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Irish best wishes quotes
October 07, 2018 Anniversary Wishes 1 comment

Aug 30, 2019 A list of the best Irish quotes and blessings. Not just for St. "May you get all your wishes but one, so you have always something to strive for.

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Irish sayings and proverbs go back hundreds if not thousands of years.

The wisdom that has been passed on is still just as relevant in 2019 as it was when these Irish sayings were first thought up.

Today I am going to break down some 60+ of the most beautiful Irish sayings which I am sure you will love.

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If you enjoy these you will also enjoy these ancient Irish Celtic symbols. 

Top 65 Irish Sayings & Proverbs You Will Love:

  1. May the road rise up to meet you
  2. May you get all your wishes but one, so that you will always have something to strive for!
  3. You’ve got to do your own growing, no matter how tall your grandfather was
  4. Who keeps his tongue keeps his friends.
  5. May your home always be too small to hold all your friends.
  6. May the cat eat you, and may the devil eat the cat.
  7. May your heart be light and happy, may your smile be big and wide, and may your pockets always have a coin or two inside!
  8. Every man is sociable until a cow invades his garden.

  9. May you live as long as you want, and never want as long as you live.
  10. May you have the hindsight to know where you’ve been, the foresight to know where you are going, and the insight to know when you have gone too far.
  11. Tis better to spend money like there’s no tomorrow than to spend tonight like there’s no money!
  12. May the saddest day of your future be no worse than the happiest day of your past.
  13. A man loves his sweetheart the most, his wife the best, but his mother the longest.
  14. May the roof above you never fall in and those gathered beneath it never fall out.
  15. A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures.
  16. A little fire that warms is better than a big fire that burns.
  17. You’ll never plough a field by turning it over in your mind.
  18. May the hinges of our friendship never grow rusty!
  19. Never scald your lips with another man’s porridge.

  20. There is only one thing worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.
  21. What butter and whiskey won’t cure, there is no cure for – Irish saying
  22. It is often that a person’s mouth broke his nose.
  23. May your heart be light and happy, may your smile be big and wide, and may your pockets always have a coin or two inside!
  24. Lie down with dogs and you’ll rise with fleas.
  25. Always remember that hindsight is the best insight to foresight.
  26. The older the fiddle the sweeter the tune.
  27. May misfortune follow you the rest of your life, and never catch up.
  28.  In every land, hardness is in the north of it, softness in the south, industry in the east, and fire and inspiration in the west.

  29. Men are like bagpipes – no sound comes from them until they are full.
  30. Life is like a cup of tea, it’s all in how you make it! Irish Saying 
  31. A family of Irish birth will argue and fight, but let a shout come from without, and see them all unite.
  32. If you buy what you don’t need you might have to sell what you do.
  33. May misfortune follow you the rest of your life, and never catch up.
  34. All the world’s a stage and most of us are desperately unrehearsed.
  35. It’s easy to halve the potato where there’s love.
  36. Here’s to me, and here’s to you. And here’s to love and laughter. I’ll be true as long as you. And not one moment after.
  37. May you be at the gates of heaven an hour before the devil knows you’re dead!
  38. If your messenger is slow, go to meet him.
  39. If it’s drowning you’re after, don’t torment yourself with shallow water.
  40. May your thoughts be as glad as the shamrocks. May your heart be as light as a song. May each day bring you bright, happy hours that stay with you all the year long.
  41. A man’s got to do, what a mans got to do. Women must do what he can’t
  42. The best things in life are the people we love, the places we have been and the memories we have made along the way.
  43. Do not resent growing old. Many are denied the privilege.

  44. Here’s to eyes in your heads and none in your spuds.
  45. Forgetting a debt doesn’t mean it’s paid.
  46. I complained that I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet.
  47. Beautiful young people are acts of nature but beautiful old people are works of art.
  48. Two people shorten the road.
  49. A face without freckles is like a sky without stars

  50. A misty winter brings a pleasant spring, a pleasant winter a misty spring.
  51. If he went to a wedding, he’d wait for the christening.
  52. He who has water and peat on his own farm has the world his own way.
  53. A cabin with plenty of food is better than a hungry castle
  54. Beware of the anger of a patient man

  55. It is better to be a coward for a minute than dead the rest of your life.
  56. Wisdom is the comb given to a man after he has lost his hair.
  57. It’s better to pay the butcher than the doctor
  58. God is good but never dance in a small boat.
  59. God made time, but man made haste.
  60. A little fire that warms is better than a big fire that burns.
  61. The old person is a child twice.
  62. Though wisdom is good in the beginning, it is better at the end.
  63. However long the day, the evening will come – Irish Sayings

  64. Don’t fear an ill wind if your haystacks are tied down
  65. A friend’s eye is a good mirror
  66. The cat is always dignified until the dog comes by – Irish saying

Which of these 65 Irish sayings is your favourite? Hard to decide, so many have such great meaning. Be sure to share these Irish sayings with friends, enemies and all those that need it.

