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Wedding wishes for a coworker
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Wedding Congratulation Messages For Colleagues,Sample Wedding Congratulation Messages For Colleagues, Wedding Wishes For Colleagues.

Do I Need a Wedding Card?

Yes. Regardless of whether you can attend the wedding, it’s proper etiquette to include a wedding card with your physical or monetary gift. They serve two purposes:

  1. To let the couple know who the gift is from.
  2. To share your well wishes with the couple.

If you purchase a gift online and ship it to the couple directly, then the “send a message” feature provided by the online retailer replaces a traditional paper wedding card.

5 Things to Consider Before Writing a Wedding Card

Before you begin writing your message, consider the following:

  1. How well do you know the couple? How well you know the couple will help guide the length and content of what you write in the card. If you’re close to the newlyweds, your message should be more heartfelt and personal. On the other hand, a quick congratulatory note is more suitable for acquaintances and distant family.
  2. What’s the couple’s personality? What you write in the card should depend on the personality of the couple. A more reserved couple might not appreciate a witty one-liner, but would love more formal congratulations.
  3. Is the couple religious? If the couple adheres to a particular religious tradition, a spiritual verse or message can be a nice gesture. However, we caution against including religious wording if the couple is of a different faith or if you are unclear about their beliefs.
  4. Are you attending the wedding? If you are unable to attend the wedding, there is no need to explain your absence, but sharing that you wish you could be there to celebrate is a nice addition. Be sure to thank the couple for inviting you whether or not you are able to attend.

The Anatomy of How to Write Your Message

1. Address The Couple Start off your message by addressing the couple directly:

  • Ellen and Portia
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jones

2. Congratulate Next, congratulate the couple on their union:

  • Congrats, you guys!
  • Congratulations and happy wedding day!

3. Wish Them Well Share well wishes for their future:

  • May your life together be filled with joy and great memories.
  • Looking forward to seeing your marriage grow in the years to come.

4. Share Some Thoughts, Memories, or Advice (Optional) If you know the couple well, share some additional thoughts, words of wisdom, or a sweet memory:

  • Remember that double date we went on together? We knew then that you guys were meant to be!
  • Don’t forget to cherish the little moments and each other.

5. Give Thanks (or Express Regrets) Express thanks for being invited or regrets for missing the celebration:

  • Thank you so much for inviting us to celebrate your special day.
  • Wish we could be there to see you two tie the knot!

6. Sign Off Close by signing off and adding signatures:

  • Best wishes
  • Congrats again!

Dos and Don’ts of Writing a Wedding Card


  • Be genuine. The key to a great wedding card message is to write from the heart. To avoid your sentiments feeling awkward or forced, don’t add quotes or lines that you wouldn’t actually say in person.
  • Write the card to the couple as a unit. The wedding card should be to the couple as a pair—not just a personal note to the individual you know best. It’s their wedding day as a couple, so your message should address them both.
  • Prepare what you’re going to say. To avoid mistakes, write out a draft of your message on a separate piece of paper before copying it to the wedding card. This will help you gather your thoughts and avoid mistakes.


  • Write too much. Keep your message short, sweet, and to the point. While it’s fine to want to express your joy or share a special memory, long stories or messages aren’t ideal for the small writing space available in a wedding card. If you have a lot to say, save it for an email, letter, or in-person conversation.
  • Scratch out mistakes. Mistakes happen, but it looks messy to just scratch out your error and keep writing. Either erase your mistake with a correction fluid (like White Out) or start over with a new card.
  • Make spelling errors. Proofread your note to make sure you haven’t made any spelling mistakes or misspelled the name of one of the newlyweds.
  • Get too personal. Although we encourage you to be genuine, the wedding card isn’t the right place to share a particularly personal (or inappropriate) message.

What to Write in a Wedding Card

Knowing what to write in a card can be intimidating, especially if you don’t consider yourself great with words, but it’s key to remember that a genuine, from-the-heart message from you is all that really matters. To get your pen moving, here’s some inspiration at different levels of formality and for various types of couples:

Formal Wedding Card Wishes

  • “Sending you wishes for a lifetime of love and happiness.”
  • “I/We wish you all the best as you begin your lives together.”
  • “May the years ahead strengthen the love that you share.”
  • “Best wishes for a beautiful marriage filled with wonderful memories.”
  • “Warm wishes for a beautiful wedding day and a happy union.”

