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Wish for good luck
January 19, 2019 Anniversary Wishes 2 comments

Here you will find the perfect good luck messages for new business and entrepreneurs to wish and congratulate your dear person. Feel free to pick up the best.

How to Wish Someone Good Luck

Giving Encouraging WordsUsing Good Luck Charms, Offerings, and SpellsMaking Other Gestures of Good LuckArticle SummaryVideo Questions & AnswersRelated Articles

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When someone you care about is facing a challenge or concern, it's only natural to want to wish her luck. If just saying “Good luck!” doesn’t satisfy you, there are a whole range of options. Cultures through history have had different ways of expressing these wishes, from words and symbols to spells, tokens, and gestures, all of which can help you to strike the right note and give your best, sincere wishes for an auspicious outcome.



Giving Encouraging Words

  1. 1

    Keep it simple – say ‘Good luck!” One of the best and simplest ways to wish someone luck is use that very phrase. “Good luck!” is straightforward, heartfelt, and almost impossible to get wrong.
    • Make sure that you sound sincere. If said in the wrong tone, this phrase can be interpreted as sarcasm. So make sure that the person understands your sincerity when you express the sentiment.
    • Some people dislike the phrase because, they feel, it carries a note of negativity. “Good luck” for them implies that you have little to do with your own success.[1] Use the phrase at your discretion.
  2. 2

    Use another phrase. If you are dealing with someone who dislikes “Good luck!” or if you want a more creative English expression, there are other sayings that essentially mean the same thing. Try one of these depending on the situation.[2]
    • “Best of luck” or “hoping for the best” both carry the sentiment and are subtle variations.
    • Crossing one’s fingers is often done to express a wish for luck, so you can also wish good luck by saying, “I’m keeping my fingers crossed.”
    • Some actors feel that it is bad luck to say “Good luck!” before a performance. For this reason, it is traditionally better in the situation to “break a leg,” which refers to taking a bow at curtain call.[3]
    • While not an exact match, people sometimes borrow the phrase “May the force be with you” from Star Wars to wish people luck with a challenging task.
    • Other English variants include, “Knock them dead!” “You’ll do great,” or “Blow them away!”[4]
  3. 3

    Express yourself in another language. English is not the only language that has expressions for “Good luck,” of course. One way to stay fresh is to wish someone luck in a foreign language. This works especially well if the other person speaks that language or has some connection to its culture.[5]
    • In Spanish, wish someone “¡Buena suerte!” Both “Viel Glück!” and “Alles Gute!” can be used to express well wishes in German, while “Bonne chance!” works in French.
    • In Italian, try “Buona fortuna!” or “In bocca al lupo!”
    • “Jūk néih hóuwahn” (祝你好運) is the Cantonese Chinese way of wishing luck, while “Gokoūn o inorimasu” (ご幸運を祈ります) is the formal way to wish good luck in Japanese. “Ganbatte ne” (頑張ってね) is the informal expression.
    • Wish someone luck in Greek with “kalí tíhi” (Καλή τύχη). “İyi şanslar” or “Bol şans!” work in Turkish.
    • "Saubhāgya" (सौभाग्य) is the Hindi way of wishing good luck. In Arabic, try “Bi’t-tawfiq!”


Using Good Luck Charms, Offerings, and Spells

  1. 1

    Choose a charm from the natural world. Most good luck charms and symbols are derived from objects in nature. Give the actual object itself when possible, or look for a visual representation of that charm when you are unable to use the charm itself.
    • Four leaf clovers are rarer than their three-leaf cousins and therefore lucky. The first leaf symbolizes “faith,” the second symbolizes “hope,” the third symbolizes “love,” and the fourth symbolizes “luck.”[6]
    • Acorns represent good luck, youthfulness, prosperity, and spiritual growth. The Norse once placed acorns on their windowsills to protect a house against lightning.
    • Rainbows are considered lucky for several reasons. Many cultures see them as bridges or paths used by spirits. In the Judeo-Christian tradition, God created the rainbow as a promise to never again destroy the world with a flood.
    • Some people believe that amber – that is, fossilized tree sap, brings good luck, balances emotions, and eliminates fear.[7]
    • Stars are often used to symbolize luck because many ancient cultures believed that one’s fortunes could be predicted and controlled by stars. Shooting stars are especially lucky.
    • Small bamboo plants known as “lucky bamboo” are often kept for the sake of longevity and strength. Bamboo is fast-growing and resilient, which is why it is a symbol of strength in Chinese culture.[8]
  2. 2

