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Business English

Top 5 Business Letter Greetings Mostly Used in 2018

Does “Hey” sound too informal? Is “Dear” overly official? It can be a real challenge to start an email, especially when you’re writing a business letter to someone you don’t know well.

If you think that business letter greetings aren’t so significant and there is no need to focus on them, put these thoughts aside. In fact, the beginning of your email sets the tone of your further correspondence. Besides, a proper opening line can help you make a killer first impression on your recipient. It may also motivate them to keep reading.

Barbara Pachter, a business-etiquette expert, considers that a lot of people pay special attention to how they are addressed. In case your greeting offends someone’s feelings, it will undoubtedly affect a person’s opinion of you.

The best way to write an email is to keep your business letter greetings and closings as simple as possible. Of course, it will depend on who you are writing to, but generally, it’s someone you barely know. To help you find a perfect salutation, we’ve gathered the best examples of business letter greetings in 2018. Besides, we added some opening lines that are better to avoid.

The best business letter greetings

“Hi [Name], …”

When it comes to business correspondence, “Hi [Name]” is a clear winner and one of the most used salutations in 2018. Experts say it’s a simple, direct and effective way to address someone, whether you know them or not.

Although it sounds quite informal, “Hi” is one of the best official business letter greetings. By adding the person’s last name, you will keep the appropriate formal tone.

“Hi Mr. Houston, …”

It can also be successfully used in a cold communication when you don’t know a recipient’s name. Feel free to ask a person whether they prefer to be called by their first name or last name.

“Hello [Name], …”

For those who want to add a more formal tone to an email, here is an alternative — “Hello [Name]”. Among formal email greetings, this one bridges a gap between “Hi” and “Dear” providing the right balance between professionalism and a touch of familiarity.

“Dear [Name], …”

Business letter greetings and salutations that start with “Dear” have been used for centuries to address a person. However, nowadays it sounds rather old-fashioned. It’s not wrong to use “Dear” in your email, but it can come off as a too formal greeting.

Use this salutation when you’re addressing someone or sending business documents such as a cover letter to show your respect, professionalism, and politeness. In this case, you can use “Dear” followed by a person’s title (Mr., Ms.) and their last name:

“Dear Mr. Houston, …”

If you don’t know the gender of your recipient, use a full name without a title:

“Dear Alex Houston, …”

Avoid titles that specify marital status — instead of “Mrs.”, use “Ms.”

“Greetings, …”

This is an excellent alternative to “Hi [Name], …” in case you send a business letter to a general email box or don’t know who your recipient is. On the other hand, we recommend doing your best to find out that information.

“Hi, everyone …”

If you’re writing to a group, use this kind of salutation. By the way, it’s one of the most popular official business letter greetings used to address more than one person.

Keep away from salutations like “All”, which sounds rude, or too gender-specific “Ladies” and “Gentlemen”.

Improve your business writing skills — read our latest article “How to Start a Letter and Write a Great Hook”.

The worst business letter greetings examples


Starting the email with “Hey!” or “Hey [Name], …” is a great way to begin a conversation with friends. But when it comes to the workplace, using these casual salutations as the business letter greetings in English is rude and even disrespectful. It’s not professional, especially if you’re writing to a stranger.

“To whom it may concern, …”

It’s the worst sample of business letter greetings you could ever imagine. Upon receiving an email with this kind of salutation, your recipient may think: “This letter doesn’t concern me.” Besides, most people can take it for a cold email and close immediately.  

Even if you have no idea what your recipient’s name is, conduct research to figure it out. For example, you’re applying for the job but don’t know who it’s better to address. In this case, you should find out a name of the company’s hiring manager. Can’t find anything online? Just call the company’s representative and ask.

“[Misspelled Name], …”

The golden rule of business communication is never to misspell your recipient’s name. Many people are instantly getting annoyed if their name is miswritten.

To be on the safe side, always double-check the spelling of the person’s name. You can find their name in the signature block or check the ‘To’ line. People often use their first or last names in the address.

“Hi [Nickname], …”

If you’ve conducted your research and found out that the person’s name is Benjamin, for example, don’t be too familiar to shorten his name to Ben. Addressing a person with his nickname can become one of good business letter greetings only if you’ve already met a recipient or you’ve got a reply with a nickname written after Best regards, Ben.

“Dear Sir/Madam, …”

Why should your recipients be interested in your email if you have no idea who they are? In fact, such formal salutations as “Dear Sir/Madam” show that you’re not interested in recipients and thus, what they need or look for.

