8. Just one last chance, I wish I could get to hug you. Then I would hold you tight and never let go. I miss you, dad.


9. Dad, you taught me to be strong but sorry I’m letting you down. I can never be strong enough to accept that you are no longer here. I miss you.

10. Death thinks it has taken you away from me. But it doesn’t know that it has actually brought us closer than ever. I miss you, dad.


11. Dad, how ironic is it that I wasted all these years not listening to you. But now that you’re not here, I’m living life exactly how you told me to.

12. Every Father’s Day is a painful reminder of your absence in my life. Dad, I wish I could just turn back time and live out every single day of my childhood as if it were a grand Father’s Day celebration. I miss you.

13. We may have been living miles apart but somehow it always felt that you were always there. Maybe because ever since you held my tiny fingers, you showered me with nothing but love and care. Dad, I miss you.


14. Dad, as much as a mourning, your death is a celebration because you made my life nothing short of one.

15. I miss you dad, now there is no one to help me when I’m fighting with myself.

16. Your death will always remain a blurry memory. But your life will always be a vivid one, the epitome of greatness and sacrifice. I miss you, dad.

17. On the day I lost you, I lost a father, a friend, and an idol who I looked up to. I miss you, dad.


18. It didn’t matter whether we met often or not, what mattered is that your advice helped me connect my life’s dots. It didn’t matter whether we spoke every day or not, what mattered was that you loved me a lot. Dad, I miss you.


19. Death may have taken you away from me, but my life’s hero you’ll forever be. Miss you dad.


20. Just like how I was the apple of your eye, you were the balm to my soul. I miss you, dad.

21. Dad, even though you are not in front of my eyes right now, your picture in my heart will remain beautifully pristine forever. I miss you.

22. Death took away not just my dad, but also someone who was my unsung hero. I miss you.

23. How do you expect me to cope up with the grief your death, when you were the only person who understood me for what I was and not for what I could be? I miss you, dad.


24. Dad, I won’t immortalize you in the stars, because they fade away. I won’t remember you with a poem, for it will be forgotten one day. I will just keep you safe in my heart, so that you are with me in every way. I miss you.

25. Whether it is the empty spot in a chair next to mum’s or the eerily silent garage on a Sunday morning, you are missed in every way, dad. I love you.

26. When I think of you, tears roll down my cheeks unbidden, just the way it rains in London. I miss you.

27. Dad, as a child, I had a million ways to annoy you. As a teenager, I had a million reasons to defy you. As an adult, I had a million opportunities to make you proud. I did all that but I missed out on the most important – a million chances to say I love you while you were alive. I miss you.


28. Talking to your gravestone and hugging your photographs – these are just some of the things I do to convince myself that you are still here. I miss you, dad.


29. Dad, how heartbroken I am and how much I miss you. I can’t explain in words but my tears do.

30. People say that whatever happens, happens for the best. But the painful memories of your death, I’ll never be able to put to rest. I miss you, dad.

31. How can the Heavens be beautiful when they have been nasty enough to take away my favorite person from me? I miss you, dad.


32. Dad, I haven’t been with you enough to know everything about you, but I have been with you enough to love you and miss you dearly.

33. Dad, death doesn’t change a thing because you’ve always been the angel in my life. I miss you.


34. I talk about him, not because I’m constantly living in pain. I’m not anymore, but in my world, this is my normal, and I’d rather live honestly and out loud. Joy, love, happiness, and gratefulness are my everyday, but so are death, loss, heartache, and grief. – Scribbles and Crumbs


35. If there ever comes a day when we can’t be together, keep me in your heart. I’ll stay there forever.  – Winnie the Pooh


36. Say not in grief: ‘He is no more,’ but live in thankfulness that he was. – Hebrew Proverb


37. Although our lives’ journeys have bid us to be apart, I am with you, you are with me, always in our hearts.  – Carolyn Ferreira


