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Happy sunday wishes to my love
November 17, 2018 Anniversary Wishes 1 comment

Feb 15, 2019 I have strong confidence that for as long as I have a beating heart in my chest, I shall love and appreciate you, Mom. Happy Mothering Sunday.

Mothering Sunday (which is sometimes also referred to as Mother’s Day) is a day set aside to appreciate and pay homage to our beautiful mothers and all the wonderful mother figures in our lives. It falls on the fourth Sunday in Lent, exactly three weeks before Easter Day.

In honor of this very beautiful celebration, we present to you a fine list of super sweet Mothering Sunday wishes to show your mom or grandma how much she truly means to you.

Mothering Sunday Wishes For my Mom

  • On special days like today, I am reminded of how good God has been to me for blessing me with a wonderful treasure like you, Mom. Happy Mothering Sunday, sweet angel.
  • I have strong confidence that for as long as I have a beating heart in my chest, I shall love and appreciate you, Mom. Happy Mothering Sunday.
  • I am the richest man/woman in the world because I have an angel like you I can call my sweet mother. May boundless happiness and good health always be with you, dear Mom. A happy Mothering Sunday to you. Love you!
  • Mom, I can’t remember a time when your sweet love wasn’t in my life. Thank you for loving me every second of my life. Happy Mothering Sunday!
  • I adore you very much for the extraordinary love and support you have given me throughout my life, most especially during difficult moments. Happy Mothering Sunday, Mother!
  • You always give me the brightest part of life even if it means sacrificing your own happiness and comfort. May God bless you with the greatest treasures in His possession. Happy Mothering Sunday.

Wonderful wishes on Mothering Sunday!

  • In my books, you will always be my one and only angel, Mom. I love you very much! Happy Mothering Sunday.
  • As mothers go, Mom, you are the absolute best. May your life constantly know nothing short of true happiness. Happy Mothering Sunday.
  • Dear Mom, on this Mothering Sunday, I thank you earnestly for all your efforts in making me such a happy child. Happy Mothering Sunday, beloved Mother.
  • Hoping this Mothering Sunday is as incredibly amazing to you as you have been to me since I was a baby. I love you.

Happy Mothering Sunday!

  • Mom, here’s to a bright Mothering Sunday – a sweet day filled to the brim with all the beautiful things that make your heart happy.
  • For decorating my life and making me the happiest person in this universe, I wish your special life will be laden with special blessings of true happiness from above. Have a truly beautiful Mothering Sunday, dearest Mother.
  • Happy Mothering Sunday, Mom. Your loving arms are my natural habitat of true happiness. I love, respect and treasure you so much.
  • May the heavens bless you more times than you can keep count of, for you are the best of the greatest mothers in the world. Happy Mothering Sunday!
  • May your reasons to smile be as plenty as the sand that covers the Sahara Desert. Happy Mothering Sunday, dearest Mom!
  • For all the happiness and unconditional love you have showered upon my life, I say, “Thank you” from the deepest pit of my heart. Wishing you a blessed and joyful Mothering Sunday.
  • Mom, wishing you a Mothering Sunday brimful with all the happiness and prosperity life owes you, for you are very, very wonderful.
  • This Mothering Sunday, I just want you to know that having you as mother has been nothing but a mighty blessing and inspiration to me. God bless you, Mom, all the days of your life.
  • Mom, you’ve been my greatest source of inspiration and comfort in this life. May the heavens ensure that nothing ever washes the smile you have on your face today. Happy Mothering Sunday!

Let’s spend quality time together this Mothering Sunday.

Mothering Sunday Wishes For my Grandma

  • Nobody can equal you, Grandma because you’re the best. Wishing you a very joyful Mothering Sunday.
  • Wishing a super duper happy Mothering Sunday to a wonderful grandmother. May life forever make you as happy as you make me.
  • In my sky, no star is as beautiful and bright as you, Grandma. Thank you for making my life shine so beautifully. Happy Mothering Sunday.

Happy Mothering Sunday.

  • My life is golden because God gave me the most wonderful grandmother in the whole universe. Happy Mothering Sunday, sweet Grandmother. I love you more than I can ever utter or write.
  • Hope you have the brightest and happiest of Mothering Sundays! Love you, Granny.
  • I don’t need heaven when I have an amazing grandmother like you! Happy Mothering Sunday, Granny! Wishing you the best of health and the best of happiness.
  • Thank you for always being a truly awesome grandmother to me. I would be nothing if you weren’t present in my world. Happy Mothering Sunday.
  • I love you so much, Grandma, because I find all the happiness I need in this world in your presence. Have a wonderfully happy Mothering Sunday and life.
  • Happy Mothering Sunday to my precious grandmother and best friend in the whole world. Grandma, may this special day bestow into your world unlimited blessings of joy.
  • Wishing you, my sweet granny, a glorious Mothering Sunday. May every second of your life be as spectacularly amazing as you are to my universe. Thank you for being my angel and my best friend.
  • Happy Mothering Sunday to the best granny in the world! May your happiness and blessings in life be as endless as God’s reign.
  • Forever a blessed person because I have God’s most special angel as a granny. Have a remarkably lovely Mothering Sunday!
  • In my eyes, nothing in this universe can ever be more precious to my heart than you. Thank you for being an exceedingly wonderful grandmother and inspiration to me. Have yourself the happiest Mothering Sunday ever!
  • Beloved Grandma, may happiness and heavenly blessings find you on this beautiful Mothering Sunday and all your days. I love you.
  • My life on earth is a colorful picnic because of you, Grandma. Thank you so much and have yourself an incredibly fabulous Mothering Sunday.
  • Wishing a sweet Mothering Sunday to the sweetest grandmother ever! My love for you shall live until the end of time.
  • My whole universe is colorful because of your never-ending love for me, Grandma. There’s nothing I wouldn’t sacrifice to make your life as colorful as you make mine. Happy Mothering Sunday.
  • My life would have been lifeless had it not been for your amazing love, Grandma. I don’t say it as often as I should say it but thank you for every gift of happiness you have given me. I love you. Happy Mothering Sunday.

