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Romantic birthday wishes for boyfriend with love
November 04, 2018 Anniversary Wishes 3 comments

You are my friend, and my lover. Happy Birthday. 5. I wish your birthday is as beautiful and full of love as you are. You deserve only the best.

Wishing “Happy Birthday” to your special guy can sometimes become as a sweet moment for him, as it would be for you.

Men might not be so eager to hear or read birthday wishes, but -let’s not fool ourselves- love and affection is always welcome when it comes from somebody you care about. Some festive attention can be the warm intro to a day of true celebration.

Sweet Birthday Wishes for your Boyfriend

  • Happy Birthday to my own special guy. I love you so!
  • To this amazing, handsome guy I’m saying “Happy Birthday” with all my heart!
  • I have been expecting this day to hug you twice as much. If it can be, that is. Happy Birthday, darling.
  • I’m so glad I bumped into you one day! Today it’s the day to celebrate this, too. Happy Birthday!
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  • You’re the guy I’d like to spend my day with. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday to the man that I wish to hold forever in my heart.
  • It might seem like a usual night sky tonight. In fact, the stars align to say “Happy Birthday”.
  • The secret of your love is no mystery to me. “Happy Birthday” from an enchanted girl.
  • You are the perfect combination of dynamic & sensitive in a man. Happy Birthday, I’m so in love with you!
  • If there were ever high walls hiding my heart, I’m so happy this warrior shattered them. I love you & Happy Birthday.
  • If I sometimes can’t hear what you’re saying, it’s only because my heart is beating so fast. Happy Birthday, my love.
  • This girl’s been lassoed, but she’s not in captivation. Happy Birthday, cowboy, you’re my saviour.
  • You take my breath away. You are a dream come true & I’d like to wish you “Happy Birthday” from the depths of my soul.
  • Happy Birthday, handsome baby! You mean the world to me!
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  • All women-scientists agree: you are a gorgeous hunk. Imagine how lucky a girl can feel beside you. Happy Birthday, my gorgeous!
  • You are definitely sweeter than the birthday cake I’m bringing you tonight! Happy Birthday, my sweet love.
  • Just like nature needs sunlight, my heart needs your love. Happy Birthday!
  • Your love makes me feel the luckiest girl alive. Happy Birthday, baby!
  • They say you only live once, but thanks to you, baby, I feel re-born. Happy Birthday, love!
  • How can a man be so beautiful and strong at the same time? This girl is still trying to find out the secret. Until then: Happy Birthday!

Cute Birthday Greetings for your Boyfriend

  • You aren’t only a wish come true. You are the genie itself! Happy Birthday, my genie!
  • Your love has brought me more luck than a four-leaved clover! Happy Birthday, you’re my true lucky charm.
  • I’m literally under your spell and not interested in finding any antidote. You’ re the love magician, Happy Birthday!
  • If this is a dream, I don’t want to wake up into reality for no reason. Happy Birthday, you wild dream!
  • I was ready to kiss some frogs in my life, but then I found the prince himself! Happy Birthday!
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  • Let this be a day full of love, surprises & music, my love. Happy Birthday, let’s have fun!
  • Wishing you a very, very happy birthday and hoping our relationship will blossom and stand out like a rare flower.
  • Hugs & kisses, love & gratitude, time & affection are going to be my primary birthday presents today. Happy Birthday, my love.
  • This day is the perfect opportunity to officially re-state something I’m saying every single day: I love you. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday to the most commonly recognized star that fell on earth! Happy Birthday, my heavenly creature!
  • Your birthday gives me the opportunity to say it loud: “I love you + Happy Birthday”!
  • Happy Birthday to the man that came into my life and filled it up with happiness.
  • On your birthday, I’d like to wish two things: all the success & recognition to you, and all the love to the both of us. Happiest of Birthdays!!!
  • Let’s chill this whole day out. We deserve it! Happy Birthday, my cool man!
  • We might not have arranged a party, but anything we do together with our friends tonight is going to be a celebration. I love you, honey! Happy Bday.
  • I love being in your arms & I know you like it, too! So, that will be my first Birthday gift tonight! Happy Birthday!
  • My future is bright simply because I have a wonderful man like you in my life. Nothing will ever change my love for you. Happy birthday, my dear.
  • Did you know that you are the one behind my every smile? Cheers to my wonderful boyfriend. Happy birthday.
  • You are the sweetest and most fabulous person I know. And I’m so glad that you belong to me. Happy birthday, my love.
  • May your birthday be as happy as the happiness that I feel when I’m in your arms. I am indeed one lucky girl to have a boyfriend that is as outstanding as you. God bless you.
  • My wonderful boyfriend is my passion, my wealth and my life. Happy birthday, sweetheart.
  • On this special day, I just need you to know that I will forever be there to help you to smile because I love you. Happy birthday.
  • My life would have been an abyss of total darkness had it not been for the beautiful sunshine you bring into my world. Thank you for being an angel to me. Happy birthday, my love.
  • To find a true friend in your boyfriend is one of the greatest blessings that can ever be bestowed on a girl. And luckily for me, I see both my best friend and my soul mate in you. Happy birthday.
  • When you are lucky to have the best man in the world whom you love and who loves you in return, it becomes a sin to ask more from God. Happy birthday, my amazing boyfriend.
  • You and I have something special that many couples can never have in a lifetime. Thank you for being the one who puts a smile on my face. Happy birthday.
  • You are so wonderful that the worst crime anyone could ever commit in this world is to break your heart. And being the one who loves you the most in this world, I certainly would rather die than commit that crime. Happy birthday, my love.
  • If I was given all the time in the world to write about how much I love you, I still wouldn’t be able to list all the reasons why I love you so unconditionally. Happy birthday.
  • Babe, you are plus one today, and that calls for a huge celebration. I hope your birthday is as glorious as you make my life.
  • May true happiness enclose your life today and forever. Happy birthday, my sweet one.
  • You bring everything good in this universe into my life, and for that, I just want to say thank you. Happy birthday, my handsome prince.
  • You are the joy of my life, honey. On your anniversary, may oceans of pleasure and magical surprises fill your life.
  • Thank you for touching my heart in a way that no one can ever do. I love you so much. Happy birthday. May this new chapter of your life be very good to you.
  • I might not say it often, but no one can ever make me half as happy as you make me feel. Happy birthday, my sunshine.
  • My heart is the happiest place in the universe because you reside in it. May this special day lead to an escalation of happiness in your life. Happy birthday.
  • Every day I am humbled and honored by the opportunity given to me by God to be the lucky girl/woman in your life. Happy birthday, my love.
  • Babe, there’s nothing in this universe that has the ability to enrich and decorate my life like you do. On your Big Day, it’s my hope that your life will be enriched and decorated as much as you do mine. Happy birthday.
  • What makes me happy is seeing you happy, which is why there’s nothing I wouldn’t do to ensure happiness rains on you. Happy birthday.
  • My love, I wish you all the best as you mark your anniversary. Thank you for being my safe haven and paradise.
  • Sweetheart, every single time I look at you and know that you are mine is a reminder of how good God has been to me. Have a blissful birthday.
  • Every moment I get to spend with you is as precious to me as a priceless gem. May your birthday today bring into your world incredible happiness beyond your imagination. Have a great day.
  • My agenda is to make you happy every blessed day of your life. And that is exactly what I shall do until the end of time. Have a glorious birthday, sweetheart.