You can also enjoy this short video I made of Irish proverbs.

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Or for some more incredible Irish proverbs read this post.

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Jan 28, 2014 We have selected our all-time favourite romantic Irish quotes from renowned Irish writers and poets such as Oscar Wilde, Seamus Heaney.

15 Irish Sayings That Everyone In America Should Use

irish best wishes quotes

Gaelic Matters > Gaelic and Irish Blessings

Gaelic and Irish Blessings

There are Gaelic and old Irish blessings for every occasion whether a funeral, wedding or birthday. I have put together a list of general, traditional and short blessings just for every day use.

While many of these old blessings petition or request the help or intervention of God in some way, it does not always mean that the person saying them regards him or herself as being very religious. These blessings, whether in Gaelic or English, were the way Irish people had of expressing hope, desire for a better future and solidarity with their family, friends and neighbours.

A word of warning, I include an approximate pronunciation of some Gaelic blessings. Just remember that 'ch' in Gaelic is like the 'ch' in 'loch', not as in chalk. If you can't manage that, pronounce as a 'k' to be understood.

"May the road rise to meet you"." Go n-éirí an bóthar leat -photo courtesy of gmc


General Blessings 

Irish blessings about death and funerals 

Irish Birthday Blessings and Toasts (different page)

Wedding Blessings (different page)

A page with longer traditional lrish prayers(different page)

General Blessings

Long-life and fair health to you.

Saol fada agus breac-shláinte chugat.
(A Gaelic blessing pronounced Say-ol faw-dah og-uss brack- hlawn-cheh ch(k)oo-at)

Good health to you.

Sláinte chugat.
(pronounced Slawn-cheh ch(k)oo-at)

Go raibh míle maith agat! 
(This simple Irish blessing is used in its original Gaelic often in Ireland -one of the few expressions that almost everybody knows. It means 'Many thanks' (literally 'That you may have a thousand good things') and is pronounced  Guh rev mee-lah maw og-ut)

My seven blessings on you!

Mo sheacht mbeannacht ort! 
(pronounced Muh hyawch(k)t mann-ach(k)t urt)

Good on you

Maith thú
(This very common and short Irish blessing is easy to use and pronounced Maw hoo)

Good luck to you

Go n-eirí an t-ádh leat.
(Pronounced Guh nye-ree on taw laht.)

May you escape the gallows, avoid distress, and be as healthy as a trout.

Peace on your hand and health to all who shake it.

God between us and all harm.

(When you hear some bad news or about someone's bad luck)

Sleep well

Codladh sámh
(pronounced Cuh-lah sawve)

May God never weaken you

Nár laga Dia thú
(Another common and short Gaelic blessing pronounced Nawr lag-ah Dee-ah hoo)

May you live as long as you want,
And never want as long as you live. 

With the help of God, you'll pull through.
(Said to someone who is ill or out of sorts)

May the Lord keep you in his hand but never close his fist tight on you.

photo courtesy of gmc

Here's to the grey goose
With the golden wing;
A free country
And a Fenian King

The Grace/Prosperity of God on you

Rath Dé ort
(Another common and short Irish blessing pronounced Rah Day urt.

Dia leat!

(This blessing is said when someone sneezes. It is pronounced Dee-ah laht.) 

God bless all here.

(A traditional Irish blessing said on entering someone's house)

The blessing of God on you.

Bail ó Dhia ort
(pronounced Bal oh Yee-ah urt)

May you have the health to wear it.

(This short Irish blessing is said to someone when they buy or get a new item of clothing)

May you have rye bread to do you good,
Wheaten bread to sweeten your blood,
Barley bread to do you no harm
And oatmeal bread to strengthen your arm.

To the doctor may you never hand any money,
And sweet be your hand in a pot full of honey.

God bless the corners of this house
And be the lintel blessed.
Bless the hearth, the table too
And bless each place of rest.
Bless each door that opens wide
To stranger, kith and kin;
Bless each shining window-pane
That lets the sunshine in.
Bless the roof-tree up above
Bless every solid wall.
The peace of Man, the peace of love,
The peace of God on all.

