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March 8th congratulations and wishes

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March 8th congratulations and wishes
March 27, 2019 Anniversary Wishes 2 comments

International Women's Day 2020 [Mar 8] If a wish or a gift has touched your heart on this day, then say 'Thank You'. This is a good time to Floral Greetings!.

Dear mothers and sisters! 


On this beautiful spring day, let me congratulate you on this wonderful holiday of the 8th of March – International Women’s Day! This holiday is celebrated all over the country in the first spring month. It is a holiday of spring and at the same time a holiday for all women – our dear mothers and sisters. This day is our favorite and long-awaited holiday.


Today, all of us live and work in the market economy which causes changes in the social role, position, authority and sense of dignity of our women. Time and life are also contributing to these changes. Today, we need to admit that our women are unsurpassed in creating homey atmosphere, keeping hearth and home, rearing children, and overcoming poverty. Once again life proved the great ability of our women to survive in these arduous conditions. Today many women run their businesses; women occupy many social positions - they are bankers, farmers, heads of ayil and town keneshes, heads of large companies, and political leaders.


And today, I am bowing for our dear women and want to express my gratitude to them.


In conclusion, I would like to wish our dear mothers, sisters, and daughters good health. May their happiness be endless, may all their wishes come true, may their lives be peaceful, and may peace and amity rule in this world.


 E. Ibraimova,

 ARIS Executive Director


March 8th is International Women's Day and it's one of the most popular Below are a few congratulations poems for inspiration, you can find.

Happy March 8th, International Women’s Day

march 8th congratulations and wishes

Women’s Day » Women’s Day Wishes

Women’s Day Wishes

Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8 every year in honor of women’s rights and their role in the society. The significance of this day has blended with diverse cultures and ethnicity across the world, and is celebrated in varied forms. Sharing Women’s Day wishes has become a common practice in many countries as a symbol of expression and appreciation for women.

Celebrate Women’s Day by wishing her and making her feel how special she is. Send her your heartfelt wishes and greetings and make her Women’s Day bright and joyous. Here are some wonderful Women’s Day wishes for you:

  1. To me, a woman is symptomatic of a number of feelings, listening with patient, looking with love, swallowing the pain quietly, taking care of my dreams even when I am in sleep! Never lose the charm, keep it warm!!
  2. This day is just to celebrate your existence! I wish you blossom like a beautiful rose whose charm never goes!! May you stand like a stone, firm enough, not to get hit by any adversity!
  3. Any and every successful story would not have been complete without the presence of a woman! She always stands firm, by the side of a man when he embarks on his journey of success! She is courage, she is love, she is the future, she the present!! Cheers to the velour of women who have taken up the responsibility on her shoulders!
  4. Every bit of hard work and the affection that you put into it makes my life beautiful. Every little act of yours matters to me and has taken me from all the thick and thin. You are the angel who has transformed my life for the better. Thank you Lady. You are best; when you are with me I forget the rest! Happy women’s day!!
  5. When I was a child, I needed my mother,
    When I grew up, I needed my sister,
    When I understood the world, I needed a partner,
    When I grew old, I needed her to be my side,
    IT makes me feel, Life would have been nil,
    Had God not created this beautiful creature called “woman”!!
  6. 6. God created woman to add to the beauty of the universe, when he created the world,
    God must also be surprised with his own creation,
    The way, the whole woman fraternity have transformed the world is unbelievable!
    May you keep spreading the fragrance in the world!
    Happy woman’s day!
  7. 7. I hope that the sun shines in your world forever,
    May you keep on blossoming like a flower!
    May the soothing rain drops incessantly shower!
    I wish you very best and a successful life on this very special day of yours,
    Happy women’s day!
  8. Have the courage to break the cage,
    Women’s day comes to make us all realise the importance of woman in our life,
    It comes to honour the existence of woman,
    This day is your day,
    I want you to enjoy the day to fullest with zeal and enthusiasm.
  9. A plant grows only when it is watered regularly with love,
    Similarly, a life becomes a life only when there is happiness,
    A woman is the water that makes our life blossom like a flower,
    Woman! Keep watering this plant of life!
    Happy women’s Day
  10. The life would not have existed without you,
    You are that strong and faithful friend in every stage of life,
    You nurture every relation at every stage of life,
    You are the thread that keeps us connected robustly,
    Keep spreading light in life,
    Enjoy your day!!
  11. Not only she can nurture a home,
    She challenge everything and anything that comes in her way,
    To make her realise her inner strength,
    I want to bow down my heads in front of the whole woman fraternity,
    Happy woman’s day!
  12. She is the symbol of shakti,
    She teaches us the power of Bhakti,
    She is the most beautiful creation of the universe,
    She is the one, who brings a life and nurtures it,
    I want her to have an excellent life on her special day
  13. To helps you to travel extra miles,
    She gives you affection and love,
    She teaches you, how to smile,
    She is the one, who acts as a catalyst behind your every success,
    Help her grow, the way she helped you always,
    Happy woman’s day!
  14. You hold me, when I need you,
    Same as the lovely flowers that holds the dew,
    You can only understand the power of a woman when she is put to work,
    Just like the power of the moon is known only when the day reaches to darkness!
  15. She tries, to make us rise,
    When a difficulty arise,
    She shines and makes us wise,
    May all her dreams gets realised,
    Cheers to the fortitude of woman!
  16. I am gearing up to give you a bouquet of wishes on your special day,
    I am gathering a couple of flowers for you,
    To make you realise, your smile is where my happiness lies.
    Happy woman’s Day
  17. A woman, she is a blend of love, beauty, brain and courage,
    She is the one, who puts everything right,
    She is the one, who creates the world,
    Let’s come together to create her world!
    Happy woman’s Day ladies! Cheers!!
  18. You possess amazing power,
    You always shower,
    The love and my desire,
    You help to keep my dreams afire,
    Hey woman! Keep smiling and keep spreading smile like you have always done!!
  19. The heart of a woman is the most precious thing that a man can possess,
    Irrespective of the angle I look at you,
    You appear to be the angel of my life,
    You love and we live,
    Happy woman’s Day!
  20. I often do not find words to express,
    But, I am blessed that you are there at my worst,
    You are hope, you are love,
    I want to thank you for being the pillar of my life,
    Happy woman’s day!
  21. Wish you a very happy women's day
    It’s you who's making the difference in so many lives and I am one of them.
    Have a wonderful day!
  22. No Life without Woman!
    This LIFE has no existence without a strong ally in WOMAN in every stage of life starting from Motherhood to Wife, Sister &finally a Daughter. Happy Women's Day!!
  23. A beautiful woman draws strength from troubles, smiles during distress and grows stronger with prayers & hope. Wishing you a very happy woman’s day!
  24. The willingness to listen, the patience to understand, the strength to support, the heart to care & just to be there. That is the beauty of a lady! Happy Woman’s Day!
  25. You’ve got everything to take the world in your stride. Happy Women’s Day
  26. We are cute Daughters,
    We are sweet Sisters,
    We are lovely Lovers,
    We are darling Wives,
    We are adorable Mothers,
    We are source of Strength,
    We are Women!
    Happy Women’s Day!
  27. If life is rainbow, you are different colors of it.
    If life is dark, you are the hope of light.
    Happy Women’s Day
  28. Women – a friend, nurturer, guide and partner who shows a man what loving, caring and sharing is! Happy Women’s Day!
  29. Happy Women’s Day! Wishing you a day as beautiful as you are!
  30. Celebrating the elegance of womanhood! Happy Women’s Day!
  31. There has never been a time or will never come a day when you will not be as important as you are to me at the very moment. You mean the world to me. Happy Women’s Day!
  32. May the glory and glamour of womanhood be abundantly bestowed upon you. Happy Women’s Day!
  33. You can do almost anything you put your mind to. You can swim the deepest ocean and climb the highest peak. Be a doctor or fly a plane. You can face adversity and still walk tall. You are strong, beautiful, compassionate, and much more than words could ever say! Happy Women’s Day!
  34. Woman is blend of beauty and brains, who can put all things right! Happy Women’s Day!
  35. Every Home, Every Heart, Every Feeling,
    Every Moment Of happiness is incomplete without u
    Only U can complete this world...
    Happy Women's Day
  36. A wonderful person and a great friend.
    It's a blessing to have both of them in you!
    A very Happy Women's Day to you!
  37. Thanks for always helping me to remember what is important in life… and today it is you! You are the best! Happy Women’s Day!
  38. The Little things that you do matter so much to me! Thanks. Happy Women’s Day!
  39. Thanks for being there through the tears and laughter. Happy Women’s Day!
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Congratulations with International Women’s day!

march 8th congratulations and wishes

Bulgarian: International Women's Day Greetings

I have several Bulgarian female friends and was wondering what greetings would be appropriate to use for International Women's Day?