Romantic Birthday Messages for your Boyfriend

  • Why do I want to be with you all the days of my life so freaking bad? There are a billion reasons why. Happy birthday, sweetheart.
  • Sweetheart, my love for you is bigger that the blue ocean because no one can ever make me feel the way you do. Happy birthday.
  • A day without your presence feels like the world without the sun. Let’s stay together until the end of time. Happy birthday.
  • Babe, did you know that the sweetness of your kiss is worth more than a billion bucks? Happy birthday.
  • Sweetest one, my biggest wish in life is that you and I will stay together forever. I need you as much as the flowers need rain and sunshine to blossom. Happy birthday.
  • Your love is my special compass rose. Even if I go trillion miles away, I will still find my way back into your arms. Happy birthday, my sweet love.
  • I wish I could fix your picture in the sky, for the entire world to witness how handsome and special you are. Happy birthday.
  • Your presence is brighter than the sun and stars together. Your touch brings happiness to my soul. Your kiss takes me to a place more joyful than paradise. Happy birthday.
  • Babe, on your special day, I hope you know that I can never exchange your love for anything here on earth or up in the Heavens. I love you.
  • My dear, you are brighter than the morning sunshine and sweeter than a fresh honey comb. I found myself when I found you, for you bring life into my soul. Happy birthday.
  • I would rather have you in my life and be a pauper than be the richest person in this world and live without your love. Happy birthday, my dear.
  • My dear, with your love in my life, my heart can never break, my smile can never fade and my world shall never know darkness. And that is why I will prefer living a minute on earth with you than a thousand years without you. Happy birthday.
  • The reason why you are so dear to me is that even if I traveled the entire universe, I would never find anyone as wonderful as you. May your Big Day be as beautiful as the sky.
  • Just like the sun rays light up the world, so does your love illuminate my entire life. Happy birthday, babe.
  • Babe, you are my life, my happiness, my pride and my everything. It’s a miracle how I was able to survive before you came into my life. Happy birthday.
  • If someone asked me to tell them why I can’t stop loving you, I would be able to give them over a trillion reasons why. Thank you for constantly reinvigorating my soul. Happy birthday.
  • I stopped dreaming the moment I got you because when you came into my life, I achieved all the good things I had been dreaming of all my life. Happy birthday.
  • My dear, I love you so much and want to be with you every second of my life. On your birthday, I wish you nothing but the indescribable happiness you bring into my life.
  • There isn’t a single day that goes by that I don’t fall in love with you because your love nourishes my soul. Happy birthday.
  • Honey, your love makes this world a place worth living in. Without your love, happiness in my life would have been as rare as a unicorn. Happy birthday, and thanks for making me the happiest woman/girl in a romantic union.
  • I get scared whenever I try to imagine life without you. That’s how much you mean to me. Thank you for bringing me all that’s beautiful in this world just by being in my life and loving me the incredible way you do. Happy birthday.
  • The sound of our hearts beating next to each other is my favorite sound on earth. Sweetheart, I have never known love so true like the one we share. Have a joyful birthday.
  • Wishing a fabulous birthday to the one and only true love of my life. Every day with you in my life is worth more than all the treasures of the universe.
  • Sweetheart, this is your day. Celebrate it knowing that my love for you is as endless as the sea and as big as the universe. Happy birthday.
  • I can resist virtually everything on earth with the exception of your sweet love. Honey, I wish you a birthday that is as special as your life is to me. I can never stop loving you.
  • Sweetheart, my love for you is the most powerful thing in the entire universe. Not even God has the power to make this love end. Happy birthday.
  • My number one calling is loving you, and that is what I shall do until the day my heart stops beating. Happy birthday, my precious love.
  • I would die a thousand times just to put a smile on your face, sweetheart. Such is the depth of my love for you. Happy birthday.
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Funny Birthday Messages for your Boyfriend

  • I am in love with an extraordinarily handsome and caring guy whom I think about every second because I can’t help myself. If you care to know who he is, all you need do is take a look into the mirror and you’ll see him. Happy birthday.
  • If my money were to grow wildly like my love for you, then by now I’m certain I’d be richer than Jeff Bezos. Happy birthday, babe.
  • I will run a thousand full marathons a day just for you. Happy birthday.
  • Sweetheart, you amaze me so much with how well you are able to take care of my heart despite the fact that you did not study cardiology. Happy birthday.
  • You make me feel like a billion-dollar bill. Happy birthday, my dear.
  • Babe, on your special day, I need you to know that you mean more to me than being in the Oval Office means to Hillary Clinton. Enjoy your day!
  • You are so dear to me that even if I were born dumb, I would be able to voice out the words, ‘I love you’ to you! Happy birthday!
  • If burning all the oceans in the world would put a smile on your face and happiness in your heart, I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to do that. Enjoy your birthday, my love.
  • For being such an awesome boyfriend to me, may you someday make it on the cover of Forbes magazine smiling next to Donald Trump and Oprah Winfrey. Have a wonderful birthday.
  • You are the love of my life – today, tomorrow and for as long as the sun keeps burning. May we continue to be inseparable like a fat kid and his cake. Happy birthday, sweetheart!
  • On your birthday, I want to assure you that my love is like the best condom in the world. It will protect you whenever things get hard. Happy birthday.
  • Babe, you keep going like this and soon I’m going to have to buy you a walking stick. Have a great one!
  • Happy birthday to my adorable boyfriend who has just become wrinklier today. Just so you know, I will continue to love you more and more with each new wrinkle you get!
  • Happy birthday! You are now entering the aged zone. Enjoy the ride.
  • Keep calm it’s only your birthday, not your death sentence.
  • Wishing a super duper happy birthday to the most wonderful boyfriend in the world. May this day make you as happy as a lottery winner.
  • May our union last as long as the career of the Rolling Stones. I love you so much. Happy Birthday.
  • Happy birthday, sweet love. May your blessings be as gargantuan as President Trump’s ego.
  • Happy birthday to my wonderful boyfriend, who despite not being a cardiologist, takes good care of my heart much better than any cardiologist on earth can ever do.
  • If loving each other were a crime, you and I would be more notorious than the outlawed duo Bonnie and Clyde. Happy birthday.
  • On your anniversary, may God light up your life like a Christmas tree. Enjoy your day, sweetheart.
  • If Bill Gates were to give me a dollar for every reason why I love you, he’d run out of money in the twinkle of an eye and become the poorest man to have ever walked the surface of the earth. Happy birthday.
  • Sweetheart, for making my life a truly happy one, may you be the happiest person in the village of the happy. Happy birthday.
  • Happy birthday, my sweet love. May this spanking new age make your blessings grow bigger than Arnold Schwarzenegger’s muscles.  Enjoy your day.
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Long Birthday Wishes for my Boyfriend