Casual Wedding Card Wishes

  • “I/We wish you guys lots of love now and always.”
  • “Here’s to many years of love and happiness!”
  • “Best wishes for an amazing future together.”
  • “Hope the days ahead are filled with lots of hugs and kisses.”
  • “Wishing you guys fun-filled adventures in married life!”

Religious Wedding Card Wishes

  • “May God bless your marriage.”
  • “Mazel Tov! May joy fill all the days of your life together."
  • “Mashallah! Blessings for your union.”
  • “Best wishes on this blessed day.”
  • “Sending you prayers for a marriage filled with love and joy.”

Funny Wedding Card Wishes

  • “Hope you guys have more belly laughs than fights over loading the dishwasher!”
  • “Best wishes as you annoy each other for the rest of your lives.”
  • “Here’s to endless sleepovers with your favorite weirdo.”
  • “May Facebook notifications always save you from forgetting your anniversary.”
  • “Good luck and remember that dating apps are only getting creepier.”

Wedding Card for a Family Member and New Spouse

  • “So excited to add a new member to our family! Here’s to a lifetime of love and growing old together.”
  • “Today is a wonderful day for our family. Congrats and warm wishes!”
  • “Congratulations and welcome to the family! Hope today and everyday after is amazing.”
  • “We’re so happy to call you both family. Here’s to lots of love and future family drama!”
  • “Cheers to family and love! Congrats on getting married you guys.”

Wedding Card for a Friend and New Spouse

  • “May you bring each other as much happiness and friendship as you’ve brought me. Congrats!”
  • “Here’s to love, friendship, and double-dates! Best wishes for an awesome marriage.”
  • “So thrilled to celebrate this day with two amazing friends! Happy wedding day, guys!”
  • “Can’t wait to get down on the dance floor and celebrate with you. Congratulations on getting hitched!”
  • “Thanks for inviting me to eat cake and drink champagne. You should get married all the time!”

Wedding Card for a Coworker and New Spouse

  • “Thank you for inviting me to share this day with you. Best wishes!”
  • “I’m so happy to have bonded with you at work. Congrats to you and your love!”
  • “Cheers! I’m looking forward to seeing your new title on your email signature.”
  • “Wishing you guys the very best and a happy honeymoon!”
  • “Congrats on finding each other! Here’s to many happy years.”

Wedding Card for a Parent and New Stepparent

  • “Welcome to the family. Love you both so much!”
  • “I’m so thrilled that you have found each other. Congrats and best wishes!”
  • “Mom/Dad, I’m so happy for the love that you have found. Congrats to you both, and welcome to the family [Name of Stepparent]!”
  • “[Name of Stepparent], thank you for the joy you bring my Mom/Dad. - Cheers to a bigger, better family!”
  • “So excited to see our family grow today. Congratulations on your big day!”

Wedding Card for a Son or Daughter and New Spouse

  • “So happy to welcome a new son/daughter to our family. Thank you for the joy you bring my son/daughter. May the joy you feel today last a lifetime!”
  • “Today we add a new member to our family and we couldn’t be happier. Congrats to you both!”
  • “Lots of love and happiness to you both on this joyful day for our family.”
  • Son/Daughter, I’m so happy to see you marry someone who brings you so much joy. Here’s to a beautiful marriage that grows through the years.”
  • “Best wishes to my son/daughter and my new son-in-law/daughter-in-law on this wonderful occasion!”

Wedding Card for a Sibling and New Spouse

  • “I’m so happy to add a brother/sister to our family. Congratulations and best wishes for a happy life together.”
  • “Congrats to the best brother/sister in the world and my new brother-in-law/sister-in-law. Lots of love to you both.”
  • “So thankful that my brother/sister has found the one whom his/her soul loves. Welcome to the family and congratulations on finding love in each other.”
  • “Yay! So excited to gain a sibling today. All my love to you guys!”
  • “Best wishes to you guys as you begin your lives together. Let’s celebrate!”

