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How to wish a musician good luck

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How to wish a musician good luck
June 24, 2019 Anniversary Wishes 3 comments

Well-wishers should always replace the phrase “good luck” with its or from understudies (jokingly) wishing actors would “break a leg” so that.

The Dance Enthusiast Asks: Why do dancers say 'MERDE' before Performances?

Everice Monique Lindesay
Dance Enthusiast/Dancer

“I once was told that back in the early days of ballet, companies used animals on stage. And, every time an animal **** on stage, someone from the audience would yell,"Merde!" to warn the dancers. It was used so often, that the term stuck to wish you good luck. Unless you're a rockette in the Christmas Spectacular, you probably don't have to worry about that anymore. Lol”

Jeffrey E. Salzberg

Jeffrey Salzeberg is a lighting designer for theatre, dance, opera, and puppetry

“More or less the same as telling actors to "break a leg". If wishing people good fortune is tempting fate, then, logically, wishing them ill is likely to also bring about the contrarian result. Since telling dancers to "break a leg" is, well, kind of creepy, we say, "Merde".
Note: as with most other backstage traditions ("Why is the lounge called the 'green room'?," for example) there are many, often contradictory, explanations and many people will ardently insist that theirs is the correct one...based, usually, on the scientific fact that it happens to be the first one they ever heard.”

Annmaria Mazzini
Paul Taylor Dance Company

“I thought that it came from Paris when the dancers were crossing the street to the theater, they'd tell each other to be careful not to step in the merde from the horses.”

Jennifer Mabus
Dancer/Teacher/Dance Enthusiast

“I was recently told something similar about how it started in Paris. If the performance had a good audience, there would be much merde outside from all the carriages... Hence the wish....”

Eva Dean Dance

“Ditto to Annmaria and Jennifer's comment about ‘merde’!

John Stone
Composer/Music Director, The Paper Bag Players

“I also read that since there were animals on stage in many opera ballets, the dancers would say "merde" to help avoid their droppings. I find that dubious.
Here's another one I heard: the phrase was first uttered by a constipated prima ballerina in Paris. When she would yell "merde!" to the house manager, it meant she had finished her business and was finally ready to start the show.”

(editors note: John is a highly imaginative creator of myth...he acknowledges his last answer to the question of why we say 'merde' is made up)

Dawn Marie Stoppiello
Troika Ranch Dance Theater

“Well, shit. I just don’t know.”

Ruping Wang
WC Dance –Artistic Director/Performer

“ In Taiwan, we usually say: Jia-Yo. Literally, it means add oil. It is an encouragement in hope of getting extra energy or inspirations for a performance. Sometimes we say: Yan-Chu-Chen-Gong. It means having a successful performance.”

Anabella Lenzu

“EN BOCA AL LUPPO and you reply to them CREPI IL LUPPO: in Italian it means call the wolf and you reply died the wolf! This is the good luck expression in the opera and ballet world in Argentina.”

Nichelle Strzepek

“I had a dance instructor in college that used toi toi toi all the time before performances. Was never really sure where it came from but I was under the impression it had more to do with repelling bad luck than wishing good luck.”

Coco Loupe

I stopped saying "Merde" years ago. i don't exactly remember when or why but it just lost its relevancy at some point. so......i've been using the following for years now and it always takes folks a moment to get it....then they either laugh, gasp or walk towards the stage looking rather confused.....

Other Dancers to me:
Merde, CoCo! Merde! Good show, CoCo! Merde!

Me to other dancers:
Thanks so much! and remember.....Don't suck!”

Robert L. Friedman
Dance Enthusiast/Fencer

“According to my French teacher (who was a ballet dancer), in days gone by, when members of high society went to see an event in their horse drawn carriages, the horse crap would pile up in front of the theater. The more successful the show, the bigger the pile -- hence the expression ‘merde’as an expression of ‘good luck’”

Published on January 31, 2010

These musicians from all around the world play various instruments, and Leave a comment below to wish all these musicians good luck for.

Musicians Quotes

how to wish a musician good luck

GOOD LUCK Sayings!