  • Wishing a beautiful birthday celebration to my best friend and lover. Babe, thank you for loving me and caring for me in the most extraordinary way possible. I am colossally blessed with good luck to have such a magnificent soul in my life. I truly would be lost if it wasn’t for you. Thank you so much for being my lover, my best friend and my inspiration. Have a great day.
  • Sweetheart, you came into my life and gave me the best things in life without asking for anything in return. I shall be eternally grateful to you for that. Since I can never repay you for all the magical moments and happiness you inject into my life, on this outstanding day of yours, I pray that the good Lord will bestow unlimited blessings and happiness upon you.
  • When I think of the most loving and caring boyfriend in the world, I think of none other than you, my amazing boyfriend. Sweetheart, because of you I can soar above the sky without wings. I’m so honored to have a phenomenal boyfriend like you to share my love and my life. May happiness forever touch your life. Happy birthday.
  • My darling boyfriend, you have been right by my side through the good times as well as the darkest of times. I can’t thank you enough for being such a loving and supportive boyfriend. If I had the power of God, I would bless you with an everlasting life filled with eternal happiness. Happy birthday.
  • My life was an ordinary one until the very first day I set my eyes on you. You came into my life and made it rise and shine like the sun. You helped me to discover beautiful things about myself that I never knew existed. For all the amazing things you have done for me, I say, “thank you” from the depths of my soul. Happy birthday!


Messages for my Boyfriend’s 18th Birthday

  • Adulthood comes with many challenges. I pray you never allow any challenge you encounter on your path to greatness defeat you. Happy 18th birthday.
  • Becoming an adult is one of the greatest and most exciting chapters of life. I’m so glad to be that special person in your life to celebrate this remarkably special day with you. Happy 18th birthday, my love.
  • Happy 18th birthday to the most amazing boyfriend in the world! Babe, your adulthood days have just begun, and it’s my prayer that this special day will kick-start the beginning of the most amazing episode of your life.
  • Finally, I’m dating a real man! Happy 18th birthday, sweetheart!
  • My love, this is the first day of the beginning of your life as a man, and by Jove, I shall help you celebrate it to the fullest! Happy 18th birthday!
  • Yay! The day we had been waiting anxiously for has finally arrived! Today, you are formally an adult! Babe, may life fill your adulthood with all the happiness you deserve. Happy 18th birthday.


For my boyfriend’s 20th Birthday

  • Congratulations on finally bidding farewell to the world of teenagers. I’m confident that your 20s are going to be as fabulous as your sweet love is to my heart. Happy 20th birthday, my love.
  • Happy 20th birthday to the only man in the world I wish to spend all the days of my life with. I love you so much, sweetheart, and I hope you have a magnificent 20th birthday celebration.
  • My dear, the most fabulous years of your life has just began. Together, you and I shall enjoy every moment of life to the max! Happy 20th birthday.
  • Happy 20th birthday to the love of my life. Honey, here’s to another year of making beautiful memories together. I love you so much.
  • On your 20th birthday, may every single dream you have become a reality and transform your life into the amazing paradise that your love has transformed mine into. Enjoy your day.



Wishes for my boyfriend’s 30th Birthday

  • Happy birthday to my boyfriend who turns fabulous 30 today. Sweetheart, may age 30 be as amazing to you as you have been to me. Happy 30th!
  • Even if I were to possess all the riches of the world, I would never be happy if I didn’t have you in my life. That’s how amazing having you in my life is to me. Happy 30th birthday.
  • Happy 30th birthday, sweetheart. Never has a 30-year-old looked as handsome as you do today. I hope you have the most fabulous day of your life. I can’t wait to party all night long with you!
  • Here’s a toast to the most outstanding 30-year-old in the world. Babe, since you came into my life, you have brought me nothing but blessings and happiness. I don’t think my heart can ever love someone as much as it loves you. Happy 30th birthday.
  • Wishing a fabulously happy 30th birthday to the one and only love of my life! Honey, may you always find the will to keep chasing your dreams. I love you.
  • Hurrah! The only man who brings sunshine into my soul has just turned 30 today! Honey, this is definitely a milestone birthday that deserves nothing short of a big celebration. Let’s make tonight a night to remember!


Short Birthday Wishes for my Boyfriend

  • Life is too short, so don’t waste your precious time on anything that brings no happiness into your heart. Happy birthday, sweetheart.
  • I have what it takes to be great because I have the love of a magnificent boyfriend. Happy birthday, my love.
  • Nothing in this world feels more amazing than being the girlfriend of a special person like you. Happy birthday.
  • Babe, my days have been merry and bright since you came into my life. You are indeed one-of-a-kind boyfriend. Happy birthday.
  • My sweet and handsome boyfriend is without equal, and that’s a fact! Happy birthday, babe.
  • Sweetheart, did you know that my most awesome dream came to pass when you became my boyfriend?! Happy birthday.
  • Behind my every smile is you, my super amazing boyfriend. Happy birthday.
  • You came into my life and painted my soul with the colors of the rainbow. Thank you so much. Happy birthday.
  • A wonderful life is what I have because I have the world’s most wonderful boyfriend. Happy birthday, dear.
  • Your love inspires me to reach for the stars. Happy birthday.
  • My life will never be worth anything without you in it. That’s how much you mean to me, babe. Have a fabulous day.
  • Sweetheart, I wake up from sleep every morning knowing that it is going to be a beautiful day because I have you. Happy birthday, and enjoy your day.
  • Honey, one of my greatest joys in life is knowing that we belong to each other forever. I’m so blessed to be yours. Happy birthday.
  • I shall forever thank my lucky stars for bringing such a rare gem like you into my life. Happy birthday, dear.

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Have a wonderful birthday, my love! ***. It's not enough to wish you a happy Romantic birthday messages for boyfriend. romantic birthday messages for.

Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

romantic birthday wishes for boyfriend with love

He is the one who has swept you off your feet and make your heart float in the air!! He is the one whose entry in your life has shut the doors for all the others out there!!

He is the one who can never get enough of and has become the apple of your eye!! Yes, he is the person you have fallen in love with, your boyfriend!! And what better occasion than his birthday, to let him know that he is the one who’s worth is immeasurable in your life.

Some beautiful words of expression of your feelings, some anecdotes and some honest outpourings of love make up for the best gift you can give your man. Here is a collection of 50 incredible birthday messages for your boyfriend which will make him happy. Though men are perceived not to be big fans of sending and receiving lovely messages, some festive attention on their birthdays is always welcome!