Say congratulations with a beautiful message and some flowers to celebrate! Writing messages for wedding cards doesn't have to be difficult!.

Wedding Wishes: 99 Examples of What To Write In A Wedding Card

wedding wishes for a coworker

Do you find yourself lost as to what to include in your wedding wish for a dear colleague at work? If your answer is yes, then we suggest you deploy any one of these 70 slightly formal but sweet wedding wishes for your work colleague:

  • The grandest of wish goes to the coolest coworker ever. May happiness and joy never leave your union.
  • Today, I partake in a majestic celebration – your wedding. I pray that the bond between you and your new significant other grows in leaps and bounds.
  • Big appreciation goes out to you for allowing me to share in this momentous occasion of yours. I wish you the best that life has to offer.
  • May you two lovebirds soar high on the wings of love and happiness. Congrats!
  • Relish in every moment that you spend together from today onward. And with an open heart love each other to the fullest.
  • I appreciate your kind nature and love for what you do at work. On this glorious day of yours, I say best of wishes and happy wedding!
  • Peace, love and joy are what I wish you on your wedding. You deserve nothing but the best that life can give.
  • Working with you all these years has been nothing short of joy. My dearest of wishes goes out to you and your new life partner. Long may you stay happy together.
  • The best of wishes on your wedding! It has been an unbelievable pleasure witnessing how true your love for each other has grown and flourished.
  • I wish you a very starry and colorful future together. May every wrong be righted in your life henceforth.
  • Your passion and hard work always inspire us. I am glad that you are tying the knot. May this path of yours bring you total happiness.
  • Working with you has always been a joy. I ask for the blessing of God in your marriage and family.
  • Best wishes to my most amazing workmate. I pray you and your partner stays unconditionally in love forever.
  • Let this wedding of yours feed you with happiness from the Divine himself. Have an amazing life ahead, buddy.
  • Wishing my best friend and co-worker the best of wishes in your upcoming wedding. I wholeheartedly know that the love you share with your soon-to-be partner will endure and remain fresh forever.
  • Congratulation on your wedding. May the event introduce pure enjoyment and success into every facet of your life.
  •  As you embark on this life journey, I ask that prosperity and health remains visible components the two of you.
  • May this adventure of yours be packed with glories like never seen before. Best of wishes in your wedding.
  • With this new start of yours, I pray that you always gravitate towards fortune and long life.
  • Congratulations! May the sun cast its gaze at you and your partner. May it strengthen the bond you have with each other till thy kingdom come.
  • As we celebrate this wedding of yours, I pray that vast blessings pour all over your new home. Congratulations, mate!
  • Wishing you a glorious and blissful union. May you it be full of wonders for the rest of your life.
  • To this special union of yours, I pray that love and togetherness stays forever. May the two of you have a very close bond capable of weathering any storm.
  • Wedding wishes to my dear cubicle mate. Thanks for showing us how love can be true and pure when you put your mind and soul to it. Cheers, mate!
  • Here is to the best colleague of mine on his wedding day. The best of luck as you go on this life trip. Long live your marriage!
  • May the stars always align perfectly for you and your wife. May they treat you to the best of things in this world. Congrats, buddy!
  • Best of wishes to you on your wedding. May joy and success hover and congregate around you and your husband/wife.
  • It is such a terrific day to bask in this union of yours. I have no doubt whatsoever that heaven’s abundant grace and blessings will stay with you in every step of the way. 
  • I am more than happy to call you my co-worker on this extraordinary day. May love and understanding never depart your side.