    Choose a symbol from the animal kingdom. There are a few animals specifically tied to the idea of luck or various applications of luck. Try using one of these to express your wishes to a person. Additionally, there are certain parts of various animals that are considered lucky.
    • The rabbit’s foot is a popular choice, for example. Rabbits were considered lucky since they were associated with spring, the season of new life. Since the back feet touch the ground ahead of the front feet, they are considered especially lucky.[9]
    • Some people think that wishbones from a turkey or chicken grant wishes when broken in two. The person who gets the bigger half is the one who can make a wish – just don’t tell anyone! The wish won’t come true if you share it.
    • Goldfish are symbols of prosperity, wealth, wisdom, power, longevity, and peace. They are also one of the eight symbols of Buddha, and are thus symbolic of fertility and harmony.
    • Dolphins are symbols of luck and protection, as well. This comes from the belief of ancient sailors, who would see dolphins around their ships when they neared land.
    • The “maneki-neko” or “beckoning cat” is a specific cat figure in Japan believed to usher in good fortune and wealth.[10]
  3. 3

    Use a made-made charm. Not every good luck charm comes entirely from the natural world. There are also some that are made by human hands. Many of these charms are easier to give than nature-based charms, so consider one when you want to express your hopes of good luck.
    • For example. horseshoes are sometimes hung inside homes to protect the household and usher in good fortune. Originally these were made by blacksmiths, which was considered a lucky trade.[11]
    • Coins, for instance, are considered lucky in many cultures. The exact coin you need for luck can vary, however. In the United States it is usually the “lucky penny,” particularly those that you find facing heads up. In Britain, it was the sixpence coin.[12]
    • Three keys kept together symbolize the keys of health, wealth, and love.
  4. 4

    Think in religious terms. Some religions have symbols related to good luck. While these symbols may have greater significance than mere charms, they are sometimes used to express sentiments dealing with well wishes. If you or the individual you are wishing luck has a tie to one of these traditions, a religious symbol might be a good idea.
    • For example, dream catchers figure in some Native American spiritual beliefs and are supposed to keep evil from entering dreams while you sleep.
    • The “Laughing Buddha” or Pu-Tai is used in Chinese culture to symbolize happiness, health, abundance, and contentment.[13]
    • While a cross primarily serves as a symbol of faith for Christians, it served in ancient times as a token of good luck and protection. Some Christians today also use medals, statues, and similar representations of saints to express an earnest desire for protection or guidance in a certain area of life (usually the one under the saint’s patronage).[14]
    • Remember to be careful about giving a religious symbol. People often feel strongly about faith, and could take offense if given one in the wrong spirit. For example, a Christian might gladly accept a cross with wishes that “God bless you.” But they might be offended if told that the cross is for “good luck.”
  5. 5

    Cast a luck spell. Some religious traditions believe that spells and incantations can grant good fortune. For example, there are a number of appropriate magical spells in Wicca, which draws on ancient European pagan beliefs. If you are comfortable with the idea – and your recipient is, as well – you might try one of these spells.[15]
    • The Wiccan good luck spell involves oil and a black candle. With a drop of oil on its tip, move your finger up and down the candle while visualizing the person’s fortune and good luck and chanting, “Black candle, turn X’s luck around / Let prosperity and joy abound.”
    • Another spell can be said before bed. With a candle and pen and paper, write your wish clearly on the paper and then put the paper underneath the candle. Then clear your mind. Light the candle and concentrate on what you want to come true – good luck for your friend – and visualize it.
  6. 6