Love and attention from somebody you care about are always appreciated. Some warm affection filled wishes on his birthday will undoubtedly be received with much happiness. Pick the right one and let the celebrations begin!!

#1) To the wonderful person, who shares my heart and fills it with happiness, who brightens my world and cares so much for me!! Wishing you the best of everything on your birthday!! Happy birthday, sweetheart.

#2) You are the guy I’d like not just to spend the rest of the days of my life! I feel so grateful that you are the best part of my life. Wish you many happy returns of the day my soul mate.

#3) We belong in each other’s’ hearts. And that makes me feel so sure; we are never going to be torn apart. I’m so glad that we met. Happy birthday, love.

#4) The place you hold in my heart in indescribable by any measure of words. So that you know, my heart would cease beating without you. Happy birthday to the person who holds to key to my heartbeats!!

#5) On this extraordinary day, I want you to know that I feel blessed to be gifted with your love. You make me feel so proud and happy. Happy birthday honey and thank you for making me the luckiest woman ever.

#6) Nothing others than your reassuring hug give me comfort in this whole wide world. I wish you all the love and happiness that has ever existed. Happy birthday my man.

#7) When the sun rises today, say hello to him. I’ve asked him to shine brighter today and give you all its warmth and shimmer! Happy birthday to the sun of my life!

#8) There is nothing in this world that I wouldn’t do to bring that pleasant smile on your face. Let’s begin with sending a whole lot of my love with this wish. Happy birthday to my handsome man.

#9) My life is a big jigsaw puzzle. Some parts of it always seemed missing. And then I met you!! Happy birthday to the man who’s filled the missing pieces of my life.

#10) It’s such an ecstatic feeling to meet the person who makes your existence feel complete. I found that feeling when I saw you for the first time. I’m grateful to God that we came together. And on your birthday today, I wish we stay together forever. Happy birthday, love.

#11) This sudden surge of happiness in the air, this new chirping of birds, this feeling of immense joy is all to embark a new milestone for you turning a year older and wiser. Wishing you tons of success and goodwill on your birthday dear.

#12) There’s no doubt that the most beautiful heart on this earth belongs to the person who holds the keys to my heart! And today that beloved person crosses another year mark! Wish you a happy birthday my darling boyfriend.

#13) Happy birthday to my sweetheart! Every single day I wonder what an incredible person you are! And how lucky I am to have you in my life! I’m forever thankful to God to have created a perfect person like you.

#14) Every single second since we have been together, my love and respect for you keeps growing. This is how we grow together and seek refuge in each other’s’ arms. Happy birthday my love!

#15) Guess who is my favorite person in the world??? Yes, you already know it’s YOU!! So you can surely guess which day of the year is my favorite??? Of course, it’s your birthday!! Happy birthday to the most selfless, chivalrous, brave and amazing person I have ever met!

#16) This day calls for a big celebration for the unique person, on his most particular day of the year! Let’s break all rules and leave no stone unturned to have the most fun ever on your birthday.

#17) A kind, caring, loving, respectful, charming and smart person like you deserves the best of everything in the world. On your birthday I pray to God to keep you healthy and happy forever.

#18) It’s such a privilege to know that I have all the rights to call a great person like you as my boyfriend. I don’t care about the jealous stares all around, and today on your birthday I want everyone to know you are mine and I am yours!! Happy birthday my prince.

#19) Time flies, things go in a different mode, circumstances change. But trust me; come what may, one thing that will always remain constant is my undying and unwavering love for you. On your birthday, I want you to know; you mean the world to me!! Happy birthday!!

#20) I can’t stop doing things that would make you smile, because your smile is the reason I smile. Even if it’s painful at times, every single effort I put in, it is really worth your priceless smile. I adore you much more than you know. Happy birthday to you honey.

#21) Make way for balloons, flowers, confetti, glitter, chocolates, cake and this love-filled wish for the birthday boy! These wishes are going to be with you always. Have the most rocking birthday ever!

#22) Not sending you just wishes for your birthday today. These wishes carry all my love, kisses, hugs, laughter and prayers for your health, safety, and happiness. I hope your special day is filled with all of it.

#23) On your birthday the essential wish I make for you is that you stay in the best of your health and on the pinnacle of success in everything that you do. So that I will be able to celebrate many more wonderful birthdays with you.

#24) You may look terrible to everyone, but I am lucky to have the privilege of knowing such a tender and caring person like you. Wishing you the best of everything my dear loving coconut!

#25) My heart beats harder when I see you; my dreams are always filled with you, my face smiles and glow when I am with you. No better day than today than to let you know how much you mean to me. Happy birthday to the man of my dreams.

#26) When I was at my lowest phase, it was you who lifted me up and brought a smile back to my face. On your birthday I want to fill every single moment with smiles and joy for you. Happy birthday to you.

#27) Your presence exudes such an aura; everything else fades away in your presence. I am so lucky to have the brightest shining star in the universe as my boyfriend. Happy birthday charming guy.

#28) Thank you for accepting me in your life with all my flaws and imperfections. Your presence in my life has made everything perfect. I am going to do all I can to make this birthday a perfect one for you. Happy birthday to you my love.

#29) Looking at my reflection in your eyes takes me to the paradise! I wish and pray always to have a fabulous life with you. As you turn a year older today, I ask God to bless you with more charm than you already have!

#30) If I had to choose between you and life, then I’d always go for you. Without you, there is no life for me. I wish you a ton of happiness and good health so that we spend a blessed life together ahead. Happy birthday to you my sweetu.

#31) You are such a committed, hardworking person. Today just give it all up and let yourself free. I’ll make sure you enjoy every bit of this special day. Happy birthday, love.

#32) This message is sent from my right atrium to reach your left atrium, and its acceptance should conclude from your right ventricle to my left ventricle. That’s coz we are connected from heart to heart. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

#33) Many congratulations on becoming a year older, smarter and wiser. This year make sure you seize every moment and conquer all the challenges that come your way. Happy birthday my king.

#34) The sky is not the limit when you gear up to achieve something. Your birthday is the perfect chance for me to make you realize what all you can do and reach the heights of success and glory. Many happy returns of the day Mr. Perfect.

#35) On your birthday, sweetheart, I thank your parents for giving birth and raising such a beautiful person. They have given a gem to the world. And I am so lucky to be a part of your life. Sending all my best wishes to you on your birthday.

#36) Forget the past and look ahead for what lies for you in the future. I know you are working to be the best version of yourself. But trust me, you already are such a fine and perfect person.

#37) Nothing can make you any more better than you are already now. Have a very colorful and sparkling birthday. You deserve all the beautiful things in the world, may God bless you with all of it.

#38) Your insane humor gets to me so many times, but then without it, my life seems so empty and meaningless. I would give everything in the world just to keep you smiling always. Stay funny and have a wonderful birthday.