38. You have been there for me, no matter what bad choices I might have made, you lovingly repaired my broken spirit, helped me plot a new course, and set me free to fly on my own once again. There is no greater love than that. You will always be special to me, and no matter where life takes me, I’ll remember you with love.  – Marilyn K. Deacon


39. You will always be in my heart because in there you’re still alive. – Jamie Cirello

40. Dad, your memories have become my heartbeats which mean I am thinking of you all the time.


41. Dad, I miss our talks.


42. Just one last chance, I wish I could get to hug you. Then I would hold you tight and never let go. I miss you, dad.


43. I miss you dad, not a day goes by that I’m not missing you.


44. Miss you, Daddy, I know we didn’t always get along, but I always loved you.


45. We love you and miss you. Rest in Peace Daddy.


46. Dad, your guiding hand on my shoulder will remain with me forever.


47. I think of you, I miss you, I need you and I love you.


48. When you left, you destroyed my fairytale. I stopped feeling perfect.


49. No matter how old she may be sometimes a girl just needs her dad.


50. I miss my dad a lot. I miss his advice and I miss his voice and I miss his hugs.


51. Happiness is the feeling that your dad is always there to guide you, even if he is in heaven.


52. Happy birthday, dad, how much I wish I could hear your voice again.


53. I miss you every second of every minute of every hour of every day.


54. Decorating the tree without you felt so empty. I feel sad. I wish you were here. I miss you so much, Dad.


55. To my father, “separated by death, together by love.” Miss you.

56. As I sit here and whisper, “I miss you,” I believe somehow you can still hear me.


57. I wish heaven had a phone so I could hear your voice one last time.


58. Thank you for being a great dad to us. Your memories will always live in the core of the heart. I miss you.


59. My dad is not here, but he is watching in heaven.


60. There are no goodbyes for us. Wherever you are, you will always be in your heart.


61. Dad, wherever you are, you are gone but you will never be forgotten.


62. It never gets easy daddy, it just gets different each day as we try to adjust to your leaving us so soon. We miss you so much.


63. You will forever remain alive in our hearts and memories daddy, and though we are learning to live without you, we still miss you so much.


64. No matter how many years go by, the pain of your death never diminishes. Dad, I miss you so much.


65. Daddy, I am so sorry for taking you for granted when you were still alive. Now that you are gone forever, I regret all the wasted opportunities and I wish you were still here so I could tell you how much I love you. I miss you so much.


66. You were my anchor and when you died dad, I felt so lost. Even today, many years later I still miss you so much.

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67. Whenever your birthday or other holidays come around, I feel your absence so acutely. Life has never been the same since you left daddy and we miss you so much.


68. The love you had for all of us is something we deeply miss as much as we miss your presence in our lives.


69. I wish I could turn back the clock to when you were still here daddy, I would appreciate and enjoy every moment with you.


70. If only you were here. Dad, I’ve been thinking about you. Our times together, your wisdom, your guidance, your love, everything. I didn’t know that life would be this empty without you. I miss you.

71. If I was given one wish to make and would be assured that it would come true, I would wish that you would come back to us, daddy. Daddy, we miss you so much.


72. Father’s Day is so special to me daddy, even though you will never again celebrate it with me. I will forever celebrate you as one of the greatest dads in the world.


73. Happy Father’s Day daddy and I want you to know that I miss you so much and think about you always.


74. If death could be beseeched, I would have beseeched death not to take you away from us. Life must go on daddy but I will never forget you. I love you and miss you.


75. Daddy, even though you are gone, your memories will forever be precious, and the blessing is that you are still alive in us. We miss you so much and want to tell you that we love you so much.


76. The saddest day of my life was when you passed away, daddy. Who can ever love us like you did? Who can ever take your place? We miss you so much.


77. If I had one more chance to have you here with me today daddy, I would do things differently. Every day I would tell you how much you mean to me. I miss you so much.

78. This void that your death left is like a gaping wound and no amount of balm can completely heal it. I miss you so much, daddy.