    Give the gift of food. There are even a few foods that can be used to express good luck. Give one of these foods to the person in question or cook them a meal using one or more of these foods.[16]
    • Long noodles are eaten in various Asian countries to bring a long life, but know that you can’t break the noodles before they reach your mouth.
    • Black-eyed peas are eaten in the southern Unities States, where, traditionally, they are the first food eaten in the New Year for good luck.[17]
    • Cabbage is connected to luck, especially of a monetary nature, since the green resembles paper money. This is especially true in Germany, Ireland, and parts of the United States.[18]
    • Lentils look similar to coins and are thus eaten for good fortune in parts of Italy.
    • Pomegranates are connected to abundance and fertility in Mediterranean countries, like Turkey.
    • Fish is considered lucky in parts of North America, Asia, and Europe since fish "swim forward" toward new goals. They also swim in large schools, so they represent abundance.[19]


Making Other Gestures of Good Luck

  1. 1

    Send a card. One of the easiest ways to express your wishes is to give the person in question a greeting card. Greeting cards typically have their own “good luck” messages written inside, but you can express more personalized wishes in a blank card, as well.
    • Personalize the message by expressing your wishes in further detail or by saying “good luck” with another saying or in another language.
    • If words are not enough for you, consider taping a small good luck charm—a penny, a four leaf clover, etc.—to the inside of the card.
  2. 2

    Give a box or jar of good luck. Some people that jar or boxes filled with spices, herbs, or symbols can “attract” good luck. Fill a container with small, inexpensive tokens and give it to the person to whom you want to express your wishes. In essence, you are handing over a care package of luck.
    • The package can include an excess of one symbol or a variety of several. For instance, you could hand someone a jar of shiny pennies to wish him or her luck. Alternatively, you could pack a small box with a lucky bamboo plant, three skeleton rings looped on the same key-ring, a plush dolphin toy, a few star decals, and a few acorns—or any other assortment of symbols.
    • Herbs that go well in these jars include chamomile, clover, dandelion, mistletoe, rose hips, sandalwood, spearmint, anise, and thyme.[20]
    • If giving small trinkets or herbs does not appeal to you, write out your wishes on slips of paper and tuck them into a jar. You can then give this jar to those needing a bit of extra luck. Instruct them to open it and draw out a slip whenever they need a dose of well wishes. Write different expressions meaning “good luck” on each slip.
    • Similarly, you can write your own specific wish on each slip. Vary these expressions, as well.
  3. 3

    Make use of products that already use the concept of luck. A cute, whimsical way to wish someone good luck is to send them a product with “luck” in the name or description.
    • One of the easiest, most inexpensive examples is the “Lucky Charms” cereal.
  4. 4

    Give a charm bracelet or piece of jewelry. Since many good luck symbols are difficult to give in their true forms, jewelry manufacturers tend to use these symbols and their likenesses in metal charms. You can give a piece of jewelry with a single charm on it or give a charm bracelet adorned with many symbols of luck.[21]
    • Birthstones are also considered lucky, so giving someone an accessory with his or her birthstone is another way to wish good luck.
    • For someone who doesn't wear jewelry, you could still give an accessory—like a key chain—with a symbol of luck attached to it.
  5. 5

    Ward off bad luck. Some gestures, while not exactly wishing good luck, try to ward off misfortune. These are called “avoidant actions” and, some people think, are effective ways to ensure neutral or good luck. Studies show that they really do bring people peace of mind.[22]
    • One avoidant action is to “knock on wood.” Knock on a nearby piece of wood is meant to avoid “tempting fate” – that is, jinxing an observation about one’s fate or a desired outcome.
    • Throwing salt over one’s left should plays on the association of salt with lies and treachery. It is supposed to “blind” the devil waiting behind you.[23]
    • Keeping your fingers crossed, as said, is another way that people “avoid” undesired outcomes.

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    Good Luck in Yiddish is 'zol zayn mit mazl'.