#39) The value of a truly loved one is immeasurable. The acceptance and companionship I have got from you are absolutely priceless. Happy birthday my love and my dearest friend.

#40) It’s the day you were born, which brings an extraordinary chance to leave aside all worry and celebrate your birth! Today is the day to be carefree and have fun. Wish you the happiest birthday ever.

#41) I feel so blessed to have spent one more fantastic year of my life with you. And I know there is a lifetime of fun and love filled years to go. I wish you a magnificent and magical birthday my love.

#42) The true essence of a relationship lies in all the fights that we have; they make us better acquainted with each other’s point of view. And I know this thing for sure, you are a much better person than I am. Celebrating the birth of a righteous and loyal man today makes me feel so proud to be with you.

#43) Right from the beginning, I knew for sure; your smarts are the best match for the craziness in me! Behold and wait for the crazy ways I’m going to surprise you with on your special day. Happiest birthday to you m love.

#44) Distance doesn’t matter when hearts are together they say. How true is that! I so wished to be with you on your birthday. Even though I couldn’t make it, I feel you with me all the time. And this wish is meant to let you know I am always with you. Have loads of fun today and enjoy your special day.

#45) You and I are like apple and pie, bread and butter, socks and shoes! Do you get it, honey? We are totally inseparable!! And today that we share our birthdays, let’s take this heaven-made union of ours to crazy levels of a memorable celebration. Happy birthday to our love!

#46) I wish you receive all the gifts life has to offer, wrapped in the bundles of my love and care. May your life be filled be peace and contentment now and forever. Happy birthday to you my love.

#47) Congratulations to you on another year of your life. You are turning much more handsome every passing year; I just can’t keep my eyes off you. May you stay in the prime of your youth forever! We are going to have a blast today at your birthday party, wait for it. Happy birthday my dashing man.

#48) Wherever you go and whatever you do, may the year ahead bring lots of success and happiness for you! You are the reason for my smiles, and our love is going to last for miles!! Looking forward to celebrating many more of your birthdays!! Happy birthday my partner in crime.

#49) On the chilly winter nights, your warm embrace soothes me. On a blazing summer afternoon, you are my cool breeze. Being with you is a God sent blessing to me!! Happy birthday dear!

#50) Just like the stars brighten the night sky; you are the star which brightens my life. I pray and hope you live more than the stars and shine brighter than ever! Happy birthday to the most precious star of my life!

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Top (100) Happy Birthday Wishes, Messages & Quotes for Lover / Love

romantic birthday wishes for boyfriend with love

Boyfriends are complicated enough to be wooed with materials, but simple enough to be pleased with honest and true feelings. Tending to think that men won’t expect anything on their birthday, we sometimes undermine the value that such an anniversary can have for our special man. The truth is that guys deserve our attention and they don’t mind some pampering every now and then.

So, on this special day of his, let him know your love through a birthday wish, because words have the ability to touch a person’s soul, and, when it comes to your lover’s special day, birthday wishes are indeed the best expression of your love and compassion for him. Girls, here’s the list of some lovely birthday wishes which will make your boyfriend feel special and loved.

Romantic Birthday Messages for your Boyfriend

  • When two hearts are meant to be together, no distance can ever be big enough to separate them. I really love you. Happy Birthday!
  • On your Birthday, I would like to tell you that you are not a good Boyfriend, Actually you are the best. I couldn’t have asked for more. Thank you for walking into my life and enriching it. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!
  • I can never thank your mother enough for giving birth to my soul mate. Happy Birthday my love!
  • On your Birthday, I wish you all the health, wealth and happiness. A very Happy Birthday, baby!
  • May you get whatever you desire, may you succeed wherever you go, may we be always together no matter how many obstacles come our way. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!
  • I was weak, lost and broken before, But everything changed the moment I met you. Thanks for everything, dear. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Love!

  • To the most wonderful son, brother & boyfriend, you are a treasure to cherish. Happy Birthday!
  • No words can truly explain that how special you and your birthday are to me. I love you, honey. Happy Birthday!
  • Many-many happy returns of the day to the love of my life.
  • Meeting you was an accident, loving you was destiny, but marrying you would be my dream. Happy Birthday, my soon to be hubby (P.S: NO PRESSURE) !

Happy Birthday!

  • Happy Birthday to my hero, who has stood by me in all times. I feel so blessed that you are mine and I am yours.
  • I know I don’t always say it, but you are my everything. My life would be incomplete without you. On your Birthday, I want to declare my love for you. Happy Birthday baby, I really love you!
  • Can you imagine what life would be like without me? Right, baby, even I cannot. I am extremely lucky to have a loving partner like you. Happy birthday to the man of my dreams.
  • You are my moon, my sun, my stars and my universe. Happy Birthday to the best partner in the world.
  • No matter how many ups and downs we face, I will always stand by your side. Happy Birthday!
  • To my best friend, my soul mate and my partner: Happy Birthday, my love!
  • Happy Birthday to the love of my life. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, only you!

I love you, Birthday Boy!

  • Before meeting you, I was all alone. After meeting you, I felt so happy and secure. Thanks for everything baby. Wishing you with a tight hug and a long kiss, Happy Birthday!!
  • Even a Monday feels like a Sunday when I am with you. Yeah, you have that effect on me. Happy Birthday my love!
  • Your beauty is so infectious that I look beautiful too when I am with you, inside and outside. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, baby!
  • No man used to be good enough for me until you walked into my life. I thank my stars that I found you. Happy Birthday!
  • Everyday feels so special with you, but today it is extra special because it’s your birthday, my love. I wish you with all my heart and soul, Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday, love.

  • Me and you are just like bread and butter, perfect for each other. Happy Birthday!
  • I feel safe and secure in your arms. It seems no one can hurt me when I am with you. Happy Birthday!
  • On your birthday I will tell you a secret and that is that I get extremely happy when someone calls your name, because I know that you belong to me and just me. Happy Birthday, dear!
  • One more year has gone by, and you become more charming and graceful with each passing day. So smile and eat loads of cake to make your Birthday truly special. Happy Birthday, Dear.
  • I hope they don’t send you to jail for stealing my heart. Happy Birthday, Dear!

Happy Birthday, love!

  • I love your intellect, your sense of humor, your manners and the way you make me feel every day. Actually you know what, I just love everything about you. Happy Birthday!
  • For your Birthday I bought a big cake, balloons and a present. But there is one thing you will get that’s absolutely for free and that’s my unconditional love for you.
  • On your special day, I wish that all your dreams come true and you get whatever you desire. Happy Birthday, my love.
  • 50 Great Birthday Messages for Your Boyfriend
  • Even though I am not physically present with you on your special day, but all my prayers are for your happiness and well being. Happy Birthday baby. Enjoy and stay safe!
  • Your smile was the reason we became friends. Your touch was the reason we became lovers. And today, Your beautiful soul made me realize that we are soul mates. Happy Birthday!

