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Romantic wishes for girlfriend
April 14, 2019 Anniversary Wishes 1 comment

And if you are in search of those romantic messages for girlfriend or better half, your search can stop here. Yes we help you in the right way and.

100 Romantic Love Quotes for Her

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Find the perfect way to show her how much you love her with this collection of 100 romantic love quotes for her from the heart. We don’t have to wait for a special occasion to express our love to our girlfriend or wife, and it is even more appreciated when we show our love just because we care. Love is one of the most magical emotions and therefore is one of the most difficult to express and show. One of the best ways to show her how much we care is to use touching, romantic, funny and cute love quotes for her. It is not always that easy to create quotes about love for her all by ourselves. An emotion as profound as love often defies being limited to words. Therefore, we have created this collection of the best love quotes for her to help you to melt her heart and soul. Here you will find 1) love you quotes for her, 2) love quotes images for her and 3) funny love quotes for her. Enjoy!

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Romantic Love Quotes for Her From the Heart

  • Your smile is intoxicating. It lingers, it captivates my heart.

Love Messages For Girlfriend – Show your deepest love to your girlfriend/her by sending her these beautiful love messages, notes, SMS.

70+ Happy Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend: Messages And Quotes For Her

romantic wishes for girlfriend

Sending sweet love messages to your girlfriend is a simple way to make your lady feel extraordinary. It’s a sweet and lovely gesture to make her feel important. You should always be true and sincere when composing a love text message.

Messages that are original and personal never fail to make an impression! If you keep it short and simple, will make her anticipate more such sweet messages from you!

Sweet Love Messages for Girlfriend

  • ♥ I wish everyday could be like today, beautiful and sweet, just like you girl!
  • ♥ I tried to stop thinking about you, but it is just not earthly possible. I love you and every inch of your perfect body.
  • ♥ No matter what, you will always be my lady, my queen, my life, my everything. I deeply love you!
  • ♥ You are the reason I wake up with a smile on my face every morning. You are never off my mind; You are in my dreams, and even then, you are still perfect in every way.
  • ♥ I could say to you a thousand words on how much I really love you, and how absolutely wonderful you are, but still then it would not be enough.

  • ♥ It was attraction when we met, but now love is going to keep us together forever!
  • ♥ My life has fell into place since the day you became mine, I love you so much!
  • ♥ You taught me true meaning of life from you sweetheart. Thanks for being there for me always!
  • ♥ You are there when I go to sleep, you are there when I wake up, and most importantly, you are there when I need you the most. I can not do nothing without thinking of you!
  • ♥ I miss your smile, your gentle touch, your loving care. I just can’t wait to be with you again!
  • ♥ No matter how high, I would climb a thousand mountains, no matter the amount of miles, I would walk them, no matter the ocean, I would swim across it, no matter what type of surface, I would crawl a thousand yards, all to see your smile.
  • ♥ If you see a shooting star, make a wish. You may just end up with a true love’s first kiss.
  • ♥ With you in my life, the world seems much happier, the birds chirp a little louder, the sun shines just a little brighter, the grass grows a bit greener, and my heart beats a little faster.

  • ♥ You are so beautiful and adorable. I can not forget how smart you are, how cute your (insert best feature) is and how great of a personality you have. Oh! One more thing, you have an amazing sense of humor.
  • ♥ The biggest reward of my day is seeing the smile on your face when you see me. Not only is that the biggest accomplishment of my day, but is also the most important thing, because it shows you love me, and I love you too.
  • ♥ There is this piece of my heart that aches when I am not around you; It makes me realize just how hurt and lost I would be without you by my side.
  • ♥ If I was to describe to you exactly why I love you, it would be just like me trying to tell you how water tastes; indescribable.
  • ♥ My heart skips a beat, my love starts churning, my body does a silent dance, my mind spins round and round, my smile spreads from ear to ear; all because you are near.

  • ♥ Our hands fit so tightly together, as if they were made for each other.
  • ♥ My love for you skyrockets with every moment we spend with each other; every touch, every kiss, and every word just pushes my love further up.
  • ♥ You do not understand how necessary it is for me to hear your voice every day. I want so much to just hold you, and wake up beside of you, and just be there with you to love you.
  • ♥ You are my shining star on a cloudy night, you are my rainbow on a stormy day, you are my blooming flower over the misting rain, and most important, you are my sun when I need you to brighten my day. I love you.