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Article SummaryX

If just saying “Good luck” doesn't cut it, try giving someone a good luck symbol, like a rabbit’s foot, a wishbone, a four leaf clover, or a horseshoe. If you want to say “Good luck” to someone who doesn't speak English, you have tons of options! For Spanish, say “Buena suerte.” Say “Good luck” in German with the phrase “Alles Gute,” and in French with the phrase “Bonne chance!” Try “Gokoūn o inorimasu” for Japanese, or “Bi’t-tawfiq!” in Arabic. You can also send someone a personalized good luck card. For more good luck gifts and additional languages, read on!

I wished my subscribers “a good luck”, even though “luck” is an uncountable noun, which I was fully “wish you a good luck” returns “About 4,960,000 results” .

Good Luck Messages

wish for good luck

We all need some luck when important things await us. Not everything in this world depend on us. A little luck is something that we sometimes miss for a complete success. Wish good luck to your friends, family and dear ones by using animated GIF images. We’ve collected more than 100 pieces. Horseshoes, clover, leprechauns and other symbols of good luck. It will be extremely useful for those who have exams awaiting them. Downloading is free!

Animated GIF images of Good Luck wishes

Chuck Norris wishes you good luck

When you didn’t succeed, but you go to wish good luck to your friend in the same business

Captain Jack Sparrow says Good luck to you matey

Lots of cute dogs wish you good luck

Happy clover leaf hovers in the air

Donald Trump shows thumb up and wishes good luck

Dark mom wishes you good luck

Nice girl wishes you good luck, waves her hand and sends a kiss

Captain America wishes you good luck and salutes

Athlete wishes you good luck

Green Bear lost in the thickets of clover

Beautiful girl is a little embarrassed and wishes you good luck

Morgan Freeman wishes you good luck and laughs

I came to support you despite the rain

Beautiful roses, brilliant horseshoe and the inscription

Good luck, with all that.

Perfect golden horseshoe

Rainbow unicorn wishes him good luck

Good luck, amigo

OMG good luck!

Fan wishes good luck to your favorite team

The guy is sitting in a computer chair and wishes you good luck.

The girl crossed her fingers so that everything worked out for you

Pikachu wishes you good luck

The famous actress wishes you good luck and sends a kiss

Stylish sunglasses for good luck

TV host wishes you the best of luck in your new venture

A date is coming to an end. The girl wishes him good luck with that

Beautiful girl crossed her fingers and worries about you

Boy and girl show thumb up as a sign of support

Michael Jordan wishes you good luck

The girl raises her eyebrows and wishes you good luck.

Jim Carrey also wants you to succeed.

You will succeed!

The man in the dark room wishes you good luck on the phone

Loki wishes you good luck with your surgery

Beautiful golden inscription on a background of rotating clovers

This man really believes in you.

Big bird will not leave you without good luck

The pop singer turns his head in your direction

Good luck is always a holiday

Dinosaur climbs up the rope. Just like you are pursuing your goal.

Tattooed man wishes you good luck and shows thumb up

The famous actor in a dark room does not forget about good wishes.

A man winks, shows a thumbs up and wishes you good luck

You will definitely need luck if you are in the Middle Ages.

A handsome jury member wishes you good luck.

The Simpsons Family

Princess Ariel wishes you good luck

Knight wishes you good luck

Beautiful blonde. You will probably need luck

Words change on a red background

This is your support group.

Horseshoe with rotating clover inside

Fallen guy wishes you good luck to avenge him

Good luck

Beautiful animation with clover and lattice

White man and two teddy bears wish you good luck

Kung Fu Panda wishes you good luck

This creature is created for one purpose only.

Spongebob wishes you good luck

This little puppy is your support group.

Just a silver lettering “good luck” on a transparent background.

White puppy dancing on a red background

Iron man wishes you good luck

Good wishes from a little kitten in a pink dress

This man flew in from the other end of the universe just to wish you good luck.

Several golden hearts

Living clover jumps

Clover appears and disappears again

Golden inscription on a transparent background

Luck is green

The more clover, the more luck

Let you be as lucky as this Leprechaun

Penguin pilot wishes you good luck

Little luck from acid cat

This is a good luck kitten

Silver horseshoe rotates above the inscription

If money is equal to luck

Horseshoe covered with flowers

Cute anime girl

Good luck with all your finals

This magnet magnetizes luck

Golden shiny inscription “good luck”

Pluto wishes you good luck

All the luck symbols in one GIF animation.