  • Congratulations! May you go on to write the greatest love story the world has ever seen. Bundles of happiness and love to you, sweetheart.
  • I could not be happier than I am right now. The love story between you two renews my hope in humanity. May your union last long.
  • May the two of you share a love melody that plays forever in your hearts.
  • Best wishes to you and the family that you are starting. May every step that you take prosper you.
  • As the two of you come together and become one, I wish the both of you unfailing love and patience.
  • May your life be breathtakingly beautiful as your wedding day. May the two of you stay strong and have a very long union.
  • Your wedding invitation does me so much honor. The opportunity to be part of your joyful day is something I will never miss. I wish you a great and wonderful marriage.
  • May the years together with your prince overflow with infinite joy.
  • Wishing you years of stronger bonds and everlasting happiness.
  • As you start a family together, I wish you maximum joyfulness and health.
  • I pray the years ahead of you contain nothing but love and happiness.
  • My best of wishes to you on this lifetime adventure. Stay blessed in your marriage.
  • I am so very happy for you, mate. I hope that you build a life that is nothing short of love and compassion for your significant other.
  • May today, tomorrow and forever in your new life be filled growth beyond comprehension.
  • As you climb aboard this wedding ship, I pray you steer your way to a place that contains all your heart desires.
  • I am more than thankful for the invitation. And it is my hope that love takes up a permanent resident in your home.
  • May you begin to realize every dream of yours. May your wedding spur you on to the most beautiful thing you can ever imagine.
  • As the years roll by, I pray love, harmony and trust take deep roots in your home.
  • The team and I are extremely happy for you. We cannot wait to take part in your wedding. All the best of wishes.
  • Whatever dream that you may have, I hope they all come true. Wishing the both of you a happy union.
  • I have no doubt in my mind that your life will receive adequate amounts of sunshine even when things get gloomy. Wishing you the best!
  • Love is nurturing and caring. It so potent that it can inject instant joy when things seem to be sour. Always stay on the side of love. Happy wedding day!
  • May that beautiful spark in yours eyes never abate and may it be the fuel the love you have for each other.
  • Here’s wishing you two a life of growth and happiness.
  • I wish for nothing but care and laughter in both your lives. May your days be full of celebration, laughter and love.
  • I pray that the bond between you gets stronger by the day. Have a splendid wedding, mate!
  • Nurture and care for your love from this day forward. It will then grow into the most beautiful thing you’ve ever known.
  • As you walk down the aisle to meet your soulmate, I pray your love sprouts into the most marvelous of things ever known to mankind.
  • So thankful I got to share this day with you both
  • Be forever loving and caring to each other and goodness will stay by your side.
  • Happy wedding day, bestie. I’m so thankful that you and I have become thick as thieves. The only thing we stole was each other’s heart.
  • I have been to quite a good number of weddings, but never have I seen a ceremony as beautiful as yours. May your journey be filled with gorgeous moments.
  • You two as couple is so wonderful. We adore you. Congrats!
  • Wishing you copious amounts of happiness in your marriage.
  • As a single man, I take so much hope from your union. Thanks for the invitation. I wish you and your partner all the best.
  • Everyone at the firm is in a good mood because of your wedding. The two of you really deserve each other. Congratulations!
  • May love and understanding keep you united all the days of your lives.
  • Here is to a future of everlasting joy and God’s abundant grace.
  • A dozen cheers to you, mate. Welcome to the land of bliss!
  • I wish that your marriage is packed with the most memorable of experiences. Happy wedding!
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Wedding Card Messages