Here is one possibility I am considering:

Chestit osmi mart! Pozhelavam vi mnogo shtastie i uspehi!

(Happy 8th of March! I wish you lots of happiness and success!)

Mnogo blagodaria!!

Here is one possibility I am considering:

Chestit osmi mart! Pozhelavam vi mnogo shtastie i uspehi!

(Happy 8th of March! I wish you lots of happiness and success!)

Could I also use the following?

V tozi spetsialen za vas den vi zhelaya mnogo shtastie i uspehi?

(I wish you lots of happiness and success on your special day.)
Yes, you can use both greetings. They sound a bit formal to me though. Personally i will use the first one, it sounds less cheesy. You can also say

Chestit osmi mart. Zhelaya vi mnogo shtastie i liubov.

You can also say

Chestit osmi mart. Zhelaya vi mnogo shtastie i liubov.
Mnogo blagodoria Stal!

Also welcome to Word Reference.

What would be the English translation for "Zhelaya vi mnogo shtastie i liubov?"
"I wish you lots of happiness and love"
But please notice that you should use "vi" only if you're saying it to all of them at the same time and they are aware of it - "vi" is the plural form of "you" - if you say it to one girl at a time, it should be "Zhelaya ti mnogo shtastie i liubov".

And for all it matters, I agree with Stal

Celebrate International Women's Day on March 8th with your boss. Surprise her with special Women's Day messages for boss. Wish your boss, senior.

10 Best Happy Women’s Day Wishes Messages for Boss – 8 March 2019

march 8th congratulations and wishes

Congratulations to my mother on March 8 in verse and prose.Mom is the closest person in the life of each of us, and we are the first to see her at birth and remember it for the rest of our lives. She takes care of us since birth and almost to old age, forgives all the mischief, takes her child after serious mistakes and harsh words. International Women's Day is just the same holiday, when you can thank your mothers for all the good things they have done for you, expressing their love and care. Even a small postcard, presented on March 8, where touching congratulations are written, will cause a happy smile on her sweet face. So that your gift will be remembered by your mother for a long time, show imagination, compose or pick up a couple of beautiful poems on International Women's Day. Good and sincere wishes from sons and daughters can melt the heart of any mother, causing a storm of emotions and tears of joy.

1 6505856

  Touching poems mom on March 8

Today, Mommy, thank you.
  For being with me and for your love.
  You have been a guardian angel since childhood ...
  Always full of care, tenderness of heat ...

You helped difficult to learn a lesson,
  And the most delicious cake for me.
  You are still kind and sweet with me ...
  All understanding, very patient.

You give, sun, - smiles, caress hands,
  You are my advisor, my ally, good friend.
  And I wish with the most sincere love
  Good luck, happiness, joy, health to you !!!

Dear, dear with a warm look,
  And he will comfort and hug and squeeze ...
  Mom, always be with me
  You are the only one who will tell and understand!

I am warm to your wonderful hands
  Not enough and sometimes sad,
  You are not just a mom, but a reliable friend.
  Do not scold, but you regret silently!

The children grew and flew out of the nest,
  Some take off, some fall,
  Only waiting for us with hope always
  Mom only with you, comes the rapture!

I want God to always keep you!
  The far side went around the drama!
  Every day, so that only joy gave,
  Smile more often dear, our dear mother!

Mom, my sunshine
  You light up our house,
  It turns out all-all
  If together we are two.

I want to be like
  In life only on you,
  Kindness does not hold,
  You, my mommy.

Happy Birthday! On this day
  I give you poems,
  Let the shadow of sorrow go,
  Mom I love you!

Mom my dear,
  Happy Birthday Congratulations!
  You're like a bee with us,
  Rest for at least an hour

We all already ate -
Very tasty, cake - lovely!
  Know that I'm proud of you,
  You learn everything from you.

Mama dear, relax,
  Your birthday is:
  The dishes may remain,
  You better my mine tomorrow.

Mom, there are reasons
  Which I do not know:
  What are you men for
  Caring surround?

Why are the neighbors nice?
  Why so children love?
  Probably in the world
  Good will not be you

And there is no you dearer
  And there is no flaw in you,
  And I hope too
  This once become!

Everyone says to me: "Beautiful!"
  Mom, I'm at you!
  Everybody still likes you,
  Although there are years.