You are my moon, my sun, my stars and my universe. Happy Birthday to the best partner in the world.

  • You make me feel alive and kicking. Thanks for everything my cutie pie. Many-many happy returns of the day. Happy Birthday!
  • To the man who makes me go weak in my knees, Happy Birthday!
  • Today, I give you my heart and soul. Happy Birthday!
  • The good thing about you is your sweet smile but the best thing about you is the way you make me smile every time I see you. I love you, Happy Birthday!
  • Hey boy, you are the greatest everyday gift for us two! Happy Birthday.
  • Happy birthday to a man who never does anything wrong – on his birthday. Love you, babe.
  • Before I sent this birthday wish I kissed it a thousand times. I just wish you were here to kiss too. Happy birthday, baby. I love you to pieces.
  • When I think about you my heart and mind get together and sing your praises. You’re the best. Happy Birthday!
  • Wishing the happiest, best birthday to my prince charming. I love you, sweetheart.

Happy Birthday, you handsome man!

  • To my boyfriend- thanks for loving me, spending time with me, and being your best even when I’m at my worst. Thanks for being you. Happy birthday.
  • Did I mention that you are the hottest guy around? Well, you are and I want to say thanks for making my life a grand adventure. Happy birthday, babe.
  • The only thing better than having you for my boyfriend is getting to share this day with you. I love that I can call you mine. Happy birthday.
  • Ok, let’s just be honest, you’re a mess- but you’re a hot mess. I love that you’re my hot mess so I hope your birthday is all you hoped it would be.
  • Your birthday is as special to me as you are. Happy birthday to the most wonderful man in my life.
  • Hey boyfriend, here’s me sending you hugs, kisses and warm wishes on your birthday. I love you lots and Happy Birthday!
  • If you ever get old remind me to grow old with you – I don’t want to miss anything or do anything without you. I love you forever, babe.  Happy birthday.
  • I am so beyond excited to share this day with you- and maybe even tonight. It’s going to be epic! Happy birthday, hot stuff.
  • Happy birthday to a man that is my knight in shining armor- you complete me.

Happy Birthday, babe!

  • It doesn’t matter how old you are, one candle would do the trick because you are truly one of a kind. Thanks for being you and Happy Birthday!
  • The only thing better than having a boyfriend like you is having a really handsome best friend that is your boyfriend – and that’s what you are to me. I love you! Happy birthday.
  • I still get butterflies because of you. Happy birthday, baby.
  • To another year together- no matter what happens in the future, we can do anything together! I love you lots and happy birthday to my one and only.
  • Each year that passes makes my love for you even stronger. So let’s celebrate!
  • There’s nothing better on a cold day than to cuddle up to my birthday boy- you up for it? Come on, it’s your birthday!
  • My falling star wish came true when I fell in love with you. Happy birthday, my love.
  • My love for you is absolutely unconditional- because you are perfect! Happy birthday and remember I love you.
  • The best part of our relationship is sharing it with you. Hugs, kisses and birthday wishes.
  • If it’s okay I’m going to hold you a little tighter today- because it’s your birthday!

Happy Birthday, love. You are my everything.

  • May God’s love surround you today on your Birthday- you deserve all the best life has to offer.
  • This birthday wish is for a wonderful man, the best boyfriend, and my best friend. Happy birthday, baby.
  • Today is a special day for both of us. There was a night when I wished for a wonderful and handsome man to come into my life- that man was you. Happy birthday.
  • I used to think my one true love was ice cream- then I met you. Want to go grab some? Happy birthday.
  • Here’s a birthday wish for my prince who means the world to me. Without you, my life would be average and my home would not be a castle. I love you, babe.
  • Your words warm my heart, your touch melts me down, and your kisses are like sugar. I love you to pieces. Happy birthday.
  • On your birthday let’s have some fun and make it extra special. You get me? Happy birthday.
  • You are so much more than I ever imagined but all I ever wanted. Happy birthday!
  • It’s a real treat to wish a happy birthday to someone so sweet! Love you lots.
  • You’re so awesome and you’re even sweeter than the birthday cake. Happy birthday, love.
  • I sincerely hope I’m the first one to say this today, Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

  • You might be one year older but at least I get to grow old with you. You’re the greatest man I know. Happy Birthday!
  • Hoping your birthday is as super awesome and amazing as you are! Happy Birthday.
  • I hope that your birthday is full of as much love, joy and fulfillment as I find in our relationship. Happy birthday, baby!
  • Today, I thanked God for you more than I do every day of the year – because without you, my life would not be complete. Happy birthday.
  • Although we don’t know what the future will hold- I know that my heart will always be yours to hold tightly. Happy birthday, babe.
  • Happy birthday to the man who has made all my dreams come true! You’re the best.
  • Today I am totally yours- so let’s go wild! Happy birthday.
  • 200 Happy Birthday Wishes that will Help you Find the Right Words
  • On your birthday, I had a thousand words planned but then I found three to sum it all up: I love you. Happy birthday.
  • No gift could ever compare to the one you have given me: unconditional love. I’m so blessed to be your girlfriend baby – Happy Birthday!
  • Yo birthday boy! How long do I have to wait to give you all these birthday kisses?!
  • For me, today is like my birthday, Christmas and Thanksgiving all wrapped into one – because it’s the day my best friend was born. Happy birthday, babe.

Happy Birthday to my hero, who has stood by me in all times. I feel so blessed that you are mine and I am yours.

  • One of the best feelings in life is finally finding the one person you can be yourself around. With you, I can always let my guard down. Happy Birthday!
  • You’ve captured my heart. I don’t know how you did it. Must’ve been at the right place at the right time. I love you, sweetie. Happy Birthday!
  • Whether by pure chance or predestined fate, I’m glad you are mine. Wishing you lots of love on your birthday!
  • It’s the little things about you that drive me crazy. I’m head over heels for you, baby. Have a wonderful birthday!
  • It’s your birthday and the night is young. Let’s dance the night away and make this moment last till we see the morning sun!
  • A message for my King: You are so handsome. Your love brings out the Queen in me.
  • I get so excited when it’s your birthday. Unlimited birthday kisses are coming your way!
  • I know that it’s your birthday and it’s all about you. But I’d like to thank your mother for bringing the greatest gift into this world and your father for passing on the good looks. With all my love, Happy Birthday.

No matter how many ups and downs we face, I will always stand by your side. Happy Birthday!