You can say:

  • Wish you all the best!
  • Wish you the best of luck!
  • Good luck with that!
  • Best of luck!
  • I wish you luck!
  • Wishing you lots of luck!
  • Fingers crossed!
  • Break a leg!
  • Knock them dead!
  • Blow them away!
  • You’ll do great!
  • I hope everything will be all right.
  • I hope things will turn out fine.
  • I hope things will work out all right.

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The Dance Enthusiast Asks: Why do dancers say 'MERDE' before Performances?

how to wish a musician good luck

Before actors and musicians go on stage to perform, well-wishers typically wish them “Break a leg”. Of course, this is purely based on the theatrical superstition in which wishing a person “good luck” is actually considered bad luck.

It is against this background that we provide you this wonderful collection of original good luck wishes for singers and musicians. These wishes of luck can help inspire any performing artist you know to believe in themselves and make their way to the top.

  • As you perform on your biggest platform tonight, may your sweet melodies mesmerize your audience and bring out the joy in them.
  • You are a wonderful musician. I know you are going to absolutely knock them dead when you mount the stage tonight.
  • I know you have rehearsed well and may that alone give you all the confidence you need to deliver to your audience.
  • Wishing you the best of luck on the audition tonight. I am 100% sure that your singing is going to thrill the judges and leave them swooning over it.
  • I hope you see yourself as one of the finest singers as you perform on stage today because in my eyes you are a truly amazing singer.
  • I am so confident you will be the best singer for tonight. Just be yourself and give it your best shot. I wish you great luck.
  • May your performance today be the beginning of great successes in your life. I know you have what it takes to become a world renowned musician.
  • There is no doubt you are one of the finest singers of your generation. Good luck in all your endeavors to become one of the greatest singers of all time.

Good Luck | Shout Aloud

  • Good luck on tonight’s show. You’re the best, break a leg, and go get them.
  • Good luck on your performance tonight. And don’t forget to knock the audience dead!
  • Your previous album was a big hit, and I have no doubt that this is going to be a mega blast! Keep soaring and making your mark in the sands of time.
  • It’s singers like you who give credence to the saying, “music is a universal language”. Wishing you the very best with tonight’s performance. You will do great!
  • There’s something unmistakable about your lyrics and their ability to uplift the soul! I look forward to experiencing this tonight. Break a leg!
  • When I first heard your songs, I was a bit skeptical; however, after paying attention to the lyrics, I became convinced that they are the best. Now go and prove this to your undecided fans tonight.
  • Your terrific voice has made your name a household one. I’m confident that you will take this reputation to the global level in today’s show. Wishing you my very best.
  • All in our family, even the toddlers, admire your singing prowess. We can’t wait to see you hit the records again this year. Good luck, and lots of love from us.
  • Looks like my sisters can’t have enough of your smooth moves and sweet sounds. This month, I’m looking forward to you hitting the air waves and making new fans. Best.
  • It’s not for nothing that you are called the “music nose” in our genre of music! Now go out there and show the world the unique talent God has blessed you with. Sending your way hugs, kisses, and lots of luck.
  • Smooth, moving, baritone voices like yours are hard to come by these days. And I’m sure your audience will truly appreciate it for what it is. Here’s to wowing these folks tomorrow. Cheers.
  • If your song could give energy to my frail bones, and healing to my ailing daughter, I have no doubt that it will move your audience to tears tonight. Good luck with the show and keep up the amazing work.

Good Luck | Have a beautiful night

  • You are a music woman, and an intelligent, charming one at that! I exhort you to go out there and do what you know how to do best. The kids and I will be rooting for you. All the best.
  • If there’s anyone who should rock that stage tonight, it is you because you’ve spent years perfecting your craft. Mount that stage and make all of those practice hours mean something for your fans! Good luck.
  • I was just telling your mom how proud I’m that you’ve built your musical talent to such a grand scale. Please know that we will remain proud of you irrespective of this year’s outcome. All the same, good luck!
  • An amazing song is a reflection of the hard work, skill, and effort of the musician. If you can bring all of those to bear on the stage tomorrow, the performance will be more than stellar! Best wishes.
  • This is only the beginning of greater songs and better performances to come, dear friend. Good luck, and don’t forget to remember me when you hit the megastar status. Much love.
  • Given your industriousness, tenacity, hope, and skill, I don’t think that you need much luck to succeed but I’ll give it to you anyway! All the best, and may you soar from grace to grace.

