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Silver jubilee birthday wishes
March 20, 2019 Anniversary Wishes 4 comments

Celebrating the silver jubilee of my birthday! Hiya guys! No treats.: p. But ready to accept all your heartfelt wishes on this 25th birthday.

2019-10-07 09:30

Send your heartfelt wishes to the celebrating couple. Free online Happy Silver Jubilee ecards on AnniversarySilver Jubilee Anniversary can be of any company, birthday and job. Special arrangements and functions are arranged to add more colors in life. quotes on silver jubilee birthday

Silver Jublee Birthday Wishes. We also have Silver Jublee Birthday Wishes quotes and sayings related to Silver Jublee Birthday Wishes.

25th Anniversary Wishes: Silver Jubilee Wedding Anniversary Quotes. 25th Anniversary Wishes: Silver Jubilee Wedding Anniversary Quotes. 40th Birthday Wishes quotes on silver jubilee birthday

Silver Jubilee Wishes. We also have Silver Jubilee Wishes quotes and sayings related to Silver Jubilee Wishes. Silver jubilee Quotes from FinestQuotes. com. Inspirational quotes about Silver jubilee. Most relevant sayings about Silver jubilee. Silver Jubilee Wedding Anniversary Quotes. Echo sound of the sea and love to have certain things in common that they are continuous and eternal time. quotes on silver jubilee birthday Mar 01, 2014  Celebrating the silver jubilee of my birthday! I havent done anything to celebrate my silver jubilee for my birthday and its going to be just If you are turning fifty, my hearty congratulations on the golden jubilee celebrations! Here are some wonderful 50th birthday quotes to keep you rocking for the next Funny Birthday Wishes: From humorous quotes about getting old to banter about wrinkles and maturity, this post is a notoriously funny hot pot of birthday messages.

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Happy birthday wishes for 24-year-old boy and girl

silver jubilee birthday wishes

In this article, we write down the best collection of Happy birthday wishes for 24-year-old boy and girl. Birthdays are incredible moments that are used to celebrate incredible people and I thank them for showing them how much you love and care for them. 24 is an incredible age and anyone who turns 24 knows what it means to them. It is the welcome of your twenties and, as such, should be treated as a moment in which said 24-year-old welcomes the last year before he finally turns 25 and feels the pain of being twenty years old. The birthday messages for a new young man of 24 years should spread love and appreciation to those who have fun on that special day of them.

  • Dreams are petty, do not just dream, do it! The whole world is before you to take; Your attitude towards her will determine how far you can go. Happy 24th birthday great son.


  • Hard work produces results, if you decide to work hard in your golden age, everything will be very easy to do. I hope it’s something else to do with you now. Happy birthday 24 son.

  • Take a look at the list. If you do not have any problems, you may not have to do this, you will have to have the same effect. Happy birthday, 24-year-old.


  • If you have a few things you have to do it and you have a great deal that will be a great way to get your way. Happy Birthday 24 my dear friend.


  • There’s almost nothing more to complain about when it comes to everything about you, you’ve mastered the right way to grow. We celebrate your age 24. Have fun.

  • May your twenty-fourth birthday be wonderful to introduce into your life the things that are missing. May God bless you and cause you to the best of your kind. Happy twenty-fourth birthday.

Happy birthday wishes for 24-year-old boy and girl

  • Say goodbye to your childhood and hello to puberty and spots. Congratulations to your 24th birthday.

  • It is a year away from the silver jubilee, you must live it well and plan properly for a better life as the milestone approaches. May you find blessings as you mark this age. Happy 24th birthday.

  • Light the candle and cut the cake. This is the time to celebrate your birthday, my friend. Have a wonderful 24th birthday.

  • It has always been a pleasure to attend your birthdays and, like every year, also this year, I will pray that you will obtain all the happiness in your life. Happy birthday 24 my friend.

  • Everyone thinks they have the world resolved at 24. You are fresh out of college and ready to pursue even more. Do not rush things, or forget to enjoy the trip on the way to the top. Your mother and I will be there when it’s time to open the story.


  • Do not feel overwhelmed by your youth, it is not meant to be misused. When it’s gone, it’s gone forever. Serve God and be good. Happy birthday, number 24 dear.

