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How to wish for housewarming ceremony

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How to wish for housewarming ceremony
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Housewarming ceremony is a ceremony or a party which is hosted when someone moves in to a new residence. It is a big reason to celebrate with friends and family. Usually, this ceremony is held within the 10 days of shifting into the new home.Here, in this post you are going to read the best and exclusive housewarming wishes. These wishes, messages and greetings can be sent to the one hosting the housewarming ceremony via SMS, emails or greeting cards.

If someone near or dear in your social or personal circle has invited you for a housewarming ceremony or is holding a housewarming ceremony, then you should not miss a chance to congratulate him/her and send him/her good luck wishes. After-all moving to a new home to dwell is a matter of celebration and joy.

Housewarming Wishes Messages:

If you are looking for some beautiful and heart warming housewarming wishes messages, then this post will surely going to delight you. Here, you will explore the unique and most beautiful housewarming wishes messages that you can send to your near and dear ones on the occasion of housewarming.

Congratulations on the new home.
May it bring lot more happiness
in coming years.

May your new abode
be full of warmth, love and happiness.

May God bless this home
with love, peace and affection.

A new house is a
dream come true.
Congrats for the same.

Congratulations on
moving into new home.
May it bring happiness year after year.

Congratulations for the new nest.
May the warmth of new home
keep you all happy always.

May the new home create
numerous happy memories.
Happy new home.

A house is made of bricks and mortar
but a home is made by people who live in it.
Hoping that you create
a whole new world of happiness
in your new home.
Stay blessed and Congratulations!!

Your home is the perfect place
of elegance, beauty and heaven.
It is no doubt, a dream come true.
Congratulations for this precious possession!

Happy unpacking the gifts
of love and warmth
for the new home.

Wishing all the very best
for settling in your new home.

May your new castle protect you
from all sorts of grief and sorrow.

Relax and sleep well in your new abode.
Hope it proves a great place of comfort.

Finally you have a place
to call your own.
Hearty congratulations for it.

Over-whelmed to see
the bright and happy aura
of you new home!
May it stays with you,
in your home forever.

May the new house add
to the grandeur of your status.

Wishes for Housewarming:

In this section, you will explore the exclusive collection of wishes for housewarming. Housewarming ceremony is one of the most joyful and happy occasion of one’s life. Therefore, you should always try to make it more happy and joyful by sending gifts and wishes to the ones holding the ceremony. I shall be discussing the gift ideas for housewarming at the end of the post, till then enjoy reading these wishes for housewarming.

As your new neighbours,
I welcome you to our neighbourhood
with a very warm and wishful heart.

Congratulations on buying
the new address of happiness.
Take care and wish you all the best!

May you all be united
like the walls of the house
and painted with love and affection.

Home is where you comfort yourself
and your tiredness turns into fun
when you return
to such a beautiful abode.
Congratulations for new home!

Best wishes for new address of heaven.
May you live happily ever after.

Good luck wishes on housewarming for you!

Wish you a sweet life ahead
and you may achieve all success in life.

May the housewarming party never ends
and each day is a grand occasion in the new home.
Congratulations buddy!!
Enjoy these moments to the fullest.

May the life in new house
be prosperous and free of pains.

The new address of happiness
and love is your new home.
May God be with you all, always!

The new home is really
a piece of show-off.
Don’t hesitate to boast of its features.
It’s your own now.

Congratulations on buying
the new haven of
love, peace and affection.

Everything in the new house
looks just perfect.
The curtains, the walls,
the lights, the ambience,
it really looks like a palace.
I lost my heart on it.

Wish you all the best
on buying a new castle of love.

Your new home looks
fabulous and fine.
Enjoy time with friends
and family as you dine.

Investment in new home
will reap for lifetime ever.
It will always bear fruits of love and solace.

Housewarming Wishes Greetings:

Have you decided to gift a greeting card for someone in social or personal circle on housewarming? Are you searching for the perfect words and greetings to write on the card for housewarming? If so, then you will be delighted to know that this section is having some of the best and most unusual housewarming wishes greetings. These wishes for housewarming ceremony are suitable for anyone and can be used to send to anyone in your social, professional or personal circle.


