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My best wishes and prayers
May 23, 2019 Anniversary Wishes 2 comments

Wish your loved ones the best Ramadan and a comfortable fast for the well as fasting – studying the holy book, helping others, and praying.

Prayer Message

It is a wonderful thing to send somebody a short message to let them know you are thinking of them and praying for them. Today's world offers many ways of communicating our care and love for somebody - whether this be by email, facebook, SMS text message, card, or a good old fashioned letter! This page offers a selection of good prayer messages, quotes, short readings and blessings that you can send to your friend or loved one.

#1. Prayer SMS message for a friend

(suitable for a birthday or special occasion)

May our God bless you today
and each day that follows
May you hear his voice
Follow His footsteps
Be comforted by His care
And live in His grace
Now and forever

(A prayer blessing from

#2. Happy Birthday Blessing Message

An inspiring birthday blessing. This video could also be sent as a link on an birthday email message:-

Happiness often sneaks in through a door you didn't know you left open.

John Barrymore (1882-1942)

#3. Good morning prayer message

The windowsill of heaven

Every morning lean your arms awhile
upon the windowsill of heaven
and gaze upon the Lord.
Then with the vision in your heart,
turn strong to meet your day.

(Thomas Blake)

Look forward and take the best preparation for tomorrow. My prayers are with you !.

Happy New Month Prayers Text Messages and Wishes

my best wishes and prayers

Sending your brother a sweet prayer is surely one of the best things you can give him on his birthday. Brothers are such a blessing to us and for that matter it is important to pray for all the good things they could ever need in life, including good health, happiness, prosperity, and long life. God is ever merciful and is always ready to grant your brother any of the prayers we have compiled on this page to celebrate him on his birthday.

You can send any of these birthday prayers to your precious brother through so many media, including normal text message or via social media platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp.

Birthday Prayers for my Brother

  • Dear brother, may you never see sorrow in your life. May God’s wonderful and everlasting love always be with you. I love you so much. Happy birthday.
  • You are a perfect model of God’s gift to the world. May your day be filled with God’s blessings, love and happiness. Happy birthday.
  • In my heart you will always remain precious. You are the author of what I am today. Happy birthday and may you be kept safe and happy in God’s protective hands all the days of life.
  • You make my world shine as bright as a dozen suns put together. I couldn’t have asked God for a better brother. On this day, I pray that you be blessed in many special ways beyond your comprehension. Happy birthday, beloved brother.
  • Birthdays may come and go but my love for you will last forever. May your cup never run out of God’s favor, sweet brother. Happy birthday.
  • Dear brother, you are the one behind my success and happiness in this world. Your phenomenal support is greatly appreciated. I pray that God replenishes anything you have lost for my sake. May you also be blessed abundantly with happiness and health. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday, brother. May the Almighty God bless you on your Big Day today and on all the days of your precious life. Thank you for being such a wonderful brother to me all my life.

  • Brother, you are nothing short of an angel. Every day I contemplate on how life would have been for me had God not blessed me with you. May God grant you everything that your heart desires in this life, and may your heart constantly overflow with happiness. Happy birthday.
  • People say brothers are a gift, but dear brother, to me, you are the world’s greatest treasure. May the Lord continue to use you to touch many lives. Happy birthday.
  • Dear brother, every year, you keep astounding me with your phenomenal life. I’m so proud to call you my brother. May God be with you as you celebrate your birthday today and all the days of your life. Enjoy your day.
  • Wishing a happy birthday to a brother who never lets me down. Brother, just as you have never let me down, may God also never let you down in all spheres of your life. May He always be there by your side, protecting and guiding you through life. Have a great day.

Happy Birthday, brother. You make my world shine as bright as a dozen suns put together. I couldn’t have asked God for a better brother. On this day, I pray that you be blessed in many special ways beyond your comprehension.