But you still do not change:
  What is twenty, what is now:
  Still dazzling
  Beautiful Just a class!

Congratulate happy birthday
  I want you, my dear.
  Good luck, enjoyment
  And I wish you happiness.

Mom, I congratulate you on March 8
  You are the most beautiful in the world, I know that
  You love us all, our family
  Congratulations to you I give it!

Be beautiful as you are after sleep
  And let the admirer always be with you.
  Let the pancakes be the best
  Nothing, if they become foul.

And I will always help you,
  The dishes will always be clean,
  One-time buy you this hour
  Ceramic will interfere now.

I will not come home late
  I will come better in the afternoon, so as not to wake up.
  You gave me the best years
  Well, so what, that has become forever I goth.

But in general, I wish you a lifetime
  Only joy, laughter and the best events!
  I love you, mom, be the happiest
  And go through life with a sweet smile!

My mom is still young
  Very beautiful mother always!
  How does mom do it all:
  Ironing, cooking, clothes washes,

It fries pancakes, right there is soup on the stove,
  Cooked porridge, order everywhere!
  Dear mom, congratulations,
  And I wish you infinite happiness!

No doubt well, not a gram,
  Kohl spring would be a lady
  She would have a face
  Like our glorious mother.

Let the number we have the eighth
  In March, only once happens
  The main thing is me with you
  This day unites.

Be a lifetime miracle
  Let the sadness is afraid of you.
  Delight native people
  Only good things will happen.

  A touching congratulation from March 8 to mother from daughter

  Congratulations on March 8 mom from son

Spring day smell flowers
  March 8 - the feast of the ladies.
  And I hurry to congratulate you,
  You're as beautiful as spring, mom!

I wish you a sea of \u200b\u200bhappiness,
  Your female charm is on top,
  I wish to stay forever
  In such a lovely beauty.

Glance in the eyes, spring in the look,
  Let all succeed easy.
  Be all in colors and chocolate
  Elegant, stylish, young!

If I was asked:
  "Why do you love mom?"
  I would be very surprised
And he went to think a little.

I'd climbed on the mezzanine
  Or hide in the bathroom
  And then I would get out with a noise
  And he answered, smiling:

Not for washing and cooking
  (No, for this, in general, too!),
  But this is all SECONDARY
  (Oh, what word do I know!).

I love mom for tenderness
  Kindness and understanding
  For the beauty and for the fact that
  Mom - the most dear!

These flowers are just for you,
  Mom - the best you have me!
  I wish you, first of all, love,
  You bloom every morning with a rose!

I still wish you spring,
  Let your eyes light up!
  Let this day be the most beautiful
  Well, in life, be happy!

So many songs and poems
  Dedicated to moms!
  I don't need the words of others
  For the most beloved.

I am for my mommy
  Look for them I will not:
  They are all in my soul,
  I love my mother so much.

She is not only on Women's Day
  Expensive attention -
  But every single day of God
  Need understanding

Mild ailments and anxieties,
  Passion for serials.
  I'm ready to listen to her
  That neither told!

There is no holy woman,
  Than my mother.
  To brighten old age
  And get the moon.

My mummy dear!
  Congratulations on March 8
  I love you today. Modest
  Congratulations accept. Huge

I send you my regards in the envelope!
  Better not you in the world!
  I wish you good health,
  Long, happy days!

Kept by my love
  Live, never get old!

Without sides a long bed,
  I've been going and talking for a long time.
  Already late to collect,
  And piously swear: "I do not smoke!"

And application now
  With colored paper will not pass.
  (Though I can, you believe me,
  Another wish and anecdote)

I don't need a trump card,
  I say gently and loving.
  Today, after March 8.
  Mom, happy holiday to you!

  Beautiful congratulations on March 8 to your beloved mummy: touching words

  Poems mom from daughter on March 8

Sweet stretched
  Mom hugged
  And kissed.

I came to congratulate mom.
  After all, today is her day.
  I will become a fairy for my mother -
  I'm not too lazy.

This march day
  I'll get up before mom,
  To light it in the light
  I compose her scale.

My mother is the best
  I'm telling the truth.
  Mom can make you laugh
  If her child is bad.

“Mama” is not a simple word,
  The word is gentle, dear.
  You are caring, sweet,
  Mom, I need you so much!

March 8, Women's Day
  It is pleasant to wish you:
  Stay young
  Let peace reign in the soul.

