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Thank you for your lovely wishes
August 21, 2019 Anniversary Wishes 3 comments

Looking for words or phrases to say thank you to your friends and loved ones after Your astonishingly beautiful birthday wishes lit up my special day like the .

To all of you, who wished me on my birthday: I have an awesome list of “Thank you messages for birthday wishes” to show you how special you’ve made my special day!

Sweet Thank You Messages for Birthday Wishes

  • ♦ Your wishes for my birthday to be special came true. You are a great blessing in my life.
  • ♦ When it’s time to celebrate, I know who to call! Thanks to everyone who made my birthday so fun!
  • ♦ I’m 100% sure that no one has ever felt as unique as I have on my birthday! Your love came shining through every word and action.
  • ♦ Another year has come and gone, and I am forever grateful to all of you who sent your special birthday cheer to help me celebrate.
  • ♦ Thank you for the birthday love! I received every wish, joke, greeting, and prayer with joy, and now, my heart is full.
  • ♦ I am blessed to be surrounded by such a great family and friends. Your love is what made my birthday, one that I will always remember.
  • ♦ My age may have gone up, but so did the measure of love in my heart. I can’t thank you enough for all the birthday wishes.
  • ♦ Your love constantly overwhelms me. Just having you in my life is the best birthday gift I could ask for.
  • ♦ Thank you for the birthday cheer; it will last throughout the year!
  • ♦ Thank you for wrapping me in your love on my birthday. That was the best gift of all.
  • ♦ I am thankful that God has given me another year, but I am even more grateful that He put you into my life.
  • ♦ Your birthday texts, calls, and wishes have filled my life with countless riches.
  • ♦ I could never come up with a thank you as big as the love I felt on my birthday. Your blessings are astounding.
  • ♦ What a party! What a crew! Thanks for making my dreams come true! It was a fantastic birthday, thanks to you.
  • ♦ The birthday blessings just keep piling up. Thank you for the heaps of love.
  • ♦ It may have only taken a moment out of your day to wish me a happy birthday, but it meant a lot. Thanks to everyone who remembered me today.
  • ♦ Thanks for reaching out to me on my birthday. Whether it was across the miles or right next door, knowing you care means so much.
  • ♦ I was dreading turning ___, but your love made me realize that age is just a number. I’m glad you are part of my life.
  • ♦ Every birthday wish was received with love. Thank you for remembering me on my special day.
  • ♦ Once again, the gang came through! You are the best! Thanks for a great time on my birthday.
  • ♦ Without your sweet love and support, my birthday would not have been the same.
  • ♦ Thanks to all of you, I still feel young. I am still treasuring your heartfelt wishes.
  • ♦ The wrapping paper is on the floor, and the cake has been reduced to crumbs, but my heart is overflowing with gratefulness for you.
  • ♦ I have tucked each birthday wish into my heart. Your kindness is amazing.
  • ♦ Thank you for all the friendly reminders that I am another year older.
  • ♦ My spirit is filled with joy, and I am thankful for so much birthday love.
  • ♦ Birthdays are made beautiful by people like you.
  • ♦ All the marvelous birthday wishes were truly the icing on the cake. Thank you for the many expressions of love.
  • ♦ There is nothing better than soaking in all the love and affection from birthday wishes. I appreciate every one of them.
  • ♦ My climb up the hill continues each year, but all the happy birthday wishes have lightened my load.
  • ♦ Wow, I just spent another year enjoying the most amazing friends! Thank you for all your blessings.
  • ♦ Your mind-blowing generosity has staggered me! I can never repay you for making this birthday one I will always remember.
  • ♦ You have completely spoiled me on my birthday, and I loved every moment of it.
  • ♦ Your beautifully expressed birthday wishes have touched me deeply, and I am grateful.
  • ♦ My heart is melting faster than the wax on my birthday candles. Your meaningful wishes have made my day.
  • ♦ Your extraordinary love created my perfect birthday. I can’t thank you enough.
  • ♦ I’m glad all those candles didn’t scare anyone away. Thanks for helping me get them all blown out.
  • ♦ The special delivery of all those caring birthday wishes completed my day.
  • ♦ I have been flooded with wonderful birthday wishes, which made my day go swimmingly. Thanks for diving in to make it great.
  • ♦ Thanks for always being there for me, especially on my birthday.
  • ♦ After all that birthday cake and ice cream, I’m going to need a gym membership. Thanks for motivating me.
  • ♦ The cake was delicious and the balloons were festive, but the best part of my birthday was knowing how much you care.
  • ♦ I have been showered with love, sprinkled with kindness, and have received an amazing outpouring of support on my birthday. A big thank you to everyone!
  • ♦ If birthday wishes were kites, my sky would be filled with floating color right now. I appreciate every single wish.
  • ♦ Each birthday message you sent has washed over me in waves of blessing and peace, and you have restored my soul.
  • ♦ Your steadfast love has overwhelmed me through all the birthday wishes I have received, and I am pleased to call you my friends.
  • ♦ My birthday has been filled with bliss and I would be remiss if I didn’t let you know how happy you have made me today.
  • ♦ Your sweet birthday sentiments soothed my soul. Thank you for sending such love.
  • ♦ Whether your wishes were cute or sassy, sweet or classy, each one was truly heartfelt. Thank you for taking the time to wish me a happy birthday.
  • ♦ Each of your precious birthday wishes have been inscribed on the walls of my memory. I cherish you.
  • ♦ Your super special love has surrounded me today, making my birthday the best one yet.
  • ♦ If I could have one more birthday wish, it would be for more words so that I could describe to you just how much you mean to me. Thank you for caring about me on my birthday and every day.
  • ♦ The birthday messages I have received are too many to be counted, but they are all adding up in my heart.
  • ♦ My phone began glowing early this morning as the birthday love started to trickle in, and now it is lighting up like fireworks! Your thoughtfulness is awesome!
  • ♦ Wow, you are all superheroes when it comes to birthday wishes! Thanks for saving the day!
  • ♦ My Facebook page has never been so decorated! Thank you for giving me such high status in your life.


