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Top 20 wiz khalifa songs
December 10, 2018 Anniversary Wishes 4 comments

Wiz Khalifa is one of today's leading rap artists. he is best known for his hit song, “ Black and Yellow,” which hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and earned him a.

Born to a military family, Wiz Khalifa’s early years were spent moving from country to country, never truly able to call one place home. This international upbringing has been reflected in the rapper’s music and found him success with his 2008 single “Say Yeah”, which featured Wiz Khalifa’s rap lyrics over a Eurodance track.

Taking inspiration from a variety of artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony and Notorious B.I.G., Wiz Khalifa plays with a range of musical styles within his tracks, but all are equally melodic.

Known for cultivating a strong fan following from a grassroots level, Wiz Khalifa found his popularity continue to increase after the release of his free mix tape “Kush and Orange Juice”. The mix tape generated so much excitement from fans that it ended up being the number one trending topic on Twitter shortly after its release, and led the rapper to sell out every gig in his 2010 “Waken Baken” tour.

Moving away from Warner Brothers due to delays in releasing his material, Wiz Khalifa switched to Atlantic Records in 2010 and released single “Black and Yellow” shortly after. The single hit the number one spot in the US charts and earned him a Grammy and MTV VMA Award nomination.

The success of this single bolstered anticipation for Wiz Khalifa’s 2011 studio album “Rolling Papers”, which debuted at number 2 on the US Billboard charts. It wasn’t long before this success was repeated when Wiz Khalifa’s 2012 album “O.N.I.F.C” once again debuted in the US number 2 spot with single “Work Hard, Play Hard” reaching number 3 in the rap charts.

Unprepared to rest on his laurels, Wiz Khalifa formed his own record label Taylor Gang Records and has collaborated with Curren$y on a collaborative EP. Furthermore, Wiz Khalifa upped his own achievements yet again with the release of his fifth studio album “Blacc Hollywood” in 2014, which hit the number one spot in the US Billboard charts.

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Wiz Khalifa has received 10 nominations from the Grammy Awards, including Best Rap Song, Best Rap Album and Best Rap Performance. "See You Again".

The Best Songs About Weed

top 20 wiz khalifa songs


They say there’s a holiday for everything these days. ‘International Sibling Day’, ‘International Unicorn Day’ – and who can forget ‘Sausage Week’? There’s nothing a marketing exec loves more than a random and unnecessary day of celebration to get trending on Twitter. Even your friendly neighbourhood stoner has one!

Today is 4/20, a day of showering praise upon the little green plant that’s to blame for many regrettable late night Chinese takeaways, Camden Market, and the straight-to-video Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa movie Mac + Devin Go To High School.

Why is the April 20 so special to stoners? Legend has it that in the early 1970s a group of Californian high schoolers called the ‘Waldos’ would go searching for a cannabis plant by a statue of the chemist Louis Pasteur at 4.20pm week after week. They smoked so much pot that 4:20 just became a code word for cannabis. When the Waldos befriended The Grateful Dead, the 4/20 story spread, and a beautiful holiday on the 20th day of the forth month of the year was born.

Whether you’re planning to head to Hyde Park to join the festivities or organising a last minute trip to Amsterdam, a solid ‘weed tunes’ playlist is essential. Pay proper homage to the Waldos with this collection of the greatest ever songs about smoking weed.

P.S. Obvs remember smoking weed is illegal and literally no-one at NME has ever gone anywhere near the stuff.

1. ‘Because I Got High’ – Afroman

In this great ode to stoner laziness, Afroman sings “If I don’t sell one copy, I’ll know why/‘Cause I’m high”. Ironically, he sold more than one million copies of the single in the US alone, and went platinum in eight countries.

2. ‘The Next Episode’ – Dr Dre feat. Snoop Dogg, Kurupt, Nate Dogg

“Hey… smoke weed erryday!”

3. ‘Young, Wild & Free’ – Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa and Bruno Mars

Are there any Snoop tracks that aren’t about weed? But really, the hook on this is banging.

4. ‘High By The Beach’ – Lana Del Rey

Not sure how to spend your 4/20? Take your cues from Lana. “All I wanted to do was get high by the beach/Get high, baby, baby, bye bye.” Great post-breakup music.

5. ‘Cigarettes and Cush’ – Stormzy feat. Kehlani

Stormzy + Kehlani = ultimate Netflix, bong and chill vibes. Definitely one for those of you holing up to celebrate 4/20.

6. ‘Habits’ – Tove Lo

Thanks to this track, we know that Tove Lo’s munchies snack of choice is Twinkies. We also know she has to stay high all the time, so…. that’s a fuck load of Twinkies.