  • A birthday is that day of the year in which you start afresh and try to make the next year of your life as beautiful as possible. With that thought in mind, I wish you a happy birthday number 24.


  • Birthdays come and go … but your birthday is something special since I have a big party that day … and since it’s your 24 … I want a party better than the last time … haha … happy birthday.

Happy birthday wishes for 24-year-old boy and girl

  • It is never easy to see a child grow up needing his mother. Sometimes when you were sad or scared, I could just hold your face in my palm. You have become a man now, and I hope I have done a good job of teaching you. Enjoy your 24th birthday, but try not to do anything that I would not do.

  • Today my wish is that you find a dream that gives you the security of success, even when you think about it alone. Happy 24th birthday friend.

  • I want you to imagine the only and real thing that will mark your 24th birthday for you. Tell me and you will have it. Happy cousin, birthday 24.


  • You’re a good role model, and the coolest guy I’ve ever met. By defending myself from childhood bullies, you put me in debt. I hope you get everything you want for your 24th birthday. I would be happy to grow up to be as smart as you are someday.

Muhammad Shayan

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Happy 25th Birthday Wishes

silver jubilee birthday wishes

Happy 25th Birthday

Finally, the long-awaited day has come. Happy 25th birthday! May this beautiful age brings new rays of hopes for you and your path to be blessed and guided by God! Wish you much love, happiness, success, wisdom and all the best things!


Happy 25th birthday, my child! You are the loveliest daughter and I know you’ll also be a wonderful wife and a superb mother. Thanks for giving the best 25 years of my life and hope to continue it. Many blessings to you!


Congratulations on the silver jubilee of your life, my niece! It’s a new phase with many responsibilities. May every day of your life brings new hope for you! Celebrate this unique day in a grand way and make it an unforgettable one.


Today you have come to one of the beautiful moment of life. Happy 25th birthday, my son! We’re blessed to have you in our life. Thanks for being so loving and caring. May God bless you many years of happy and successful life!


It seems like a dream to me that 25 years have passed since you were born. Happy birthday, my beautiful daughter! Never give up fighting for gaining your dreams. Know that, your mom will always be with you. May the Almighty enlighten the journey of your life!


Today you’re celebrating 25 years of your life and I’m here to give you my best wishes. Happy birthday, dear! Always remember that we’ve to try our best today to be happy tomorrow. May God give you the courage and patient to remove any obstacles!


Birthdays are always special to everyone. But today is a bit more special day for you as you’ve turned 25. Congratulations dear! May the happiness impel your steps to life! Best wishes for your life!


Happy 25th birthday, my handsome nephew! I’m so happy that I’m here with you to celebrate this significant day of your life. Know that, no matter how older you become, you’ll always be my little boy! Good luck!


25 years ago, on this day, God has given me the most precious gifts; you. I’m the happiest mother in the world because I have you. You are my pride and the biggest reason for my happiness. Happy birthday, my child!  May God give you a life full of pleasure and satisfaction!


My lovely niece, congratulations on your 25 years of life! I can’t imagine how years have passed so early. Your age is revealing that I’m getting old. Just kidding! For me, you’ll always be my first child. Keep smiling and have a blissful life! My blessings are with you always.Happy birthday niece!


Happy Birthday Brother

25th Birthday Quotes

Every day, I give thanks to the Almighty for giving me such a wonderful daughter like you. You’ll always be in the top place of my heart. Today I’m so happy that you’ve completed 25 years of life. Happy birthday, dear! Have a great day and a great life!


Happy 25th birthday my love! Since I met you, you’ve only given me happiness. I can never forget your unconditional love for me. Today, I promise that I’ll try my best to not let any tears come to your eyes and keep you always happy. Enjoy your day a lot!


Today, my princess has successfully completed 25 years of life! Congratulations dear! You’re a daughter that any parents wish to have. Always be happy with whatever you have and have faith in God’s will. May God bless you and give you all your desired success!


One of the most special days has returned. Happy silver jubilee of life, my brother! Always be like this strong and magnificent man and hope that we’ll have our sister-in-law in your next birthday!


 My queen, happy 25th birthday! On this significant day, I want to tell you that, you are the prettiest flower in the garden of my heart. My every day becomes beautiful whenever I’m with you. Thanks for coming into my life. Have a wonderful journey of life!