If suddenly in the heart of excitement -
  Read these greetings!

We have already said goodbye to winter
  Spring is in a hurry, carries warmth,
  And mother's holiday dear -
  March 8 came to us!

Snowdrop blooms for mom,
  Drops under the roof rings,
  For mom, all the land blooms gardens
  And the swallow flies home.

Thank you, mom, for the work,
For gentle hands, caring,
  For being at home every hour
  You care so much about us.

I wish you well
  Happiness, happy days
  Be with me, mother, always,
  Next to you warm!

How many women are in the world
  But only one - dearer of all.
  Any kid will answer you
  With a smile looking upwards,

What is the best, of course, mom!
  I tell loving mommy
  Was and will be the most-most.
  Dear, with a holiday you!

You are a special person in my life,
  Dear mom, I love you so much!
  And I want to wish, dear, to
  Fate has prolonged your youth.

So that you always have fun,
  Not only on a holiday, but every moment,
  So that often smiled carelessly -
  A smile illuminates mother's face!

Mommalechka dear, let you on women's day
  Great luck will smile
  May it come true in a beautiful and joyful fate
  All that people call happiness!

May all that you wish come true at once
  May every minute give joy
  Let the light of your happy eyes delight you
  And the heart knows only exultation!

Mama! You are beautiful as spring
  You are fresh as the air at dawn!
  March. The world has woken up again from sleep
  The number 8 is on the calendar.

This holiday, Mom, only yours -
  You are more beautiful than women in the world of all:
  Salute the square to you foliage,
  Removing blackened snow.

On Women's Day, dear mother, let
  In the heart, youth will wake up again,
  In the shadow, away from the eyes, sadness will disappear,
  And our house of love will blind the sun!

  Beautiful prose greetings for mom

  Unusual touching congratulations on March 8 mother

Mom, March 8th is one of my favorite holidays, because on this day, the first person I congratulate is you. On this day, I especially understand that you are feminine, wise, and ... so necessary to me. I like to please you and see how joy lights your eyes. I wish you to be happy, and happiness was permanent.

March 8 is an excellent occasion to wish you health and happiness once again, mommy. May all your dreams come true now, may every wish made come true, may joy and prosperity rush into your life with the spring wind, and fears and troubles melt under the March sun, giving way to delicate colors of love.

Dear Mom, on this wonderful spring day, let me express all my love, all my warmth and feelings for you. Sometimes, behind the bustle and the whirl of days, we forget about the most valuable - parents. But your beautiful image settled in my soul forever, all my life I will remember the touches of your gentle hands and your native voice that sang to me in my childhood quiet cradles. Mom, on this wonderful day of March 8, I want to wish you joy, so that your wonderful eyes shine only from happiness. Good, let it fill your every cell and settle in your huge maternal heart. Women's happiness to you, because you deserve it. Happy holiday dear!

Dear mom! I congratulate you on International Women's Day, which is rightly your holiday, since you are the ideal of a real woman, mother, wife, and all people who know you are ready to confirm it, and also congratulated you on this bright day. From the bottom of my loving heart, I wish you the fulfillment of all your innermost dreams, as I’m sure that they are all pure, kind and directed towards us, your beloved children and relatives.

Mommy! Let me congratulate you on March 8 and wish you only warmth, faith and hope in a bright and good future. I love you very much and believe that there will be eternal May in your life. May your soul always rejoice at each new day. You are my dearest person on earth.

Mama! I congratulate you on this holiday of spring - the day of March 8th. I wish you good health, great happiness and tender love. I want you to find the key to your life path and always go along the right path. May God bless you! I love you very much and wish you only good.

All living things on earth begin to wake up in spring. On the trees buds bloom, leaves turn green, flowers bloom, birds fly. Mommy, I congratulate you on International Women's Day and wish you a great spring both in heart and in soul. Blossom, like a gentle lily of the valley in May.

Congratulations to your beloved mother on March 8 and I want to wish only a great human happiness! You are for me the best, most beloved, most dear! May all your desires never cease to come true, may everything always be good! I love you.

Mom, you are more expensive
  All the people in the world
  You're the only one
  On the big planet!

Happy Eighth of March
  And I kiss gently
  Loyally loving!

I wish you
  Many years to live,
  I will be with you
  Hard to cherish!