wedding wishes for a coworker

When the time has come to wish your coworker or colleague for his/her wedding, you may think lot to make your colleagues happy, but a message can meet your desire. Sending congratulation text on the occasion of a colleague’s wedding is the best way to wish all the best for the future life. The words express the emotion of love and togetherness. Your message can give you what you are looking for.

A list of wedding congratulation message samples for coworker is presented below:

1). You have achieved many highs in life, but the time says enjoy climbing being together with your love one. Be happy and I wish you congratulation for your wedding. Stay together and forever and paint your life beautifully.

2). You are an honest and a dedicative person at work, but your personal life takes a new turn with your wedding. Add the color of love, romance, affection, fondness and many more. Enjoy the life being together and forever. Congrats.

3). You are the made for each other couple that no one can break. Be together always in smile and tear and ride the journey supporting each other. No matter how difficult storm is, keep your love safe always. Congratulation.

4). I wish you congratulation for your wedding; live the life with sharing and caring with your partner. Do not hide anything from each other, no matter how small the matter is. Unveil the secret world with love and affection.

5). The love that you share together remains the same forever. It is true, dear ones cannot always be near, but don’t let distance come in between the hearts. Steal the pain and give the smile with each other. Congratulation.

Popular Messages:

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Custom Floral with Ebony Hair Couple Wedding Congratulations Co-Worker card Wedding Congratulations for Co-Worker, Golden Wedding Rings card.

What to write in a wedding card

wedding wishes for a coworker

How can you frame wedding congratulations on your wedding card messages? How do you start, what do you put in, and how do you close? Find out!

The next thing to do after getting a marriage invite is to send in wedding congratulations to the couple! Being a guest is not all about the excitement, you have to the put in some work with the wedding wishes. These wishes must convey your message right and wash over the couple with love.

Do you know how to start a wedding card message? Do you know what to write in a wedding card? What are the best wedding sayings and how appropriate are they? Are there wedding card wishes etiquette? How do I close my message? All these are questions that this post will give you answers to. So stay glued and learn how to write the best wedding messages!

What to Write in a Wedding Card

It is not difficult knowing what to write about a wedding, with our guide. Foremost, your wedding wishes must be sweet, sentimental, deep and awash with love. It doesn’t have to be perfect but must suit the couple perfectly. There are different kinds of wedding greetings, but we have a template that guides you through all. You will find it below with examples you can tweak to suit your style. Let the happy couple know that you really do care.

  • Begin with your congratulations: The word “congratulations” cannot be-overused ever! Congratulations mean so many joyful things to a couple. It is a way to show that you are very excited for them. You are also letting them know that they did great by choosing to take that step. It doesn’t matter if you know only one half of the couple more than the other, congratulations are in order.  See some examples below!

-“I just got your great news! Congratulations darling. This is awesome!”

– “Congratulations Meg! I cannot contain my joy on your upcoming nuptials!”

-“Wow!  Hearty congratulations on your impending marriage. I am so happy for you!”

-“Congratulations on your wedding dearies! I can’t wait to witness your day!”

  • Leave a wedding wish: Your wedding card message must bear a wedding wish that is peculiar to the couple. Regardless of the style you choose to go with or their relationship with you. Your message must show that you’re excited for them, you love them and wish them the best. It must also emphasize that they have all your support and you will be there for them. It must be emotional even when funny, and it must call on your relationship with them.

-“it’s your wedding day in a few. May your day fill you with joy and may your love shine bright like the sun”-

  • Thank the couple for the invitation: You penned down your congratulations and best wishes, but that’s not enough. You got an invite because you matter to the couple and they spared you a thought. Yes, you plan on scouting the registry to get them a befitting gift. But before that, it is good to thank them for inviting you to witness their day. It is an honor and they rate you. You can do this in simple words and it doesn’t have to be extensive. Something like what we have below.

-“I got my invite to your wedding. I do not take it for granted. So, you have all my support and love. Thank you”

  • Close: Do this with some wedding wishes quotes. Give them your warmest wishes about their day and the future. It can be a one-liner, either funny or heartfelt. Sign off with your name. If the bride is your best buddy or you feel like it. Send off your wedding card message with a subscription box attached. What a beautiful pre-wedding gift to help her prepare for her big day? Trust me, she will love you always.

-“May your hearts beat as one forever”

Wedding Wishes Etiquette

Your wedding congratulations to a couple come at any time. It could be before the wedding, during or after the wedding. There is no time set in stone to send in your wedding cards congratulations. But the truth is, it is always best sending them in when the feeling is still fresh. Yet, there are some rules you should follow, so as not to go out of line.

  • The message must be perfectly suited for the couple who will get the card. Do not pick messages off anywhere. Put in some thoughts. Secondly, you should take into consideration your relationship with the couple. A message from gran quite differs from that of a colleague.
  • Your timing is another factor to consider. If you send in your wishes before the wedding, you’d be quite excited for their day. If you send in your wishes at the wedding, you’d only give warmest wishes for the future. Some guests will attach it to their wedding gift or drop it in the card box.
  • When addressing wedding wishes before the wedding, address it to the bride and groom. If you must use a last name for the bride, use her maiden name. You don’t know that she may or may not change her name. You can also stick with first names only. If you bring your wishes to the wedding, address it to Mr. and Mrs. No last names. If you must use names, first names only.
  • The same also goes for checks, gifts and gift cards. First names only.

