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How to wish happy birthday to a friend on facebook

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How to wish happy birthday to a friend on facebook
September 06, 2018 Anniversary Wishes 3 comments

Wishing a friend happy birthday on Facebook could get your account hacked and your private info stolen, a new survey has found.


Facebook is a good way of keeping track of birthdays. This is because most people sign up using their real birthdate, and then opt to share it on Facebook. So you can simply rely on Facebook notifications rather than referring to a calendar.

Until now, your choices of birthday greeting have been limited to posting on someone’s wall. Maybe with a couple of emojis or a GIF to spice things up a little. However, Facebook is now offering a new way for you to wish someone a Happy Birthday.

How to Send Birthday Wishes Using Facebook Stories

Facebook’s new method for wishing someone a Happy Birthday utilizes Facebook Stories. Which are the ephemeral posts which sit atop your News Feed. Facebook Stories usually comprise of a photo or video, making them a more visual way of using Facebook.

From now on, when one of your close friends (as identified by Facebook) has a birthday, you’ll be invited to wish them a Happy Birthday. If you tap on the notification you’ll be invited to take a photo or short video and customize it to your heart’s content.

There are lots of ways to customize Birthday Stories, so you can personalize yours to the recipient’s tastes. You can even add a music sticker to add a soundtrack. And if you’re struggling for inspiration, you can use one of Facebook’s digital birthday cards.

You could technically already use Facebook Stories to wish someone a Happy Birthday. However, Facebook has now formalized the procedure, adding birthday notifications to the Stories tray, ways to customize your Birthday Stories, and a selection of birthday cards.

You Could Send a Happy Birthday Meme Instead

In the post on the Facebook Newsroom announcing Birthday Stories, Facebook explains why it’s introducing the feature. Apparently, 500 million people now use Facebook Stories every day, so it makes sense to help people use Stories in more imaginative ways.

If Facebook’s Birthday Stories don’t quite hit the spot, you should check out the best Happy Birthday memesThe 18 Best Happy Birthday Memes to Brighten Someone's DayThe 18 Best Happy Birthday Memes to Brighten Someone's DayA happy birthday meme can make anyone smile. These birthday memes will brighten their day in a second.Read More you can send instead. Just be aware that the reaction you get from these will depend on whether or not the recipient has a sense of humor.

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Happy Birthday Friend Wishes. 66020 likes · 1216 talking about this. Send Beautiful Happy Birthday Friend Wishes, Messages, Cards and Images to your.

Facebook Promises To Stop Asking You To Wish Happy Birthday To Your Friend Who Died

how to wish happy birthday to a friend on facebook

You’re on Birthday Messages – Page 3 of 13.

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18 – Greetings and Celebration Ideas

Birthday Messages can brighten up a day. Strike the perfect note with this choice collection of Happy Birthday Messages.

Happiest of birthdays to a beautiful sister and friend!

I don’t know about you, but you’re feeling 22! Happy birthday.

Happy birthday bro!

Wishing you a fun day today and all you desire every day. Love you!

Happy Birthday Messages with Pizzazz

Happy birthday. Hope all is well man!

Hope your day is extra special!

Happy birthday homie!

Happy birthday! I hope everything is going well for you and the year ahead brings you more love and happiness.

Happy happy birthday! Hope to see you this weekend.

Wishing the happiest of birthdays to this beautiful gal!

Happy Birthday to the world’s best friend.

HBD bestie!

Hope you have an amazing night tonight, wish I could be there to give you 21 Kisses and 21 hugs and 21 birthday songs and show my 21 yr old best friend off to the world!

Happy beer day! Enjoy it.

Happy birthday! Miss you and hope to see you real soon.

Hope this next year is as exciting as the last!

Happy birthday! You shine!

Wishing you a fantastic day and another great year ahead!

Cheers! Have a great one!

Happy Birthday you son of a gun!

Happy birthday man!

A most Happy Birthday to you!

I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating your wonderful self!

May your next orbit around the sun be filled with as many good times as the last one.

Lots of love for a great year ahead!

Happy Birthday my dear friend!

Happy Birthday to absolutely one of my very favorite people!

Make every birthday a re-birth day!

Short Birthday Sayings

I hope you have an incredible day today. You deserve it!

I hope you celebrated in grand style!

The fact that your expecting presents is one sign that your memory hasn’t gone yet.

Happy birthday to one of my favorite people on earth. Shine like the gem you are!

Happy birthday my brother-from-another-mother!

Have a happy day, dear friend!

Hope on your special day, brings you all that and more!

Have the wonderful day you deserve!

Wishing you a day filled with happiness and a year filled with love!

Have a groovy day!

So glad to have you as a friend, happy birthday!

Wishing you good health and happiness!

A true sign of our friendship is that I remember your birthday but forget your age.

Your kindness and wisdom are inspiring.

Much love my friend!

