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Just hurt me
January 18, 2019 Anniversary Wishes 3 comments

Funnily enough, it makes me think about my past relationships. all the failed relationships just because you were hurt, and you should never.

Have you ever felt so upset with someone for hurting your feelings that you didn't want to ever speak to them again? It's a common scenario: someone says something that's rude, accuses you of doing something wrong, or in some way makes you defensive. But does harboring dislike, revenge, even hate, do any good? Does it make us feel any better or does it just create more stress?

It's important that we acknowledge what we are feeling--all the anger, unfairness and aversion. Repressed feelings means they'll just come up again at some point, most likely when another situation triggers a similar response. But negative emotions sap our energy, and they can spread like wildfire, like a single match that can burn down an entire forest.

Negativity also creates an emotional bond with the abuser, so that we keep replaying the drama and conflict over in our heads, justifying our own behavior and dismissing theirs. In the process we become a not-very-nice person.

Anger, aggression and bitterness are like thieves in the night who steal our ability to love and care. Is it possible to turn that negativity around and chill out so we can actually wish our abuser well? This may sound challenging, or even absurd, but it can make life's difficulties far more tolerable.

1. Recognize no one harms another unless they are in pain themselves. Ever noticed how, when you're in a good mood, it's hard for you to harm or hurt anything? You may even take the time to get a spider out of the sink. But if you're in a bad mood or are feeling very stressed, then how easy it is to wash it down the drain.

2. No one can hurt you unless you let them. Hard to believe, as no one actually wants to be hurt but it's true. When someone hurts us, we are inadvertently letting them have an emotional hold over us. Instead, if someone yells at you, let them yell, it makes them happy!

3. Respect yourself enough that you want to feel good. Deb did this with her father, an abusive and angry man. Deb made the decision that she wouldn't respond to him with negativity, so she turned it around within herself and began to wish him well. He died recently and Deb was able to feel total closure.

4. Consider how you may have contributed to the situation. It's all too easy to point fingers and blame the perpetrator but no difficulty is entirely one-sided. So contemplate your piece in the dialogue or what you may have done to add fuel to the fire. Even when he feels he is 100% right, Ed always looks at a difficulty to see what part he played in it.

5. Extend kindness. That doesn't mean you're like a doormat that lets others trample all over you while you just lie there and take it. But it does mean letting go of negativity sooner than you might have done before, so that you can replace it with compassion. Like an oyster that may not like that irritating grain of sand in its shell but manages to transform the irritation into a beautiful and precious pearl.

6. Meditate. Meditation takes the heat out of things and helps you cool off, so you don't over react. A daily practice we use is where we focus on a person we may be having difficulty with or is having a difficulty with us. We hold them in our hearts and say: "May you be well! May you be happy! May all things go well for you!"

Ed & Deb are authors of many books. Deb is the author of Your Body Speaks Your Mind, now in 19 languages. They have three meditation CDs. See more at

Have you ever felt so upset with someone for hurting your feelings that you Does it make us feel any better or does it just create more stress?.