  • I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to call you my boyfriend. You make me feel special. May you feel this special knowing how much you are appreciated. Have a happy birthday!
  • On your birthday I offer you soft whispers in your ear, sweet kisses on your lips, and beautiful memories to dwell on as you sleep.
  • Wishing my sexy boyfriend an amazing birthday and a night to remember.
  • Hugs and kisses from your future Mrs. ♥♥♥!
  • How can a girl complain with a wonderful man like you on her side? Wishing you a special birthday!
  • Your birthday is an important reminder for me to appreciate the things about you that I would miss if you were gone. You are truly irreplaceable. I love you and Happy Birthday.
  • Time is more valuable than currency because once it is spent, it cannot be regained. I appreciate every moment that you have shared with me. From my heart to yours, Happy Birthday.
  • Life brings us many surprises. Falling in love with you was a pleasant and unexpected gift. Happy Birthday from your girlfriend.
  • Every missing part of me is found in you. You are the piece that completes my puzzle. Happy Birthday.
  • Happy Birthday. May the flame of our love never grow dim.
  • There are a million reasons to love you: You are funny, smart, caring, loyal, gorgeous and amazing in every way. I wish you a happy birthday and many, many more to come.
  • There are not enough words in the English language to truly express my love for you. There’s no mathematical equation that can sum up all the wonderful ways you make my day. Happy Birthday.
  • To the birthday boy: If loving you was a crime, I would be doing hard time.

To the birthday boy: If loving you was a crime I would be doing hard time.

  • On your birthday, I offer these true words: Never underestimate the power of true love. It is a force that transcends space and time. May our love take you far. Happy Birthday!
  • You are walking proof that dreams do come true. I hope your every dream comes true on your birthday!
  • Wow! You’re getting old, Honey. Don’t worry! I’ll still love you when you’re old, bald and wrinkly.
  • You are the key to my happiness. May you grow wiser and more genuine with each passing year. Happy Birthday, my dear.
  • I hear them say, “Never say never.” But when it comes to you, I am NEVER letting go. Wishing you a lovely birthday.
  • I tried to understand how to love by reading books and watching movies. But when I met you, love just came naturally. Thank you for teaching me how to love. Happy Birthday!
  • Your kisses are sweet like cupcakes. Your hugs bring me warmth like a blanket. Being with you is the greatest gift so thank you for sharing your birthday with me. Happy Birthday from your one and only.
  • Birthday Boy, I hope we live long enough to watch each other grow old and wrinkly.
  • This is the one day a year I let you call all the shots. So enjoy your day being the boss. Love you always! Happy Birthday!
  • Thank you for welcoming me into your life with open arms. I hope your birthday is full of love and happiness.
  • May your every birthday wish be fulfilled before you blow out the candles. Dream big, my love. You are capable of amazing things!
  • Happy Birthday, baby. Whenever you feel lonely and I’m far away, look up at the stars. The number of times a day that I think of you outnumber the stars that your eyes can see.
  • Best of birthday wishes to you! Stay true to yourself. Never stop being you.
  • Of all the birthday wishes you’ll receive today, I hope you will keep mine in a special place in your heart. All my love, from your girlfriend.

Happy Birthday, Love.

Long Distance Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend

  • With you by my side, I face the challenges life brings my way with a smile. Have a very delightful birthday celebration today.
  • Happy birthday! How my soul wishes we were together to celebrate this special day. All the same, I hope it brings you wonderful blessings of happiness. I can’t wait to feel the warmth of your loving arms around me soon.
  • My dear, though so many miles currently separate us, our hearts are still together. Wishing you an immeasurably happy birthday.
  • The amazing love we share knows no distance! Have a tremendously spectacular birthday, my super sweet boyfriend.
  • There might be thousands of miles physically keeping us apart from each other, but our love is strong and vast enough to cover the distance. Happy birthday.
  • Distance can’t ruin this beautiful day for us. Have a happy birthday, my dear, and may the good Lord keep bestowing incredible blessings upon your life. I love you.

Romantic Birthday Wishes

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You are my friend, and my lover. Happy Birthday. 5. I wish your birthday is as beautiful and full of love as you are. You deserve only the best.

Cute Little Thing Called Love ♥ | Romantic Birthday Wishes for your Boyfriend

romantic birthday wishes for boyfriend with love

When your boyfriend turns older, you want to make sure that they have one of the most unforgettable days ever. Romantic birthday wishes should be used to kick start the birthday by wishes them a jolly good time as they celebrate that special day of their lives. Anyone who is turning older feels older, it is your job as their girlfriend to make sure they have fun, create memories and always wear that awesome smile on their faces. Here are some romantic birthday messages you could send to your boyfriend to make sure they turn older with grace, joy and a broad smile on their faces:

Happy Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

  • You’re a great man, you never stop to show that on a daily basis, no wonder all ladies want to have you, but they have no chance. I’m your forever. Happy Birthday boyfriend.
  •  I feel so grateful and happy that the last face I see at night is yours and the first one I see early in the morning is yours. I couldn’t ask for something better from God. Happy birthday.
  • You are the most romantic man I know of and I am happy to be sharing your birthday with you. I love you to the moon and back my dear boyfriend!
  • Happy birthday my love, you are the best boyfriend ever and I hope you do get to age gracefully. I love you my darling.
  • Flowers, birds, stars and moon all are saying, my boyfriend is one in thousands and we will stay together till the whole life. May you get the best of this moment. Happy Birthday, my love.
  • May our love grow longer and longer as this life is not enough for its prosperity. I wish you a very happy birthday. May you live a very happy life.
  • I’ve never had a man that I love so much even at the first time of meeting them. You’re so much for me to handle. Happy Birthday boyfriend. I love you.


  • You’re just the perfect example of how boyfriends should be; everyone should come and learn from you. Happy Birthday superb boyfriend. I’m so much in awe of you. Enjoy your special day.
  • As you celebrate today, I hope our love will keep growing strong and our desire for one another will not diminish. Happy Birthday.
  • Happy Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend
  • I promise to always be here for you, you are my boyfriend and the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love you darling!
  • May this day fill you up with joy, cheer and laughter, you are an amazing addition to my life and I hope you do get to enjoy this day with every good thing that it comes with! Happy birthday boyfriend!
  • The way you look at me, I feel shy where could I hide myself. This is the intense feelings I feel about you. You are my love of life. Wishing you the fabulous birthday, my dear boyfriend.
  • All your wishes are my prayers. We share this amazing bond of love. I wish you a very happy birthday.

  • Seeing is believing, no person will believe that boyfriends like you still exist. You’re such an angel. I’ll keep you to myself forever. Happy Birthday boyfriend.
  • It seems to me that God has designed our paths to be together, you’re so loving and so romantic. I’ve never seen a man like you. Happy Birthday. You’re loved.
  • From the moment we met I knew we were meant to be, you have been an amazing boyfriend and I hope I can make this day memorable for you. I love you, happy birthday!
  • Birthday Wishes and Messages for Husband
  • Let’s live this moment. It is the moment for you and me. Celebrating your day is the greatest wish of my life. Have a wonderful day ahead. Happy Birthday.
  • If you are with me, I have no complaints from my life. Be with me till the whole life. I love you so much from the bottom of my heart. Have a beautiful life. Happy Birthday.
  • If there was ever an adjective that could fully describe you, I would already have figured it out, you are the best boyfriend ever and I am glad to be sharing your birthday with you, I love you!