7. ‘A-Yo’ – Lady Gaga

She’s smoking them all, she’s smoking them all! But save it for the celebrations – a few years ago Gaga admitted that after hip surgery she smoked 15 joints a day.

8. ‘Dooo it’ – Miley Cyrus

Brought to you by the former Disney Channel star who threw a weed theme birthday party for her fiance, and wore the dopest sequinned cannabis bodice on tour a few years back. Love you, Miley.

9. ‘James Joint’ – Rihanna

Rihanna would rather be smoking weed.

10. ‘Roll Another Number’ – Neil Young

Lovely, lazy country music for stoners. Probably not the best idea to roll and drive, though.

11. ‘Legalize It’ – Peter Tosh

This one’s for the 4/20 protesters among you. And with a snap general election looming, there may actually be some mileage in blasting this through your loud speakers on a spaced out walk through your local park.

12. ‘Mary Jane’ – Rick James

A lot of musicians claim to be in love with Mary Jane, but Rick James’s sultry post-funk tones make this dedication the sexiest.

13. ‘Pass That Dutch’ – Missy Elliott

Tina Fey immortalised this track as the Mean Girls anthem. Try listening to this whilst resisting the urge to strut down a school hallway.

14. ‘Moist Vagina’ – Nirvana

No one likes hearing the word “moist”, but it’s worth it to listen to Cobain screaming “marijuana” repeatedly, without explanation.

15. ‘Hash Pipe’ – Weezer

The roaring guitar riffs in this Weezer track mean it’s not the ideal choice if you’re feeling a little paranoid, but the teenage angst levels are hard to beat.

16. ‘Drugs’ – Lil Kim

Stoners aren’t exactly known for their high sex drive, but Lil Kim claims to be able to “feel the mist through the uterus”. Huh.

17. ‘Addicted’ – Amy Winehouse

21st Century dating, as explained by Amy Winehouse: “I’d rather have myself and smoke my homegrown/It’s got me addicted, does more than any dick did.”

18. ‘Let’s Go Get Stoned’ – Ray Charles

Judging by the release of this Coasters cover shortly afterwards, Ray Charles probably had one thing on his mind when he was released from prison.

19. ‘Hot Box’ – Laganja Estranja

A marijuana party hit from one of the world’s most famous drag queens. This girl’s got a hot box, and she wants you all to know about it.

20. ‘Get High Tonight’ – Busta Rhymes

Got work in the day? No problem. Play this when you wake up in anticipation of your evening 4/20 celebrations.

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Top 25 Best Wiz Khalifa Songs of All Time

top 20 wiz khalifa songs

Benjy Grinberg, President of Rostrum Records, first heard Wiz Khalifa from his contribution to a mixtape featuring various Pittsburgh artists back in 2004 and he immediately knew then what we all know now, which is that Wiz Khalifa is a star. At 16-years-old, Wiz Khalifa signed with Rostrum and embarked on a seven year artist development journey. One of the most notable moments of that journey is, of course, when Wiz signed a deal with the major label Warner Bros. in 2007, following the hype of his 2006 album Show And Prove. Warner Bros released his first official single "Say Yeah" in January 2008. Things would sour between Wizzleman and Warner Bros. by the time he was ready to release his second album, and although the single did an exceptional job on the charts and earned a young Wiz Khalifa his first RIAA plaque it is not necessarily the sound we've come to expect from Khalifa - it hit as more of a trendy, cross-over record - it did sample a Eurodance deejay after all. 

Even as the chapter between Wiz and Warner Bros. closed, another between Wiz and the world at large was beginning, thanks to the releases that soon followed, namely, Kush & OJ, which itself would lead to his next major label home: Atlantic Records, where he's remained to this day.

Tracks like "Say Yeah," despite it's club-heavy mood, is an important notch in Wiz's career, as he learned to satisfy the needs of the mainstream, something he's been able to do quite consistently since, while also developing his own unique sound and birthing a generation of artists after him. So many of the hits that populate Wiz Khalifa's catalog combine his knack for melodic flow with unique production, delivering an energy that's still very palpable, despite being a 24/7 stoner advocate. For our Top 25, we head back to the "Say Yeah" era up to present-day, to choose 25 of Wiz's top tracks from both cult songs to mainstream hits, this list packs a punch like a bong rip of KK.

As Wiz comes down from the undoubted high of his 30th birthday celebrations over the past weekend, take a look through below.