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Jan 28, 2018 With Happy Sunday Wishes Make your Sunday special with your special Today I am here just to express my love for you and make you feel.

30+ Best Happy Sunday Quotes, Images, Wishes & Messages

happy sunday wishes to my love

To some Sundays signify the start of the week and to some Monday signify the start of the week also but I think whichever way you decide to look at it, It gives us a chance to plan and mark out some thoughts for the coming week.

What better way to get going than to inspire a loved one, family member or friends, show them you care by sending them a message this Sunday to get them on the way.

Send any of the messages below and they will be glad you did.

Best Inspirational Messages for Sunday

Get the Sunday started with these Best Inspirational Sunday Messages.

1. Be grateful for the blessings upon you, refuel your passion and desire. Take a deep breath and relax it's Sunday. Happy Sunday.

2. Sundays are the link to a fresh start, new beginnings, blank paper for an active week. Determine what you want to make of it. Happy Sunday.

3. When you hit a rock bottom, the only direction left is up. You can't go lower than where you are now. Draw strength and cheer up, my friend. Happy Sunday.

4. Life is good. Many make it look bad. Don't get lost in their picture. Live the good life and inspire people. Have a splendid Sunday.

5. Be yourself. No one can ever be you. Being yourself is doing the world a kind of good that none can do for it and impact it the way you do. You are unique and special. Happy Sunday.

6. What makes you a person is not how intelligent, rich or influential you are, but that you have breath and you are in good health. Because you have the above, you can be anything you want to be. Happy Sunday.

7. Happy Sunday. Smile more than you cry, give more than you take and love more than you hate.

8. May this Sunday come with strength to plan the fulfilment of your aspirations and dreams. Happy Sunday.

9. Happy Sunday.
However, way you spend your Sunday, make sure that you spend it doing the things that you like doing, not the things that you don’t.

10. Three things you shouldn’t lose in life and should be the driver as you breathe; your faith, your courage and your smile. Happy Sunday.

11. Do not be afraid to take decisions and shine in the sunshine. When you shine, you invariably give others permission to do the same. Shine! Shine brightly! Happy Sunday.

12. When people throw dirt at you, just brush it off. But don't be the reason why they throw dirt on others. We can make the world better, you know and we should. Happy Sunday.

13. Happy Sunday. Share dreams with kindred spirits, letting in others who don't understand your dreams can only draw you back. You don't want to live life trying to balance between yours and theirs.

14. Your greatest strength is found when you know what you were meant to do. Being anything less makes you weaker. Happy Sunday.

15. You have nothing to prove to those who don't know your worth. You know yourself more than anyone self. Keep in mind and wishing you a Happy Sunday.

16. Your mind is not for worrying but thinking. Stop worrying about the bad things and think of a good way out of your problems. Be happy this lovely Sunday.

18. That you can't see a thing does not mean it doesn't exist. Your problems have an end, you just don't see it yet. Keep walking and I see the break of a beautiful day. Happy Sunday.

19. I hope your heart find strength in knowing that
Someone said the world needs everybody because everybody is part of its greatness but I say the world needs you because you are part of its greatness. Happy Sunday Pal.

20. On auto replay say to yourself when all fails, I will look to the heavens and I'll have the strength to push on. Don't keep saying until you totally agree for it never fails. You are blessed and Happy Sunday.

21. All things work together for your good. So don't worry about the things that happen around you because they all happen to make you the best you can be. Happy Sunday.

22. I hope you know dreams don't die, they have no ability to make themselves... What kills dreams are around and about us, it is your duty to recognise and disallow them from killing yours. Happy Sunday.

23. To stay relevant, Make a habit of reading, a renewable mind is a progressive mind. When a mind is already expanded, there's hardly room for impossibility and that is a key to success. Happy Sunday.

24. Image is everything, The first twenty seconds of meeting an individual is engaged to assess the newcomer and make a conclusion... Be conscious of this and be prepared. Do have a lovely Sunday filled with happiness.

25. Accepting blame and apologising are the simplest ways to be responsible, humble and build great bonds of friendship. Take the blame when wrong and apologize even when the blame is not obvious. Happy Sunday.