When you hurt me I just smile, because my smile is

just hurt me

My husband hurt me deeply

My husband, who I loved so much, recently died. And she was really horrified, and felt awful. It floored me. However neatly packed, anything you haven't put to good use for more than a year is probably a burden rather than a blessing. I guess the excitement of the affair kept me happier. how to forgive a person who once was forgiven…but keeps repeating thesame mistakes and treated you worthless…to forgive is easy to say. If it was just a day trip and he didn’t think to mention it, then probably not, That’d just be regular daily My husband had a divorce and left me for no reason i suffered from emotional stress and pains for 3 good years but all thanks to Doctor Osemu Okpamen for getting back the love of my life with his My Husband Always Says Hurtful Things To Me. He is going on deployment for about ten months. "It deeply saddens me that my former friend is battling with his demons and has decided to go this low to hurt me. Lesson one: my husband was dead and there was no way of knowing what ramifications his death would bring to me beyond the acknowledgement that there was a pain I had never known now living inside me. I no longer feel like the same person in the same marriage. I’ve been working on connecting the dots between childhood injuries (a ton) and trying to right the wrongs of my past in my adult relationships which has created more injury. Read Me, My Husband's Boss and His Wife - Free Sex Story on xHamster. 5 Ways to Respond to a Critical I was surprised she thought THAT would hurt me less then hearing he was a guy she dated. I wish I knew how to say it better. I do not forgive my ex-husband for what he did, but neither do I concern myself much with him. A Heartbreaking Open Letter To The Person Who Cheated On Me This husband's story is about his wife who made the mistake of giving into a one-night stand and And after the affair started I stopped fighting with my husband so much. It will take time for wounds to heal. Hate can never conquer this great passion. Lauren Eberspacher . My husband hates me because he thinks that I’m somke kind of lesser person, a woman. so i will never experience breaking a virgin i ask myself. 19 Sep 2019 Be honest about what makes you orgasm, and what hurts or bores you. This situation has hurt me deeply. You were a child entrusted in my care and my anger and mood swings made you insecure. The deeper the hurt, the thicker the lies we told. It is very hard this time around. Here's what works for me and my husband: - White noise. I am having a difficult time dealing with my husband’s cheating. The inside, though, was rampant with abuse, disrespect, and pain. I couldn't believe that my husband would disrespect me so badly. Trust me, in my time in the full-time ministry I went as far as having the elders of the church pray I don’t mind being criticized by my boss, readers, or even my neighbors…but when my husband criticizes me, it really hurts. I am deeply, deeply sorry. He won’t even get up and fix himself something to eat and sits in a recliner all day and screams out orders to me and my 2 year old. I’m sorry I emotionally abused you. It did not go well at all. Sadly, it wasn’t until I read those words in the voices of other men that I began to believe and understand. This is perhaps just the exit situation I need. We have been married for a few months now, and in all these days, my husband has been very loving (to a fault) and affectionate but there are times when he fights with me and turns verbally and physically abusive. She is hurting deeply and I don’t know how to help her. It will finally lose in emotional war of this bastion. to dig deeper and deeper into the core of who you are and not only love  20 Aug 2015 The problem starts "when a couple is engaged in constant negative interaction, My husband does most of the cooking, and I handle the finances. Otherwise our argument wouldn't have mattered to me and I wouldn't be taking the time to write this letter. Q. Let the rain come then if it must come! And let it wash away the dust that hurt my eyes!” ― Jocelyn Soriano, Mend My Broken Heart Hi Natalie, thank you for this insight. It does not call upon the sun when dark clouds have loomed over me. In fact, that is why many a woman will take out a restraining order against her husband or forbid him from contacting her. That hurt me deeply to hear that divorce was even a possibility in her mind  2 Nov 2016 Well where to start my husband has a child and so do I His child used to come live with us once fortnight snd all the school Read more on  28 Jun 2017 Every relationship has its ups and downs. Soon he was grunting and then stiffened his back and shot his load of cum deep inside me. When you hurt me, it showed me who really cared about me when you displayed that you did not. The moment those words left my lips I knew that I couldn't act fast enough to retract them. The funny thing about saying “You hurt my feelings” is that it implies “What you did was wrong,” but it only implies it was wrong because my feelings were hurt. Home→Forums→Tough Times→Inlaws hate me, husband allows it New Reply This topic contains 33 replies, has 22 voices, and was last updated by Marisa 2 years, 6 months ago. . But mostly, I felt betrayed. As to my husband, I will never tell him. ” Here’s a look at why people look to blame another when they feel hurt. " I was stunned and devastated. I have a son. He would be devastated and I know he would never be able to forgive me. It was during the last few weeks of my college semester that I found out he was flirting with and giving out his # to other womenhe was having deep emotional conversations and even saying he wanted to get with them. Page 3 - Indian housewife becomes mistress to a guest. What can I do if my husband is not repentant over moral failure? and how deeply it can hurt. At some point, isn’t that intent of some sort? I get you’re not trying to hurt me. until we’ve talked about it a hundred times, and I’ve told him how hurtful it is- a thousand times, but he’s done the same hurtful thing over and over and over again, anyway. The more My husband left me for his secretary, who acted as my friend. True, but when you are in the “Down” it hurts. Wife Abandonment – My husband suddenly left me. He found pics I had sent him of me, he went through emails. My husband is having a baby with his mistress. I was getting pressure from people in my life who were not agreeable with me speaking to my husband again but wasn’t that my choice? I decided if my husband and I were to have any future together again, I couldn’t do it on a bed of lies and so I told him about the affair yesterday. We meet when he was in college and I just moved to the US. But most of those offered up the obvious stuff, and I wanted to know the subtle, little things about what to do when your husband leaves. In that moment without realizing it I hurt my husband in a way it don’t know if I can ever How to Tell a Man He Has Hurt You. No matter how much you try to be the best wife for him, it’s never enough. Never mind it wasn’t true, or, that it hurt my feelings deeply. At some point, the actions of others may result in you getting hurt. My husband died before I found out he cheated on me. ” The reason it hurts is because it often involves lots of lossess: A loss of safety in the relationship, a loss of trust, a loss of the feeling that you are deeply loved and will be cared for and protected. You were my darkness and it took me too long to realize this. An article for those a bit further along in the process of surving being left behind. feels like… but if i had a husband who i can connect deeply and cares for me on an emotional level  25 Apr 2018 Ruth was in her mid seventies when her husband passed away, Her husband battled When someone who hurt you dies it can be mix of emotions. Home > Guy's Behavior > A letter to someone who has hurt you I feel so guilty for cheating on my husband. 16 Jun 2019 My husband is a changed man, very loving towards me. When someone has hurt you—deeply to your soul—it’s tempting to want to shut down and shut off; to give in and give up; to get bitter, resentful, depressed—and all before breakfast! This soul-shutting-down tendency reminds me of those classic zombie horror movies. I had dropped the kids off at school, put in a load of laundry, and sat down at our kitchen table to tackle some long 'Shahs of Sunset' star Mercedes "MJ" Javid has responded to the news that her former bestie, Reza Farahan as taken out a restraining order against her husband, Tommy Feight. I hate my husband deeply. By … Continue Reading about Letter To My Husband: You Are The Medicine That Soothed My Wounds People come to me saying, “My husband blames me for everything,” or “My wife blames me for everything. I either trusted you implicitly, assuming you’d never intentionally hurt me, or A cycle that many married couples fall into when a hurt occurs in their marriage is to clam up about the issue, withdraw from one another, dwell too much on the hurt, hold onto a grudge, walk on eggshells around one another, dig in their heels on the issue, allow bitterness to build, and end up in a cold war and deep disillusionment. Had asked him to let me know he was okay and commented that if he was dumping me it was crappy way to do so after ‘Don’t give up on me. Today I had the discussion with my husband. He was in depression as I was away from him even after marriage. This is the place to chat about your relationships with your in-laws, parents and other relatives, and get support I would say something like, ” Honey, I realize that I have sinned against God and against you. Many of us automatically look for someone to blame when we get mad. My husband constantly cheats. This letter make me open my eyes it’s time to move on iam so hurt in side but I can’t do it anymore I love her she my best friend an I am in love with her but she just rips my heart out iam sad all the time 6 months ago we were in love now it’s time to say goodbye thank you for opening my eyes ? So when an ex-spouse dies it is normal to grieve the loss. Our spouse is the person we're closest to. I know that you wouldn’t deliberately hurt me, but when it seems that you don’t care about my feelings, it does hurt me very much. He has hurt me deeply and periodically I have flashback explosions. But mere understanding does not chase away the hurt. They are supposed to be our emotional safe spot in the world so when they say something hurtful, the pain runs deeply. Keep checking your own attitude and actions. Let me just say- he is a fantastic dad and provider but as a lover/husband he stinks. see he was distraught and I didn't want to hurt him anymore at that point. “Relationships are like glass. We walk in and guess who i see in the room. We have hurt eachother a lot but also love eachother deeply. I want answers from my husband. Now he never seems interested and says I want it too much. I'm afraid to move on, too. I can’t take your anger anymore. Open this photo in gallery: In other words, it's better to say, "I feel hurt that you haven't been returning my calls," than, "You're a I was experiencing what experts now call betrayal trauma. He said the reason he fell so deeply in love with me was partly because he But what happens when a woman comes to you broken because of her husband’s sexual sin? When she is broken because another person has sinned against her deeply, in a very intimate and personal way? I won’t ever forget the first time this happened to me. Hi I'm Kristel known as Anpanman Jin and I like to make ff! I hope you enjoy watching it, and if you have a question just dm me in my social media♡ Please educate yourself on what a narcissist is. I love my ex more than I love my husband. " "For them, it's like a birthday. This was my place of death. He took most of what l said as an attack and retreated to arguing on every point and making life uncomfortable for myself and our son. She had no idea that she would hurt me so much. If you have lived in the same home for years, you probably have a lot of stuff stored   23 Aug 2019 A cycle that many married couples fall into when a hurt occurs in their marriage If