Final words

The language of business is constantly changing trying to stay in tune with the modern trends. While a little old-fashioned “Dear” is fading into insignificance, “Hi” and “Hello” are at the top of the list of formal business letter greetings. Keep your business communication on a professional level by choosing the win-win salutations.

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new company opening wishes

14 Business SMS Messages Everyone Needs To Use

November 11, 2016 SMS Message

Important Note… We first published this blog post in late 2016, and it has proven to be the most popular post on our blog.  Because of it’s importance and how frequently we get asked this question, we’re updating the post.

We’re adding more examples, more commentary, more links, and providing more value than ever!  So read on…

Business SMS Messages Everyone Needs To Use

Today we start with a question about sending business SMS messages…

It seems like I get this question all the time…

What SMS messages do I need to send? Can I get sample SMS messages to use?

Great questions – if you want to see text message marketing in action… and see how we deliver value to our prospects and clients…   Join the texting club.  We’ll send you examples, share important info, and promise to provide as much value as possible…

To join, text “Demo” to 480-508-9444 

Remember you can reply “Stop” to end at any time, and message and data rates may apply.

Now that that’s out of the way, back to the questions…

To put it simply there are a few types of business SMS messages you should be using every day.

  1. A Welcome SMS Message
  2. Business SMS messages with Info
  3. Business SMS Messages with a call to action
  4. SMS messages to Employees

Are there others? Of course…

But, I’m going to touch on these four critical areas… and give you MORE THAN 14 business sms messages to use.

I’m going to describe each of these types of message… and give you examples you can use in your own marketing efforts. (Of course, you’ll need to personalize the messages a bit, but feel free to make these your own!)

So what’s the first SMS message?

A Welcome SMS Message

If you’re a business, and you’re using SMS messages, you MUST use a welcome message. This should be the first text message anyone gets from you.

This seems like such common sense, but many business owners overlook this simple step.

When you set up your texting system, always set up an autoresponder. That way a new subscriber to your list always gets the welcome message.

With your welcome message you want to do a few things… and these are all best practices for sending business SMS messages:

  • First remind customers who you are…
  • Second, let customers know how many messages to expect… and where to get more info
  • Third, add “Msg & Data rates may apply”
  • Fourth, add “Text STOP to unsubscribe”

Sample Business SMS #1:

“Thx for Joining Bob’s VIP list, 4-6 texts a month w/ deals & news! Msg & Data rates may apply. Text STOP to unsubscribe.”

This is the one we use at Betwext:

Thanks joining the Betwext text club. is a leading provider of SMS and MMS marketing software to small businesses. Expect 1-3 messages a week all about Text Message Marketing.
Stop 2 End. Msg&Data Rates Apply.
To Learn More:

Notice how we remind people who we are, tell them why we’re texting them, tell them what to expect, tell them how to get off the list… and finally end with where they can get more info!

Keep in mind, once you have prospects, customers, and VIPs on your texting list, you’ll want to start sending them regular SMS messages. A good rule of thumb is one per week.

There are many messages you can send… I highly recommend sending informational messages to your list first…

Business SMS messages with Info

Information SMS messages are a way to share knowledge, news. and information with your SMS list. These messages should be to the point, and often provide a link to a mobile friendly landing page with more information.

Remember, your goal with these is to share… NOT SELL… so give people information… educate… share… and connect. Save the selling for later.

Sample Business SMS #2: Friendly Reminder

“This is a friendly reminder to join us at Bob’s Restaurant tonight for the school fundraiser. 6:00 PM @ 1234 Main Street, Anywhere, USA”

Sample Business SMS #3: Holiday Wishes

“Happy Thanksgiving! We hope you and your family are having a wonderful Turkey day! From Bob’s Store. Learn more here:”

Sample Business SMS #4: Giveaways

“Free Meal for all Veterans on Veterans Day 11/11/16. Stop by Bob’s Diner. Visit for info on how we help.”

Sample Business SMS #5: Surveys

“Thanks for shopping at Bob’s Store this week… Would you mind letting us know how we’re doing“

Sample Business SMS #6: Info

“Did you know 11/15/16 is National Entrepreneurs Day? Learn about using SMS to grow your new biz here! Text “STOP” to unsubscribe”

Note, in this message I added “Text “STOP” to unsubscribe” as it’s good practice to remind people they can get off your list at any time. Very few will… but it’s a good habit to get into!

Sample Business SMS #7: Blog Articles

This is a great way to share information about your business without selling anything… and it drives traffic to your site… This is an actual business SMS message you can copy to drive traffic to your site.

“The 10 Minute Mobile Marketing Strategy for Small Business…Read the blog post here:”

You’ll notice I used the title to the blog post, and a link in this last business SMS message. I did that because the original link was too long to include… Plus as an added benefit, will give me click information and tell me how many people clicked through to my site.