26. When it matters most, Draw strength and stand strong like a mountain, never quit standing up for your self always and chasing your dreams until it becomes true. Happy Sunday.

27. This new day, may you be blessed with blessings from above, the kind of blessings that makes everyone gape in awe. Happy Sunday.

28. Having and maintaining a positive state of mind is the best poverty absorber that can be counted upon so wear it as a garment. Happy Sunday.

29. Be good at what you do so much that others derive joy from watching you do it and that is a sure key to success. Happy Sunday.

30. Stand up every day with the determination to achieve a set of goals. It's by this that a man gets closer to the big dreams. Happy Sunday.

31. Yesterday didn’t turn out as we hoped, most times they don't. Trusting that this day will be better. Here’s to a new plan and desire for success. Happy Sunday.

32. A combination of Knowledge and wisdom is the key to success and both are required ingredients in daily life, be blessed with them and keep them at heart. Happy Sunday.

33. At the end of the tunnel is the light. So just keep moving forward till you get there and never give up. Happy Sunday.

34. At times no one will motivate you. You are your best source of motivation. Motivate yourself too and keep up the pace for it first begins with you. Happy Sunday.

35. On the way to greatness which isn't entirely smooth, you'll see road bumps that will definitely slow you down but never allow it to make you lose focus and get distracted. Happy Sunday.

36. The strength and desire to succeed and be better must first be fueled and fanned from the inside for that is the growth to succeeding. Keep fueling it and it will one day engulf you. Happy Sunday.

37. To fulfil purpose, it is important that you learn to channel whatever comes your way into positive energy for a drive. Happy Sunday.

38. Life threatens to steal your joy sometimes, but it will only ever succeed when your joy is dependent on a particular thing. Happy Sunday.

39. Giving up is as easy as holding on, the problem is where your mind is. Never lose hope. Happy Sunday, friend.

40. The bright side of every day is that it comes with new ideas, strength and creativity for all. Find and enjoy the ideas, strength and creativity that comes with a Sunday as this and be inspired. Happy Sunday.

41. When you're at peace both with yourself and with everyone around you, going after your dreams is easier. Get rid of anything that threatens to steal your peace and never allow that peace to be tampered with. Happy Sunday.

42. It all comes to us regardless of our state or affluence that one chance is all we have for nobody no matter how delightful gets another chance at life. What you do this once is all you can ever do. Happy Sunday.

43. It is a great wisdom to avoid thinking in the direction of I alone; Don't be deceived, self-made is a myth. You need God, family and a few good friends in your journey to make it a success. Happy Sunday.

42. To enjoy success you need to master your craft, be the best among peers in that which you do. It won't be long before they start talking about how amazing you are. Happy Sunday.

43. Nobody ever got it once; You may not get it all at once, nobody does. Never forget to celebrate every little progress you make for they are as important as the big process and the big process are made of the little, little progress added together. Happy Sunday.

44. You are not alone, never has been and do not need to be. God is with you. I am with you. Many others you equally give the chance want to. So rise and know that you are supported. Happy Sunday.

45. Every break of the day and the "good morning" that comes with it is a call to an amazing you to bless the world with your God-given talents, gifts and strengths. Don't hold back from doing this. Happy Sunday.

46. Everything done last is always the grandest and best for that moment. When your success comes, it will outperform that of others. Keep hopes high and be assured in this knowledge. Happy Sunday.

47. Every seed sown in form of whatever you give out is meant to come back to you in a way at a particular season, so give the best you can always and watch your barn becoming filled with harvest of what you have sown. Happy Sunday.

48. Be thankful for the gift of a fresh start, for the blessing of a new beginning. Happy Sunday.

49. Be a better person than you were at your last attempt. Overcome your limitations and break new grounds. Happy Sunday.

50. On a Sunday as this, Note that confidence isn't the easiest thing in the world to build. Many experiences from the past and present intrude in its growth. You just have to grow it anyway, and deliberately too, by appreciating your qualities. Happy Sunday.

51. When you feel like things are against you, remember all the great things you've done before and know that you can do them again if you apply your heart. Daily inspire yourself. Happy Sunday.

52. Make the best of every time you have. Laugh. Love. Live and seize every moment like it will be stolen from you if you do otherwise for it all depends on you. Happy Sunday.

53. Find out your own path and live it to the fullest. Life is too short to live the life of someone else. Be yourself and live to fulfil all that is within your capacity. Happy Sunday.

54. Feel free to take risks, experiments and pursue your dreams. Life is not a straight workout formula of additions and subtractions not is it as simple as accounting. Follow after your dreams. Happy Sunday.

55. Sometimes you're up, sometimes you're down. But one thing is sure, and that's the fact that you deserve a crown. So get up and get going! Happy Sunday.

56. There would be hard days, when all you want to do is sleep the stress out, sleep but wake up refreshed and ready to continue balling. Happy Sunday.

57. Stand up every day with the determination to achieve a set of goals. It's by this that a man gets closer to the big dreams. Happy Sunday.

