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Wedding registration wishes
April 03, 2019 Anniversary Wishes 3 comments

“Wishing you the very best on your wedding day, your honeymoon, and all the . the date of the wedding, so whether you're sending a registry item, a group gift.

Weddings, specially of those close to you, are meant to be attended. But there may be times when you genuinely can’t make it to a wedding even though you badly want to. What do you do then? How can you wish the couple and still personalize the message? Don’t worry, we have a heartfelt marriage wishes list just for you


You know that together you are stronger, together you are one. Have a wonderful married life!”


So you want to wish the good looking couple something short and sweet on their wedding day? Then this message is just for you. This wedding greeting talks of their passion and love for each other as you wish them a beautiful future of togetherness.


A good luck message for the couple as your couldn’t attend their wedding and take part in the celebrations. A message that is positive and a promise that you shall make up to them for not attending their wedding. A message that is personal and a promise that is real, something you should send if your are away for your dear ones wedding celebrations.


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A beautiful marriage wishes sms that is all about the promises, wishes and dreams that your now share as a couple. It is a message that is personal and real; something the newlyweds will definitely appreciate.

5. Happy Life Ahead: Marriage Wishes Sms

A message that is simple and straight forward, wishing the couple a life full of beautiful memories and a happy marriage. A marriage wishes sms that is for everyone, so you can share it with your newly married boss, acquaintance or even your best friend.


A positive and precious message about love, celebration and a life full of happiness and togetherness. This sms is for every couple that is newlywed or getting married. A message that will be memorable and real, something the couple will cherish.


A marriage wishes sms that is in fact a simple poem on love and is a message of congratulations and good wishes. Something the newlyweds will like and cherish. A simple sms that is unique, it talks of joys in life and having a beautiful nest of your own.


Two people, two hearts and two souls meet, to make the union called marriage a celebration of everlasting love and understanding. It is a message that is personal, warm and real, something the newlyweds will like to read.


A wedding greeting that talks of love and togetherness, of union of two souls and two people united as one. A crisp marriage wish sms that is bound to make the couple happy as your share your congratulatory message.

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I would say this is the best marriage wishes sms. A message of hope, happiness and love that wishes the newlyweds a fulfilling life of understanding and happiness as your congratulate them on their union – the wedding.


A beautiful marriage greeting about experiences, reminding the newlyweds that every day is different and through thick and thin you hope they stay strong and together. A meaningful message that the newlywed couple will truly appreciate.


Two beautiful people and two loving hearts meet, to make this union called marriage a celebration of everlasting love and understanding. A message that is personal, warm and real, something the newlyweds will like to read or hear.


A loving congratulatory message to a dear friend as he or she is beginning a joyous journey called love and togetherness. Marriage is precious and your personal wishes would really be appreciated. An sms that will make the couple feel special and loved.


Wishing the newlyweds the best in life, this sms is both personal and very positive. A congratulatory marriage wishes sms that they will love and cherish as you wish them happiness and the best of times for years to come.

15. Good Luck! Marriage Wishes Sms

A good luck marriage wishes sms that is also an acknowledgement of the invite you’ve got for the wedding. A perfect blend of thankfulness and good wishes for the couple as they get married.


A message that is all about spreading love and good wishes, as your dear ones get married. Wish them a memorable and a wonderful wedding with this warm sms or private message.


A marriage wishes sms about joy, happiness and the special event that a marriage is. Send your good wishes and love with this sms that is sure to stir the couple on their wedding day.


A marriage wishes sms about a life full of love and togetherness. Make the newlyweds feel special with this heart warming message on their wedding day.


Foremost, your wedding wishes must be sweet, sentimental, deep and Yes, you plan on scouting the registry to get them a befitting gift.

Marriage Certificate

wedding registration wishes

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This is a sample registry

Danica & Adrian

Danica Henderson and Adrian Dunham's Honeymoon Registry

We want to thank you for visiting our honeymoon registry. We can't wait to go on our Disney honeymoon. Because of your wonderful wedding gifts purchased from this wedding registry, our romantic honeymoon is made possible. All of our dreams are coming true!

Love, Danica & Adrian
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Wedding Wishes: What to Write in a Wedding Card

wedding registration wishes

Marriage Certificate

This eService allows Rwandans to apply for a Marriage Certificate (“Attestation de Marriage”). The certificate is the official document that identifies that a couple is legally married. The application will be submitted to local government authorities at the sector level for processing. The certificate can be used as one of the supporting document to apply for services like Visa, Land-related services, Passport, among others. This document has 3 months validity.

Who can apply?

Citizens of Rwanda

Foreigner married to a Rwandan citizen

Supporting Documents

If the marriage was registered at the sector office where applicant wishes to collect the marriage certificate, the documents below are optional; if the marriage isn’t registered at that sector office, one of the following is required:

1. Wedding booklet (Livret de Marriage)

2. Copy of court judgement (Judgement Suppletif) if marriage has not been registered

Citizen Journey

Step 1: Apply

i. Online: If you are not registered with Irembo, click the "Sign Up" button above and register using your National ID and the Phone number registered to your ID, OR

ii. Agents: You may also approach an Irembo agent at these locations.

Step 2: Payment

Once you complete application, you can directly pay online using a VISA or MasterCard card, OR; use the billing number received via SMS/Email; select another option (Mobile Money on MTN (*182#), Airtel (*182#) or Tigo (*310#) or visit a BK branch or agent close to you).

Step 3: SMS/Email notification

i. Upon submission, you will receive an SMS and/or email to confirm the application and contaning the billing number to be used for payment.

ii. Upon payment, you will receive another SMS and/or email to confirm the payment. If you don't receive an SMS and/or email within 30 minutes, please call 9099 for support.

Step 4: When should you go to pick the certificate

Once the Civil Registration Officer receives your application, he/she will review and approve/reject your application and you will receive an SMS notifying you that your application has been approved/rejected and is ready for pick up. If you don’t receive an SMS within three working days after submission, please contact or visit the sector office.

Step 5: Picking the certificate

Appear before the Civil Registration Officer at the Sector office selected, with proof of payment details ready (SMS notification from Irembo or Bank Slip) and supporting documents required for this service (where applicable).

A wedding is a massive milestone in any person's life, which puts the Wishing your family plenty of love, health, and happiness now and.

Getting married in Seychelles

wedding registration wishes

Here is a collection of some great messages sent in by others. You can also send your own wedding wish SMS messages, with a brief introduction of yourself, via the comments section below. I'll be sure to include it here, and credit you, of course!

  • P. Yadav, from Patna, the capital city of Bihar, India, wished his friend a good wedding SMS:

“It is the Almighty God who makes and breaks marriages. I hope that you will lead a happy married life full of charm and beauty.”

  • Rajiv, who loves to play cricket and is a huge fan of cricket player Sachin Tendulkar, sent this sweet SMS from his collection:

“The secret of a happy conjugal life is making each other feel important. I hope you know it better than any other person.”

  • Jack Mbonga, from a small town in Kenya, has shared this text with us:

“Marriage lessens our grief and cares by diving them and increases our pleasures by multiplying them.”

  • Birbahadur Thapa, from Kathmandu, Nepal, who loves to make new friends, had this SMS message to share:

“I congratulate you for the beginning of a new life. I pray to God to give you a great married life.”


We want to thank you for visiting our honeymoon registry. We can't wait to go on our Disney honeymoon. Because of your wonderful wedding gifts purchased.

wedding registration wishes
Written by Kelar
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