Buy tickets for an upcoming Wiz Khalifa concert near you. It's no.


top 20 wiz khalifa songs

A military brat, Khalifa, whose real name is Cameron Thomaz, was born in 1987 in Minot, North Dakota. After his parents divorced when he was three, he lived in various places and military bases around the world. His first attempt at committing lyrics to paper was around age nine, and at 12 he was already recording and producing his own records in his father's Oklahoma studio. Settling in Pittsburgh during his high school years, Khalifa laid down the groundwork for a solo career and kept busy recording music in a local studio, I.D. Labs. He stood out among the studio's regulars, prompting the I.D. Labs' staff to offer him free beats and recording time, plus bringing him to the attention of Benjy Grinberg, a former executive assistant to L.A. Reid at Arista Records who had started up a new independent label, Rostrum Records. Signed to Rostrum, Khalifa built a buzz in Pittsburgh with a few singles, but he began to draw ears nationally during his senior year in high school when his first mixtape, Prince of the City: Welcome to Pistolvania, dropped in early 2006. With the release of his independent full-length debut, Show and Prove, later that year, major publications featured profiles on the young rapper.

In summer 2007, Khalifa and Rostrum hopped on board with Warner and Khalifa cut his first major-label single, "Young'n on His Grind." The follow-up, "Say Yeah," climbed into the Top 20 of Billboard's Hot Rap Tracks that same year, but the relationship between Warner Bros. and Khalifa took a turn for the worse. Unable to come to an agreement on his debut album for the label, the rapper announced he was leaving Warner in 2009 and returning to Rostrum for the album Deal or No Deal.

The next year began with Khalifa appearing on the cover of XXL as one of the magazine’s Top Ten Freshmen, while The Source named him Rookie of the Year. In April, his Kush & Orange Juice mixtape had received enough press that Atlantic took notice, signing the artist that same month, and in September, his first single for the label, the Pittsburgh Steelers tribute and Stargate production "Black and Yellow," appeared. As the NFL team progressed toward the playoffs, Khalifa's track became their unofficial anthem, and when the Green Bay Packers emerged as the team's opponent for the Super Bowl, Lil Wayne responded with the answer song "Green and Yellow." Khalifa's song topped the charts in February of 2011, while his first Atlantic set, Rolling Papers, debuted at number two on the U.S. Billboard 200 chart a month later. Also arriving that same year was a feature film with Snoop Dogg, Mac and Devin Go to High School, along with its accompanying soundtrack.

Two mixtapes, Taylor Allderdice and Still Blazin', landed in 2012, and in early December his fourth album, O.N.I.F.C., was released, featuring a return appearance by production team Stargate, this time working with Benny Blanco on the album's first single, "Work Hard, Play Hard." Khalifa explained in interviews that the acronym title O.N.I.F.C. stood for "Only Nigga in First Class," inspired by the album H.N.I.C. by Prodigy of Mobb Deep. Clean copies saw the abbreviation standing for "One Night in First Class." In April 2013, he released his collaboration EP Live in Concert with Curren$y, which featured seven new songs. Shortly afterward, he announced details of a fifth studio album, entitled Blacc Hollywood, which was released in August of 2014. The mixtape 28 Grams -- designed to act as a primer for the album -- almost saw a delay when Khalifa was arrested for marijuana possession the day before its release that May. However, he was freed within a matter of hours and the mixtape's online stream went ahead as planned.

During 2015, his contribution to the soundtrack for Furious 7 became one of the biggest hits of the year; a tribute to the actor Paul Walker, "See You Again," reigned at number one for more than ten weeks (although not consecutively). The hit didn't appear on the MC's 2016 album, Khalifa, but it influenced the more serene and loose set of tracks, including the album's lead single "Bake Sale" with special guest Travis Scott. The album debuted at number six on the Billboard 200 albums chart, while later in the year Wiz debuted at number 26 with TGOD Mafia: Rude Awakening, a collaborative mixtape featuring Juicy J and TM88 and released by Atlantic. The rapper followed with a pair of notable soundtrack contributions in 2016 ("Sucker for Pain" from the movie Suicide Squad) and 2017 ("Gang Up" from The Fate of the Furious). Also in 2017, he delivered the single "Something New," featuring Ty Dolla $ign. Another mixtape, Laugh Now, Flay Later, was issued before year's end.

In 2018, he released the single "Hopeless Romantic" with Swae Lee b/w "Real Rich" with Gucci Mane. Both tracks appeared on his sequel, Rolling Papers 2, which arrived that summer. Khalifa returned in February 2019 with the Trippie Red and Preme collaboration, "Alright." ~ Cyril Cordor

WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa - Young, Wild and Free ft. Bruno Mars [Official Video]

Artists like Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, and Willie Nelson have spent entire In honor of this, we compiled a list of the best songs about weed to.

top 20 wiz khalifa songs
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