58. It's a beautiful time in the world to seek that which makes your heart happy and not give up in its pursuit, you may not have the luxury of time in the next twenty years so channel your strength into that which brings happiness to your heart. Happy Sunday.

59. Don't be so carried away by the applause and good feelings of another success story that you fail to be the character that yours deserves. Happy Sunday.

60. The sound of the cock you hear every morning is a reminder of the gift of life, the endless possibilities that await each day and the duty that comes with living. Happy Sunday.

61. Live every day with the mindset of a champion in all endeavours. You'll soon realize you're who you think you are and see defeat as a stepping stone to greatness. Happy Sunday.

62. There's never an exception to success stories, the pathway is all the same and they are always wrought out of diligence and consistency to all who walk on that path. Happy Sunday.

63. The things you desire won't come to you easily and because things may have been hard, doesn't mean your dreams will not come to fruition. Sometimes we need to go through tough days to have delightful days! Happy Sunday.

64. One sure way of making outstanding success is to note that the goal should never be to make money, the goal should be to ensure that come what may, you make a positive impact! Happy Sunday.

65. You're never going to be the best if you never become your best. Do everything to bring out the best in you. Happy Sunday.

66. One sure way to staying up and becoming the best is maintaining a positive mindset always and ensuring nothing affects the positivity. Happy Sunday.

67. Direction is key much more right direction is essential. Your speed counts against you when you're going the wrong way. There's no need for speed without direction. Happy Sunday.

68. You are not weak because you fall. When you fall, you got to understand that it's because you've been standing. The weak ones have been on the ground the whole time! Happy Sunday.

69. Take risks, not because you want to, but because you have to. You can't live without taking risks for success is rated on the platform of risk, no new ground is broken without risk. Happy Sunday.

70. Make plans, prepare and don't forget to pray. Properly doing every other thing won't give you the best, but with prayer, you can be sure that it will be alright. Happy Sunday.

71. Pursue your dreams diligently, It may wear you out but if it's taking you closer to your dreams, don't give it up! Happy Sunday.

72. You may not start up being the smartest or the most hardworking in that little endeavour. But, never get tired of learning new ways and being corrected and you will soon be the smartest and the most hardworking. Happy Sunday.

73. Your success and happiness are not with people, people don't owe you. Make it a point to pursue your success and happiness yourself. Happy Sunday.

74. Be daring and fierce in your pursuit of what you believe and do, nothing comes from having a lazy attitude. Happy Sunday.

75. Great things regardless of the endeavour require constant effort, time and ceaseless dedication. Apply yourself and the energy within you to reap the best. Happy Sunday.

76. Birds were meant to fly, so the wind is not a problem. Fishes were meant to swim, so the water is not a problem. You were meant to excel so opposition is not a problem. Happy Sunday.

77. Be thankful for the gift of a fresh start, for the blessing of a new beginning and the chance to set new goals. Happy Sunday.

78. Being happy is an art that incorporates the ability to see beauty everywhere and to be able to enjoy the simple things of life. Happy Sunday.

80. Meet a new day and remember that happiness is a choice, you are as happy as you decide to be. Happy Sunday.

81. It is a bright new day, so wake up & shine! Let a disarming smile and kindness in your heart will be your armour today. Happy Sunday.

82. Meet this Sunday with positive thoughts and express the desires in prayer and you won’t face negative things throughout the week. Happy Sunday.

83. Even if today you need a double portion of coffee, use all your energy and imagination to make it a great one! Happy Sunday.

84. Start a new day and don’t forget to put a part of your heart in everything you do today. Happy Sunday!

85. Do what you love, gives you ceaseless satisfaction and makes you happy then Sunday will become your favourite day. Happy Sunday.

86. Every Sunday is a gift that comes with the freshness of a new week, so don’t be impolite, gifts cannot be returned, so accept it and spend with pleasure. Happy Sunday.

87. Each Sunday is a canvas and a launching pad for the week and only you choose with which colours you’ll paint it, you create your own mood. Happy Sunday.

88. There should not be an iota of doubt in your heart about your gifts which are a reflection of what you can do. You need to believe in yourself if you want to be taken seriously. Happy Sunday.

89. Do proper presentation of your plan and work together making it better! Never underestimate the power of prior proper planning. Happy Sunday.

90. Your aura is like a magnet and a pull, a great determinant of the type of people you attract. Remember this before you set out every day. Happy Sunday.

91. Start today with the determination to better the page of yesterday success story. It is by this mindset that a man gets closer to the big dreams. Happy Sunday.

92. Fear is a covering that will not allow you a clear vision into the bright tomorrow that's meant for you. Get rid of fear and it's grip for it kills vision faster than a bullet. Happy Sunday.

93. Whatever you have achieved if the heart rest on it can be a limitation, you can always do better so don't stop at what seems like your best, push harder Happy Sunday.

94. Each new day is an opportunity to try once again at the things you failed at yesterday. . . Make your this day count! Happy Sunday.

95. Light up that fire within you, get your desires up and let your purpose consume as you plan on it. Be anything you want to be. Have a great day. Happy Sunday.

96. I believe in you darling. I trust in your amazing abilities. You have so much to offer to the world. Shine more brightly. Happy Sunday.