  • May Goodness and mercies follow you today and in the years ahead. Happy birthday, brother.
  • Today I am celebrating God’s plans for your life. And what are these plans? They are plans of wonderful and very beautiful things. Happy birthday, my sweet brother. May your life always know the amazing blessings of God.
  • May the upcoming years bring you more purpose and meaning to your life. Happy birthday to the most amazing person in my life. Love you.
  • I thank God today for this milestone in your life. You are a true blessing in my life. May your paths be straightened by the hand of the Lord. Happy birthday, my wonderful brother.
  • There are more blessings in the promise God has for you beginning with your birthday. May God hear your prayers and bless you richly. Happy birthday to my sweet brother.
  • May the Almighty God bless you on your Big Day today and on all the days of your precious life. Thank you for being such a wonderful brother to me all my life. Happy birthday.
  • May God bless you abundantly as you have blessed me by being the most loving and caring brother in this world. Happy birthday.
  • Sweet brother, as you celebrate your special day today, may God bless you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. May He always keep you happy and protected from the plans of those who aim to do you harm. Happy birthday.  

May the upcoming years bring you more purpose and meaning to your life. Happy birthday to the most amazing person in my life. Love you, brother!

  • May God’s amazing and everlasting love always be on you. May your life never know disappointments and sorrow. May all the days of your life be filled with happiness, joy, success and love. I love you so much, brother. Happy birthday.
  • Dear brother, may you have a phenomenally happy birthday celebration today, and may God bless you with a bright and beautiful life.
  • May God always be your best friend and keep you safe and going regardless of what obstacles may stand in your way. Happy birthday.
  • As you turn a new age, may your life always attract the grace of God. And may happiness and peace follow you all the days of your life. Have a fabulous birthday.
  • May you have an amazing life filled with the love, grace, mercy and kindness of the Almighty God. Happy birthday, brother. God bless you.

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  • May God protect you and give you all the things that you want from this life. May all the days of your life be sunny and bright. Happy birthday.
  • Today I ask God to richly bless your life gladness, sunshine and peace. Happy birthday.
  • Congratulations on turning a new age today. As you celebrate this day, may the priceless peace of the good Lord build a fence around your life and inject happiness into your heart all the days of your life. Happy birthday, my sweet brother. 
  • May your life be filled with happiness, love, peace and uncountable blessings. Happy birthday, bro.
  • Today, I pray for nothing but your happiness. May your happiness be so plentiful that your heart finds it difficult containing it. Happy birthday, my dear.
  • As you mark your Big Day, I pray that the peace and love of God accompany you until the end of time. May your life keep serving as an inspiration to everyone who comes into contact with you. Happy birthday.
  • May your life be blessed with peace, happiness, and wellness. May every endeavor you venture into be successful and bring you happiness. Dear brother, I wish you an extraordinarily happy birthday.
  • May God constantly smile on you and watch over you as you progress on your journey of life. Have a wonderful life, my dearest brother. Happy birthday.
  • Happy birthday, bro. I am truly blessed to have you as a brother. Today, I pray that God shower His amazing blessings and love on your life. May your heart always know joy and peace. I love you.

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70+ Top New Month Messages and Prayers for Lovers & Loved Ones

my best wishes and prayers

As a new month dawn upon us, there is so much to be grateful for, the most paramount of all being the chance to start over, to do things differently, and to improve on our shortcomings. These are the reasons why happy new month messages, wishes, prayers, and even quotes are quite popular. They not only give us hope for better days to come, but they also show our loved ones how much we care about them.

Source: Original

Sending someone a carefully crafted happy new month message is an act of kindness that will definitely touch their hearts. The recipients of such fresh, heart-warming words feel loved and thought of, which is a beautiful feeling. One may have the will to come up with such a text, but sometimes, we lack the words to express our innermost feelings. This is where ingeniously crafted happy new month messages come in handy.

Happy new month messages, quotes, wishes and prayers

As the new month begins, delight any of your family members, friends, or even colleagues by sending them one of these messages or prayers that will definitely set their month on the right track.

  • One month is not just a period in your calendar – it is a period of your life. So do not neglect it and make the most of it. Best places to visit, best people to meet, best books to read, best feelings to experience – I wish you it all.
  • Hey you, it is a new month again, may your new month be filled with laughter and happiness extending to all the months to come.

Source: Original

  • Hurray! It is a new month. A month to be great. Embrace the month with enthusiasm. Be alert for new opportunities. Utilise them passionately. You will succeed.
  • If something you have been waiting for a long time still has not happened, may this month fix it and delight you with something special and unique.
  • It is a cliché, but it is true: let us start over, let us make new goals and stick to them, let us stop making excuses and do what we truly want. What do you say, partner? Let us celebrate the new month together.
  • A new month brings new opportunities, new ideas, new expectations. I wish that you make the most of them, have a great month!