79. No one knows the day they will die but it comes eventually and the ones left behind are left in so much pain. Daddy, this pain is only made easier by knowing that your suffering is over at last. But we still miss you all the same.

80. Daddy, you are like a warrior that has fought my childhood battles. You brought me joy and you mean more than the world itself to me and now that you’re gone, I can’t stop missing you. I Miss you father.

81. You have been my strongest provider, you did not only bring me to the world but you loved me and nurtured me, I owe you a lot, but death couldn’t allow me to pay it all. I miss you so much.

82. You are my King, My first source of happiness, the man who loved me regardless of all my flaws. I love you forever, My everlasting love. I miss You.

83. Thank you for forgiving all my childhood flaws, you stood by my side regardless of all my mistakes, you loved me beyond words and you have forgiven all my mistakes with love. I love you and I miss your presence in my life father.

84. Thank you, daddy, for flourishing our home with a lot of happiness, You have been such a great Man who is brave enough to look up to. I love You, daddy, even when you are far away, your presence can be felt. I miss you so much.

85. You are my biggest life inspiration, You gave me more reason to live and be successful. Everything I own, they are credited to the great love you have towards me. I love you and Miss You too much.

86. Daddy, the void you left me in my heart can’t be filled by anyone but I will hold on to the lovely memories we had together, Till we meet again. I love you deeply.


87. Your departure in my life has created a vacuum that can’t be filled easily. I miss you so much and time can’t heal the pain of how much I wish to be with you. Till we meet and part no more.

88. Death is an occurrence that can’t be avoided, but your passing away remains a big shock to me, My lovely father. I miss you deeply.

89. Daddy, you are my biggest support when life seems unfair, you are my greatest gift and I couldn’t imagine my life without you in it. I miss your presence so much, father.

89. Daddy, I grew up loving you and your love was the biggest kind of love I have experienced. Thanks for loving me regardless of my flaws. I miss you, dad.

90. You showed me the greatest love when you called me your daughter and you gave me your biggest blessing when you called me a blessed child. I miss you, daddy.

91. Daddy your absence is felt but no one is able to take that special space in my life. To me, you are the world’s best father.

92. Your legacy remains a blessing to the people you left and your warmest hug is what we can never forget. I hope you are in a better place. I miss you father.

93. Each time I remember how nice you were, I can’t just stop thinking how someone as good as you are can leave the world so soon but I get to realize that God takes his beloved ones earlier. I pray you keep resting beside the almighty. Till we meet again. I miss you.


94. In everything I find myself doing in life, I remember the wonderful moments I spent with you and I am motivated to do better. I miss you, daddy.

95. Before going through my daily activities every day, I create time to stare at your pictures and it gives me hope that I have you as my guardian angel. You are deeply missed, father.

96. While you were alive, you have always proved to me how much you loved and cared for me through so many great things you did for me. Words are not enough to tell you how much I miss you, My father. I love you.

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97. Each time you appear in my dreams, I can feel your lovely hands and your soft touches again. I wish you never left us. I miss you each and every time.

98. They say time heals every wound but the loss of someone as lovely as you, time couldn’t heal the pain. I miss you so much and I hope you are in a better place.

99. If tears could bring you back to the world, I know you will be alive now but since we have no power over life occurrence, I will keep praying for you till the day we meet again. I miss you father.

100. Your lovely advice and sweet corrections can’t be forgotten. I still feel your presence around me each time I am about to take every step in my life. You are part of my success story and I hope you remain happy even in death. I miss you father.

101. If there is a chance of returning back to the world, please return to me. People, as great as you, should never leave the world and not return. I miss you, my king. I love you deeply, father.


102. Your place can’t be taken in my heart and the special love I have for you can’t be taken by anyone else. You remain my first life hero and blessing. I miss you father. I hope you are in a better place.


103. You taught me how to walk, talk and even taught me every other life lesson. I wish you are here to see me exploit in life. You are truly missed, father.