97. I know your ability and have seen personally that which you can do once you set your heart on it. Keep your heart on your goals. Happy Sunday.

98. Look within you and find the inspiration to forge ahead of time this lovely day. I’m counting on you and pray you find the satisfaction and fulfilment that comes with doing what one likes. Happy Sunday.

99. We all need something that makes us want to get up early and move. That you are alive and healthy is a great strength that counts and serves as motivation, you have what you need to get something done. Happy Sunday.

100. Talent gets you admiration but commitment and hard work get you success. Train your mind to be positive always since the energy from the mind drives success. Happy Sunday.

Written By Kukoyi Festus.

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58+ Blessed Good Morning Sunday Messages For Everyone

happy sunday wishes to my love

Good morning Sunday Messages

Sunday! That day of the week, where we all sit back, reflect on the activities of the past week while making plans for the new week. No doubt, nothing can be more uplifting than an unexpected good morning Sunday message from close associates. Below are some inspiring and uplifting Sunday messages, you can send to your loved ones:

Sunday is the beginning of a new week. It is a day where everyone gets happy to celebrate its best moment with friends and family. On this auspicious day, we also get to relax from the strenuous activities of the week.

Moreover, Sundays are the perfect time to pray and send good wishes to our loved ones while wishing them a blissful and a fulfilling week ahead. So, find the right words right here from our collection of the beautiful good morning Sunday messages to forward to them.


Blessed Sunday messages

1. The Lord preserve us all through the tedious activities of the past week, while we glorify and thank him, I pray in the incoming week, you shall see favors as never before. All your plans which align with God’s will shall succeed. Do have a belated week ahead. Happy Sunday.


2.  Rise dear, to witness a beautiful sunrise on this wondrous day. Sap from the universe, the strength to create new records and break existing barriers. The mesmerizing joy of success shall surround you, today and every day, as you resolve to make the groundbreaking accomplishment.


3. Despite the painful jabs of life’s sorrow, you rise daily against all the odds to make a difference with the hope that conditions will change for the better. That’s faith! May the strong will that has seen you through your darkest days, see you through to success. I wish you a very inspiring and motivating Sunday.


4. Every day we live, we are granted another opportunity to right our wrongs and make a lasting difference in the life of others. Today is another of such days, and I pray godly wisdom guide you as you go about today’s activities. Remember, Life is a gift; your free will is your biggest asset. Use them to make a difference today! Good morning and Happy Sunday.


5. We worry about the future, dwell on mistakes from our past. Forgetting that today is a gift and a time to make plans for the future. Worry less about the future, plan for the future while putting in the work today. This Sunday, I pray our wondrous God to grant you the strength to make life-changing plans for the future.


6. Every day we create memories, treasures tucked in the secrecy of our minds. On this blessed Sunday, may you create memories which you’ll yearn to reflect upon. Memories that will mark the turning point of your life, I wish you a blessed and engaging Sunday.


7. Life changes are inevitable, but our attitude to such changes determine how far we go in life. This Sunday may you welcome every change with great anticipation. Look to the future with great ecstasy derived from your real conviction that changes are bound to produce the best in you. Happy Sunday


8. The only difference between ‘possible’ and ‘impossible’ is the fear of the unknown. But each time, you take that leap of faith, be confident that the universe will align itself with favoring you. Do not let the fear of failure, hold you back from moving to greater heights. This Sunday, strive for greatness and wrap yourself in the apparel of confidence.


9. Bask in the intoxicating joy of success, this Sunday! Hard work pays, but with the blessing of the True God, hard work doesn’t just pay, they bring unmerited favors, as well as open doors never thought existed. Walk with God, and your path will inevitably lead to success. Ponder over this, while I wish you a belated Sunday.


10. Strive for greater heights, exceed boundaries perceived to be beyond your reach. Push yourself hard, and you’ll reap the sweet fruits of success. Today marks the day, where your efforts for success begins on an inspiring note. Have a blessed Sunday.


11. Today is another day, to glorify the good Lord, for extending his undeserved kindness to us by preserving our life once again. As you rise today, acknowledge the Lord’s Grace, always resolve to make success the ultimate goal of all your endeavors, while you remain steadfast to God.


12. Through Life, we witness the highs, lows, the joyous, the painful as well as the bliss of happiness. While all things do not last for eternity, it is of great comfort to you and I that the love and mercy of our Lord remain forever. This Sunday, I wish you, success in your endeavors and pray you to receive Grace from above.


13. We all have expectations, goals, and heart desires we strive to meet with, but life’s unfair game sometimes prevents us from accomplishing them, despite our hard work. When such moments arrive, take a brief moment, pause and reflect on all the good that has resulted from trying hard to meet your goal. Give thanks for all the things that have gone right, focus less on the negativity. With this, you’ll be renewed in your zeal to accomplish your goal. Good morning, have a belated Sunday.


14. The life journey is a race, each man on his lane, free from the competition of a rival. While we all strive for success daily, comparing yourself with your peers is an insult to yourself. While it may give a measure of what you can accomplish, never look at another man to belittle yourself. This Sunday morning, I pray you to become wholly equipped with the tools to become successful.