Congratulations on March 8 mother

Congratulations on International Women's Day
  You, Mom, want now,
And a nice, kind greeting to make up,
  To see you every hour.
  In my destiny - the only woman
  Who will caress and warmth,
  Let mummy be forever
  And you will never grow old.

Congratulations Mommy on March 8

The eighth of March - the holiday of moms,
  Knocking at the door to us again.
  Beloved mother wish
  I want no alarm at all

In its glory no doubt
  And never worry.
  I will help my mother in everything
  From all worries I will save!

Congratulate mom on March 8

Spring starts in March
  And in these beautiful days
  I want to tell my mom:
  “Congratulations my!”

I wish you, Mom,
  Warm and sunny days
  Health and a hundred kisses
  Take it from your little daughter!

I want to give you, mom
  Ray of sunshine and rustling leaves
  I want you to be proud of me
  After all, the best you!

Congratulations on March 8 mother in verse

Mommy, my dear
  Congratulations on March 8,
  On this day, I wish you:
  Let the eyes shine brightly
  Let the spring give a lot
  Delightful minutes.
  Will become bright and beautiful,
  Like a rainbow salute!

Verse from March 8 to mom

  Happy spring
  I heartily congratulate!
  Long years, love, fun
  I sincerely wish you!

Let all misfortunes melt
  And dispel adversity.
  I wish only happiness -
  Let you not age years.

So as not to leave the force,
  To be successful
  Be always so beautiful
  Smiling, tender!

Children's greetings from March 8 to mother

Women's holiday is an important occasion
  Give a bouquet of paper,
  Mom, grandma, sister,
  After all, I'm a man from the cradle!

All cooked for breakfast semolina,
  Mom was just a shock.
  And in addition to the early morning
  Festive read the poem.

Beautiful congratulations on March 8 mother

Mom, mommy, mommy!
  I congratulate you
  Since March 8 and spring!
  Best of all you have me!
  Hands are just golden
  A smile is no kinder!
  I love you, honey!
  Let there be no sad days!

Congratulations on March 8 to the mother from the daughter

Mommy my love!
  Since March 8, dear, you
  Congratulations on this day!
  Dress the best wear
  You today dear
  You are so young
  Mummy my dear!
  You are beautiful and loved
  God and children are stored!

Congratulations on March 8 mom from son

To be your son is happiness
  My dear mommy!
  Let them not come to you bad weather
  And your dream will come true!

On March 8, I wish,
  So that joy in your life came!
  Let success does not leave,
  And life will be full of good!

SMS congratulations to March 8 mother

Happy Women's Day, dear mother.
  Be healthy, as always!
  Full of life, I wish
  Young be always!

Touching congratulations on March 8 mother

In the morning i will kiss you
  And "Good morning!" I will say
  Mom, from the 8th of March,
  I love you so much!

You become more and more beautiful, mom,
  I wish you love and warmth
  And let it be realized soon.
  Your old dream!

Short greeting from March 8 to mother

On this day - the eighth of March,
  Congratulations, I send my mom
  For love, care, affection
  Thank you sincerely.
  Let it melt like snow in spring
  All problems are forever
  Beauty does not fade
  Soul happily sings!

Cool greetings from March 8 to my mother

On the eighth of March, I wish
  More often to mum to have a rest,
  Let the milk not run away,
  Let it be delicious soup again

Let the cooking succeed,
  And things always argue,
  Let the luck smile
  So that you could be happy!

Merry congratulations to my mother on March 8

Let the years rush forward -
  My mom is the best
  How pancakes she succeed!
  Well, borscht is generally a success.

Mom, on Women's Day I wish
  Be beautiful to continue
  Never despondent
  Live, love and prosper!

Beautiful verse on March 8 mom

Symbol of start life,
  Guiding compass is mine!
  On the day of this - March 8 -
  I rather hurry home:

Congratulate you with flowers
  And a smile in the bright moment.
  And I am writing to my mom today
  The best verse in the world!

Be stronger, kinder and more beautiful
  Mom - the sun, our happiness.
  Bypassing adversity, cold,
  Stay just as young!

Best greetings from March 8 to mother

Since childhood, tenderness warmed
  Caress your hands, warmth
  I was warm, I, family,
  And our whole house.

You have always been protected
  Hearth, their children,
  And with a smile not covered,
  All the more desirable and kin.

For you, dear mother,
  On the feast of March and spring,
  All the flowers of the globe
  And in reality, all dreams.