104. I remember how we laughed over petty things and how your not so funny jokes often made me laugh out my ribs and how lovely you were. These are the memories that kept me going. I miss you deeply father.

105. I wish time can be controlled, I will have paused the time just to be by your side till eternity, father. No one can be like you, dad.

106. I know even if you are not in this world to protect me, you are right in heaven serving as my guardian angel. I can feel your presence in my life every day.

107. They say you don’t know what you have not until it’s gone. Although I always knew you are one in a million kind of father but now I come to realize that no one can ever be like you in my life. I miss you father.

108. I remember your last moment on earth, you were warm and so calm even at the point of death, you remain the peaceful kind of person you are. You are a rare gem. I miss you deeply father.

109. The words you have said to me can’t be forgotten, the sweet love you showed me can’t be replaced and your sweetest smile can’t be erased. I wish you return back to the world. I miss you.


110. Your absence is felt and I couldn’t have imagined you leaving us this early and now I only have your memories to sustain myself.

111. I know you are up there, preparing a home for me and your loved ones. I can’t wait for the day we will meet again, all smiled up.

112. You are my first life inspiration, you taught me how to be strong and how to fight every battle life brings towards me and I can’t imagine my life if you are not my father.

113. I wish I can get to see you again for the last time and tell you how much I love you and wish you were here with me.



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Suicide Quotes and Sayings

wish i could die quotes

Well this kinda explains Charlie Brown, to be honest

Dean Drobot/Shutterstock

“This is my depressed stance. When you’re depressed, it makes a lot of difference how you stand. The worst thing you can do is straighten up and hold your head high because then you’ll start to feel better. If you’re going to get any joy out of being depressed, you’ve got to stand like this.” —Charles M. Schulz, cartoonist

These 29 cartoons will help you get through this week.

Explaining is exhausting


“It is very hard to explain to people who have never known serious depression or anxiety the sheer continuous intensity of it. There is no off switch.” —Matt Haig, writer

P.S. Here’show to just say no to the annoying things in your life, like people who keep asking you to explain your mental illness.

How can I be depressed? Watch me.

Syda Productions/Shutterstock

“Being sad and being depressed are two different things. Also, people going through depression don’t look so, while someone sad will look sad. The most common reaction is, ‘How can you be depressed? You have everything going for you. You are the supposed number one heroine and have a plush home, car, movies… What else do you want?’” —Deepika Padukone, Indian actress

Although, to be fair, counting their blessings is one of the things that happy people do every day.

You may wish for this uncomfortable feeling to leave you so that you can function you held me close enough to hear your heartbeat, I wish I could hear it again. . Quotes Death Quotes Emotion Quotes Facebook Quotes Family Quotes FML.

Miss You Quotes For Him

wish i could die quotes

Depression can be incredibly isolating. A small (but growing) online community is forming around graphic quotes using social media sites such as and The images and messages posted on these sites are a raw look into the thoughts and struggles of many thousands of depressed individuals.   Unfiltered these images can quickly become overwhelming (especially on Tumblr).  I have collected a samples of 93 depression Quotes from the last week.  The list is long, and a lot of scrolling, but well worth looking over.   Give them a read, and let us know what you think.

Quotes about Depression from Tumblr and Pinterest


Every thought is a battle. Every breath is a war, and I don’t think I’m winning anymore.

Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will only cause permanent psychological damage.

We all want someone to notice, but as soon as they do, we wish they never did.

I hide all my scars with an “I’m fine”.

I’m here, I love you. I don’t care if you need to stay up crying all night long. I will stay with you. If you need the medication again, go ahead and take it. I will love you through that, as well. If you don’t need the medication, I will love you too. There’s nothing you can ever do to lose my love. I will protect you until you die. And after your death I will still protect you. I am stronger than depression and I am braver than loneliness and nothing will exhaust me.