130 Thank You For The Birthday Wishes. 1. Thanks for the beautiful surprise and the fantastic gift. This is the most amazing birthday surprise I have ever.

For Your Love

thank you for your lovely wishes

After getting lovely birthday wishes and blessings from our friends and family, now it’s our turn to say thank you to them, however, it’s always being so tough to send appropriate words which show our love and gratitude towards them. Here we are providing a solution for all your confusion and problem, find the huge list of wonderful and amazing thank you message. Now just pick and send the message and see a great smile on the face of your loved one.

Say Thank You For Birthday Wishes on WhatsApp

Thank you all for your lovely and warm wishes, it means a lot to me.  Your wishes are priceless to me.

Thank you, dear, you are always there for me. I might forget you but you always remember me. I am sending you my thanks and regards.

Wishes are come from the heart and connected us directly from the heart no matter how far we are. Thank you for your sweet wishes on my birthday.

I amaze by receiving numerous wonderful wishes on this birthday, this is my best birthday ever. Thank you, everyone, for your lovely wishes.

Thank you very much for sending your best wishes on my birthday. Surely your best wishes will make my birthday a memorable one.

Thank you, friends, you tried so hard to catch me here but unfortunately, I lost, no ways I received all your warm birthday wishes and I am accepting it with love. Thanks to all, you guys are amazing.

My birthday comes to an end now but your birthday wishes are everlasting. Thank you for your lovely and wonderful wishes and remember me.

Thank you for your funny and loving birthday wishes it was as humorous as you are. Thank you all….

Big thanks to everyone for making my birthday so memorable by sending your love, care, and blessings in the text.

Thanks buddy for the wonderful surprise by sending your warm birthday wishes to me.

Thank you so much for your lovely wishes it means a lot for me.

Like the body is incomplete without a soul, my birthday is incomplete without your wishes. Thank you for your beautiful wishes.

Thank you for your generous wishes, I can feel that it directly can from your heart.

Dear I was surprised while received your birthday wishes, Thank you very much to remember my special day.