Little pixel animation wishing good luck

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Good Luck GIFs. 105 Animated Pics to wish’em Good Luck

wish for good luck

There are a lot of events that happens in the life of a human and some of them are very important such as exams, speeches and any other events.
In these times, it would be great to wish them good luck and let them know that you care for them more than they think.
Here are some good luck wishes that you can try to tell them so that they will know.

I wish you good luck in everything that life will throw at you, I know that you can do it all.

My point is that whether you are going through tough luck, trust me that it will be okay later.


Problems come and problems go but luck will stay with you, so shape it to whatever you want.

Do not worry, just keep on doing your best and I am sure that sooner or later it will be great.

You’ve work so hard for this thing that you are doing so just believe that it will pay off soon.

100 Happy Birthday

You are the best so make the most that you can do for today, let the people talk about you.

It is okay to fail, what is important is that you try, you finished what you have started, girl.

May good luck go your way and help you in moving to the next chapter of your life, my dear.

It may seem so unclear now but soon it will be obvious what you should be doing with life.

You are the best and I will keep on believing that because you matter so much to me now.

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Have a great day and enjoy in your life!

And in silence I will pray for you, that the heavens give you all the best in this very moment.

Sit and just relax, things that are meant to happen will happen if you just let them to do so.

100 Amazing Good Luck Messages

May you have a pleasant day today and may you ace that exam that you are taking today.

Go grab success by the hand because you honestly deserve to do just that, my dearest friend.

No matter how hard the exam may be, I wish you all the best and may you have good luck.

70 Good Luck on your Test Messages with Motivational Images

And if no one will sing you praises because of what you did, I promise that I will be the one to.

You can move things, even mountains if you just let yourself see what you are truly worth, boy.

Sometimes you will get hurt even though you tried the hardest, but it’ll be okay, believe me.


I hope you learn not to be so self-centered but still do your best in everything you do, my dear.

Do not get so dependent on luck because at the end of the day what you do is what matters.

The 105 My Birthday Quotes To Myself

There will always be things that might not go your way but that is just the way life is, dear.

Good luck on your future endeavors, may the Lord God look down kindly upon you, my love.

You can do it because I believe in you and I will really wish that life comes your way, really.

The first steps are going to be hard but as long as you put your mind into it, you will get it all.

The 105 Christmas Vacation Quotes for Recreation

It will be alright, that is just the beginning, the next things will be even harder than it is now.

I just wish that you will never have to feel like you are not good enough because you are, girl.

Today is going to be a good day to be productive and just reach out for the best in others, boy.


It may seem so hard right now but that just means that you are on the right path, my dear, go!

I am so glad you got that promotion, keep on striving for the best and I wish you good luck.

It is not always going to be easy but it sure is going to be worth it, everything you do will be.

Forget the butterflies inside your stomach because you’ve got this, just keep on going with life.

Stand in the middle of the crowd and showcase what you have, I wish you the best of luck on it.

Never feel like you are never good enough because you are awesome, that is what you are.

Your exam is coming up so just keep going and know that I believe in you, wishing you best.

May you hear good news at the end of this day, I believe in you so good luck to you, friend.

And if you fail, do not worry, not everyone gets it on their first try, just keep on going for it.

Wake up with a smile on your face and do not let it be wiped off for the whole day, my dear.

This is your chance to get back at life, do your best and show the world that you can do it.

You will get there, maybe not that fast but slow steps are also bound to get to that goal.

The thing is that there will be setbacks in your motion for greatness but just keep on going.

Things are not going to be the way you want them to but I hope you know I am here for you.

Do your best in that test and then let us celebrate for you will surely pass it for sure, dear.

No matter how big the odds are, believe me that there is nothing possible when you try it.

Good luck to any exams or tests that you may have this week, may you find peace somehow.

There is so much joy waiting to be explored so do your best and I wish you good luck, dear.