15. Ever felt uncomfortable, uneasy with the current pace of your life? You’re among the vast majority of humans who feel belittled and below their potential. The very feeling of inadequacy you feel should be the primary source of strength for you to succeed. Set goals, work hard, strive for success, and sit back as you enjoy the sweet fruits of your hands. This Sunday morning, I hope this fills you with the zeal to succeed.


16. Every man that has walked the surface of the earth has once felt the need to give up, in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges. Taking a moment to reflect on the result of dedication and perseverance and how it has helped many overcome this feeling and thus become great men of success surely helps. This sunny Sunday, I pray you for you get the strength to conquer the negative perception of inadequacy and strive hard until you succeed. Do have a prosperous and blessed Sunday!

Good Morning Sunday Images

17. Wake up, take a deep breath, and wade off the emotional and mental stress of the previous week. Savor the best from this morning as you enjoy it to the fullest. Have a great day and Happy Sunday to you!


18. Each morning, we’re given one more opportunity to live life. And today, I wish you all the beautiful things this glorious Sunday has got to offer. I pray for sound health and a positive mind as you begin this new week. And may all your wishes come to reality soonest. Good morning.


19.  May the direct rays of today’s sun bring light into your life and take away all sorrows and worries of the past week. Have a Blessed Sunday. Good morning.


20.  Sundays are fun days, which brings us new things to learn and enjoy. May your day be filled with blessings and happiness as you welcome this beautiful Sunday morning with open arms. Good Morning! Have a pleasant day. Happy Sunday Morning..!!


21.  It is time to shake off the fatigue, the weariness and burdens of the week as we welcome the Sunday’s shining sun with all zeal and ferocity. Wake up darling and let today’s sunshine brightens your day. Good Morning!


22. Things become viable each time we believe in our potentials. Things become more lucid and straight forward when we are confident and bold. So smile and grab every opportunity that will take you a step closer to your dreams. Good Morning! Have a Lovely Sunday!


23.  Your today set the foundation for your tomorrow. As such, do away with your ego, put an end to your worries, terminate your sorrows, and relish the best so you can enjoy each moment offered by it. Good morning! Hope you make the most of this lovely Sunday.


24.  Success doesn’t come on a silver platter. It takes effort, commitment, diligence, and all seriousness to pull it off to achieve a more excellent result. So make hay while the sun shines to fulfill those dreams. Have a lovely Sunday. Good Morning happy Sunday! Remain blessed!


25.  Always be grateful for the gift of life each day. And be joyous and cheerful as you strive to become better while being determined, focused, and confident. Happy Sunday. Good Morning!


26. Each Sunday is a blessing. It renews our minds, body, and soul taking away infirmities, unhappiness, and obstacles from our path. So wake up and enjoy this great day. Good Morning!

Good morning happy Sunday

27.  A beauteous morning to you. What a privilege to behold this great and glorious Sunday. Wake up, shake away the drowsiness, as you prepare to fellowship with God this morning.


28.  Good morning my friend. Sundays have been marked as a day of relaxation, fun, rest, and outing with friends and loved ones. Enjoy your Sunday as you prepare to achieve any of this.


29.  What a sunny morning. A day to be refreshed,  filled, and be blessed in God’s house. So dress up and go pour out your heart to Him. Happy Sunday. Enjoy the rest of the day.


30.  Welcome to this wonderful day, sweetheart. We’re alive today not by our power nor strength but by His grace and Mercy upon our lives. So go shower Him with Praises this morning. Good morning. Happy Sunday.


31.  It’s a new day again — a day of all-around blessings and fruitfulness. A day to make plans and prepare for the new week. Good morning. Have a blissful day.


32.  Let your day be loaded with good health love and peace as you utilize it to the fullest. Good morning.


33.  Morning friend. Be strong and unwavering on this beautiful day. Have fun.


34.  Today is a spectacular day to rest and spend quality time with everyone we love and care about. Enjoy yourself as you do that.


35.  Sunday is a day created and ordained by God to rest from the struggle, stress, and hustle of the previous week. So roll up your pains of the last week and toss it in the trash. Good morning.


36.  The sun is up, and the birds are singing. Get up, grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy this sunny morning.


37.  I woke up this morning feeling energetic like never before. I bless God for sparing our lives to see another day. Good morning dear.


38.  Life may be unfair. Life may be difficult other times. But being given another chance to be a part of another day is worth celebrating. Don’t forget to appreciate Him for the gift of life. Good morning.


39.  Good morning. Another Sunday of peace, solitude and rest is finally here. I personally welcome you to this great day as your plans for the day begins to materialize. Enjoy your day to the fullest.


40.  Another Sunday morning has arrived. It’s an honor to be a part of this day, which at the same time acts as the first day of the week. May you blessed and favored this new week. Have a superb day and a wonderful week ahead.


41.  Being alive today is a gift of the Lord. This shows His unconditional love for us. Good morning friend. Happy Sunday and continue celebrating this gift.


42.  The first day of the week is filled with blessings to keep everyone ecstatic. Open your arms to receive this blessing. Good morning. May you enjoy the best of today.