(I can still remember this traditional Irish house blessing hanging in our living room at home when we were young.)

May you never bear the heavy load of an empty stomach

God bless the ground you walk upon - photo courtesy of gmc

May God bless the ground you walk upon

More power to your elbow

(A short Irish saying often said as a 'Well done' , 'Nice job' or minor congratulations to someone)

Arrah, may God give you sense

(Said in minor or feigned annoyance at someone who is being foolish or making unnecessary fuss over you)

Irish Death and Funeral blessings

May his/her soul be on God's right hand

Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam.
This gaelic blessing is pronounced Err yesh Day guh rev ah ann-am)

The Light of the Son of God on her soul

Solas Mhic Dé ar a n-anam.
(Pronounced Suh-lass Vic Day err a nan-am.)

The Lord have mercy on his soul.

May God grant you a generous share of eternity. 

When you reach the inn of death, I hope it's closing time.

May you see him/her in heaven.

(On the death of a loved one)

May God level the road for his soul

That you may never be left to die a sinner.

(That you have a chance to say your last confession before a priest)

May there be rain at your funeral.
(Believe to be a good sign.)

May you receive mercy and grace, death without sin and may the righteous gone before you receive their share of Eternal Glory

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Gaelic Matters > Gaelic and Irish Blessings
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5 Irish Blessings to Share With Your Loved Ones on St. Patrick's Day

irish best wishes quotes

You don't have to be Irish to enjoy the wisdom of Irish blessings. Much like St. Patrick's Day, Irish proverbs can bring joy to just about anyone who needs some pep in his or her step. One look at these famous Irish sayings is all the proof you need.

Why Irish Blessings on St. Patty's Day Are Meaningful

As most people know, St. Patrick's Day is an Irish and Irish-American holiday commemorating the death of St. Patrick — the patron saint of Ireland — and celebrating Irish heritage on March 17. Many folks — both Irish and non-Irish — observe the holiday by attending a parade, munching on some corned beef and cabbage, or wearing green from head to toe. But did you know these fun traditions didn't start in Ireland?

The world's first St. Patrick's Day Parade was actually held in New York City in 1762, and corned beef and cabbage became a staple for Irish immigrants only after they moved to America. Sure, St. Patrick's Day has been celebrated in Ireland for more than 1,000 years, but it wasn't until relatively recent times that the celebration moved beyond a religious feast. Irish blessings, on the other hand? Those have been around since goodness knows how long!

As is the case for most proverbs around the world, it's hard to trace back to the exact roots of many Irish proverbs. But isn't the anonymity part of what makes them special? To know that people have been sharing versions of these thoughtful Irish sayings for centuries really speaks to the power of tradition and ancient wisdom that still rings true today. Even better is knowing that they'll continue to be passed on from generation to generation in the years to come. As much as we love leprechaun outfits and cheering alongside enthusiastic parade revelers, we think it's equally important to celebrate the tradition of blessing someone else in a simple but meaningful way. Because the best holidays are the ones that spread loving kindness.

Scroll down to find a St. Patrick's Day quote you love, then click on one of the circular buttons below the image to share it instantly with friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest!

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Feb 24, 2019 May the road rise up to meet you; May you get all your wishes but one, so that you will A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures.

Famous Irish Quotes That are Equally Witty and Meaningful

irish best wishes quotes

Happy Irish Blessings & Sayings

An Old Short Irish Blessing

May love and laughter light your days,
And warm your heart and home,
May good and faithful friends be yours,
Wherever you may roam.
May peace and plenty bless your world,
With joy that long endures.
May all life’s passing seasons
Bring the best to you and yours.

May your days be many
And your troubles be few.
May all God’s blessings
Descend upon you.
May peace be within you
May your heart be strong.
May you find what you’re seeking
Wherever you roam.

May green be the grass you walk on,
May blue be the skies above you,
May pure be the joys that surround you,
May true be the hearts that love you.

May the road rise to meet you,
May the wind be always at your back,
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
The rains fall soft upon your fields and,
Until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

May the sun shine, all day long,
everything go right, and nothing wrong.
May those you love bring love back to you,
and may all the wishes you wish come true.

May your worries be slight
And your Troubles few,
May you always choose right
In whatever you do.
- Carole Claire Shannon

Wishing you a rainbow
For sunlight after showers
Miles and miles of Irish smiles
For golden happy hours
Shamrocks at your doorway
For luck and laughter too
And a host of friends that
Never ends
Each day your whole life through!