you are hurt by something your spouse said or didn't say or  Dear Reddit, My husband had a work trip to Vegas, and some of his coworkers were bringing wives, so he asked me months ago to come. 14 Mar 2018 I Hate My Husband — Now What? a therapist is what's behind hate is anger, and what's behind anger is hurt,” says Rachel Sussman, LCSW. when he dishes out hurt upon I kept a piece of my heart away from you in case you hurt me. I have forced myself on him , written letters, made request for love including hand holding or hugs, and he doesn’t want me. Can I forgive and forget? The reason you are here is most probably recently you had a breakup with your girlfriend/boyfriend, caught your man cheating on you or thinking of rebuilding a failed relationship or you are seeking a divorce and ending your marriage. She said, in part: "within the past couple of years, my husband has started constantly saying hurtful things to me whenever I do something that he doesn't like. Apart from domestic  My Husband Hurt Me Deeply: How To Get Over Hurt Feelings From Husband. All behind our back. After 23 years of marriage and three very godly kids, my husband cheated on me If I wanted to move on and have a happier life, it was MANDATORY for me to forgive all those who hurt me so I could move on with my life and leave the pain, past and hurt all behind. He knows I am hurt with all the things he's making me feel. My husband, you can’t love away my abuse or trauma, but just knowing you want to, makes my world feel whole. I would be strong, I would cope and carry on. However, it was kind of a "semi" breakup at that point. I wanted to die as well, if no other reason than to stop the very physical pain. It will only escalate an already bad situation. In those moments, my husband felt like an opposing force to me. I hang my head like a hurt puppy when he's around because I'm scared to stand up for myself. "It had never worried me because he didn't like her," says Grant. Ask questions like, What exactly caused the hurt in the first place? What behaviors or attitudes do I hold on to that cause more hurt? How do I plan to make the necessary changes? What might God be showing me through my spouse’s inability to The day I found out my husband had cheated on me was a very ordinary one. If the problems are deeper and you discover that your marriage is in peril,  I can't stop myself from being mad at my husband, and it's ruining our marriage. And I have been very controlling and tried to be in charge and fought your God-given leadership in our marriage. com. Here’s what to do if your A few years ago he told me he has been struggling with masturbation since he was 13. Probably, you will wonder if your husband can really love Before I talk about a situation that deeply hurt my feelings, I'd like to provide a brief background on my relationship. My husband Mahesh said to me, " I have I was so busy telling him why his not coming to Costa Rica was wrong and why his worries were lame that he had no idea what was really happening for me. but it just hurt me knowing that he One night, while enjoying a lovely cocktail hour with my husband, I blurted it out. How Do I Overcome the Grief from My Husband’s Death? who worshiped me, now hated me, and it hurt so bad because I don’t think he was kidding. He tells my 13yr old son bad things about me and my kids come home from their place with unpleasant stories and inappropriate language. why is it always ME searching for the words to speak to my husband so that he does not My husband died just a few days after you posted your comment (2016). I have been married with my wife for 5 years and recently she broke up with me and it hurt me deeply when she told me to leave her alone and that she does not love me anymore when i was always faithful and honest to her. It's as if he knows exactly what button to push that is going to make me the most upset or hurt me the worst. My husband and I are close to your age and have the exact problem. He doesn’t seem to understand how his affair affected me and continues to affect me. I felt sad and hurt and lonely and a whole bundle of emotions all at once. I was wrong. There is a painful mismatch between our expectations and the reality of what happened. ) My husband and I have been married for 18 years and we have 3 children. I have been hurt deeply by the betrayal, but mostly by the verbal abuse that has been happening from my ex. This can be the first and most common reason. Then there are nights when he drinks just enough to find me irresistible. but my husband were unfaithful in more than 1 occasion. After we got married I've noticed that he could get too irritated for no reason. But my feelings, as he made his decision, were My post “7 Ways a Wife Injures a Husband…Without Even Knowing It” has been a popular (and unpopular) post. I want to put He would hurt me deeply and leave for a night or two if I became angry. He rarely showed any form of anger to me, and even at the slightest bit of discord he would confess his sin and ask my forgiveness. I could feel his pain, I was cheating on my husband and he knew it. I felt ashamed and then resentful. The hardness that came with this protection gave me a false bravado that if things didn’t work out and we parted, I would be fine. Then, once he accepts the issue and agrees to help you deal with it, you can move on to trying some different techniques. My husband has never shown an interest in having sex with me. I see my hurt cycle. I have hurt her deeply and she doesn’t trust me any longer. if left unattended, They can turn into major debilitating problems. He told me he loved me as he kissed me goodbye. ” My husband looked shocked and hurt. Guys, we injure our wives. You should be able to look someone in the eye and tell them: You hurt my feelings! Women often do not want to rock the boat, and end up resenting their man because of it. guess he thought I was too emo to deal with as he ignored my emails. Enjoy our HD porno videos on any device of your choosing! Top 5 signs your husband is dominating and controlling indicates how much of a man’s world married life still is. She has felt out-of-control and at his mercy for many years, and thinks that she will remove her husband's power to hurt her if she creates a "husband-free" zone. The first time we met, Rod asked to hear the story of Marty. I feel like she wants me and her husband; this is killing me; I just want to women, and now her husband knows and threatens to hurt me… 5 Jun 2019 How a story I wrote about our sex life hurt my husband and changed our First, I let her read the story that was worrying me most, “When I say  The Surprising Reason You Become Deeply Upset With Your Partner When you're this hurt and convinced your partner is the cause of your pain, you're almost certainly sense of anxiety or panic during an argument with your spouse ?. . I decided to stick it out with him because I felt he was going through a mid-life crisis. I can’t fuck you like you need. Am I right to be concerned, or am I overreacting?” Many women share this concern. Why does he hurt me I just don't understand. I have been asking myself, if my husband told me about his pornography issues before we got married . Your story sounds just like me. 1 Dec 2015 “I love this woman and she says she loves me deeply, she tells me we are in love . His reply to me than was that he would just go out and have sex with someone else. com! I had been deeply straight and loyal wife. I can accept that my husband isn’t hurting me on purpose…. It’s not something you did. I hurt my ex-boyfriend a lot, too. I grew up with a father who never hurt me or disappointed me. My husband is a good man, a great father and hasn't done me anything except for the fact that he's not affectionate, not into foreplay and never wants to “It deeply saddens me that my former friend is battling with his demons and has decided to go this low to hurt me,” Javid told Page Six on Thursday. She hears and feels deeper than you do. When I don't have my three kids attached at my hip, you can find me bringing meals into the fields, dancing in my kitchen, making our house a home, and chatting over a piece of pie with my girl friends. You know, those unconscious Skip forward one year, my husband says he loves me and is sorry he has hurt me and wants to try to work this marriage out. hurt and pained says: September 20 9 Suggestions for Winning Back The Heart Of Your Wife and have deeply deeply hurt my wife. I have been a Christian for my whole adult life and I know that God will never leave me. It was usually about something he didn’t do (that I thought he should have done) or something he said (that I thought he shouldn’t have said). If that “Down” is because something that your husband  The hurting people who come to see me are trying to cope with anger, Her emotionally distant spouse may cling to stubborn, evasive patterns of relating. Acknowledge your husband's deeply felt pain and if he cries, allow him to do so without judgment. One day, as I was yelling at my son Josh, who was about 2 ½, he looked up at me with tears running down his cheeks and said, "Mommy, when you yell at me, I feel like I'm gonna die. But to save his job, I turned a slut. It took me that long to find a husband who could unflinchingly face my life experience, know how it affected me, and actually like that about me. Your Husband’s Hurt My husband had told me, countless times, how he felt about the lack of sexual intimacy in our marriage. Buzz hadn't worn a condom and had just shot his cum into me. My husband of 15 years becomes Eleven years after meeting him, we had our first child, three years later, the second. I had so deeply shut out knowing about my own hurt that when I had children, I thought nothing about yelling at them. Husband leaving me. “You don’t love me anymore,” he said, lowering my wife told me that she was not a virgin before we got married, myself was a virgin and only lost it to her. We climaxed together, him never letting go of my hair and me never looking away from where my husband was sitting. Nor did she forget. He hurt me deeply 5-6 years ago and I cut off contact for my own health. David also remembers feeling that if significant suffering is what is required to be used significantly by God, then perhaps he would Sex Should NOT Hurt. I feel sorry for my husband because of this. Im so stressed but trying to relax. I tired to tell my husband his two emotional affairs hurt me deeply and are as bad as a sexaully affair he tired to brush it off as no big deal ! How can I make him see it cause as much damage to our marriage ? I often am contacted by women who tell me things like, “my husband often hurts my feelings and doesn’t care” or “he is a . On May 3 my husband took my cell phone at 3 in the morning and found a message from him on a chat app I was using to talk to him. I can't sleep if I can hear another person breathing, let alone snoring. 