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Movies that motivate
September 11, 2019 Anniversary Wishes 5 comments

These movies don't make you laugh or cringe in fear — they motivate you, making you feel that you're able to do anything at all if you set your mind to it.

A great film strikes through to the heart of what it means to be human, inspiring the mind and moving the spirit.

Underdog stories, tales of incredible transformation, overcoming immense hardship, and the journey of an average person to heroism.

Such tales stay with us forever and inspire in us something that we never knew was there.

Whether you’re looking to be motivated, want to discover a new dimension of humanity, or are looking to be woke the hell up, read on. These are some of the most inspirational movies of all time.

Check out our roundup of the 16 Most Inspirational Movies on Netflix for more movies to watch.

1. Remember the Titans

Nurse: Only kin’s allowed in here.

Bertier: Alice, are you blind? Don’t you see the family resemblance? That’s my brother.

Growing up, Remember the Titans was one of my absolute favorite movies– and not just because the girl I liked loved it too (but that sure helped).

Titans is a movie about winning, perseverance, racism, and unity. It’s about seeing beyond the color of someone’s skin to what lies at the heart, who we truly are. It’s about worlds literally colliding and something absolutely incredible coming forth from it.

If you love sports films, movies with historical relevance, or Denzel Washington and somehow haven’t seen this classic, do yourself a favor and go watch it– now.

2. Ali

Want me to go somewhere and fight for you? You won’t even stand up for me right here in America, for my rights and my religious beliefs. You won’t even stand up for my right here at home.

Ali is the story of the one and only boxing great Muhammad Ali played by Will Smith. Will Smith was made for this role and gets to flex his rhyme skills as Ali was known for having some serious skills himself.

But what this story is really about is being a fighter and overcoming all obstacles, a lesson the film displays masterfully. As you’ll see in the film, Ali battles much more than just his in-ring opponents, but the forces of racism and oppression as well.

If you love boxing, historical relevance, Will Smith, or stories of overcoming adversity than you won’t be disappointed.

3. Gandhi

I want to change their minds, not kill them for weaknesses we all possess.

I first watched Gandhi in high school. Truth be told, before watching the film I knew very little about Gandhi and his mission.

The truth is, most of us are in the exact same boat. Many still are. That is, you’ve probably heard the name Gandhi and seen a few of his quotes about a million times plastered all over the Internet, but do you really know what he did?

Do you know the incredible story of the person who would go on to inspire Martin Luther King Jr. in his own pursuit of equality years later? If you don’t, you owe it to yourself and the rest of the world to make this the next film you watch– no excuses.

4. Rocky

…it ain’t how hard you hit; it’s about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward. How much you can take, and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done.

The classic American story of grit and heart, Rocky was the film that shot Sylvester Stallone to stardom, Stallone having to sell his dog for money to buy food just weeks before a studio finally purchased his script for big dineros (don’t worry, he bought the dog back).

If you have a heartbeat, or you just love motivational YouTube videos, you’ve probably already heard a third of the dialogue from Rocky I (slight exaggeration), but you’d be remiss to miss this classic.

5. Forrest Gump

I don’t know if we each have a destiny, or if we’re all just floatin’ around accidental-like on a breeze, but I, I think maybe it’s both. Maybe both is happenin’ at the same time.

“Run, Forrest! Run!” Owing to itself possibly the single most well-known line in cinematic history, Forrest Gump is the kind of film that everyone needs to watch.

First, its historical relevance is incredible. For someone who was born in the mid-80s, Forrest Gump was always, for me, an incredible journey through several decades of American history which I wasn’t familiar with; and it illuminated it in a kind of up-close way that history books could never do.

Second, more than just a basic story of triumph over adversity or realizing success, Forrest Gump just feels like…well, life. It’s not all good, or all bad, it’s everything and all kinds of different things all at once. It’s one of the only movies I’ve ever seen that somewhat correctly portrays what it’s like to live– a complicated mess where we, hopefully…eventually, come to a place where we figure it all out. At least enough to be happy.