Thank you for the amazing wishes from an extraordinary person to a naughty one.

It’s an honor to receive a beautiful birthday wishes from you. Thank you.

Impressive Ways to Say Thank You to Them Who Wished You on Your Birthday

Thank you dear for your wishes, it means a lot to me.  Your wishes are priceless and always make me feel so special.

Wishes come from the heart cannot buy from money. Thank you for your cute and sweet wishes on my birthday.

I climbed one more year in my life but your birthday wishes made this day more enjoyable. Thank you all for your birthday wishes. I really appreciate the good wishes.

Everything will get an end or lost one day. But your birthday wishes will always stay in my heart. Thank you for your lovely and wonderful wishes.

In this stressful and rush life. You have spent your precious time to make me happy from your heartiest wishes on my birthday. Thank you dear to make my day.

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Thank you for Birthday Wishes

thank you for your lovely wishes

Are you finding it difficult to say thanks to your girlfriend for the birthday wishes received from her? Let us make it easy for you. Appreciate the efforts of your girlfriend that she made to make your birthday special. Share something positive and give her a show of appreciation for her generosity, love and time. Here we are presenting 27 best thank you messages and quotes to send your girfriend for receiving sweet happy birthday wishes from her.

Best Thank You Messages for Birthday Wishes to Girlfriend

  1. I know I don’t say it often. But I thank you for everything you have done to make my birthday special. Thank you for your wishes. I love you sweetheart.....
  2. I thank you from the core of my heart for making my birthday extra special. You have always done more than expected for me.
  3. Thanks a lot for making my birthday fantastic.The memories of this birthday will be cherished forever. Love you a tons....
  4. You make me feel like a king baby.

    Thank you so much for your wonderful birthday wishes.
  5. Thank you to my super girl for making this day fab. Thanks a lot my lady love.
  6. You are the one who knows how to bring smile on my face. You are my inspiration. Thanks a lot for your special birthday wishes. I have treasured each and every word in my heart.
  7. I know my office meeting ruined some of your surprise plans. Sorry bae but please don’t get sad. But still by getting together in the evening we made up the lost time. Thank you so much..
  8. I am so lucky to have a girlfriend like you in my life. Thank you for your special birthday wishes.
  9. You are the first and last girl I have loved in my life. Thanks a lot babe for wishing me in such a unique manner on my birthday.
  10. Having you as my girlfriend is one of the biggest gift of god to me. Thanks a lot for the mid night birthday cake celebration. It really means a lot to me.
  11. Watching you at 12 a.m. outside my house just to wish me happy birthday was not less a nightmare for me. Thanks bae, thanks a lot. You have done more than I deserve in my life.
  12. Girl you are the one with whom I would love to grow old and celebrate my future birthdays. Thanks for your heart-warming birthday wishes. Love you darling!
  13. Hey girl! You are the charm of my life. I am lucky to have you in my life. Thanks a lot for the birthday wishes and the gift. I loved it just like you!
  14. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the arrangements that you have done on my birthday.
  15. Baby you could not have been able to pick me a more perfect gift than the one you have picked. Thank you so much for the lovely gift.
  16. Thank you bae for accepting me and making me a part of your life. Thank you for the marvellous birthday wishes. This was my one of the best birthdays I must say.
  17. Thank you for such a grand celebration on my birthday. Thank you for loving me and for all those love memories!
  18. Thank you so much for selecting such a thoughtful and generous gift on my birthday. I appreciate your choice baby.
  19. Thank you for the token of live you sent me on my birthday. I will definitely keep it close to my heart.
  20. Thank you so much for your warm wishes and the gift. You cant even imagine how happy you have made me by being a part of my life.
  21. Baby I liked the watch you gifted me on my birthday. How did you knew that I wanted this watch only? Btw thanks a lot…
  22. The shirt I received from you on my birthday was just perfect. From size to colo it was amazing! And yeah, thanks for that lovely greeting card too.....Get ready for your return gift too....
  23. Bae, I am extremely grateful to you for the gift that you have sent me. It totally made my day. Thank you for the lovely birthday wishes.....
  24. I love gifts, but above all I love you the most girl. You are my sunshine. Thank you for your wonderful heart melting birthday wishes....
  25. I had no idea that you would gift me such a beautiful and unique present on my birthday. You have no idea how happy I am after receiving it. Thank you sweetheart.
  26. Thanks for celebrating my birthday with me. I love the gift you got me. Lots of love, hugs and kisses to you.....
  27. Thank you so much for sending me such a lovely and meaningful gift on this special day. You have done much more than required baby......