Casual Wedding Wishes

This is for you if you don’t know what to say in a wedding card, or you are not much of a talker. Don’t do anything that’s not you, or you will ruin it all. Avoid the pressure of saying all the right words. Keep it short, simple and sweet. Casual wedding wishes cuts across all forms of relationships and the timing of your cards. It’s like the master key to all the doors for wedding wishes. They may be short but they are still heartfelt, emotional, and straight to the point. See some examples below.

  • Congratulations!
  • Accept my warmest wishes!
  • Sending you biggest hugs!
  • Giving you my best wishes!
  • I’m so excited for you!
  • Wishing you lots of happiness, love, and joy!
  • Wishing you unending joy and laughter!
  • Here’s to a life of love and peace!
  • Here’s to the happiest marriage yet.
  • Kisses and hugs!
  • Love you now, forever and a day.
  • Here’s to a lasting peace-filled marriage.

Formal Wedding Wishes

If the wedding is a formal affair, you know the ballroom setting kind. The tulle and lace combinations with a sober walk down the aisle. You may need to put in more effort, and this means more words. One-liners like in casual wedding wishes will not fit into this type of wedding. Although, it’s not cast in stone that you may say so much to convey your wishes. But the examples below will work fine.

  • I wish you a forever filled with love, unity, and happiness.
  • May your love remain ever strong even after your wedding day is over.
  • You join together to start a new and wonderful life. Best wishes on this new journey.
  • May you grow old and grey and may your love grow with you.
  • You made a part of your day. The memory will remain evergreen, as your love will be too.
  • Love is a beautiful thing and today you prove love right. May your love remain evergreen beautiful.

Funny Wedding Card Messages

Send the couple funny wedding wishes if you want to give them something to make them smile on their day. But this is a tricky type of message. Saying it face to face will sound fine, but putting it in writing may sound awkward. Hence, be careful with your word usage. This is in order not to sound as though you’re making fun, sarcastic or not sincere. Leave out jokes on future infidelity, body shaming or possibly divorce. The couple may not find it funny. See some examples below.

  • Thanks for letting us wine and dine at your expense. The meals were great; so will your marriage be!
  • Love, cherish and always pick his chips.
  • Happy marriages have a secret. Only the married can know it. Happy married life!
  • The two of you become one today. Do I get two plates of food each when I visit?
  • Be kind to each other. You never know, she could know where your car keys are. Stay married!
  • Thanks for the free wine, we are glad to celebrate your marriage on your behalf.

Religious Wedding Wishes

Religious wedding card message should match with the beliefs of the couple. These are very strong, straight and meaningful messages with depth. People who are religious believe in the presence and power of a supreme being whom they reverence. What better way to frame a wedding message to them by bonding them with their creator? Starting their marriage with strength and promise attached to their beliefs is a beautiful one. So, check out the beliefs of the couple before Penning down your wishes.

Examples below for Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, and all.

  • May your union have a fill of God’s blessings.
  • May God endow you with his many benefits.
  • Your marriage is on a side foundation and bound by your faith.
  • May the one who ordained your meeting preserve you in love, joy, and peace till the end of days.
  • May God bind you together in his love that can never break.

Wedding Card Messages for Friends

Wedding greetings to your friends can be funny or heartfelt. They are your friends, so they deserve all the joy you can put in. You can make your messages a personal one or leave it in general terms. This is depending on how close you are to the couple. But remember that your messages should express your love to them and convey your message right. Check below for some examples.

  • One of my greatest joys in life is knowing that you’re my friends.
  • As you made me a happy person, may such extend even more to you too.
  • We all need that one person that gets up and has our back. It leaves no fulfilled and overwhelmed that today, you found the one.
  • Here’s to unending love and eternal friendship.
  • Today is your marriage. It is happening and I’m the happiest person alive to witness it. Wishing you more love, absolute trust, and unending patience.