Good Luck, Man!

  • Folks like you speak to our hearts and give us hope when the times look bleak. Wishing you the very best of luck as you pursue this noble profession with your audience tonight. Much love.
  • Your desire for continuous improvement has given the world some of the finest songs its ever known. Wishing you nothing but the best as you perform this song for the first time. Cheers.
  • We just can’t get enough of your lyrics and voice, which you use to help us make meaning of our world. Many thanks, and sending best wishes for this year’s grand show. Love.
  • May the rays of glory surround every step, melody, and move of yours this year. We can’t wait to see you sweep this craft’s most prestigious award this year. Best.
  • Whenever I hear your smooth, silky voice, the world stands still and I lose both my mind and self. I wish you all the best as you give your audience the gift of that experience.
  • Seeing as we cannot take this amazing gift of singing from you, the least we can do is allow ourselves to be treated to it. Sending best wishes for tonight’s long-awaited show. We think that you will rock!
  • Your songs are incredibly amazing because they hit me without leaving any pain behind. Mr. Music Man, good luck to you as you hit those folks with real, pain-free music. Much love.
  • Tonight is going to be explosive because a music god will command the stage. Good luck, brother! I’m confident that the music god in you will be unleashed in its full glory tonight. Cheers.
  • Your lyrics are insightful; your melodies, divine; and your presence, riveting! Who on earth wouldn’t love to experience those? Wishing you nothing but the best for the release of your album.
  • My wife and I are cancelling all our engagements and plans in order to attend your show next week. Good luck, brother, and we know that you will do great. We will be cheering you on from the audience.
  • Lately, your band has been the talk of town, and this is enough reason to brag about our friendship. Good luck, and I can’t wait to see you perform this afternoon. Vive la musique!!
  • If your music can bring world peace, raise funds for the poor, and uplift those in despair, I’m confident that it will do wonders at tonight’s show. Good luck, and I can’t wait to see you live.

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Knowing best wishes quotes and phrases is very useful when you want to Your good luck will come in waves, and so does your bad, so you have to take the.

9 (Serious) Theatrical Superstitions

how to wish a musician good luck

We all love a bit of luck in our lives, don’t we? Well, as it turns out in English, there are many different ways of wishing someone “good luck” so let’s take a look at a few different expressions!

Break a leg

Although this expression may sound very strange it is commonly used to wish someone good luck before they do something.

I’m performing at the globe theatre tomorrow evening.

Break a leg, I’m sure you’ll do great!

Knock them dead

Another strange expression, possibly even stranger than the previous is the expression “knock them dead”. It can be used in the same way as “break a leg” although it can mean “to really impress someone” or “good luck.”

We are playing against Barcelona junior football club tomorrow, I’m nervous!

Don’t worry Kevin, knock them dead!

Keep your fingers crossed

This expression is used to express both luck and hope, depending on the situation or context

we may say:

My father is in hospital and he is not doing well.

Just keep your fingers crossed that he will be OK.


I have a big maths exam tomorrow, I hope I pass!

Fingers crossed!

May the force be with you

An informal and humorous way of saying “good luck” in English. “May the force be with you” was used in the Star Wars films to wish a person or group good luck when they were about to embark on a challenging journey or take part in a challenging situation. It became famous in the English language after that.

I have an 18 hour flight to Australia tomorrow.

May the force be with you, I hope you make it there safely!

Blow them away

Used in much the same way as “knock them dead”, this phrase is often used to wish someone good luck before taking part in a performance or act of some sort.

I’m singing in the talent competition this weekend.

Blow them away Kim, you have a great voice!

We are sure you’ll knock everyone dead with your level of English…

Well everyone, there we have it! Another action packed post, full of new and exciting ways for you to express yourself in English. We hope that you incorporate these into your English to increase your level of vocabulary and expressions! Remember that in addition to the ABA Journal, you can also register as an ABA student for free which will give you free access to many more materials including 144 video classes from beginner to advanced level.

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Hello, a friend of mine is a musician and he is having his first show this weekend. I would like to send a short note and wish him well for that. Could I "Best of luck with your show / Good luck with your show" would be better.

how to wish a musician good luck
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