  • ♥ Before you, my life was like a puzzle jigsaw puzzle with a missing piece. You were the missing piece to it, thank you for completing my puzzle babe.
  • ♥ You bring out the best in me with every situation in life. You are honestly what I have been been missing. When you are with me, rainy days do not seem to be as dark, and sunny days seem to be a little brighter. You are my own little piece of sunshine.
  • ♥ You fill every inch of my life with your beautiful and amazing ways. Please trust and believe when I say that my heart has no room for any another girl. You are the one that I want for the rest of my life. Don’t listen to everyone else, you are the only one, I swear on your pretty face.

  • ♥ No matter how horrible my day is, your (insert favorite feature) always brings an instant smile to my face, in every situation.
  • ♥ You are dazzling with your makeup on, but it still does not change the way I feel about you. I think you are perfect thew way you are, so there is no need in covering up the things I love about you.
  • ♥ I am willing to be your diary, pour your heart out to me. Whether it is good or bad, I swear nothing will change between us, just tell me everything.
  • ♥ To go to sleep at night, I imagine you are here, next to me, with your (hair color) hair in a messy bun, just cuddled next to me; just how I want us to be.

Those beautiful love messages for girlfriend are an amazing way to tell her how much you love and care for her. They will bring the twinkle in her eye suddenly, as she will wait for you to send more of those. This is a special way to strengthen your relationship. True love is absolutely innocent and what better way to make her feel special, than give meaning to your feelings in words? These are the memories that the two of you have shared and with such charming words you can definitely bring her closer.



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♥ and ♥ Only | Romantic Birthday Wishes for your Girlfriend

romantic wishes for girlfriend

Birthdays are a time for celebrating the people you love. What a great way to appreciate the special person in your life by showering them with love, gifts and memorable experiences. We all know what it feels like to be the center of attention on one special day, the date you were born. When it comes to women, some will expect extravagant gifts and surprises. Others are simpler, appreciating even the smallest, most thoughtful gestures.

If you’re a smart one, you’ve probably already saved the date of your girlfriend’s birthday so that you’ll never forget. Looking for a kind gesture to show how much you appreciate your lady on her special day? Well look no further. Here are 35 thoughtfully romantic birthday wishes for your girlfriend:

Romantic Birthday Wishes for your Girlfriend

  • On your birthday, I want to express my gratitude that you entered this life and crossed paths with me. You are the best thing to happen in my life and I want to never let go.
  • Congratulations, on your special day! May every wish and every desire of your heart be fulfilled.
  • You have the purest heart of gold. No one is more deserving of the best that life has to offer than you. Happy Birthday!
  • You are always thinking of me first and placing others’ needs before your own. On this day and every day, I vow to return your generosity with my undying loyalty.
  • There is no gift or words that could truly express my love for you. I have a thousand kisses to offer, but that would not be enough. As long as I put a smile on your face and warmth in your heart, then my dreams have been attained.
  • Your love is sweeter than candy and finer than wine. So I’m wishing you all the joy on your very special day.
  • Every day I spend with you is filled with romance and passion. I will love you forever and make this a night to remember.
  • Blow out your candles and make a wish. Then, turn around and greet my lips with a kiss.

I love you more each day! Happy Birthday.

  • I love you more each day. With each passing year spent with you, you shine brighter than ever before.
  • Happy Birthday to the most beautiful woman in the world. You grow up gracefully and get more beautiful over time.
  • There is no better time to wish you all the happiness in the world than on your birthday. I wish you all the joy on this special day and on every day.
  • I wish to bring you as much joy on today as you bring me every day. Happy Birthday to you!
  • Even the brightest diamond doesn’t sparkle as bright as the light in your eyes on tonight.
  • I’m so glad to have you in my life. You are the reason I live. You are worth every moment I waited to find true love. Happy Birthday, my love.
  • My heart cannot contain the love I feel for you and the joy I get from your smile. Happy Birthday, with all my love.
  • The sweetest birthday wishes I give to you. In return, give me your love forever.
  • Your birthday is a very special day, but let’s celebrate every day and live our lives cherishing every single moment.
  • With a single kiss, you have the power to take my breath away. Have a beautiful birthday!

Smile, babe! It’s your Birthday.