Hard times will always reveal true friends

Say someone can’t be sad because someone else may have it worse is just like saying someone can’t be happy because someone else might have it better.

My thoughts were so loud I couldn’t hear my mouth

Sometimes the girl who’s always been there for everyone else needs someone to be there for her.

you’re scared to tell people how much it hurts, so you keep it all to yourself.

She says she’s fine but she’s going insane. She says she feels good but she’s in a lot of pain. She says it’s nothing but it’s really a lot. she says she’s okay. but really she’s not.

Sometimes we just say “I just want you to be happy”, but deep inside in our hearts we know we still want to be there happiness.

Her heart was a secret garden and the walls were very high

I’m just sad most days

Stop keeping track of the mistakes you’ve made. It’s time to forgive yourself.

If life doesn’t kill you, emptiness will

Nothing really matters anymore

I wanna make this cloud above me disappear. I don’t want to hurt anymore.

Scars tell the story of where you’ve been, They don’t dictate where you’re going.

I often miss this little girl. Whose dreams had no barriers, who believed in a world where anything is possible. with a heart that was full and unbroken.

Self Harmer

I like to be alone, but I hate being lonely.

I hate getting flashbacks from things I don’t want to remember.

I just wanna feel okay again.

And sometimes it hits me out of nowhere. All of a sudden this overwhelming sadness rushes over me. And I get discouraged and I get upset and I feel hopeless, sad and hurt. And once again, I feel numb to the world.

Yes, I have depression. No I can’t just “get over it”

She hurts and she cries. But you can’t see the depression in her eyes. Because she just smiles….

yes, I have depression. No, that doesn’t mean I am ungrateful.

Sometimes i’m sad and tired and miserable for not reason at all

People always tell me that I look sad and tired. I know I look sad and tired.. I AM sad and tired.

Every second, every minute, every hour, every day it never ends, it never ends.

I don’t want you to have to save me. I want you to stand by my side as I save myself.

Why does it always rain on me?

I get lost inside my mind.

This is not a choice, it is a disease.

She’s standing on a line between giving up & seeing how much she can take.

Pain makes people change.

I think i’m afraid to be happy because whenever I get to happy, something bad always happens.

Panic and Run Away

I am just fine. I am a daughter hiding my depression. I’m your sister making a good impression. I’m a friend acting like I’m fine. I’m a teenager pushing her tears aside, I’m the girl sitting next to you. I’m the one asking you to care. Your your best friend hoping you’ll be there.

Hey Bro, Time for bed? Let’s go over every mistake you ever made.

I’m not totally useless. I can be used as a bad example.

You know where I can get this fixed?

My head is a very dark place

I just want to lay in my bed and listen to sad music all day.

Am I a bad person for wanting to die?

I had to fight like hell and hell has made me what I am

Feeling completely worthless every day

I’ve had enough of the things that make me nervous and sad

Hello, my name is…. Irrelevant

Panic attacks and Anxiety. When you lose control, can’t think straight, can’t stop shaking and totally break down.

If you only knew how much, how bad, how often, I hurt….

Do you know what it’s like to feel ugly all the time?

I wish I could go back to a time when i could smile and it didn’t take everything in me to do it.

Stop asking if I’m ok. I’m tired of lying

You go home, you look in the mirror, you cry, you think you are ugly, you think you are fat, you want to die and the worst thing is, the next day it happens all over again until the day you give up.

Self Harm isn’t just cutting

Do you ever feel like people just forget you exist and have feelings too?

She was drowning but nobody saw her struggle

It’s getting harder to hide pain

Everyone is better, prettier, skinnier, funnier…. than me.

I just want to be skinny

Death seems more inviting than life

WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: Free audio - I wanna die

I Wanna Die Quotes by Sad Alone Girls & Boys, Sad Depression Suicidal Thoughts “The bravest thing I ever did was continuing my life when I wanted to die. . We all want someone to notice, but as soon as they do, we wish they never did.

wish i could die quotes
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