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Knowledge speaks wisdom listens
July 31, 2019 Anniversary Wishes 2 comments

Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens. Jimi Hendrix Knowledge is proud that she knows so much; Wisdom is humble that she knows no more. Cowper.

Knowledge Speaks, But Wisdom Listens

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“Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens.” – Jimi Hendrix

This quote is widely attributed to Jimi Hendrix, one of the most influential pop rock electric guitarist, but there is no actual evidence of it. However, there is proof that Oliver Wendell Holmes wrote a similar statement: “It is the province of knowledge to speak, and it is the privilege of wisdom to listen.”

Ancient Greek philosopher Socrates once wrote, “The only true wisdom is knowing you know nothing.” Knowledge is defined as the accumulation of facts while wisdom delves deeper and even doubting its accuracy. Wisdom investigates the important aspects of life, not just the superficial. While knowledge seeks to impart information, wisdom seeks to understand. In this sense, wisdom is more interested in listening than in speaking.

According to a study, people spend 70 to 80 percent of their waking hours in communication. 9% is spent on writing, 16% on reading, 30% on speaking, and 45% on listening. However, the study also confirmed that most people do not know how to listen well. Research shows that the average person listens at only about 25% efficiency.

An effective listener gets more information, gains other people’s trust, and knows how to handle conflicts better. Yet these people are rare because of the many distractions that hinder effective listening. Listening to an average speaker takes only 25% of brain capacity, leaving the 75% free to wander.

Despite the distractions, effective listening is still an acquirable skill, one that would set you above the rest. To quote Doug Larson: “Wisdom is the reward you get for a lifetime of listening when you’d have preferred to talk.”

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Knowledge speaks but wisdom listens. Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens. AwakeningPray. More information. Article by. Jan Lotter. 14.

Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens.

knowledge speaks wisdom listens




"Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens" -Jimi Hendrix


They say that knowledge is power. Is it really? I mean, is just "knowing" enough? What about experience? Nothing can top experience. That's where you get wisdom. To me, wisdom.. now that's power. Taking the struggles, the pain and the beauty, living it, breathing it. That's power. Knowledge is overrated. Sure, you can read about a genetically altered bunny who can glow in the dark, but wow.. to see it, look at the radiance of sea creature in furry, fluffy form. That's wisdom, to me.


It's the exposure. That's what makes you truly wise. Being exposed. Out there, for all the world to see. This is me. Take it or leave it, pal. Exposing yourself to new cultures, new ideas.. Taking that empty sheet of paper and seeing it for the canvas that it truly is. Learn from everyone, learn from no one. Make your future from your yesterday. Expose your flaws, but more importantly expose your ideas. Lay them out there. Who cares if they're mocked?! Who cares is you're the only one who sees it that way right now?! That's what's so great about them! They're YOURS to do that with!


Expose yourself to tragedy.


You can hear on the news about the families ripped from each other in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, the homes and lives completely washed away.. How their world is utterly destroyed. But to see it, to feel the agony of a mother who can not find her child, or a child who's grandmother is dying in his tiny arms. To see the fear in a child's eyes. The pain in an adult's. That is to experience.


Expose yourself to beauty.


..more to come..

This is a very interesting discussion on knowledge and wisdom. I support the idea that “knowing is not enough.” Knowledge to me is only half the battle. Knowledge for me is reading or learning about something that I may or may not use in a practical sense. For example, during the first day of class, I thought that the “lecture” about the wiki was all I needed to know about it in order to use it effectively. However, after logging onto the course website, I realized that what I heard or saw in class was only a guide. At first I was lost, but after experiencing the wiki for myself one evening, I gained wisdom about wikis. Before my personal experience with the wiki, I would have been able to inform someone about what it is, but not able to explain to them how to use it. Another example that “knowledge is not enough” is with regards to the business world. I have learned many facts, statistics, figures, and what not relating to the business world as a business major. However, I know that my wisdom regarding the business world will not surface until I actually experience it. It is going to take me being fired, transferred, laid-off, promoted or another unforeseen experience to feel what the business world is really like. At that point, I will feel that I possess at least some wisdom about the business world, not just knowledge about tangible concepts from a textbook.

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Knowledge Speaks - Wisdom Listens.

knowledge speaks wisdom listens

Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens. – Jimi Hendrix

How well do you listen? How much do you learn when you’re talking?

What does that mean?
I like this one. Not only is the quote spot-on, it’s from a Rock-n-Roll guitar god. Who would expect such an incredible bit of insight from such a source? Not too many, I would imagine.