If you somehow haven’t seen Forrest Gump yet, well, you might need to check your pulse. Otherwise, watch it and enjoy. Say hi to Lieutenant Dan for me.

6. Blind Side

Michael Oher: It’s nice, I never had one before.

Leigh Anne Touhy: What, a room to yourself?

Michael Oher: A bed.

A story about kindness and seeing beyond race, Blind Side follows the true story of Michael Oher, a homeless black teen with a rough childhood, as he’s taken in by Leigh, her husband Sean, and rest of the Tuohy family.

What makes Blind Side memorable is the incredible mix of heartwarming moments and hilarious interruptions from an otherwise tense and challenging journey to grace. I can’t really think of another movie I’ve ever had such an amazing mixture of emotions.

More than just a single person’s pursuit of excellence or triumph over adversity, Blind Side is about what happens when we reach out to another person with kindness and compassion and how that can bring people together.

If you love heartwarming comedies or Sandra Bullock, you can’t go wrong with this one.

7. Moneyball

You may not look like a winning team but you are one.

Moneyball is unique in that it’s a sports movie but one in which the story is deeply embedded in the inner workings of the sport itself. It’s smart, has tons of depth, and a killer cast.

However, what really gives the movie depth is Billy Beane’s (played by Brad Pitt) relationship with his family and, most specifically, his clever daughter Casey (played by Kerris Dorsey).

In the end, it’s a movie about a man who sets out to do something amazing– and, for all intents and purposes, does it– and realizes what is most important in the process.

If you like smart movies with lots of math, baseball, or Brad Pitt, this is a sure-fire winner.

8. Julie and Julia

Paul Child: What is it that you *really* like to do?

Julia Child: Eat!

Julie is a writer who, for the time being, works at a call center. Julia is a chef who really just loves to eat. Together they create an incredible pairing told in a unique story format that allows for simultaneous stories of self-realization and success across time and space (and no, this isn’t an epic sci-fi film).

Julie and Julia is a story about finding your passion and following your heart and it teaches these lessons in a way that is endearing and highly entertaining.

If you love stories of heart, finding your passion, Meryl Streep, or food you’ll love Julie and Julia.

9. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Life is about courage and going into the unknown.

For those who haven’t seen the film, this might seem like an odd one. It doesn’t occupy any “great American classics” list and it didn’t even make much noise when it was first released in 2013, but it’s a personal favorite for several reasons.

Walter Mitty is a story we can all relate to. It’s about someone who has ended up living the life he was never meant to live (in a way) and sets out to find himself– who he is and what he’s meant to do– by taking an incredible journey around the world, realizing several important lessons along the way before he arrives back where it all started.

If you feel a bit lost, love epic inner journeys where one must find themselves, and enjoy Ben Stiller (he’s awesome in this) then you’ll love The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

Matt Valentine

Matt Valentine is a father, husband, and a self-published author. He writes weekly on his blog,, about everything from spirituality to self-mastery.

Are you ready for this? By Holleigh Mason, Finder Blogger: The Fit Friend, and co -founder of Urban Remedy.

25 Movies That Motivate Me To Train Hard

movies that motivate

Over the past two weeks, I've posted the 18 best motivational books and the 13 most inspirational short videos. This post contains the seven feature films that are the most useful to entrepreneurs who want to get and stay motivated.

I've intentionally avoided movies where salespeople are depicted as jerks and losers. To be successful as an entrepreneur, you need to enjoy and respect selling, so films like Boiler Room and Glengarry Glen Ross aren't all that helpful.

Here are the movies that really do motivate and in the right way:

1. Jerry Maguire

While this is primarily considered a romantic comedy, Maguire's mission statement perfectly captures the importance of having a vision for yourself and remaining true to that vision, even if nobody else sees it that way.

2. Joy

Entrepreneurs should flock to see this celebration of starting your own business from scratch, even if your family and friends aren't supportive.  Advance notice: Later this month, will run an exclusive clip from the DVD/BluRay extras. Stay tuned.