2 Apr 2019 When this happens, it's only a matter of time before sentiments such as "my husband hurt me deeply” become a norm. I thought I was doing all the right things to be a good wife, but it wasn’t until I learned the 6 Intimacy Skills that things turned around to give me the playful, passionate marriage I have today. sad poems filtered by tag hurt. We are different and the way we respond to our wife often causes injury. Excuse my sarcasm. I do wholeheartedly apologize to Kim. He than remarked later on that day wondering if we would have sex and I told him no I don't feel like it. Everything is suddenly my fault. All of my life, I had my eye on the prize: being married to my one true soulmate. Should I Forgive My Husband? Going through the pain after infidelity is painful. When I was feeling so hurt and angry, the last thing I wanted to do was have sex. Sometimes it’s better to leave them broken than hurt yourself trying to put it back together. I had just been fucked by the first person other than my husband. My husband and I did start calling on her a little more for help. She usually doesn't say bad things to me but today she told me for the first time she hates me and it hurt me deeply, my son has never said that, he has said he wishes things were different or maybe he would want to live somewhere else but always apologizes to me and says he didn't mean it. You have hurt me for the last time. Over this summer, while he was working out of state, we were in contact (about once every ten days or so, and speaking strictly as platonic friends). by Cynthia (Contra Costa County) My husband has been having an affair with a woman for about 2 years. T by Toliversh. Sometimes, she would call my husband and offer to pick up our daughter and meet him at the house so he could feed her and get her ready for bed, while my mom prepared dinner. “I just wish you’d fuck someone else. From the bottom of my heart, Your deeply flawed But my boyfriend made it clear to me that he did see a future with me. “This year I filed for divorce but he reached out to me and told me he wants to save My husband would not move out of our rented home, so I took the kids and left. Parwaiz pulled his somewhat limp cock out of my body but my spasms hadn’t yet ceased and I was in a state of breathless shock. I am now re-married to an absolutely wonderful, affectionate, loving honorable man who I am very deeply in love with. (though my husband does not think it is cheating if it is online but that rule only applys to him). At age 40, I am not a makeup wearing kind of gal. Kenya Moore: Cynthia Bailey Deeply Hurt Me | The Real Housewives of Atlanta Blog Caught my husband on another dating site I have been married to my husband for more than 10 years. Emotional Abuse (Part I): Husbands Who Hurt, Wives Who Love Hurting you hurts him too. Even though we are divorced, we still go back and forth. CUBA and helped me put everything in order and my husband came back R ecently I was contacted by one of my readers whose husband, as she described, acts like he hates her. When I confront him about it, he says that there’s nothing wrong with looking, and he has no intention to do anything more. would I have married him. I know people say this a lot, especially wives. 27 Mar 2019 So your husband talks to another woman; it hurts you but he doesn't Making love is not just a physical experience for me; it's deeply intimate. My son's tattoo hurt me deeply. One big problem in many marriages is the husband doesn't Got mad at him, told him he hurt my feelings and told him he was cold, insenstive and stuff. heal my broken heart first…strengthen my faith to you…. its hurts u deeply and u lose ur self esteem it took me a good while  29 Jan 2014 The key here is that you can't talk to her like you might talk to another guy. If you are feeling lost and hurt by this chain of events and this huge life turmoil, you are in the right place for help. I felt his cock grow inside me. All of us do. it hurt a lot to hear that, we went to therapy, and the therapist assured me my husband was deeply in love with me and i should not feel betrayed ( that was how i felt), well, he has not left his addiction and recently he said he feels disgusted by that and he Q: My husband of 18 years, who was divorced before we met, has two daughters. That’s why I wrote, What to Do Immediately When Your Husband Leaves You and then followed that up with this article. As your lover is married, it will hurt whoever he has in his life too. Please deeply in my heart; I am begging you to forgive me no matter what it could be. My husband and I grew increasingly distant. If someone whom I cared about had said such things to me, I would have reacted the same way. ’: Wife suffering from PTSD thanks husband for staying with her through ‘horrific pain’ 'My Husband Sold Me To A Brothel' Over the course of seven months, journalists Corinne Redfern and Allison Joyce followed the lives of sex workers in Bangladesh as part of an exclusive Watch Wife and sitter fuck her husband online on YouPorn. How did you keep it from your husband? My husband was always very involved in his work and that hadn’t changed. A year ago, my husband and I started looking to buy our first home, and we did so with the full intention that my boyfriend I just found out my husband [35/M] cheated on me [33/F] a week before our wedding (together 14 years, married 9). Whenever I see or talk to you, I just end up feeling depressed, angry, and upset for weeks afterwards. I totally feel your pain and hurt. I was very wrong. And he's even said in the past that my job is to listen to him when he rants & shut up and take it. It made me question my judgment, my marriage, and my ability to trust and to love. My husband has hurt me deeply how can I move on . If you see another sad post on Facebook which shows how deeply a person is hurt, maybe it’s time to stop and think. We never have sex, he doesn't try, he doesn't care, he doesn't want me. It bothers me until my husband puts a lot The only hand I needed was my own. He also watches porn and I thought that was the problem as well. Even though all I wanted was my mother to (finally) get the proper help, she was convinced I had attacked her. relationship In other words, does a void exist for you because you have an emotionally distant husband? In my counseling practice I specialize in treating common emotional stresses. I know you’re a good person, but next time you ask yourself what it was you ever did to me I want you to think of the girl crying on her bedroom floor. My Husband Hurt Me Deeply: How To Get Over Hurt Feelings From Husband. Deeply Hurt Quotes for All Occasions. Of course, a companion post is warranted. 29 Dec 2016 Abby has felt resentment and anger towards her husband Rob ever since of future you and they deserve – unhampered by hurt and anger. She walked right up to me while I was there with my kids and husband and told me straight out that he had  25 Sep 2012 Someone uses my vulnerability against me (an act of emotional treason that for the relationship, trust begins to slip away and hurt starts seeping in. I know you're hurting a lot, and I'm so sorry that you've been in such  The Wreckers, "Leave the Pieces": You say you don't wanna hurt me, don't wanna see my tears / so why are you still standing here just watching me drown … 1 Mar 2019 Here, experts offer ten subtle signs that your husband is still madly in When he's sitting across from you at dinner, he's not on his phone or According to research by psychologist Zick Rubin, couples who are deeply in love with each other look at each other 75 does he love me - says name during sex. A strong woman speaks up for herself, sticks out of the crowd and demands respect. 13 Oct 2011 But even ignoring a spouse when he or she is talking is betrayal. Why I Don’t Wear Makeup. And, yeah, I’m guilty of that, too. And then I would sleep all the time and I neglected you and in so doing I abandoned you. It has almost been 2 years and I can honestly say it does get better. My son's tattoo hurt me deeply My son is. What a deeply insightful and honest communication. im a pastor help me I'm not asking people to kiss my ass either and tell me that what is happening is OK, either. When I woke up the next morning, my husband didn’t say a word to me. I’m 44, mad, deeply hurt and frustrated as hell. Re: Protecting my husband: but it hurt me deeply nonetheless. that soon I can forgive those people who hurt me so much with my own will. I also began to enjoy sex with my husband more! One day my husband came home early and walked in on us. But now my husband tells me he feels like I am taking my frustration out on him instead of directing at the people causing it. My second lesson came the next day. " That statement is always said with some sadness. My heart goes out to you because I remember how lonely and hurt I felt when my husband couldn’t stand me anymore. I knew my husband would not want me to be miserable and give up a life he was denied so I set out to be happy, for him. And My best friend’s husband has been sexually inappropriate with me Tell Me About It: He made advances, then denied it and now I have lost my best friend Thank you for your miracle Doctor Osemu Okpamen This article is dedicated to the Doctor Osemu Okpamen. Forgiveness sets us free. You have to understand that. My Husband Is Emotionally Distant. And she was active on Facebook. You might have become more assertive and confident- a thing not imaginable by women some few years ago. If you have lived in the same home for years, you probably have a lot of stuff stored away. Which they are because the answer you are giving yourself to the why didn't my husband stick up for me question is - he doesn't love me. It is hurt me so deeply. In the coming years, she made the story even more dramatic, telling people I had tried to have her committed. His parents I feel sad for my husband because I know he is in pain with this addiction, however I also feel sad for me because I'm the one whose face is on those images and it's breaking my heart. If it were me and my husband had gone "Shocks you, my husband!" cried Georgiana, deeply hurt; at first reddening with momentary anger, but then bursting into tears. And he's even convinced me at times that he's right and that is my job. I have proof that my husband was flirting and having physical contact with a co-worker. My husband's son and ex-wife demanded that I give them some of my husband's ashes. 21 Jun 2017 When I'm at my best, I like to think I am infusing love into all of my relationships Unlike when I am deeply, passionately, infatuated-ly in love with not deeply in love with the person, hurting them would definitely still hurt me. YouPorn is the largest Brunette porn video site with the hottest selection of free, high quality movies. Teach how to surrender all to you so that he will find peace and be able to forgive me, his wife of hurt that I have caused him and be able to … Continue reading "Deliverance for my Husband of his personal trials, Pain, hurt, tribulations and burden" I’m so hurt by my adult child, I want to sever ties. I asked God to remove my pride and self-righteousness so that I could see my sins clearly. It’s just not worth it to me and I need to get on with my life. I know I hurt him deeply and broke his heart and I regret it BIG TIME. When someones actions create a response of emotional hurt, the pain we feel is the inability to process the difference between what we assume is acceptable and what occurred. When wives have reached the point of asking the question “why doesn’t my husband ever stick up for me?” it’s because at some point their feelings have been deeply hurt by an interaction with another person, and their husband did little or nothing to come to their defense in that situation. Ask the I struggled to see my poor husband suffering deeply and silently from his own. Basically he told me that he believes that because I am still working full time in a job I enjoy and that keeps me mentally stimulated, and also gives me a wee bit of 'social' time in that I can chat with my coworkers, that means I don't want to be with him. Even when we go places he won’t go in he sits in the car & rushes me the whole time. 10 Aug 2012 My husband asks, “Have you seen it yet?” I shake my “He knew how much it would hurt me,” I say, tears running down my face. Receive free daily inspiration by email: Help! Even if she never finds out a single detail about the affair, you have already hurt her deeply. I took the infidelity but the baby is more than I can take. The hurting people who come to see me are trying to cope with anger, depression, anxiety in their marriage. It must be hard to have me crying etc every month. You do not know whether you are able to stay happily in this marriage after your husband's affair. lm continuously hurtin. And I understand the point behind it: your husband is the person closest to you. For instance, his dismissal of my dreams of going to Africa or focusing on my photography hurt me deeply. "Then why did you take me from my mother's side? You cannot love what shocks you!" I could deal with my husband gaining weight but my husband is lazy. At that point in my life, no one I loved had ever wounded me so deeply. Years ago, the doorbell rang at 7:30 in the morning. We would all go for a   There was a time when I was quite black-and-white with relationships. normal on the surface means that things are OK deeper under the surface. On our second date, he presented me with a poem/painting he’d created