“How to make saying Happy Birthday sound more interesting than Good Morning”

Facebook Messages

What to do for a birthday Facebook style? For all your Facebook friends, here are some Facebook wishes.

Happy birthday! I hope it’s a good one!

Happy Anniversary of your birth!

I couldn’t have asked for a better little sister/brother/mom/dad/friend!


I hope you have a spectacular day!! Love you!

Have a wonderful day celebrating!

Facebook Post Material

Happy Birthday friend enjoy your special day

happy birthday beautiful!

Man time flies! I am so proud of you!

Yippee – Happy Birthday!

I love and Miss you to pieces!

Hope today is all that you wish of it!

Happy Birthday cutie!!

I hope your day was as lovely as you!

Happy birthday my gorgeous girl! Hope your day is full of dreams come true and yummy cake!

You’re an amazing person, I miss you!

Happy bday I’m sure you’re killing it!

I hope your year is filled with so much beauty, light, and love.

Have the happiest day today you beauty!

Happy Happy Birthday to a very cool gal.

I hope you have an awesome day that’s just as awesome as you are! Gonna miss not celebrating it with ya this year!!

Happy birthday to the sister i never had!

One sign you’re getting older – more candles than cake!

Hope you have the best day!

Celebrate well and Live Better!

Happy Birthday!! Enjoy!

happy birthday to you my love!

I hope your day is just as fabulous as you.

Birthday Messages for those you love

Happy birthday lovely!!!! Hope you have an amazing day!

Happiest of birthday wishes to you sweet girl! Enjoy your day xoxo!

Have a fab day!

Have a rockin day girly!

Happy birthday lovely lady!

Birthday hugs for you pretty girl

Love you lots and hope your day is extra special!

May all your Birthday Wishes come true!

I hope your day is wonderful & filled with love.

Feliz cumpleaños!

I hope that you’ve had a smashing day!

You’re crushing this whole aging well process!

Happy Day of Birth!

Ayyy, Happy Birthday!


22 sure looks good on you. 😉

Congrats on getting old!

Hope you have a GREAT one!

Looking for ideas for a birthday cake? Check out this list of cakes.

Have an awesome day and get your celebration on tonight!

Hope you have an amazing day and party hard to celebrate. Miss you and your smiling face.

Hope it was the best one yet!

I hope you are having a fabulous day celebrating 🙂

Welcome to the 21 club!

Enjoy your week of celebrations!

For Friends

Looking for the right message for a birthday card? Make it a happy card with a great greeting. Here are some options.

Beautiful as always. Happy Birthday Dear!

Happy Birthday! Have fun and be safe tonight!

Congrats on another calendar turn, enjoy!

Yay! Happy birthday girly! Let’s get drinks soon!

Cheers to the best friend someone could hope for.

Happy X birthday!! Enjoy the day…I know you will!

We are so proud of all you have accomplished and the kind, loving and hard working young woman you have become. The future is bright and we are excited to watch it unfold.

Thanks for making life so much fun.

Hope you had a fantastic fun bday!

I hope it was great and all is well with you!

Have a dandy day!

Wishing you the most special day ever!

Keep enjoying every day.

Hope you have a great day and year ahead!

Enjoy yourself!

A Happy Birthday to you!

Cheers my friend!


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Facebook's New Birthday Stories Feature Will Help Make Your Big Day So Special

how to wish happy birthday to a friend on facebook

Updated: June 8, 2019 /Home » Quotes [ Lesson for Life ]

How many friends’ birthday can you remember without being notified by Facebook or some other social media? If the answer is zero, you probably have no good friends. To know if you have any good buddies, turn off your own birthday notification, tell Facebook not to remind your friends and observe the number of wishes you will be receiving.

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Anyway, here are 33 funny birthday pictures and images for your very good buddies on Facebook, share and tag them.

Thank you to all who posted kind birthday wishes. I’m touched. The rest of you will be un-friended tomorrow.

Wishing you a happy early birthday so I don’t have to remember it later.

Thanks for the birthday wishes from everyone who noticed my name today in the upper right corner of your Facebook page.

Your birthday means so much to me I’ve taken time out of doing nothing to send this.

Happy Birthday to someone I care about enough to not ignore their birthday reminder on Facebook.

Sorry you have to scroll so far down the menus on websites to choose your birth year.

Congratulations on successful not becoming a teen mom.

Congratulations on being a year older and still maintaining such a low level of maturity. You are truly an inspiration.

May you grow so old that you unintentionally frighten small children.

Happy birthday to a sister who has the best sister in the world.

Let’s see Jurassic World for your birthday so you can feel like less of a dinosaur.

Have a joyous time celebrating the day your face rubbed your mother’s V.

Birthdays are good for your health. Studies have shown that people who have more birthdays live the longest.

I wish there was an even lazier way than social media to wish you a happy birthday.

I almost sent you a real birthday card but thankfully my internet connection came back.

Happy 24 hours of constant Facebook notifications day.