Wedding Wishes for a Family Member

Whether it’s your daughter, son, brother, sister, granddaughter or grandson getting married. Your wedding wishes must overflow with emotions and sincerely tell of your love. For the one whose sister or brother is getting married, a little fun and naughtiness would do. This is a person you lived and grew up with. Pour out your memories and wish them the best even as they leave home.

For the parents, it is a time of overflowing emotions. You cannot believe how the time flew or where it all went to. You cannot even believe that your baby is grown and taking major life decisions. Bare it all in your wish to them.

The grandparents are alive to witness their second generation walk down the aisle. Who would have thought? This stirs up a lot of emotions and it shows in the wedding wishes.

Check some examples below.

  • Family members
  • The best day of my life is today. I’m witnessing your wedding, and your face shines with love. Welcome to you, as you join my family and may your joy last forever.”

“Our joy knows no bounds as I receive you into this family. May you find joy, peace, happiness, and unity.”

“To my sister, my best pal, my ride or die, my confidante. We were little, now we’ve grown. We’ve done everything together and now we will part ways to better things. Though you’re leaving we will be together in our hearts. May you find happiness, peace, fulfillment, and progress even as you get married.”

“You mean so much to me, dearest sister. You’re a part of me. For this, I wish you the best in marriage and love. Your joy will be full and permanent.”

My bully and best friend, my brother! It’s so hard to see you get married, but I’m happy you found love. You are so good for each other and I wish you all the happiness you deserve.

Dear mama, I’ve always had you to myself, but now I have to share. You’ve raised me right and I’m so grateful. You deserve all the happiness and I’m glad you found it. Wishing you the best.

I love you with everything in me papa. You’ve given me so much and I’m happy you’ve found someone to give more of your love to. Your love for each other shines through your souls and I pray it never dims. Congratulations!

“From the little babe in my arms some years ago, to this angel walking down the aisle. I’ve never seen a vision so enthralling, so divine. My little girl, you’re everything and my love for you remains unwavering. I send you forth with my best wishes. May all the joy you’ve given me beautiful abundant in your marriage. May your eyes not shed a tear of pain. May only the best be your lot.”

“Darling son, how fast you grow. You’re now a man and I can’t believe it myself. As you take this journey, my love goes with you. Prosper, grow more, enjoy love and have peace with your wife. Your marriage will be a haven for you and you will experience many joys.”

It’s a day of joy for me as I watch you, my little grandchild walk down the aisle. May the love we enjoyed for generations go with you into your marriage.

I watched your parents get married, now you. I am fulfilled, dear grandchild. Go with all my Love and prayers. I wish you the best in marriage.

Wedding Card Messages to a Coworker

Work relationships in most cases are not that close. You may want to go the casual route or get wedding sayings that are not too personal. Workplace wedding greetings could also factor. But if you share a close relationship with your colleague, you can go a bit personal. Some elements of humor wouldn’t go amiss in your message. Whichever way, the examples about are perfect for wedding wishes to colleagues.

  • As you begin this journey of a new life with your spouse, I give you all my best wishes.
  • As a team, you will make the union of marriage a better one.
  • We see your love shine through your soul and your happiness is contagious. I pray your love lasts and your happiness never ends.

Wedding Card Closing
Your congratulations on a wedding are incomplete without the perfect finishing by you. Before you sign off with your name at the bottom of that card. Close with some sweet, emotional, sincere, and warm wishes for the couple. It’s a one size fits all type of approach. This closing works for everyone regardless of the relationship you share with them. All you need is a few words to close. Check out some examples below.

  • With all my Love
  • Sending you lots of love
  • My hearty congratulations
  • Congrats to the lovebirds
  • Love, always
  • From me to you.

Wedding congratulations are a great way to raise the couples’ wedding excitement. When you put your thoughts into framing your wedding cards messages, the new couple will know you care. Love is not only shown by the size of the gift you get a couple. You can also show it by how much you go all out to send them the perfect wedding message. If you’re at a loss of how to go about, this post has all templates from start to finish. Check it out, make your choice and wish the happy couple the best!

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message? So stay glued and learn how to write the best wedding messages! A message from gran quite differs from that of a colleague.

wedding wishes for a coworker
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