Looking for more?

Here are some recent examples we shared with the Betwext Texting club members…

BECAUSE you’re a loyal BETWEXT customer, we’ve got tons of new info on the way (case studies, reports, blog posts)… all to make you a texting pro! PLUS how to win $50 in free credit (more on that in a few days). Text back if you have a text marketing question! Brian @ BETWEXT STOP 2 END.

Here’s another example:

Just wanted to let you know we posted the newest BETWEXT case study online.  If you’re looking for new ways to communicate with your customers and prospects, this is sure to give you a few ideas.  Want to be featured in a future case study?  Just text us back!  Happy texting – Brian at Betwext.  Stop to cancel. Here’s the Case study link

And Another example:

NEW Blog post for anyone curious about sending sms messages online.  Happy reading Brian @ Betwext.

There are hundred of other types of messages you can send… you can link to videos, or audio files, or to other websites. You can send a “Quote of the day” or “Fact of the day”… any interesting bit of information the people on your list will enjoy.

Now let’s touch on sales a bit…

Business SMS Messages with a call to action

If you’re going to develop a great relationship with your business SMS list, you’ve got to think soft sale… not used car salesman!

You want people to take action… not be disgusted with you. Here are a few ideas.

Sample Business SMS #8: Timely Offer

You’d want to send this message out over the weekend AFTER Thanksgiving when many are starting to decorate for Christmas.

“Another Broken Christmas ornament? All Christmas decorations 20% off this weekend at Bob’s store.”

Or if you know your list demographics you might send this message:

“The perfect Men’s gift… BBQ master grilling set! He’ll love cooking for the family with this BBQ kit. Order here:”

Sample Business SMS #9: Black Friday

“Don’t waste time standing in line today… order your Christmas gifts online: 10% discount Black Friday Only!”

Sample Business SMS #10: Call Me Please

Sometimes you need customers to call in… here’s a message to use.

“Struggling with your retirement planning? Call Steve at 623-xxx-xxxx to schedule a free retirement planning consultation.”

Sample Business SMS #11: Order now

“Golfing this Sunday? We have tee times available. to schedule a tee time. 10% off after 2:00pm. From Your Green Golf Course!

Here’s how we used a call to action in a recent Betwext text message:

I NEED YOUR HELP… Brian at Betwext here, I’m working on ideas for blog posts and articles. Can you help me? What’s your biggest problem with mobile marketing? Text me back, and I’ll work on your biggest problem!  Thanks in advance.  BRIAN 

We got an amazing response with that call to action!

There are hundreds of ways to ask for an order… you simply need to include a call to action in your text message. But you don’t need to use SMS messages in your business for communicating with just prospects and customers… you can use it to communicate with your employees too!

Here are a few examples…

SMS messages to Employees

Sample Business SMS #12: Schedules

“Reminder: Next week’s work schedule is posted here: Call bob at 632-xxx-xxxx with questions.”

Sample Business SMS #13: Important Information

“IMPORTANT: To Opening & Closing Managers… new alarm code set! Call Matt at 623-xxx-xxxx for the code.”

Just a reminder that text messages are not 100% secure, as many smartphones display message information without needing to be logged in. So, I don’t recommend sending passwords and other confidential important information via text.

Sample Business SMS #14: Product Information

“Servers, new special linguini w/ clam sauce ($23.95)… wine pairing house Chardonnay ($8.00 glass).. Apple tart for dessert (9.97) see Chef M for tasting.”

We know of one restaurant texting reminders to their store managers to help them pass corporate inspections and reviews… look for that case study soon!

As you see there are thousands of ways to use business SMS messages. You can educate your prospects, tell your customers about deal, send VIP’s a special… and use business SMS messages to communicate with your employees.

If you’re thinking about sending business SMS messages to customers and employees, I have a resource for you… check out “The Ultimate Guide to Mobile Marketing”

You can download it free – right here:

Remember, sending Business SMS messages is a very powerful way to connect with prospects and customers. Use some of these examples in your own business… and if you’re looking for the best SMS marketing platform, consider

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Congratulations Quotes and Wishes for New Business

new company opening wishes

Most people generally prefer to study and then prepare for government services while others may prefer to go for private jobs to companies or firms. This is because; jobs of any kind are much more securing than businesses- of any kind. But the thought of that hasn’t stopped people from opening up everything from small neighborhood grocery shops to internet startups because even though it is not a secure profession, but those who are able to strike gold, really do go on to live anywhere between a comfortable life to one of opulent luxury.