Congratulations to Mom on Women's Day

On this day, the eighth of March,
  Congratulations will send you.
  From me, from dad, brother,
  Everyone wants only you.
  Happiness is a lot, a lot of money.
  So that problems come out.
  To every monday
  There was no getting up all "scrap."
  And we wish you
  Many, many long years.
  You are the only one we know.
  And there is no better in the world.

Congratulate mom on Women's Day

My beloved mommy
  With a wonderful holiday for you,
  And on the women's day of March 8,
  Bouquet and greetings from me!

I wish you always be loved
  Over the years, only prettier,
  Health, happiness and good luck,
  Thank you for having me!

Congratulations on March 8 to the prose mother

Mommy, International Women's Day you. You have always been for me the standard of a real woman: wise, beautiful, strong and caring. I believe that every girl in the world is somewhat similar in this to you and that makes me happier to live. Happy holiday!

Congratulations on March 8 to your mother in your own words

My favorite, tender, kind, understanding mommy! On this sunny spring day, you like no one else deserve the warmest words and the best wishes in the world! March 8 is your day, because you are the best of all women, because I love you very much. Happy holiday, my dear, may every new day be a good gift!

Beautiful words of congratulations to my mother on March 8

Today, March 8 - Women's Day, the festival of spring! Let your heart bloom like everything around spring bloom. Mommy, be always beautiful, like the spring sun. Never hurt or get old. Let every day gives you only joy. You are for me the dearest man on this earth.

Congratulations on March 8
I love you, mom.
Your tenderness is immense
Like the expanses of the ocean.

Wishes from son
Happiness, joy accept.
You forgive everything, my dear,
And, as before, hug.

We are coming on March 8
We will prepare gifts
Our sweet and dear,
Our loved ones, dear!

To my mother, I greet you very much
And spring compliment,
Hurry hurry!
I want to wish mom:

You shine like a sun
Like a flower you bloom
Every day you smile
And less upset!

My dear, priceless mother,
Now, on March 8, I congratulate you.
You know that your son appreciates you very much.
I wish you, the soul of all love,
Only happiness, spring mood only,
Good luck, success, good, inspiration.
And the joy of long and immense happiness!
Let nothing be left nasty.

Congratulations to the most holy, most beautiful, most wonderful woman on the entire planet. I want to put all the flowers of the world at your feet on this beautiful spring day. I wish you great health, so that sickness and illness do not touch you for long and happy years. I wish you a great mood so that your eyes never frown and do not know the tears. Let your heart always be calm, happy and proud for your beloved son. Since March 8, dear mommy!

Today, mother, your holiday,
I love you with all my heart
I wish on the day of March 8 -
Be happy and bright.

Let joyful, kind, loved,
And congratulations from my son,
With fun just take
Do not be disheartened.

Since March 8, beloved mother,
I congratulate you from the heart.
Be beautiful, happy yourself.
Days may always be good.

May spring give you joy,
The heart will be warmed by warmth
May all your relatives appreciate you
And your house was filled with good.

Mummy my dear! You are the most wonderful in the world. You're my favorite woman, the ideal sample. your hands are the most tender, your soup is the most delicious, and your voice is stronger than any other soothingly. I congratulate you on the holiday, my dear. I want to wish you good health. Let everything in your life be fine. Never be upset and do not worry. Since March 8, mother!

Mummy my dear!
Congratulations on March 8!
And health improvements
I wish you everything.
Do not hurt and do not be sad
And do not know fatigue.
Do not ever worry.
Let it fly past the year.
With optimism and hope
Let life be serene!

Since March 8, my mother,
Son congratulates with soul,
Happiness, light and success,
Let spring only inspires!

Let the soul know no sadness
And sorrow, and longing,
Let peace be kept in your heart,
Joy and beauty.

May your fate not know
Tears, no doubt,
Be pleased with yourself
And the victories are always great!

Today is the eighth of March
And the first, as always,
I congratulate you, mom,
I say: "I love you!"

I wish you health
Smiles and kindness
And be always beautiful -
Same as always!

My sweet, kind mommy,
Since March 8, my dear,
From the heart, I congratulate you
And I wish you health, good!

And I wish you patience
After all, sometimes with me is not easy,
May you always be in the mood
Do not worry so much!

Maybe the son is not the best I am,
But I love you with all my heart
And I wish you smiles.
Take care of your beauty!

On Women's Day, rather from son
Congratulations accept.
Be happy my mom
Never be disheartened.