May God grant you always...
A sunbeam to warm you,
A moonbeam to charm you,
A sheltering angel, so nothing can harm you.

May the luck of Irish
Lead to happiest heights
and the highway you travel be
lined with green lights!

May St. Patrick guard you wherever you go,
and guide you in whatever you do--
and may his loving protection be a blessing to you always.

May green be the grass you walk on,
May blue be the skies above you,
May pure be the joys that surround you,
May true be the hearts that you love.

May you have love that never ends,
lots of money, and lots of friends.
Health be yours, whatever you do,
and may God send many blessings to you!

May you always have
Walls for the winds,
A roof for the rain,
Tea beside the fire,
Laughter to cheer you,
Those you love near you,
And all your heart might desire!

May you be in
Heaven a half hour before the
Devil knows you're dead!

When Irish eyes are smiling,
Tis like a morn in spring.
With a lilt of Irish laughter
You can hear the angels sing
When Irish hearts are happy
All the world is bright and gay
When Irish eyes are smiling
Sure, they steal your heart away.

May your blessings outnumber
The shamrocks that grow,
And may trouble avoid you
Wherever you go.

There are many good reasons for drinking,
One has just entered my head.
If a man doesn't drink when he's living,
How in the hell can he drink when he's dead?

May the best day of your past
Be the worst day of your future.

I'm looking over a four leaf clover
That I overlooked before
One leaf is sunshine, the second is rain,
Third is the roses that grow in the lane.
No need explaining the one remaining
Is somebody I adore.
I'm looking over a four leaf clover
That I overlooked before.

May you live to be a hundred years
With one extra year to repent.

May those who love us, love us
And those who don't love us,
May God turn their hearts
And if he can't turn their hearts,
May he turn their ankles
So we will know them by their limping!

As you slide down the banister of life,
May the splinters never point in the wrong direction!

May luck be our companion
May friends stand by our side
May history remind us all
Of Ireland's faith and pride.
May God bless us with happiness
May love and faith abide.

Leprechauns, castles, good luck and laughter
Lullabies, dreams, and love ever after.
Poems and songs with pipes and drums
A thousand welcomes when anyone comes.
That's the Irish for you!

There's a dear little plant that grows in our isle,
'Twas St. Patrick himself, sure, that sets it;
And the sun of his labor with pleasure did smile,
And with dew from his eye often wet it.
It grows through the bog, through the brake, through the mireland,
And they call it the dear little Shamrock of Ireland.

May your neighbors respect you,
Troubles neglect you,
The angels protect you,
And Heaven accept you.

May you have:
A world of wishes at your command
God and his angels close at hand
Friends and family their love impart,
And Irish blessings in you heart.

May God grant you many years to live,
For sure he must be knowing
The earth has angels all to few
And Heaven is overflowing.

These things I warmly wish to you-
Someone to love
Some work to do
A bit o' sun
A bit o' cheer
And a guardian angel always near.

Here's to a long life and a merry one
A quick death and an easy one
A pretty girl and an honest one
A cold beer and another one!

May your pockets be heavy and your heart be light,
May good luck pursue you each morning and night,

O Ireland isn't it grand you look
like a bride in her rich adornin?
And with all the pent up love of my heart
I bid you the top o' the mornin!

May the lilt of lush laughter lighten ever road,
May the midst of Irish magic shorten every road.
May you taste the sweetest pleasures
that fortune ever bestowed,
And may all your friends remember
all the favors you are owed.

Go mbeannai Dia duit
(May God Bless You)

May your home always be too small to hold all your friends.
God is good, but never dance in a small boat.

May you live as long as you want,
And never want as long as you live.

If you're enough lucky to be Irish...
You're lucky enough!My wild Irish rose
The sweetest flower that grows
You may search everywhere
But none can compare to my wild Irish rose
My wild Irish rose
The sweetest flower that grows
Someday for my sake she may let me take
A bloom from my wild Irish rose

'Tis better to buy a small bouquet
And give to your friend this very day,
Than a bushel of roses white and red
To lay on his coffin after he's dead.

For each petal on the shamrock
This brings a wish your way-
Good health, good luck, and happiness
For today and every day.

Dance as if no one were watching,
Sing as if no one were listening,
And live every day as if it were your last.

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May 17, 2019 We often get asked about traditional Irish blessings for couples to The general theme of most Irish blessings is seeing the positive side of a bad situation, or celebrating the best parts of happy one. Most people usually quote the second last verse of the poem, but . A world of wishes at your command.

irish best wishes quotes
Written by Kigalmaran
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