in response to hearing my Hurt and Rejection What are we really dealing with in hurt and rejection. Although he was sorry for how he’d hurt me, I continued to blame him for our many other I am thanking you for opening my eyes. How To Forgive Someone Who Has Hurt You: In 15 Steps lover away from me and my husband left me and the kids and we have suffered for 2years until I met a post Deeply hurt- need User Name wait until two years later to tell me all of this-let alone let me be around her too. I see the way he treats his wife and her children, I see the way he spends her money. grant me and my family peace of mind…in Jesus name…amen Lord, deliver his from all is pain, hurt and burden he is carrying inside. I still love him with all my heart, but it comes with a painful price. How can I get past this? so why does it hurt so deeply when he doesn’t have I am deeply hurt by my husbands lack of interest in me. 7 Deeply Upsetting Lessons I Learned From Being 'The Other Woman' 7 Deeply Upsetting Lessons I Learned From Being 'The Other Woman' My husband cheated multiple times and it hurt me really It reminds me so much of my ex husband and I. My children became my life, my husband withdrew. my husband left me after 7 years of marriage and he stated going out with a girl that works in same office with him, i was so hurt and bitter until my friend introduce me to this great spell caster called Dr Excel I have severely hurt my husband several times during our 8 year marriage, not with infidelity but by being in his eyes, disrespectful, controlling and rebellious. It hurt me deeply. actually enjoyed the fact that this hurt me deeply. On the outside, my family went to church and was pretty normal. One thing I learned from my last marriage was communication is key. My first tip on how to cope with a critical husband is to learn more about men who are controlling and manipulative. I know what I said hurt you deeply. These questions are often very hard to ask because you wouldn't feel like asking them unless your feelings were deeply hurt. After I cooled off, I realized I had messed up. We have had our ups and downs. That is fantastic, but how do I trust him? He still works with this woman everyday. Is what I need reasonable? I feel he wants to escape with just I am sorry. After a heartrending divorce (my ex-husband cheated on me and then blamed me for everything), I was slowly able to reclaim my life. Friction I can’t stop thinking about all of the ways that you were never there for me when I was growing up. I felt disappointed. Oh well, I suppose I can't always expect you to be there for me. You are going through a wife abandonment situation when your husband suddenly leaves; without notice, without discussion, he’s just gone. The quotes will show what you should pay attention to. My husband has not touched me in the longest time maybe a year. My husband doesn’t want an apology; he wants to discipline me like a child. but deep inside the heart is difficult to do…God help me. It’s painful to think your husband hates you, and it’s even worse to hear him say the words “I hate you. I've been living with a man who insulted me by word for 6 years. She swore to me that she wasn’t leaving me before we moved. and so do I. More than a year ago, I caught him on Ashley Madison after finding his junk mail peppered with emails from them. Here are 3 simple steps to connect more deeply with your husband: 1. He has cheated while I was pregnant with both my children and even left me when I was pregnant with the first one and attempted to sleep with a prostitute when I was pregnant with the second one. I wish you tell me about it and if I am guilty, I will take heed and make the right amendment. My mother-in-law, who has been formally invited, told me when I asked her what I should do that I should not say or do anything, let it slide, and to not let it ruin my relationship with my niece and to continue to invite her to my functions. I have lost my husband and my best friend and Did you gain insight and perspective, or did one or both of you just ultimately walk away from the conversation with more hurt feelings? Some time ago my hubby and I learned a better way to handle these situations, and we always come away feeling more enlightened and connected. so deeply sorry for My husband and I are not BFFs. Maybe I was selfish. I'd rather not stick my foot in my mouth and find myself unable to take something back that I regretted saying! Let me start by saying that I care about our relationship. I was treated for depression several times with each treatment feeling my husband pull further away. My best friend had chosen not to share one of the biggest events in her life with me. He wants to spank me and humiliate me. The law of life: the amount of hurt you get is always equal to the amount of love Boy did that give me peace of mind and heart. ” Adam let out a loud, long cry. It was almost the polar opposite of what I experienced in my affair. (I hurt her son deeply and he told her everything which I understand, but I’ve also been working all year to reconcile with her as well. Place large-scale decisions on hold temporarily while your husband grieves, since it is difficult to think clearly when a person is grieving. In fear that it may be the wrong choice. My parents made me feel that giving birth was the only time I had ever done anything worthy of their approval. Although my family has been extremely supportive, his mom has made it clear to me that she doesn’t want us together. The older one is 16 and the other two are 13 and 10. My husband and I have been together for 14 years. However I am also afraid. What Can I Do? reasons that husbands use words or phrases meant to hurt deeply, especially if this is a new behavior A lady last week I help asked “Nicola why does it hurt so much emotionally when my husband hit me. You held my hand and comforted me when my body felt like it was not my own. Let me explain why i say he loves me to a fault: I am deeply hurt by this. However, if I were to invest in a nice, fancy TV for me, and not the mountain  9 Jan 2019 I love my husband, and I think he's the best person by far I've ever been involved with. Over 6 months ago I had sex with a guy I met online it was just one time thing and I couldn't handle the guilt and I had to tell my husband. It only happened, once, I swear, and I did not intend for it to happen. If you google “My husband wants me to put him in chastity,” you’ll get something that looks a little like this: Maybe you thought you could save me before you hurt me but your method ended up hurting me anyway. now we are married and truly love her but hurt her past and at times i illtreat her. Out of those 9 years he has cheated on me during 8 of them. I married Rod 11 years after Marty died. You might enjoy great financial independence your yester sisters did not enjoy. I was in the middle of distracted mind situation or being paranoid in short (hehehe) when i was searching to some signs of husbands cheating articles but out of nowhere the google suggested amongst the topics of "signs your husband is cheating on you" there was one article suggested that "35 signs that your husband still loves you" and really Depends on some details; Was it an overnight thing, or was he purposefully not telling you? If Yes, I’d say he has some explaining to do. of Guardian articles that include things like 'I am lonely living in my literal castle with obscene wealth provided by my husband'. I can’t take it anymore. My readers often tell me that their husbands hate them, or they hate their husbands. He adored me and loved me deeply. I imagined us laughing together on the couch and gazing into each other’s eyes, deeply in love. I know you have been very deeply hurt. Deeply hurt by husband? l'm married4bout a yr. I realized I need him to listen, take responsibility and be nice. i truly love my wife and i know her ex who broke her. I will then return all your happiness My mother never forgave me. It’s important that we realize how we are I was born into such a broken family, and it nearly broke me too. We try to talk about everything. A letter to … my cheating, lying husband my only lover – and you had completely betrayed and hurt me to a degree beyond my comprehension. We started spending a lot of time together and our relationship got more serious. And, most of the time, it’s My husband and I are trying to get back together. Meanwhile, my husband’s addiction continued. There is and was no damn excuse for what they both did to me. My husband asks, “Have you seen it yet?” He may not have wanted to hurt me. I found myself trying to break the ice. He is my world. If you truly and deeply love your spouse, once you have vented all of your anger and hurt out to upset her, however being a passive person she would bottle it up and not tell me. My husband is a big guy and he grabbed my lover and thru him out on the front lawn without even giving his clothes The best way to show your husband that you love him is to tell him! Try texting him a message to show you care, like “Can’t wait to see you later!” Then, reaffirm your affection by telling him you love him when you see him in person. by Rachel (Maryland) My husband and I have had a great marriage. Your reaction was justified. I’m Having an Affair with My Friend’s Husband. you're still losing — I mean, I was losing my husband. I still love my husband deeply and me leaving him has hurt him deeply but the passion desire is gone on my end completely due to too much heartache has anyone been here and what did you do? 2) Maybe my feelings needed to be hurt. I love him so much and I believe he loves me and that feels good, . ” I don’t know how you feel, but I can tell you that you are not alone. Have a free pass. Through this way, we can always live together as husband and wife. He does it sometimes. Too Horny for Hubby: All my feelings of self-worth hinge on how often I can get my husband to have sex with me. Then in Dec 2004 we went to a party at her aunts house. It showed me the type of people that I have in my life, the type of people that I need in my life and the type of people that I want in my life. I regretfully, cheated on my husband and I feel so incredibly bad about it. We were strongly rejected by his sister, though I initially tried to keep a relationship. Words can and do hurt. My husband and I have been married for 9 years. My husband did return from up north when I picked him up he yelled in my face, he hadn’t missed me at all and I felt no guilt for what I had done because I didn’t feel like my husband loved me. If a man has hurt you, you may struggle with how to tell him about your feelings. I love my husband dearly and couldn't imagine my life without him, but at the same time, sometimes I feel unappreciated for all I do for him and our family. He wants me one minute and breaks my heart the next. My husband became angry to the point that he could insult me by word, which was so poisonous for our relationship. When we fought I could console myself in the knowing that you didn’t hurt all of me. because I can’t pretend he hasn’t hurt me deeply. I don't have a real job so I just have to deal with whatever rant he throws at me. I discovered e-mail communications that began innocently enough then escalated in content over the few months before my husband was to leave his position and we were to move out of state. My boyfriend hurt me deeply. The one person you tell everything to, the one person you rely on more than anyone else. We use to love sex 2-3 times a week and it was passionate. How to Deal With an Angry Husband Without Sacrificing Your Dignity etc. My current hurt is shielding me from my past hurt. We have a small desk fan in the attached bathroom that makes just enough white noise to keep me My husband won't sleep with me He was afraid to hurt me and wanted to let me sleep. It will not be easy, but try to avoid speaking harshly to your husband or hurting him physically. How Can I Make My Husband Understand How Much His Affair Has Hurt And Negatively Affected Me? By Katie Lersch | Submitted On June 27, 2011 I often hear from wives who are struggling to make their husbands understand just how devastating and far reaching his affair truly was. That same guy. Maybe I was wrong. When my husband and I first started dating, I told him I was a virgin. When my second marriage was falling apart, my husband did agree to go to . There is no excuse for my behavior and I am deeply embarrassed. “For years  14 Jul 2015 As blissfully happy as you were when you got married, you can't imagine Even though you love your spouse deeply, you will still feel unhappy . My husband hates me because he basically hates all women. for me to humble my attitude so my “Fuck me, make me cum in front of my husband. I truly love him and the last thing I want to do is destroy my marriage or hurt him. Home » Ask the Therapist » My Husband Might Be Transgender. Don’t let me know – just do it. But I will not confess and destroy my husband to assuage my guilt. I started to pray. If your husband, wife, or significant other is emotionally abusing you, you are not to blame My husband hurt me deeply but says? It's basically my fault. 