So the ability to take risks is the foremost important factor which plays into a person’s ability to open a business because there will be times when the venture will barely break even or at worst times, suffer losses in thousands. Your products could get stolen or destroyed, not to mention the fact that there will be high maintenance cost as well as surprise costs which will tax your wallet. Yet, people still go to find their future in business and scrounge up capital to build the head office or main building from where to control operations. How big businesses depend upon the capital poured into it, which in turn is also determined whether there are partners or not. Partnerships are generally considered to be a relatively low-risk business method since possible losses are spread over various members in general, even though there are provisions in the constitution which state that partners can opt for not bearing the burden of risk from their personal property and instead opt for making the business bear it. Nonetheless, people who go into this venture deserve congratulations on the attempt to start over a new chapter of life as well as trying to figure out a new mode of earning and so below listed are some congratulatory quotes and wishes for up and coming new businesses:

It takes time and patience to build something from nothing. Congratulations on opening your new business, may it prosper and flourish.
Hard work always pays off and so will this business. I hope it prospers and brings you and your family the happiness you deserve.
You are young and have built something from nothing that you can call your own. I wish that you can maintain and take care of it so that this makes your future secure.
This is the start of your good times after so much pain. Work hard on it, take care of it and surely the business will treat you the same. Congratulations on your business.
From the bottom of my heart, I congratulate you on your new business; I know it was your dream to have a business of your own. I hope you maintain it and it gives you the fruits of your labor.
This business may just be a room of bricks and plywood for now, but due to your hard work, it will expand to become something which will fulfill your dreams. I wish hearty congratulations from the bottom of my heart for your new adventure in life.

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Congratulation Messages for Shop Opening

So many big businesses out there, spanning continents; I hope your business achieves tremendous success as well. All the best on your new venture.
Your age may tell a story of a lot of struggle and a life which has been spent- but take this business as an opportunity for a new start and it will yield to your wishes and dreams. I congratulate you on your new venture and a new chapter in your life.
A hearty congratulation from me to you on making this dreams a reality. I hope all your wishes are fulfilled on those walls.
This is just the beginning of something great. I wish you great success with your new business and hope you can make this into something even bigger.
With the grace of God and your hard work, this building has finally become a reality and I hope your dreams come true in here which may inevitability lead to happiness in your home.
Congratulations! I know the business is new and you must be busy arranging everything and getting it all ready for opening, but I just wanted to offer you my blessings on this new business of yours. May this auspicious day marks the start of something great.
I have heard you plan this for years and now that it is finally in front of my eyes, I can hardly believe it! So congratulation from the depths of my heart on your new business is due. May you revel in its continued success.
Congrats! I hope every moment spent here brings you closer to achieving happiness and wealth in life. May you and your family get the prosperity it deserves. Take care of this business and make it grow.
Someone once told me that having a business is like having a baby- you have to always nurture it, take care of it and feed it to make it grow. Except that no matter how big the business grows into, it always has to be taken care of as was done when it was small. Hope you will take care of it as your own and in return, it will give you immense happiness. Many congratulations from me!
The business seems to be ready to take flight! My best wishes are with you on this new journey. Hope you can see your dreams come true through this.
You took over your family business and are trying to make it into something better- for such a bold step; I wish you all the best in life and business. May you get the success you deserve and prove that your ideas were ultimately for the best.

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So, now that you have a broad list of congratulations prepared for every circumstance possible- go out there and wish the people in your life happiness and warmth on their new journey.

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Here is the list of some congratulatory quotes and wishes for up and Congratulations on opening your new business, may it prosper and.

30 Inspirational Entrepreneurs Quotes to Motivate Them for Greatness

new company opening wishes

If you don’t think email greetings matter, think again.

Next to your subject line, they’re the most important part of your email.

Why? Because they help determine if your email gets read in the first place. Your greeting becomes preview text next to your subject line, leading your recipient to decide — delete your email or give it a chance?

Today’s goal:

Know you’re sending emails at the right time with this free interactive tool.

You don’t want to stick any greeting on your message. It has to be a good fit.

Before you write, ask yourself the following questions:

1. Do we have a prior relationship?
2. What is my goal in reaching out?
3. What is the context from my recipient’s perspective? 

The answers to these questions dictate what your greetings will look like. Some require one type of greeting while others make a greeting altogether unnecessary.

1. When You’re Sending A Polite Cold Email 

If you’re sending a standard cold email and want to catch your recipient’s attention, personalization is everything.

Why? Nothing lights us up quite like the sound of our names. Science says that the direct tie to our self-perception and identity helps engage us.