I am for you, dear,
Just say thank you.
For support and care
Mommy, I appreciate you.

Your wise words
In the heart forever shore.
Mom, and your eyes
I love very much!

I congratulate today
On a special day, loving,
Since March 8, dear!
All today for you!

May fate be happy
Long life given.
Stay you beautiful
Like an actress from a movie.

Do not hurt, do not cry, dear,
You drive from the heart of sadness.
I promise to be near
So now let it be!

Mom, Mommy, Mommy,
On March 8, my angel.
On the day of spring with congratulations
Son in a hurry your favorite.

I wish you healthy
You have always been, always
Joyful, happy, bright,
Do not be depressed ever!

Happy women,
Mom, congratulations!
Be healthy you always
I wish you joy.

In life, let you carry,
There will be a lot of happiness
There will be sun all year round
Bypass bad weather.

I congratulate you on Women's Day,
My mom dear
You always know that your son
Adores you so much
Healthy, mommy, you be
Happy joyful blooming
With you it is always so good
After all, you are not in the world better!

Can you be proud
Mom, her son,
Hereby brought up
You are my man.

I am not afraid of thunderstorms,
Storms do not care
Always standing you, mom,
Over my shoulder.

Happily, let it not be
Neither the end nor the edge
More than anyone in the world
Love you, honey.

There is no better mother
For me you are a sunshine ray,
I love you, appreciate
And thank you for everything.

And whatever happens, mom,
I'll stand up for you,
Live, darling, do not know troubles
And never be disheartened!

Mom my dear,
I have you gold.
Your son respects you,
On March 8 congratulates.

At the resorts you go
And you rest your soul.
Let dreams come true,
Good luck smiles!

Congratulations on Women's Day,
Mom dear.
You are always with me,
Only helping.

Take it from your son now
Loud “thank you”.
Be always healthy
Joyful, beautiful.

Mom, I congratulate you on March 8! I wish you tons of happiness, oceans of positive, sea of \u200b\u200btenderness and attention. May your heart always be filled with warmth and love. Health to you, dear, mutual understanding, care and many, many good and good events! I love you!

As a connoisseur of beauty,
I say without a doubt
Mom, more beautiful than you,
There are no women in the universe!

On March 8, be always
The brightest, kindest,
Let you bear the year
The warmth and happiness of the mountain!

Mom, Women's Day from son
Congratulations accept.
In life, avoid routine
Never be disheartened.

Be happy the most
Smile and joke
Brighter than the sun in the sky, mom,
I, darling, shine!

You are the best mom in the world, even though I am not one of the best sons. Since March 8, my dear and beloved. I wish you great health, mood and well-being, wonderful ideas, moments and days in life. Mom, stay with me always the most beautiful, charming, excellent and gentle. And may all the desires of your kind and sensitive heart be surely fulfilled.

Mommy, mommy,
How glittering eyes.
Oh, what mommy,
You woke up in the morning.

Cheeks - like berries,
Sponges - scarlet color.
No more beautiful mommy
Bypass at least the light.

On this spring day,
I give flowers.
On women's day I wish
Happiness and love.

Congratulations, mom,
Take it from your son
Of all the women I have
You are the most beloved.

Dispersed troubles
Joy settled,
Your years of life
Mommy extended.

So you don't know
Sorrow and grief
And all these years
Happy to become.

Always be healthy, mom,
Kind, tender, young,
I admire you
And always proud of you.

May all wishes come true,
Gives joy life let,
With its light, dear,
Light my life.

I wish March 8
With you it was all year round.
I congratulate you, mom,
Let miracle waiting for you everywhere.

I wish you to smile.
You smile so goes.
What has not worked for a long time
Let it come to you.

Let the sun shine today
Brighter and warmer for mom.
Let spring give her
The first flowers of the year.

I wish you a son
Infinite health
Joy under the blue sky
Days filled with love!

Today we congratulate
Our dear ladies.
All without exception
But especially moms.

Dear, dear,
Happy holiday to you.
Happiness and health
For many years.

Let the eyes shine
Do not know the bitter tears.
And the problems are melting
Under the weight of beautiful roses.

Let the heart be
Lightness and spring.
Let people be near
Faithful friends.

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Dear women, we congratulate you on March 8! We wish you a timeless beauty, tenderness and love. Let your dreams come true and every new day brings only.

march 8th congratulations and wishes
Written by Baramar
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