17 Mar 2019 What to do when your spouse has an affair. I want my family back together, but I can’t stop thinking of his relationship with her. My future wife had forgotten to mention that she had met him at a family July 4th party becuase he had been LIFE LONG friends with her cousin. There’s no other way you are going to come to a place of inner peace and self love until you do this. At the end of this article you’ll find a few books and resources. And the conversation evolved and got deeper and deeper until you felt no one else could understand like My h hurts immeasurably but feels positive about the new 'us'. "I'm sorry" doesn't seem to be adequate. Not the best of friends can really understand the battle you are going through or the wounds inflicted on you. Can l ask how long has your husband been moody? It will help me respond more thoroughly to your post? My husband has depression and 'walking on eggshells' was a daily occurrence. HE says I have apologized 1000 times. When you are deeply hurt - no person on this earth can shut down the inner fears and deepest agonies. 30 May 2014 My Spouse Loves Me but is Not in Love with Me “I shouldn't be in any relationship because all relationships wind up hurting me at some point. Well, He is going around telling people that I am this crazy mental bitch, my mother in law hates me, my husband is mentality abuse and spends all my money and waste tons of money, my youngest is a spoil brat and my oldest is dumb. I don’t know where to draw the boundary lines between trying to be there for him and maintaining my own sanity. How I Got My White Picket Fence After All Rachel Hanna, Laura Doyle Certified Coach. Sure, I tried wearing it to a few occasions like Senior Prom, occasional date nights with my husband, and when he returned from his first (of 5) year-long combat tours in the middle East. (self. So if you're the partner that has cheated, you really do have to feel deeply sorry. I get bad pms. he just wanted me to be with him. My Husband Attacked Me In My Sleep Due To REM Behavior Disorder And I'm Terrified. 25 Sep 2018 When a spouse refuses to apologize, it absolutely breaks the other spouse's why your spouse's resistance to apologies hurts you so deeply. Approaches to easing your husband's grief can include remembering the good times spent with his mother. Unfortunately in the nineties there was little understanding of the condition, and where my husband and I turned for help, I often got bad advice—from both my church and therapists who didn't understand the complexity of porn addiction. Infidelity & Marriage: Can My Husband Love Me Again After Infidelity. Parwaiz leant over and kissed me deeply and told me Ahmed’s promotion was almost certain now but I still had one more thing to do for him. I know I'm . Please respect my wishes and don’t contact me again. Now. I used to feel angry at my husband a lot. Up until his death, I remained hopeful that he I have a similar problem. My demonic son's tattoos hurt me deeply Put out the Mooncloth, crack open the Refreshing Spring Water, stand there in Darnassus smiling from ear to ear, because he's home – our demon hunter son is home and the family is together again. I cry almost every night because the “loss” of my husband hurts me over and over. why is he reacting this way An Open Letter to my Husband. Help my boyfriend hurt me deeply!!!! hey what's up not feelin the best today and well to be honest I was in a relationship but I broke up with him Becuz I found proof that he was cheating on me he said that I was neglecting him so this girl called his phone by mistake his words and he started talkin to her and he showed her a pic of him on his Of the advice out there, most is geared toward the husband, or geared toward a woman who already wants it. Just be safe, and don’t fall in love. My husband told me, " Simran, I am going to ask you a lot of questions, as I want to know everything that happened between Hardayalji and you on the bed. When I shared my hurt and fear, all his resentment toward me dissolved. ” ~Unknown There was a time when I was quite black-and-white with relationships. I leaned onto my forearms, absorbing the force of Adam’s thrusts as he came down from his high. These aren't the only incidents wheremy husband has hurt me deeply. he's hurt that I lied to him for so long. Emailed again when I cooled down the next day and also on third day. When he had finished he pulled out his cock and laid down on the bed alongside me. Hello, I am not sure if my case apply to this, but, for example last night my husband and I were planning to have a romantic night, we have two children under age of 2, so I took a nap to be more relax for our night, when I wake up my husband have bath the babies, but then he start yelling at me and because he was stress for taking care of our "My husband hurt my feelings. He's a wonderful man who wouldn't hurt a fly, and wouldn't let anyone hurt me, especially never himself. with u . I’m 44 and attractive. I won't have his support at the hospital. My name is Gloria am from Sweden, I want to testify of the great powers of Dr Excel about how he help me restore my broken marriage. This is what happened to me after 25 years of being married my wife had had . He already had his suspicions and simply asked who was it. I hope he didn’t. We were in a relationship for five and a half years, and broke up in mid-May of this year. Don’t act in anger – You are likely to be very angry and often women react violently and say vicious things to hurt their husband who has hurt them so deeply. I try not to let it hurt me but it does deeply. Learn to help the both of you by ending the abuse without ending the relationship. I am in such a horrible position. A few days ago, I slept with a male friend while my husband was out of town visiting relatives. Me and my husband were together for 4 years. Love Suicide Micha-chu! 13 Mar, 2017 11:12 AM Remembering memories, we used to be so happy We said we'll risk it all to this love aint easy Now all i can feel is the wind so breezy Coz by my side ur gone, everything seems so creepy. I want to forget my boyfriend who has hurt me deeply and betrayed, but his memories still haunting like aghost 1 following Imagine if he were your husband and did I’m sorry I hurt you. I have been so disrespectful to you and God commands me to respect you because you are my husband. But there’s a need here for constant self-examination. You never knew what to expect. he has asked for forgivnes&promised to work on our marriage. I felt enraged. Again, this was a first in our relationship. but,he's treatin my coldly&never touches me. Maybe your action is offensive to me because I need to be offended. He took my hand and made me play with his limp Time marched on, with babies to tend and bills to pay. Who told you he is a narcissist? I have a question to ask. I love this poem. But I have told him over and over, what I need from him when I am starting on a big crying spell. When he caught me the night I was intending to be my last with him he hurt both of us badly I wasswatted across the living room for trying to stop the beating my husband was putting on him, His Scull was fractured for the humiliaition of sweeping my husbands cane and my husband threw it like a spear with the Ice spike uncovered My husband was 10 Reasons Why a Husband Isn’t Loving His Wife with Christ-Like Love. Lost and lonely you may also feel, But let me tell you, days will soon come When buds of our love will again blossom. My husband has taken the initiative to tell me My husband David remembers sitting in chapel in Bible college when a speaker said that a person can not be used significantly by God until he has been hurt deeply. But, if I was in the husband's shoes and my husband (since I'm a woman happily married) had a habit of using words like this to hurt me, I would call his bluff and make him stay home, I don't care how much it cost. 10 May 2018 I care deeply about my husband, and he is a good man, but he has . It was 4 Things You Must Do if Your Husband Uses Porn hurt, etc. My wife was always upbeat and light hearted, but because of what I have done, she is angry, bitter, and her outgoing personality is gone. I feel her resentment towards me, love for her own children before her husband's  8 things wives may be doing to push their husbands away. You are referring to your husband as a narcissist and then you ask the question that you did. My mom and dad had a generally healthy relationship. I'm already trying to deal with hurt feelings and bouts of anger. What might be causing the pain depends on whether sex has always hurt or if this is a recent development; whether it hurts every time or only sometimes; and (perhaps most importantly) whether you feel the greatest pain when the penis first enters or once it is in deeply. 13 Comments Last updated 3 years ago I totally get your pain. It hurts me so much to see this previously happy and loving woman become a shell of herself. I'm Lauren and I'm a work-in-progress farmer's wife, coffee addict, follower of Jesus and a recovering perfectionist. I really don’t have any option How To Make My Husband Love Me Again. “I often notice my husband checking out other women. I either trusted you implicitly, assuming you'd never intentionally hurt me, or believed you   When your husband constantly stoops to playing mind games to get the upper hand I even have had men admit to me, “I know I hurt my wife emotionally but I don't . When a relationship hurts to be in, the only thing that will change will be you – a sadder, It's a deeply personal decision and one you can make in strength either way, but . Only God can shut down the waves of depression and feelings of loneliness and failure that come over you. MY husband told me when I asked him To stay for the Young coworker and he already knew the situation as he said it was not his zipper down I have lot of pain and hurt my husband died 1 year 9 and a 1/2 years ago I have 3 adult children there was a big argument now my youngest daughter does not speak to me and said I wont see my grand children again my son and I had a falling out over what he said to me. But you are the only one making the decisions based on your own feelings. When I apologized for attacking him, he breathed a big sigh of relief. about all the details of the affair to move forward — not just the ones that will hurt his or her partner the least. Our friendship was not meant to be and it’s because you hurt me. My muscles feel deeply bruised, part of FM? it will hurt when you hit the trigger point but it has to be broken up. Maybe this is a way this person is asking for help. A: I understand his reason for causing me pain. He did not want me to be in the same city as Sachin and so he refused. A deeper explanation of anger will help you also extricate yourself from the seemingly . Again my husband called another wife. She was telling me that they have been married for about nine years and it seemed to her that all the air was out of the marriage balloon. I'm due February 2 and my husband is leaving me. Two people make the decisions in a healthy marriage based on the feelings of both people. I asked Him to guide me away from all my sinful ways and to make me more like Jesus. my husband hurt me deeply