The new home is
as beautiful as the owners.


As you live in your new house
while paying loan,
It will surely not give you any
reason to moan.
Enjoy and Congratulations!


On your housewarming ceremony,
your first steps in the new home
will be the best ones you ever take
and forward journey will be a blissful one.


Beautiful people like you deserve
such a beautiful house.
Great choice!


A house is made home
by the people who live in it.
Hope you make the best home
out of this new house!


You are the owners of happiness abode now.


My heartiest wishes on owning the new house
and we welcome you to the new community.
Feeling happy to have you as our neighbours!


My best wishes for the new couple
on owning the new house.
Best step to start their blissful journey.


May you always feel
loved and cosy in your new home.
God bless you and your family!


New environment,
new pleasures,
new responsibilities
as you own a new house.


Relax and enjoy your new home.
Take care!


Congratulations on building
the foundation of happiness and glory.


Your glorious years of success
and happy living start now
as you move into your new home.
We are so happy
on seeing you finding a new abode!


Your new home
will add lavishness to your life
and serve a place of love and peace.


Finally your search for new home is over.
Wishing you happiness
on your housewarming ceremony.
Congrats buddy!


Housewarming brings peace,
love and blessings
before starting a new life
in the new home.
May God bestow these in bulk,
on you and your family!


May your new home
be a place of solace
and you live happily ever after.
Best of luck!


Heartfelt wishes for the
new home sweet home.
May you create the sweetest memories in it.


On this housewarming ceremony,
may lord bless you and your family,
with peace and health,
and may he fill your new home
with lots of joyful and love moments.

General New Home Wishes Messages:

General new home wishes messages can be sent to anyone in your personal, social and professional circle. These messages are good for anyone you know, who has bought a new home or has shifted to a new house. You can send these messages via emails, SMS or greeting cards.


Your dream has come true.
Congratulations on your new home.


I hope the new home
sees many happy future generations to come.
All the best! Good Wishes for you and your family


May you and your family
grows strong in your new home.
May you spend the most joyous moments,
in this new house of yours.
Best Wishes.


Please accept my heartwarming
wishes for you new home.
May God Bless You And Your Family!


New neighbors,
new place, new site,
new scenes, new paths.
All this prove to be
a booster for your life
and provide you all comfort.


May your home be filled
with love and laughter.


Hope your new home becomes
a special place where
all your desires get fulfilled
and dreams come true.
Congratulations for new home!


No expensive gifts,
No colorful balloons,
No flowers or Diamonds…
But all I have is
a simple wish for you,
that you be blessed with
the happiest moments
of your life in this new home of yours.
Stay Blessed!


A big fat paycheck is
what a home is worth.
Hope it’s worth much more happiness.


Hope you feel the warmth,
and coziness of this new home,
and may the aura of luck and love,
surround you and your family.
Best Wishes for New Home.


….and you live happily ever after.
Happy New Home! 🙂

Funny New Home Messages:

It is always great to make someone laugh, especially during the happy occasions. You can send these funny new home messages to make your friends and pals tickle for a moment and make them laugh.


Congratulations on becoming
the master of your new home,
unless your wife lets you say this! 😛


Home is where,
your wife rules!!
New home is where,
ahhh Still your wife rules!! 😛


Hope this new house of yours,
be able to bear you
and your drunken pals like me!!
Hitcchh!! Congrats!!


I am so happy for your new home,
as now we have a new place
to sit and get drunk whole night!
Party Calls!!


I wish your new neighbors,
a very best of luck,
as I am sure,
you are not going to spare them too!

Aren’t these housewarming wishes, messages and greetings just beautiful? I really hope you enjoyed reading these and you will surely use these messages to send to your near and dear ones on thier housewarming ceremony. Now coming to the gifts, that should be sent on housewarming. At first, a beautiful flower bouquet and a greetings card is a universal gift. So, if you are not getting anything else to gift, you can choose this. Apart from it, you can gift something useful like a home appliance, a wall hanging, a show piece, small furniture, an antique etc. You can also gift a God idol to the residents of the new home, in order to make them feel blessed and joyful.