May you live to be so old that people actually question if you are the walking dead.

Happy birthday to one of the few people whose birthday I can remember without a Facebook reminder.

Just wanted to wish you an extremely early happy birthday so I can get back to thinking about myself.

Allow me to politely suggest this be the year you start lying about your age.

I find it hard to believe your entire body was in a uterus at one point.

May you live so long your entire body resembles a scrotum.

Two secrets on your Birthday: 1) Forget the past, you can’t change it. 2) Forget the present, I didn’t get you one.

Today’s the anniversary of you being expelled from your mother’s uterus.

I’d bake you a cake today if I knew how to use an oven.

I searched a long time to find the perfect birthday card for you but ended up just sending this.

I find it strange that we celebrate you on the anniversary of a day when your mom did all of the work.

If you were a dog you’d be dead by now.

Just wanted to be the first one to wish you a happy birthday so I can feel superior to your other well-wishers.

Your birthday is the perfect opportunity to remind you that my birthday is coming up soon.

May you live so long that no one wants to see you naked.

Thanks to all who posted birthday wishes to my Facebook page and making me look more popular than I really am.

Happy birthday to someone I think about almost as much as I think about myself.

Only a true friend would remember to wish you a happy birthday, but . Youll additionally posts this friend birthday needs to their Facebook and.

Unique Ways to Wish Happy Birthday on Facebook

how to wish happy birthday to a friend on facebook

You know the most unimaginative thing on Facebook in this modern world? Posting Happy Birthday on someone’s Facebook wall.

It’s a birth anniversary of your friend, and people (not you, People!) can’t even come up with single witty sentence or other ways to say happy birthday? Well, not anymore.

Do you believe we should all aspire to change the world in our own ways? This is my teeny-tiny effort to do just that.

Now, getting to the point, there are lots of different ways to wish happy birthday to a friend on Facebook. And let me just say it right now, literally, anything is better than the plain “Happy Birthday”. No wait! Actually, shorter versions such as “happy bday, HBD” are even worse.

Moving on!

Now, the effort you’re willing to put-in will directly depend on the closeness of your relationship. And that’s totally acceptable. While some friendships can be pleased with one witty line, others will require bit more effort than that.

So, here are some birthday wish ideas to choose from.

Birthday Wish with Photos

This is currently the most popular trend on Facebook. Those who want to show that they care, make an effort to find photos from the past and post it on birthday person’s wall. You can then caption the photo reminiscing the past, or you can think of some other message for your friend. Just don’t forget to write Happy Birthday at the end.

Birthday Wish with Personal Message

Friends move away but friendship still lasts, and we all have few of our close friends in distant lands. Best way to wish them a quick happy birthday on Facebook is to write a heartfelt message letting them know how special they are. You can dig up some inside jokes from the past, or just make a detailed wish for the life they long for.

Caution: Do not, any circumstance, use cliches.

Birthday Wish with Poems/Song-Remix

Poetry seems to be coming back now, as more and more people are engaged in this art form. You can write a poem for the birthday person, but if that’s not your forte, you can borrow lyrics of songs and remix them to make them best fitting for your friend. Remember, it’s not some talent show that requires originality. It’s the gesture that counts.

An example of how to do it is:

There are plenty of songs with girls’ names right. So, just pick out the one that you think makes most sense for your friend. Replace that name with your friend’s name, and you’re already making great progress.
Note: Might only work if birthday person is female.

Birthday Wish with Videos

This is, by far, the most unique and creative way to make a birthday wish I can think of. Luckily, it hasn’t started trending all over social media yet, which it will soon. So, you’ll still be among the precious few to wish your friends with birthday videos.

I don’t just mean recording a video singing happy birthday. While that is still something you can do, I would suggest something more meaningful. Videos with a story-line are always entertaining and memorable to watch. You could make birthday videos about timeline of the person’s life, or you could highlight some particular aspect of the individual’s life with a thoughtful message at the end.

For more ideas: 9 Tips for Birthday Slideshow Videos

Check out this birthday video we prepared on the occasion of Leonardo DiCaprio’s birthday.

Also, here’s a birthday video we created on Obama’s birthday. This video features Obama’s life about how he grew over the years.

We literally created these videos within matter of minutes, and we may not be the most creative of beings. You can do much better.

Here’s a quick guide to How to create a birthday video with Picovico?

We’ve got more ideas on making Facebook Birthday Video.

Do you feel ready yet? Just log in to Picovico, and get started on the video making journey. Trust me you’ll feel more accomplished and you’ll have a happier friend (who probably cried little seeing your efforts).

Create a Birthday Video Now

Was this page helpful to you? Let us know in the comments below. Also, share the videos you made with us. We would be happy to feature your video on your Facebook and Twitter page.

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On the day of a friend's birthday, you may see a reminder on your Facebook home page, inviting you to send him a birthday greeting. Just click.

how to wish happy birthday to a friend on facebook
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