3. Office Space

Motivation comes in two varieties: positive and negative. Positive motivation moves you forward; negative motivation keeps you from going backwards. This film reminds entrepreneurs why they should never settle for a corporate job again.

4. The Aviator

Before there was Richard Branson or Elon Musk, there was Howard Hughes.  This bio-pic captured both the personal and business struggles of one of history's most enigmatic and creative entrepreneurs.

5. The Commitments

In addition to having great music throughout, this film describes how a group of young people, led by a visionary, come together to make something greater than they could imagine.  It's also a reminder of how fragile serendipity can be.

6. The Pursuit of Happyness

While the protagonist (played by Will Smith) in this upbeat film succeeds by becoming a successful salesman for a huge financial firm, Chris Gardner (the actual person) used his sales skills to start his own company.  

7. The Social Network

Even though actor Jesse Eisenberg plays Mark Zuckerberg as if he were Lex Luthor's little brother, the story of Facebook's rapid growth is a testament that sometimes entrepreneurs do change the world.


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9 Extremely Inspirational Movies You Need to Watch if You Haven’t

movies that motivate

10 Movies Which Will Motivate You to Get in Shape

Let’s be honest here for a moment, almost all of us at some point have wanted to look like a ripped actor in a movie. If you have been in this situation, rest assured, there is nothing wrong with it.

One of the best returns on the two hours you invest in watching a movie can be that you come out wanting to change your physique for the better. If you’re looking for motivation to start your transformation journey, these 10 movies can be the kick-start you’ve been waiting for.

Disclaimer: building an aesthetically appealing physique isn’t easy, you might need to watch these movies a couple of times to keep the newly ignited fire inside you, alive.

Movies Sporting Actors with Near Perfect Physiques

Pumping Iron

Pumping Iron is the gold standard of bodybuilding movies. It is a movie revolving around Arnold Schwarzenegger and his journey to winning his sixth Mr. Olympia title. If this movie doesn’t motivate you to get in shape, chances are nothing ever will.

If Pumping Iron is for the golden era of bodybuilding, Generation Iron movies follow the modern-age bodybuilders (Phil Heath, Kai Greene, etc.) and internet celebrities (Calum Von Moger, Rich Piana, etc.) as they work towards achieving their respective goals. These movies are a must watch for every bodybuilding fan.


You won’t find a single warrior in 300 to be out of shape. The crew underwent common workouts in preparation for this movie which was nothing short of insane. We’re sure you won’t be able to erase this movie off of your memory.

Fight Club

Fight Club has to be one of the most badass movies ever made. This movie is all about pushing your physical and mental limits. This movie becomes even more interesting when you learn these trivia.

Pain & Gain

Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson are two of the fittest people in the film industry. Both of these men come together in Pain & Gain to deliver an epic performance based on a real-life event.


Jake Gyllenhaal is in the shape of his life for his role as Billy Hope. Boxer Billy hits rock bottom after he loses his family, falls into depression and his boxing career is on the verge of ending. You’ll be equally amazed by Billy Hope’s grit and his chiseled physique.

Rocky (Series)

Rocky is the movie that introduced Sylvester Stallone into the world of films. Only a few people know the fact Sly wrote Rocky and his condition to let this movie go into production was that he stars as the main lead. The Rocky series is as good as motivational movies get.

Never Back Down (Duology)

Never Back Down is a great story about channeling one’s energy and focus into mastering an art. The Never Back Down duology will pump you up to hit the gym and get in a better shape.


MMA has been a lot in news lately, thanks to the notorious Conor McGregor. If you are experiencing a rise in your curuosity about mixed martial arts, Warrior is the perfect movie to watch right now.


How can a list of movies with in-shape actors be complete without the Governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger? Commando is one of Arnie’s movies which will make you critic your own body and will get you in the weight room for your own good.

Thor: Ragnarok

Let’s sum up this list with a superhero movie. Chris Hemsworth in his role as the demi-god Thor can challenge the aesthetics of the Greek gods. While Thor surprises us with his new hairstyle, nothing changes about his giant arms and pecs.