Hope you liked this post. Feel free to share it with your friends and family via your social channels. Stay connected for more interesting, useful and fun posts. Till then, feel free to explore around our website for more messages, quotes and greetings.

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Thank You messages for Housewarming Ceremony

how to wish for housewarming ceremony

Commitment Ceremony - Naming Ceremonies - Housewarming - Boat Naming

Funerals A Celebration of Life - Pet Funerals

Commitment Ceremony

A Commitment Ceremony has the same principals and processes as a Wedding but without the legal papers and inclusion of specific legal phrases in the ceremony. Situations where Commitment Ceremonies are varied and can include:


Same sex couples -In many countries, including Australia, couples of the same gender are not permitted to marry according to the law but there is no reason why they can’t declare their love in front of their family and friends and make a formal announcement that they plan on being partners for life.

Couples who do not wish to comply with the legal requirements of marriage and simply object to the concept of marriage or the terminology of husband and wife but still want to show their love by acknowledging their commitment to one another.

Couples who may have gone thru a divorce or separated and want to be together again or just been down a rocky road and want to make a fresh start but don’t want to be married a Commitment Ceremony is a chance for them to acknowledge what is in their hearts and declare publicly their commitment to one another.

Naming Ceremonies

The love and sheer delight that a child will bring to your lives is a gift worth celebrating. A Naming Ceremony is a wonderful occasion to bring together family and friends to celebrate the birth of your baby and introduce your chosen Godparents/Mentors.


These people will play an important role in your child’s development and can provide a beautiful friendship that the child knows is always present through the many different stages of their life.


I will provide you with examples of readings/poems, songs, rituals and ideas to make your child’s naming day unique and as special as your child is to you, your family and friends. Certificates are issued to the parents and godparents and I will also bring a beautiful calico teddy bear for everyone to sign - as a memento of this special day- all included in the price.


Being a Mother and a Grandmother myself I know the joy and love that a child will bring to everyone’s lives and I would love to help welcome your child into this world by crafting a ceremony especially designed just for your precious bundle of joy.


Please phone me on 040 2200 062 or 9401 5894 to make an obligation free appointment to start your baby’s love story.



House warming
A Housewarming is a ceremony to congratulate people who have moved into their new home and wish them lots of happiness and good luck for the days ahead. Your Home is where the story begins. "it takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home".

Let me tell your family and friends the story of how this adventure began and your future plans for your new home. You will receive a complimentary personalized bottle of champagne to toast your new home.

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House Warming Notes

how to wish for housewarming ceremony

Congratulations for a new home: These wishes, messages and greetings are such that only homeowners can fully understand and relate to the deeper meaning that they reflect. A new house signifies a new beginning. That is the reason why housewarming greeting cards should always resonate good luck, love, happiness and prosperity. Whether it is for your friends, family or colleagues – make sure that the words you chose embrace the essence of taking those first few exciting steps of moving into a place. From sweet quotes about the warmth of a new home to sarcastic and funny ones about burdensome mortgage payments – take ideas from this post to write your own innovative and original message that glorifies the pride of home ownership.


1) Owning your own home is one of the best feelings ever. It can’t be described in words, it can’t be quantified in money. Home ownership is a feeling that makes the daily grind worth facing. It reassures you that after all the ups and downs, you have a place to go to…. a place that’ll never judge you and always invite you with open arms. Congratulations for getting your piece of paradise.


2) Your new home should be called Dream Land because it is really the stuff dreams are made of. Congratulations.


3) Don’t feel bad if you feel proud and haughty, your new home is just too pretty. Don’t feel guilty if you feel like showing off a bit, the beauty of your new home is totally worth it. Congratulations.


4) A new home drains life’s savings, but in return gives a new life. Congratulations.


5) Worthy of applause, is your new house. Wish you happiness, many moments priceless. Congratulations.

6) You can rent a house but you can only own a home. Congratulations.


7) When you bought your new home, you didn’t just fulfill a need, you accomplished a deserving feat. It takes guts to take on a mortgage, but I am sure it will be all worth it as you age. The loan repayments may feel like a heavy burden right now, but years later when your home’s value increases you will say WOW. Congratulations.


8) You should christen your house as PERFECTION because everything seems to be just right. Congratulations.