I am happy to have known you all this time so on your big day I wish you all the good luck.

Sending you all the good luck I can give you because you might need it for this special day.

Life is but a conversation with you and yourself so keep on toppling what you already did.

Remember to take a stop sometimes so you can just relax for a bit and comfort yourself.

No matter how big the odds may seem I am telling you that it is going to get better than ever.

You are destined for bigger things so just go for it and believe that you can do them all.

The journey is never going to be easy but what matters is that you are alright, you matter.

It is funny how one thing leads to the other but there is so much good and bad in this world.

Go for the things that makes you feel alive, that makes you forget there ever was a problem.

When someone does their best for you the best you can do is to do your best just as well.

Life is going to be so hard especially when you are scared but you need to take that first step.

Good luck on beating the hell out of that test, I know you can ace it so strive for excellence!

I promise you that the worst is yet to come so you might as well get used to it and prepare.

Of all the things you could have done, I wish you did not tell me that you are so tired now.

Do not give up, luck comes to those who keeps pursuing the path that they have chosen.

Regrets will not help you now so just keep on being yourself and doing the best that you can.

Of all people, you are the one I trust the most so try not to break my trust, please promise me.

Let me know when you need my help and I promise to be there for you whenever that may be.

Good luck on finding the right person for you I know that sooner or later you will find the one.

On the happiest days of your life, I still will wish you good luck because I am used to that.

You are the one who would make and shape your own good luck so just keep on doing it.

And when it comes to an end I hope you know that good luck is something that is earned, boy.

Good luck with your adventures and everything else will follow through for sure, my dear.

There is so much more to good luck than you’ll ever know and that is indeed the truth, girl.

Sometimes, good luck is all you can hold on to and so go for it and just keep holding on.

There will be disappointing days in your life but with some good luck, you will do fine.

Trying to do your best is not going to succeed always so I wish you all the good luck too.

Every single day of our lives is a gift from the heavens above so make the most out of it, girl.

I am so happy with my life right now that I cannot help but wish all the best for you, dear.

Giving you all my warm wishes, I hope that you keep on being the kind person that you are.

Never have I imagined that you would be the person you are today, I can’t be prouder son.

I am wishing you the best of luck in everything that you would ever venture in this life, girl.

Life can both be amazing and disappointing at the same time, you just need to live with it.

May you keep on just moving forward with your life and that you get all you want in this life.

If you have faith in the Lord, eventually everything in your life will fall into the right places.

I wish you the best in all that you have planned for today because all your efforts will pay off.

Go for the gold, go for the things that makes you happy, that is the truth that life has to offer.

When it seems that things are going wrong, worry not because God will not leave you, dear.

There are a thousand of reasons to give up but I hope you hold on to the reason you shouldn’t.

Looking for All the Best Wishes and Good Luck Quotes, Messages and Sayings? Here's our collection of Best Well Wishes to wish them luck for future.

Good Luck Messages and Sayings

wish for good luck

Sometimes when someone goes through something the only thing that you’re able to do to help them is to wish them “good luck”. However there is more to wishing someone “good luck” than these two words as the context of the situation dictates exactly how you go about doing it. 

In this article, we are going to give you all the different ways you can wish someone “good luck” in French and in which situations to use them.

Using Bonne Chance to Wish Someone Good Luck in French

Bonne chance is by far the most common way to say “good luck” in French. The great thing about it is that it’s very easy for English speakers to understand as it literally means “good luck” (bonne = good, chance = luck). You can easily use it on its own by simply saying bonne chance to someone, or you can put it into a more complete sentence.

In order to do so you typically use the words pour, avec, or dans. The one that you need to use depends on what you are wishing someone “good luck” for. 

You’ll use pour if you are wishing someone “good luck” for something that isn’t tangible. You’ll also see it often used for something that is coming up in the future. Take a look at the below examples…

Bonne chance pour l’avenir – Good luck for the future

Bonne chance pour votre retraite – Good luck with your retirement

Using avec with bonne chance is most common for things that are tangible such as an object.