Source: Original

  • At the beginning of the new month, I want to remind you: no matter how hard it gets, keep going. Everyone can give up, but only the greatest have the strength to overpower the weakness. May this month bring you a lot of happiness.
  • May your path be lined with beauty, may your days be filled with favour. May every one of your efforts yield a positive result.
  • I pray this month opens your eyes to everything you have missed and that you believe in everything you thought impossible to be possible.
  • From my heart of hearts, I wish you the best this month, but more than anything, I pray if you face any challenges you pull through them stronger than before.
  • Opportunities hide in unexpected places. As they say, opportunities come dressed in work. Be alert for opportunities. Be ready to get down to work.

Source: Original

  • Whether it’s a rainy November or hot July, may this month be special and memorable. May every minute of it be filled with pleasant expectations of wonder and joy.
  • May the works of your hands make you proud this month. May your labour yield bountiful harvest. May your mouth be filled with laughter.
  • Forget about the failures and discouragements of the past. This month is an opportunity to be better. Look ahead! Look to greatness! Be great!
  • You are an inspiration to me, and I thank you for the kind of heart you have. You are indeed a blessing to all those around you, and I wish you a month full of even more blessing than you can handle because you deserve it.
  • In this new month, may you download joy, laughter and blessings unlimited. May you find reasons to rejoice every day of the new month.

Source: Original

  • Your mornings will be lined with favour. Your afternoons with rich harvests. Your evenings with sweet rest. Happy new month.
  • May you overcome every challenge this month brings. May you find the courage to smile in the midst of any storm. May grace line your path.
  • Time is the most precious thing in our life. Appreciate it, spend it wisely and never waste it on nonsense. Have an incredible month full of unforgettable moments that won’t make you regret eventually! Good luck!
  • In a perfect world, I would never see you in pain or difficulty, never lacking a smile or ever in tears. I pray this new month would only mirror what I genuinely wish for you- happiness.
  • Today is the day to start something new, and you have to feel fresh, just because it’s a new month, help yourself to be happy, and let go of everything bad!

Source: Original

  • A new month means refreshment and reboot. Wish you to leave old troubles alone and enter into a new month with fresh ideas and enthusiasm. Who is to make your life better, if not you?
  • As the new month presents you with opportunities and choices to decide on, may God grant you discernment to make the right decisions.
  • It is never too late to start running in the morning, to find a new job, to fall in love – in other words, to change something in your life and open for new opportunities. This beautiful month is also an excellent chance for any endeavour.
  • May you rise and shine above every shame and disappointment in this new month. May you have cause to rejoice and celebrate.

Source: Original

  • A wisdom filled head, a discerning heart, legs marked with direction, success all around. Those and more are all I wish you. Have a great month ahead.
  • Finally, a new month. Another opportunity to achieve your goals, make an essential decision and change your hair colour. Don’t waste it. Use every day of this month to make a difference. I believe in you, mate!
  • Life is beautiful. May you enjoy all the beauty of life this month and forever. May you flourish like a palm tree. May your life be a reference point of goodness.
  • You are an embodiment of virtue. A creature per excellence let the world taste of your awesomeness this month.

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  • May the Lord who sees the end from the beginning make every crooked way smooth for you. Make He grant you the courage to take on every challenge. May He fight your battles for you — happy new month.
  • Sometimes I wish I have the power to stop time because that is how much I long to stay with you. This new month may remind us of time passing, but also it reminds me of how much I love being with you. My darling, my love may this month for you the filled with beautiful moments.
  • May you never go back to the way you used to be. May your head never be buried in shame. May the Almighty arise for your help and give you the grace to match forward.
  • Sometimes it’s good to become someone else for some time and discover a new look. Don’t be afraid to change and develop. I wish you to spend this month being a man you always wanted to be. And then you’ll develop a taste for it. An excellent and inspirational month to you!
  • Life is too short. Enjoy and have fun. Forgive your friends. Love by heart. Laugh out loud. Do everything that makes you smile. Wishing you a splendid new month and remain calm.