  • There are moments in life that you will never forget. Every moment I’m with you, I will never forget. Wishing you a birthday full of love and tender memories.
  • With each passing year, never change who you are. You are the love of my life, yesterday, today and forever.
  • Today is all about you. I gladly give my time and my whole heart to the one I love.
  • Happy Birthday to my better half. You complete me in ways that I could have never imagined. Loving you has truly been the greatest adventure of a lifetime.

Your love is sweeter than candy and finer than wine. I’m wishing you all the joy on your very special day! Happy Birthday!

  • Of all the places you could be and all the faces you could see, you chose to spend your birthday with me. Thank you for sharing your special day.
  • From my heart to yours, I love you more today than I did yesterday. I hope each passing year will bring more joy and laughter in your life. Happy Birthday to my sweetheart.
  • To the birthday girl: Never have I been more grateful to share these precious moments with you. The day you walked into my life is the day my heart found true joy.
  • Make a birthday wish, my dear. I hope every dream of yours come true.

I love the Birthday girl!

  • Hold onto this love note forever more. Never forget these kind words. For they come from a sincere place, from my heart to yours.
  • I only have eyes for you, my dear. Your beauty is radiant and lights up the night. Happy Birthday to you, let our love shine bright.
  • I’m glad we made it to another year to celebrate your birthday together. Hand in hand, heart to heart, may our story be happy and never ending.
  • On your birthday, I give you this promise to love and cherish you forever. I will always honor and respect you for as long I live. May our friendship grow stronger and last a lifetime.
  • I wish to shower you with warm wishes and birthday kisses. It’s a special day for a special lady.
  • I know I don’t say this enough, but you are truly appreciated and loved not just on your birthday, but every day.
  • Happy Birthday! Let’s dance in each other’s arms and celebrate the day you entered this world.
  • You are truly unique in every way. No other lady could capture my heart the way you do. Maybe it’s the special way you always know what to say or the way you make me laugh. Have a wonderful birthday. Thank you for being you.
  • The day you entered this world, you left a mark to remember, an original handprint. Well, you’ve left fingerprints all over my heart and I am changed forever.


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Read simple, Love Messages for Girlfriend that teach the meaning of love.

Sweet Love Messages for Girlfriend

romantic wishes for girlfriend

Birthday Messages for Girlfriend: Your girlfriend is a special person in your life. She is the one who loves you, care for you and chides you at times. Sometimes she becomes a mother, sometimes she becomes a wife while other times she remains your companion. If your girlfriend is a really special person for you and you actually love her, make her feel really special on her birthday. Send her some amazing birthday wishes which will win her heart and make her feel good. Send her one such message which makes her feel that she is important in your life and you appreciate what she always does for you. Go through the fantastic messages which we have compiled just for you. Choose the most suitable message and send it to your beloved in order to make her special day extra special.

Hey, my love! This year, you won’t celebrate your birthday alone. There is another person present who's heart beats only 4u and who is equally excited 4ur birthday. Happy Birthday, love.
A very special happy birthday to the girl whom I love the most and have dedicated all my life.
I am giving you my precious heart as a gift on your birthday, please don’t break it, I will be hurt. Lots of love and kisses to you dear and happy birthday with a warm hug.
First, you are my friend and then anything else. I may not be so excited to wish my love, but I can’t hold myself wishing my friend happy birthday so late. And now this is for my girlfriend “I Love You’.
Honey, it is because of you that my life is so joyful. Thanks for everything and wishing you a very happy birthday.
Thanks for all the love you have given and for being there in my life. Happy Birthday, Babes!
I really love the way you look at me. May we always remain together. Happy Birthday, Honey!
You are just like an angel on Earth whom I can't believe is my girlfriend. Happy Birthday my Darling!
Thanks for coming in my life and also for all those beautiful moments which you brought along with you. Happy Birthday, my lovely girlfriend!
This day is of equal importance to me as the love of my life was born on this day. Happy Birthday, Princess!
Happiest Birthday to the girl who has the most beguiling eyes and the most intoxicating smile!
Happy Birthday to you my dear love. You are the one who holds the string of my life.
If I ever have to live without you, I will decide to die. So, make me yours permanently. Happy Birthday
I have not sent a romantic message, you know well y. On your birthday, I wish you remain happy always.
Smile on ur face makes you the prettiest in the world. So, hold it carefully as your fans are many.
I love you my sweetheart and I want to gift you the bestest things in the world. But will do it later.
My girl does not need any present from me, I know. Yet, I’m sending my heart to you. Happy Birthday.
As you are growing old, you are becoming prettier than before. So, I’m careful now, will not let u run.
You are my girlfriend, and I haven’t shared this with my friend. As a token of gift I’m doing this today. HBD.
I have got my heart as a birthday gift for you. Hope you will understand its worth. Happy Birthday
Even if I am not around you physically, I’m there for you every time and everywhere. Happy Birthday Dear.