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Chasing The Puck

just hurt me

The Hurt Equation:

We all know that feeling. That feeling of being punched in the gut by a hundred pound gorilla. Queasy, tremulous and so darn emotional. Our mouth quivers, our chest heaves and our eyes water. Our heart feels like it is going to burst out of our chest wall. The sky rains tears down on us and we feel like we are going to drown in pain.


What’s the common trigger? Often, it’s because someone said something to us: either they insulted us, or rejected us, or judged us, or ignored us, or differed with us in some way. It’s usually someone we interact with often – a friend, spouse, parent, child, boss or colleague and 9 out of 10 times, this is the reason for our emotional pain and drama.


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The equation is automatic:

                        someone does something hurtful = we feel hurt.

What we don’t realize is this: this equation is a constructed one. It is a conditioned one. It is a false one. While it seems natural, it is actually quite unnatural. I am sure you are confused by now. Let me explain:


How it Develops:

We have been raised to value the opinions of others – dependent on how they view us. This is a natural outgrowth of growing up in a family, surrounded by adults and authority figures. “What could be so detrimental about this?” you might ask. “Isn’t this almost necessary to develop into productive members of society? How will we know how to be if it weren’t for the instructions and guidance of our caregivers?” These are legitimate questions, but unfortunately, obscure another deeper and potentially dangerous reality.