The quote says that knowledge speaks. Those with knowledge are usually more than willing to share what they know with those who are interested. And sometimes with those who have absolutely no interest, but simply happened to be near by. You’ve probably known a few people like that. Sometimes they even know what they’re talking about!

The quote then says that wisdom listens. Wisdom tends to get that way by finding the knowledge beyond the common knowledge. How many times have you found out that what you thought was the whole truth was only a tiny part of it?

While sometimes it’s an extension of knowledge (Higgs Boson, anyone?), other times it becomes wisdom (the growth of love from infatuation, to true love, to the love of your children, to the love of family, community and humanity, and sometimes beyond, to include all living things).

Why is listening important? 
A wise man once said his ears never got him in trouble, his mouth was a different matter entirely. To me, this is a big part of the quote. Being quiet and listening, instead of always talking, no matter how much you may know about a subject.

When I was younger, my mom would often say to me “Don’t tell me how to build a clock, just tell me the time!” I was very fond of explaining everything in excruciating detail. I was proud of my knowledge and I inflicted it on anyone who would sit still long enough.

Is that a great way to make friends? I don’t think so. It tends to be at least a little annoying at best, and flat out rude at worst. The better course of action, the wiser one (at least according to the quote) is to shut your mouth and listen.

You rarely learn anything by talking. However, when you are listening, you are far more likely to get useful information. Even if some of you assumptions are challenged, you will learn something when you go back and double check what you thought was true.

It could be that there has been new information discovered since last you looked. Imagine how foolish you’d have looked if you’d been talking instead of listening!

Where can I apply this in my life?
Personally, I try to only add enough to a conversation to keep it going and not seem like a complete wall-flower. I might add a comment to try to steer the conversation back on topic if someone tries to wander off into the weeds, but usually, I just listen.

You can do the same. Try to hang around people who know things about which you wish to learn more. In this way, you gain useful (and hopefully correct) information. If you hang around people who only know as much as you, how will you learn more?

If, however, you ever find yourself stuck in such a situation, you could use that time to practice being wise and keeping quiet and sharpening your listening skills. Talking takes a fair amount of brain power, and often speakers miss important cues from the people they are lecturing.

The listener hasn’t much else to do besides listen, so they can more easily look around and figure out which of the people there are the most knowledgeable, and who the listener might want to meet again for the purpose of learning even more.

One thing I haven’t mentioned is the direct question. If you are known as a subject matter expert, people will come to you and ask questions. You can take that as a proper time to speak, but I try instead to pass on knowledge.

In these situations, I try to answer as little as possible, but rather I try to lead them through the steps towards the solution. Unless it’s a simple process, it probably won’t stick with them the first time, but I try to be patient with them.

After a while, you’ll find that they only come to you with really hard problems. And, to me, that is where wisdom has shown itself. You have listened to their questions, and seen beyond that to their needs, and helped them gain the knowledge they seek.

And if they follow that pattern, they may become wise as well, and pass that wisdom to their friends. That’s a good thing, just ask any tech-savvy person who is tech-support for their family or neighborhood. 8)

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Knowledge Speaks, Wisdom Listens. An illustration of a Jimi Hendrix quote. 14. 465. 2. Published: February 8th 2013.

Knowledge Speaks, But Wisdom Listens

knowledge speaks wisdom listens

“Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens.”

― Jimi Hendrix

Too often in life we seek only to be heard instead of truly listening to, and understanding those who matter to us most– the ones that we love in this world. Jimi knew, and it would serve us well (me especially) to heed his wise words. At the end of the day, it’s the love that we give and receive– in other words, relationships, that make this life beautiful and worth living. Sometimes we must decrease so that the relationship can increase. After all, what’s more important–  being happy, or proving how smart we are and being right all the time?

Jimi Hendrix, 1967  Image by © Gered Mankowitz

Jimi Hendrix, 1967 ― Image by© Gered Mankowitz

Jimi Hendrix, 1967 ― Image by© Gered Mankowitz

Jimi Hendrix, 1967 ― Image by© Gered Mankowitz

Jimi Hendrix, 1967 ― Image by© Gered Mankowitz

“I’m the one that’s got to die when it’s time for me to die, so let me live my life the way I want to.”

― Jimi Hendrix

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“Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens.” – Jimi Hendrix. This quote is widely attributed to Jimi Hendrix, one of the most influential pop rock.

knowledge speaks wisdom listens
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