My dear daughter-in-law, happy 25th birthday! This is your 1st birthday here and I’m so happy to be with you today. For me, you’re just like my daughter and I promise you that, in every situation, I’ll always support you. May your every wish be fulfilled! Good luck!


Happy 25th birthday, buddy! You’re my friend, my brother and an important part of my life. You’ve given me only the good memories. I’m blessed to share your friendship. May you have many years of life and I hope we’ll always remain the same as we’re today!


Congratulations my best cousin, on your 25th birthday! You’re one of the most special person in my life with whom I’ve spent my best childhood. You’re my friend and my partner in crime. Many good wishes for your life!


25th birthday! Such an important day for us. My little sister, happy birthday! I wish I were there with you to hug you and give you my best wishes. May your path of life be smooth and bright! Have a rocking day!


Happy 25th birthday, my sweetheart! I’m the luckiest person to have you as my life partner. I hope forever we’ll stay together. Have a day full of love, joy, surprises, and warm wishes! Love you, darling!


Happy Birthday To Me

25th Birthday Quotes For Myself

Today is my 25th birthday and I have introduced the “Gift code” and without the gift, no one is allowed to enter the birthday party.


Today, another year has passed in my life and I’ve reached a special stage. May I fulfill all my dreams and make my parents proud of me. I wish to have a day full of good wishes, blessings, and of course a lot of gifts!


Congratulations to me! Today I’ve conquered another year of life and turned to 25. May God give me the strength to overcome any obstacle in life and to do all my duties!


Congratulations to me for successfully completing another year of singlehood! After sleeping on it for the last 25 years I realized that I deserve to be the queen of the world!


Happy 25th birthday to me! It’s a wonderful time of adulthood. Thanks a lot, dear God for my existence in this beautiful earth. May I continue to be like this happy!


Happy 25th birthday to me! In the celebration of the day, no friends of mine came to the party in fear of giving gifts so I decided to pay them back by not giving them any treat. May I always be the first one to be blessed!


Finally, the day has returned where I’m in the limelight of the day. Happy 25th birthday to me! I am and will always be my first priority because I love myself. I hope, the upcoming years of my life will bring new hopes for me.


Today is the most favorite day of the year because it’s my birthday. This year it’s a bit more special as it’s my 25th birthday. May I have an enjoyable and adventurous life that I really wished to have!


Today is the day to celebrate with great happiness and joy. Because I’ve turned 25 today. I wish that I will celebrate my next birthday with my life partner. Good wishes for my life!


Today I’ve turned to 25 and I’ve deployed two bodyguards for me because I have a feeling that I’m gonna be assassinated by my friend for the treat.


2019-10-01 07:21. Send your heartfelt wishes to the celebrating couple. Free online Happy Silver Jubilee ecards on AnniversarySilver Jubilee Anniversary can .

birth anniversary or birthday jubilee

silver jubilee birthday wishes

Turning 25 can be the most exciting feeling in the world. The beginning of a new chapter, a fresh new start with those who love and care about surrounding them. So wishing a newly 25-year-old a Happy Birthday with a message from the heart can go a long way in making the day more special than it already is for them. Words written down speak louder, last longer and are always remembered. Here are some birthday messages that show love and care to the new 25 year old, to show them you love them and that you will always be there for them:


Birthday Wishes for 25-Year-Olds

  • May your birthday bring everything special into your life, as much as you bring us all joy and happiness. You are 25 today, May the sweetest surprises come your way. Happy Birthday!
  • Quarter of a century is not an age to laugh about, it is really a beautiful and glorious age, I hope you will enjoy every day in it. Happy 25th Birthday.

Happy 25th Birthday! Have lots of fun.


  • Every day is an important day to celebrate and appreciate, whether you are happy or not. I hope you’ll be happy today and for many more years to come. Happy 25th birthday.
  • It’s a necessity to organize a glorious event to mark this exceptional age of yours, may you enjoy every bit of your years on Earth. Happy 25th birthday.
  • What an age it is that you clocked today! It’s really worth celebrating because you are alive, hale and hearty. I wish you many more years. Happy 25th birthday.
  • I wanna send you the warmest wishes on a good day like this, as you celebrate your birthday, may life become easier for you. Happy 25th birthday.