Which movie would you like to see on this list?

Let us know in the comments below. Also, be sure to follow Generation Iron on Facebook and Twitter.

Vidur Saini

Ben Murray, Monster Staff Writer. Seven Movies to Motivate You. When it comes to inducing instant, effective inspiration for about $4 per rental, movies are king.

These Inspiring Movies Will Lift You Up

movies that motivate

Image Source:

By Jeff Blaylock

Movies are not only for entertainment. In recent years, the focus has shifted from gaining pleasure with the events that transpire therein to getting inspiration to do work. Students are one of the huge beneficiaries. With restrictions on some films that might contain explicit contents, they now take to these motivational movies to improve on their studies.

Japan is an Asian country that is making great efforts in the movie industry. It is worthy of note that inspirational movies for students are integral parts of the most film released in Japan. There are a whole lot of films that are motivational for students, and it will be good if you learn about them.

As a student, there are times when you feel like giving up. It might be the voluminous notes to read; the many assignments to deal with or the stressful activities at the college. Whichever troubles you are facing, “ReLife”, a Japanese movie will certainly inspire you. The movie unveils the life of Arata Kaizakim – a 27-year old boy. He quit his job because he was not satisfied with what he got there. Instead, he enrolled for “ReLife” – a research program that takes people through different stages of life. In his case, he was made ten years younger and delegated to start life from high school.

In correlation to this movie is the fact that many students face the same situation. Typically, there are “stormy days” when it seems all efforts are in vain. Arata replicated this situation of things when he gave up his employment. However, life gave him another chance to make things right. As a student, how many times have you stopped to think of your failures and made adjustments to get better? Just like ReLife, there are many other educational movies that help in motivation.

Without a doubt, many students jump up as they anticipate finishing college withflying colors. If you are looking for inspiring films that will help you take positive steps at college, this is a good pick.

Image Source:

Sayaka Kudo, the protagonist in the movie “Flying Colors” was not what anyone would call a bookworm. Rather, she was interested in other things and took academics for granted. This scenario is not peculiar to her alone, as many students find themselves in the same shoe. Furthermore, it boils down to the fact that nobody has a monopoly over knowledge. From the movie’s perspective, Sayaka took her studies for granted until she was a step away from gaining admission to a university. Because of her distasteful attitude towards her studies, she opted for settled for additional lessons. This time, she was dogged. In the end, she was able to get the admission and soared high with her amazing grades at school. There is no doubt that the inspiration from the movie will get students on their feet and get them to take their studies seriously. You can also get an essay writing company to help you with assignments and essays.

There are times when studies don’t just matter. It is not out of place to fall in love. Yet, as a student, make sure your emotional state for the opposite sex will bring positive tidings to you. In the movie, “Let’s Go, JETS”, a young girl (Hikari) joined her school’s cheer squad club. The intention was to get closer to her crush. Despite the rigorous training and other activities that sapped the energy out of her, she, just like other teammates, continued the struggle until they got the prize at the end.

Bringing this down, it is clear that this is one of the educational movies that will inspire students to study. In spite of the intimate relationship, Hikari still had her eyes on the target. How many times have you derailed from your books and failed to complete your assignments? No matter the challenges, get up and continue with your academic work. It will pay off someday!

Movies are Motivating

Apart from books, movies are the next channel to get motivation. With the list above, it is clear that there are Japanese movies that inspire students to study. If you are still skeptical and afraid of failing a course, watch any of the movies above and get motivated to add more efforts in your studies.

About the Author

Jeff Blaylock is keen about students’ welfare and has taken time to study some of their traits. It is his belief that inspiring films can motivate them in their studies. With relevant experience in profiling students’ lifestyles, he has come to the conclusion that movies can motivate them, and the list above will be a good way to start.


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A list of 30 inspirational movies which every film buff should have in their DVD collection. Oscar winners, cult classics, and obscure titles are included.

movies that motivate
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