Source: Original

  • May this month include the whole year: may it be warm and shining like the summer sun, may it be colourful like autumn landscape, may it be charming like winter’s evening and may it be inspiring like awaking of nature in spring!
  • May your life twinkle like many beautiful stars. May you radiate the glory of the sun. May your joy be full always.
  • Today is the day to start something new, and you have to feel fresh, just because it’s a new month, help yourself to be happy, and let go of everything bad!
  • Hey friends, This is the first day of the new month, and it can be a fresh start of your life also. Take a long breath and start going ahead towards your destination, wishing you best of luck.
  • We will face this new month as we face every other thing, together. No matter what comes to threaten our togetherness, it will not stand, for we are bonded to share life’s joy and sorrow together. I love you so much, dear. Here’s wishing you a month full of pleasantness.

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  • The coming of a new month has given me another reason to let you know just how much you mean to me. You make me happy in a thousand ways. I love you to the moon and back, and I have no idea what I would do, if I lost you, because I feel like I will lose my entire world.
  • I will hold your hand through anything good or bad, but I hope this new month brings with it only the good because I can’t bear to see you sad. A lovely new month to you my love.
  • Take a positive look at mistakes of the previous month, because they can teach you and make you wiser and stronger this month.

Source: Original

  • You are a diamond on your own and just as diamond reflects its glory from every side of view, so shall God’s glory shine on every side of your life and make you unique. Have a lovely new month!
  • When the tide goes in your favour, when it goes against you, I’ll be here with you, swimming the ocean of life gallantly. It’s a new month my darling, cheers to a month of possibilities.
  • Pretty sure that the past month was amazing. But I’m even more confident that the next one will be even more awesome. You have everything to make it unique, and I know you will. I wish you a lot of strength and inspiration.
  • Are you ready to show much how hard you can grind? I think you are! And I say you should! I wish you an unforgettable month of awesomeness.
  • My darling wife, you are not just one woman to me. Slight as a blade of grass, you sit on my knee, so you are like my daughter. At the same time, you look after me, like you are my mother. You are beautiful, and I admire you, so you are my star. You are my faithful ally in life’s struggle. You are everything I crave for — happy New month to the bone of my bone.
  • The glory of the sun can never be hidden. It shines for all to see. May your life shine beautifully. May men come to the light of your shinning — happy new month.
  • I wish that this upcoming month brings you much joy, love and inspirational moments in your life!
  • The coming of a new month has given me another reason to let you know just how much you mean to me. You make me happy in a thousand ways. I love you to the moon and back, and I have no idea what I would do, if I lost you, because I feel like I will lose my entire world. Happy new month my world!

Honestly speaking, happy new month messages may even give hope to the most resigned souls. You never know the power that such a heart-warming text holds. Why not cheer up someone today by sending them one of these quotes?


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Birthday Prayers. Almighty God, please give my good friend a new joy every morning. May you lift her up when she falls and may she never.

Blessings from the Heart | Happy Birthday Prayers

my best wishes and prayers

Birthdays are a great time to pray for your friends. Here are some wonderful birthday prayers for a dear friend’s birthday celebration.

Birthday Prayers

Almighty God, please give my good friend a new joy every morning. May you lift her up when she falls and may she never experience any disgraceful moment in her life here on earth.

Father, you knew everything about my, dear friend before he/she was born, and on this day, I pray you continue to direct him/her in all his/her endeavors so that he/she may never miss his/her steps in life.

Dear friend, as you celebrate your birthday today, may you feel confident and determined to face the years ahead of you in peace, joy, and determination so that your purpose in life will be fully achieved. Happy birthday.

May you find joy in each circumstance in your life as you begin a new journey today. May you be successful in anything you find yourself doing. Happy birthday.

May all your hard work today find you lots of joy in the future. I pray the Almighty God will help you to locate your destined steps each and every day. Happy birthday.

As today marks a new chapter of your amazing journey in life, may God’s grace make you shine everywhere you go and may you never lack His blessings in life. Happy birthday.

May the blessed beams of the sun fall upon you as you celebrate your birthday today. I also pray that you will find joy in all your struggle in becoming a great person in the future. Happy birthday.

I am extremely thankful to God for making us see this beautiful day, as well as all the good things that are in store for us. It is my fervent prayer that God’s archangels keep you glued to the path of the light. May your belief in the never-ending power of God remain very strong. I pray that your birthday receives torrents of blessings from heaven. Amen.