Birthday Messages for Girlfriend Romantic

Romance is what keeps a relationship alive. lucky are those who have someone to have a romantic relationship with. Here at 143greetings we have an amazing collection of romantic messages which you can send to your girlfriend on her birthday and make it really special. Romantic messages will keep the spark of your relationship alive and will also remind her that she means a lot to you. Choose the best one and send her now.

Happy birthday darling! To wish your birthday, I want to hold ur hand take you on a long ride and kiss you.
This is your birthday and I want to make each second of this day a special one. Hold my hand and come.
This is the day when God sent an adorable girl on this earth solely for me. Happy Birthday, your lover.
Hey cute and pretty girl, I want to live my life with you. Grow up soon, I’m desperate to marry you. HBD.
Happy Birthday my queen, today I am all for you and your wish will be my command.

Funny Birthday Messages for Girlfriend

Happiness increases when transferred from one person to another. If you want to make your girl's birthday full of smiles then send her some funny messages on her birthday. You can send her the funniest messages on any social media platform including Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram or Pinterest. These messages are free of cost so share amazing messages with her and bring a wide smile on her face on the occasion of her birthday.

You are my sexy beast and I love you for the same. Let’s have fun and let the hearts burn
HBD, I love you and can die for you, but don’t me my cards, can’t give you that.
Happy birthday sweetheart! At least now tell me how old you are. I will still love you.
Happy Birthday Darling, I was wondering how many candles shall I place on ur cake! Plz share.
Happy Birthday Dear, can I come at ur home to have some coffee and a romatic night.

Birthday Messages for Girlfriend Long Distance

Side by side or miles apart, those who are love are always in the heart. Send an incredible birthday wish to your lovely girlfriend who may not be physically near you but is extremely close to you. Wish her in a way she has never expected to. Read on and choose the best message for your lovely girlfriend who is sitting miles apart.

I can’t see your swelled eyes on ur most special day, so, I am coming to see you soon.
Happy Birthday my Darling! I am missing you more than you do. But, trust I was helpless.
Don’t cut and eat all cake alone, wait for me, I am coming soon to share everything.
Happy Birthday, my honey! You are looking super sexy in hot red dress. See you soon.
Don’t get me wrong, it was completely not possible for me to be there. Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday Messages to My Lover

Surprise your favorite woman on Earth and make her the happiest one on her birthday. Say Happy Birthday to the woman whom you love deeply with the finest words. Send her the most amazing wishes by choosing the best words from our collection which reflect how much you love her. Share the messages on facebook, pinterest, whatsapp or twitter and express your love in a unique way

You are not just my girl friend, but my true mate and I love you for everything.
Happy Birthday my sweetheart, you and me make of a perfect couple. Instead of giving you some gift I'm asking, please marry me.
No, you are not the most important person in my life, you are the person who rules my life. Happy Birthday
You are the one who introduced me to love. And now I am teaching this to others. Happy birthday my love.
Happy birthday darling, you are the cutest lady and I can share all my things with.

Happy Birthday Messages for Girlfriend Facebook

Girls love it when guys give them attention. And if their boyfriend gives them importance she becomes the happiest. If it is the special day of your girlfriend and you want to say her "happy birthday" in a way that will surely impress her then post a birthday wish on Facebook. Do not worry if you don't know what to say to her or post on her wall as we are there for you. Here at 143greetings we have an awesome collection of messages and quotes which you can post on the Facebook wall of your girlfriend. Go through the messages and quotes and post the best one on her wall now

I do not want to do this, but when I saw your childhood pics, I was unable to resist. Happy Birthday.
Happy Birthday to my girlfriend, you are the most beautiful girl I have ever met. Love you a lot.
I am the love of you, and I will be with you for lifetime. This is the commitment and making here. HBD
I love you my sweetheart, let's celebrate your birthday and make it memorable just like our relationship.
Happy Birthday Dear, I want to meet you and kiss you as soon as possible.

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For every human, being birthday is a special day of the year and when it's your girlfriend birthday than that day is a most special day for both of you. Birthdays.

romantic wishes for girlfriend
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