So, reach out to your recipient with personalization and/or a simple “hi.”

Try this:

Hi {!First Name},

{!First Name},


Catch your recipient’s attention by including a specific detail about them in your email greeting.

Let’s say your recipient is a fan of a certain sports team; catch their attention with something like:

Hi {!team} fan,

If you and your recipient are both avid travelers, why not mention your commonality? Try this: 

Greetings fellow traveler! 

Or you could show them that you did your research right from the get-go:

{!First Name}, your LinkedIn mentions you like {!interest}, so I thought I’d reach out.

3. Two Fun Ways To Start Your Cold Emails 

Have some fun with your email greetings to break the norm and catch your recipient’s attention.

One way you can do this: Add an emoji.

Studies show that emojis amplify our messages — for example, a happy emoji can make the message seem more upbeat.

This is a simple way to break the ice and build a human connection within your cold email.

Here’s how you can do that:

Hi {!First Name} 

Dropping a note:

Another option? Embrace your sense of humor and send a gif.

When done correctly, using a gif can segue into your ask or reason for reason out. Using humor is a simple way to let your recipient’s guard down.

Remember: Only text will appear in your preview text, so entice your recipient with supporting text.

Here’s how you can create a memorable cold email: 

This is how using {!product/service} will make you feel…

Our tip: Go to Giphy to discover the perfect gif to send out (but be careful — it’s addictive  ).

Need more creative cold email ideas? Here are 7 templates to steal from.

4. Following Up With A Cold Email With New Value 

In this situation, whatever you reached out with before either wasn’t seen, was deleted, or was opened and ignored.

Time to try again. Only 19% of cold emailers follow up after their first effort, so do it to stand out. 

The best way to improve your shot at an open and reply is to shake up what you sent previously. Add new value or trigger a pain point first…

Like this:

{!First Name}, this is {!service} made easy.


If you’re reaching out to someone you have an established relationship with in the same email thread, cut to the chase and reiterate the action needed as a reminder.

Our attention-spans only last for 8-seconds. Instead of using a generic greeting, get straight to the point so that they’ll click and read through your short email. 

If it’s a request email, you could write:

Hey {!First Name}, reminder: {!action or deliverable} by {!date}.

6. Addressing A Company Update (No Action Required)

Being a part of a group is powerful. It can help shape our opinions and improve our ability to follow through.

So, when addressing a large group, you should take advantage of this.

Here’s an example of a company-wide email sent at Yesware:

Think of the tie that binds your group together and include that in the email greeting.

Like this:

Hi {!Common group},

Dear {!Common group}:

Hi all, 

Hi everyone, / Hi everyone:

Stop worrying about email greetings and use templates to auto-insert them. 

7. Addressing Updates Where Everyone Should Reply

When group emails require action, you should address each person by name.

Our brains crave personalization. Especially in an online environment.

Studies show that people who are exposed to customized media are more likely to take action and have an overall positive experience.

Try out:

Hi {!Person1}, {!Person2}, {!Person3}, and {!Person4},

Pro tip: Avoid making the simple mistake of forgetting to address someone who is on the chain.

8. Conversations Where Some Recipients Should Reply 

When you’re messaging a group but only need actions from some people, use the power of CC and BCC.

Before writing your actual email greetings, you can let everyone on the chain stay in the loop for their action items.


To: The list of everyone who may need to weigh in on a topic (see example 7 above).

CC → visible recipient list.

BCC → An invisible recipient list.

When you’re using the CC option, try this simple email greeting template:

(CCing {!Person1}, {!Person2}, {!Person3}, and {!Person4} for visibility.)

Through the thread, if you’re moving recipients to BCC, use this:

[Moving {!Person1}, {!Person2}, and {!Person3} to BCC to spare their inboxes.]

Note: Remember people on BCC won’t be included in the reply-all.

9. When You Don’t Know The Person’s Name

You searched high and low, but still can’t find your recipient’s name.

If you’re in a pinch, you could always send a more generic email greeting. Try something like:

Good morning/afternoon/evening:

Hi there.


Pro tip: If finding a specific person’s email address is holding you back, try one of these simple tools and tricks.

10. When You’re In The Back-And-Forth Of An Email Chain

If you’re deep into an email chain, there’s no need to continuously address or close out your email.

You know who you’re talking to.

We recommend ditching your email greetings altogether and getting to the point. Because when you’re sitting in what feels like the world’s longest email thread, you can bet that everyone appreciates the ability to cut to the chase.

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Business English greetings are all about confidence and preparation. It doesn't matter whether you're meeting a potential client, new employer or colleague.

new company opening wishes
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