Glad you have made it to the 25th avenue of life. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


25th Birthday Wishes For Daughter

  • I can’t remember any moment you caused me so much trouble that I had to scold you, you have always been a good girl, please don’t stop now. Happy 25th birthday dear daughter.
  • How much can I do without you beside me my awesome daughter! You are really more than a daughter to me, you are my flesh. I celebrate you today. Happy 25th birthday.
  • Birthday Wishes for Daughter
  • A lot of my friends sons have their eyes on you, because you are too beautiful and I’m really proud to be your father. Happy 25th Birthday amiable daughter. Have lots of fun.



25th Birthday Wishes For Son

  • Happy Birthday to my son and my dear boy, you are my shining light and you will never go down. Enjoy your glorious day.
  • I’m really glad that you are this old, you are my joy and my delight. I wish you many more years to come in complete and perfect health. Happy 25th birthday.
  • Top 60 Birthday Wishes for Son
  • A lot has changed since your birth my wonderful boy, we’ve had a new president and cars can now run on electricity. May your life become the best you could imagine. Happy 25th birthday.
  • We are really blessed to have you till now, we pray and hope that we will have you till forever. Happy 25th birthday son. Have lots of fun.

Happy Birthday!


25th Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend

  • This is the best age to enjoy everything that youthfulness has to bring. May you enjoy it more than your dress contains. Happy 25th birthday sweetheart.
  • Dreams are the best source of getting achievements for cute girls. So never stop dreaming sweetie. Wish you a very happy 25th birthday.
  • It’s a beautiful day to be with such a beautiful girl, I hope your 25th birthday makes all your wishes come true.

25th Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend

  • Say to the moon, come to the earth from the sky as it’s the birthday party of my handsome guy. Wish you lifetime happiness and joy. Happy 25th Birthday, my love.
  • Choices and chances do come; it’s entirely up to you, I know my love that you can make the best choice and get the full chance. Have a fabulous 25th birthday honey.

Happy 25th Birthday!


25th Birthday Wishes For Sister

  • New ambitions, new directions, new anticipations and new aspirations are intriguing for you in the way of your career integrity. May you have the best of everything. Happy 25th Birthday sis.
  • Birthday Wishes for Sister
  • Success by luck or hardworking, it will definitely come, never lose your hope and determination. Wish you all the best and happy 25th Birthday cute sis.
  • It’s your 25th birthday, I hope you have the whole squad with you for we are about to light up the night. Have fun and be safe.

Happy 25th Birthday!


25th Birthday Wishes For Brother

  • I’m trying to figure out the best way to surprise you on this special day of yours. And guess what? I got it all figured out, wait patiently for it. Happy Birthday bro.
  • Take a risk and make a dream true. Happy Birthday bro!
  • Birthday Wishes and Messages for Brother
  • You are standing in that pace where your future belongs to you, predict it and then depict it. Wish you the good luck and success in your life. Happy 25th Birthday great bro.

25th Birthday Wishes For Best Friend

  • As much as you are old enough to own a family, you are also old enough to be the next world’s youngest billionaire, I know which one you’ll certainly choose. Happy Birthday my best friend.
  • I know how hard you’ve been working to make history in your area of specialization, I hope it will be possible now that you are 25. Happy birthday buddy.
  • The most exciting event of your life is your birthday and it will be celebrated by your friends when you don’t know about it. So Happy 25th Birthday, my friend. Enjoy your party at the end.

Happy Birthday to the cutest girl.


25th Birthday Wishes For A Friend

  • Every day with you around is so special. With love from your sweet friend, I hope this day is unique in its own way. Enjoy your cake and gifts. Happy 25th Birthday.
  • This card is not for you, it’s for your kindness and greatness with your friends. Happy Birthday!
  • Birthday Wishes for Friends
  • The only thing that constitutes a great birthday celebration is to have friends around to felicitate you. And I guarantee you that we will storm your birthday party. Happy 25th birthday buddy.
  • Hurdles are the inputs of great triumph, so no worries, do your best. Happy Birthday dear friend.

25th Birthday Wishes For Nephew

  • You have changed so much from the last time I saw you, you are really growing up so fast that the number really looks impossible to me. Happy 25th birthday dear.
  • Don’t have fear of your mistakes nephew, it facilitates the discovery of new happenings. Happy Bday!
  • Birthday Wishes for Nephew
  • Remember to stay strong when challenges arise, never back down and never concede defeat when you are pressed, be of a good courage always and you’ll be victorious. Happy 25th birthday nephew.