9) May the windows and doors of your new home open up to good luck, prosperity and fortune for your entire family. Congratulations.


10) May your new home keep you cozy in winter, cool in summer and sheltered during the rains. May it also give you a prosperous life, full of happiness and free of pains. Congratulations.

11) The walls of a new home will always remain cold, until it is occupied by young and old. With a beautiful family and a lovely home, you have simply struck gold. Congratulations.


12) HOUSES are all about cement, bricks, mortar and wood. HOMES are all about loved ones, family, parties and food. Congratulations for your new home.


13) When the sun sets in the west, the view from your living room will be the best of the best. Congratulations.


14) Parties, gatherings and family events, your new home is set to create priceless moments. Hugs, smiles, laughs and giggles, friends and family will make your happiness double. Congratulations.


15) Congratulations for breaking yourself free from the chains of landlords, but accept my condolences for tying yourself in the chains of mortgage repayments.

16) A home is a haven for love, memories and happiness. Congratulations for getting yours.


17) My heart skips a beat when I see your new home. It has the perfect ambience, the perfect decor and the perfect tone. Congratulations.


18) When you enter your new home, heave a sigh of relief. This is a new start to your life and time to turn a new leaf. Congratulations.


19) Warm your new house, by living the happy times in it with your family and spouse. Congratulations.


20) Congratulations for buying a house which is so luxurious and fine. Here’s wishing you good luck as we drink and dine.

21) A home is only as good as the people who live in it and going by that, your home is the BEST. Congratulations.


22) After a busy day, you will seek peace and solace, for which your new home will be the ultimate place. Congratulations.


23) Even the walls of the most expensive hotel in the world, can never be as warm as those of your beautiful new home. Congratulations.


24) Congratulations for buying yourself a new home and locking yourself in a cage called mortgage.


25) Your new home is an investment that will reap rewards for a lifetime. You made a wise and beautiful choice. Congratulations.

26) Your new home is… a slice of heaven, a glimpse of beauty, a mark of elegance, a sigh so pretty. A warm feeling, a vibrant hue, a cozy ambience, a dream come true. Congratulations.


27) Congratulations for becoming the owners of a home as beautiful as the owners themselves.


28) As you step foot into your new home for the first time, please take a moment to read this sweet rhyme. Wealth will always follow hard-working people like you, prosperity and success will follow you too. But what is more important is the love of your family, so cherish every moment you spend in your new home with people who you love dearly. Congratulations.


29) Nurture the time spent in your new home with love and care so that your family never has to face despair. Congratulations.


30) You may be under pressure to pay back your home loan, but your beautiful new house will surely give you no reason to moan. Congratulations.

31) May the sheer beauty of your new home envelop your family in the cover of blissfulness. May the warmth of your new home infuse your life with heaps of happiness. May the lovely décor of your new home make every moment absolutely priceless. Congratulations.


32) Putting your foot in your very own new home, is one of the best steps you’ll ever take in your life. Congratulations.


33) You will not realize the value of your new home, until you come back from a stressful day at work and lounge in a place that you can truly call your own. Congratulations.


34) I hate to be the bearer of bad news but the worst part of owning such a beautiful home like yours is that you will never feel like leaving it. Congratulations, future homebody.


35) Your new home is just not a new roof over new walls. It marks the beginning of a new life, new memories and most importantly, new celebrations for friends like us!

36) Beautiful couples like you deserve beautiful homes like yours. Congratulations.


37) The décor of a home speaks a lot about the personalities of the people living in it and yours says that you are – smart, modern, trendy, warm, welcoming and beautiful. Congratulations.


38) A brand new home, a loving family and a life worth envy – you already have everything so all I am going to wish for you is that your lives continue to be lovely, carefree and happy. Congratulations.


39) There are lots of new memories waiting to come inside, as you open the doors of your new home wide. Best wishes to you and your family, as you start carving out a new destiny. Congratulations.


40) You might be counting the value of your home in dollars right now. But years down the line when your children grow up within these walls its value will become priceless. Congratulations for getting the perfect abode for your family.