You can make your relation with your girlfriend more warmer by sending her some wonderful thank you messages for the birthday wishes from her. So select some wonderful quotes and messages to express your love, gratitude and thank to your girlfriend.

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Shiny loves writing about messages and greetings for special occasions such as birthday wishes, thank you messages, love quotes etc

Thank you my love messages to thank your partner, lover, husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend for all the love and care you got from him/her.

Top 40 Reply to Birthday Wishes

thank you for your lovely wishes

Thank you for thinking of me on my birthday

Thank you so much for all the birthday
messages I received today! There are
so many I can’t even count them all!

I am very touched that so many people
thought of me today, and I can say with
certainty that it really did make my day
that much more special!

Just knowing how many of my wonderful
friends, family and colleagues far and wide
remembered my birthday is so humbling.

Thank you all once again!

I honestly wasn’t expecting that

Thank you so much to all of you who wished me a happy birthday, I honestly wasn’t expecting that!

I’m being totally truthful when I say that each and every message brought a smile to my face and made my day that much more special!

Thank you all so much, I really appreciate all the love you have shown me today!

My love and gratitude to you all

So another wonderful year has come and gone, and I am so grateful that I have been able to share so many great experiences with family and friends.

Thank you all so much for the messages and well-wishes, and for making not just my birthday super special but for always being there in my life and making my whole year so amazing!

My love and gratitude to you all!

Thank you all for the birthday love today

Thank you all for the birthday love you have shown me today!

I am so blessed to have so many wonderful and caring people in my life!

You have all made my day that much more special, and for that, I am so grateful!

I turn one year older today

As I turn one year older today,
I am feeling grateful for all the
amazing people I have in my life!

Thank you all for your lovely
birthday wishes today!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart

I can’t quite express just how much all of your birthday wishes meant to me today. I cherished each and every one of them, and want you all to know how very much I appreciate each of you taking a little time out of your day to think of me.

My sincere heartfelt thanks to you all!

I am genuinely overwhelmed

Wow! I am genuinely overwhelmed by the sheer volume of birthday wishes I have received today on my special day!

Thank you all so very much for thinking of me today, I value and appreciate each and every one of you very dearly!

You have all touched my heart

I am truly touched by the sheer number of messages I received for my birthday. I genuinely enjoyed reading all of your lovely comments, they each touched my heart and almost moved me to tears!

I am so blessed to have such precious friends, family, and colleagues - you all mean the world to me!

Thank you all again, for making my special day that much more special. My love to you all.

My birthday is always a bliss

My birthday is always a bliss, but this year was even better and that’s thanks to you all. I’m so grateful to have you guys in my life.

It is a wonderful thing to live and share that experience with the most caring and loving people.

Thank you for being so amazing, and for staying by my side at all times. Love you all!

Thank you for the kind words and love

Now that my birthday
has come and gone, I’m
one year older but also
I’m happier than ever.

Thank you all for the
kind words and the love
you've shared with me!
I'm humbled by your
demonstrations of
affection, and my
heart is full of joy.

I can’t express my gratitude enough

I can’t express my gratitude enough for the lovely birthday wishes I have received today! You have all shown me so much love, and for that, I am so very grateful!

Thank you all for making my day as special as it could be!

It means a lot to me

Many thanks to all those who wished me a
happy birthday today, it means a lot to me!

WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: Best Thank You Replies to Birthday Wishes.- In English language

Thank you very much for your kind and thoughtful birthday wishes. You contributed so much in making my special day extra special. Much love!.

thank you for your lovely wishes
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