Quarter of a century isn’t an age to laugh about, it’s really a beautiful and glorious age. I hope you’ll enjoy every day in it. Happy 25th Birthday!


25th Birthday Wishes For Niece

  • In our days they say the beautiful ones are yet to be born, but now they are everywhere. Happy 25th birthday my beautiful niece!
  • Make your imagination high; you can explore the world with closed eyes. Happy Birthday my wonderful niece.
  • Birthday Wishes and Greetings for Niece
  • Happy 25th birthday niece, you are an amazing person and I’m proud to be your uncle. I love you so much and always wish you the very best.

25th Birthday Wishes For Wife

  • I feel lucky sharing my life with you. It’s been a long journey, glad you have made it to the 25th avenue of life. Keep the faith to keep going. Happy Birthday Love!
  • Many congratulations on the completion of your silver jubilee. I wish you good luck for rest of years honey. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! <3
  • Happy Birthday darling, you are the most reliable person I have ever met. You have a pure heart and I hope it grows with you as you turn 25.

Happy Birthday precious one.


25th Birthday Wishes For Husband

  • May your part become broader and may your vision become clearer, enjoy your silver jubilee. Happy 25th birthday beloved.
  • Your passion can only be the element which can be discriminated in your job and career. So make your career more passionately to get the highest level of success. Happy 25th Birthday darling.
  • Happy 25th birthday my love, you mean the world to me and I love you no matter what age you are. You will always be the one that owns my heart.

25th Birthday Wishes For Grandson

  • The best wishes for a 25-year-old man is to have a working plan for the present, organized life and a perfect health. I wish you all of these. Happy 25th birthday my grandson.
  • Turning toward silver year is not a big deal, the fact is that you must be strong enough in all aspects. Wish you a very happy birthday my sweet grandchild.

25th Birthday Wishes For Granddaughter

  • What a good life you have lived in this first 25 years of yours! No wonder younger ones want to be like you. Keep setting the pace. Happy 25th birthday my angel.
  • Life is really not a bed of roses, it has thorns and you have to bear it upon fluctuations of life. Have a wonderful life with my loads of wishes. Happy 25th Birthday my sweet flower.

I hope you enjoy the day and everything that comes with it. You are beautiful and deserve the very best of everything. My best wishes. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Nice 25th Birthday Wishes

  • I will always look out for you, no matter the season no matter the reason no matter the age, you mean the world to me and I love you so much. Happy Birthday dear!!
  • It’s your 25th birthday, I can’t express the joy I feel to be part of this day with you. I love you so much, have a hearty day.
  • You make me happy, you make me proud and you make me smile each and every day. I’m here for you and I hope your 25th birthday gives you more reasons to live.
  • No shortcuts – soothing life and satisfactory success. Happy 25th Birthday.
  • Wish you a very Happy Birthday. May this 25th year of your life take you on the right track.
  • Difficulties come in the way of success, but things go on the right track if you are consistent, determinant and passionate. Have a wonderful life. Happy 25th Birthday.
  • You have crossed the 25th ladder of your life and I wish you see prosperity, success, honor and opulence in the rest of your life. Have a great birthday!
  • Today is your special day, it is a day about you, for you and I’m happy to be privileged to share the day with you. Have a hearty 25th birthday dear.
  • You are 25 and even more beautiful. I wish you love, luck, health and wealth as you celebrate this special time. Thinking of you always!!
  • It’s your 25th birthday dear, I hope you enjoy the day and everything that comes with it. You are beautiful and deserve the very best of everything. Happy Birthday darling!!
  • Twenty-fifth – a youthful arena of your life, make the best of your time and life. Happy Birthday.
  • You turn 25 today, I can’t believe I get to see you all grown up, do enjoy this day dear. I hope you become jovial throughout. Have a glorious birthday.
  • Happy 25th birthday dear, you are amazing and I wouldn’t be anywhere else but here. I love you and wish you all the best darling.
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2019-10-01 07:21. Send your heartfelt wishes to the celebrating couple. Free online Happy Silver Jubilee ecards on AnniversarySilver Jubilee Anniversary can .

silver jubilee birthday wishes
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