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Thank You Messages for Housewarming

how to wish for housewarming ceremony

This post will offer you unique invitation messages to invite your dear ones on housewarming ceremony. Try some unique and stylish invitation messages to invite guests to check where you dwell. Its just an excuse to have family and friends together. Here we have put together some exciting housewarming invitation wordings. Just make sure that you choose an appropriate one.

Moving to a new residence is always a new phase in every person’s life. He/she requires love, blessings, support and celebration for this. And to find a perfect housewarming ceremony message is a perfect way to gather all the good wishes and celebrate joy with your family and friends.

Its time to invite your family, friends or dear ones to your housewarming ceremony. Are you tired of words to invite at your housewarming party? Writing invitations for your housewarming ceremony is easy. This cerebration is a cool way to adjust oneself in the new environment. Here we have included unique ways to invite your dear ones at your new residence for housewarming ceremony.

Scroll down and have a look…

Housewarming Ceremony Invitation Messages

  • Dear friend, me and my wife invite you and your family at our housewarming ceremony. Kindly join us in starting our new phase of life.
  • We invite you guys on our housewarming ceremony on (date, time address). So lets get together in a new environment and have fun!
  • Me and my whole family requests you to be there at our housewarming ceremony. It would be our pleasure to have you with us..
  • Hey friend, kindly be with us on our housewarming ceremony to be held on (date, time). I will send you my new address. Lets have a grand celebration.
  • It would be a great pleasure to have you all at our place for housewarming ceremony. Please do come and have fun!.
  • I am writing this to invite you at our housewarming ceremony. We have moved to a new location. So we are throwing a party on (date) at (time). I will text you the address details. Your presence is mandatory!
  • It would be great delight for us to celebrate our housewarming ceremony with you all. So kindly be there for the mock tail party and dinner..
  • Its well said that its people only who turn a house into a home. So we want all of you and your blessings to have a new start of our life at our cosy place. Please be there at our housewarming ceremony. See you soon!
  • After 5 years of hard work, finally my own new house! Yippee so excited I am! Kindly come over and join me in my excitement. I will let you know the party details soon..
  • I don’t think that it would took much time to change my new house into home as I have friends like you. So join me in my housewarming ceremony on Saturday at 10 a.m. sharp for greh pravesh pooja.
  • Dear colleagues, you all are cordinally invited to shower us your blessings at our housewarming ceremony. Let's have fun at my new residence.
  • This should be a huge celebration I guess. New city, new job, new home.. is this all not enough to have a grand party? So come on guys and join me at my residence for the housewarming ceremony.
  • Me and my husband whole heartedly invite you at our housewarming party. So come over at ( date and time). 
  • After staying 5 years in PG, finally my dream has come true. I have a place to call as mine own. So I have organised a small housewarming dinner party for all my dear ones. Kindly be there on time.
  • It seems all your blessings have come true. Finally I have got something to call as my own property- yeah, my new home! I invite you all at my housewarming ceremony. I would be so glad to see you all there…
  • I know you are busy guys.. So just save the date for my housewarming ceremony! So be there as I have told you in advance only. 
  • I feel so glad to share this news with you all that the fruit of my hard work is with me today. And yeah its my new home! My whole family invites you to our new house. Address and date will be informed to you soon!
  • Hey guys! Just wanted to tell you all that we have moved to a new location. And we are holding housewarming ceremony on (date). I would like to invite you all to join our housewarming ceremony.
  • Finally the day has come for which I had been waiting for a long. I would like to share my joy with you all. So kindly be there at my housewarming ceremony to be held on (date) at (time). Lets celebrate together!
  • You will not find our welcome mat in the previous residence. We have walked out with our welcome mat to our new destination at (address). So we cordially invite you all at our new place on (date) at (time). Kindly join us at the celebration…
  • Its well said that a home is made with love. I have got a new one for myself. So lets change this house into a home with love of your all. I cordially invite you at housewarming ceremony at my new residence on (date). Please do come and celebrate with us!
  • I wanted to inform you all that I have moved to a new place and in order to celebrate this event I invite you all at my new place. So lets meet and have beers and dinner..

Once you have decided date and time of holding a celebration at your new residence, just take a piece of pen and paper and start writing invitations. Select an appropriate invitation that touches the heart of your guests.

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