Bonne chance avec ton grand-père – Good luck with your grandfather (it should already be clear as to why you are wishing someone good luck in this instance.)

Bonne chance avec ton chat – Good luck with your cat (again, the context should be clear as to why you’re wishing someone good luck with their cat.)

Using dans with bonne chance is more or less the same thing as using pour. You’ll often see it with things that are already going on such as someone’s studies or work. This isn’t a hard rule however.

Bonne chance dans tes études – Good luck with your studies

Bonne chance dans votre travail – Good luck with your work

It’s really important to understand that when it comes to this stuff even the French themselves debate on the rules. It’s best that you don’t get completely locked into one way because as soon as you do you’ll hear a native-speaker use it a different way.

Using Je vous souhaite bonne chance to wish someone good luck in french

The only real difference bonne chance and Je vous souhaite bonne chance is that the latter means “I wish you good luck”.  It’s more formal than simply bonne chance and probably isn’t something you would use too often with your close friends.

You also have to make sure that you change out who you are wishing “good luck” seeing as vous just means “you”.

Je lui souhaite bonne chance pour son entretien d’embauche – I wish him/her good luck for his/her job interview

Je vous souhaite bonne chance dans vos projets à venir – I wish you good luck for your future plans

Another related way of saying this is Je vous souhaite de réussir which means “I wish for you to succeed”. When you break it down you’re really just wishing someone “good luck”, but are using different words to do so. 

Je vous souhaite de réussir dans les affaires – I wish for you to succeed in business

Je vous souhaite de réussir dans cette nouvelle aventure – I wish for you to succeed in this new adventure

Using Merde to wish good luck in French

For those who are big into theater you’ll know that when wishing someone “good luck” on a performance you say “break a leg”. The idea behind this is that it’s bad luck to wish someone good luck so you “wish” for something really bad to happen to them.

The same idea exists in French except instead of telling someone to “break a leg” you say merde (literally sh*t). 

Although its origins come from theater performances it doesn’t have to only be used for these types of situations. There isn’t really a rule as to when you can and can’t use it, but you’ll see it most often when talking about school tests or when giving speeches.

It may go without saying, but this is only to be used in the most informal of situations. Never use this with anyone that you should show respect.

Merde pour ton examen – Good luck on your exam

Merde pour ton permis – Good luck on getting your driver’s license

If the context is already clear then you can simply say merde.


Using bon courage to wish good luck in French

Not every situation where you wish someone “good luck” has to be informal. Bon courage is what you would use when you want to wish someone “good luck” for something that’s a little more serious.

Literally translated as “good courage” bon courage is for situations where someone needs encouragement. You could absolutely translate it by saying “good luck”, but you could also translate it by saying “hang in there” or “keep a stiff upper lip”.

Bon courage pour ton opération – Good luck with your operation

Bon courage pour ton déménagement – Good luck with your move

It’s not 100% necessary to use bon courage for serious situations as you’ll often hear it used for less serious situations that people jokingly make more serious.

Tu rencontres les parents de ta copine pour la première fois ce soir ? Bon courage ! – You’re meeting your girlfriend’s parents for the first time this evening? Good luck!

Using je croise les doigts to wish good luck

Je croise les doigts (translated as “I cross my fingers”) can be used when you are hoping for the best for someone (including yourself) in a given situation. It’s not at all uncommon for people to literally cross their fingers while saying it.

As with many of the other expressions on this list je croise les doigts can be used by itself if the context allows it or can be placed in a more complete sentence.

Je croise les doigts pour que tout se passe bien – I’m crossing my fingers for everything to go well (fingers crossed that things go well)

Je croise les doigts pour mes amis – I’m crossing my fingers for my friends (the context should make it clear why)


Using Je touche du bois to wish good luck in french

Je touche du bois doesn’t mean “good luck” in as much as it means that you currently are in some sort of fortunate situation and are wanting it to continue. It’s essentially the French equivalent to “knock on wood” if you live in the United States or “touch wood” if you live in the United Kingdom. If there is anything made of wood nearby people will often touch it while saying je touche du bois, otherwise they will just touch their head.