  • The way you cuddle me makes me feel like there’s no safer place to be in the whole world than at your side. I love you more than life. Happy Birthday boyfriend.
  • It was so hard to move on from my previous relationship because I thought it was the best. But you proof me wrong by showing me the best. Happy Birthday best boyfriend ever.
  • Romantic Birthday Wishes and Messages
  • Special people deserve special birthdays with special gifts; to tell them how special they are. Happy birthday boyfriend, may you grow older than the hills.
  • The warmth of your body makes me feel great every night, the muscles of your hands grips me well and makes me feel loved. Happy Birthday to my awesome man.
  • I love you so much that it hurts! I never want to lose you; I always want you to have the best. So enjoy this birthday boyfriend, I love you!

  • Behold my boyfriend, the greatest man in the history of all men, he satisfies me in every way especially at nights. I love him so much. He’s my life. Happy Birthday.
  • The journey of our life is so intriguing. We’ve been through thick and thin and nothing can take your place in my heart, I cherish you forever. Happy Birthday boyfriend.
  • Top 200 Happy Birthday Wishes
  • I want to share the rest of our lives together, I hope your birthday is the beginning of us seeing each other grow old; I love you endlessly, happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday my love, you are the greatest gift in the world and I hope you have fun as you celebrate another year in your life.
  • Love truly takes time, and I regretted keeping you for so long before giving you my word, you have been more than deserving of my love. Happy Birthday Cool Boyfriend.


  • I swear to God, I love you so much, I need you every time, this restlessness makes me crazy. Love you so much. Happy Birthday, sweetheart.
  • You are the prince of my dreams and I want to make you the prince of my real life. I love you so much, my sweet baby. Happy Birthday. Enjoy your day.
  • When I met you the first time, I feel there are the colors spread in my surroundings and the whirlwind of the fragrance is scented around me. You are the love of my life. Happy Birthday.
  • Birthday Wishes for Best Friend
  • There are boyfriends, there cute boyfriends and there are super romantic ones. You’re having all these attributes combined. You’re such a rare man. Happy Birthday my love.
  • I can say I have made big mistakes by having several boyfriends before meeting you, but thank God I met you, you changed my life. Happy Birthday my love and life. Enjoy this good day.
  • You are not only my boyfriend, but my best friend and my one and only, I wish you good health, wealth and a lot of amazing memories for I never want to go old if you are not by my side!

  • Make this love eternal, if you abandon me so surely I will die as in my eyes there is only one face and in my heart only you reside. I love you. Have a stunning day. Happy Birthday.
  • I always find excuses to come closer towards you, I consider you as my own entity. I have to achieve you even if this world passes me the sarcastic points. Have a wonderful life. Happy Birthday.
  • Happy Birthday Wishes for Men
  • A lot of people give credit to you for coping with all of my flaws. Thank to you I’m a changed person. I owe my life and all the love I have in my life to you. Happy Birthday. Stay blessed.
  • Happy birthday my love, you have been there for me in more ways than one and I hope I can return the favor. I love you my boyfriend!
  • Happy Birthday Wishes for Guys
  • If the words were right I would spit them out, you are an amazing person and I am glad you are my boyfriend, have fun today darling!
  • The way we meet shows the bond of our love is old since ages. May the season of love will stay forever in our lives and we both live a happy healthy life. Have a stunning and fabulous day. Happy Birthday.


  • I want to get the colors of your love in my entity. You are my life. Happy birthday, love of life.
  • You are the most exciting chapter of my life. May this chapter of love never ends. Wish you a very happy birthday, my dear boyfriend.
  • Your love is so dangerous, it set me ablaze with so much passion and desire to cuddle you every time and every day. Happy Birthday. I love you always and forever.
  • Cool Birthday Messages
  • I love you more each and every day, have a hearty birthday, may all your wishes come true and may you always get what you deserve!
  • If I could protect you from the cruel world I already would have, but know I always have your back, hearty birthday my man, you are a blessing to me!
  • I love you so much from the bottom of my heart and it will never happen again as you are the only one. May you have the true happiness of life, Happy Birthday.

  • If you can become ice cream, I promise I’ll leak you up as big as you are, because I love you so much. Thanks for all you’ve done for me. Happy Birthday boyfriend.
  • People used to say that I am crazy for you; I don’t care about them as I have played the game of heart and plundered it on your way. Happy Birthday, my love.
  • Top 100 Happy Birthday SMS, Text Messages
  • The way you hold me, your soft words into my hearing and how you never stopped caring about me is something I’ll always cherish. Happy Birthday precious boyfriend.
  • Sometimes when I see you and how you are, I think I’m lucky to have a man like you, I never imagined it. You’ve brought me a lot of joy. Happy Birthday.
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  • May you grow older than the hills, happier than the richest man in the world and more blessed than the pope. Happy birthday my boyfriend, always wishing you the best!
  • A king was born today, you are the ruler of my life and without you, I would lose will and direction. I hope you live longer than all the stars in the sky!


Romantic Birthday Messages for Boyfriend

  • I chose restlessness in replacement of peace as you are so important for me. My life starts with you and ends with you. Happy Birthday, my sweet boyfriend and my would be husband.
  • I can’t wait any longer; I got stuck in the feelings of love and eternal emotions. I am damn sure you and your love will make me happy and stronger. Wish you a very happy birthday, my love.
  • It’s really bad for people who are in love to be apart. I really hope I’m there with you today, to make it a memorable one. Happy Birthday my handsome boyfriend.
  • 500 Happy Birthday Wishes
  • It’s a beautiful day to be celebrating your birthday, I still can’t believe I get to see you grow older, may all your wishes come true, I love you boyfriend!
  • I heard someone say that our first love is not always our truest love, but it seems to be different with you. No one is like you. Happy Birthday my adorable boyfriend!
  • I’ve never fallen so much in love before, the way you make me feel is not explainable, with you my lonely days are out of sight. Happy Birthday wonderful boyfriend. Have lots of fun.
  • You are not a perfect boyfriend, but you are never tired of trying your best to make me feel good, and that’s all I ever needed. Happy Birthday, I love you so much.
  • The world is not the same since I met you, you make me happier, better in each and every way, I just hope I can return the favor. Happy Birthday sweetie!
  • You taught me how to love genuinely and I’m enjoying my best relationship with you. Your Birthday fills my belly with butterflies.
  • The man in my life has aged by a year today; you’re the best thing to ever happen to me, today is important to me as it is to you.
  • I hope to spend many more years as your queen on your birthdays; you’re different from other men in a particular type of way.
  • Be happy because it is your birthday love, I’m glad because I’m lucky to be involved with a guy who treats me like a precious gem.
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Romantic Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend with Love Quotes. He is the one who has swept you off your feet and make your heart float in the air!!.

romantic birthday wishes for boyfriend with love
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