43.  Wake up, a friend. God has blessed us yet again with another beautiful day. I’m writing this to you to wish you a marvelous Sunday. Happy Sunday. Good morning.  Eat, rest, and catch some fun.


44.  Happy Sunday and good morning to you and your family. I wish you all the best today. Remain focused and positive.


45.  This Sunday marks the beginning of a new week and a fresh start. A day to plan while making an effort to ensure our goals for the week are met. Good morning. Welcome to a week of divine favor.


46.  Good morning. Hope your night was great? I want you to get all the rest that you can get today so you can be refilled for this week tasks. Explore and enjoy this Sunday, dear.


47.  May your day be peaceful, smooth, and loving. May it be devoid of restlessness and regrets. I pray for wisdom and a better understanding as you get ready for the week. Have a great Sunday. Good morning to you.


48.  Good morning. Today is Sunday. A day the Lord has made. As you celebrate and reverence him today, may Men celebrate you as well.  Get the best you can from today while awaiting your success. Have a beautiful Sunday.


49.  A pleasant good morning to you. The darkness is out, and the sun has reared its beautiful head. Rise and enjoy this sunny morning with a steaming cup of tea. And as you begin this week, may your strength be rejuvenated. I wish you a beautiful and calm Sunday.


50.  Wishing you a Sunday filled with love from the people you care about. Morning. Be blessed. Happy Sunday.


51.  It’s another Sunday to receive the blessings and opportunities this new week has got to offer. Maximum it effectively. Have an awesome and amazing week ahead. All the best.


52.  Here is a short message to let you know that am happy knowing we’re both alive to see today. Make judicious use of this day. Good morning.


53.  Happy Sunday. Here is another day to dance, worship and to sing praises to the Lord for His goodness in our lives. Hurry up, so you don’t miss this Sunday blessing. Morning dear. Have a pleasurable day.


54.  Being able to see each day is a blessing from above. Not everyone gets the privilege. So get up, and be thankful to God for the gift of life. Good morning and happy Sunday to you, as you celebrate the dawn of a glorious day.


55.  Wake up sleepy head. Enjoy this day while it’s still young. Play, Catch fun and laugh as much as you can. Live this day to the fullest. I wish you a blissful morning.


56.  I pray that all your heart desires be granted to you today,  all your expectations shall be met, and all your ambitions will be fulfilled. Morning. Happy Sunday


57.  New day, new opportunities. New week, new achievements. Begin this new week with intense vigor without holding back. Have a lovely week ahead. Morning.


58.  Good morning. Happy Sunday. May your day be filled with happiness and laughter as you bask in the euphoria of this fantastic day. Enjoy your day.


Feb 16, 2017 Happy Sunday Messages to My Love? Sunday or not, you need to send lovely messages to your lover. And you are sure going to do that today.

Happy Sunday Quotes To Curl Up With

happy sunday wishes to my love

Have you ever sent a happy Sunday message? Don’t worry if you can’t come up with the right words. Here is a list of 50 best happy Sunday message ideas for you to send to the ones you love and care about.

Source: UGC

The last day of the week (or the first for some) is a perfect time to remember the dearest people in your life, pray for them, and wish them all the best for the upcoming week. Trying to express all the most profound emotions you experience can be complicated. In this article, you get an opportunity to discover 50 quotations to wish happy Sunday to your loved ones.

Happy Sunday message for her

Source: UGC

Sunday is usually a day you can spend with your sweetheart. You get a fantastic chance to sleep well, attend a church service, take a walk with your love, and enjoy a cosy dinner together.

It is a day filled with smiles and laughter. Moreover, it sets you for the active and successful new week. Here are some happy Sunday message ideas:

  • I cannot stop thinking about you the whole day. May birds sing near your window and sun brightly shine to you on this blessed day.
  • May the angels look after you, and your prayers receive answers soon on this fantastic Lord's Day.
  • The new week is coming, and you will rock it, my sweetheart. If anything, I am always near and ready to have your back.
  • Every Lord's Day I spend with you is a blessed day for me. You are the sense of my life, and I can’t imagine someone else, who would so perfectly suit me.
  • You must have been sent me by God, as you are the most amazing, caring and loving person I know. May this Lord's Day be fulfilled with tender memories and pleasant emotions.
  • I can overcome various challenges, but the hardest thing for me is to spend this blessed day without you. Can’t wait when we meet, my angel.
  • The first thing I thought today when I woke up was you. I am praying for you, baby, and know that you are doing the same for me.
  • May this fantastic Sunday fill your day with happiness and laughter. The new week is about to start, and it will be a great one.
  • You are the brightest star on Earth. On this happy Sunday, I wish you have the best day possible.
  • Grasp an opportunity to spread love and joy each morning to the people you love. May your day be filled with positive energy and pleasant memories, my dear.

Happy Sunday message to my lover

Source: UGC

Just a few words in the morning can change your day for the better. You can express so many things through one message, showing your affection and care about the person you love. Moreover, happy Sunday messages are the perfect opportunity to inspire your love for significant changes.