Mon entreprise va très bien, je touche du bois – My business is going very well, knock on wood

Tout va bien pour l’instant, je touche du bois – Everything is going well for the time being, knock on wood

You can also say to someone touche du bois (knock on wood / touch wood) if they don’t say it themselves. 


Using je touche la peau du singe to wish good luck in french

This one is an expression that is said to come from the North of France and is for the most part an equivalent to je touche du bois. When translated literally it means “to touch the monkey’s skin”. Some people say that when using this expression you’re supposed to put your hand on your head whereas others will say you’re supposed to put your hand on someone else’s head.

Although the meaning remains the same you may see this one used in others forms including je touche de la peau de singe, je touche du singe and even jetouche une peau de singe.

Just use this one as you would use je touche du bois. Sometimes people even use both and say je touche du bois et de la peau de singe.

Using meilleurs vœux to wish good luck in french

Meilleurs vœux is commonly used in situations such as  weddings or birthdays to mean “best wishes”. This isn’t always the case though. You’ll also see it a lot in December around the holidays as a way to say “Season’s Greetings” or “Happy Holidays”. It’s no doubt one of the more formal ways to wish someone luck on this list.

Meilleurs vœux pour votre mariage – Best wishes for your marriage (wishing someone good luck for their marriage)

Acceptez mes meilleurs vœux de santé – Accept my best wishes for your health (wishing someone good luck with their health)


Using Que to wish good luck in french

This may very well be the most formal way of wishing someone luck on this list. You can think of it like the English equivalent to “may…” as in “May your day be blessed”.

Because this one is considered formal if you do happen to use it with your close friends they may think you’re being silly or ingenuine. If that’s your goal then by all means say it, but if you are actually wanting to be serious then you should probably use something else.

Que votre séjour se passe bien – May your trip go well (essentially wishing someone well on their trip)

Que votre vie soit remplie de bonheur – May your life be filled with happiness (essentially wishing for someone to have happiness in their life)

The only other thing that should really be brought up about this one is that the verb that comes after Que must be in the subjunctive tense. If you aren’t comfortable with the French subjunctive then avoid using this one even if the context warrants it.


Using J'ai de la chance to say I'm lucky

Sometimes you don’t need to wish someone “good luck” because they already have it. If you yourself are lucky then you can say j’ai de la chance which literally means “I have luck”. Its real translation is “I’m lucky” however.

Il a de la chance d’avoir une femme qui l’aime autant – He’s lucky to have a wife who loves him so much

Tu as de la chance d’être vivant – You are lucky to be alive


Using je suis chanceux / euse to say I'm lucky

Another way of saying “I’m lucky” is to say je suis chanceux if you’re male or je suis chanceuse if you’re female. Although this one is used less often than j’ai de la chance it’s definitely easier for the average English speaker to understand because it literally means “I am lucky”.

Il est chanceux de t’avoir – He is lucky to have you

Nous sommes chanceux qu’il ne soit pas fâché – We are lucky that he isn’t mad

Chanceux can also be used to describe someone.

Mon oncle est quelqu’un de chanceux – My uncle is someone lucky

You will no doubt hear j’ai de la chance more in France, however you’ll hear je suis chanceux more in Québec. Keep this in mind if you’re ever visiting either location.


Using ça me porte chance to say that brings me luck

Some people believe that certain things such as objects can bring them luck. Usually an object that brings someone good luck is known as un porte-bonheur (a good luck charm). Although really anything that you feel brings you luck can be a good luck charm, some commonly known ones are un trèfle de quatre feuilles (a four-leaf clover) and une patte de lapin (a rabbit’s foot).

If you have something that brings you luck you can say ça me porte chance (literally that brings me luck). You can of course replace ça (that) with the object that brings you luck.

Ma casquette me porte chance – My cap brings me luck

Son bracelet lui porte chance – His bracelet brings him luck

You now should be that much more prepared to wish someone “good luck” in French no matter the circumstances.  Hopefully you can now go out and use it on your own. If you feel you’re ready, bonne chance !

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