Most of us grow up with little attention paid to our own inner relationship. While we are taught to place value on the opinion of others, we are taught to ignore the power of self-appraisal, self-authority and self-awareness. The reality is this: few of us were raised to honor who we authentically are. Most of us were raised to honor what others thought of us over our own opinion of ourselves. We were simply conditioned to fall into line with the status quo and go with the crowds.

Our sense of self depends on the image others have of us. Therefore, when someone we hold in esteem judges or rejects us, it hurts us so. We automatically enter into a pattern of reacting with equal hurt and pain. Either we wallow in it, or we dump it back onto them or some other unsuspecting victim.

The reason another’s opinion of us is false is because no one can ever know us. They can only know us from their experience and point of view. And therefore this opinion is always layered with bias. It can never be true.


The Reason We Get Hurt:

The reason we automatically feel hurt is this: We believe the other’s voice to be the truth about who we are. Their idea of us and way of treating us supersedes our own beliefs about ourself. When this happens, our hearts lay wide open to receive the unconsciousness of others.

It is because we believe in what the other is saying – as if it were the truth – that we feel the pain that goes with it.


What if we simply stopped believing?

What if we realized that all of this is a lie?

What if we understood that our deepest self is essentially always pure and worthy – no matter what other’s say about us.

What if we understood that it is no one’s job to understand or know or approve of us but ourselves?

What if we simply realized that while everyone has their right to their opinion about us, this has nothing to do with us, per se, and only to do with them – their history, their feelings, their heart and their level of consciousness?


What if we choose another way?

Instead of automatically feeling hurt, we felt …nothing? almost neutral?

What if we gave ourselves the permission to simply not react? What would our life look like? Would it look too detached for comfort? Too drama-free?

A client recently said to me: I didn’t know I had a choice! I thought I had to react when someone said something hurtful. I had to prove them wrong. I was so desperate that they think good things about me! Only now I realize that what they think about me has nothing to do with me!


Real Life Examples:

What if your spouse said something to the tune of, “you are such a horrible partner. You are pretty useless.

Instead of reacting in your typical way, you said, “I see that you feel strongly about this. You have a full right to your opinion. I see things differently. When you are ready to hear my side, we can discuss it. Until then, I am sorry that you are in pain,” and walked away?

And then, instead of wallowing in a “story” about them, you understood that they are caught up in waves of their own past, in the tides of their own reactivity and the currents of their own hurt? And that it is for this reason that they choose to make you the cause of it?


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Or, if your teenager said something to the tune of, “you are so annoying, please leave me alone,” instead of reacting in a rude and angry way right back, you said, “I see that you are choosing to be unkind and hurtful right now. As I love myself dearly, I choose to not participate in any negative behavior toward me so I am going to remove myself from this dynamic. Once you are back in a kind state, we can resume our conversation. This teaches our children that they too have a choice in how they perceive another’s hurtful behavior and find the right path of action for themselves.

Or, if your best friend said something to the tune of, “you are a bad friend and you are wrong in how you act,” instead of taking it personally, either find a way to be curious about their opinion or simply say, “I am sorry you feel this way, but I don’t believe these things about myself. We can either choose to disagree or take a breather from each other till things feel a little better for both of us.” Again, by detangling our emotional reactivity, we give ourselves and the other the space to discover new ways of being and relating.

Instead of pitting our opinion against theirs, we open the space for the other to take accountability for their own actions and feelings while we take the same for our own.

This does not mean we allow ourselves to be walked all over. On the contrary, by not being slaves to another’s opinion of us, we do not give them the privilege of our heart and feelings. Once we are detached enough from our emotional charge, we can then make clear-headed decisions about what the best path forward is. We simply cannot make a wise decision in the heat of an emotional struggle.


True Freedom:

When we are able to anchor ourselves in our own self-belief, authority and governorship, holding no one accountable or responsible for our inner state, we not only relinquish the other from the impossible task of understanding us but also free ourselves in turn.


It is my firm belief that it is no one’s job to approve of or understand us.

Sure, it is wonderful when someone tries. But even then, no one can fully feel our feelings for us. They can only aspire to know us. The complete act of self-knowledge can only be performed by us. Every one else gets a pass.

When we ground ourselves in this truth, we are able to be a witness to another’s opinion or judgment of us without letting it throw us off our center. We are able to separate their view from our view. We are able to simply say, “I know you believe this about me, and you have full right to do so. You don’t have to change your belief at all. You can keep your belief about me. But I simply don’t share the same view. I hope we can still be kind to one another.

Choosing to believe someone or not is our choice.


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It is in our power to say, “I don’t believe you.”

This doesn’t mean they are “bad” people and you stop loving them or being in a relationship with them. It simply means you hold yourself to your own standards and measure yourself according to your own yardstick.

Your dependency on the other to make you happy fades. In this way, your wellspring of joy and abundance flows unencumbered and free. It no longer relies on the caprice and whims of the other. It lies solidly centered on its own inner being, fully self-aware and resilient. When we can enter this place of self-insight, our inner cup runneth over.

As we no longer seek approval or understanding from the other, we are able to give, unconditionally and fully.

Now this, my friends, is freedom.

You're right; I'm not in your head and I can only imagine the pain you're in. But I' ve been somewhere similar. And I've relied on hurting myself in order to cope.

My husband hurt me deeply

just hurt me

  • Kole's "Hurt Me" was the winning song on Tuesday night's episode of NBC's Songland after Meghan Trainor chose it as her new single.
  • Trainor released a different version of the song after the episode aired.
  • Fans on Twitter expressed they think she made the wrong choice and should have gone with Josh Wood's "Alone."

In the latest episode of NBC's Songland, Meghan Trainor served as the guest judge and she chose 22-year-old Kole's upbeat pop song "Hurt Me" to record. When Trainor first heard it, she literally screamed in excitement.

"This song is empowering in so many ways. It's not just a sassy, mean song," she said during the episode. "It's like a powerful, I love myself song."

There's no denying the Ryan Tedder-produced track was meant for Trainor because the sound and message is similar to her other hits like "All About that Bass" and "Me Too."

Despite that, fans on Twitter think she made the wrong choice and should have gone with Josh Wood's "Alone" instead. His song was about leaving a relationship even though one person in it thinks it would never end.

The chorus of the song goes: "While you were thinking about forever/I went and got myself together/Go find myself somebody better/ And you gonna be alone/Alone/Forever/No joke I hope I see you never/Might sound just like a broken record/But you gonna be alone."


"'Alone' by Josh Wood should have won on Songland tonight. 'Hurt Me' is good, but 'Alone' is an ear worm," @SarahStuffles tweeted.

@AshelyFountain shared the same sentiment and tweeted, "I was hoping Meghan would pull a Will I Am and cut all 3 songs. 'Hurt Me' was good but 'Alone' was too good to pass up. I wish she'd record it. That would be such a hit. I could hear it on the radio! #Songland"

"Meghan Trainor really chose the worst song wow #songland," @mazeanddeve tweeted.

@ciaramichelle_2 wrote "Meghan Trainor played it wayyyy too sage on #Songland #SameOldSameOld still a good song... I didn't hop off the couch like Be Nice and Greenlight though."

Other fans, on the other hand, thought Trainor did make the right choice.

"#HurtMe....but really she couldn't go wrong with any of them. I am love this show & want these songs in all nightclubs where I go dancing. Kole is Meghan 1.0. That was a perfect beat for her. #Songland Congrats Kole and Meghan," @KIMKlt61 tweeted.

@WalterWhitesIQ agreed, too. "Great choice by Meghan Trainor, the other song about hanging out with no money was catchy but she's rich. Where are they going with no money? #Songland #NBC," they tweeted.

Listen to Trainor's version and let us know your thoughts in the comments. Did she make the right choice?

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just hurt me
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