  • The last day of the week is the day that should throw all your troubles away. May delight be the only feeling that stays in your home today.
  • Whatever challenges you face at the moment with whatever result they bring, they teach us valuable lessons. Be patient and strong to overcome the tough episodes and be ready to meet the bright ones. And always remember to thank the Lord for everything you have in life on this day.
  • You get to live your life only once, so don’t waste time on self-pity or desperation. You are capable of anything, you just have to pull yourself together and use the opportunities you have wisely.
  • Admire each second of your life and all the days, just like the one today. No day can be lived twice, so appreciate what you have and take time to thank the ones near you for all their care.
  • The last day of the week has everything for every person to make them happy. Open your eyes widely and see all the presents you get to have. Brighten up and embrace the beautiful day.
  • You don’t know what destiny has prepared for you. Sometimes the challenges seem unbearable, but there is nothing you can deal with as a human and as a man. So take time this Lord's Day to pray. And may the strength come to you.
  • The holy Sunday should only be met with a bright smile. Throw away the extreme fear that keeps you behind, and open your heart for new opportunities!
  • Wish you spend this blessed day in the circle of the best friends: calmness, gratitude, and appreciation. Get yourself ready for the upcoming week and its surprises.
  • Today is a bright blue sky with no clouds that promises a shiny and pleasant week. Begin each day with a wide smile.
  • Sunday is the perfect day to choose a new path in life. All the great changes in life happen exactly when they are supposed to and when you are ready to bear them.

Funny Sunday messages

Source: UGC

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Sunday is a positive day that should be accompanied by touches of laughter and smiles. It is a joyful day, full of pleasant talks and meetings with friends.

  • This is the best day of the week. Do you know why? Because you get to meet with me instead of going to work!
  • Sometimes they ask me, what do you like more: Sunday or your partner. And I say Sunday because that is the day, when I get to spend only with you, my love.
  • Have a chance to grasp all the cool emotions, before the hard week strikes again.
  • Sunday is a gift for the entire week’s hard work. This day is even more gifted with a football game.
  • Relax, it’s still the weekend, and you get to have fun on this wonderful day.
  • The worst thing about Sunday is knowing that tomorrow is Monday. So just try to stop thinking today and have fun.
  • It won’t be true Sunday unless you waste your time the whole day and realize it was your last free day before the hard week at 8 a.m.
  • Sunday was definitely created for refueling our souls.
  • Today I am the most useless person on Earth. It’s lazy Sunday.
  • Stop thinking about tomorrow. Sunday will never end, I am telling you!

Blessed Sunday greetings

Source: UGC

Sunday is a blessed day. You can start it by attending church. If someone you care about is far from you on this day, send them a blessed Sunday greetings to show that you remember them and carry the thoughts of them in your heart.

  • Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.
  • He has made everything beautiful in its time. Praise God on a blessed day.
  • This is the day that the Lord has made. Rejoice and be glad in it.
  • May your day be of good health, joy, and peace.
  • Faith makes things possible, not easy. Be determined and brave on the blessed Sunday.
  • Wish you to have a day filled with the love of the loved ones.
  • Rest well on the day that the Lord created. Clear your mind from tiredness and anger. Fulfill it with peace and joy.
  • Start where you are and use what you have to reach what you dream about.
  • Be grateful for the day and life you get to live, as there will never be the same day again.
  • Appreciate what you have and don’t get mad at the challenges you might face. There is nothing in the world that can kill a person. Troubles only make you stronger.

Inspirational Sunday messages

Source: UGC

At last, the Lord's Day is the right day to inspire those who are losing their strength and courage. Sometimes, one might feel down and devastated, and you should encourage him or her with an inspirational Sunday message. Don’t stay on the side when you think that you can help.

  • Accept your past as it was, without any regrets, handle your present with dignity and don’t be afraid to live your future.
  • Start each day with gratitude instead of disappointment. Sometimes things happen just because they have to be this way.
  • Enjoy the blessed day and take it as an opportunity to finally relax. Here is the blessed day finally arriving.
  • Sometimes you can’t see the benefits of the troubles immediately, but soon you realize that bad things have to happen just like the good ones. Both of them carry their pros and cons. It’s for you to decide how to handle them.
  • This day will be different from all the others you had. Take time to appreciate it and move forward.
  • It’s okay to feel down sometimes. It is okay to cry out loud from laughter as well. Life can’t be only black or white – that is why it is valuable.
  • Sometimes you just have to give yourself a break. This should be today.
  • Life is rollercoaster, which consists of ebbs and flows. Thank Lord for the peaks and trust Him during valleys.
  • Take a day to look around and think about all the things you have. Life is a fantastic adventure, even when you think you ran out of gas.
  • Make the most of the day: laugh, love and live to the fullest.

Happy Sunday messages are a great way to express your love and support to the people you love. Now that you know 50 best wishes for the blessed day, it won’t be difficult for you to write Sunday wishes for friends and loved ones.

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Jul 1, 2019 Happy Sunday Wishes and Happy Sunday SMS for Someone so Special to You. Have a happy and a wonderful Sunday, my love. Be good.

happy sunday wishes to my love
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