May the sky be your starting point as you celebrate your birthday on this special day. May you will always be a winner in this journey of life. Have a blessed anniversary.

May the bright sun of today bring you bundles of blessing, wisdom, joy, and grace from above on this special day in your life so you may never struggle with finding your destination in life. Happy birthday.

As you celebrate this prestigious day given to you by God himself, I pray that He will keep you safe under His wonderful umbrella, so no harm will ever befall you. Happy birthday.

May the warm and sweet wishes from family and friends bring you rich blessings from God on this remarkable day in your life. Happy birthday.

As you grow older in life, it’s my prayer that no premature death will come your way. May you live long, happy and healthy to see your generations enjoy the great blessings of God. Happy birthday.

May the soft showers from above make life easy for you and may God continue to show you more love and care. Stay blessed and enjoy your day to the fullest. Happy birthday.

Lord Jesus, as we have a good time on my friend’s birthday, may you fill her heart with lots of joy and pour a sea of your choicest blessings upon her so that she may never be needy or sad in life.

May the good Lord keep you safe and watch over you wherever you may go so that true happiness and prosperity will be yours until the end of time. Enjoy a very blessed birthday today.

May God always direct your path to greatness. May you never get discouraged in difficult times but rather be strong and believe God knows what is best for you at any given time in life. Happy birthday.

May your birthday be the beginning of an everlasting joy in your life. Have a truly wonderful day.

As a child of God, may you be content with all the good things life presents to you and keep seeking God in your daily life. And may God reward you abundantly by lifting you higher and higher and from one amazing glory to another. Happy birthday.

Jehovah, I thank you for all the superb things that you have done for my friend in recent years. I thank you for the protection that you so freely and unconditionally give him and his family. I pray that you shield them with the holy blood of Jesus Christ, Our Lord and personal Savior. Make his upcoming years be even more blissful and prosperous. Amen.

Allow your soul to dance and rejoice on this great day of yours, for more sweet blessings from above are coming your way. Happy birthday.

As today marks a new chapter in your life, I pray that your heart is swiftly taken over by an intense amount of joy. Happy birthday!

May God help you succeed in life and block all the wicked traps the evil ones have placed in your way. Amen. Happy birthday.

May all your prayers for greatness be answered on this great day of your life so that you can have more joy in praising God every day. Happy birthday.

May God keep watch over you and increase your days on earth. May you never miss His goodness and love forever and ever. Amen. Happy birthday.

May God comfort you and bring you joy when you are sorrowful.  May He strengthen you when you are discouraged, and may He fill your heart with love each and every moment of your life. Happy birthday.

Always remember our life is in the hands of God almighty and never forget to seek Him first in all your endeavors for a brighter future. Stay blessed and enjoy your birthday with the love of God.

O Lord, please keep watching over my wonderful friend and keep increasing her blessings in life so that her heart may always rejoice and praise You.

May your ways keep being pleasing to God so that He will continue to protect you and make His promises for you happen on time. Happy birthday.

As you mark another year of God’s continued protection and guidance, I pray that you encounter good health, joy and prosperity. May your days on this earth be beautiful. And may Jehovah himself rain on you his everlasting grace. Happy birthday.

Dear Lord, may your peace that is beyond understanding be with my dear friend as she celebrates this joyful day in her life and may she always be accompanied by the choicest blessings of yours. Amen!

May God’s amazing love always be closer to you so that you may never feel lonely in life. Happy birthday.

Our Father who resides in heaven, I call on you today to make my friend a living testimony of what it is like to serve the one true God. I ask that you keep him dedicated to your ways and teachings. Give a clear coping mechanism of whatever that may come his way. Bless his coming years, Lord. In Jesus mighty name, Amen!

My dearest friend, as your days increase on earth, may your love and blessings from God keep increasing abundantly. Happy birthday.

Today, I give thanks and praises to the Almighty Lord for making the day as beautiful as you, friend. For the past year, He has saved you from the piercing eyes of the enemy. He has endowed you with ample knowledge and understanding of His ways.  I pray that He continues to inspire you to do great things in his name. Happy birthday, buddy!

These good morning prayer messages for friends are the perfect way to My prayer is that all of your wishes and desires will be granted today.

my best wishes and prayers
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